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Couple questions before buying

I'm looking for a wireless speaker for my back patio and the SONOS 1 looks to be what I want. How humidity/waterproof is this thing? It will be under an overhand but I live in the rainiest city in the...

Multiple Sonos system

Hello everyone, I currently own a Sonos system (bar, sub, 2 player 1 and 1 player 2). The bar, sub and the 2 player 1 are attached to one tv. The player 2 is for a different room. I plan on getting a...

Dual Computer and TV source supported?

Sold all my old gear and want to set up a new system but don't really need or want an A/V receiver as I want to be PC centric. I want to play various music sources from my PC to multiple room zones,...

New to Sonos

Im new to Sonus and the comunity so please be patient with me. I have just bought a new house which has wired speakers in every room. 4 beds 3 receptions, and Office. The office has a server cabinet t...

Is Sonos for me?

I guys, I am interested in purchasing 2 Sonos Play1 for either side of my bed. - I won't be installing any other speakers in any other room. - I want to play music 50% from my iTunes on MacBook Pro,...

pair of play 1s or single play 5

Hey guys i am wanting to replace my old Panasonic shelf system with either one of these wireless speakers. i will mostly be using the speakers in a small room. how loud do these get because i like my...

Ceiling speakers to play tv sound.

Hi there, I am soon to install a tv & Sonos playbar so I have that sorted in terms of connecting via optical which will play tv through the soundbar, but I also want four ceiling speakers to be integr...

New products

This may have been asked before but I'm about to buy a playbar and a couple of Play3s to go with it.... Is there any official or unofficial news about a new version of these products as there has been...

Microphone input to play over music.??

Hi, This may be a silly question but is there anyway to play a microphone input on top of music on a Sonos Play:1 system preferably? Happy to purchase further equipment if required? Thanks in advanc...

Do I need to get a Sonos Boost?

I have been having issues with my Sonos system, the Zones keeps dropping in and out for sometime now, My router is set to channel 11 and the Sonosnet is set to channel 1. The Zones will drop out...

Play:1 Wall Mount

I'm looking for a wall mount for the Play:1 that will attach to the front of an outlet box over a live electrical outlet. The idea is to run the power cable through a hole in the cover plate to the o...

Bass on Play:1 vs Play:3

Hi all, I'm considering Sonos kit, but I'm torn between a Play:1 pair or just a Play:3. When I've tried it in the store (admittedly, not ideal conditions) the Play:1s don't seem to have anywhere near...

Using Playbar, Sub and 2 rear ceiling speakers

Hi Folks Having just bought a house to do up from scratch I was hoping to get some advice regarding setting up a surround sound configuration. The Mrs is allowing it if its not an 'eye sore' hence th...

How can I connect the Sonos sound bar to a projection TV wirelessly while also connecting to DVD and

I am just about ready to pull the string on buying the Sonos soundbar/sub/Play1 for my main living room. But I'm having problems figuring out how to make the single optical input work for me. I will...

Creating a Sonos universe in 3 rooms

I currently have 3 rooms with 2 speakers in each room. They are wired to a single amp/receiver and there are currently 2 zones. The speakers in 1 room need to be replaced. The amp may or may not nee...


Is there any chance you will be running the deezer free for a year promotion again anytime soon???

Connecting a turntable - question

Hi all - I presently have a Play 5 and a pair of Audioengine A5+ connected to a Sonos Connect. If I wanted to add a turntable, like an Audio Technica AT-LP60 to the setup and control it via the Sonos...

Play:5's Paired vs Play:1's

I am sure this is a sorta stupid question but how much better do paired 5's sound then paired 1's? I have paired 1's and they sound really good to me and I have a single play 5 that isn't bad. I am...

Not sure which sonos speakers I should add to my existing setup

Hello everyone, I love my sonos speakers. I currently have one play1 and one play3. The play1 is in the bedroom and play3 in living room. My priority is having the best sound in my living room. So,...

SONOS Connect AMP or BOSE SoundTouch SA-5?

I'm looking for some help with my backyard setup. I recently had my backyard landscaped and ran speaker wire to 8 different locations. All of these speakers will be placed in the ground, nothing mount...

Rejoin group when powered off and on

Could we have a product improvement which makes any device that has been powered off automatically rejoin a group if it was a member when it powers back on. That way I can move a unit outside if I wa...

Will it work ????

I have my house set up with ceiling speakers that run directly to my own amp. Am I correct in thinking if I connect a sonos connect to the amp it will set up up all speakers to play through the wirel...

Want to buy a Play5

To use a Play5 with a PC, do I need to buy any other equipment? At the bigbox store nearby I was told I needed the Playbar, which doesn't seem correct to me.

Apple Music to be supported on Playbar?

I'm looking at replacing/simplifying my faulty receiver and multi-speaker setup with a single Playbar. My one concern is the realization that Playbar seems to use the TV as an HDMI hub and I therefor...

Which CONNECT to connect Bose v35 Lifestyle® V35 home entertainment system

Hello. Please advise if CONNECT or CONNECT AMP is appropriate to connect Sonos to Lifestyle® V35 home entertainment system.


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