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Quick purchasing question.

I need to purchase two zone players. In a recent move, the second of my first generation Sonos zone players disappeared. In this new house, I need two more zone players. Are there improved products no...

What Sonos gear do I need to fix my system?

Long story short: I need to bring a system back to life in a house which was originally hyper wired for all sorts of AV control built around a PHAST system, almost none of which now survives. What we...

Sonus speakers for outside decks all hardwired

Hi guys Okay now I bought a sonus speaker and a bridge for my room and we just got our house finished up with speakers running to all our outside decks. All the wires(roughly will be 6)are running to...

minimum needed to get started?

I'm looking to simply play music in one room at a time to start using my iphone 4s I'm guessing (hoping) that all I need is a bridge and one of your speakers...likely a play 3

What do I need to get up and running?

I have a CD player & a turntable, no receiver.  What do I need to get up and running?  a bridge,  pre-amp? Play 3's the right size speaker.

discount voucher

Where do I put in my discount voucher code when ordering online?

wifi extender into sonos amp

I wish to extend my wireless signal for a tablet (Android) and netbook (Windows 7) by connecting an ethernet wireless bridge to a sonos amp (rRJ45 cable). . Can you erecommend asuitable bridge device...

How to connect to sonos system

Hello, i have a Sony soundbar and i am planning to get also outdoor speakers. Now i am thinking on how to connect these to the Sonos system. The easiest option would be to get: - sonos connect for...

Advice on new home setup

Hi Forums, Long time Sonos fan, first time poster. I was wondering if someone could provide some advice on the best setup for what I want to do. I will have 2 zones. Zone 1 being inside in my main l...

What are the shipping policies for international shipping from the USA?

I live in the USA and want to send my friend in Germany a SONOS product as a gift. I need to know what the international shipping rates & policies are.

Help! My dog ate my sonos 5 power cord!

Is this a standard cord I can get at an electronics store? If not where can I get one?

Sonos and Crestron?

I have a whole house Crestron System with a REQUEST server hosting all my music. Thinking of replacing the REQUEST server with SONOS., but want to retain my Crestron system, keypads and touchpads. I...

Wired Mutiple room options

I have a house pre-wired with multiple room speakers. We have 8 zones and a Denon Receiver, Cat5 and Air Play. I want to be able to play 3 different stations at once i.e: Outside and Kitchen same(Musi...

Sonos Components: Best Configuration - Let's Talk

I’ve read a lot of comments/questions regarding the following: 1) Play 1 vs. Play 3 vs. Play 5 2) Best Stereo Pair: Play 1 or Play 3 3) Sub with Play 1 or Play 3 as Stereo Pair 4) Sound Bar vs....

Just purchased, haven't opened the box yet.

Hi All, We just opened up our bedroom to make it 12x24. I bought a TV and Sonos playbar on the recommendation of a friend and an installer. I heard it briefly before I bought it. I'm pretty sure it...

Multi Room Audio House Pre-Wired with Amplifier all Terminating in a Cabinet

I have a house pre-wired with 5 rooms and all speakers are in ceiling with wires dead ending in cabinet. I already have an amp that runs all the speakers and was looking for an efficient way to contro...

Bose Wireless Speakers with Sonos

Hello, I have an existing Bose Wireless speaker system. Is it possible to only purchase the Connect and plug that as an input into the Bose receiver? Would I still need a Bridge as well or can I ju...

Extending Wireless Range

Hello all, 1st post I have a Sonos system in my house and want to install a speaker in my barn, about 50 yards behind my house. My current WiFi or Sonos systems only make it about 1/2 way. What can I...

New Sonos Help!

I'm thinking of getting a sonus, one for my kitchen and one for my lounge (both are average sized rooms) but I'm really not too sure what to got for. What to get the best for my budget (c£500) - can...

How to upgrade/integrate my current reciever/system with a sonos wireless

I currently have a receiver yamaha vx-671 connected to my T.V. and 5 speaker 1 subwoofer system (in wall speaker/floor subwoofer) I want to expand to have music throughout my house. What type of spe...

Wired Speakers throughout the house

I already have speakers throughout my house that are connected to my receiver and cd player. What do I need to purchase through sonos to link them up?

I need a new power cord for my bridge...do you sell these components individually?

Is there a system set up for the UK as yet?

I would like to purchase this product for my UK residence. Is it for sale in the UK with the appropriate plug & power adjustments:

the power adapter to the cr100 controller is dead and need help finding a replacement

i understand the power cable for the cr100 controller is no longer in production so i am interested in an alternative power cable suggestion

stereo sound and sonos

Currently have a play 1 and play 3 in a room, they will not pair as to do stereo as they are different. How much better would it be if I bought another 1 or 3 to create a stero and put the other one i...


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