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First timer for Sonos

I'm currently in the process of deciding whether to buy Sonus system for my house. I live in a 2 up, 2 down terrace house. I have good broadband speed at the moment, but in the near future I will be u...

Streaming audio from Netflix or other online content

Hi I watch netflix, Sky and BT through my laptop that is connect to a projector. The audio posses a problem because I either have to use a bluetooth speaker connected to my laptop or use a wired spe...

Help with set up

Hi. I am a total Sonos rookie so any help with my questions will be greatly appreciated. I am setting up a multi room system, initially with 4 zones (master bedroom and ensuite, 2nd bedroom, kitchen...

Upgrading home theater - help!

Hello! I posted a Facebook post to friends asking for home audio help for potentially hard wiring in speakers for a 5.1 surround sound living room. More than one person pointed me towards Sonos, so I'...

Question about CONNECT

Hi there, One question for the guys out there that may have an CONNECT. Just brought my first SONOS and that's a PLAY 5 (2nd generation). Good sound and I'm happy for now. I really think that the SON...

which airport express to support airplay with sonos play 5

Hi all, Does anybody know which is the best airport express to connect to the sonos play 5 to support airplay? As there are many different airport express models, I would like to know which one works...

Playbar ok w another sub?

Hi I was thinking of getting the Sonos sound bar. I already have a Polk audio subwoofer from my last sound bar. Are the two compatible or do I need to get a Sonos sub? Thanks

Sonos Connect with Multizone Amp?

I have a prewired home with plans to do in ceiling speakers. I was thinking of 9 separate zones with 9 Sonos connects to two separate Parasound 1250 Multizone amps. Is this worth it / any better than...

Which Router Network 2.4 GZ or 5?

I'll be picking up a pair of Play 5's within the hour. An excited Sonos virgin! My router has two channels 2.4 GZ and 5. Which should I use?

Newbie - purchase for larger room

My kitchen, dining area and living room are in a 26'x27' area and I have a location in a corner that I'm planning to get a Play 5. This location should access all of the dining and kitchen area and m...

Boost and Subwoofer

I'm new to Sonos. I just ordered a pair of Play 5's. My WiFi is pretty strong, but am I better off ordering a Boost? Also, does the Subwoofer significantly improve the listening experience? Thanks!

Looking for upgrade advice for existing PLAYBAR, PLAY 5, SUB & BRIDGE; need NAS & Mini-mac maybe?

Hello friends~ I've done some searching on the Community Forum, and although I see some related articles, I'm not finding one that matches my specific quandary. I apologize up-front about the essay....

how to use legacy Denon receiver with Sonos speakers?

1) I have an older model of Denon receiver to which I have several sound inputs attached. I’m wanting to purchase a Playbar to use with a new Smart TV (not yet purchased). My hope is to continue to...

Connect or Connect: Amp? For Marantz receiver and turntable

Hello. I currently just have a play 1 but am about to add more. I currently have an older Marantz receiver hooked up to my turntable. I have wired speakers hooked up to the maratnz as well. I would i...

Will my current sounder work with sonos

i currently have a samsung HW-J6500 soundbar , was looking at the play bar but went with the samsung as it was curved and matched up with the tv perfectly, but now I'm looking to expand the multiform...

Converting Home System To Sonos - What's best options?

I currently have a surround system installed in my home but am looking for greater access and controllability and have been told Sonos is the way to go. I was hoping those knowledgeable with Sonos wou...

Is this possible with Sonos ?

I'm looking for a Wireless Multiroom systeem that can do the following and I wonder Sonos can do this. Been looking arond here at the forum but couldn't find an answer yet. - My wife & kids should ha...

Can Sonos implement customers good ideas more quickly!

There are so many good ideas on here that have been "under consideration" for months sometimes years. My idea is that Sonos become more decisive, take on some more engineers and get a move on and tur...

Starting Big or Not?

So my plan this weekend is to put in a Sonos system - 5.1 for me and some stuff to keep the other half happy too. Plan A Play Bar for TV Sub 2 x Play 3 surround - on stands 1 Play 5 for Kitchen 1 P...

Connect Amp Ceiling Speaker Question

Connect Amp Question: Can I power 4 pairs of 8 ohm speakers with one Connect Amp? If I wire them parallel / series, will the "Left" and "Right" channels power 2 pairs (or 4 speakers) each? And, can th...

Favorite STP Switches

Hello! I have been using the HP 1400 series switches, but they have recently become very hard to find and/or expensive. Can you recommend a line of switches that play nicely with Sonos' STP costing m...

Are you looking to Name and Shame???

Hey there - first post here! Question: We have an open plan office with a Sonos system all set-up. Each person has access to the app and regularly changes the track, music - this is ok but... What...

Looking to maybe buy Sonos

I'm looking to maybe buying a Sonos set up, not 100% convinced as yet though. looked at some in John Lewis Cribbs branch today, Of the ones I listened to I liked the sound and look of a pair of Play 1...

Stereo Play 3's Vs Play 5

Hi. New member and potential new Sonos owner. Weighing up going all in on Sonos currently. At the moment I have a Libratone Live in my kitchen and a Bose Sound Link Mini that I move around upstair...

Pure evoke media server

Searching for media server on evoke flow and up pops the sonos play1, menus can navigate to tracks and artists but does not play anything - just skips through titles as if that's all the info. Each tr...


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