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Configuration Questions

Researching Sonos and trying to figure out what to get... We are re-doing the kitchen. My wife does not want anything on the counter so I'm looking at ceiling-mounted speakers. I'm not concerned ab...

Help Needed - New House Sonos

Hello Everyone, Soon, I will be moving into a new home. It has three levels and is about 2500 sq ft. The top floor has a room that is going to become a tv room and will have at least a sound bar an...

NAS and connectivity?

Done a bit of a search but could not find this info. Planning a 1, 3 and a 5. Also recommended here is the WD Cycloid NAS, so planning on that too. Can I connect it to the ethernet port on the Play 5...

NAS or disk drive for music library

Do you have any suggestions for NAS drives that work well with Sonos and an AirPort Extreme?

How to test a used Sonos speaker before buying?

So far I've had good luck buying a few used Sonos items via Kijiji. I've got a chance to buy a pair of Play 1 speakers at a decent (not "too good to be true") price, but when meeting the seller in a...


Are there any starter bundles available at the moment?

College student

Hi guys, Boy, have I researched for days now - even put aside homework to figure this out! :-) I am moving into a house this weekend where I will have my own, relatively small, room. I am looking t...

Sonos Connect: Amp availability

Good evening! I will be ordering 7 Connect AMPs as well as a sub or 2, but I have noticed the past few weeks that the Connect Amp has been out of stock at major retailers such as Best Buy, Crutchfiel...

Volume comparison b/w play1 and play3

I am looking to purchase a pair of 1's or 3's. These will be used for surrounds with a playbar and sub, but also for music. Probably 50/50. When used as music, we sometimes listen pretty loud. It...

Something simple for the kitchen

Aloha gents and ladies! I don't currently have any Sonos products, but I love the concept! So, I was wondering if the great community here have an idea or suggestions to the best speaker/setup to get...

2 questions from old but new user

Please excuse the length of this post. I appreciate the patience of those (if any) who choose to read it. I'm new to the forum, and relatively new to Sonos. Also, I'm new to the world of streaming m...

Single speaker for kitchen?

New to Sonos and the community. I have not acquired anything yet as I am trying to do some homework first. As I posted in another thread, I have a home theater already setup that I am thinking I will...

New House, and new Sonos Setup, need opinions though

I will be moving shortly and I'm planning on purchasing additional Sonos Hardware for the Great Room. the room is 35' x 19'. I currently own (1) Play 5 and (2) Play 1s. I'm going to be purchasing a...

Advice on what to buy

I currently have logitech squeezeboxes in three rooms in my house, but would like to start using sonos as well. The speakers will be streaming from music stored on a Synology NAS. I have a dining room...

How many speakers do I need?

Hi there everyone, I've had a Sonos Play 3 and bridge in my apartment since they first came on to the market. I absolutely love it. We're moving into a large house and want to buy some more component...

New Construction Home - Trying to figure out best option

We are in the finishing stages of a new construction home and looking for some help to make a decision on home audio. During construction the builder wired for ceiling speakers in most of the main ro...

Just added a Connect to a 6 Zone prewired house system. Want to add Sonos zones to 3 more room in the house ..what equipment do I need ?

Just added a Connect to a 6 Zone prewired house system....it moved our 10 year old system to state of the are overnight. Now I want to add Sonos based zones to 3 more room in the house including the...

Looking to wire our office floor with ZP120's (connect amps) and drop-ceiling speakers...any advice?

I work in a corporate office building and have been tasked with coming up with a music solution.  The ceilings are appx 8.5 ft tall, the space appx 15,000 sq ft (in a |_| shaped environment). &nb...

Sonos connected to Denon Receiver

Hello, I've just moved into a newly built house, where I'm using projector instead of TV. Currently all my cables (HDMI- speaker- and network cables) are hidden inside the walls/ceiling. I got a HDMI...

The Best set up for sonos and my stored data?

I have had a set up with a mac tower and my main library of music and photo's in a separate building connected by cat 5 to the router. Then in the main house a bridge next too the router. A selection...

new setup what to get?

Hi all, I am looking at getting a sons setup, im thinking of getting two ceiling speakers in the kitchen for music and two ceiling speakers in the living room to connect to tv aswell as...

Please help.

Good morning, I have been trawling the internet for answers to my question but I am struggling to get a clear response which has lead me to here! I currently have a Play 5 only. I am looking to buy...

Playing different app through sonos speakrs

Hi everyone, I am planning on purchasing 4 (play:5 sonos). Went to the store and got an idea about it. Question: Is the only way to play songs will be through the sonos app ? Meaning I tried to p...

Sonos at the cottage

I took a play 5 to the cottage and sadly, it doesn't work. Before I left, I enabled the connection to sonosnet from my android and disabled my wifi to test it and it worked. But in the absence of a...

Using Sonos in Restaurant/Bar Setting

Hi Folks! Good friend of mine has Sonus in his new house. I will be upgrading my AV system over to Sonus this summer. in the mean time, one of my clients has asked for help pimping out his new resta...


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