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Simple Multi Room Solution

Hello. I want to put ceing speakers in 4 rooms in my small apartment (1500 sq feet) with a system to play music from laptop or iphone. It does not need to be complicated. It will be the same song play...

Starting from scratch - what's the ultimate set up?

Thanks in advance for your help! I have a new flat and am looking to set it up with a kick ass sound solution. To be honest I don't know a great deal about how Sonos works however every person I've s...

Play 5 with 2 Play 1s

Would this be a good setup for an average size house? I looking to place all 3 units 1-5-1 on the main floor which has a living area, TV area and kitchen all 3 in an opened area without walls separti...

Need Advice

Should I get Sonos? I have 30,000 songs on an external hard drive...I have no songs on my iPad , iPhone...and don't want to put any on them. I do have an iPod, but it cannot hold my entire music lib...

Suggestion: Lock Screen control with iOS

Dear Sonos, I really like the sound of my new Play:5. But I think what is really annoying is the missing lock screen control with iOS on iPhone and iPad. It would be so much better and faster to use...

Wall mount for 2nd gen play:5

Does anyone have any experience with the Flexon Play:5 (2nd Gen) wall mount? I was thinking of getting it but wanted to see feedback first...

Best Play speaker for LOW volume?

Hi, As subject says; which of the Sonos Play speakers sounds best on (very) LOW volume? Best, Daniel

connect amp set up with ceiling speakers, 2 rooms 8 speakers

Hello New to this please can you help/advise Bought a house with Opus ceiling speakers in Kitchen and Sitting Room (4 in each room). Currently connected to an Audica AVR 1 Built circa 2007. I live i...

Connect or New Sonos Setup?

In my living room I really need more tv audio then anything, but I also want the Sonos interrogation. I have a rather large area to work with, so I was thinking of picking up some 3rd party speakers f...

Projector (no TV) with Soundbar, is it possible?

Hello Thank you for reading this, I am new to home cinema and Sonos but recently purchased both a Sonos soundbar and Aaxa P450 projector (http://www.aaxatech.com/products/p450_pico_projector.html) for...

Considering Sonos

i am struggling with this new technology, i have a fairly large collection of music as MP3 format on the computer, which i listen to on my ipod, plus a collection of about 100 = LP records no longer u...

Good surround - Play Bar + 2 Play 3

Looking for input on my research being on track. We have a large open living space where the kitchen, living and dining area are all one space with high vaulted post and beam ceilings its all open. Th...

PLAY:5 pair or PLAY:5 with a sub?

I've had the new play 5 for a while now and I've decided to upgrade. I'm not too happy with the bass on the play 5 as I am a bass freak. Should I go with the sub and my current play 5 or would the pai...

Smallish 2 Bedroom Apartment with LCD - Playbar and Sub or 2 Play 1s?

Hello SONOS people! I have really been debating getting some SONOS speakers for a long time and now I have the perfect opportunity. I have moved into an apartment and ordered a 60" LCD so I was look...

Play5 vs Bose Soundtouch 30 lll.

Help me out here,I'm having issues convincing myself that the Play5 is better than Bose Soundtouch 30. The Bose seems louder and better at carrying mids and highs better at full volume.Bose has 6 pres...

How to incorporate a CD player with a Playbar

Hi, I am in the process of updating the TV in our lounge and have bought a Playbar to connect to the new TV. In the lounge we also have some Mission speakers along with a Cyrus amp and cd player. We...

Play CDs and LPs in sync on wired speakers and Sonos speakers, through an existing stereo receiver.

Hello! I am sure this has been answered many times but I cannot seem to find the perfect thread. I currently own two Play-3s. I also have a Yamaha stereo receiver / tuner, which I use to play my tu...

2 Play 1's vs. Play 5

MBR is 14 x 16 with 8' ceiling. Should I get 2 Play 1's set up in stereo mode or a gen 2 Play 5? I already have a gen 2 Play 5 in the family room, a playbar in the living room and Play 1s scattered ab...

Record Deck to Sonos 1/3

Hi all We are looking to hook a record deck into our Sonos system. The deck has a preamp (it's an Audio Technica lp120 sub) and we have a mix of Play1/3. What I am unsure of is whether we need a Con...

Thinking of buying Sonos connect

HI There I have Bose Companion 50 speakers which I use with my TV and I also have 2 Sonos Play ones.. I'm thinking of buying a Sonos Connect to use with my Bose Companion. My question is if I con...

PS3 - the optimum 5.1 solution for playbar?

So I've experienced the same setup frustrations as everyone else ho has a TV that doesn't pass through 5.1, and have been looking at various STBs (Roku, Chromecast, Fire, ATV), switches etc to find th...

HELP!! Sonos connect + 6 channel amp + 2tvs + sub + ceiling speakers

Ok guys after a bit of research I discovered that I can have 6 ceiling speakers into an amp attach with the sonos control amp to use the android/iphone amp, the only thing I can't do is have different...

Question: TV will not support 5.1 out via digital audio. Will a PLAYBAR be worth it?

I am working with a Samsung LN40B630, digital audio out doesn't seem to support 5.1 sound when the input is via HDMI (Roku3 into TV via HDMI). I would love to be proven wrong on this point. The appeal...

Tv connection to connect

Hi - going to buy a Sonos connect to get sound from TV going through Sonos system (do not want a sound bar). Is it better to go optical out from tv to current amp and then audio in to Sonos connect or...

Sonos connect with power amp or integrated amp

Hi there, the thing is im building a new place in my house. they are 2 rooms. one will have 2 inceiling speakers and the other room will have 3 inceiling speakers. I was planning to use a Niles SI...


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