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Playbar 5.1+ connect amp + sub, all wireless mit boost?

I am considering the following setup and am wondering whether it will work and be stable. I want to use a Playbar as main audio speaker and complement it with a Connect Amp (for rear speakers) and a s...

Looking to expand my SONOS setup

Hi all. This is my first post here. Hopefully I'll get more involved as my setup expands. I bought a playbar last year as my first SONOS product and I love it. The playbar is connected directly to...

I have bought some Bose wireless headphones. Can you tell me if these will sync to the sonos sound bar and play 3speakers please.

I'm building a new home and would like to use Sonos. What basic components do I need (amplifier, speakers, etc.)? Thanks.

I'm building a new home and would like to use Sonos. What basic components do I need (amplifier, speakers, etc.)?

how+do+i+play+my+television+through+my+ceiling speakers

I have ceiling mounted speakers that are connected to an amp.  How can I make my audio from the television play through the speakers in the ceiling?

Best setup in a long narrow basement

My basement currently has 2 play 5s in stereo pair. The measurements of the basement is 46 feet long by about 12 feet wide. One play5 is on one corner with the other stereo pair about 25-30 feet away...

Help choosing a setup for my blind wife.

Ok right now she uses a iPhone or iPad or her mac mini to stream using airplay or bluetooth to speakers around the house.   for music she has a nice little NAD integrated amp and a carver t...

I need help designing a Sonos system for my home. Router downstairs, want speakers in three locations upstairs.

Design help!

My tracking number is not working? UK

Ordered my Sonos Play 1 in the UK and have received the tracking number, however it does not appear to work.

Pairing of Sub/Play3 to Playbar - automatic switching for music playback?

I am considering improving our tv set's tinny sound with a Playbar first, maybe a Sub and additional Play3s later. As far as I understood it, the Sub & Play3s may be paired to the Playbar to create a...

What do I need for existing speakers that will also allow me to add further speakers in the future?

I would like to get Sonos for my husband for Christmas, but I'm unsure what Sonos elements I need to get him. Currently we have a set of Harman Kardon Soundsticks speakers with subwoofer. Do I need to...

Potential Newbie

I have a belkin router (with all 4 output sockets being used) and devolo extenders because the home network will not otherwise reach all of the house. I am also basically Apple based although I do als...

New to Sonos - how to start planning

Wireless to Wireless

I have a Marantz M-CR610 CD Receiver which is connected wirelessly already via my Virgin Media router so I can listen to Spotify. I currently have a pair of wired speakers in a lounge but would like...

Want extremely loud house party sound

What do you recommend? I already got 2 play 5s and sub...... I'm thinking of adding 2 more play 5 and a second sub in the same living room.... thoughts?

I am wanting to buy Sonos for my husband as a Christmas gift.

I am wanting to buy Sonos for my husband as a Christmas gift. We currently already have in ceiling speakers throughout our home that connect to a single receiver. I want to be able to connect sonos to...

Suggestion for my sonos setup

Hi, I am Seriously considering buying a sonos system but... I am not a hi-fi expert at all, but like to listen to music in good quality, so I need stereo. However i have no space in my setup for 2...

Bose SoundTouch II

Hello. Has anyone compared the new Bose SoundTouch II with Sonos? I was recently in a Bose store and I have to admit that the new SoundTouch II sounded great, along with the update services. Although...

Playbar Vs S5 for music

I have an S5 a connect and connect amp in my system. I Wanted to buy a soundbar and after being put off of the sonos play bar due to the DTS issue I bought the Yamaha YTS 2500 it's great for films and...

Unplugging only Play device -- what is lost

I'm considering getting my sister a Play:1 so she can listen to music with a real speaker rather than the cheap computer speakers. She uses Pandora almost exclusively. I know she will occasionally w...

Looking for assitance before purchase

I am in the final process of determining the best Sonos set-up for my needs/home. I just wanted to confirm that what I am doing/purchasing makes sense. Any assistance or suggestions would be appreci...

Starting from scratch with vinyl.

Hi there I would like to create a new system from scratch, to play my vinyls. I'll need a record player - do I need one with a built-in preamp? Do I need the Sonos Connect or Sonos Connect:Amp?...

2 powered systems 2 rooms

I have 2 powered systems 1 outdoor system and 1 for my Home Theatre. Both Pioneer Amps are located in Deferent parts of the house. I would like to connect these using a sonos system so I could contr...

Starting up Sonos

If I purchase a Sonos Play 1 as the only speaker in the system, is there a need to purchase a bridge. Thinking of Christmas gifts for family members.

NAS Drive Question

I need to buy a new NAS drive because my old My Book Live died. Plan on a second backup on line with the new drive so lesson learned there. My question is which drives seem to be the most reliable? So...


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