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Getting started


What to get

Looking to get started with Sonos? Get help and advice here.
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Controller app for IOS6 Question

Setting up Sonos

Anything and everything about setting up your Sonos system.
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Life with Sonos


Wireless speakers

Ask a question or start a conversation about our PLAY:1, PLAY:3, or PLAY:5 speakers.
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Home theater

Discuss PLAYBAR, PLAYBASE, and the Sonos home theater experience.
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Music services and sources

Find more information on music services or ask about accessing your music library.
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Connect, Meridian and MQA Question

Controllers & software

Talk about our Sonos Controller for mobile and desktop apps.
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CONNECT, CONNECT:AMP and setups with your own speakers and components
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Music, culture & the industry

What's happening in the world of music and digital media? What are you listening to this week? #NowPlaying
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Having trouble with your system in any way? Ask here.
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Advanced setups

Dive into complex and advanced topics here.
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New community feedback

Our new community is live, and we'd love to hear what you think.
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