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Getting Started with Sonos Smart Home Integrations

Sonos has always been committed to providing more choice for what you listen to at home, and how you listen to it. We believe that together with our partners, we can bring new experiences to listeners...

Gen 1 Sonos 1 paired with new Sonos 1 - still get airplay and Alexa?

Hi there, I have a house full of gen 1 Sonos speakers. One set is two play 1s with a sub. I'm considering getting two new Play 1s, mostly because of the Alexa and Airplay technology built in. Howev...

Sonos & Harmony Volume Issues - Please help!

I have a Sonos Playbar and a Harmony Elite Remote (with Hub). For the first few months, I had them set up normal with the Harmony Hub controlling the Playbar volume (via wifi). It worked okay, but m...

Google Home Mini or Amazin Echo Dot (3rd gen)

Hello, I have just been bought a Google Home Mini at the same time I bought the new Amazon Exho Dot 3rd Gen. The Google Home Mini looks much better for talking to but am not sure it will work for eve...

If This Then That Sonos control via Google Assistant troubleshooting

Wondering if anyone can help me troubleshooting why Google Assistant doesn't control my Sonos speaker. I have linked my IFTTT account with my Sonos account. There appears to be no way of linking to Go...

Sonos One & Apple Home Kit/Siri: Puzzled

Hi all, So I bought a Sonos One for my kitchen in order to use Siri, Alexa and AirPlay 2. Initially I set everything up on my iPhone without a problem and have been using Siri comands to play my pla...

Sonos TV Sticks!

Would it be too much of a stretch to consider the Sonos eco system of having the ability to transmit video as well as audio around the home? You add video streaming services such as Netflicks, Prime...

Google assistant Denmark

I wonder when the update for, the support of Google Assistant, the Danish version is up to go, at the date.

Beam not auto ungrouping.

I helped a friend set up their system of a Beam in the lounge and a Play 1 with an additional Echo Dot in a bedroom. Initially I had an issue with a Wi-Fi extender, where the Play 1 was connecting to...

HomeKit & Sonos One - unable to add

Hi all, I just bought Sonos One and it works perfectly. Did add Apple Music service, works with Air Play, ... So far, so good. Then I tried to add it to my Home via ... Add Accessory Don't Have a...

Sonos Beam homekit automation

Hi Sonos Community, Does anyone know how to use apple home kit's automation feature for a Sonos Beam. I'd like to be to create an automation that play music at a certain time, or turn off the Apple T...

Sonos/Smartthings Integration

Glad to see the new sub-forum. My Sonos speakers are an integral part of my Smart Home, which has been built around SmartThings (and webCore) but also utilizes IFTTT, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Jus...

Google Play Music Support

SONOS needs to embrace wider voice connection than just Amazon Music. Google Play Music allows for far more flexibility and ease of access to personal music collections. My phone does it, my SONOS sh...

2019 now ???? How poor is that?

Selling My Speakers on ebay.....waited a year for Google on Sonos. Only reason i bought them....obviously Sonos is just another" tell them what they want to hear " sales place move the priduct........

Google Assistant Support

When does Sonos expect to have support for Google Assistant?

Apple itunes AirPlay stopped working with Sonos One

AirPlay suddenly can't connect to my two Sonos One anymore. Music via Sonos library works fine, so does radio via TuneIn. Restarted both iPhone and speakers to no effect.

UPnP vs New API

I control my theater room with Demopad and it includes a Connect feeding into the system. After a lot of reading and learning and much trial and error, I've been able to build a Sonos page within Dem...

problem with group actions "ERROR_RESOURCE_GONE"

hi since a few days I always get this error message even I make some group requests; ERROR_RESOURCE_GONE Does anyone know what that means? The group is still available and I can see it with; https://...

Group ID changed after reboot

I want to start playing playlist via Sonos API (https://developer.sonos.com/reference/control-api/playlists/loadplaylist/). For start playing I need group ID, which changed every time after I reboot m...

Latest update (9.2 I guess) broke Windows UPnP again

So, after the latest update, Windows UPnP is not happy with the service description of the DeviceProperties service. So our driver is broken again. This has been an ongoing issue. I know there's a ne...

Beam and Hive

Can I control my Hive using Alexa on the Sonos Beam? I have my Hive connected via Ethernet to my broadband hub?

Controlling Sonos using Rako Controls Cloud Gateway

Thought I'd start a conversation to help other Rako users and the Sonos community to dismistify the setup. To control Sonos speakers from a Rako Controls keypad, you'll need a Rako Bridge and Rako Cl...

IFTTT, Sonos, Philips Hue & Alexa

I have just installed the Hue Sync App on my iMac and can sync the lights to music, video etc playing on the iMac. However I never use my iMac to play music, video etc apart from my iTunes Library whi...

Using API to activate music library indexing

Does anyone know how, or have a solution for activating Music Library Indexing via the API? I have spoken before n this forum about the fact I do not want to upgrade the setup in a holiday home away f...

Can we get a Third Party section added to the Forum?

Moderators: We aren't supposed to discuss 3rd party stuff on here, but now Sonos are actively encouraging 3rd party integration with their new programs, can we have a special area where 3rd party rela...


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