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Getting Started with Sonos Smart Home Integrations

Sonos has always been committed to providing more choice for what you listen to at home, and how you listen to it. We believe that together with our partners, we can bring new experiences to listeners...

How to revoke access given to an App that uses the new API?

Hi there, the new API that was just announced is great! External apps/services (e.g. IFTTT) can be given access to my Sonos system: "This gives XXXX permission to: See what your Sonos is playing Ch...

Alexa now Breaks up groups

So, I keep most of my speakers in one group. For this example, let's say "Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom". Since Alexa integration started, I've been able to name any of the speakers in the group, an...

Sonos/Smartthings Integration

Glad to see the new sub-forum. My Sonos speakers are an integral part of my Smart Home, which has been built around SmartThings (and webCore) but also utilizes IFTTT, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Jus...

"works with sonos"

My last topic had a strange title so i try again: Hi I know that this is very new, but does any one in here have experience with a setup using a receiver with "works with sonos" I´m in the proces o...

Google assistant Denmark

I wonder when the update for, the support of Google Assistant, the Danish version is up to go, at the date.

Wemo and Ring control via Alexa on Beam

Can I control my Wemo devices and Ring thermostats via Alexa built in a Beam speaker?


Great sounding product and managing your library and music is easy. Now why not make a complete interface for Crestron and other home control systems so that you can actually expand your market? The i...

Google Assistant Support

When does Sonos expect to have support for Google Assistant?

Easiest way to get robust IFTTT support!

Hi, I have been spending a lot of time trying to create a simple and easy way to get IFTTT integration working. I know a few people would really like to have an easy way to get that, so here is one so...

Spoken alarms/calendar integration

Sometimes I'm just listening to music, reading a book or surfing the web, and completely forget what time it is. I wish Sonos would lower the music volume and tell me "It's 11PM". That alert could b...

IFTTT - If This Then That integration with Sonos

If-This-Then-That (IFTTT) integration could be cool. You could expose playlists to IFTTT as either triggers and/or actions. Use cases could be when a certain playlist is started trigger lights (via We...

Sonos doorbell

Hi all. Tom B an excellent support guy from Sonos suggested I post this here as he knows the tech guys keep an eye on the forums for ideas and problems. I suggested to him that as I live in a townhou...

Finally!!!: Home Automation -> Auto lights ON and (sonos) music ON when you het home

Do you want when you get home (location aware), a specific music (list/radio) automatically play + a light scenario on? Of course you want... Great news: 0 costs and it can be done easily. Maybe a lo...


I know there are a few ways to link up IFTTT with songs using servers and raspberry pi's etc but realistically if SONOS just linked with IFTTT it would make this a lot simpler? And would bring an awes...


I was doing a little research on Sonos and Amazon Echo integration. Most of the articles talk about how Sonos will support Alexa in 2017. That the integration will be impressive and the two services w...

Keyless Doorlocks

Are there any Keyless Doorlocks on the market yet that are compatible with Sonos & the Sonos app?

iPort Xpress battery Life and iPort Support

Am I alone with the iPort Xpress? I've rubbish battery life and there is no visible support! Using the voucher for my CR100's I got one of these to try. I've never had anything like the suggested 3...

iPort Express - Does it work with the boost network?

Thinking of getting a iPort express keypad and I'm wondering if it will work with my Sonos boost network. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. CC

Simple button to select radio station?

This may have been answered before but rather than having to find phone and go to app, select radio station etc I'd love to be able to have a dedicated switch which always turns Sonos onto my radio st...

Keypad function

problem of scenes / favorites key pressing favorites continue increases queque. the order of the songs are not the same of the desidered playlist. if you configure a scene with only 2 room [ for examp...

Anyone using Nuimo for their Sonos system? Please help.

I am looking for separate piece of hardware to control my Sonos system. I keep seeing ads for Nuimo. What can you actually do with this device? Is it just play/stop or can you actually select variou...


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