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Getting Started with Sonos Smart Home Integrations

Sonos has always been committed to providing more choice for what you listen to at home, and how you listen to it. We believe that together with our partners, we can bring new experiences to listeners...

Yonomi controls Sonos through Cloud API

Just got an email with this announcement. https://www.yonomi.co/blog/2019/1/17/control-your-sonos-system-from-anywhere-with-our-latest-update I haven't used Yonomi in a while, but this warrants anot...

Automatically start Sonos when Philips Hue is turned on

Hi, I searched everywhere and I already tried both Gideon and Yonomi app but without success. I have a Sonos Play:1 in my bathroom and I use Philips Hue as light. I’m looking for a way to automatica...

Connect Google Home Mini to Sonos Play:5

I can see some old posts re connecting a Google Home Mini to Sonos speakers but nothing recent. I would simply like to be able to walk into home and say "OK Google play music from Spotify on Sonos". I...

Web App to Control Sonos Speakers (not required to be on your home wifi)

Speaker scenes (https://speakerscenes.com) lets you play, pause, etc your Sonos speakers via a web app and while you're not connected to your home wifi. (You can also setup 'scenes' ie. set groups of...

Announcement: Update to "My Speaker" Alexa skill for Sonos

I am pleased to announce a huge update to my Alexa skill for Sonos, "My Speaker". It allows you to do many things that the standard Sonos skill does not, such as playing your local Library, or Favorit...

How to automate "play just this speaker" unless other speakers are playing in which case "join group"

I have 7 Sonos dotted around my house. I enjoy the music filling the house so generally have "Play Everywhere" set, have all speakers in the same group and simple adjust the volumne as required (incl...

Controll API. How play music from mp3 file

Hello From a few days I knowing Sonos controll API form https://developer.sonos.com/reference/control-api/ Actualy I did it auth process as well, and now I just to try play mp3 file form HD using So...

Homekit volume and power

So after growing tired of waiting for a software update from Bose to use Airplay 2 on their SoundTouch series I finally decided to initiate a move to Sonos (it always bugged me that Sonos doesn't offe...

Google Assistant is finally coming to the Sonos One and Sonos Beam

Google Assistant is finally coming to the Sonos One and Sonos Beam It's a CES miracle. A lot of announcements have already come out of CES 2019, but without a doubt, this is one of the most exciting...

Beam + Harmony Hub + Alex

I have been having some difficulty getting all of these to work together. I initially wanted to ditch the harmony hub and remote and control everything through the beam + alexa using the HDMI ARC port...

Can’t use Spotify connect on Sonos one

Hello! As the topic says, my Sonos one can’t be found in the Spotify app. I can play Spotify through the Sonos App but I can’t play through Spotify connect. My Spotify account is premium. Also I can’t...

Google Assistant Support

When does Sonos expect to have support for Google Assistant?

Alarm ID ?

Dear all Earlier, hvem setting up alarm automations in Home assistant, I was querying http://:1400/support/review for the various alarm ID's, that I need for the purpose. It doesnt seem to be listed...

Can SmartThings can "Pause/Play" Sonos but does it *know* the current state?

For a variety of Home Automation tasks I would like to know whether Sonos is in "Play" or "Pause" state for the whole group and for each individual speaker. I use SmartThings and Stringify - how can...

Sonos Beam homekit automation

Hi Sonos Community, Does anyone know how to use apple home kit's automation feature for a Sonos Beam. I'd like to be to create an automation that play music at a certain time, or turn off the Apple T...

Future Google assistant capabilities

When Google Assistant eventually makes it onto the Sonos One, will it be possible to integrate with existing chromecast audio groups?

How do we automatically play music when arriving home?

I’ve got a Sonos one, and both Alexa and Siri up and running. I’ve got my Hue lights coming on automatically when I get home. All good. Except I’d really like a selected playlist (or anything for t...

How Can I Open the Alexa app within Sonos?

I want to use the Alexa in my Sonos to control a smart plug. I was told to open the Alexa app and enable Skills. I have Sonos installed on an Android tablet. I can't open the Alexa app to enable skill...

Shuffle with IFTTT

Does anyone know if there is a way to trigger Sonos to switch on shuffle? I have a load of bedtime songs in a Spotify playlist and am using the new IFTTT integration triggered from a Smartthings simul...

Google assistant Denmark

I wonder when the update for, the support of Google Assistant, the Danish version is up to go, at the date.

Smartthings can not find my speakers.

Hello! I have tried adding my speakers to my Smartthings system dozens of times and the device is not found. Is it necessary to install some SmartApp before doing the search of the speakers?

HomeKit & Sonos One - unable to add

Hi all, I just bought Sonos One and it works perfectly. Did add Apple Music service, works with Air Play, ... So far, so good. Then I tried to add it to my Home via ... Add Accessory Don't Have a...

Connecting Sonos to TV without Beam

Is it possible to connect a sonos to a web TV without a beam?

Play audio from Apple Watch to Sonos 1.

So Sonos 1 works great with my iPhone. Shows up in the home app. I can tell Siri to play whatever in the living room and that works fine. My issue is playing content that is stored on my apple watch....


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