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Homepod - let's get this started...

Searched and nothing on Apple Homepod yet so I'll start this inevitable discussion. I see the Homepod announcement as an opportunity for Sonos rather than an end. Now that they know what the App...

Update 7.3 and Sub is gone!!

I did the 7.3 update last night and the sub was missing. I have attempted to add it again but it won't obtain an IP address. It did connect a few times last night without one but after a few minute...

Update Android App Without Google

Hello, In the past, I've received messages on the Sonos android app that the Sonos App has an update available and I would usually ignore it, providing everything is working reasonably well. Toda...

Alexa Integration? Likely not.

Just walked through Target and noticed a neat little idea they implemented with a brand priduct called Fabrique. $50 wireless speakers designed to integrate strictly with Alexa. They CLEARLY side st...

Sonos for Large room

My living room is large, If I use 2 Play 5 to fill the room, can i connect my Turntable to Aux of one and get sound from both, in stereo? (I am new to SONOS)

How do I go back to the previous firmware?

After upgrading yesterday, I can no longer play podcasts from my iPhone via AirPlay on my Sonos speakers. This worked before the upgrading the firmware. How do I go back to the previous version of the...

Why do I need to press the button on a speaker to make a stereo pair?

I've been creating sets of stereo speakers quite a bit lately with 2 Play:5's. I don't really understand why I need to physically push a button (get out of my chair ) when creating the pairing. Whe...

Sonos and Devolo Powerline

Hi everyone, I live in house with 2 floors. Currently I have a Devolo powerline ( 2 pieces ) installed who cover my wifi on the first floor and on the second floor. I have cloned the signals so tha...

Can't use my LG remote to control Playbase

I've been searching in this forum and so far nothing worked. I have an LG OLED55B6Y tv, with LG remote (not magic remote, see image attached) and I can't have it to control my new Playbase. Besa...

Playback problems with tracks pausing intermittently

Driving me mad now. Read lots of posts about wireless interference and tried setting router to each of the suggested channels via the router but none resolves the issue. Also wonder if that can be the...

Can't reconnect to correct rooms

My lounge (Playbar, sub and two play 1s) lost all sound when we updated the app. The sub and play 1s showed on the system but the playbar didn't. Reset the playbar and the route a few times and got it...

Radio Paradise

Is there a way to add Radio Paradise to the Sonos menu anywhere in order to be able to have a shortcut to stream Radio Paradise?

How to get 5.1 sound

Please can someone help with this problem. My Sonos setup includes playbar, sub and play1 x w. I have a Samsung UE65K8000 TV and Samsung UBD-K850, along with a SkyQ box. Everything is connected dire...

Pandora Premium

Pandora just added a new service, Pandora Premium. Will it work with SONOS?

TV and Sonos Issue

hey all! I plugged everything in and the Sonos works great with my iPhone, but not with my TV. I plugged in the optical line into the Sonos (yes the light is visible, so I know the TV is sending so...

Sonos wont connect to Spotify connect

Using Play 5 with Spotify premium , i see "Spotify Connect" both on the desktop & android but when i select it nothing happens.... no message , and spotify continues playing localy

How do I change the e mail address on my sonos account

Add an e mail address to sonos account

Sonos app skips to next song before the current one is not done playing.

I just got this system set up and have only noticed one issue. I have the Play 3's and they are connected with the bridge. When I'm listening to music using the Sonos app i've noticed that before a so...

Sonos dropping out repeatedly - unable to play any streaming services

Hi, I have been having trouble with my sonos system ever since I got it. At first, the issue was constantly being unable to connect via iPhone or other apps. Sometimes I could connect via my mac whic...

What about default zones "House", "Bath & Living Room"?

Hi, I'm using a Play 5 and Play 1 in my house. One is in my bathroom and the other one is in the living room in the next room. Is there a possibility to create the following under groups: 1. Ba...

Amazon Music

Is there a way for Sonos to keep track of what you listen to on Amazon? Context: moving from a music collection (e.g. CDs of records) to unlimited access is overwhelming. Ideally, I could look through...

Error: Unable to play xxxx - the connection to Spotify was lost.

I am receiving an error that sonos is unable to play a song (plays one song then the error comes up) and the connection to Spotify is lost. This seems to have been happening since I did the last Sonos...

new track starts before previous one ends

When playing music from the playlist om my mobile device new tracks start before the current (previous) one ends. What settings do i need to change?

Sonos Version 7.3 Now Available

Sonos Version 7.3 Available Today We’re excited to bring new features and improvements to Sonos with version 7.3. Here are the main highlights: Help and Tips: There’s a new and improved help a...

Loosing connection to mixcloud

Hi, I have a problem with MixCloud on Play 1. Every ~ten minutes, the current track is stopped and next track in the queue is played. In the error log I see messages like - 20/06/2017, 20:25 Unable to...


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