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Sonos keeps skipping tracks

No particular pattern, but regular enough to be very annoying, I have tried all three channels to no avail Just did a diagnostic: 7723374 Thanks in advance

Streaming from

Is there a way to stream from

ENDLESS UPDATES!!! CEO should read this.

Hi I have always been a raving advocate of Sonos. Perhaps I am unlike many users but I am not an audiophile and I listen to music from time to time, particularly when I am entertaining in the house...

Has anyone used Sonos in a commercial/ bar/ restaurant environment before?

I'm looking into options for a sound system in a large bar/restaurant that hasn't been built yet. Have full control over the network, construction, wiring, etc. We'll have a lot of TVs (10-15), we'll...

Important Information for Audible Listeners

Update: In the fall of last year we discovered that an update was incompatible with the existing Audible integration on Sonos and made the decision to remove the service. We realize it’s frustrating n...

Unable to access music from QNAP NAS

Every time I try and access my QNAP NAS from SONOS I cannot. It can see the music, all the albums are there, but when I select an album, when it opens all the tracks are greyed out and if I trt the pl...

Changing from UK/Ireland plug to Canadian plug

Hello community. I've brought my sonos system to Canada. I was thinking of cutting into the cable and wiring a standard Canadian plug onto it, rather than having adapters. Is this acceptable? It's a m...

Sonos stops and causes wired network to loose internet connection

Hi, I've been having this issue for about a month or more now. Sonos stops working, cannot connect to anything, cannot play anything and my PC which is connected via ethernet to the same router as...

Adding radio station

Hi all, One of my favourite radio stations has recently disappeared from the TuneIn Radio pre configured list of stations due to some licensing crap. I'm trying to add it manually using the link of...

Sonos Connect with 4 rooms on yacht

We have sonos throughout our 65 Sunseeker Yacht and have changed the channel to the sonos system so they are far apart from that of the router but we still have songs stopping half way and starting th...

switched to google wifi, not all sonos rooms are appearing

Hello, I have had some issues since setting up my new google wifi. At present I have 1x playbar, 2x play1, 1x sub in the living room, i also have 2x connect amps in the cellar next to my wifi modem...

i have an iTunes movie rented -- how do i connect the sound to Sonos?

how do i listen to iTunes movies on my Sonos speakers?

Airplay to Play:3?

Hi, I'm sure this has been asked before, but I can't find a direct answer. Play:3 does not have a line-in, but is there a way of setting up AirPlay to it?

Why is the maximum volume so low?

I just purchased a single Play:5. I have to turn it about 3/4 of the way up to hear it much at all, and at max volume, it is not nearly what one would expect from a speaker of this quality. I have t...

Google Play Music: Add All Songs From Specific Genre (in My Library)

Is there a way to add all songs from a specific genre in Google Play Music? I can easily do this through my local library and through the library on my phone. In fact, there appear to be several wa...

Sonos 5.1 and Sky/Apple TV set up

I'm attempting to set up proper 5.1 on Sonos using applet tv (4th gen) and Sky HD. Ive got the play bar, sub and two play 1's. The system won't work out the box i.e with my tv (Panasonic A47 series)...

Dolby Atmos

Why did the new Playbase not integrate Dolby Atmos?


Does anybody know if it is possible to use ibroadcast with sonos

Length of power cables with Sonos 1

Hi, What is the length of the power cable that come by default with Sonos 1 devices? I estimate I will be needing a 6 meter power cable.

Sonos repeats tracks on its own

I'm having an issue where SONOS repeats a track. Even though its displaying the proper song on the controller it plays the previous track again. It does this with spotify, I submitted a diagnostic. .7...

Spotify issues

Hi everyone, Every time I open either the Spotify app or sonos app and go to play a song through sonos it just skips to the next song then the next and the next and so fourth nothing's plays. T...

Play 5 Gen 2 Connect to Boost

My Sonos 5 Gen 2 connects when connected by ethernet cable to my Boost device, but will not connect in wireless mode. Note that it used to be fine, but disconnected for some reason. Note that I have...

Connecting Existing Sonos to Receiver

I have a projector, PlayStation, turntable, and Apple TV hooked into a receiver via HDMI. Is there a product that will allow me to use my Sonos network as the audio for all of this?

"Sonos was unable to add the music folder"

Cannot add a music folder so cannot play any music....nice product. Error message says: "Reason: The computer "XXXXXXXX" cannot be found. I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. When I orginally installed S...

Play5 + Play1 sat/sub system?

Hello everyone! We are building out our Sonos system in the house, and we love it. Quick question that I would like some feedback from people with more experience. We have one room in our house...


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