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About ducking time

Ducking seems to be fixed now. I have grouped my echo and Sonos devices in the Alexa app and ducking seems to only affect the Sonos device that is associated with the echo that processes the command.

Play all songs by artist or composer

How do I select to play all songs by an artist or composer? Currently, Sonos seems to limit me to only playing the Artist's/Composer's songs by album or individual song.

Boost mode (SonosNet) with multiple Ethernet wired players

I have 9 Sonos devices and want to know if I have more than one of those connected via Ethernet wire if each of those will be treated as "root AP's" for the SonosNet? So the real question: Is there a...

Amazon echo compatability

Does anybody know when the sonos upgrade which will allow wireless compatibility with Amazon Echo will be available?


I've only noticed this today, but every time I come back to the site it asks me to accept cookies. It seems like it only does this if I'm not logged in, but - as previously reported many, many months...

Another Google Home integration request, is there really still no release date?

The only reason I still keep Alexa in my house is for telling my Sonos speaker to stop playing when my phone rings. Is there really still no release date, the longer it takes the better the Google Hom...

Set up question

Can I set up a playbar and 2 play 3s inside my living room and 2 play 1s outside (protected) and be able to have full control (volume, balance, etc.) over each speaker?

Does sonos one support airplay?

Hi all, I have purchased a sonos play:1and I'm missing the airplay feature. I have been searching and I found that sonos one will support airplay 2, but I couldn't find any information about airplay,...

How to set up Play 3 speakers to use for friends' party

I took Bridge and 2 speakers to friend's home, connected to their wifi, used ethernet cable to connect bridge, but speakers won't connect. How can I do this?

Sound played through "On this iPhone" skip intermittently.

Once the skipping starts Sonos controller on iOS skips ever more frequently, plays out of order and information displayed loses sync with tracks playing. This also happens with Podcasts downloaded to...

Microphone sensitivity for the “Alexa” wake word is low

So, I received my Sonos One this morning, loving the sound quality. Problem is, I’m coming from a regular Echo, which I’ve owned since release, and the microphones are nowhere near as sensitive as the...

Sonos Controller for Ubuntu

Please release a version of the Sonos controller software that is compatible with Ubuntu / Debian based Linux distributions. I can't believe it's not possible to control my Sonos system from my Ubuntu...

If you're experiencing audio delay issues, read this

I've been living with lip sync issues (audio behind the video) since I got my Playbar about a year ago but I finally decided to do something about it. After multiple conversations with Sonos support a...


Losing our two CR100s will be the most devastating thing to happen to our household. My ONE YEAR OLD can play his favourite music by just pushing the button over and over again. My 7 year old will no...

Sonos One skipping first 1-2s of Alexa responses

Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, found a fix? Occasionally, when issuing Alexa commands to the Sonos One, the audio for the first ~ 1 second of the Alexa response is missing audio. For exa...

Recalibrate Trueplay

Looking for the procedure to re-run the Trueplay calibration.

I can't update cause of error code 1101

I just installed my new sonos system and the app and it wont let me update so i can finish the setup. It gives me the 1101 error code

Sell it ALL !! Sonos is a NIGHTMARE!!!!!!

Sonos stinks. I am listing all my speakers and everything 'Sonos' on Craigslist. You cannot get through to customer service, minimum 1 hr hold. MINIMUM. System often won't play. System drops whilst p...

Importing playlists from Deezer

Just signed up for Deezer and I am trying to import my Deezer playlists into sonos. They are not importing. Any ideas ?

Windows Desktop Controller not working after Windows Update

Last night windows did a long update and everything went ok, or so I thought. Now the desktop controller doesn't work, the splash screen appears and just sits there. I've uninstalled, repaired, etc, n...

Sonos starts by itself

How do I stop Sonos from starting by itself when I get home. As soon as my phone connects to my router, Sonos self-starts. This can be very annoying to people who may be at home trying to sleep when I...

Sonos 5 (v1), 3 (v1), Boost + Mac system sound (line in)

I know this is a touchy subject and I have searched this forum multiple times trying to find the best solution to meet my needs but most of the topics don't actually speak to my needs so I am finally...

Volume limit feature

Add the ability to set a PIN protected volume limit per zone.

Lost Connect from system

I am a long term Sonos user. I have two Connects one of which has disappeared from my system. Whilst it is receiving data the white LED is not showing. Have changed fuse to no avail. Prior to disap...

Dropping connections via setup

I have a Sonos play:1 setup in the kitchen and in the bathroom and a play:5 setup n the livingroom: - Kitchen is connected via Powerline to LAN - Bathroom is connected via Wifi - Livingroom is connec...


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