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Add speakers play 1 & play 3

Hi, i have 2 play1 and 1 play3 speakers and cannot put all of them in the same room. Is this possible? When i add the play1 speakers the app only offers me a new room not to use the existing one

Play 1 cuts out when grouped with play 5

The play 1 in my master bath cuts out about every 5-10 minutes for about 1/2 a second. Any suggestions on how to fix?

Sonos update - getting error code 1101

Unable to update sonos on mac - also unable to access music library and play radio stations - followed the steps for error code 1101 which did not solve my problem. Submitted support diagnostic sonos...

Brother borrowing Play:1

Now I have a second play 1 my brother wants to borrow one for a week or two to see if he wants to get one. Is this straight forward? Any issues likely to crop up? I looked into the setup, which was s...

Last.FM Password change...Update in Sonos

The Last.FM is an app to add in Sonos. Sonos states, "Last.FM will not show after it is added." So now if your Last.FM password is changed how can it be rest in Sonos?

Alexa only playing one song through Sonos then STOPS

I ask alexa to play an artist in in the living room. The first songs plays... and then nothing..... It seems like SONOS is not playing the alexa Que?

Unstable connection to Sonos

I constantly experience trouble connecting to my Sonos system. I can be connected and disconnected multiple times within minutes. My setup is: 2x Sonos Play:1 speakers (wireless connection) iPhone 6...

Sonos controller on ipad

I hate the new sonos controller on my ipad - It's way to difficult to navigate between my services, favorites, etc. On my pc its easy to find all my choices. This only happened since the recent update...

Pairing Universal TV Remote on 8.1 is Fail

The 8.0/8.1 update messed up my remote pairing. It doesn’t work now, whereas through 7.4.1 there were no problems with it ever. There were no changes to my environment between 7.4.1 and 8.1. The re...

Sonos One not playing Alexa output

I am using the Sonos One I received today. I’ve got everything set up properly I believe but here’s the issue I’m having... the music plays fine through sonos app and commands but any non sonos comman...

New sinos 1 with alexa won't connect to Amazon or Iheart

Got the Sonos speaker with Alexa and everything set up fine except for when I go to add music services from Amazon or iHeartRadio it will not connect .Each screen goes through successfully and it said...

Bedroom Speaker

For some reason, this speaker constantly needs to be reset. It's the only one and it's closer to the router than others. It's very frustrating when you get home at night. Why does this happen?

Alexa - Now Playing on Sonos

Available with Sonos version 8.0, you can control your entire Sonos system with Amazon Alexa enabled devices. It’s as easy as saying, “Alexa, play music in the kitchen,” and music will play on your So...

Sonos version 8.1 Brings Support for Sonos One

Sonos version 8.1, the supporting software for the all-new, the smart speaker for music lovers, is now availab...

Groped Sonos speakers not playing with Alexa via Amazon echo Dot

I'm very much a novice so I hope my question makes sense. I Just added the Sonos skill to the Alexa App. I have a group of sonos speakers, and I wanted to use Alexa to control the music on them. I gav...

Hate this new app 8.0

Just trying this new app on both android tablet and iPad. Still boring but now more difficult to use. Not intuitive or user friendly. I didn't like the app before now I hate it more. SONOS you need to...

Switching music services-playlist migration?

I currently am a subscriber to both google play and Spotify. I have most of my playlists as google play files but I plan on dropping google play and only Using Spotify going forward. Rather then remak...

Public Beta - My Feedback

After waiting for the announcement for Echo integration with Sonos for what seems like an eternity (I was really looking forward to it), I have to say I am somewhat underwhelmed by the current offerin...

Introducing the New Sonos One

Available on October 24th, Sonos One is the smart speaker for music lovers. It’s everything you expect from a Sonos speaker, and now with built-in Alexa and microphones, you can control your entire So...

iPad Music on Sonos via Alexa

Will l be able to play the music I have saved on my iPad via Echo dot on Sonos

How do I play music from internet archive on sonus?

How do I steam music from internet archive to sonus. I can play on my computers speakers but can't figure out how to play it through sonus

At this point maybe a statement from Sonos might be useful.......

This isn't one of those table thumping demands asking Sonos to stand to attention and fix what I don't like. I know these forums don't work like that. However it's been nearly 2 weeks since Sonos'...

Technical support

How do I speak with a sonos customer care officer in Australia outside of the limited call centre opening hours (which are shorter than those listed on the website) to get set up guidance? We have now...

Powered speakers and connect


Controlling Sonos with Echo Dot

I've just set up echo to discover my Sonos speakers in "living room" and "office". I'm able to tell Alexa to play music in either he living room or the office. I have not figured out how to have Ale...


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