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Found! What was missing all these years.

VINYL! I absently fumbled into a local weekend record market and walked out with 10 vinyl albums! Nothing to play them on though! So jumped online and soon a brand new Pro Ject turntable arrived. Hoo...

Music skips to next track before finishing when playing from music library

When playing from spotify or internet radio there are no interruptions. However, every time I play from my iTunes library through a playlist the songs don't finish and skip to the next track. How do y...

My Sonos keeps cutting off songs before the end

Since the latest software download, my Sonos system will not play a single song to the end - they cut off about two thirds of the way through

Google Play Music - Access Denied

Hi, I have 3 sonos speakers in the house, all on the same network. I primarily use Google Play Music from 2 android devices and cast to the Sonos kit. I can play Google music from the Sonos Controll...

Old And New

Hi, I have had my Sonos products for about 4 years , and apart from my house I would say its the best investment I've ever made. Recently I have started collecting old radiograms and radios, much to...

9.0 Version App Keeps Freezing

Since updating my controllers to 9.0, the app keeps freezing up on my iOS devices. I have to close the app and stop it from running in the background before starting it up again. It will briefly work...

Beam - TCL (roku) TV sync issues

Hello, I have a beam connected to the following TV via HDMI (ARC): TCL - 49" Class - LED - 4 Series - 2160p - Smart - 4K UHD TV with HDR Roku TV I can NOT get the visuals to synch with the audio (ie...

Idea... Locate Spotify playlist from link...

Hi. I have a link from a friend to a specific spotify playlist. It wold be nice if this link in some way could be used, eg copy/paste/scan, in sonos to easy locate the playlist and play it. Searching...

Constant drop-outs, app resets

Hi there. I have 8 Sonos speakers in a two floor condo (with concrete floors) and a 500mbs internet connection. I also have a Sonos Boost. I frequently experience music playback drop outs (Spotify an...

Spotify sound dropping out

Hi I'm getting regular drop outs in the sound from Spotify. Tonight it happened and on this occasion I appear to have lost both the kitchen and my play 1 which is on the bedroom upstairs. Sonos have r...

Sonus play 5 Gen1 Hissing from speakers whilst it should be on standby

Appears to not go into standby mode. Audiable hissing from the speakers. There's no music or Apps playing. I have tried switching it off for 10 minutes. But it still comes back hissing and running ho...

Searching for your Sonos system delay since latest update

Hi This has never been an issue until the most recent update or perhaps the one before that. Every time my Android phone or tablet has been lying alone for a while, activating the Sonos app will alwa...

Would Trueplay Work with "Direct" Airplay 2 Streaming?

Has anyone tried the following? If, on an IOS device using the Apple Music app, one chose in the IOS Airplay 2 menu to stream direct to a Sonos One which has previously had its frequency response curv...

Should I get Play 3 or two Play 1’s if I’m deaf in 1 ear.

I’m getting a Beam soon, but I’m thinking of getting rear speakers. I’m deaf (5% hearing) in my left ear and I’m not sure to get a Play 3 or two Play 1’s to get a decent sound.Anyone else who is deaf...

Alexa/sonos mexico

Alexa cant find the sonos skill in mexico. What can i do?

701 error

I can't play spotify an error says "An error occurred while adding songs to the queue (701)" Also the system does not allow me to sent a diagnostic report. How do i fix it?

Will not turn off, unable to control

Sonos will not turn OFF using app. on PC, lost all control, had to disconnect at mains

Beam & TV voice control: what is possible?

Hi there! I set up a Sonos Beam today and connected it to my Samsung TV (Q6F) via the ARC HDMI port, also installed Alexa and it's running smoothly for things like playing music on Spotify or checking...

Trying to confirm my thought....Is this supposed the right way to setup ?

I have 2 frustrated months of my Sonos. All I want is to play a few mp3 files to all my sonos speakers, looping them continuously. I have my three speakers on sonosnet (with a bridge) setup to ch11...

Why is there a name length limit for naming speakers?

I know this might be picky, but I am trying to name a speaker "Dining Room Sonos" for example. The SONOS app seems to limit me on length. This is extremely frustrating.

Spotify dropping out

I recently updated sonos ap. The last week Spotify drops out, can’t find file, connection lost, not enough network speed. Driving me nuts. Has been no issue ever before. Nothing else has changed....

Sonos Group and Aruba Wifi

Hi, I have my Sonos System (Playbase, Sub and 2 Play1) up and running using a wired connection. Now, I would like to bring the Speakers on my wifi. I have created a separate SSID, just for Sonos, with...

Sonos app skips to next song before songs are done

I have two refurbished Sonos Play 1s connected as stereo. They were working great for a few weeks but now whenever I play from my library the songs skip to the next song before the songs are over....

Constant Drops, Skips, Lost Connection, Cannot add Songs to Queue messages - Wired Sonos Play:1s in a office enviornment

We have 3 Sonos Play:1s and 1 Sonos:One on a corporate network which are all WIRED not wifi. We have set them up using Boost Setup mode to ensure they are all configured to be wired and not wifi....

Night mode sound for TV

Is it possible to schedule the night mode sound setting. I would be nice to switch at 09:00PM till 09:00AM to night mode, and the other time in normal mode.


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