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Sonos app and Deezer hifi

Hey guys anyone else issues with the Sonos app and deezer/Spotify. The app seems to be sluggish and slow. With constant messages like Unable to connect to Deezer Unable to play track due to slow buf...

cannot add music service

when trying to add pandora and iheart, SONOS app says "there was a problem adding the iheart account, a connection to iheart (or pandora or whoever) could not be made" cannot use sonos at this poin...

Unable to save EQ settings, playlist can't be loaded

Anyone encountering these issues lately? I'm unable to save any EQ settings of all my speakers. Also, when I load music, the speaker plays but I can't see any songs loaded in the app.

Need to tell Alexa twice to play flash briefing

I'm currently having an issue with Amazon Alexa with Sonos whereby I need to tell Alexa twice to "listen to the news" in order for Alexa to play flash briefing on my Sonos One. Telling Alexa once will...

Beam and one Play 3

I can't find an answer to this anywhere else in the community. I currently have a Play 3 in my lounge and thinking of buying a Beam to connect to my TV. Can I pair the Beam and the Play 3 to create su...

Sonos App shows "No music selected" when music is playing

Hi, when music is playing the Sonos App or Desktop application is showing No music selected so we are not able to start , stop or forward a song. Already tried to restart internetmodem (Ziggo) and all...

iTunes protected AAC audio file

I have music I bought on iTunes prior to 2009. The "kind" in iTunes is "protected AAC audio file". The file "type" on my computer is m4p. These songs do not appear in Sonos. What do I need to do i...


Is there still no way I can export a playlist to a text or m3u file?

Time set music solution

I am shopping for a system, and was wondering if Sonos can do the following: -start and stop music at a set schedule through the day in multiple rooms -have multiple speakers playing the same music in...

Help needed connecting Sonos Ones to WiFi

Hi, any help very gratefully received. Bought a pair of Sonos Ones as our first speakers a few weeks back. Set them up in the kitchen as a pair to test them out and all worked well, including the Al...

Playing CDs on Xbox One S

How can I connect Xbox One S to my Sonos 5 2Gen and listen to CDs?

Use connect with active speakers

I have a sonos setup consisting of playbar, sub, and play5's version 2. I also have a set of meridian dsp8000 active speakers that I would like to integrate into the sonos system. Can this be done by...

Sonos 5: Ett konstant klickande ljud har uppstått.

Spelar ingen roll vilken ljudkälla el om jag byter wifi-kanal Den klickar konstant tills jag bryter strömmen. så fort jag startar någon typ av uppspening börjar klickandet och det upphör inte. samma v...

No sound from Beam after turning on TV

I have a Panasonic OLED 65FZ950U. The HDMI cable from the beam is plugged into the ARC port on the TV. Sometimes when I turn the TV on, no sound comes from the beam. I check the TV sound setting and i...

Error: Unable to play xxxx - the connection to Spotify was lost.

I am receiving an error that sonos is unable to play a song (plays one song then the error comes up) and the connection to Spotify is lost. This seems to have been happening since I did the last Sonos...

Lost whole system except playbase (sub, two 1’s , 5 and a connect)

They all still show solid white liight? Playbase is hard wired - tried resetting router modem, and unplugged all units and they power up and back to solid white is this a ios12 issue?

3rd party SubWoofer

Hello gang. I am a long time SONOS user and love the system. i am up to 4 Play 1 speakers now and recently got the play base. I connected the base up to the TV and it's working perfectly - thank yo...

No Audio when streaming via Airplay to Apple TV to Beam via Airplay 2

We bought a Sonos Beam to replace our B&O Beolit '12 Airplay enabled speaker in the living room. We are using an Apple TV (4. gen) connected to a projector. So far the audio of video content was strea...

Which Sonos connection for vinyl?

Would love to hook up a record / vinyl player to my Sonos system which is a mixture of play 1’S, a play 3 and a couple of Sonos ones (for Alexa). I’m torn as whether or not to buy a Connect, a Connect...

Play 5 or Connect to connect with Vinyl Player

Curious if anyone has used a Play 5 to connect to RCA cables of a Vinyl Player. Can you then stream to your others SONOS speakers in the house? Is there an advantage or disadvantage to this as compa...

Airplay 2 / Sonos One / Apple TV

Is it possible to have the Apple TV default to airplay audio (Sonos One) without having to select this option in the settings each time? Also, is it possible to airplay video to Apple TV and audio to...

Amazon Alexa amplifier, receiver, subwoofer

This is getting very interesting. With the addition of Alexa Cast, which IME works better than Chromecast, and certainly better than AirPlay, Amazon is building quite a system. Obviously they don’t...

Cannot add a musice service to Sonos

I am trying to add a music service to my Sonos app. The app is not recognizing my login. I am not having a problem logging in online. Has anyone experienced this. If so how do you fix it...Richard

Beam + SUB, worth it at low volumes

Hey. My setup today: Kitchen: two stereo paired Play 1 Living room: Beam Daugthers room: Play 1 My question is. We often listen at low volumes, but I really need more bass in the living room. But I...

Xbox one x making Sonos ones & connect cut out when on.

Hi All, I have 3 Sonos ones throughout the house & a Sonos connect in the living room. Over the last few days if I turn on my Xbox one x the Sonos keep cutting out. The Xbox is connected to the router...


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