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Playbar no Power

I accidentally turned the volume on my playbar up too high and the unit quit working. No power coming on? Is there a reset or is the unit done? I need help.

Playbar No power

Hi, My playbar has just stopped working & has no power. I have tried it in another power outlet & changed the fuse in the plug, this has not worked. Any ideas anyone?

Resolved: Outage - Spotify Unable to Play Music - Oct 21st

There's been a wide scale attack on some Internet hosting services in the last day causing a number of issues around the world. Currently, Spotify on Sonos is having some trouble with playback and c...

Rooms dropping out/disconnecting from controller

So I have a 3 room set up. Lounge - Playbar + 2x P1 for AS Kitchen - 1 xP3 Master Bedroom - 1 x P1 Recently when I have gone to control the speakers through any phone it is only showing the lo...

Add Sonos components w/o Internet connection

Hi, I want to set up a Sonos system in my parents' new house, where there is currently no internet connection. They previously had a Play:3 in use, which works just fine in the new house, when con...

deezer elite or spotify?

We have paired Play 3's, a Play 5, and a Connect Amp I have a subscription to Deezer Elite [£20pm on-going]; am an Amazon Prime member anyway, and am currently trialling the three months of Spotify...

TV sound skipping in group speakers

So I have a playbar hooked to my television. I often want to have TV audio on other speakers in my house, e.g. listening to the football game while i'm out on the patio. I'm having frequent audio...

Deezer Elite.. Is it worth it?

Hey So I've had Deezer Elite since I bought my Playbar last year and I enjoy the service and use it regularly and for £9.99 a month with a Sonos product it seemed fair. That has since gone up to £1...

Unable to connect to my current receiver

I just purchased 2 play 3's and a connect. I currently have a Pioneer VSX-90 receiver with 2 bose bookshelf speakers. I want to bridge all 4 speakers togerther via the connect. My connect and play...

Newbie looking for info

Hello everyone. I've been looking at the play 5's / 1's +sub or similar from Sonos for my home. After browsing these forums I just want to be sure that my understanding on these products and their...

LOVE Smart Turntable & Sonos Connectivity

Hi All, I was wondering if anyone had any information about the LOVE Turntable. It's a current Kickstarter Project which is really taking off. I have backed it as it looks very smart and a unique t...

Playbar audio drops out

I experience intermittent audio dropouts with the Playbar on Dolby Digital 5.1 broadcasts. I do also have the Sub and two Play 1 speakers setup as surrounds. I have an LG 55LA7400 connected via an opt...

Audio dropout on Tivo 30 second skip with Dolby Digital enabled

Equipment: - Tivo Premiere HD - Sony XBR 65X850D TV - Sonos Playbar - Sonos Sub - Sonos S1 [two] Issue: If Tivo has Dolby Digital 5.1 Sound enabled the sound drops out for a few seconds [2...

Apple music skipping

Apple music skipping

Sonos TIDAL - album tracks not ordered by number anymore?

All my favorite albums from TIDAL Hifi have the tracks messed up in Sonos. When I use TIDAL directly the tracks are ordered correctly. I also have another music service (Yousee) in Sonos - again track...

Connect no longer bit-perfect?

It looks like the Connect is no longer bit-perfect. Here's my evidence: let's discuss this. First, I constructed a wav file of pink noise with amplitude ramping up from zero to digital max and back...

Unable to play Spotify on Sonos

I entered this in the music services area yesterday, but not sure if i am following procedure or doing things correctly. I am unable to connect to Spotify, and it only started in the past week. I ha...

Spotify connection lost

I am having the same issue the others are experiencing with Spotify. I reset the controller, deleted then re-added Spotify, then in reading this community have rebooted my router. Still having the sam...

Random song liisting - Tidal

Sonos are displaying and playing songs completely random for Tidal - Not for other services or media libraries. What am I missing here? Can't seem to correct it

Sonos cutting out. No previous thread or troubleshooting is helping.

My Sonos (play 1, connect, connect amp attached to passive speakers) keeps cutting out. I have tried all trouble shooting, changed the channel from 1 to 6 to 11, rebooted my router. Diagnostic code...

Speakers missing after update

Hi, I have lost 3 speakers following an update I've tried rebooting everything including the router but still no luck I have 5 play 3's. Now only 2 are showing Any ideas how I could troubleshoot?...

Random playback at full volume

I have 3x Play 3, 1x connect,1x cr200 controller and 1x bridge. The play 3's have recently began to start up at random times throughout the day and play at full volume, wrongly I assumed that the cr20...

Issues connecting with Spotify and Play:5s

I'm having issues connecting with Spotify for my 2 Play:5s but no issues with my Play:1. No issues with other services like Amazon music. No issues before the Spotify update. Everything running on t...

Speaker Connections

Periodically, the "rooms" that I have my Sonos speakers set-up on my controller disappear. I've turned the speakers on & off, but only one room reappears. Solutions?

Spotify skips through all sons

I have been successfully using pandora on all my sonos speakers for years. Just connected my free Spotify account. When I click on any music it just tries to play the first track and then immediately...


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