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Alexa in Denmark

No support for vocie control in my country. I use the Sonos app on my iPhone. When I go to voice control it tells me that there is no support in my country (Denmark). When will it be supported?

Beam doen't work with AppleTV HDMI

Hello, I've just received my Sonos Beam, but when I want to set it up with my AppleTV (4th gen) it didn't find any signal (when it look at ARC). My Apple TV is actually connected to an HDMI switcher/...


I set up two Ones in the bedroom and said "Alexa play flash briefing" and Alexa responds with "here is your flash briefing" and then nothing happens (silence). This has happened about 50% of the time....

Sonos Beam low volume

Got my Beam today (16th) and am pleased with it so far, but I'm having to boost the TV volume much higher that it was with the TV speakers. Without the Beam the TV was at about the right volume at a s...

Speakers cutting out after Airplay 2 update

After I installed the airplay 2 update, my speakers are regularly cutting out (they never cut out before the update). I have airplay2 devices (sonos ones, playbase) but I am streaming directly from th...

Can Sonos One upgrade to support Chinese Voice Assistant in the future?

I know Sonos One hasn't support Chinese Voice Assistant yet (In China Market) but I can see it will happen very soon from Sonos China website. Can my Sonos One upgrade to support Chinese VA when it's...

Issues with Sonos Account (Network Failure)

Hi all - when I try to login to my Sonos Account it continuously says there was a Network Failure even though my internet is working properly and my Sonos system is connected and playing music. I get...

Unable to control volume: Sonos Play3/Playbar/Sub + Chromecast + Samsung OneConnect

I am unable to control Sonos volume using Samsung OneConnect Universal remote while streaming Youtube from Chromecast. Are there any solutions to this?

Beam and LG OLEDs -Audio delay over Dolby DIgital still a problem?

Has anyone connected a Beam to an LG OLED tv and tested whether the audio is delayed when using Dolby Digital? My Beam is scheduled to arrive tomorrow (canceled my B&H order and ordered on the Sonos...

Sonos Connect Amp and Speaker Volume is

I just got a connect amp and wired it up with a pair of outdoor Polk Atrium 4 speakers. After I got everything installed I went to play some tunes... I had to have to volume to about 50% on the slide...

Do 3.5mm analog to HDMI digital audio converters exist (to use for the Beam)?

Heya. I am trying to figure out if there is an easier way to connect a 3.5mm audio to a Sonos Beam. I know there are 3.5mm analog to optical digital* and then you can use the shipped optical digital...

iHeartRadio New Zealand

Can anybody tell me why Alexa doesn't recognise I Heart Radio NZ stations even though I have favourites saved? It keeps going to US stations. Is this not available in New Zealand yet? Thanks.

Connect amp will not factory reset or connect

I have been trying to connect my Sonos connect:amp to my system and am getting nowhere. I have tried the factory reset, and it simply flashes Amber and white indefinitely. When I unplug it and plug...

Moved and now have no wired options for internet

I’m sure this has been asked, but I couldn’t find an answer to this. I previous was living in a place with my own internet, modem and router. I just moved and the unit I’m moving to shares internet...

Digital volume indicator on Beam?

Is a Digital volume indicator available on the Beam with my LG tv?

Play:5 Wifi Setup with Connect

I have owned a singular Sonos Connect for some time, connected via wired ethernet. I now have a brand new Play:5 Gen2, and I began by setting it up also via a wired ethernet connection. That succeeded...

Airplay 2: Existing Sonos One speakers not showing up

I have upgraded my Sonos to the latest version which includes Airplay 2. In the settings page of the Sonos app it tells me I do not have any compatible Airplay speakers. I have 3 Sonos One speakers...

Trouble adding Play:Ones to Home app iOS

I've successfully been able to AirPlay from the Music app to my Sonos speakers after the 9.0 update, however, when I go into the Home app on iPhone or iPad to enable Siri following the instructions, I...

Sonos Beam Tv Control On and Off

Would anybody know why I can turn ON my tv using the Beam with Alexa but can’t turn it back off using the voice commands?

Sonos Beam Loses Connection

Every time I turn my TV off, then on, my new Beam loses connection with my TV and I lose TV volume. I have to then reset the whole thing. Anyone else having this problem? I have an LG TV. Did all the...

Help! "There is no shared folder on the computer"

Been using Sonos for years on my PC with literally Zero issues or hiccups. However, today the controller/app on my PC updated to the latest software and now it says that it can't add my music folde...

Songs dropping off early when playing music from iPhone

I have a Playbar and Sub paired in my living room. Sound when using the TV has been fine, but when using the app on my iPhone 7 to play music that is on my device, the system is constantly cutting ou...

Optical input on Playbar stopped working

My playbar and the rest of my Sonos system (Sub and two Play 1s) no longer works with the TV because the optical input doesnt seem to be working any more. The system plays music fine via WiFi, so i kn...

Cannot sign in because my email login isn't what's showing

Hello, All of a sudden my Sonos speaker was no longer logged in on my iPhone app nor computer. When I go to login it says "Enter the account information for b***" which is nothing like my ema...

Message " One of your speakers could be unplugged" is coming up for Play base speaker

Message " One of your speakers could be unplugged" is coming up for Play base speaker" even though it is connected. But the Playbase is working fine with TV . I noticed this issue from the time i upgr...


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