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Itunes playlists not importing

I am using iTunes on a macbook. In iTunes prefs 'share iTunes library xml with other applications' checked. Sonos goes through the updating process and all the music is there under songs,...

Ny musikktjeneste i Sonos

I min bedrift har vi brukt Spotify Business (med premium-grensesnitt) og det har funket fint. Men nå Har Spotify Business blitt til Soundtrack, og den nye appen ligger ikke inne som en av tjenestene j...

Playbar input from sky rather than tv + purchase order

My trusted Panasonic plasma has no digital output are there any problems or disadvantages taking the output from the sky Q box to a playbar I currently have just a pair of one’s and looking to expand...

ALAC 24 bit

I bought a 24 bit ALAC track and Sonos does not want to play it. I found another thread that said the FLAC engine had been updated with 24 bit support. Maybe the ALAC engine could get a bump as well?

SonosOne Microphone works once...

My SonosOne microphone only works once each time I turn it on. I have reset a couple of times, including deregistering every device in the house from Alexa and Sonos and starting again. Same problem...


My Sonos would not stream amazon music as said sonos offline. So i then de authorised it on the alexa app in the hope of re authorizing it. I now cannot find how to recoonect sonos to my alexa app

How to delete an account and start over.

I need to start over installing Sonos on Play:1s. The app has is stuck in a loop of wanting to register speakers and no allowing anything else. I have over $3000 invested in beautiful hardware ad $.1...

Sonos connect/ amp direct latency

I currently own a playbar, sub and couple of ones forming a nice setup for my living room and kitchen; I’m looking to extend the setup to the main bedroom, though I have a couple of uses and respectiv...

2 sonos amp 10 speaker

Hi With 2 sonos amp (125amp) can I make these configuration with these speaker? 6.5" Ceiling Speaker with Dual Tweeters Obviou...

Force video sound as stereo input

Hi, i have two sonos surround setups. What i'd like to know if it's possible to force the surround setup to play in "music-mode" while watching music video's on Youtube for example. I'll try to expla...

2nd Boost

Can a 2nd boost increase the signal in my house?

Speakers won’t re register to Sonos account after factory reset

Hi, any help gratefully received. I recently factory reset my 2 Sonos Ones due to problems with the Alexa functionality. Have just set them back up again, but the app is now telling me that it can’t f...

Sonos IKEA

Sonos Vs IKEA image.... Do you think they go well together? I own products from both companies, however the reason I purchase from IKEA is very different to what I'm looking to when buying from a comp...

Connecting a Sonos Amp to LG TV via digital optical output & HDMI dongle

I recently added a Sonos Amp to my system, replacing an old traditional amplifier. I want to send the audio from my 8-year-old LG HD TV (model: 42LE5300) to the Amp but my otherwise perfectly-function...

New Requirement for Login to setup Player is not acceptable!!!

I often have limited to no internet access which is why we decided on Sonos in the first place - we can use it as a standalone system without having to "online". Recently the controller software has...

Apple Music Beats 1 On Demand - Access is Denied

Over the last few days the Host On Demand shows won't play and after 10 seconds or so a dialog appears saying 'Access is Denied'. I can play any show before 1/29/19. Any show newer has this problem. I...

SONOS Surround sound Play 1's clipping during playback

Currently running playbase, bridge, sub, play 1's for surround and have play 5 as room supplemental if needed. The base and bridge are direct wired into my Netgear Orbi router. Speakers are updated...

Loud Short Buzz Coming from Beam after TV is turned off

Just bought a Beam & LG C8 TV, so far they are both working beautifully with the exception of the loud noise I'm getting once I turn the TV off. It's very inconsistent, sometimes it happens 10 - 60 se...

Question about pairing 5.1 surround set and play 5

I would like to know if I have a 5.1 surround set which includes playbar, sub, and 2 sonos One, can I also have a play 5 or another Sonos One in a different room and pair them all together when I want...

Sonos Amps Keep Cutting Out

I have 3 Sonos Amps connected to a Google WiFi mesh system. They will play 1 to 1.5 songs and then randomly cut out. At times they will stop playing and then randomly play a different song. Diagnost...

Sonos Connect makes a repeating popping sound for a few minutes

I have a Sonos Connect connected to an Architect Model 110 amplifier which drives 4 ceiling speakers. It has worked great for 6 months. Last week, while streaming music from an Amazon station, ther...

Podcast streaming is terrible

Constant restarts, am forced to use other speakers

New Sonos Amp continuously rebooting

I have had the new Sonos Amp for a month now, worked fine until the last day or two, when it started rebooting continuously. It never stays on long enough to connect to my Sonos Controller app. I'm...

Connect with Onkyo

When I first set up my connect with my Sonos ready Onkyo receiver, the Sonos app would switch the inputs on the Onkyo when I selected music to play. Now it will not switch. I have to manually do it wi...

Harmony Elite / Sonos / Streaming Music Services Issue

I'm having an issue with Sonos not playing nice with my Harmony Elite when I listen to music on Spotify / Tidal through either their apps directly or through the Sonos app. My setup is: Sonos Playba...


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