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Resolving (the majority) of Issues with Alexa on Sonos

This thread is intended to help get you going if you get stuck setting up Alexa with Sonos, or if you have run into any errors. The setup process does use two different apps, so don’t stress if you’re...

Alexa + Sonos: How it Works

So you’ve read all about Amazon Alexa working with Sonos and you want to know more. Here’s a rundown of how the integration works. Your Amazon Alexa devices are listening for you to say the wake word...

Use Sonos One to control Fire TV with Alexa

Finding something to watch can be as easy as saying “Alexa, show me comedies." Use your Sonos One to control what’s playing on your Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick by following these steps: First, s...

New to Sonos or Alexa? How to set up

So you have an Alexa device and Sonos players, where do you go next? 1. Make sure your Sonos and Alexa devices are all powered up and connected to the network. If you're new to Sonos, this means Ins...

Need to tell Alexa twice to play flash briefing

I'm currently having an issue with Amazon Alexa with Sonos whereby I need to tell Alexa twice to "listen to the news" in order for Alexa to play flash briefing on my Sonos One. Telling Alexa once will...

Alexa won’t respond to stop command

I successfully set up my echo dot to control my sonos speakers. It will play radio stations and change from radio to streamed music but it won’t respond to my command to stop playing. I have disabled...

Move to Spain... Alexa will work?

Hi everyone! I'm recently moved to Spain but my Sonos One is coming later this month with all my stuff. Can I use Alexa from Spain with a new account? How can I set up for continue asking about life...

Alexa not fully functional after start-up of the speaker

Hi there, I’m using a Sonos One in my bathroom (together with a bunch of other Sonos devices in other rooms). The power supply and lighting in the bathroom is switched on every time a person is dete...

Sonos one and Alexa in Hong kong

I got a Sonos one for Christmas but I can't get Alexa to work. I'm in Hong Kong and it just says not supported. Any ideas please.


There are not enough services for Mexico, so do not buy it until AMAZON alexa is available, otherwise is waste of money

Problem with alexa and sonos(Spotify)

Hi, I have six dots and seven sonos devices (play 1&5). Ive set everything up: Skill added and logged in with same account as sonos No duplicate naming Same Spotify account and made it pref source I...


If it wasn't for the sound this would be sold. Alexa is just lousy. One song and then off. Alexa skip - What song would you like to play? Did this three times before I gave up. Use the App and not voi...

Sonos Flash Briefing only plays one item in list

As of today my flash briefing now only plays one item even if I have a few queued up in the settings? Earlier in the week all items in the list would play without fail, what could be going on?

Alexa says she is playing "On Kitchen" but no sound comes out

Hey there; I have a house full of echos, dots and sonos speakers. In general, my Alexa Sonos skill is not working well. For example, I have two Play Ones paired in my kitchen as "Kitchen". When I...

Alexa and One Song

Am having what appears to be a common problem that Alexa will only play one song. I have followed the steps that UKMedia posts around deregistering devices - Echos and Sonos, disabling skills and rena...

Alexa responds but will not play music

Alexa responds to a 'play music command' but it does not actually play anything. The Sonos One works fine from the app. Alexa also will tell you the weather etc... just fine. When music is playing...

Alexa now Breaks up groups

So, I keep most of my speakers in one group. For this example, let's say "Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom". Since Alexa integration started, I've been able to name any of the speakers in the group, an...

Alexa and Sonos not working like it use to

If I grouped my speakers in the app and then asked Alexa to play music and called out any of my speakers it would play everywhere. Now it just plays to the one speaker and same when I asked Alexa to s...

Sonos One Volume Issue

Recently the volume on my Sonos One is very low and will not adjust. The only way I can get the volume to work correctly is to unplug unit and plug it back in. I have had the unit for almost a year...

Sonos One alternate Alexa "wake word" change

I was going to buy a pair of Sonos ones when they first came out but the inability to change the "wake word" from Alexa was a deal breaker for me as I already have a multi-room Sonos/Echo/Alexa Home a...


Reluctantly, I disabled the Alexa skill for Sonos today. The whole house ducking was causing too many complaints form everyone in the house. Ducking a Sonos speaker in a room so far away from the pers...

Play Echo and Sonos One Simultaneously

Can someone please advise how to have Sonos One and Echo units play together? I bought the Sonos One yesterday and was surprised when that capability was not available. I tried syncing for hours wit...

Sonos One doesn't work with Hue?

According to Amazon that's the case. So i did a chat with Amazon support since the Sonos One is not finding my Phillips Hue lights (which work fine with the Dot)... Can someone from Sonos weigh in...

Sonos One > Philips Hue

My Sonos One, with the right skills enabled, cannot find my Philips Hue (gen 2 hub) system. Tried everything that was mentioned in other threads: reinstalling skills, resetting the Sonos and the Hue,...

Alexa will not find an artist

After installing the latest Sonos update Alexa on my Sonos One will no longer let me ask "Play an artist like (or similar) to (name of artist). It asks me if I want to a Pandora station for that artis...


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