Alexa Spotify: This device is offline

  • 6 January 2024
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When asking Alexa to play Spotify through Sonos Arc it would say: "This device is offline".

When asking through an Alexa Echo device it would say: "Sonos is offline".

Playing Spotify worked fine when not using Alexa.


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3 replies

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To fix it I had to remove the Sonos Alexa skill and add it back again. It kept all my devices room setup it seems.

Open the Alexa app tap on More, tap on Skills & Games, scroll to the bottom and tap on Your Skills, tap on Sonos, tap on disable skill.

Then just add it back. You will need to link your Sonos account again.



I have the same problem, affecting all my Sonos devices with Alexa, which all worked fine until very reverently. 
tried disabling and enabling the Spotify skill and linking the account again. No joy. Spotify only working via Sonos app. 

Alexa just says this device is offline. 

any further suggestions, please? 


I’ve tried the above and disabled the Sonos skill on Alexa but it won’t then allow me to re-link my accounts and enable the skill again. Alexa keeps saying I need to register all of my Sonos products to the email address that’s linked to my Alexa account. They are and whilst Sonos/Spotify are working fine, Alexa just keeps saying “this device is offline” and not allowing me to enable the Sonos skill again. 


It’s driving me mad as Alexa/Sonos was working totally fine until I got rid of my old wifi network and installed a new one. Alex/Sonos/Spotify are all on the new Wifi too.