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Hi, In a restaurant the use about 15 Sonos PLAY:1 speakers. The building is in 4 different floors, but they have a really good internet connection. They also have one Sonos Boost. The problem is, t...

BT Whole home wifi - will it work with sonos?

I want to extend wifi to my garden, using BT whole home wifi, so I can control sonos from my patio. Current setup: BT homehub 5 --- wired connection to sonos boost --- play 1, play 5, connect am...

Will Sonos work with google home?

I am thinking about purchasing the new Google home voice recognition product, I understand that Sonos will work with Amazons echo in the near future. Does Sonos have any information regarding google h...

Recalibrating Playbar

I'm changing my surround sound set up and have moved my playbar, which was just enjoying life as an audio speaker in the dining room, into the lounge, connected it to the SKY box. Next step was going...

Sonos group but only one plays

I've had a play 5 and a play 1 set up for about 6 months and all was well - they play individually, and as a group fine. I recently added another play 5, and that works fine on its own. However, I...


Does anyone know about the new wireless record player by TRNTBL. It says its supported by SONOS on its website. Is it supported by SONOS does it connect through the SONOS network.

Sonos speakers disappearing

Hi Sonos community, I've been using Sonos for about 3 years now and all was fine until a few months ago. I keep loosing connection to my speakers, this is usually the living room. It just disappear...

How to integrate Sonos into my existing system?

Ok so I have a 7.1 receiver, 4k TV, left, right and center channel currently. My sub died and I may buy another wired one, but have considered buying a Sonos sub. I was also considering buying sonos f...

Re-setting up Play:5/2 fails - turns orange instead of white

Hi Sonos. I've had a pair of Play:5 gen. 2 for a month or so and it has been working flawlessly as stereo speakers in my living room. However, tonight all of a sudden the right side speaker did...

Play:1 dropping connection Diagnostic report # 7323920

My Play:1 still keeps dropping connection in the kitchen. From a previous question, I was advised to move it away from the microwave due to the interference that could be causing and to change my rou...

2017 - Best way to access Apple Lossless format files (NAS or cloud streaming?)

Just had entire CD collection ripped into Apple Lossless for Sonos. Was thinking (based on many years ago "the way things worked then", would upload to NAS and index. Still best approach? Or, would...

Flashing red light

The light on my

Estate set up

Hi all, I am trying to set up a small estate 4 acres with about 5-9 connects. I was hoping I could leap frog or daisy chain these wirelessly but I'm not having any luck does anybody have experience ho...

Play 1 vs 3 for 5.1 system

I'm planning a bar and want to setup a 5.1 system with a Playbar, Sub and either Play 1 or Play 3 rear speakers. The room is about 14x17 feet with 3 walls (back wall open). I plan to watch sports an...

TV Remote vs Sonos Controller Volume Control for TV - In a PLAYBAR + PLAY 1 Setup

Hi, I am new to this forum and wanted to get your thoughts on this issue please. I recently purchased a PLAYBAR and also have a PLAY1. Its all set up correctly and grouped together and PLAYBAR is conn...

4K/UHD bluray players that decode DTS to Dolby?

With 4K bluray players starting to emerge now, seems we really need to start keeping straight which ones will allow those of us with Sonos Playbars enjoy some semblance of Dolby sound when certain 4K...

Want Sonos to keep playing while gone

I used to leave the radio on to keep the dog company. Our Sonos system turns off while we're gone, and I can't find a way to tell it to keep playing. (I know this because it's quiet when I get home,...

Sonos doesn't recognize more than one iTunes (imported) playlist -- why?

Here's my setup: -2 x Sonos Play:1's -2 x Sonos Play:3's -One MacBook Pro with two user accounts (both accounts using separate instances of iTunes to manage their different music libraries). -Ne...

Play 5 does not power up or work at all

Hi, our play 5 Gen 1 does not power up or work.

How necessary is the sub

I'm thinking about the Sonia sound bar and wondering if the sub is necessary. I am using the bar to enhance my Tv/TiVo/Apple TV.

connect stops playing and dissapears from app

My connect stops playing music and dissapears from app. Happens after 5-10 min of playing music. Tried channel 1-6-11. Connect is connected with ethernet cable. Moved it as far away as possible from...

One room repeatedly keeps dropping

I have one room, one Play:1 speaker, which keeps dropping. It is 5 feet from the wireless router. I have tried reading it wirelessly and wired. I have restarted the router several times. I have submit...

TV-mode and sound from Samsung KS8005

I have a PLAYBAR which is connected to my Samsung KS8005 TV via the optical cable. Sound is playing fine, when the PLAYBAR is set to TV-mode. If I want to stop the playback on my PLAYBAR (and only...

RMA email

I have just received an RMA email for my connect amp however I can only edit my address and then nothing happens I can't confirm to move onto the next step can anyone help?

Music keeps stopping and starting

Hi all, suddenly my music when played through Spotify to any room will just stop then 30 seconds or so later start again with the next song in the playlist. Anyone got any remedies ? Thanks.


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