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Alexa integration for SONOS

Does anyone know if/when Alexa will be supported by SONOS? I've seen a lot of conversations about a public trial in 2017 but nothing specific about dates and official release. Can anyone confirm if...

i have an iTunes movie rented -- how do i connect the sound to Sonos?

how do i listen to iTunes movies on my Sonos speakers?

sonos deezer and lyrics

I use sonos with deezer service. I know and already have experineced lyrics under deezer when listening tracks. Is this facility reachable through sonos

DJ setup with Connect

Hi I have turntables & a Traktor z2 mixer plugged in (with phono cables) to a Sonos connect, playing wireless from 2x grouped play1 speakers. I'm experiencing a lot of delay between the music I can...

Skipping to next song before current one is finished

I have the problem that many others have had. I submitted diagnostics within a few minutes of the problem and the number is 7305565. Please help me resolve this. Thank you!

about to lose my playlists...

I just moved (and setup new internet service). While setting up my sonos system I decided to use a Boost as my first connection rather than the old Bridge that I had been using. The old Bridge setup w...

Play 5 flashing white and orange lights

Recently I have been having problems updating my sonos software. I get a Try Again problem after running the update. And when the update is completed, I lose a speaker. I need to recycle the power...

Rooms dropping out/disconnecting from controller

So I have a 3 room set up. Lounge - Playbar + 2x P1 for AS Kitchen - 1 xP3 Master Bedroom - 1 x P1 Recently when I have gone to control the speakers through any phone it is only showing the lo...

An error occurred while adding tracks to the queue (1002) and google play music keeps dropping out

I'm struggling with getting any song to play through and especially more than one at a time. For music on my laptop, I get An error occurred while adding tracks to the queue (1002) and google play mu...

Play 5 sounds funny

Ok, so I played some music on my pkay 5 today and it sounded like a chipmunk. Tried playing different songs, switched it off, reset equaliser settings but nothing changed. I have not moved my speaker,...

Unusual bandwidth for streaming Rhapsody/Napster

Hi -- I have an unusual issue while streaming Napster on my Sonos system. My internet connection is a T1 (don't ask), so I'm bandwidth limited at 1.5 mbps. When I stream something from napster, it use...

SiriusXM Encoding Error

I added SiriusXM to Sonus I can see the stations but whenever i try to play a station I get the message "unable to play '(station number station name) -the song is not encoded correctly" I deleted a...

Adds for Sonos on youtube,

Is there a way or workaround that i can use to listen to Sonos´ own adds promoting Sonos on youtube using my play 3?

Apple Music offline music

Hello, I wonder why we wouldn't be able to play the songs that we make available offline through the Sonos, streaming them and consuming our bandwidth doesn't really make a whole lot of sense when the...

Sub maintenance

My Sub has a cloth cover that does a decent job of keeping out dust but not bass; but inevitably after three years, there is some dust accumulation on the driver cones and rubber surrounds. Are these...

How do I improve system reliability with 8 zones?

My system worked fine when I had six zones, but since I added two more zones (8 total), Sonos goes down semi-regularly and I have to re-start Sonos or re-boot my home wifi to get it working again. My...

Television Audio Works Through Playbase But Not Play:3 Speakers

Please help. I just received my new Playbase. I went through the setup and added my (2) Play:3 speakers as surrounds. I performed the Trueplay Tuning and everything went smoothly, but the TV won't...

Play 5 grill

Just quick, how do I safely remove this? It's proper stuck in. A drink was spilled next to it, and I just want to make sure the spillage hasn't done anything too serious...

Playbar cutting out

Having so much trouble with new play bar firstly with volume, now resolved but now sound cutting out randomly for less than 1 second not apparent reason cuts out on all sources sky Netflix amazon. Tr...

Connect/Line In Drop Out Problem

I've today installed a Connect hooked up to my turntable. Initially fine...easily set up and.line in played well through my Sonos 1's and 3s. But now (on the second album I've played) getting cons...

speakers out of sync

I've had Sonos for years. Just recently, the speakers get out of sync from each other. I've ungrouped and regrouped the speakers. I've powered down all internet and electronic devices. I can get them...

My music is currently unavailable

I use Apple Music. Just bought 2 Play 1's, a play 5 and a Playbase. Just set 1's up but when I link Apple Music service and go into 'My Music' it says its currently unavailable. Tried auggeations in t...

Sonos Surrounds Randomly Turn off and come back on

Hi, I have the Sonos Play Bar, Sub and Plays 1 connected to my Sonos Boost, every so often my surrounds will randomly go off and turn back on 5-10 seconds later, I have tried changing channels etc...

Can't connect any speakers

Hi, I just bought a playbase and am having difficulties. I had to reset the Connect:AMP I'm using and was able to add the playbase and one play 1 but I also have a second play 1 and 2 play 5s. Every t...

Changed Wifi Network Name

I have a Sonos Boost setup. I recently added Google repeaters throughout the house to strengthen the wifi. In the course of that, I changed the network name, but otherwise left my wifi system untouc...


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