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Idea... Locate Spotify playlist from link...

Hi. I have a link from a friend to a specific spotify playlist. It wold be nice if this link in some way could be used, eg copy/paste/scan, in sonos to easy locate the playlist and play it. Searching...

Constant drop-outs, app resets

Hi there. I have 8 Sonos speakers in a two floor condo (with concrete floors) and a 500mbs internet connection. I also have a Sonos Boost. I frequently experience music playback drop outs (Spotify an...

Sonus play 5 Gen1 Hissing from speakers whilst it should be on standby

Appears to not go into standby mode. Audiable hissing from the speakers. There's no music or Apps playing. I have tried switching it off for 10 minutes. But it still comes back hissing and running ho...

Would Trueplay Work with "Direct" Airplay 2 Streaming?

Has anyone tried the following? If, on an IOS device using the Apple Music app, one chose in the IOS Airplay 2 menu to stream direct to a Sonos One which has previously had its frequency response curv...

Will not turn off, unable to control

Sonos will not turn OFF using app. on PC, lost all control, had to disconnect at mains

Why is there a name length limit for naming speakers?

I know this might be picky, but I am trying to name a speaker "Dining Room Sonos" for example. The SONOS app seems to limit me on length. This is extremely frustrating.

Spotify dropping out

I recently updated sonos ap. The last week Spotify drops out, can’t find file, connection lost, not enough network speed. Driving me nuts. Has been no issue ever before. Nothing else has changed....

Sonos Group and Aruba Wifi

Hi, I have my Sonos System (Playbase, Sub and 2 Play1) up and running using a wired connection. Now, I would like to bring the Speakers on my wifi. I have created a separate SSID, just for Sonos, with...

Sonos app skips to next song before songs are done

I have two refurbished Sonos Play 1s connected as stereo. They were working great for a few weeks but now whenever I play from my library the songs skip to the next song before the songs are over....

Sonos beam and Samsung tv

I’ve just bought a sonos beam and connected to my Samsung tv (model ue40es6710). The hdmi cable is in the ARC socket as advised but the tv will not allo me to select Dolby in the sound settings meanin...

Isolating a Sonos Unit

Hey all, We have a Sonos system here at my job, with one unit for each section of the restaurant. One is just in my department, which is basically isolated from everything else, and I'm looking for a...

synched music in different rooms

Hi. I have two sonos one in two different rooms. If i group them to different rooms they will not play in sync, but if i set them to the same room they are in sync. Why is that? They are both connect...

Music cutting out when playing on Beam with 2 Play:1 surround speakers

The music cuts out over the surround speakers quite often (few times every 10 minutes) when playing either over Spotify or line in from a turntable to Connect. I'm nearing the end of my 45 day return...

Alexa activity only showing music requests

In the Alexa app, Looking at the activity section I only see music requests listed. I do not see any other commands like a used to a few months ago. Any idea why? This is using Alexa on beam, and Sono...

Can't access MyData

I've been having problems with Radio or Music cutting out, skipping tracks or just stopping any playback. Sometimes with the message "Cannot connect to Sonos system". Before complaining to my internet...

Alexa app can not control sonos volume

Inside the Alexa app under devices I can see my Sonos beam and 2 Sonos ones. When I click on any of them it opens up a new screen with a volume slider. When I use the slider to turn up The sound I get...

radio station transmits erroneous programs

Hello, since a few days, a radio station, listed in my favorites is transmitting the programs of another one. Logo and name has not changed ( Nostalgie Vlaanderen ) but it is transmitting the programs...

Songs dropping

Using Deezer hifi suddenly music dropping out even just on one speaker Diagnostic 578623838 Sonos please advise

Sonos One

Hei, Nettopp fått meg en Sonos One og meget fornøyd, bortsett fra at når jeg spiller musikk fra Spotify forsvinner lyden og kommer på igjen etter få sekund. Skjer hele tiden. Den står i et lite rom næ...

sonos "Unable to connect to spotify - there was a problem connecting to spotify", Not just spotify all music services I have.

Installation: * Sonos Connect hardwired to the router. A Record player is connected to it, along with two non-Sonos speakers * 2 Play:1 in separate rooms * 5.1 in the living room - Playbar, Bass and...

Songs skipping before done

For the love of god, Sonos, will you fix this? YEARS later?

Playbar and Samsung Q9FN volume issue

I have the 2018 Q9FN. I have no volume control with the remote. I’ve done the setup as described with no luck. I have my one connect box buried and hidden. I read the ir sensor is on the ONE CONNECT b...

Settings Rooms

I have lost "settings rooms" on all my controllers (iMac + iPad) + Sonos app on Huawei.

Inget fungerar efter sista uppdateringen

Kan inte lyssna på Spotify eller radiostationer sedan senaste uppdateringen försöker lägga till i mitt Sonos men det står bara att det inte är tillgängligt längre. Kan inte heller lyssna direkt från S...

Pandora issue? Thumbs down plays prior song?

Hello - Starting about two weeks ago, my Sonos system and Pandora have had a repetitive issue. If I thumbs down a song, The prior song will play, followed then by the song I just 'thumbs downed'. S...


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