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How do I rename a speaker?

Struggling to find how to rename a speaker eg from kitchen to lounge

TuneIn Premium on Sonos

Why doesnt TuneIn premium work on Sonos? Dont see my favorites and cant listen to premium stations and audiobooks.

Trueplay for the new 2017 IPad

When will Sonos be able to have trueplay for the new 2017 iPad?

Sound cutting out

I've seen a lot of threads around sound dropping with Apple TV,etc. I've had the Sonos system for just a short time, maybe 3 months. The sound started cutting out a couple weeks ago while watching...

Default Zone

Just a suggestion. Is it possible for Sonos to detect where a Controller is in relation to the nearest zone? If so, is it then possible to default to that zone? I have numerous zones in my house....

music services unavailable

All music services are no longer available. Receiving error code 1011 when attempting to update. Diagnostic confirmation 7332976

No music services available

All music services are no longer available. Receiving error code 1011 when attempting to update. Diagnostic

Cannot arrange Tidal album or artist list alphabetically on Sonos controller

I have just commenced using the Tidal streaming service. In Tidal > My Music > Albums or Artists I am unable to find an option that allows listing alphabetically, eg artist name, album name, etc. Th...

speakers out of sync

I've had Sonos for years. Just recently, the speakers get out of sync from each other. I've ungrouped and regrouped the speakers. I've powered down all internet and electronic devices. I can get them...

Model Information in Chinese or Japanese. No information in English

I purchased a Sonos system from a local home theater company. Everything works fine, but when I was cleaning I noticed that the model information on the Connect:Amp and Sub are in Chinese or Japanese...

Wired and Wireless

I am building a new home so I can place wires anywhere. My plan is to have my in ceiling (non sonos) speakers for the family room run off a Sonos Connect plugged directly into my router. Then I will...

can I run 2 sonos systems separately on my home wifi network,

Currently I have 2 systems, one on the home WiFi network and one on the Bridge/Boost system, can they both work as separate systems using my home wifi network alone. I'm getting a lot of skipping usin...

Wifi connection

Hi Hope you can help I have a set up of play 1 x 2, sub and play bar Ive just changed my wifi network and cant connect I followed the guidelines and connected one of the play 1's to the router via...

Play 5 to TV with RCA to 3.5mm cable

Have read the instructions on how the RCA to 3.5mm cable can be used to connect to TV so went and bought one, but for some reason it is not working. No sound at all coming through. I have a Panasonic...

Missing Rooms

Diag 73065513. I have rebooted router, changed wireless channels. I have one speaker that is in Red for interference according to Network Matrix. I only have one speaker that is showing on my contr...

Subwoofer or Play 5 ? To Mount or not to mount ?

Hey- I have a playbar and was curious what yall thought about adding the sub woofer. I got some gift certificates to burn and was looking at getting a subwoofer but that's a pretty steep price....

Mixcloud Account Add

Hi, I can't seem to add Mixcloud to my Sonos account/music streams each time I get to the Authorise button it just appears to freeze and nothing happens then just times out and says an Error had occur...

Spotify disconnects every time I use it

Over the past couple months, Spotify will disconnect after playing one song. I loved Sonos because I could stream Spotify but now we barely use it because of how bad the service has gotten specificall...

Question About a Slightly Complicated Multi-Zone Home Installation.

Hey, maybe someone can assist. After having enjoyed a Sonos WiFi whole-house (apartment) system for years, I'm excited to finally have the opportunity to install a wired system using Sonos compone...

How do I get my Sonos to show all songs on playlist and not just a portion ?

How do I get my sonos to show all songs from my playlist...currently only showing a portion of songs listed in my playlist

Stereo pair 1st gen with 2nd gen play5

Hi, Is it possible to make a stereo pair with a 1st gen and a 2nd gen play5 speaker, or is it only possible pair the same generations?

Sonos will no longer play music from Google Play app.

Phone finds Sonos and connects but when trying to play from Google Play the app glitches between play and pause with no sound then advances to the next song. This is a new issue and I have changed not...

Spotify does not play entire songs but moves on before finishing to the next

Hi, When listening to Spotify on my PC or Android everything is fine. As soon as connected to Sonos, Spotify does not finish individual songs on the playlist or Album but moves on to the next on the...

No sound from my tv

Does the digital audio output lead from the playbar plug into the headphone socket of the tv

Voice Memos

Why can't voice memos be played via Sonos?


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