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Static crackle noice from one of my play 1 surround speakers

I have a 5.1 set up in my living room consisting of a play bar, bass and 2 x play 1’s. I have recently experienced a crackling noise from my right hand side play 1 and can’t determine the cause. I ha...

Connect 3 speakers to a single connect:amp

I currently have 2 speakers of a bedroom on a connect:amp. I would like to add a single speaker of the bathroom on the same connect:amp. Pair of speakers in bedroom: 2x Monitor Audio WT150-LCR (Nomina...

Greyed out songs on spotify playlists.

I mainly use my Sonos systems to stream from Spotify but recently I've noticed more and more songs in the Sonos app showed as greyed out and I'm am unable to play them. Now before anyone mentions reg...

Tune in dissapeared?

After the most recent update TuneIn dissapeared from can I get it back?

I lost a room

After the last update 16.12.2017 I lost one of two rooms in my controller. None of the proposed suggestions helped. I made a factory reset without result. I have two Play 5, about 6 months old. Both...

Grouping/Ungrouping pair of Play:1 speakers from Surround sound

Hi Everyone, I'm new to the sonos community and just installed a playbar and sub to my media room. I purchased a pair of Play:1s that I would like to pair with the playbar/sub for 5.1 surround. Unti...

Playbar locked in TV mode ?

Hi. Anybody here know, if I can adjust or cancel the timeout for the TV settings. ? When I turn off the TV, my PlayBar is in TV mode for more minutes. It's a little annoying when I want to music just...

missing left stereo channel

Just bough and installed "connect" with a single "play1" and connected it to my ancient stereo amp. Left stereo channel not working. Is that my cables or something else?

Album artwork - Library doesn't show thumbnails

This Community has several solutions where no artwork shows but my problem is slightly different. When playing music, the album artwork shows up. However, there are no album thumbnails when viewing th...

Asus RT N66u connection problems

Sonos was working fine with BT Home Hub - changed to Asus RT-N66u router - Sonos not working at all - unable to connect to components at all.

No sound from Play 5 (series 1)

Both Spotify and Sonos Apps recognise my Play 5 as an available device from my menus yet the device has no sound when i connect to it (it appears to be playing fine in the App). I have another Play 5...

Problem browsing Spotity music in Sonos app & no connection with speakers in Spotify app

Hi diagnostic: 8230975 I am having issues browsing music in Spotify through my sonos app. Some music is browsable but some it gives an error "Unable to browse music". For instance, if I go to Genre...

Distortion with Connect and Turntable

I am trying to connect my turntable to my Sonos system but when I play a record I am hearing a lot of distortion. Right now I am using a Crosley turntable, with a Pyle PP999 Amp, plugged into a Sonos...

Playbase + Play:ONEs Setup

Hey guys - so I'm pretty new to the Sonos ecosystem and pretty dang happy with it but I have a question about some setup possibilities I've not been able to track down an answer for. I currently hav...

Playbase does not switch to audio after software update

After the last software update my playbase does not switch to audio anymore when I turn off my tv. As a result I have to use the app to turn on the playbase instead of using the button on the playbase...

Controller app keep restarting

when selecting apple music from my added services on the controller app, the application is restarting. I have been having this issue since upgrading to 8.2.2. the controller works well if I am playin...

Only Playbar is providing sound. Not speakers attached to connect amp

Hi- I set up my own Sonos system last year. It was a challenge and I was so proud. But now I’m having an issue. In one room, I have a playbar (still working) a sub (I think still working) and 4 spea...

Pandora stops unexpectedly

Hi, Pandora stops unexpectedly and randomly. Driving me nuts! Ran diagnostics immediately after last stoppage. The diagnostics ID is 8229607 Thanks, Rob

Sony home theatre system and playbar

I am trying to hear My Sony system through a new playbar instead of the speakers that came with the system. There is a HDMI output to my tv and I have the Sonos supplied optical cable from the tv to t...

Setting up Play:5

Sonos 5 just stopped working!

Connect: AMP , PlayBar, & TV

Hi All, firstly, i have submitted diagnostics: 8229080. I am trying to set this up for my father - and failing - embarrassing. What i am trying to achieve is to have the Connect: AMP and Playbar co...

Wired and Wireless

I am building a new home so I can place wires anywhere. My plan is to have my in ceiling (non sonos) speakers for the family room run off a Sonos Connect plugged directly into my router. Then I will...

Music drops off with Tidal

I just added the Tidal service to improve the sound quality by upping the bit rate. However, when streaming music, there is a drop off and erratic playing in some Sonos speakers. This dropping off has...

Error adding to queue / Cannot connect

Out of the blue tonight my Sonos bugged up. I can no longer stream the contents of my iTunes library. Error 1001, 1002 and 1013... repeatedly. Unplugged, reset, re-installed... you name it I did it al...

Play 5 volume fluctuates

Just recently when playing iTunes through our 2 year old play 5 the volume fluctuates from mostly almost non-existent to moderated. We can't rectify. Tried to update the system without any effect....


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