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Sonos Connect AMP - with receiver (NAD)

Hi! I searched on the community but the answers are not very clear to me. So I've the following case; I already owned a Sonos Connect AMP but today I bought a new receiver - NAD T 758V3. In the attach...

Do I need a connect or connect amp?

New house— I have speakers built into the living room wall already. I’m just not sure if this is a receiver or not (basically do I need a Sonos connect or sonos connect amp)? Here is a picture of what...

Play / Pause, Volume, and Search, controls have disappeared on Mac controller since upgrade...

Since the recent upgrade to the Mac controller the controls for Play / Pause, Volume etc. have disappeared, is anyone else seeing the same... here's a screenshot...

Speaker Keeps Turning Off

My Sonos 5 keeps turning off (meaning no LED). Then, later it will become available and works. What's going on?

Paired speaker only plays when connected to ethernet

I have two gen 2 play 5s and the right side only plays when connected to the Wifi access point by Ethernet cable. I use a Google mesh network set of access points. I can get both to pair and work when...


Sorry, this is probably going to seem like an incredibly naive question but what is a tag? At the end of setting up a question or creating a topic there's an option for "Add Your Tags"; what is that s...

Sonos playing in the middle of the night...

Help - does anyone else have their Sonos blasting in the middle of the night? Random timing, sometimes 1am sometimes 4ish. I've checked and there are no alarms set. Have had the system for about 5...

Sonos app asks to be updated. Even though it’s version 9.2

I open the Sonos app It asks me to add a speaker I press the plus icon to add speaker I see a screen asking me to update the app I press update (despite my app being 9.2 - latest version) It opens the...

I can not find the manage menu

I have a new iMac and have installed the sonos app but I can not see the gear icon to index the library

Speaker Update

During Sonos version updates there's a point when the speakers are said to be updating. What does that mean exactly? Is a sound improvement imparted to the speakers? I have four original Play 5 speak...

Lampe lyser ikke og play5 er død

Ledlampen lyser ikke og spilleren er helt død. Er ca 5 år. Noen som har erfaring med tilsvarende problem og lar det seg reparere?

Synology NAS musikbibliotek är borta

Hej Jag har ominstallerat min Asus router till en AIMESH router. Sedan dess kommer jag inte åt musikbiblioteket på min Synology NAS. Jag har lagt upp sökvägen igen med login och lösenordet men kommer...

Router connection to Connect amp

I am not that computer literate so I am probably asking a couple of very dumb questions about reInstalling my Sonos kit. We are moving into a new flat and the router is located in one corner of the...

Can't add library (or connect) to Drobo5N after latest updates from Drobo and Sonos

I have a NAS (Drobo5N). Been using it for several years with Sonos. Both Drobo and Sonos updated and now I can't connect to the NAS. I get the error message: "Please check the path to the folder,...

unable to sign in

I have been using Sonos for many years. I have the basic system on a PC I have been using new Sonos speakers. My old controller is no longer supported. After house alterations I want to bring some o...

Can’t get tv image. Use RTI and Sonos.

I use my iPad to operate my TV w RTI and I cannot get the picture on the TV which runs through HDMI 1. I use Sonos and RTI. The sound comes through the speakers fine throughout the house but I can’...

Alexa, why won't you listen ??

Ok, pretty new to Sonos One but a long time Apple/Apple Music disciple so I'm emotionally stuck with them. Reading up, I believed you can start a playlist or album in Apple Music in the Sonos app and...

CR200 controller won't sleep when in cradle

I have a CR200 controller that when in the charging cradle constantly chimes and won't go to sleep. I have done a factory reset on it, changed the sleep delay to 1 minute when in charger, but still th...

Wrong android app accout

Hi all, I'm trying to log into the android controller app but for some reason it's hooked onto my sons account name and I cant seem to log him out, or delete his account name so I can enter my account...

Rooms out of sync

Open concept house with kitchen and living room on two different zones. Recently, living room (yamaha receiver with Bowers and Wilkins bookshelf speakers) is out of since with the kitchen speakers (2...

Controller just updated itself, no longer a way to add a component

Have the new flat/dark version.

Beam audio delay

Hi I recently bought a beam, and am experiencing the well documented lip sync issues when passing Sky Dolby digital feed through my Phillips TV. Switching to "normal" solves the issue of course. So Im...

Play 5 not recognised on floor 2.

Hi, I run a boost on my internet provider's router. Via this I connected a home theatre playbar, sub and 2 play 1's downstairs. Upstairs I can't seem to get the Play 5 connected. I have a separate net...

Play3 switches on by itself after switching it off with the button on the unit

Play3 switches on by itself after switching it off with the button on the unit. Also it does not show that the unit is playing in the ios app. I am able to control the volume from ios though. Unit and...

Setup suggestion for new home existing system

I recently moved to an apartment (rent) that came with a Sonos system as part of the deal. Coming from another country (I live in US now), Its the first time that I hear and interact with a Sonos syst...


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