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Amazon Prime Music India

When can we expect Amazon Prime Music integration in India. Its launched here.

Lost connection with Spotify - hardwired play 3

Hello, I have 5x play 3 1x sub installed in a small bar. Have just hardwired them all back to the router as I was dropping zones, sound dropping in and out out of random speakers etc. Now I’m seeing...

Connect Amp light always blinking

Hi. I have a recurring problem with my connect amp. The white light is always intermittent and does not connect to the sonos controller. I got a pair of Polk Audio speakers that I want to connect to t...

Playing song from NAS with Sonos by Alexa

Evening. My sonos system is connected to my NAS. I can play every music file from my NAS. Now I bought the Alexa DOT. How do I acces the music files om my NAS. If I give a voice control Alexa is searc...

Play 1’s dropping out

Hi all, My Play 1’s keep dropping out when watching TV, I have only noticed this since I have replaced my TV ..... can you see anything? I have submitted diagnostics: 84896395 Cheers

Coupon code "CR100-xxxxx" cannot be applied to your order.

"The gift card code or gift card PIN you entered is invalid. Please double check the number and try again." So first you bribe me to kill off euthanize and landfill my beloved CR100, and then it turn...

Unable To Browse Music With Sonos Controller Works Fine Everywhere Else

Hello Everyone - This issue has been bugging me for a while. A little background on the system: 1. One Sonos Connect which is hardwired to regular LAN 2. One Connectub also hard wired 3. Two Sonos:...


I am trying connect my Sonos to Alexa account; however, I get the following message stating I need to connect my email to my Sonos. It doesn't give me an specifics other than go to "More > Settings >...

Sonos Controller PC update to V8.4 - No no access to Itunes Library

I added music to Itunes Library on my PC. Then the Sonos Controller on my PC (Windows 10) would not allow me to update my Music Library, showing the message "that the path is no longer available, or...

One Play 5 (+ 2 x Play 1). Two Line-Ins for Airport Express (for AirPlay ability) and turntable? Is this possible?

Hello I have one Play 5 and 2 Play 1. I currently use the line in on the Play 5 for my turntable, but would like to use the Apple Music / Podcast apps directly instead of the Sonos App and so would...

Alexa Multi-room Music / Audio Groups

I have a new Sonos One that I am adding to home with 2 Echo devices. In the Alexa app I am trying to setup an Audio Group for multi-room music. However, the Sonos One does not show up as an available...

Spotify cuts out randomly on different Sonos speakers throughout the house.

I have a houseful of Sonos devices (4) One's (1) Play 1 (1) Play 3 (1) Play 5 (2) Connects (1) Connect:Amp (1) Boost. Been using Sonos for years and a big fan. Everything works great except when us...

Updating Imported Playlists

I have added songs to iTunes and an iTunes playlist. After I Update Music Library in Sonos the new songs show up in the Music Library but not in the Imported Playlists. What am I doing wrong?

Sonos Connect and Volume Issue

Setup Sonos Connect (ethernet cable to router ---> RCA Out to Audio In SA-CD...Sony STRDN840 --> Speaker Wire to In Wall Speakers When I play music through the phone app or the app on my laptop the s...

Alexa is hard of hearing after update to 8.3

my sonos one has been acting stupid after i updated at first i didn't even have to raise my voice so loud, but now i have to be real load almost yellin.g for it to hear me. When i play music with it i...

Music cuts out and jumps to next track

About 3/4 of the way though songs on my music library from iTunes the tracks skip. Happens majority of the time. All other music apps and tv sound works fine. Please help!

Play 1 constantly skip podcast

Hi, I play a podcast from my iPad and in the middle of an episode Play 1 skips and starts on another episode! How to fix this issue?

How do I sort Pandora alphabetically?

I just ran the most recent update of the controller on Mac (version 8.2, build 39247040). I notice that Pandora created a new subfolder of "My Stations" and inside of that, my stations are sorted by...

sonos play 1

Just purchased my second sonos device, drove an hour to get it and it is non functional doesn't even turn on. Is there any factory reset I can try before I return it?

Wrong playlists on alarm

I have alarms on my Sonos speaker - no issues for years. Just added two new play 1s and set alarms on both. Each speaker user has an id on iTunes family membership and they have a playlist selected fo...

Cannot connect to Amazon Music

Hello, I just cannot connect to Amazon music I have a diagnostic number of 1437007802. thanks

Can't play radiostation

Since yesterday i can't play any radiostation on my Sonos Playbar. If i go to the TuneIn website this radiostation plays fine and there is no problem with it. A few days ago everything was working ok.

Lost spotify connection

Ticket: 885447617 I'm loosing spotify connection all the time. Can you see why?

Trueplay adapting speaker sound step not working

When using Trueplay tuning for my Sonos One, the app gets to the screen that says Adapting Speaker Sound...and then never completes. It is stuck. I have tried multiple times. The only way to get ba...

Sonos keeps dropping connection

Hi, This clearly seems to be a common problem with sonos systems. My system keeps dropping connection regularly, especially with the radio. I have reset my router, updated my software but to no avai...


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