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Migrate from Iris to SmartThings

I'm migrating from Iris to SmartThings (WiFi router & smart home hub all in one), but Sonos One/Alexa still thinks it's connected to Iris. As a result, I can't connect it to my new SmartThings. Sono...

Reservdel till Sonos 5 Gen 1

Sonos 5 Gen 1 får ingen ström, indikatorn lyser inte alls. Gick till Hi-FI Klubben där vi köpt. Garantin hade gått ut. De konstaterade att det var fel på nätaggregatet men att de inte hade reservdelar...

connect:amp can't be added either wirlessly or over wired

I have 3 Play:1 and they all work great, but when I try to add my new connect:amps I can't add them. I tried doing this wirelessly, and wired and no solution.

Sonos lacks line-in in their api

Anyone feels sonos is missing the point of their API I feel they should open the line-in selection. We sell crestron and we would suggest buying sonos if they were to open line in selection any one e...

Getting Size of Index

How can I get the size of the index which my Sonos uses? I would like to know how many Songs are indexed and whether I reached the index limit.

No sound with Amazon Prime / Roku Stick+

The set-up: (new) LG oled65B7A TV , Roku Stick Plus with Sonos PlayBar, paired Play 1's and a Sonos subwoofer. Audio wise everything works fine (audio and video) thru cable box and Roku Stick+ to watc...

iOS volume indicator appearing in Controller, breaking volume control

Very often when I use the Sonos Controller for iOS on iPad Mini2 I get the iOS volume indicator appearing in Sonos, see image. When this happens hardware volume control is broken. Restarting Sonos sol...

Connect amp connection problem after router change

Hi all. I have 4 connect amps in my office and we recently changed the router. When trying to get Amp connected to the new router, I have reset my Sonos controller app on my iPhone. Now when I try to...

Sonos Stops Playing

I have been having this issue for the last few months with my Play1 where if I put on a podcast through the iPhone app it will play for a short amount of time and then randomly stop. It doesn’t regist...

Sound dropping out

Hi our Sonos has started dropping sound recently. Diagnostic is 151214216

Playbase + 2 x Play 1's great when streaming but lose Play 1's when on TV sound

Hi all, I have a Playbase connected to TV (Sony KD55XE9005BU) via optic cable. The Playbase is hard wired to my LAN via ethernet RJ11 connector. I have recently added 2 x Play 1 speakers which are con...

Sonos Amp not connecting

Just purchased the new Sonos Amp, was so excited to add it to existing network but no joy. I've tried via Network Cable and Wireless still not joy. Already have Sonos 1, Sonos 3, Sonos 5 and Playbar o...

Sonos speaker grupps diasppear and vant be installera again.

Suddenly sonos starts to throw out my speaker groups. When i try to reinstall the speakers problems apear. It take long time to process and then i recieve ”cant connect to your sonos player”. After a...

Apple Music - Apple Created Playlist error

Apple Music playlist will not play since app upgrades - error message is "we've run into a problem. Try again.". Personal playlists are fine. Happens on all devices I try to use including desktop vers...

ZP90 extremely quiet via analogue output

My ZP90 is showing up in the app, and generally working as expected, except the output is extremely low. Like whisper quiet. System is: ZP90 --->Cambridge Audio Amp (via RCA) Amp and speakers are fu...

Alarm function issues

Don't mistake me, I love my sonos system but one small matter has gone further than being an irritable itch. I want 2 rooms to start an alarm at the same time each (there is no option to link rooms on...

Unable to play XXXXX - access to// xxxxxx/ music denied

I have had my music library and sonos on the same mac laptop for years and this week I have started getting the following error: Unable to play XXXXX - access to// xxxxxx/ music denied or Unable to p...

Sonos Skiping Songs

Hello, I really have an Issue with the not debugability of the sonos system... I originally I had the sonos system connected to my own wlan where it was running along just fine. Then something in t...

Apple Music keeps skipping tracks. How can this be resolved

For the last couple of weeks, every time I use Apple Music on Sonos Play:1, the player keeps skipping tracks after 30-40 seconds. I get a message saying that Sonos has lost connection with Apple Music...

Wired subwoofer with Sonos Amp

I have a playbase and recently purchased the sonos amp for a surround setup with my existing speakers and subwoofer. My speakers work, but the subwoofer is not. Can anyone help?


While I’m streaming music from my Sonos app a song will sometimes play half way through and then skip to the next song or just stop! Noticed it starting with ver 10. It’s starting to piss me off! Is...

Sanus WSSBM1-B2 Mount blocking Sonos Beam IR sensor

Has anyone had an issue of the L bracket on the Sanus Mount WSSBM1-B2 blocking the Beam’s IR sensor? When I attach the Sonos Beam to the L bracket using the 2 supplied screws, the Remote control does...

Sonos Beam and Sony A1E

Hi, Is anyone currently using the Sonos Beam with the Sony A1E or AF9 OLED Tv’s? I’m considering the beam to pair with my A1E and I’m wondering how much of an upgrade it is from the TV sound. Also, i...

Surround Sound Not Working With Amp

I have a Playbar (set as Bedroom TV), Sonos Amp (Bedroom) and a Sub. When I set the Sonos Amp to be in a surround configuration, it seems to set up fine, but nothing plays through the speakers connec...

Casting from Google Play

Casting from Google Play Music (Samsung S4) has recently starting skipping songs at midtrack and anvancing to the next track. It always skips a track from the same point. Any ideas?


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