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One of my Play 1´s stopped working when I play the turntable but work when I stream music

I have a Turntable connected to a Sonos Connect and two Play 1´s (set in stereo). It has been working fine but for some strange reason the left speaker does not sound anymore (sort of static sound) wh...

App not working (Android)

Hi, after reconnecting my Play 5 to my new router, the app on my phone no longer works. So i uninstalled it, then reinstalled it from the Play Store. It loaded once, but was very glitchy. Now it won...

After installing new Sonos Beam, the Android app on my phone keeps crashing.

I installed the new Sonos Beam through the latest Android app on my OnePlus Five phone without a problem. Yesterday, suddently, the Sonos app for Android continuously crashes and is useless. I've tr...

Speakers randomly turn off

I had two Play1s in the lounge,one in kitchen and one in conservatory and. Bridge connected to my router.Two days ago I added a Beam and set up the lounge speakers as surrounds.I also disconnected the...

How to activate Alexa mics on Sonos One surrounds?

I have a Beam with two Sonos One surrounds, and it's my understanding that the mics on the Sonos Ones are by default OFF, and that the Beam is the only one with mic input for Alexa. Is there a way to...

Sonos won't connect to Amazon

Just got a Sonos One, but when trying to set it up to connect to Alexa, i get errors. I get to the "Steps to set up Alexa" stage, click on "Connect your Amazon account" and enter my amazon account cre...

Can’t connect ALEXA app on Sonos Beam

I’m Alexa app on my I phone says I’m offline so can’t connect it to my TV. The Beam works on my TV but as the Alexa app says it’s offline I can’t use any voice instructions. Help would be appreciated....

Sonos One and multiple Amazon account logins

Hi, I would like to purchase 3 Sonos Ones for our bedrooms and get rid of our amazon dots. If my teenagers have their own amazon prime login with the Amazon family share would they be able to login w...

Sonos Beam Connection with Optical

I do not have HDMI ARC on my TV so I'm using the optical converter to get sound from the Beam. However, the sound keeps going in and out and I cannot get a good connection. I feel like the optical i...

"Alexa play next" won't work anylonger even though Spotify is playing

Hi, I'm getting really frustrated with my Sonos One. After 2 days of setting it up and searching the net for all sorts of different symptoms... anyway... the latest symptom I didn't find an answer o...

Disappointed in Beam music performance?

I may have set something up wrong, but really disappointed in the sound from Beam for listening to music. Thought I'd replace a Play 3 in the family room where the TV is with the Beam. Sound from the...

Sound Quality between Spotify & TV

Hi Everyone So my setup is that I have the Sonos Beam as my playbar and this is positioned in front of my TV. I then have two Play ones as the rear speakers equally spread apart. I have set up the...

Cannot get audio from Fire Stick to Beam

I’ve tried all the suggestions in here, turned the Dolby off, my tv speakers are off. Switched to PCM. I had to reset the factory settings on my Visio because every time I’d turn TV Speakers to Off, i...

Beam setting up with Receiver

I received the Beam today and I am trying to it up. I haven't been able to connect any input source through HDMI. I have an HDMI ARC out on my onkyo receiver, and I also tried connecting my TV directl...

Cable Box to Sonos Connect

I bought a "sonos connect".I have connected the cable box to sonos connect using RCA. I could not make it work.

"Check Your Network Connection"

On my Mac -- When I try to update the app, or update services, I get a "check your network connection." No firewall, have downloaded and re-installed app. Won't connect to Spotify or external services...

Sonos skips tracks during playback

Sonos skips tracks during playback when not requested to do so. How can you fix this. I have submitted diagnostic 8297755.

Play:3 skipping tracks, stopping podcasts midstream

I have a play 3 and use my iphone 7 mostly to play music I’ve downloaded through iTunes. I also listen to a number of podcasts I’ve downloaded via the iPhone podcast app. My system will abruptly skip...

Sonos Beam quiet with Samsung UE32H5500

Hi, I've just added a Sonos Beam to my collection and connected it to my kitchen TV, a Samsung UE32H5500 via HDMI ARC. Things work okay, when I control the TV volume it changes the volume of the Bea...

airplay 2

will airplay 2 be compatible also with play 1 end play 3 in the future?

Can't log in + speaker dropping off app

Several weeks a Play 3 began disappearing from my system, and I was able to add it back three times via the desktop app. Now Sonos won't let me log in to the app on any device (wrong email/password n...

Sonos controller only allows “update” option

I have a Sharp 80 inch tv linked to a playbar. When I downloaded the new controller, sound no longer plays through the sonos. The controller app only says “you need to update software” which literally...

Sonos Beam + LG C7 + GET mikroboks = Lip sync-feil

Hei, Jeg kjøpte i dag den nye Sonos Beam. TV-en min er en LG 65C7V. Beam er tilkoblet denne via Sonos sin medfølgende HDMI-kabel, til HDMI2 (ARC)-inngangen på TV-en. Jeg har GET og deres "GET-boks m...

Sonos skipping tracks at exactly location in song each time

I have read endless posts about track skipping and the answer appears invariably to be some form of network problem. However, in my case, the same tracks skip at the same locations EVERY time (even da...

Sonos Beam and connect amp for surrounds

Is the procedure the same with the beam as the playbar when using a connect amp for surrounds?


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