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Found! What was missing all these years.

VINYL! I absently fumbled into a local weekend record market and walked out with 10 vinyl albums! Nothing to play them on though! So jumped online and soon a brand new Pro Ject turntable arrived. Hoo...

Wired speaker room volume

Hi, I have wired ceiling speakers through the house these were set up by the electrician when it was built. There are four in the kitchen, two in the living room and four upstairs. We currently have t...

Should I buy another play 5 or a new play sub?

Hi guys. I have a friend coming from Mexico and he could bring a "gift" since, in Brazil, we cant buy the Sonos products. I have already own a playbar and a play 5. I live in a small apartment (80m2...


Ciao, possiedo due play 3 che ho messo a destra e sinistra del divano con il sub. Non so se comprare beam o play bar. Mi piace ascoltare musica ma in questo caso prevale l home teather. Grazie

Love to detail my car in the garage, Play One or Play 5 in stereo

I just bought a new car and I am enjoying my time in the garage more now. I usually bring in one of the Play 5 speakers and it sounds great. Would you mount two play one or two play 5 speakers in a st...

Play Bar vs Beam. Missing functionality

I realize there are dozens of topics on Playbar vs Beam. I've reviewed many but wanted to clarify a few items specific to my situation. I'm looking at entering the Sonos game. New build home with larg...

3 x Play 5’s or 3 x One’s plus Sub

I’m looking for three speakers to go on the wall’s in my recently renovated and extended kitchen dinner, which is quite large and has two distinct areas. The dinning area has a very high ceiling so h...

Sonos for Dance Studio?

Hi all, My wife and I are in the process of fitting out 2 dance studios - both 8m x 7m x 3m. We have had a studio in the past, and used a more traditional receiver/ amp/ passive speaker setup. Was...

Need surround suggestion - Beam vs Playbar?

Hi, I have a Play:5 in my living room mainly for music and love it, need a suggestion for surround setup in a seperate room for movies, games, and music. Basically I’m thinking either Beam+Sub+two On...

Newbie Introduction

Hello, Myself Prasanthi. I’m glad being a part of this forum. I am interested in technologies and its upcoming, looking forward to gaining more knowledge through this forum and share my views in discu...

SONOS 5.1 Home Theatre System Bundle setup

The image is my living room, I have a small rented flat and I was wondering with this layout if there is any point to have a 5.1 setup (consisting of 2 of SONOS PLAY:1, 1 of SONOS PLAYBAR , 1 of SONOS...

Playing Vinyl on Play:1

I know this has probably been asked before but I hoped to ask the question a bit more specifically to my situation. I currently have 5 Play One speakers and would like to learn how to play Vinyl thru...

Newbie Q

could I output the sound from a MacBook Pro wirelessly via a Connect to an amp whilst watching the movie via an HDMI connection tp an outdoor projector?

In-Ceiling Waterpoof Speaker for Shower

I am currently re-doing my master bathroom. I have in-ceiling/wall speakers throughout my house and now is my chance to add something into the bathroom. Has anyone put in-ceiling speakers for their...

Thinking about getting into Sonos and have a couple of questions.

Alright a little background. I am a college student living in a apartment with only a small space where I am able to set up an audio system. My goal is to connect my pro-ject essential III phono turnt...

New Sonos set up for multiple zones

I am going to set up a Sonos system with multiple (3) zones. I have six Play one speakers and a Playbar for TV. I plan on having one zone upstairs and two zones downstairs. Do I need any other Sonos...

Help Please

Have a small apt in back yard I am trying to update. It’s basically 425 sq ft, tile floor and square and bedroom walls do not go to ceiling. Bedroom closet is in roughly center of space and I was thin...

changement de routeur wifi

je n'arrive pas à reconnecter mon sonos au wifi

New House Set-Up Question

Hi All Moving to a new house which has a downstairs surround system consisting of a Yamaha Amp with 5 indoor speakers (inside surround for projector room) and 2 outdoor speakers on the pool patio. Fr...

Prewire requirements for Play 1s

Adding on a new MSTR Bath and Closet and definitely will have some SONOS in those new areas. I will be mounting 2 Ones in the new addition, what is best solution for power requirements at mounting sit...

Need help: Multiple set up for whole house solution

I am in the process of building a new home and would like to utilize the Sonos system throughout my house and need some guidance. The first floor family room, kitchen and dining room is a open concep...

Projector + Apple TV + Sonos

Hi guys I went through the community topics and found a few posts about similar issues i am facing, however not the exact same one. Here the challenge: I have a projector and an apple TV. Now i am...

Line-in functionality

I am considering buying a Beam and a Connect and hoping to confirm they will do what I want them to. I want to run a line-in from my Mac to the Beam, and a line-in from my record player (w/ built-in...

New setup for Physical Therapy Office

Hi everyone, so I am opening a new 2200 sq/ft PT office which was previously a clothing store and previous owners left 8, 70volt in ceiling speakers I plan to reuse in the general open space of the cl...


Hi all, just wondering if anyone can verify the web store Sonoseshop.com It looks slightly suspicious and the porices are rediculously cheap - discounts of 90% + My guess is... if it looks to good to...


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