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How to integrate 6 in-ceiling speakers and a Play 5?

I move into an new place with 6 in-ceiling speakers and I also have a Play 5. Attached is the picture of the wires for the 6 speakers. I've been scratched my head for integrating those two types of sp...

How necessary is the sub

I'm thinking about the Sonia sound bar and wondering if the sub is necessary. I am using the bar to enhance my Tv/TiVo/Apple TV.

Best combination for £500 budget? - already own a PLAY:1

I already own a PLAY:1 and was wondering what the best combination of speakers (for a single room) would be for £500. In essence, whether it would be best to purchase another 2 PLAY:1s, or a PLAY:3 an...

Everyone in favor of SONOS developing a speaker for exterior use?

Leave a comment on this topic. Maybe if they see the market for it they will build it.

How to Do Surround Sound w/ Projector the Right Way?!

I'm dying to get a Sonos surround sound setup going, but my media room has a projector at the back of the room. From my understanding, I'll need to run an optical cable from the back of the room to th...

How to connect TV through Sonos

Hi, I would like to start using Sonos with my speakers instead of my existing B&O sound system. I was thinking about buying Sonos Connect to my active beo lab 8000 speakers and the remove my existing...

Using Sonos with KEF LS50 W

I would like to set up a small system using KEF LS50 W (wireless) speakers. I will have a connect and use an ipad for the controller. My question is about using a wireless external hard drive. Is it p...

SONOS and Existing Audio System

I have a Receiver that my two big front speakers, center, and sub are connected through. I need some help to decide on what to get to upgrade my system to Sonos. I already have Sonos Playbar, Sub, 2 P...

External Storage Device

What external Storage Device works best. Historically i had a tower computer which held all my record collections on. I left this switched on constantly so my SONOS linked to and I could play my colle...

Designing a condo and want to do it right!

We have a 2 bedroom condo with a main room that has a kitchen area and living room area.. also a balcony patio where we spend a lot time and will be able to view the tv in the mAin room through the wi...

Best in ceiling speakers external.

Hi sonos angels. I have a somewhat side issue to sonos , only being that these speakers will connect to a connect amp. I am in need of some reasonable quality speakers ( ceiling ) with stainless gri...

sonos + google wifi or bt whole house wifi?

does anyone here use sonos with google wifi or bt whole house wifi? Do you have any issues at all? I need to get one of these for my flat.

Connect Turn Table and CD Player to Sonos

I read earlier comments that the TEAC TN-300 Turn Table can plug directly in to the Sonos Play 5, no connect needed. What about a cd player? I've read through the myriad of strings saying this missing...

Can I stream from the Sonos app to a google chromecast hooked up to my receiver?

Hello, I'm wondering if I can stream music from my Sonos app into my google cast that is hooked up to my living room receiver? I currently have a 2 Connect + AMPs feeding two different sets of speake...

Play 5 vs Connect

Hi friends, I have a Play:3 and am looking at expanding my Sonos setup at home. I've had a Bang & Olufsen Beosound 1 for several years now which I love and I am trying to figure out if I should...

single play 5 with sub or no sub?

I have a single play 5 and don't intend to buy another one. Is buying the sonos subwoofer overkill or worth it. Thank you. Frank.

play 3's or subwoofer or ...

So - I've got a pair of Play 1s in my bedroom. I want to put a single play 1 in each of my kids' bedrooms (2 other bedrooms). Currently the Play 1s are ceiling mounted in corners of my bedroom and it'...

Next purchase... Sub or Play5?

I have 4 play1s and a PLAYBAR. Play1 in the kitchen. Play1 in the entryway. Pair of play1s in the bedroom and a PLAYBAR in the great room connected to the tv. I have been wanting a play5 since I...

Sonos for Large room

My living room is large, If I use 2 Play 5 to fill the room, can i connect my Turntable to Aux of one and get sound from both, in stereo? (I am new to SONOS)

Unusual request

We are looking at purchasing a Sonos system for our office but we have a few specific requirements. I think we would probably get several Play 1 speakers and a Connect base station. These will all be...

indoor/outdoor sonos setup

Hello, I am wanting to enter the wireless world and free up some real estate and clean up our old ,but trusty multizone home theatre.I am looking at purchasing a Playbar, Sub, 2 Play 5's for rears and...

Considering one more play5 to make a stereo pair, but should I?`

Hi. I've recently joined the Sonos family. I've got two play5 units. One in one room, one in the other. For my TV/video/media area, I'd ideally like to make a nice stereo pair out of my system - ra...

System Selection Advice

I am building a home theater, and am searching for a surround sound system to go with the television, etc. I'm considering a playbar, a sub, and two other speakers at the rear corners. I prefer a s...

Options for changing current AV/Sonos setup...

Hi everyone… my first post here… (apologies it’s a long one)! I’m sure I’m not alone in having to juggle with integrating Sonos and historic AV equipment.... In the last year or so I have bought...

New to Sonos

I'm looking to buy a pair of Play 5s and a connect. I need the connect because I want to use headphones. I own an Arcam Alpha CD player and Arcam A85 amp and a pair of Sennheisser HD 540 wired headph...


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