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Adding wireless polk audio speakers to existing system?

What is best way to add (4 rooms) wireless polk audio speakers (or similar) to existing system? We have several P5 with bridge and love the ability to control separate volumes/music from the app. It...

Moving. Take older equipment or not

I had a system installed when building a home almost a decade ago. Open walls. Lots of Cat 6 run. Moving to new home already built. Assuming I'd have to go wireless. Are current connect amps any good?

eGarden set up

New to Sonos but wife wants to buy me a setup after experiencing a friends. What is a good setup to stream from an iPhone to outdoor garden speakers in a summerhouse for BBQ and the music in the main...

How to integrate Sonos into my existing system?

Ok so I have a 7.1 receiver, 4k TV, left, right and center channel currently. My sub died and I may buy another wired one, but have considered buying a Sonos sub. I was also considering buying sonos f...

Play 1 vs 3 for 5.1 system

I'm planning a bar and want to setup a 5.1 system with a Playbar, Sub and either Play 1 or Play 3 rear speakers. The room is about 14x17 feet with 3 walls (back wall open). I plan to watch sports an...

How necessary is the sub

I'm thinking about the Sonia sound bar and wondering if the sub is necessary. I am using the bar to enhance my Tv/TiVo/Apple TV.

Simple Set Up for elderly parents?

Hi there. My parents' sound system has just died, and they were never fans - it was an iPod dock, and they found the screen on the iPod too small, and nothing worked how they expected. They listen...

What next??

I have some cash burning a hole in my pocket and i need help making the right decision!! I have a playbar in the lounge with tv and wonder whether to go for the subwoofer or 2 x play 1's. Really int...

Bookshelf speaker suggestions for Sonos Amp (must be max depth of 22cm)

Hi. Due to some changes in my living room, I can no longer use my floor standing speakers that I use with my Sonos Amp. I'm recently installed some new shelves though, and want to have some spea...

2x Play 3 + Sub or 2x Play5 & Hi!

Hi All! New to the forum. Looking to build out a few rooms, and was curious about opinions on a larger living room/dinning room area. Has anybody heard or compared a 2x Play 3 + sub setup vs. a ste...

Positioning the Playbar

I am not yet decided on a playbar or playbase with which to begin my Sonos system. My TV is located in a sort of cavity set back in the wall and the playbar would go beneath it, thus blocking the driv...

Garden office

Hi all, I am getting a garden office about 4m x 3m and looking for help deciding on the best Sonos to get. Wifi is available. Currently I have two play 1s in a small lounge, two play 1s in the kit...

Is Sonos any good to me?

Hi Community. I am probably about to invest in Sonos ... I have five rooms in which I would like to have music (and the ability to specify different music in different rooms via the app - and if poss...

Playbase and Playbar

I was hoping to put the new Playbase at my house, but I am not sure it will fit on my mantel. I went listen to the bar in person yesterday, but the base was not available. Are they similar in sound qu...

Where to buy Sonos

No better place than Richer Sounds! SIX YEAR GUARANTEE.. and the best prices

Please help me get started in choosing Sonos setup - new house

Thanks for any help. I'm going to bite the bullet and get a Sonos setup. I need help determining what would be best for what rooms. The rooms I would like to have music in are main floor: living room...

Solution for wired speakers

We had our house built last year, with it came 2 pair of wired speakers with the wires run to the cabinets under the tv in our living room. Knowing I was going to have a Sonos setup in our living roo...

Stereo Pair if not in ideal listening sweet spot?

Good morning all. I am a fairly recent new homeowner and finally looking to spring for a home stereo system. Having done some research, Sonos is clearly a no brainer. I cannot wait to get my hands on...

Ground Floor Flat - Placing Sonos to achieve 5.1 Surround sound

Hi all, Recently bought a play:3 and Play 1. Now moving onto buy a Playbase and a Sub, which I am super pumped about. I have an open plan flat, please see the images. The play 3 sits behi...

Large kitchen/living room - mapped out thoughts - what would you change?

Total noob here. Rough draft blueprint: There's three sweet spots in my living room (green X). Was thinking of positioning the two Play:5s and four Play:1s as shown. Tried to get 3.0 in each...

Alexa on sonos

Hi everyone I've just started my Sonos setup with a play 5, is Amazon's Alexa connection available now, and is there any difference in buying the more expensive Echo over the Dot or do they both conne...

Advice on Best Sonos System for Music in Living/Dining/Kitchen

We have previously had a Sonos system which my husband loved and are wanting to install a system - initially for our living/dining/kitchen room which has a cathedral ceiling. The room is approx 5.5 x...


Hello - I wonder if anyone can help me? I wish to use a mix app on my windows pc to compile a playlist using a sonos account which will enable me to manually fade in and out tracks. I have found the...

What speakers to buy for clothing boutique

We are buying Sonos speakers to play music at our 1750 sq ft clothing boutique and I need help determing what speakers and how many of each to buy. Budget is about $1,000. Note: we aren't trying to cr...

Connecting Samsung UN75J6300 to Playbar

I've read several posting about why I cant get them to connect, and I think the solution is an HDMI switch with optical output. Can anyone tell me if this is what I'm looking for? https://www.amazo...


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