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Black Friday Deals

Does anyone know of any black friday deals coming up on play 1s or 3s? If so where?

Sony TV, Xbox One and Playbar advice

Hi, I'm close to taking plunge into the world of Sonos but have been doing some reading this afternoon and found myself unsure if my TV is compatible with the Playbar that I was looking to buy. My pl...

Bridge needed or not

Without a bridge do you need a speaker connected to the Router at all times. I have had a bridge for a few years and just got 2 new sonos 1's . I already have a 5 and wondered if I can disconnect the...

Playbar good sound with sitting on furniture?

Hi, looking to purchase either the playbar or playbase. Leaning toward playbar as my TV is hung higher above a cabinet. I'd rather just set it on the cabinet and not hang, but concerned from an articl...

Flexson or Sanus stands for Sonos Play 5 gen II speakers

I wonder if anyone has experience with both stands in regards to stability and quality? I just installed a pair of Sanus stands for my new ONE speakers in my 5.1 Sonos system. They seem stable and o...

Home theather design

Hi! I'm planning to mount all my home's sound based on Sonos. I have 4 pairs of Polk RC80i distributed along the house, all of them connected by wires to a central place at the house. I have one TV at...

Two "rooms" in one room? (Sub, Playbar, 2x Play One, 2x Play: 5)

I'm getting a new TV within a week or two and I plan on getting a full Sonos system. (Sub, Playbar, 2x Play One, 2x Play: 5). I want a system that that will excel at both music and movies, meaning su...

What Would You Do - Rear Channels?

Hi all, Would like to channel the collective intelligence of the group. I have a playbar and the SUB subwoofer. I want to add rear channels (we watch movies and play PS4). Do I go with Play:1s or...

Play:5 Defective Hardware

My Play:5 died 2.5 years in, due to a hardware failure as diagnosed by the Sonos team. I spent $500 on that speaker and the Sonos response was to offer me a "discounted" $350 replacement speaker ($850...

Play 1 vs 3 for 5.1 system

I'm planning a bar and want to setup a 5.1 system with a Playbar, Sub and either Play 1 or Play 3 rear speakers. The room is about 14x17 feet with 3 walls (back wall open). I plan to watch sports an...


Suonos app very disappointing

SiriusXM custom channels

The SiriusXM/SONOS website describes a way to set up custom channels: https://www.siriusxm.com/sonoswireless But, I don't see any options for this in the Sirius App. How do you set up custom channels...

Pairing two Play:5 with a shared line-in source

Hi Is it possible to pair two Play:5 speakers and have one connect to the line in source and have it shared to the other Play:5?

connecting to existing stereo

is there a device that would allow my existing stereo to connect to the sonos app? its an older stereo so I just need some kind of audio input connection

TV Audio Optical out to SONOS

Is there any way to connect a TV optical audiio out to a Sonos system apart from a playbar ? i,e, is the Optical connection on a 'connect' out only rather than in ? Thanks

What Sonos to buy next, Play:3, Play:5, Soundbase or Soundbar?

Hello, I am currently looking to add to my Sonos setup and I'm not sure what speaker to go for. Currently I have a Play:3 in my living room, a Play:1 in my Kitchen and a Play:1 in my bedroom. I am...

Downsizing with minimal compromise.

TL;DR: Can the SONOS Play3 be configured as a discrete center with two Play5s providing the front L/R as substitute for the PlayBar? Any alternative suggestions are also appreciated. Backstory: 14...

Using the Connect for zone 2 audio.

My current home theater set up consist of; An dual zone AV receiver bose acoustimass 6 For 5.1 surround. I need steroids audio for a second rooms tv My understanding is I can hook up the CONNECT t...

Play1 vs Play3

Currently have the Sonos one and the mic sensitivity is lacking so I'm thinking to upgrade to echo dot + (2) play 1 or (1) play3. Questions: are the drivers in the play1 and play3 the same? I'm t...

Sonos One vs. Echo Dot?

I am seriously considering the purchase of a Sonos One for my daughter but have some serious concerns. I have been reading (here) about customer concerns over the mic sensitivity in the Sonos One - m...

(Wirelss) Connection Between Mobile Pico video Projector & Sonos:PLAY1

Hello All, I want to wirelessly connect my Mobile Pico video projector to Sonos: PLay1. I want to project my laptop input (Netflix, videos etc. to the wall screen and want to user Sonos speakers for...

Play:5 in ceiling (attic above), worth it?

Hello, I am considering getting a play 5 speaker and installing it in ceiling. Has anyone done this? Would the play:5 sound be affected by the installation? I really love the sound of the play:5 and...

Connect or Connect:Amp for connecting turntable, speakers and stereo integrated amplifier

Hi All, New to the boards and have had a search through and seen a couple threads that are similar to this yet non seem to answer the exact questions I've got, so thought I'd make a new thread and se...

Play:1 vs Ceiling Mounted Speakers

I am currently in the process of building a new house. I own 4 Play:1's wanted to use them in 4 rooms throughout the house (Kitchen, Dining Room, Screened Porch, and Office). The builder is suggesti...

Living / dining room setup - looking for recommendations

Hi all - Recently moved into a new apartment and have a large room that's both living room and dining room, and looking to setup a full Sonos system. It's about 350 sq ft total (~25 ft x 14 ft). Wou...


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