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Please anyone thinking of buying sonos please don't make the same mistake I did! Play bar went dead in less then 2 years. They only have one year warranties. I spent $800 some dollars on this thing an...

Controller app for IOS6

The Apple store only seems to offer Sonos Controller version 7.2 that requires IOS8. This will not run on IOS6.Where can I obtain IOS6 version download?

Back Yard Wedding Setup

So I'm planning a back yard wedding , im looking to use sonos as my Music system right now I have a pair of play 1's . I'm debating what to get to boost the system as I don't think they will be enough...

Two play 5s vs connect amp and speakers

Looking for advice: for the cost of two Play 5s could I get better sound out of a Connect Amp and speaker combo? I don't need the flexibility to move the speakers into different rooms, I just want th...

Choosing Speakers for Multi-Room System

I've decided to switch my current audio system for a sonos multi-room setup, and I'm having a hard time deciding which speakers I need. Hoping some of you can chime in with some advice. Layout: I...

ZP100 Connect:Amp vs ZP120

Are there major functional differences between the current version of the Connect:Amp (ZP-120) and the prior version (ZP-100) that I should be aware of? I'll be using the amp to power two outdoor spea...

Connect for library of MP3s on computer, with good receiver and speakers?

I have a very good old Pioneer receiver/amplifier and good wired speakers. I want to play thousands of opera, classical, and jazz MP3s from my computer or from a flash drive. I do not stream anything...

Play 1and Att Uverse

Recently converted from Comcast to Att Uverse. My Play 1 device worked with Comcast but not with Att Uverse. It seems to be something with the wireless connection Thoughts, suggestions please

Sonosnet vs Wifi - which is best?

I have a router and 3 extenders across my house, so my wifi is excellent all over the house and yard.  If I hard use a Bridge/Boost or hardwire 1 speaker in, is that hardwired component the only...

Can we get a more definitive answer on what TVs will passthrough 5.1 audio ??

The only thread I can see with a Sonos answered comment lists 4 year old American TVs I can't even find in stock. Surely you are constantly testing new TVs ? I really want a new TV but can't pick...

Alexa on sonos

Hi everyone I've just started my Sonos setup with a play 5, is Amazon's Alexa connection available now, and is there any difference in buying the more expensive Echo over the Dot or do they both conne...

Sonos Headphone capability

At the end of the day, all the complicated explanations about using wireless (or wired) headphone with Sonos frustrate current users like myself who simply want one source of music playback, accessibl...

Multi Room Wired and Wireless Install Help Needed Please

Just bought a new property and having all cabling re-done, so wanted to get the music system installed at the same time. I currently own 2 x Play 1 only with a view to buying additional kit based on r...

Audio Delay/Latency issues

Greetings, Looking to make the conversion to a whole home sonos system. Before I shell out the big bucks I have a question on delay. The Goal: getting TV audio from Direct TV to lip sync with ou...

Uturn Audio With Connect Amp Setup

Hello!... I'm trying to figure out how to connect my U-turn audio turntable to my Sonos Connect:Amp. Here is what I'm assuming that I need to do: Uturn Audio Turntable connected to Art DjPre II Pho...

Turntable suggestion

-FLXVP1011US Flexson TT... about $599

Best Setup for Turntable

Hi - I currently have a 5.1 setup in my living room with (1) Playbar, (1) Sub, and (2) Play 1's. I also have a Play 1 in my dining room that I use when combining everything and playing music throu...

New to sonos

i want a speaker, can i get a sonos play 1 without having a system or do i have to have a system to have a sonos speaker

Play5 (2nd Gen) - Recommendation on Speaker Stands?

I am a current Play5 user of the 1st generation speakers. I recently mounted them on some Flexson speaker stands and I am delighted with the product. I know Flexson has a new stand for the 2nd gen. Pl...

Can I use Two Connects in one system?

Is it acceptable to use two Connects and two separate hi-fi's in one Sonos system??

100% Wireless Sonos for NYC Apartment

Hi, I have a small 1050sqf 2 bedroom NYC apartment. I am first looking for a completely wireless 5.1 utilizing the soundbvar, meaning none of the speakers will be able to be plugged into an ethernet...

2 Play 1s (stereo pair) - What next? 2 more play 1s, sub, play 5?

I have 2 plays 1s in my kitchen diner (25-30 ft x 12 ft approx), I was surprised for the size at how good they sound and am very happy with them. I am looking to add to the same room (sightly rushe...

Best addition to sonos set up

Hi, I'm currently running two monitor audio bronze 1 speakers and a record player off a sonos amp. The sounds good, but we're about to move into a house with a large kitchen, about 35m2. I'm thinking...

First Sonos purchase

In our bedroom we have a clock radio on which we use as an alarm and listen to the news every morning. We also have our 20-year-old stereo receiver with CD player and turntable wired to floor standin...

Help me setup up sonos in new apartment

Need help with a speaker strategy. I am moving into a new apartment and am not sure what my setup should be I currently have 1 play 5 1st gen 1 play 3 1 play 1 I'm open to buying another speaker...


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