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Play 5 pair or Play 1 pair + Sub

What's a better set up?

Thanos 5. Too much power?

I'm looking into one, but worried that it might be more than I can handle. Advice?

Sound needs for a Black Box theater.

Working on a show in a small black box and I want to create the effect of bugs moving from speaker to speaker swarming around the audience. How would you do this with Sonos equipment?

Worth adding another Play 5 for stereo in a fairly small room ?

Hi thanks in advance for any advice given here. Had a Play 5 for about a year and absolutely love the quality of sound it produces, hearing songs I've listened to all my life in a whole new dynamic. I...

Turntable-preamp-cd receiver- connect- Sonos one?

Hi there I know a 'bit' about our set up, but I want to buy husband Sonos so he can listen to his vinyl in at least one room more than the room it's set up in. I just want to be sure I'm buying the r...

7.2 (Onkyo) Receiver and Zone 2 Outdoor (Bose) Speakers: Connect or Connect AMP?

I have a Onkyo TX-NR515 7.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver and have the Bose 151® SE environmental speakers on my deck. I currently am using the receiver to power the surround sound speakers in the livi...

Set up Advice for Kitchen Extension

Hi all, I am about to have a single storey kitchen extension built and need some advice on what Sonos system to use. If you think of it as a square extension with the kitchen area at the rear right q...

CONNECT and CONNECT:AMP on product page

I'm sure others have noticed that the Sonos website (US) has changed over the weekend. The CONNECT and the CONNECT:AMP are now absent from the product page. I can see a couple different possible rea...

recommendations for open living area to be used for TV/home theater and music

Hi all: I'm hoping you can recommend the best setup. i have attached a picture of the house layout which is 1950's ranch. The room I am trying to come up with plan to outfit is the large L shaped r...

Sonos CONNECT working with SUB?

I am not asking about whether the CONNECT works with the SUB but I tried it, and it does?! I have a stereo pair Play:1 system with the SUB. Is this... new? I used the Play:5 line-in for so long think...

For Music Only - Play:5 or Playbase?

Hi! I would very much appreciate some advice from the community regarding choosing a Sonos unit for a very specific room layout 👍. Please consider the enclosed floor plan, and bear in mind that no c...

Whole house audio: how to incorporate existing receiver/TV/wired soundbar?

In the midst of a major home renovation and trying to determine the best configuration for my needs. Currently (in my old house) I use a 7-channel receiver wired to 5 channel soundbar for TV audio. I...

Multiple connect:amps or multiple connects + multichannel amp

Here is the situation: I have a fairly large space (including living room, kitchen, dining room, tv area) which is pretty much all open plus a deck. Currently renovating and planning for audio. Numb...

Buy now or wait for June 6th Announcement

Hi and hello, Was just about to pull the trigger on Sonos Playbar or base, sub and 2x Ones but then I see the June 6th announcement and am concerned that I should have held fire before spending not i...

What are people's thoughts on the Flexson floor stand for the Play:5 Gen 2?

Just ordered a pair of Play:5's and am going to need a floor stand. Looks like the Flexon is the only one that fits the new Play:5? It will only allow landscape orientation though, which is kind of a...

Anyone use Isoacoustics size 130 and 155 for the Sonos 1 and 5?

Isoacoustic stands often provide dramatic improvement for monitors and subs regardless whether they are mid-fi or hi-fi by tightening the bass and mids - increasing the fidelity. Question: 1. Anyon...

Connect:amp vs Connect Configuration Recommendation

I have 2 configurations I’ve been debating on for an outside inground pool sound system. Option 1: (1) Sonos Connect:Amp (4) TIC GS3 - each speaker is 100W and an Impedance of 8 Option 2: (1) Sonos...

What Sonos speakers for outdoors?

A discussion of Sonos speakers for outdoors listening.

Sonos One

Can a Sonos One be used as a sound bar? My problem is, I need a speaker on the kitchen to play what the TV has going. It's a ways away and it's sometimes hard to hear from just the TV speakers. T...

Need help with starting home system

We are looking to spend about $1k to begin a Sonos sound system in our large home. Currently we have a decent stereo with two 17-year-old Klipsch speakers and a Yamaha HTR 5240 receiver (which was a...

Houseful of Music

I just ordered a pair of Play: 1 speakers. That brings my total SONOS speaker to 10! I obviously love music. SONOS is the only choice for audio equipment I consider. As soon as I pull into my garage I...

Playbase Airplay:2 Question

I was recently impressed when my daughter threw Channel 4 on my ipad onto her TV via an Apple TV box. I have two Play:3 speakers and a Boost in my lounge. My question is: can I throw Channel 4 onto...

Sonos Connect and hifi

Hi I’m asking this for my father in law. He has just moved house and can no longer use the tuner of his stereo set because there is no cable available. The question is: can he use a Sonos Connect to p...

TV set up. Playbar vs playbase

I fairly new to sonos and currently have 4 play 1's spread out throughout my apartment. I fell in love with the sound from the play 5 and want to add somethings to my living room set up. have a vizio...

New House / New Setup

Hi. Moving into a newly built cottage in June. Trying to decide on the best Sonos package for my needs. Thinking so far. Living Room: Sound Bar + 2 Ones + Sub package. Kitchen: 2 x Ones + 1 x Spot...


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