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For Turntable.....Pair of Play 1's or a Play 5?

I have a turntable connected to an old Marantz amp. I have a Sonos Connect running through the tape-out so that I can play my turn table through my 5.1 system (playbar, sub, 2 play 1's) I am also con...

Thinking about using a Sonos Connect for a Subwoofer.

I already have a nice Subwoofer that I'd like to integrate with my pair of Play 1 speakers. The Sonos Connect seems like a possible way to do this. First question: Can I pair the Play 1's with a Sub...

Play 1 or Play 5

I currently live in a small ish apartment and have one play 1 for the living room I want to expand and am debating Between a play 1 or play 5. If I went with the play 1 I would create a stereo pair an...

Playbar & Sub Plus Ceiling Speakers in same room

Have a 345 sq ft basement living / TV room (23' x 15'). Leaning towards a Playbar + SUB for simple TV watching, but was also considering a pair of ceiling speakers driven off a connect that would be s...

Wiring Whole House Ceiling Speakers w/ Pre-existing speakers and cables in centralized cabinet

I already own a Sonos Connect:AMP and I would like to hook up the rest of the rooms of my house. My house is about 11 years old and was wired with good speakers, but an obsolete media playing syste...

What next??

I have some cash burning a hole in my pocket and i need help making the right decision!! I have a playbar in the lounge with tv and wonder whether to go for the subwoofer or 2 x play 1's. Really int...

External DAC with Connect

I am looking to add a DAC to my SONOS - Nak RE1 - KEF Q70 system, and am considering the Schiit Bifrost. My source is a wide range of ALAC, MP3 and AAC material. Any advice, is it worth it? Am I likel...

Do I understand my needs?

I've done a bit of research (and tried to find the answer in this forum but didnt!) and wanted to confirm I understand what I'm interested in buying We primarily stream music and play records--both th...

compatibility with Q Acoustics Media 4 Soundbar

Hi, we have a Q Acoustics Media 4 Soundbar and want to know if the Sonos Range are compatible with it? Thanks

Existing system with connect.

Hi everyone, I am looking to delve into the world of sonos for home theater and music but am concerned about potentially using my existing system with a connect. I currently use an old analog ro...

Connect:amp with Klipsch F2 Speakers

I'm considering my first foray with Sonos products and currently am running a basic setup of Yamaha receiver with iPod dock and pair of Klipsch F2 floor standing speakers. I bought this setup new abou...

Combining sonos with traditional receiver and speakers

I have a traditional yamaha receiver and 2 beautiful polk floor speakers. I would like to add surround sound to my setup and have the rear speakers fill the living room with audio when listening to m...

Playbar Vs Playbase

Now that the Playbase is out, is it better than the Playbar? Any thoughts? I currently have the Playbar, Sub and two Play 1s and 65'' LG OLED TV for my home theater. Should I sell my Playbar for the P...

Android music library

I am about to buy a Play 1 to use with my android phone. I do not use any music streaming services such as Pandora but simply shuffle through my own onboard songs. Will Sonos let me do this? Thanks in...

Air Play support?

Hello, Apple Music support was a nice feature addition on Sonos. I wonder if Sonos/Apple could offer AirPlay support? If they could, it would be an awesome thing! Thanks

Two Play 5 vs two pay 1 and sub

Hey everyone... I used to have 2 play ones till i gifted one to my parents. (only one left) so whats sounds better as the title asks? Im filling the sound of a living room with is 30' x 18' and a...

2x Play 3 + Sub or 2x Play5 & Hi!

Hi All! New to the forum. Looking to build out a few rooms, and was curious about opinions on a larger living room/dinning room area. Has anybody heard or compared a 2x Play 3 + sub setup vs. a ste...

Play:5 vs Playbar sound quality

I want to buy either Play:5 (single) or Playbar for my living area. I am more interested in music sound quality than TV sound. Which has better sound quality for streaming music?

Where to Begin

Where to begin?? I currently have a Yamaha Receiver with 5.1 output. All of the speakers expect for the subwoofer are mounted either in the wall or ceiling in my family room. I am doing some renova...

Soundbar, what now?

I've recently purchased the Soundbar. I want to build on it now. This would be for TV viewing and music. I've been reading the reviews and will likely stay away from the Play 3. So, would you do a SUB...

Help choosing best combinations of Sonos required!

Hi All, I love Sonos and have been working towards expanding my current set up in my new house. I've gone from a flat to a 3 bed house and need music to envelop my living space accordingly. I curre...

What to buy/ Where to start?

Ok, I'm interested in setting up a SONOS sound system throughout my house. This is what I would like to accomplish. Living Room: A good speaker connected to the TV. Which also could be used as a s...

Options for passing through Home Receiver output to SONOS network

I'm not a current SONOS customer, so I'm trying to get the answer to the following: I understand that the SONOS Connect is used to feed SONOS audio sources to an existing amplifier/receiver system....

Piano & TV Setup?

Hi, I'm exploring options for improving the sound of my piano. I was wondering if it would be possible to use Sonos to be a solution for a great piano sound, music and hooked up to my TV in one....

Don't buy Sonos!!!!

Please anyone thinking of buying sonos please don't make the same mistake I did! Play bar went dead in less then 2 years. They only have one year warranties. I spent $800 some dollars on this thing an...


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