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Windows Media Centre

Will a Sonos Connect allow me to use the Media Centre as another zone? I have a Windows 10 PC running Media Centre in my lounge running through a Sony AV Amp as well as Play 1, Play 3 and Play 5 spea...

Play 1 + Echo dots vs Sonos One

I'm trying to decide what I should get. Some background: I already have a Google home mini. I would like to use voice command for the new Sonos speaker I will get. I'm debating between One and Play...

Sonos One vs Bowers & Wilkins DM302

Hi! I just bought some old and used Bowers and Wilkins speakers (DM302). I have heard them myself because I bought them online but watched some videos and it sounded very good. A few weeks ago I list...

Setting up current receiver/speaker setup with sonos connect and amp

I just purchased a two story home, the house is prewired with Ethernet and coax, but no speakers. I will probably be doing the speaker wiring myself, but that's not the concern here. I have a few ques...

Connect and the Amazon Echo Link

I wanted to start a thread to do some comparisons between the Connect and Amazon's new Echo Link. I'm not trying to a review and say which one is better, just point out the differences. On the surfa...

new sonos amp

when can we order the new sonos amp in the uk

Help with my setup

Help please! I have two play 5's in the attached areas in my kitchen and living room. They are sort of facing each other the rough pano stitch I did best illustrates what I mean. I have read pairing w...

Début sonos

Bonjour à tous Je suis un véritable mélomane, un ami me prête ces temps-ci ses 2 nouvelles sonos play 1 et je découvre la facilité la praticité de Sonos.. n’ayant jamais trop su comment positionner m...

Sonos 5.0 surround system

I have an old surround sound system but need to change and was looking at a Sonos system where I could gradually add on speakers But am not sure how it all works with my TV and iptv system I was looki...

Pairing two Play:1 and a Play Five in the same area

Can anyone tell me if I can pair two Play:1 in order to get a better stereo image with the power of a Play:5? Do you think this will work? Should the five be a mono central speaker? Thanks in advance...

Play ONE Stereo Pair - How good?

Hi guys, first post here. I’m considering changing the setup in my lounge but wondering just how good the Play ONE can sound in a pair? I currently have a Play:1 in the office, a Play ONE in the bedro...

Would sonos work? External harddisk and wifi hotspot

My home entertainment system is very limited: an ultrabook, an iphone that I use as home hotspot (I don't have other internet) and there's an old android tablet somewhere. All my music is stored on at...

Outdoor subwoofer

Hi, have a sonso connect amp and KEF Ventura 6. Need a outdoor sub. I cant find any good outdoor sub, but maybe a car sub would be ok? But then i need a litle amp to that. Anybody that have a outdoor...

Turntable Sound

Hi all, I own a project turntable that I'm running through an AV amp on my living room to 2 X monitor audio RX6s. I'm look to "Sonos" up my life! In the living room I plan to swap the AV amp for a B...

Setup for music listening

I own a Play 5 and am considering buying two Sonos One to sync with it in the same room, for surround stereo. Is it possible to pair the three together? Is it worth the money in terms of a better musi...

Play 3’s or Play One’s as surround speakers

I have two play 3’s as my surround speakers connected to my play base would Play 1’s work better or the Play 3’s?

Connect with existing 2-zone receiver + Dot vs One vs ____?

Hi All, New to the forum and to the Sonos product! After a week with the Beam...first Sonos speaker and first Alexa product...I'm in love guys! Already ended up...after just a few days...ordering a...

Will a boost help if my speakers are on sonosnet and I’m playing records

I’ve connected a record player to a play 5 in one room, when I play the records in other rooms as well it gets a little choppy occasionally, cutting out slightly. My speakers are connected on sonosnet...

Beam with Play:1 or sonos one which is better option?

I have Beam and planning to surrounds to my room, I am thinking to buy play1 as surround because beam as voice assistant or better buy sonos one instead of play1 ? at costco play1 pair is $269 and s...

Wait for New Play 3 or Buy Sonos One's Now

Looking @ gifting a pair of Play 3's in my small living room that I use w/ my PlayBar to my son. Should I wait ? months to see what/if the Play 3 gets replaced with or go w/ a pair of Sonos One's? F...

Is the Play:1 overkill as rear effects speakers?

The recommendation in the Home Theatre Megathread is that "depending upon size of room" you can use Play:1 and even Play 5 for rear effects. But considering what they do as rear effect speakers, and w...

Shall I wait for the One to be replaced?

Hello, I have recently purchased a Beam for my living room and would like to add to the Sonos set up with the inclusion of a pair of Ones in the living room and bedroom. In light of the recent news...

Combining sonos with traditional receiver and speakers

I have a traditional yamaha receiver and 2 beautiful polk floor speakers. I would like to add surround sound to my setup and have the rear speakers fill the living room with audio when listening to m...

What setup is best for my space

i am going to be moving in to my brand new home. 1714 sq ft. I want to know what it the best setup for my home. I have a living room and kitchen open concept. I want to be able to have music all throu...

Integrate Sonos with pre-wired in-wall speaker system.

I am trying to find the best (affordable) way to integrate Sonos with my already pre-wired family room sound system. What I have: - 2 rear speakers (pre-wired but not installed yet) with wall volume...


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