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What Sonos products do i require for a setup at work?

Hi, I have been tasked with adding audio to 3 areas of our business, the 3 areas are quite a distance apart, and quite a distance from the analogue audio source. Fortunately, as it is a business, eac...

Sonos used with wired speakers powered by Sonance Amp - Compatability & Delay - What do I need to start?

I am in process of re-doing our sound system. I have a Samsung SmartTV with multiple connectors available (Optical is available) and strong WIFI throughout home. I have removed all other Amps (Denon)...

Alternatives to B&W in-ceiling speakers? Ideas?

Morning all, my system is getting pretty big now, mainly CA's or ZP120's, a few Play's, subs and a single ZP90. They all (with the exception of gym which uses B&W 805's) use B&W in-ceiling speakers .....


Hi guys, I purchased a Play 1 two months ago and love it. Following the latest announcements, I have some questions regarding future purchases that I'd like some input on. My original plan (when ne...

Alexa and Sonos ecosystem

I am about to enter the Sonos ecosystem to replace my old wired 5.1 setup. It is important that I can use Alexa to request music using the same system that will be serving 5.1 sound when watching movi...

Help - No idea what to buy

I'm looking at getting the hubby something for Christmas and he was eyeing up the Sonos when we went shopping but I've no idea what bit to buy!! He wont particularly want it for the TV (at first anyw...

Connect Amp to power 4 speakers (4 Ohms and 8 Ohms)

I am interested in getting the Connect or Connect Amp for my new bathroom renovation. I want to have 2 Kohler SoundTile shower speakers (4 Ohms) and 2 Polk ceiling speakers (8 Ohms). I am aware that...

Back Yard Wedding Setup

So I'm planning a back yard wedding , im looking to use sonos as my Music system right now I have a pair of play 1's . I'm debating what to get to boost the system as I don't think they will be enough...

Thinking of getting the Playbar

Hi all! I have a single Sonos Play 3, and love the sound. However, when looking for the soundbar for my TV and movies, I ended up buying the Qacoustics M4. It trumps the Playbar in terms of sound qu...


Ciao, alcuni miei amici hanno ricevuto la mail con la promo per l'acquisto entro il 15/09 con sconto però io non l'ho avuta nonostante sia cliente da qualche mese. Potete aiutarmi?grazie

Sonos for existing setup

TLDR: Curious what everyone else is doing outside of purchasing the playbase to setup Sonos with a TV? Long Version: I have a 4k TV in my family room that I would like to integrate into a 2.1 setup....

What should i buy?

Just went to demo Sonos speakers for the first time few days ago.. now here i am couldn't stopped thinking how awesome Sonos sounds, especially the Play 5. i intend to get one for my small bedroom n w...

Opinions sought: not a big TV guy, love music everywhere all the time, podcast audiobook addict

After reading a good bit here it is clear that this forum is NOT a sonos corporate "place" staffed by sonos people but rather a "place" staffed by people who are doing this in their own time for no co...

New user - Large home, need advice

Being new to the product, I am looking for advice and will be as brief as possible in my explanation... I am currently using Play 5's and am so impressed with the product. I do have occasional wi-fi i...

How to connect TV through Sonos

Hi, I would like to start using Sonos with my speakers instead of my existing B&O sound system. I was thinking about buying Sonos Connect to my active beo lab 8000 speakers and the remove my existing...

Trying to build a nice wireless sound system around my projector. Can anyone give me advice? Video of apartment inside.

So I'm trying to build a decent wireless sound system around my projector. I'm not sure what's the best way to do it though and which speakers to buy. The projector does not have bluetooth or wifi. He...

L-shaped living room, 2 Play5 set up as stereo but need support speaker.

Hi all, I have a large L-shaped living room/kitchen. in the high end of the L I have two Play5 speakers vertically set up as stereo (although I just read they'll only play stereo when horizontal, is t...

Second play 5 or sub?

I have a play 5 in a fairly large room- I am asking advice on buying another play 5 and making a stereo pair or getting a sub woofer? Any advice appreciated.

Which Outdoor speakers/

I have sonos throughout my house and Im in the market for an outdoor speaker that I can use the Connect AMP to integrate. My location gets hit pretty hard with sun in the summer and there wouldnt be...

Connect or Connect Amp?

Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum and new to Sonos in general. I have read through some of the postings here and on other sites about the best way to connect outdoor speakers. The info has been...

Stereo Pair if not in ideal listening sweet spot?

Good morning all. I am a fairly recent new homeowner and finally looking to spring for a home stereo system. Having done some research, Sonos is clearly a no brainer. I cannot wait to get my hands on...

Playbar vs Playbase

Does anyone have first hand experience of comparing the Playbar Vs the Playbase? I have a Playbase and am quite disapointed with the separation it provides while watching movies. Only with the addit...

What to buy next?

I currently own one play5 but eventually I'd like to have two play5s and the sub to complete my setup. The question is what should I buy first the sub or another play 5 while I'm saving to get the nex...

Using Sonos with KEF LS50 W

I would like to set up a small system using KEF LS50 W (wireless) speakers. I will have a connect and use an ipad for the controller. My question is about using a wireless external hard drive. Is it p...

Sonos Playbase extend

Hi, I just got a Playbase and I can really recommend it. It filles up my two room + kitchen apartement well alone and the base is great. However I want to extend it to a home theatre AND a full music...


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