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Hey, I use my desktop PC using my 70 inch as a monitor as my main entertainment. I want to know if I can use SONOS to play everything from this computer and have the satellite speakers to play it als...


I BOUGHT THE Playbar+sub thinking the the playbase sound is probably constrained/compromised by the fact that it had to be designed for the tv to sit on top. Now im having trouble figuring out wher...

System Setup Confusions

I've read too many forums and have my self confused. Below are my details and questions. Any input would be extremely helpful! Speaker Locations: 1. 3 zones w/ two speakers each: Kitchen, Dining...

What to get for home

My wife and I have just recently purchase a house. We would like to get a Sonos setup that fits our needs/home. Our living room is 15'x18' and opens up to our breakfast nook and kitchen. My personal t...

Outdoor speakers for sonos connect amp

Trying to decide which speakers to get for my backyard (pool area), i only want to put 2 of them either 2 atrium (1 pair) or 2 atrium 8 (1 pair) the atriums 8 have the capability for dual input making...

Play 5

I need help. I have just brought a Sonos 5. And I was told in the shop that I would be able to play music straight away with an aux from you tube is this correct. I have yet to get my WiFi set up as...

Using Sonos to play turntable in other rooms

I have a record player that has a pre amp connected to it, and it is currently plugged into my home theater system. I would like to keep this setup, since the sound quality is really good, but I would...

Any Play 1 wall/ceiling mounts that are rattle proof!??

I bought some Sanus wall mounts for my Play 1's, and while they're good, at certain levels, the bracket rattles, and the actual mount on the wall vibrates. Im beyond aggravated. Anyone have any tips,...

New Home system 6 zone WIRED ceiling speakers

I am creating a new system which will have mulitple tvs and multiple rooms with audio. I want to control hardwire speakers. Considering an HEOS 2400 and amp but that is where it gets complicated. With...

Thinking about a Connect to utilize existing Setup... Play 5 Gen 2 can replace a Connect?

Hello, I am new to the Sonos eco system, but am a quick learner. I have invested in 4 Play 1's and want to use my home stereo in the setup as well, and have read the "Connect" is the best way. I hav...

PLAY:3 or Two PLAY:1's?

Looking for thoughts on what to buy for my first Sonos purchase. Narrowed it down to either a PLAY:3, or doubling up some PLAY:1's. Here's some facts about the room I want to setup in, as well as my...

Help with Denon AVR-3312W

Hi there, I own a Denon with a 5.1 system. I have 3 wired speakers in the front, and 2 bluetooth in the back. The 2 in back are not working anymore, so I had an idea to change them all and use Son...


Hi - recently bought a Sonos One which I'm very impressed with and inevitably am thinking about getting more. However, I bought it for my small home office which is only 12ft x 8 ft - the Sonos sits...

Back Yard Wedding Setup

So I'm planning a back yard wedding , im looking to use sonos as my Music system right now I have a pair of play 1's . I'm debating what to get to boost the system as I don't think they will be enough...


Hey all! I know this has been asked a thousand times already, but i still cant find an answer. Most of people here and on reddit seems to agree that 2 play 1/ONE in stereo are better than a play 5. I...

Play 3

Hi all, I don't see a lot of post about play 3. Is it worth the price or the play 1 is the same sound or better? Because play 1 is also a little smaller and easy to place. The price of the 3 is goi...

Play 5 pair or Play 1 pair + Sub

What's a better set up?

Kitchen + Living room combo: setup suggestions

We are just getting into setting up a Sonos system in a new home. So far we have a couple of P1's upstairs in a bedroom and a bathroom but now we are trying to decide what to add on our main floor ki...

Macbook + Wireless Epson Projection + Wireless Sonos Play:3

Hi, I already have 2 Sonos Play:3 to listen music from my Macbook and iphone. I am planning to buy an Epson wireless projection to watch movies, but I have one question bugging my mind. Can I simulta...

What's the right setup for my new condo

Hello World I'm about to move to a new condo and would love some help coming up with the ideal Sonos setup. I listen to music constantly (in every room of the house), and entertain a lot / throw part...

Suggested Subwoofer for Connect:Amp & Polk Audio RC60i speakers

Hi, I am hoping someone who knows what they're talking about can help me with my query. I just bought a Connect:Amp to go with an internal/external speaker set-up I'm hoping to put into a new home....

Stereo pair Play:1's + SUB, my experience and story of how I adopted them

I've finally finished my investment into getting two Play:1's and a SUB. I just want to share my experience with it for anyone that is curious. How does it sound? Was the SUB setup easy? Does adding t...

How can I play music from my stackstorage?

How can I play music from my stackstorage?

Need advice on a new setup for TV + music

Hi there fellow Sonos fans! I currently have a 2nd gen play5 and looking for a new setup for my TV (the old TV is going to be replaced aswell!). The play5 is placed in the same room but in the kitche...

Sonos Play 1s in Stereo and Third Party Klipsch Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer

Currently in my living room, I have two Play 1s in stereo which I love very much. In the same living room, I have a Klipsch soundbar connected to the TV via digital optical cable, and it's wireless s...


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