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What to buy for TV sound

Hi, I want to improve my tv sound and living room stereo. I have a pair of Bose 201 bookshelf speakers and I’m considering either buying the Sonos amp for the Bose speakers with a Sonos sub or simply...

Moving Sonos outside

Hi Guys. I have a 30' x 30' deck plus double that in garden and have been moving a pair or play 3's outside when needed but now need something better. I debated a bean under the eve but it wouldnt la...

Sonos ok for a covered porch?

I have an approx 32x16 covered porch that I would like to use sonos on--want to attach to wall so they don't "walk" off to other places They would be pretty well protected but there is the occasiona...

Using Sonos for tv and current speakers

Is it possible to fully replace my receiver with Sonos? I have a good set of KEF speakers and a sub that I'd like to continue to use in a 5.1 setup, just need to connect them to something that will t...

To SUB or not to SUB or alternative option?

Hi, I have a SONOS Playbar and pair of Play 1's synced up for my TV setup and have mulling over adding a SUB for a while now. I do enjoy a full cinema sound experience so am keen to know if people th...

Real World Usage of SONOS One's with 3.5 TV Audio Out

I was hoping to use a Connect with a pair of One's connected to the 3.5 headphone out on my kitchen TV. The speakers would also be used for music. According to the Sonos support folks, this setup is n...

Ceiling Speakers

Hi, I am looking into buying ceiling speakers but was wondering if they NEED to have the amp to work? I don't have an Amp yet so don't want to buy one unnecessarily. Thanks

Sonos Amp vs Connect:Amp

Hey all, So I am looking into upgrading my sound. Right now I just have a single Sonos One. However, I do have Logitech z313 speakers that I would love to integrate. And I have Vizio Smart Tv that wou...

Power six speakers in one room

I have a large room (garage) with six in-ceiling speakers already installed. They are all wired to a common location in my house. My plan was to power these speakers with the new Sonos Amp. Since t...

Advice on Sonos set up for 300 m2 showroom space

Hi I need a wireless system to play music throughout our large showroom space. The space is around 300 square metres and has a double height area around 100m2 flanked by two areas with normal ceiling...

How necessary is the sub

I'm thinking about the Sonos sound bar and wondering if the sub is necessary. I am using the bar to enhance my Tv/TiVo/Apple TV.

Looking for CD player for Sonos?

Thank you everyone for your input so far. Here are a few options I was thinking about. Currently I only use Sync Cloud Storage to backup my files. Theoretically, I could rip all of my music and put it...

Samsung Q9 (2018) Remote & Sonos Remote (iPort Xpress)

I want to adjust the volume of my Play 5 without using my iphone. Because the Play 5 don`t have a optical input, I have to use a D/A converter between thew "Optical Out" on the "One-Connest-box" to th...

Should I buy one Amp or two Connect:Amps?

Hey guys, I currently have a Connect:Amp wired up to two pairs of Polk Atrium 4 Outdoor speakers. I have the speakers mounted in the four corners of my deck. Everything works well, but it doesn't ha...

Prospective Sonos Playbase + Play 1 buyer looking for opinions (with crudely drawn diagrams!)

Hello all, I've been looking to upgrade my home sound system as I currently have a cheap 2.1 soundbar/sub from Monoprice that I got for ~$40. After doing more research, I'm considering going for a 5...

New Sonos Amp or Connect and exusting amp?

Im currently running a software squeezebox on rPi hooked to a Audiolab MDAC into a Bryston 3bst. ive ripped about 1000cds to alac but more and more i find i use Apple Music which squeeze doesnt suppo...

Beam and Airplay 2

Hi all, I'm pretty new to Sonos (borrowed and returned a pair of Play 1's) and I've been thinking about getting a Beam which will eventually become part of a surround sound set up with a Macbook/PC,...

Sonos Play:5. Do I need an amp?

If i get 2 x Sonos Play:5 speakers and only want to stream music from a phone or a computer, do I need any additional equipment like an amp?

Recommendations for Living Room and Kitchen Setup

I am in the process of remodeling my house and have the ceilings open. My objective is to add two speakers in my kitchen ceiling and two speakers in my living room ceiling. For the kitchen, there will...

Boost - worth investing?

I have my system working again now (Playbase + 2 Play:1's as surround in the lounge with the PB hardwired to a 2nd router used as an AP which is hard wired to my main router), another PB + Play:1's in...

Help - Combined CD / Turntable and surround set-up

Hi, I’m new to Sonos and I’m looking to replace my existing TV/surround and Music systems that currently sit at opposite ends of a long lounge. I have found a few threads that give partial answers t...

Cannot connect my Raspberry Pi to my Sonos speakers

Please help! The Problem: I am trying to add a new share to my iPad Sonos application, but cannot get it to link to my raspberry pi to play music. I have loaded SMB via My OSMC and can play music f...

New to Sonos

I'm interested in converting my existing system. I'm looking to have a 5.1 system in the family room, with the ability to add speakers in other rooms and outside (the patio is covered). To be honest...

Whole Home Wired Multi Zone Setup

Long story short... I have the following, all home run, back to my office closet: (4) CAT6 cables to each room in 1" conduit, (24) CAT6 cables total for A/V (4) CAT6 cables to exterior of house in 1"...

Recently moved with Sonos CONNECT, and need new speakers

At my previous house, I had Sonos CONNECT with a wired amplifier and wired speakers throughout the house in the ceiling (whole house wired music). My new house does not have the wired speakers, but I...


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