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Adding Play 5 for stereo pair or adding two Play 1s

Just bought my first Sonos product, a Play 5. I love it, but I want to add to it to feel even more surrounded by my music. Given the layout of my living room/kitchen below and the current Play 5 denot...

Suggestions for cheap tablet sonos controller

I’m looking for a decent cheap tablet to use as a sonos controller. I’d love something that has a powered dock if possible. I’d really love something that could be setup to run just a few apps, or ma...

SONOS Connect Amp: Better in pairs?

I'd like to use the SONOS Connect Amp to power a couple of 135 watt tower speakers I have on hand that are in good working condition. Without anyone repeating the old cliche that "two are always bett...

Need advice -- Connect or Connect:AMP

So here is what my setup will be: 5 pairs of Indoor Ceiling Mounted speakers. These 5 pairs will need to be 3 zones (3 connect:amps) 1 pair of Outdoor Mounted Speakers (Understand this would require...

Suggested Subwoofer for Connect:Amp & Polk Audio RC60i speakers

Hi, I am hoping someone who knows what they're talking about can help me with my query. I just bought a Connect:Amp to go with an internal/external speaker set-up I'm hoping to put into a new home....

Connect or Connect Amp?

I have a Teac tn400bt turntable which apparently has a built in phono stage. Could this run with a Connect or would I need a Connect Amp to stream wirelessly over my existing Play 1 and Play 3 speaker...

Gym set-up

I’m wanting to know what the best set up with Sonos would be. We’re going to have a gym an reception area and would like to be playing two different music. The gym area is about 100m^2 with over 12’ c...

Outdoor speaker placements

Hi, We are planning on having our patio done, and currently I own a Connect Amp that is not connected to anything. I wanted to place some speakers and wanted some suggestions on where and how I shoul...

To sub or not to sub that is the question

I recently bought two ones and am really enjoying them but for me they lack bass a little. I listen to dub reggae and bass heavy electronic music the most (child of the nineties ex jaded raver ) I’m t...

Large Room

I have a question regarding having a sound bar in a Large room w/ high ceilings? Should I use a sound bar or have the room wired for traditional surround sound?

Cheaper small speaker option?

I have two PLAY:1 speakers in my apartment-- 1 in the bedroom and 1 in the main room / living room. Would love a cheaper additional speaker in the bathroom without having to purchase another PLAY:1....

Boost or Play 1

Reading some other topics and seeing a Boost being recommended as a WiFi networking solution got me to thinking. A Boost is $100 while a Play 1 is $150, getting another speaker for $50 more might be t...

Options for passing through Home Receiver output to SONOS network

I'm not a current SONOS customer, so I'm trying to get the answer to the following: I understand that the SONOS Connect is used to feed SONOS audio sources to an existing amplifier/receiver system....

Sonos in France, any complications v. U.S.?

i am planning on buying a sonos product as a gift for a friends' home in France do I need to buy a special product or adapter for that country?

Which Speakers?

Hi there looking for some help. I would like to have 3no. sonos connect:amps to serve 3 areas in a house (Living Room, Kitchen & External terrace, all roughly 4.5x6m). Can anyone advise how i can calc...

Managing a sonos setup on a school common room

Hi We are thinking of setting up a Sonos system with a few speakers over two floors in a common room building in our school and wondered if there is anyway to turn off some of the features such as rep...

Buying for home

Hello guys. Sorry about the basic question. I am thinking about buying several speakers for my new apartment, and what I want is to be able to separate different rooms, play them all at once, or just...

Have a CONNECT: Amp....do I need a CONNECT as well?

Trying to integrate an old analog system

Streaming my own music from a NAS to my own amplifier and speakers

I want to stream my own music from a NAS to my own amplifier and speakers. It's the streaming and music selection part I'm having trouble with. I currently use a Plex server with Plex phone app with a...

Need to know what additional piece of Sonos hardware I need

I have a Sonos Connect Amp current connected to 2 wired speakers. What equipment do I need to add to add 2 more wired speakers, that will play in another room? Do I have to buy another Connect Amp, or...

connect AMP with passive speakers and active sub

hi all. im in the market for a new home theatre system. I have older KEF egg speakers with a KEF sub. The speakers and sub work absolutely fine. i have speaker cable wired into the roof so was plannin...

Should I upgrade from Play 3 to Play 5?

I recently just got a stereo pair of Play 3 and it sounds great. I have 700 sq foot apartment. At night I keep the volume between 2-3 and in the day between 3-4. I am curious about a pair of stereo...

connect or connect amp

,basically would it be of any benefit to purchase these items I've been offered I've been offered Sonos play 3 black Sonos connect amp zp120 Sonos connect zp80 Sonos Controller cr 100 and charging cra...

Sonos One Floor Stands

Can anyone tell me if there are any floor stands for the new Play One with Alexa, I purchased a complete system playbar, sub and 2 x play one speakers and I made the mistake of ordering new stands but...

Sonos Sub for "fuller sound" without shaking the walls

Hi there, I'm living with a medium sized studio appartement with already 3 Play:1 in it, which is probably already a bit overkill ...but, being the big Sonos fan that I am, I was wondering if I could...


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