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Sonos play 1. Should I buy one or two

I am thinking about buying the sonos play 1. Would only one be enough or should I buy two. It is for my bedroom so the room is not that big.

2 X Play 1 as Stereo Pair vs 1 x Play 3 in a small(ish) Room

Hi, I am looking for some advice regarding expanding my sonos zones to include my kitchen. The room measure 2.4M (8ft) x 4M (14 ft), with a height of 2.4M. I'm wondering if anyone has an opinion rega...

New Sonos system

Hi, I'm wondering if we can expect any major updates to the line up soon. I'm interested in buying a playbar, Sub and 2 play 1's for my surround system. The One will probably replace the play:1 some d...

Can I add one Play3 to an existing room?

I have had my living room set up with a Playbase and Sub in the front right corner of the room, and a pair of Play1’s in the back corners of the room. I wanted to add a powerful speaker to the front...

Where to start

I bought a house that has 4 zones with volume control with 2 speakers in each. They all join together connected to a speaker selector which then goes to my old receiver. I mostly care about only 2 of...

Play 5 pair or Play 1 pair + Sub

What's a better set up?

What should i buy?

Just went to demo Sonos speakers for the first time few days ago.. now here i am couldn't stopped thinking how awesome Sonos sounds, especially the Play 5. i intend to get one for my small bedroom n w...

PlayBar vs PlayBase for home theater in room with cathedral ceilings

We currently have SONOS in several rooms in the house, all for music listening only. We're looking to swap out the DefTech we have for our home theater but are not sure if the PlayBar or PlayBase is a...

Using an HDMI audio splitter with projector and SONOS speakers

Hello, We currently have 4 Sonos Play:1s, including a pair in a L/R configuration in our living room. We have an Epson 710HD projector that I've been considering using in a home theater setup. I...


Suggestion for Corner TV Stand to fit Sonos Playbar

Some needed options

Having been a Sonos owner for a couple of years, and being a huge fan and advocate, I'd love to have the following options: • To be able to sort my local music library albums by both date released and...

Historic Home, Ideal 5.1 Setup?

After weeks of research I believe I’m finally ready to pull the trigger on a Sonos setup. The speakers I plan on purchasing are: •Sonos Playbar •Sonos Sub •(2) Play 1 Speakers One of the ch...

Power Cord for Play 5 Gen 2

Hi, can anyone advise where I am able to purchase the power cord for Play 5 Gen 2 in Sydney? Thanks.

iPad and sonos

External soeaker

Amplifier for five single point stereo speakers

I have nine Truaudio PDP-8 in-ceiling speakers in the house, five of which are in the same zone. Since each speaker is single point stereo, is there an amplifier on the market that can drive these fiv...

Question on surround setup

Been lurking for a while....finally ready to jump in on Sonos. I have a pair of Sonos One speakers in my kitchen and they sound great (Alexa disabled since we have an Echo Show). Next room up is my fa...

Sonos One Stand

Looking to purchase a Sonos One floor stand. Wanted to place them behind my couch, so I need something that is higher than 37 inches. There seems to be some to choose from for the Play 1’s, but it doe...

Best set up to use with a TV?

I have recently got a new TV and it is wall mounted, i already have Sonos One’s around the home and I really like them. But I wanted to know what the best kind of setup is to use with a tv? Can you us...

Sonos Play 5

I am thinking about getting a Sonos Play 5 unit to replace my existing Marshall Woburn speaker. I like to listen my music loud and huge fan of heavy metal. My room is like 350 sq ft area. Can this new...

Prospective Sonos Playbase + Play 1 buyer looking for opinions (with crudely drawn diagrams!)

Hello all, I've been looking to upgrade my home sound system as I currently have a cheap 2.1 soundbar/sub from Monoprice that I got for ~$40. After doing more research, I'm considering going for a 5...

Did anyone know how to get lower version of connect?

Did anyone know how to get lower version of connect,Now the version of connect is 8.3.I wanted to get back to the lower version such as 8.2 or8.1....,did anyone know about it?

Play, Play 1 or Play 3

I need new speakers, but I do not know which model to choose, my living room is approx. 25 m2. I have a Sonos Playbar and have ordered a Sonos SUB, but should I choose a set of Play, Play 1 or Play 3...

Office solution

Hi, i work in a office where we love to listen to Music when we work. And the system we have today is pretty outdated and we need a upgrade. I have the pleasure to choose this new system. So any advic...

Can I connect a Connect directly to speaker wire?

I have one outdoor speaker, and it's wires are inside the house. Can I connect a Sonos Connect directly to this speaker wire, or would I need to get a Connect:Amp instead?

2 sonos Play One in small room?

Hi. I have a Play 1 in a small room of about 5m2 and I'm thinking of adding another Play 1 to listen to stereo music. Will it sound good or will the room be so small for 2 speakers? Thank you


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