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Samsung UN60D8000 60-Inch 1080p 240 compatibility with soundbar

I’m thinking of upgrading my tv...to this can does anyone know if there will be soundbar problems? I had to get a hdmi/switch when I got a new tv last time and it was a bit frustrating setting up Th...

Configuring Sonos with Apple Airport Bridge Mode

TIA for all help. Looking for advice on what's required to set up Sonos in two different zones of my house. I have an old house and require two routers for WiFi coverage - I am using two Apple Airport...

Question about upgrading...

Hello, So currently in my living room area, I am running a 5.1 setup with the PlayBar, SUB, L/R Martin Logan Helos 22 8" in-ceiling speaker with the connect-amp. This may sound a little silly but Ive...

Sonos AMP- how does it work?

Just curious. I'd like to stream my CD player music to my Play5 + Beam speakers. Normally the CD player is wired to my amplifier which is wired to my DynAudio speakers. No wireless function. Yet Is t...

Connect 4K projector+PS4+chromecast w/ Sonos products

So I have not purchased anything yet but this is what I want to do. I am building a new home theatre in my living room. I want to connect the Sonos Surround sound system (minimal cords as possible) w...

Expanding System

Hello, I tried searching for this but had a little trouble so I hope I'm not repeating a topic. My wonderful wife bought me a Beam for Christmas after a few years of subtle hints. In the same room as...

Replacing an older amplifier in theater room

Hi all. Thanks for the community, always helpful. I've looked at similar questions, but I'd like to hear answers to my detailed case. My upstairs has a TV with playbar/sub/p1s for surround. It wo...

Ceiling Speakers

I see Sonos now has ceiling speakers. I have other sonos products, including the sonos connect amp, play 1's, soundbar, etc. My question is if these ceiling speakers can connect to the existing sono...

Help Sub or play 1's

I currently have a Sonos Playbar, however my living room is vaulted and very open to the kitchen and dining room. I still have a hard time hearing my TV...sounds muffled...should I purchase a Sub to...

Sonance speakers specs

I'm a little surprised that the Sonance speakers were released with so little tech information about them, even physical dimensions, at least on the Sonos site and promo email about the speakers I fo...

Sonos For Surrounds - Traditional Amp and LCR

Hi guys, I've got a pioneer amp with really nice Proac Stereo speakers and a Dali Vokal Centre speaker. I also have pioneer surrounds and a Yamaha Sub. I've just moved into a new apartment and don't...

Sonos Amp and in ceilng speakers

Hey guys, curious to hear some opinions on a setup that I am putting together. The sonos amp runs at 125 W per channel at 8 ohms. The documents say running speakers in parallel is acceptable if they...

Newbie looking for suggestions on what to buy

Hey guys, Looking for information and recommendations. I have a open floor plan raised ranch home. The kitchen, living room and dining room are all one large space with vaulted ceilings and I’d like...

what Sonos for my open plan living space?

Hi - I'm renovating my house and am unsure what to do to put in music in the open plan living space which is a kitchen/dining/living room- see the floorplan below. Would two Sonos 5 on the living ro...

Home Theater Setup Advice

Hi there - I’m new here and keen to get to the bottom of something which may have a simple answer in the sense it’s not possible. I’ve got a sonos connect linked to my amp, and 2 speakers alongside a...

New Amp

Hi. I am not very technical! I have a Brennan B2 and old amp using Connect to link to my Sonos system and wired speakers. It seems to work quite well but I want to replace my Cambridge Audio Amp and...

adding powered speakers

Can I use the Amp with powered speakers such as Audioengine 5?

Sub bonding with home theatre and spakers

Hi all, I have a full home theatre set up (playbase, 2xplay3, sub) in my living room. We recently built an outhouse where I want to do the same again but I also want it as a room for music. My quest...

Tidal loosening connection

As of the past 3 days, i have been having Sonos stop and skip song play along with a message that read “Unable to play “SONG TITLE” the connection to Tidal was lost. I’ve restared all devices as well...

Can I use Sonos Connect and Play:1 on my existing AV setup so the rear speakers are wireless?

Hi there, I have been searching around for an answer on this, and I am not sure. Help much appreciated. - I already have a good Denon AV Receiver with 5.1 set up. However, I want to have wireless re...

Best Home Theater setup

Hello Everyone, Need advise on home theater setup, room is about 45M2, 65inch screen. What would be better to buy: Option1: PlayBar + Sub + 2x Play 5 Option2: PlayBar + Sub + 2x One? or maybe oth...

Updated play 3 coming?

I’m suspicious that a new play 3 is coming. Sonos has been out of stock for weeks!

Play 5 integration for Vinyl playback

Hi all, I've currently no options to play my record player on my Beam setup (1 X Beam 2 x Play 1) in my living room. as far as I understand it my options are (record player has line o/p RCA) 1: buy a...

No TV Voice from Rear Play:1 Connect to Playbar

I connected Paybar to TV and two Play:1s in the rear. iPhone music playback I can rattle the walls and music comes out of the rear speakers. But when watch TV I only either hear background noise or...

Play 5 version

I have a Play 5 hardware version I am wondering is it possible to connect th latest Play:1 units to it? Thanks


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