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What to replace Sonos with

I want to replace my Sonos system

Play:5 instead of Playbar for 5.1 home theater

I'd like to get a 5.1 system but was wondering how well the Play:5 works instead of the Playbar. Hoping to use the Play:5 as a great music source for other times when not watching movies.

For Playbase owners: sibilant, crispy treble is a problem?

Hi everyone! I am just about to buy a sonos device for a 5.1. Main device will not be wall-mounted so I have decided going for the playbase. I am just little worried about an apparent sibilant, crispy...

CD player to Sonos speakers?

Brand new to Sonos, don't own anything of the brand yet. My wife doesn't do streaming, we have ~300 CDs, and she wants a CD Changer/Carousel. We just moved, so I have to rebuild the audio system. Go...

Updating to 21st century

Hi all! I've just begun to set up an audio system in my first house - humble mini apt in a basement. I was pondering what to buy to listen to my music and TV getting the most cost effective option (I'...

What combination

Hi I am planning to buy a beam , sub and 2 ones and was hoping to have it set up for the tv as a 5.1 , so using the ones as the rears , but then when playing my music via AirPlay to be able to play it...

Sonos Amp w/ B&W CM6 S2s vs McIntosh vs 2x play 5s

I currently have a pair of CM6 S2s on a Mcintosh c32 and MC2205 with connect. Unfortunately both pieces need to be serviced again (ribbons, caps, ect) and im looking for something with a less upkeep....

College student

Hey guys! This is my first post on the forums so ill give a little background before I get into my question. I am a college student that is moving into a house of pretty good size in the coming month....

Would sonos work? External harddisk and wifi hotspot

My home entertainment system is very limited: an ultrabook, an iphone that I use as home hotspot (I don't have other internet) and there's an old android tablet somewhere. All my music is stored on at...

New Sonos products

Dear Sonos, At this moment i own a pair of Sonos One speakers which i really love and use almost daily. I want to upgrade to a 5.1 surround set. But im really afraid Sonos will release a new Subwoo...

Ac68u or ac88u?

Anyone have an opinion Asus ac68u versus ac88u? Non-gamer wanting security and 3 room play1

Sonos Amp: Listening to Turntable with Headphones

Hello, I am considering replacing my old classic amplifier+CD+bluetoothReceiver with a Sonos Amp. Since it will be connected to my turntable, it shoul be great. However, apparently I won't be able to...

Digital ouput and volume.....

I have been away from the forum for a while, but am still looking forward to getting a SONOS. I have a question about the digital output and the SONOS volume control. HOw do they interact? I plan fo...

Synology RT2600AC AC-2600 Wireless Dual-Band Gigabit Router

Compatible with play:1?

Sonos Sub Update?

I have been tempted to go ahead and buy a Sub to complete my 5.1 set up but have been reluctant to do so... I feel like I have been waiting for ages for Sonos to release an update to its Sub so that i...

CONNECT - Analog IN and OUT at the same time?

I want to pipe in audio from an external source into my Sonos system, which I can do with a CONNECT using analog in. I want this to play on my Sonos speakers, and I also want to play the music on ext...

Best recommended router for SONOS

What router (brand, model) to you recommend for optimal use with regard to SONOS?

Avr/5.1 sonos and 3 or more new sonos amp

Hi I would like to buy an avr hi-fi 5.1 for my livingroom, where I would connect apple tv, nvidia shield, console and pc, but at the same time, I would like to have the various speakers at home powere...

Connect: Amp + Russsound Amp + In-ceiling Polk 6.5"

I have an existing six channel Russound Amp supporting six different rooms with in-ceiling Polk 6.5" speakers. Would a Connect: Amp connected to the Russound Amp via Coax give me the ability to stream...

Sonos amp + kef q350

I was thinking of upgrading my old surround system. I would like some nice quality and also a very minimal and "clean" setup. I was thinking about buying the new sonos amp, then a pair of the kef q350...

Sonos V Bluesound?

Why should I get Sonos over Bluesound? Never heard of them before now whilst searching the web.

How to start with Sonos

I´m new to installing a Wifi Sound system at Home. I've got one preamplified turntable with an RCA output plug. I want to know which Sonos product should I buy in order to get the music from the turn...

Sonos Amp vs. single Play:5

I have a feeling I already know the answer but looking for reason to change my mind. I have a pair of PSB Image B5 bookshelf speakers (orig $400 pair) that are doing nothing. I am thinking about get...


Connect advice

Link Sonos to wired amplifier with speaker cable

Hi, which sonos to get, if I want to link Sonos with my current home-theatre receiver? It is 5.1 Dolby atmos receiver with no pre-out on each channel, but subwoofer. Can TOSlink output 5 channels?...


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