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Sonos Beam and Play 3's as surround speakers

Hi, I am planning to buy a Sonos Beam. I have two Play:3's, can I use these as surround speakers with the Sonos Beam. I have read you can do this with Sonos 1's, but have heard no mention of using P...

The next step, x2 Sonos 5

So I've been using Sonos for already some time. I went all in with a Sonos Base and a pair of Play1 for the surround and so far I'm quite happy but I want to go the extra mile and get a pair of sonos...

Playbase or Beam + Surrounds

I'm currently considering getting a Sonos soundbar for my living room TV (LG OLED 55B7). The options I'm considering are either a Playbase by itself or a Beam with two Play:1s for surround sound. I'm...

Connect:AMP and Play ones as surround sound?

I have two speakers id like to hook up to a connect:amp as front right/center/left. Or really just right and left. If i get two Play:1 or sonos one, can i set up a surround sound or close to surround...

Are a pair of Martin Logan Motion 20 Speakers compatible with Connect:Amp?

I want to buy a pair of standing floor speakers to connect to a Turntable with Connect:Amp. Are a pair of Martin Logan Motion 20 Speakers compatible with Connect:Amp?

Four Play:1 or two Play:5

Hi, I am renovating the living room and I want to install a Sonos system for music only. I checked the forum and found a lot of similar question but I didn't found one considering a pair of P5 vs fo...

To Beam or not to Beam that is the question

Hello, I'm very interested in the new Sonos Beam as I've read some excellent reviews. My room is roughly 5 metres (16 feet) square. Obviously, we sit reasonable close to our 47" TV. Will the Beam h...

Zp90 or zp120

Which will suite me better?

Sonos Beam with my current set up

I am looking at getting surround sound for my new kitchen diner. I have a Samsung UE55F8000STXXU TV which has an ARC HDMI port so should support Alexa from the Sonos Beam....correct? Next question is...

New home setup

I’m currently getting a new home built. I’m looking into getting whole home audio. I’m looking for some advice as to if Sonos product or products can help. My builder is in installing in-ceiling speak...

Playbar or Beam plus 2 x Play one's Front Left and Right - which is likely to be better?

Although Beam not out, wondering which set up might be better? I gather the Beam is a central speaker, and so adding 2 x play 1's brings it up to same price as playbar. Which might be the better opt...

A bit confused about Connect configuration with existing 5.1 system

I am on the brink of entering the Sonos world. Looking to start with a couple Sonos Ones but would also like to Sonos-ify my existing 5.1 receiver which my TV outputs sound to via optical cable. I ha...

Turntable Sound

Hi all, I own a project turntable that I'm running through an AV amp on my living room to 2 X monitor audio RX6s. I'm look to "Sonos" up my life! In the living room I plan to swap the AV amp for a B...

Dilemma - What should i buy

Hi all! help me decide. As you can see my living space looks like so. i currently have two Play 3's (black in diagram). My main goal is to replace my Qacoustics M4 for TV and music. I have a dillema....

Projector + Apple TV + Playbar

Hello! I am wanting to buy a projector for kids outdoor movie nights, and as such do not want to spend a lot on it. I am currently considering the Epson EB-W42. It only has a 2W speaker, so I am wanti...

Help me choose please;) Sonos play 1 or new play one?

Id really appreciate your help. Ive been weighing up the sonos vs a bose. I think my heart is now set on sonos. However i dont know which to get? I have a dot so can connect to the old play(although r...

Language school classroom audio solution required

I need a wireless, android compatible solution for listening to English as a foreign language audio in 20m2 classrooms with 10 students. Can I play any audio file on a Sonos system? MP4? Which speaker...

Sonos bridge has died, can I replace with a boost?

My bridge seems to have died, no lights anywhere on it, I can’t find a suitable adapter to try to rule that out, I may order one but if that doesn’t work can I order a boost instead of it? I have all...

2 x Play 1 OR 1 x Play 3

I currently have 5.1 Livingroom set up (Playbar, Playsub and 2 x Play 1). A Play 3 in the kitchen and another Play 3 in the bedroom. I am moving house and have an additional downstairs room, a small...

Pairing 2 Sonos One speakers with Sonos Play 5

Hi guys, in a few weeks we will be moving to our new built apartment. In the living room and open kitchen the electrician has built in 2 wall sockets high in the corner of the two connecting rooms in...

TCL 65R615 OR VIZIO P series 65 inch 2018 models with PlayBar ..will it fit??

I know the Playbar is 3.35 inches in height but I need to know if it will fit with either of these tvs? I have a slight idea of the height with the legs on the tv but don't want it getting into the sc...

Will Play:1 be loud enough for the backyard?

Let's ignore the fact that Play:1, like all Sonos products, is not designed or rated for outdoor use. Let's just assume that I am going to usually keep the product indoors, except on nice days, but t...

Very large room and Play 3s

I have 2 Play 3s in a very large room 125m2 (7m x 17m), placed at almost 12 meters apart. They are currently set up as a stereo pair (and I'm generally happy with the sound), but I wonder whether that...

Zone Player Outdoor Options?

I have the Connect Amp powering all of my in-home speakers (~12) with each room having a dedicated rotary volume control. Although not ideal, having the entire house on one (1) zone hasn't been as bi...

Correct room set up

So I’m a newbie to sonos and Jodi chat generally so excuse terminology please. After trying several wireless sonos set ups in my local shop I finally settled (3 hours later) on old school set up. Sono...


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