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Help with design please

I have an outdoor theater that I host movie nights at. Previously I used the JBL Flip 4's, and used their party mode to link them all together. This didn't work for me because A. The range was limited...

Connect colour

I know it's only cosmetic but I would prefer a connect in black. Does anyone agree?

Would this setup work right?

I would like a soundbar for my TV and a play 1 in the kitchen (which are open to each other). The soundbar would be the only thing that I hear TV through. I also have a ZP100 powering 2 exterior bos...

Looks like I will settle for Connect:Amp to use with outdoor speakers for yard, but what speakers?

So I have my entire home Sonos, 8 zones, including ceiling speakers in bathrooms, garage, Play:1, 3, 5's Sound Bar, Sub etc. Except for my backyard! I wanted to mount 2 Play:3's and 1 Play:5 but then...

Sonos V Bluesound?

Why should I get Sonos over Bluesound? Never heard of them before now whilst searching the web.

Sonos one Vs. 1 and limitations of Wifi

Hi - I bought a sonos one about 4 months back and returned it due to limited alexa functionality. Presently have two paired 1's. Dig 'em, but my main frustration is I can't play anything through the...

Sonos with receiver

I own an Insignia receiver ns-str514. I am looking to purchase a Sonos system. Not sure if I could use it on the receiver or do I just need a Sonos. I have it connected to the speakers in the yard for...

Epson 2045 Projector & Sonos System Capability

Will this set up work with my Epson 2045 Projector: I am looking to connect a 3.1 Playbar and sub to my existing home theater system, which I already own the EPson 2045 so now trying to find a solid...

TV audio and Sonos1

Is there a device which will input tv audio and stream it somehow to my two Sonos1?

both connect and connect amp

new to sonos.. i want to power 2 wireless outside speakers and 2wireless inside speakers do i need both sonos connect and connect amp for that?

What to get...

I just bought a play 5, but I cannot decide if I should do a play 5, playbar, and two play 1's, or if I should return the play 5 and do the same setup except use a sub instead of a play 5.. Is this s...

Stereo Pair if not in ideal listening sweet spot?

Good morning all. I am a fairly recent new homeowner and finally looking to spring for a home stereo system. Having done some research, Sonos is clearly a no brainer. I cannot wait to get my hands on...

Unsure what to place in Kitchen

Hi All I am new to Sonos, and I was wondering if any of you could help me. I am considering buying some speakers for my kitchen, and was wondering what the better option would be. I was thinking ei...

2 Play 5s(gen 2) + 2 Play Ones VS. 4 Play Ones + Sub

Hi! I recently purchased a 2nd gen Play 5 for an open-concept living room/dining room/kitchen, about 25'X40'. I then decided the pull the trigger on getting a 2nd Play 5 and also 2 Play Ones, with a p...

add play5 to stereo pair

I have a gen2 play5. I want to add two play1's in stereo. Will this setup work?

Connect or connect amp?

Under what circumstances would someone buy one over the other? I have a friend who wants to add a turntable and currently only has four Play 1's he need to fill a large space and plans on adding more...

New home - combo of wired speakers and playbar 5.1 set up?

I didn't do enough homework on our new construction project. I have New wired speakers in 6 areas - but just removed a wired 5.1 set up in the great big room with 22ft ceilings. My plan now is to get...

Im almost ready to jump into the ecosystem but....

Hi. I've been on the fence regarding jumping into the Sonos ecosystem. I generally have apple products but have a couple google homes and a few(4) chrome cast audios to hack together whole house music...

Bought Dad a Play Bar but.......

I bought my Dad a play bar for Christmas/birthday/fathers day. He loves it. It is the first piece to replace his old, terribly outdated and terrible surround sound system. He hooked it up with no issu...

I have 2 Play:3 speakers. What do i get next?

I have 2 play 3 speakers and wonder whether it will be worth getting a connect, amp or play5? I will most probably use them in seperate rooms as i have a home cinema system that i am looking to connec...

Pairing two Play:1 and a Play Five in the same area

Can anyone tell me if I can pair two Play:1 in order to get a better stereo image with the power of a Play:5? Do you think this will work? Should the five be a mono central speaker? Thanks in advance...

Help me choose please;) Sonos play 1 or new play one?

Id really appreciate your help. Ive been weighing up the sonos vs a bose. I think my heart is now set on sonos. However i dont know which to get? I have a dot so can connect to the old play(although r...

Setting up new room

I was thinking of using Sonos for a brand new setup for a space for watching TV and listening to music. Room is 6mx6m. Was thinking of Playbar, Subwoofer plus 2 either 3's or 5s. What do people think...

Sonos One/Play:1 and direct streaming

I'm currently thinking of buying a Sonos speaker mainly for streaming music from my old Macbook Pro 2009. I don't have an iPhone and/or use any sort of music streaming stuff such as Spotify or Apple M...

Office Set up: Speaker comparison

We are looking to get a sonos system in our office space. Our office is one large room 1600 sq ft approx with 20 ft high ceilings and a mezzanine. We are looking at wall mounting speakers. We need ad...


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