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Play:5 Defective Hardware

My Play:5 died 2.5 years in, due to a hardware failure as diagnosed by the Sonos team. I spent $500 on that speaker and the Sonos response was to offer me a "discounted" $350 replacement speaker ($850...

New Bar Installation

Hi, I am currently opening my own Micro bar. Whilst music wont be the driving force of the pub, it will still be on in the background and want to make sure it sounds great. The size of the room will...

Sonos One better than play:1 ?

I recently moved the play:1 from the bedroom into the living room as a rear surround. I am now looking to replace it. The question is whether I should just get another play:1 or the newer one ? Is the...

Best setup for music

I'm looking for the best setup for music of all kinds. Our music taste runs from rock&roll to classical. Would 2 Play 5's do the job or 2 sonos ones and a subwoofer? Any suggestions? Thanks.

Sanus Adjustable Speaker Stands - Impressions

Hello I purchased a pair of the Sanus Adjustable Speaker Stands_Sonos One/Play 1/Play 3_to mount a pair of Sonos One's. In the past I'd always gone with Flexson but I decided to give the Sanus brand...

Play 5 vs Connect for adding to existing system?

Hello Sonos people! My current system is a sort of a mess, and I'll do my best to explain it. I really only use it for 2 things, watching TV and whole house tunes when I have company over. I have a V...

Instaling Sonos in my new home, Help!!!

Hello there folks. Need help setting up with SONOS and it would be great if U guys could advise me on which products to buy. So, let me explain the situation: I am moving into my new home and plan t...

Smallish place. Have a Beam in the LR - Do I get a ONE or Play 1 for my master bedroom?

I will eventually add more speakers to the LR where the Beam is, but for now I want a ONE or a Play 1 for music in my master bedroom. I tested to see if the LR Beam could hear me (thinking I'd get a P...

New Amp or Sub ???

I am currently deciding whether to upgrade my current connect:amp to the new Amp or buy a sub instead. In my living room I currently have the following setup : Music :- Sonos Connect:Amp Mission QX-2...

What to use and How to hook up?

First, I don't really understand much of the connection process for all this stuff. Open to learn though. I have 2 Sonos play 1s that I have been playing Pandora off my phone. I wish to hook up my...

Adding a Turntable to a Playbase Sonos Setup

I have an Audio-Technica AT-LP1240-USB Direct-Drive that I would like to add into my current setup and I want to know if the new Sonos Amp or perhaps a Play 5 will work. My current setup is the follo...

Buyin Sonos for the first time!

I am starting with my living room, and I want to create a 5,1 home theatre, but also want o give environment music when I get home. What should I buy? optiion 1: PLaybar+sub+ 2 PLay:1 or option 2...

Initial purchase recommendations

Looking to purchase the right equipment to be able to push an existing receiver and cd changer out to Sonos speakers. I would like to start with two Sonos Ones but not sure what additional components...

Suggestions for a new Sonos buyer

Hey all, I'm looking for some advise. Currently I have an old setup (like 6-7 years old, and it was already a budget option back then). It's starting to fall apart, quite literally tbh. As I want t...

Cheap Vinyl Setup Help

I recently purchased 4 Play:1 and a beam. I have 2 play:1 and the beam in my living room and 2 play:1 in my basement. I am looking at getting into vinyl. I am looking at the most economical setup....

which to buy?

hi, i am new to sonos, but love the product and want to add speakers to my new home. I am debating between the sonos 5:1 or doing the sonos 5 speaker with 2 sonos 1s. I am really more doing it for...

Which Sonos for me !

Hi Heard the sound quality (which is impressive) and wondering which would be best for me - I dont use streaming much as I have a server with many thousand mp3's on it on my home lan and I have upgr...

I have a Denon AVR1601 receiver and JBL S26 speakers that I don't use much at all lately. What Sonos should I get?

Our living room is 20x16 feet. I have Denon AVR1601 Dolby Digital Audio/Video Receiver and JBL S26 speakers that I bought used 15 years ago. They still work but we don't use them much at all. We mos...

How to setup my Sonos system?

I am going to setup a Sonos 5.0 system in my living room, it’s about 25m2(269ft2). The function I need are: 1) connect to TV to watch movie(it has HDMI ARC); 2) play music (surround setero, support Ai...

Indoor/Outdoor Audio Set Up

Hello Sonos Community, I am new to Sonos and am looking forward to getting set up. We are currently under renovation for our back yard and really need help designing a great outdoor audio set up. C...

Will Sonos work for my party room?

I have a very nice 5.1 surround system which I use for watching movies in my man cave. I entertain there - often. When entertaining I will usually play music via Apple TV streaming from the collect...

New Amp will it work with my set up?

I need some expert advice from the users here. I currently have Sonos through out the house but within my man-room I have my connect hooked up to my record player and it powers the speakers in there....

Sonos connect and play 1

Is it possible to have sound from my TV to my Play 1 speakers? When watching television I want the sound going to my Play One speakers. Is that possible?

Switching to Sonos

Hi, My father is a die-hard fan of the Logitech Squeezebox duet, which, unfortunately, we haven't been able to find a replacement for - the fact that you have several physical controllers that you ca...

Beam + ??

Hi, I have just bought a Beam which has replaced my 2.1 wired speaker set-up (wires didn't look good for my new place). I am wondering whether I should get the Sub next or two Ones next? It is gene...


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