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Buying my first speaker

Hello all, I am a high school senior heading to college next year and hoping to buy a speaker to take with me into the next stage of my life. Because of where I currently sit financially speaking, m...

Adding to two one’s

After months of debate got a pair of one’s and set them up as a stereo pair yesterday in a 22ft by 23ft room and love them There is just a bit of depth missing and want to have the option of just b...

Play:3 adequate for TSF, or Play:5?

Already have Play:3 within the space in question, just curious if Play:5 would be justifiable. In short, TSF is about 450 for the room, which is more a rectangle than a square. Dilemma (if you want to...

Pricing for replacement power cables

I ordered a replacement power cable in September 2018 for a Play:1 and was charged $5.99. That same cable is now $24.99. Any reason for this quadrupling in price? This seems like an insane price for a...

Turntable output through Sonos

I've ordered a Bluetooth turntable which I was going to connect to an Echo connected to the line-in on my Play 5 which is in another room. Is this also possible as an alternative to Bluetooth? If I'm...

2 x Play:5 OR Play:5 + Sub

So, my Zeppelin Air has finally given up the ghost. The Zeppelin Original I had before it died in a similar fashion, so I am moving from Bowers & Wilkins to Sonos. I am definitely getting a Play:5 b...

Sonos Play1 as PC speaker

Can I set my Play1 to alao be my windows PC speaker?

Need a TV to support my playbar dolby digital 5.1

I have spend about 24 hours searching online for a TV compatible to support my playbar with dolby digital 5.1 Losing my mind!! Support sent me outdated list of TV then a list of vendors. I want to on...

Sonos beam +sub or beam +play 5 gen 2.

Currently have the beam and 1 play 5 gen 2 . Toying with idea to sell the play 5 and get the sub. Would love views of the experts on here.

Seeking speaker recommendations primarily for music

Currently, I have a 2nd Gen Play 5 in our office. Very happy with it, but the Mrs is not the biggest fan of the aesthetics. We're looking to add a couple more wireless speakers throughout the house...

What would you do? - existing 5.1 system with dead preamp

I have a 5.1 system from 15+ years ago that worked great until the pre-amp died. I've been trying to decide what to do and the wife bought some Sonos gear for my birthday - we're trying (soundbar + s...

One CD player, two amps

Hi all, I moved into a house with four rooms with two built in ceiling speakers each, eight speakers total. All the wires are centrally located but there’s no equipment. I’m planning on getting two So...

Sones One Pair add Beam for music ?

Hey guys, Since I currently own a pair of Sonos One speakers I wonder if a Beam will truly enhance the music experience. Because I already own an OK soundbar with subwoofer from Samsung (Sonos Sub s...

Beam or a pair of Sonos Ones?

What would be better? A Beam or a pair of Sonos ones? Looking for music in a double car garage. Mostly pop / hi-hop type music. THANKS

Sonos Gen 1 S5/play5 wall brackets

Hi everyone. I am permanently installing two Gen 1 Play 5's in my room. I want to mount them on the wall. The best wall bracket for my purpose is the Flexson tilt and swivel but they appear to be d...

What is best option for a setup using a Rega Planar 2 and Sonos Amp?

Which preamp will be most compatible? Any suggestions for speakers? Thanks

Sonos One (Gen2/Gen1) and Play:1 Product Comparison Chart

With the recent release of the Sonos One (Gen2) you may have questions as to how it compares to the Sonos One (Gen1) and its not so distant cousin the Sonos Play:1. Rest assured that all three speaker...

Play:1 Versus Sonos:One (Gen1 or Gen2)

I am slowly working on getting my House outfitted with Sonos Speakers. I currently the the Beam and that works fine for my Current Usage. I thinking about what to do for the Rear Surrounds. I now ther...

Beam + SUB, worth it at low volumes

Hey. My setup today: Kitchen: two stereo paired Play 1 Living room: Beam Daugthers room: Play 1 My question is. We often listen at low volumes, but I really need more bass in the living room. But I...

What to buy for TV sound

Hi, I want to improve my tv sound and living room stereo. I have a pair of Bose 201 bookshelf speakers and I’m considering either buying the Sonos amp for the Bose speakers with a Sonos sub or simply...

Moving Sonos outside

Hi Guys. I have a 30' x 30' deck plus double that in garden and have been moving a pair or play 3's outside when needed but now need something better. I debated a bean under the eve but it wouldnt la...

Sonos ok for a covered porch?

I have an approx 32x16 covered porch that I would like to use sonos on--want to attach to wall so they don't "walk" off to other places They would be pretty well protected but there is the occasiona...

Using Sonos for tv and current speakers

Is it possible to fully replace my receiver with Sonos? I have a good set of KEF speakers and a sub that I'd like to continue to use in a 5.1 setup, just need to connect them to something that will t...

To SUB or not to SUB or alternative option?

Hi, I have a SONOS Playbar and pair of Play 1's synced up for my TV setup and have mulling over adding a SUB for a while now. I do enjoy a full cinema sound experience so am keen to know if people th...

Real World Usage of SONOS One's with 3.5 TV Audio Out

I was hoping to use a Connect with a pair of One's connected to the 3.5 headphone out on my kitchen TV. The speakers would also be used for music. According to the Sonos support folks, this setup is n...


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