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Downsizing with minimal compromise.

TL;DR: Can the SONOS Play3 be configured as a discrete center with two Play5s providing the front L/R as substitute for the PlayBar? Any alternative suggestions are also appreciated. Backstory: 14...

Using the Connect for zone 2 audio.

My current home theater set up consist of; An dual zone AV receiver bose acoustimass 6 For 5.1 surround. I need steroids audio for a second rooms tv My understanding is I can hook up the CONNECT t...

Play1 vs Play3

Currently have the Sonos one and the mic sensitivity is lacking so I'm thinking to upgrade to echo dot + (2) play 1 or (1) play3. Questions: are the drivers in the play1 and play3 the same? I'm t...

Sonos One vs. Echo Dot?

I am seriously considering the purchase of a Sonos One for my daughter but have some serious concerns. I have been reading (here) about customer concerns over the mic sensitivity in the Sonos One - m...

Some advice on TV purchase for sound. Anyone with LG/WebOS?

I know it's been discussed everywhere but here are so many posts (my own included) it's so hard to find a definitive answer. Does anyone have experience with LG TVs and Sonos Playbar? I am looking a...

(Wirelss) Connection Between Mobile Pico video Projector & Sonos:PLAY1

Hello All, I want to wirelessly connect my Mobile Pico video projector to Sonos: PLay1. I want to project my laptop input (Netflix, videos etc. to the wall screen and want to user Sonos speakers for...

Play:5 in ceiling (attic above), worth it?

Hello, I am considering getting a play 5 speaker and installing it in ceiling. Has anyone done this? Would the play:5 sound be affected by the installation? I really love the sound of the play:5 and...

Connect or Connect:Amp for connecting turntable, speakers and stereo integrated amplifier

Hi All, New to the boards and have had a search through and seen a couple threads that are similar to this yet non seem to answer the exact questions I've got, so thought I'd make a new thread and se...

Play:1 vs Ceiling Mounted Speakers

I am currently in the process of building a new house. I own 4 Play:1's wanted to use them in 4 rooms throughout the house (Kitchen, Dining Room, Screened Porch, and Office). The builder is suggesti...

Connecting Sonos System with Record Player

Hi - I currently have two Sonos Play:1 speakers and recently purchased a record player that I would like to be able to play using the Play:1's. To connect using the in-line from the record player I un...

If you already owned a P1 and a P3, would you get an additional P1 or a P3 for stereo pair for medium sized room?

I currently own a P1 and a P3 and I am thinking of creating a stereo pair for a medium size (social) room. Would you spend $200 or an additional P1 or $300 for an additional P3 in order to create a s...

Paying a 10% upcharge for Sonos products

I am purchasing an existing home and exploring audio options. The local security/audio is recommending Sonos and in their quote, had 10% over what Sonos charges on line. Is this usual ? When I inqu...

Building new system in old house

I am looking to add a multi room system in my house but do not know what I am doing and could use some advice on what to get. I am looking to add sound in the living room and dining room as two separa...

Choosing between two Play:5 floor stands; Hama vs Flexson

I would like to get a floor stand for my Play:5. Where I live, I have two options, and both are basically the same price. A Flexson https://www.flexson.com/by-sonos-product/sonos-play-5-all/play-5-f...

Would a Playbase + a pair of Play5s be too much?

I'm about to move house and the living room in the new place is rectangular and relatively large (around 45m2 / 500 ft2). I'd like to fill the whole room with good quality sound and I was thinking of...

Sonos for Warehouse

Hello, Im looking to setup a warehouse building with sonos. The warehouse measures approx. 110ftx65ft. It is 2 stories. So approx. 7000 square feet for each up and downstairs. Im thinking about using...

Sonos setup in new construction. Looking for feedback.

I am building a new house and designing the sound system. I do not have Sonos today, so I am new to this technology. I have listed my plan below and have a couple basic questions. 1. Regarding, t...

Playbar - with SUB or with 2xPlay 1s?

I'm about to get a Playbar for the TV and alongside that my budget will stretch to either a SUB or 2 Play 1s (or Ones) plus stands to use as surrounds. System will be used as much for music as for TV...

Starting from scratch... Buy now or wait?

Evening everyone! First post here. So the title says it all really. I've decided that I'd like to start my journey into having a wireless speaker setup around the house. We are an Apple household, w...

Using ceiling speakers with Connect:Amp & TV

I am looking at buying the Connect:Amp to connect my ceiling speakers by Sonos. Is it possible for these speakers to be connected to my TV via the Connect:Amp also? Apologies if this question has been...

Playing Vinyl Through Playbar and Play 3 surrounds

My set up is Playbar, Sub and 2x Play 3s as rear surrounds. I'm thinking of buying an Audio-Technica Pre-Amp turntable and connecting to my Playbar via RCA cable - to RCA to Toslink converter - to Tos...

Three zones very far apart with spotty wifi connection

Hey folks! If I want to have three separate zones that are quite far apart from one another, and all of which have wired speakers, how would you recommend I go about doing that? I will be able to pla...

Can I run my Sonos system with an iPad Mini?

Due to the loss of Sonos functionality caused by Cascading, Software Upgrade Incompatibility ... I'm going to have to make some changes. I am currently running a Sonos system with 2 Sonos Connect, a...

Best CURRENT option for connecting to Google Home

Like many of you, I've got a combination of Sonos and Homes in my life. Unfortunately I only currently have two Play 1s but I'm desperate to find a way to cast music via my Homes, to my Sonos. As...


I am closing on a house in about 8 weeks and wanted to set up a sonos system in the house. I was curious if people could recommend which speakers I should buy for various rooms. We have a decent siz...


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