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Sonos Setup for TV and multi room

Hello! I'm very new to this, and looking for a simple setup that "just works" for TV sound and music in the entire apartment. The apartment: TV in the living room, kitchen and an extra room. I would...

Which Sonos connection for vinyl?

Would love to hook up a record / vinyl player to my Sonos system which is a mixture of play 1’S, a play 3 and a couple of Sonos ones (for Alexa). I’m torn as whether or not to buy a Connect, a Connect...

Play 5 or Connect to connect with Vinyl Player

Curious if anyone has used a Play 5 to connect to RCA cables of a Vinyl Player. Can you then stream to your others SONOS speakers in the house? Is there an advantage or disadvantage to this as compa...

Beam + SUB, worth it at low volumes

Hey. My setup today: Kitchen: two stereo paired Play 1 Living room: Beam Daugthers room: Play 1 My question is. We often listen at low volumes, but I really need more bass in the living room. But I...

Updated play 3 coming?

I’m suspicious that a new play 3 is coming. Sonos has been out of stock for weeks!

Buying a Sonos system for a new apartment

Me and my girlfriend just bought our first apartment. It's not very big (59 square meters), but we want to buy a Sonos system for it. The picture doesn't reflect how we're furnishing it, but it won'...

What to buy for long open plan kitchen/living/dining room

Hi, I don't have any Sonos products yet but am mulling my options. I have a an open plan living/dining/kitchen room that is 8m long and 6m deep. It is all shiny tiles and hard surfaces with a long sli...

Living room system design for Sonos beginner

Hello everybody. It's Giulio from Italy, and I'm glad for having just joined this great community. I'm planning to move shortly to a new apartment I bought some time ago and that I've just finished...

Beam v Playbar

I am looking at getting a Sonos surround system. My question is whether to get the Beam or Playbar. The room it's going in, is an open space of 20ftx25ft, and is a combo Kitchen/TV area. The TV portio...

TruePlay - Cheapest option to get compatible controller?

I'd like to try out the TruePlay settings for my Play systems but I don't have any Apple gear to do it with. Worse I know nothing about Apple products. I found the list of compatible Apple hardware h...

Youtube videos through Sonos

I have a bunch of sonos one's and a connect (to far from computer to use earphone adaptor). I was wondering if I buy a sonos 1 will i be able to stream audio from youtube from my computer to my sonos...

Purchase power cord for Beam

Where can I buy an additional power cord for my Sonos Beam?

Not enough inputs.

Hello, I just bought a Beam but my TV does not have as many inputs as I need. I have 2 4K HDMI inputs (1 is ARC) which are both occupied with PS4 Pro and XboxOne S. I have 1 optical which is oc...

Recommendation for new Gigabit Switch

I'm thinking of replacing my old/slow unmanaged switch to which I connect my two Play:5s so I'm looking for a recommendation. Briefly, my setup is as follows: BT HomeHub 5 Unmanaged 100BaseT switch c...

Sonos Connect

So I wanted to get a Sonos Connect for my TV. And as I've read more about it im starting to understand. I want to hook my Sonos Connect up to my cable box turn off my TV speakers, but if I hook my opt...

Onkyo TX NR646

I would like to get a couple sonos one and a playbar to connect to my Onkyo TX NR646 and existing sub to create a surround sound experience. From what I've been reading the Onkyo TX NR646 is NOT on th...

Thoughts on Sonos Sub

Can I have the opinions from those of you who have or have had experience of using the Sonos Sub with the new Beam and Play 1’s - separately i.e. not as a 5.1 set up (unfortunately i’m unable to use m...

Two Sonos ONES with AirPlay2 or One Sonos BEAM for TV sound - LG TV / Apple TV 4K?

Buying a few speakers in the Sonos system. For a small room, where theres no room for 5.1 surround setup Would you set up Two 2 Sonos ONES, via Airplay 2 for sound from Apple TV (Netflix and Itunes r...

Multi Zone & TV Surround Setup

I am looking to create a multi-zone system in my home using built in speakers and running home run wires to separate connect:amps to create my zones. I will have zones in the traditional places ie., k...

Will Boost help?

I live an area with many WiFi networks. My Sonos keeps dropping out or skipping in the middle of a song. I get a message that says “unable to play....”. Previously I had a Bridge wired to router and...

Play 5 vs. Beam

In my living room, I now have 2nd gen play 5 connected to TV line-in, and a pair of play 1's bounded with a SUB. They are grouped together for watching movies and listening to music. I know it does n...

What to buy?

I just picked up a set of Sonos one speakers slightly used for 200 bucks! These things are awesome! I had previously bought a play three but returned it due to the inferior sound quality and reading s...

What system I should buy?

Hello there! I am a really happy user with 2 sonos one old generation As you can see in the photo my setup has one Panasonic TV and one Benq 1070 projector. My concern is what setup I should buy for...

Sonos play 1. Should I buy one or two

I am thinking about buying the sonos play 1. Would only one be enough or should I buy two. It is for my bedroom so the room is not that big.

System Questions 5.1, mounting

My home TV and audio system runs off of a Marantz receiver/amp, mostly TV. Looking to replace current 5.1 set-up and use Sonos 5.1 with Playbar. Current surrounds and subs wired, is there a need or...


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