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Recommendations for upgrade

Hi all I am about to upgrade my system but am unsure what to get. I have a stereo pair of Play 5's (gen1) and am considering getting a sub. Would it be better doing this or selling the Play 5's (gen1...

Sonos availability in Hong Kong

Hi, I really want to get a couple of sonos systems, but I can't seem to find anywhere to buy them in Hong Kong. Most of the audio & video dealers I have talked to claim there is no agent in Hong Kon...

Black Friday Deals

Does anyone know of any black friday deals coming up on play 1s or 3s? If so where?

Record player with Sonos

Hi Sonos community, I have been bequeathed some records, but I don't have a record player. I would like to create a solution (involving Sonos) that allows me to play the records with minimal hardware/...

Designing custom home and need advice!

I am looking to install a full sonos system for the home - Here is the layout: Garden Level: large open TV room with large bar area 600sqft 1st Level: open concept kitchen/dining room 600sqft - Also...

Need some help with designing my setup (connect amp's)

Hi All, New to the forum, so nice to meet you all! We just finished some construction works to our house and I would like to get some Sonos stuff in the new kitchen, living area and outdoors. I aske...

Do Sonos Play:1 and Sonos ONE both require direct Ethernet connections?

I have Sonos at home and in a holiday (vacation) home, but I am not up to date with the technology. I want to buy a Sonos One or Play 1 as a Christmas gift for someone. However, their router is not in...

Playbase predominantly for music?

Hi all, I’m new to Sonos (just got a Play:1), having used Airplay through amps and separate speakers for years. I’m impressed with the sound for such a small speaker. Long story short, for various...

Help with what I should get

Hi. Interested in getting Sonos set up in our house but I have some questions regarding what I should do. We have two 5.1 systems in our house; one on the main floor living room and the other in our...

Using a Play 5 (first gen) to connect my turntable to two Sonos Ones?

My wife and I just got two Sonos Ones and set them up as a stereo pair. I would like to connect my turntable (and preamp) to the Sonos system, but don't want to spend $350 on a connect. A neighbor is...

Can sonos replace b&w 802 diamond

Help needed , i have a really nice set up in my living room. A pair of b&w 802 diamonds connected to a nad m3 and a camebride audio streamer. Now i would like to simplify the set up , but i dont know...

Sonos Connect or Sonos Connect:AMP

Hi all. Been using multiple Sonos items for couple of years. I build apartments and put Sonos into them. We currently put Ceiling Speakers in and then use a connect:amp for the customer to power up...

Sonos Customer Support - If you don't know your own products, customers need to ask who exactly?

While I've been mostly impressed with Sonos over the years the response from CS to my recent enquiry with them REALLY beggars belief! I recently noticed that my Bridge has died and found on testing t...

Play:5 Defective Hardware

My Play:5 died 2.5 years in, due to a hardware failure as diagnosed by the Sonos team. I spent $500 on that speaker and the Sonos response was to offer me a "discounted" $350 replacement speaker ($850...

Sonos Play 1

Please help, please!....I am shortly to be purchasing a Sonos Play 1 for a Christmas present, and am totally lost with everything I have read thus far. Really, desperately basic please - can I buy thi...

One and Play:5

Hi, first post - I don't own any Sonos yet. Thanks in advance. I live in a 800sq/ft top floor condo, my kitchen and living room are the same room. How about a Play:5 on top of my kitchen cabinets and...

Sonos warranty

Is there a way to verify if a Sonos product is still under warranty?

Re establishing a Sonos System

I recently moved into a house that used to have a Sonos System with 6 separate stations. All that is left are the speakers in the walls and ceilings and the wires that all go to one place in the hous...

Google home mini + 3 play 5 + connect

Hi guys, I have 3 play 5 (gen 1) connected with a Connect. I wanted to know, If I buy a Google Home Mini and one google chromecast audio will i be able to stream to my sonos grouped speaker and will...

Sony TV, Xbox One and Playbar advice

Hi, I'm close to taking plunge into the world of Sonos but have been doing some reading this afternoon and found myself unsure if my TV is compatible with the Playbar that I was looking to buy. My pl...

Sonos One v Sonos Play + Alexa

I was thinking of getting a Sonos One for my husband for Christmas or would it be better to buy an echo and add a Sonos Play as speaker - just thinking about adding other items in the future

Connecting multiple (different type) sources

Hi, I'm figuring out how to setup my Sonos system. But I have a question on connecting multiple sources. One source would be a projector providing a optical audio output, and the other would be a st...

Streaming Sonos speakers to other areas of the house from Apple TV connected to amp/wired speakers in Living room.

I have been reading related answers to this question, but being so new at this, I am still not certain. I currently use Google Play on iOS to stream music via Apple play to my Apple TV which is conne...

Living / dining room setup - looking for recommendations

Hi all - Recently moved into a new apartment and have a large room that's both living room and dining room, and looking to setup a full Sonos system. It's about 350 sq ft total (~25 ft x 14 ft). Wou...

Playbar Optical Cable

How long is the optical cable that is included in the Playbar box? Trying to determine whether I need to purchase a longer cable for my installation. THANKS!


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