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Playbar or Beam better for someone hard of hearing?

I am trying to help my father-in-law set up a system for his living room. He is very hard of hearing and has trouble watching tv because he can't understand what people are saying. I am thinking a Son...

Onkyo TX-RZ630

I have a new Onkyo TX-RZ630 that I’m setting up in a dedicated home theater room. I’m trying to decide on using a connect or connect amp in this room as if I had a connect amp I would send those two c...

Limit Users

Set up system in a business and trying to find a way to limit users. System has been working great for several months. Now the volume changes and stations change. I know Sonos doesnt have any password...

Sonos Playbar vs Sonos Beam w/ 2 Sonos Play 1

So as the title states. I am looking to spend around $700. For that I can get a Playbar or a Beam with 2 Play 1's. My setup will be used 80% for music and 20% for sports and movies. Any opinions or he...

Cheaper non-Sonos sub for a pair of Play:1?

This topic must have been discussed earlier, but I can't find it. Is it possible to add a non-Sonos sub to a pair of Play:1? The price of the Sonos sub is four times higher than a Play:1 here in Swed...

What to get next?

Already have a Playbar for the TV. Wondering if it makes more sense to add a sub or two more Play:1s next as I build out my system. Will only adding the Play:1s really enhance the Playbar that much?...

Next addition recommendation

Hi all, I currently have three SONOS One's in my living room/dining room. I have a pair set up on L/R channels and the third at the other side of the room. I'm now thinking about adding another uni...

Tooooo many Updates tooo bigger impact

about 70% of the time use my SOnos i have to do some update or another and it takes several minutes... every time and half of that is of checcking after it has already told me it has one to do Ge guy...

Contractor put all speaker wiring in one place

My contractor during a renovation put 4 rooms of speaker wiring in one place. Can I attach speaker wires to 4-Connect Amps at a central location and control all zones from my smart phone assuming all...

Turntable Sound

Hi all, I own a project turntable that I'm running through an AV amp on my living room to 2 X monitor audio RX6s. I'm look to "Sonos" up my life! In the living room I plan to swap the AV amp for a B...

Sonos amp / connect:amp for outdoor speaker set up

Thanks in advance for advice on this guys, this is a bit of a long post but hopefully some of you more familiar with the system can follow along and help! i currently have no Sonos but looking to get...

Buying Sonos in the USA and using in Europes.

I am planning a trip to the Us. Due to VAT and currency it is much cheaper to buy Sonos in the Us than Europe. As they have som different electric current I am worried that the Sonos equipment bought...

Sonos on the wall

I'm about to wall mount 2 Sonos One in a living room

Sanus Adjustable Speaker Stands_Sonos One / Play 1 / Play 3

Hello I purchased a pair of the Sanus Adjustable Speaker Stands_Sonos One/Play 1/Play 3_to mount a pair of Sonos One's. In the past I'd always gone with Flexson but I decided to give the Sanus brand...

wall mounts for play1

My boyfriend has recently brought a set of play 1 speakers. At the moment they just sit on the side tables either side of the bed, so I was considering getting him the wall mounts for Christmas. was j...

New setup for Physical Therapy Office

Hi everyone, so I am opening a new 2200 sq/ft PT office which was previously a clothing store and previous owners left 8, 70volt in ceiling speakers I plan to reuse in the general open space of the cl...

Sonos and Vinyl

Hi, I have a Rega P2 turntable with amp and speakers. I also have a sonos 3 and want to start using my vinyl through a sonos so we can play in other rooms. Is this possible? what do I need? how do I...


STOP IT ALREADY WITH THE UPDATES! I have 5 systems and 19 devices. Constant updates make me hate this system. If you feel like you keep needing to fix what you messed up in the last software build...

Sonos One for the in-store radio network

Hi everyone, We set up and maintain the in-store radio stations for our customers, and this is our first time to have an inquiry to install the speaker systems in addition to providing the online radi...

Two rear speaker pairs or zones

Recently we added another couch to our living room and now only one sitting area has rear speakers. I would like to see the ability to add another rear speaker pair.

Cannot connect my Raspberry Pi to my Sonos speakers

Please help! The Problem: I am trying to add a new share to my iPad Sonos application, but cannot get it to link to my raspberry pi to play music. I have loaded SMB via My OSMC and can play music f...

1 play:5 or 1 play one and a sub?

I bought a sonos one speaker last week and was blown away by the quality. I wanted to expand my collection. I am still a student, so i can't buy all speakers i want at the same time. i am doubting bet...

Turntable and Beam

I have been looking to get into the Sonos community and I think the Beam will fit my needs. I am looking to replace my current amp and bookshelf speakers with the Beam. So my final setup is hopefully...

Beam Aesthetics

I've been going back and forth about beam vs. playbar and was (finally) leaning beam. Yesterday I was casually measuring below the TV to see how the beam might look and my wife saw and responded, "TH...

Best for Classic and Jazz music + TV connection

Hi, everyone! 👋 I have read many useful advices here. However, it's not clear to me what to choose in my case. I'm going to buy Sonos to listen to Classical and Jazz music and to connect my system to...


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