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New Sonos Amp vs Sonos Connect with Sony Receiver

Hi there. I am about to purchase a sonos product to connect my regular floor speakers to my Sonos system. Do I want to buy the new Sonos Amp and get rid of the receiver or am I better off buying a S...

Sonos One Stand

Hi, I was browsing the store page and I see a new type of stand is available: https://www.sonos.com/en-us/shop/speaker-stand-pair-one-play1.html It does not state the maker (neither Flexson nor Sanus...

Sonos Beam and Sony A1E

Hi, Is anyone currently using the Sonos Beam with the Sony A1E or AF9 OLED Tv’s? I’m considering the beam to pair with my A1E and I’m wondering how much of an upgrade it is from the TV sound. Also, i...

Playbase - Is lack of DTS an issue? Should I wait for a Playbar refresh?

Hello, I recently purchased the Sonos Beam on sale over Christmas, but I am considering returning it and purchasing a Playbase instead. I want a Sonos solution in my living room that can act both as...

Need help with new system

First, I apologize for asking something that has probably already been asked a million times. I am interested in getting a Sonos system for whole home sound, using the round in-ceiling speakers. I...

Speakers for Large High School Gymnasium

Does SONOS make a Bluetooth system that would provide quality sound to a large high school gymnasium? If so, what is the approximate price for such a system?

Multiple locations and users

We have a commercial multi-studio environment. There are a total of 15 studios (each 120sq/ft avg) which are leased independently with a common corridor and common wifi. Looking to see if a Sonos set...

Play Bar vs Beam. Missing functionality

I realize there are dozens of topics on Playbar vs Beam. I've reviewed many but wanted to clarify a few items specific to my situation. I'm looking at entering the Sonos game. New build home with larg...

What to get for home cinema and listening to music

Hi, I was recently bluffed by the Phantom from Devialet but after a little research I guess Sonos can do as good or close to for less money... Our TV corner is about 20 SQM and the living room (same...

Sonos & Sonance

Has anyone purchased the Sonos & Sonance bundle that is currently being sold by Best Buy (See link below). I am looking for any feedback before I purchase. I currently have a 5.1 setup in my living ro...

SONOS in Business / Commercial Use

Hey all, I am considering to use SONOS in a new business I have opening up and thought I would see whether other users here have had any experience using SONOS in a business environment? Keen to he...

Sonos Amp For Business?

Hi Guys, I am currently undertaking a shop refit in my retail business. The electrician is putting in some standard in-ceiling speakers in the coming week and these will then be connected to an amp. I...

Why doesn't Sonos have an optical switch?

How do I use Sono's with all my equipment? My TV is wall-mounted, so I can't just run multiple HDMI's there for the optical to be outputted, if it even does 5.1 Dolby Digital. It just seems logical...

New Sonos Amp with speaker groups

I'm considering getting the new Amp and have a couple of questions: 1) Can the Amp be grouped and play audio sent from a Beam which is connected to a TV? 2) Is it possible to have an RCA input into t...

Used Sonos products

Good morning community members, I wanted to ask if anyone has bought used Sonos products and what are things to look out for? If the product is out of warranty does Sonos still provide support in case...

How to start with Sonos

I´m new to installing a Wifi Sound system at Home. I've got one preamplified turntable with an RCA output plug. I want to know which Sonos product should I buy in order to get the music from the turn...

Adding Sonos Speakers

I currently have the Sonos Playbar, Sub and two Play:1s set up as 5.1 surround. I am thinking of putting a speaker in the kitchen and bedroom. From what I've read you can't replace one of the Play:1s...


Hi all, I’m shortly moving into an old property with low ceilings. What home cinema set up would you recommend for a room 4m x4m. FYI the tv will be situated in a corner. Thanks

Beam + SUB, worth it at low volumes

Hey. My setup today: Kitchen: two stereo paired Play 1 Living room: Beam Daugthers room: Play 1 My question is. We often listen at low volumes, but I really need more bass in the living room. But I...

Is there a way to ugrade a pair of Play:5s to make them work well with symphony music

Hi, I have a pair of Play:5s (1st gen) and use them mainly to listen to classical music. While this works well for chamber and solo music, it fails miserably for bigger orchestral pieces like concert...

Advice on New Sonos Setup

Hi All We’re in the process of updating our kitchen/living/diner area and we are installing 6x ceiling mounted speakers (the area is around 80m2). I’m just trying to work out what Sonos equipment I ne...

Giving my play 3’s to a friend

Do I need to reset them in anyway before I give them away? Will they show up for my friend if she downloads the app?

Bathroom setup - TV and ceiling speakers

We are building a new house and setting up the system in the master bath. We are going to have a small TV in the wall at the foot of the bathtub built in behind tempered glass. The shower area is a...

Play 3, gen 2

Hi I currently own 2 x ones and plan to purchase a play 5 in the near future. Holding back right now as I find it rather large. Does anyone know if Sonos intend to bring out a gen 2 Play 3 anytime...

Glaring gap in the Sonos line-up

The discontinue of the Play 3 has opened a glaring gap in the Sonos line-up as they are competing with the Google Home Max and the Apple Homepod. A new Play/Sonos Three would be the perfect fit. I...


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