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Sonos One with Alexa Updateable?

I had two Play 1 speakers that worked great but were destroyed in an apartment fire. If I replace them with the Sonos One with Alexa, is the speaker firmware updateable to improve Alexa or fix other i...

New TV but no surround sound..yet

Hi guys, so I have a new tv that is connected to a new Denon AV amp. I have 4 ceiling speakers that are wired to connect to the amp. This is new room freshly built, painted and plastered, but I was...

Boost vs Bridge

Currenlty I we have a set-up of two Sonos 5, one sones 3 and four sonos 1 in a house of around 180 square meters. Our set-up is connected to our router via a bridge. We are experiencing holes in the s...

What Hi-Fi article on Beam tips, questionable statement

Was reading another What Hi-Fi article on Sonos Beam tips, as I am getting it tomorrow and then they go to say this... WHAT??? haha Price aside, the SUB makes a positively huge difference owning one...

Need advice for a Sonos

Hello everyone, Just moved to Canada in a small appartment and decided to go for a soundbar for convenience as I may move again sooner or later. I am total newbie about Sonos and I will really apprec...

New to Sonos: noob questions

So I bought 2x Sonos Ones and a Play 5 from a local store and they didn’t have another One and Play 5 to take home and I have to get it tomorrow. Basically, I only took home the One today. The rep sai...

Which Sonos for kitchen?

Hello Sonosers! I have sonos all over my house and happy with it. However in my kitchen I have only one S3 mounted high on the wall. It does not cut it over the fans and general kitchen noises. So I...

Existing speakers

I just purchased a home that has 8 existing speakers in the wall on 4 separate floors. The attached picture is on the first floor which controls all 4 zones. Can I reuse this existing wiring that was...

BEAM - what kind of HDMI

HI! Since I will be using Beam with my projector (via optical adapter) I need to buy longer HDMI cable (12m/40ft). Does it matter what kind of HDMI I will buy? Would "standard speed HDMI with etherne...

One vs. Play1

Hi everyone. What are the cons by getting two "One" as stereo set instead of a "One" and a "Play1" as a stereo set? I think there is some money to save and I suppose that you only can use voice contro...

What system I should buy?

Hello there! I am a really happy user with 2 sonos one old generation As you can see in the photo my setup has one Panasonic TV and one Benq 1070 projector. My concern is what setup I should buy for...

Receiver & Set Up Suggestions

Off to a really bad start. Recently hired a big box store to install and set up all audio equipment I purchased from said store; Pioneer Receiver; Sonos Connect Amp; Sonos Connect; Sonos One with Alex...

Existing Wired Speakers

Just moved into a new home and the previous owner has in wall wired speakers. 2 upstairs, 2 downstairs and 2 outside for total of 6 speakers. Each has their own volume control knobs in wall outlet. I...

Is a Subwoofer necessary with 2 Play 5 as stereo sound

I have 2 play5s as stereo sound. The bass seems very good. Would I gain any improved fidelity by adding a subwoofer to the system? Like I said the bass seems very fine without a subwoofer. Thank you.

Do I need a connect amp? And can my wife use surround sound without the app?

I'll keep this as simple as possible. My wife does not embrace technology, she does not have a smart phone or a tablet. I find the sonos concept somewhat confusing. We have a new house and I am trying...

Outdoor audio configuration

I am in the midst of planning to put an audio system for my backyard and I got some estimates from audio companies, which turned out to be a big waste of time. So now I decided to see if I can install...

Best config for living room

I would like to buy sonos beam. a play3 is already installed in the living room beam + pair of play 3 [installed in line, not as rear speaker] o or beam for tv audio and a new play 5 [single] to liste...

Sonos Beam and Play 3's as surround speakers

Hi, I am planning to buy a Sonos Beam. I have two Play:3's, can I use these as surround speakers with the Sonos Beam. I have read you can do this with Sonos 1's, but have heard no mention of using P...

Playbase or Beam + Surrounds

I'm currently considering getting a Sonos soundbar for my living room TV (LG OLED 55B7). The options I'm considering are either a Playbase by itself or a Beam with two Play:1s for surround sound. I'm...

The next step, x2 Sonos 5

So I've been using Sonos for already some time. I went all in with a Sonos Base and a pair of Play1 for the surround and so far I'm quite happy but I want to go the extra mile and get a pair of sonos...

Connect:AMP and Play ones as surround sound?

I have two speakers id like to hook up to a connect:amp as front right/center/left. Or really just right and left. If i get two Play:1 or sonos one, can i set up a surround sound or close to surround...

Are a pair of Martin Logan Motion 20 Speakers compatible with Connect:Amp?

I want to buy a pair of standing floor speakers to connect to a Turntable with Connect:Amp. Are a pair of Martin Logan Motion 20 Speakers compatible with Connect:Amp?

Sonos in the garden?

I have a play one that I want to use in the garden but need some advice. The WiFi signal is really poor so I have used a Powerline plug and Ethernet cable to connect the speaker which works nicely. Ho...

external hard drive

Hi all i recently purchased a play 1 as the bose sound touch did not do what i wanted it to...The problem i am having (maybe i'm doing this completely wrong) is i have all my music on a external har...

New home setup

I’m currently getting a new home built. I’m looking into getting whole home audio. I’m looking for some advice as to if Sonos product or products can help. My builder is in installing in-ceiling speak...


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