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Connecting devices to speakers via 3mm jack/audio cable.

Hello, Sonos community Until I can afford a smart TV and a beam to go with it, I'm hoping for a possibility of connecting devices that have a 3mm input (smart phone/tablet/laptop etc.) to my stereo p...

Sonos Amp for Towers with Projector

Hello...I'm in the market for a projector, tower speakers, and the new Sonos Amp. I plan on the Amp powering the front towers and, initially, using my play 1's and sub for the remainder of the 4.1....

Beam with sub or playbase (with sub)

Hello, I am new here and I want to buy a home system from Bose or Sonos. Bose would be a Soundbar 700 with 500 Sub. And with Sonos it is between Playbase without or with Sub and Beam with sub. My liv...

Help for New Home Setup

Dear Community, I have two rooms in my home with 5 in-ceiling speakers each. The 5 are in a 5.1 surround sound setting in the ceiling. One of the rooms is the basement and the other is on the 2nd flo...

Marantz NR 1605 AV receiver

OK - want to install a Sonos solution for a motorhome utilizing a Marantz NR1605 AV receiver... need to establish 3-4 zones - 1st- being 5.1 movie, 2nd - MBR w/ 2 stereo, 3rd outside w/2 stereo and a...

Playbase will not fit at new house setup. Can I repurpose it elsewhere in the house?

Hello, I have a playbase and sub, which I love, but am moving into a new house where the only logical place to put the TV is mounted in the wall. There is no place to put the TV stand it was previou...

Best budget amp for Sonos Connect ZP80

Can anyone recommend a good budget map to use with my turntable and my Connect ZP80 - I bought a 2nd hand amp but it had no Line Out so was useless - plugging the turntable into the Connect works but...

Sonos Amp compared to Connect Amp to drive Bose 251 speakers

I have a pair of Bose 251 speakers in my conservatory driven by a Connect Amp situated in the more controlled temperatures in the house. Not strictly an outdoor situation but the temperature in the co...

New user / new to Sonos with prewired house and an Echo

I have a newly constructed home where 8 individual speaker wires terminate in a central closet. 4 of those wires run to the living room, 2 to MBR and 2 outside. I have no equipment at the moment oth...

Sonos Play:5 or One for multi room retail space?

I'm looking for a wireless multi room setup in a retail environment and could use some advice. There are two adjacent rooms, one is 27' x 25' and the other is 12' x 25'. The ceilings are 9'8" high and...

1200 square foot romm

Hi, I have a 1200 square foot room with 18 foot high ceilings. Two of the walls are all windows. Floor is concrete. It’s a hair salon. Wondering what the best speaker set up would be. Have been con...

Connect:Amp System Recommendation

This is probably mostly of interest to those in the UK, because that's where the prices are relevant. Consider this a pubic service announcement I had a spare Connect:Amp after buying one of the new...

Connecting 2 AMPS? And a set of Sonos 1's in their own loop?

Random question but I am setting up 3 zones in my house... Living room which will be AMP + Sub + 2 passive speakers up front and 2 Play 1's in the rear. I hope this will give me good surround sound (...

Typhon Shop

Hsa anyone ever bought sonos item from this website? The prices seem awful low..don't know if they are fake overseas copies or what. Any thoughts are appreciated https:// typhonshop .com/search? type...

What speakers for small-medium office?

Hi I have 2 areas of questions. Using the Sonos app with multiple users 1. Would you recommend Sonos for an office of 10-14 people? 2. Does the app work fine with multiple users able to queue songs/a...

Wifi imesh

Please, has anyone had the experience of using boost with the sonosnet network along with m5 deco? It worked ? How was the configuration done?

New home setup

Hey everyone, I am currently getting my house built and I am having it wired up for 1 set of in-wall, 2 sets of in-ceiling, and 1 set of outdoor speakers. My question is, how many Sonos amps should I...

Using beam as a center channel

Hi, I currently have a very nice 2.1 receiver with 2 paradigm stereo speakers and a powered subwoofer. My problem is listening to movies the dialogue gets lost when listening at lower volumes. I'm t...

Help picking 5.1 speaker set

Sonos sells a lot of different 5.1 speaker sets: https://www.sonos.com/en-us/shop/speaker-sets What sounds best for a 20x15 living room with cathedral ceilings, the soundbar, soundbase, or beam? By...

For Playbase owners: sibilant, crispy treble is a problem?

Hi everyone! I am just about to buy a sonos device for a 5.1. Main device will not be wall-mounted so I have decided going for the playbase. I am just little worried about an apparent sibilant, crispy...

What combination

Hi I am planning to buy a beam , sub and 2 ones and was hoping to have it set up for the tv as a 5.1 , so using the ones as the rears , but then when playing my music via AirPlay to be able to play it...

College student

Hey guys! This is my first post on the forums so ill give a little background before I get into my question. I am a college student that is moving into a house of pretty good size in the coming month....

Sonos Amp w/ B&W CM6 S2s vs McIntosh vs 2x play 5s

I currently have a pair of CM6 S2s on a Mcintosh c32 and MC2205 with connect. Unfortunately both pieces need to be serviced again (ribbons, caps, ect) and im looking for something with a less upkeep....

Updating to 21st century

Hi all! I've just begun to set up an audio system in my first house - humble mini apt in a basement. I was pondering what to buy to listen to my music and TV getting the most cost effective option (I'...

Ac68u or ac88u?

Anyone have an opinion Asus ac68u versus ac88u? Non-gamer wanting security and 3 room play1


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