New System with Turntable recommendations

  • 11 July 2024
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We have a 1,500 SF house and are looking for a system that would include a turntable in the living room with speakers in the living room, dining room, kitchen and a portable one to take in the front yard or back yard.  I have been trying to find something that helps us “build a system” but can’t find anything.  Does anyone have a recommendation on products to get for us to use the turntable, hook up to AppleMusic, maybe one TV in the three rooms and one portable for outdoor use?

1 reply

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The Sonos store offers several decent turntables that will work for you. At the bottom of the page here:

These would need to be paired with a Sonos device with a Line-In connection. A Port, Era (with dongle) Five or some of the mobile stuff.

For great sound in larger rooms the Five or Era-300s are great.

For smaller rooms the Era 100 does a good job.

All here:


An alternative for the turntable is one that connects wirelessly into the Sonos system. These are good, I’m not a Bluetooth fan for streaming high quality music.


Now if you want the TV in the mix you need to look at the Sonos Home Theater offerings.