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External DAC with Connect

I am looking to add a DAC to my SONOS - Nak RE1 - KEF Q70 system, and am considering the Schiit Bifrost. My source is a wide range of ALAC, MP3 and AAC material. Any advice, is it worth it? Am I likel...

Sonos Users with REAL High-End setups

Hello everyone, after only reading these Forums for a very long time, I finally decided to start a new thread... Anyhow, I am still looking for a REAL high end music setup with Sonos. I have been us...

Can Sonos implement customers good ideas more quickly!

There are so many good ideas on here that have been "under consideration" for months sometimes years. My idea is that Sonos become more decisive, take on some more engineers and get a move on and tur...

Should I replace my hifi separates with a Sonos system?

My system comprises an all British set of separates, including a pre-amp and mono blocs. It still sounds great after twenty years, but things change and technology marches on. Whereas I used to listen...

Should I invest in sonos ?

Great to find a dedicated forum. This journey started by looking at soundbars lol Anyway I currently have a Squeezebox which I love when it works properly. I particularly like using Spotify on it (...

Black Friday Deals

Does anyone know of any black friday deals coming up on play 1s or 3s? If so where?

Getting started

Just joined you guys,I need you guys advice on what I need for my music,home theatre questions,please help

Potential Buyer - researching purchase!

I understand that it's possible to run a multi room set up, mixing speaker types and able to play different tracks in different rooms. Is this possible from one controller, which for me would be my ph...

Sonos now a high end audio system contender

Although I haven't heard it, the Sub/Play3 or 5 pair combination seems to be a high quality sound system for music at home, giving a high end audio system a run for its money, provided one doesn't wan...

Old play 5, will it pair with a new one

I have a 3 year old play 5, will it be okay to pair with a new one or will I be better getting 2 new 3's

Recommend an audio setup

Guys, based on the attached floor plan, would you recommend two play 1's,.one play 3, one play 5 and on which position? Bare in mind i will purchase the Playbar to connect to my TV later on. Thanks...

Play5 (2nd Gen) - Recommendation on Speaker Stands?

I am a current Play5 user of the 1st generation speakers. I recently mounted them on some Flexson speaker stands and I am delighted with the product. I know Flexson has a new stand for the 2nd gen. Pl...

Looking to maybe buy Sonos

I'm looking to maybe buying a Sonos set up, not 100% convinced as yet though. looked at some in John Lewis Cribbs branch today, Of the ones I listened to I liked the sound and look of a pair of Play 1...

Disappointed with Playbar music playback

Hi all. I have a Playbar in my front room for about 6 months now. We all love it for the real difference it makes to watching tv/movies/blu ray (using an optical switch) especially the impact on deep...

Gen 2 play 5 wall bracket

Looking for a wall bracket for the new play 5 don't seem to be able to find one anywhere! Anyone got any ideas??

Do I get 2 Play 3's and a Sub or 2 Play 5's?

I'm try to figure out what the best setup would would be for room(8x7m). Should I go with 2 Play 3's and a sub or 2 Play 5's without the sub?

Can we get a more definitive answer on what TVs will passthrough 5.1 audio ??

The only thread I can see with a Sonos answered comment lists 4 year old American TVs I can't even find in stock. Surely you are constantly testing new TVs ? I really want a new TV but can't pick as...

Play 1 vs 3 for 5.1 system

I'm planning a bar and want to setup a 5.1 system with a Playbar, Sub and either Play 1 or Play 3 rear speakers. The room is about 14x17 feet with 3 walls (back wall open). I plan to watch sports an...

One big room solutions please

I am a sonos virgin but just built one big room for my kitchen/entertaining space. It measures 21 meters by 9meters. I want to have a sonos system and don't know where to start ? I also want sonos in...

External Storage Device

What external Storage Device works best. Historically i had a tower computer which held all my record collections on. I left this switched on constantly so my SONOS linked to and I could play my colle...

What to buy/ Where to start?

Ok, I'm interested in setting up a SONOS sound system throughout my house. This is what I would like to accomplish. Living Room: A good speaker connected to the TV. Which also could be used as a spea...

Large kitchen/living room - mapped out thoughts - what would you change?

Total noob here. Rough draft blueprint: There's three sweet spots in my living room (green X). Was thinking of positioning the two Play:5s and four Play:1s as shown. Tried to get 3.0 in each of the...

Don't buy Sonos!!!!

Please anyone thinking of buying sonos please don't make the same mistake I did! Play bar went dead in less then 2 years. They only have one year warranties. I spent $800 some dollars on this thing an...

Comparing Sonos with Bose

Hi, did someone had the chance to compare a Bose lifestyle 35 or similar, connected to a TV and a Sonos playbar + sub+ 2play 1 ? I mean this comparison for TV surround and a similar comparison for m...

Moving. Take older equipment or not

I had a system installed when building a home almost a decade ago. Open walls. Lots of Cat 6 run. Moving to new home already built. Assuming I'd have to go wireless. Are current connect amps any good?


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