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Stop Sonos phoning home

I think I have all the stops to prevent Sonos from phoning home. Here's what I have configured on my wireless router: - Block all internet access from Play:*, Connect & Amp - Block all traffic from m...


I am currently implementing Wifi Mac Address filtering in my current company and our sonos runs off of wifi. With saying that I have to enter the wifi mac address into the WLAN controller to allow acc...

Lutron Caseta Scene and Playbar

I would like to create a "Goodnight" scene but I am unable to lower the volume using a Caseta scene. It gives me options to "pause" or change the channel source with volume control. However, the TV...

TV Remote Control

All I would like to do is add a record control to change volume.

Sonos 1 plays remotely 5 miles away with a phone app

Last weekend i went to a friends house who has a sonos play 1 with which i can control and whilst there we were playing around with spotify and i got a text from my daughter who was at my house 5 mile...

Replacing faulty Netgear router with Unifi Security Gateway router - question on Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)

Hi. I have 17 Zone players at my house. We are in the process of replacing our NetGear router due to a malfunction with a UniFi security gateway (Router) and a UniFi switch (24 port). My question r...

How to turn OFF Sonos

Currently have a Yamaha RX-V665 powering a 5-channel surround system in the MAIN room, and 3 pairs of speakers (with impedance-matching volume sliders) on the receiver's Zone2 speaker outputs. Plan...

Sonos One vs existing Alexa echo

Can’t set up Alexa on new Sonos One - is this because I have existing set up on an echo

Connect AMP not connecting

I’m loving my sonos play 1 and sound bar so much that I’ve purchased three Connect amps to tie in my hard-wired speakers and run everything off Sonos. I’ve got my Connect amps sitting beside my router...

Registration Error

I have a ZP100 that has updated to 8.1 but will not register. I get a time out with the message "Setup Problem Check your internet connection and that all your players are plugged in". I have tried...

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo sounds interesting. It would be great if this could be used as a controller for Sonos.

Dear Sonos, please, I'm begging you - add a password protection mechanism to the Sonos Controller

Hello. I would like to formally make an enhancement request. Please, please, please, add a password protection mechanism to the Sonos Controller. I work in a variety of offices that have spent a sma...

Multiple Connects on one network with two SSIDs

We have 5 Sonos Connect:AMPs located throughout our warehouse and one Sonos Connect in the front of our building where the offices are. There are two separate network IDs, one for the warehouse and on...

SONOS fails with no internet now

Is there a change to how the latest software works? I am suspecting that the system now needs to always see a live internet connection, and that if it goes., the system will fail or the controller wil...

Large commercial space, multiple SONOS Connect, Ethernet only?

Hi there, I run a recreational facility (20,000 ft) with two large gyms as well as a number of smaller rooms. We have a five Unifi access points throughout the building providing both guest and priva...

my iTunes music folder

I can no longer connect to my iTunes music. I can no longer play music from my iTunes

Repair ZP120

The amp has no power. Is there an internal fuse for this unit? Has anyone taken one apart?

routed network

When I first installed my Sonos it was required all the components be on the same subnet (no routing). I've now grown a more sophisticated routed network at home. is there anything I could run on a...

Connecting Zone 2 to my Sonos Connect

Hi All, Looking for a little help as my audo guy bailed before finishing my setup. Here is what I got set up and what I am looking to do; sorry it is long. I have a Denon AVR 4520ci. Currently, I ha...

Sonos connect + active subwoofer

Is it possible to use an active subwoofer (not sonos sub) for example Dali e9-f by connecting audio out from a Sonos Connect directly to the line in RCA-s of the subwoofer? I intend to use the subwoof...

Sonos system cuts out randomly

My sonos system cuts on during random periods. I suspected it may have been network speed. I have an Orbi router with two satellites, which should be more than sufficient. However, just to be safe and...

Sonos for public use/AirBnB

We would like to offer Sonos to guests at our AirBnB. Is there a way to allow them control of the Connect: Amp, Playbar music services, but not have access to the system settings?

Caravan Park Sonos?

Hi I'm about to buy a caravan which will be permanently located on one site. The site has wifi but I won't have a broadband connection direct to my caravan. Am I able to set up a Sonos system - I will...

connect to powered speakers

I have a sonos connect for several play speakers throughout my home. The connect is located in my music room (but I do not have a speaker in this room). However, I have a nice system that I would like...

Sonos boost

Hello i am a new to sonos ownership,i've got a playbar and sub my question if i buy a boost can i connect directly from my powerline then with two cat5 cables then connect my tv and xbox 1 through the...


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