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Sonos connect + active subwoofer

Is it possible to use an active subwoofer (not sonos sub) for example Dali e9-f by connecting audio out from a Sonos Connect directly to the line in RCA-s of the subwoofer? I intend to use the subwoof...

Plex on unRaid Server

I have Plex on my unRaid Server and I'm looking to setup a system which can handle multi-room music streaming from the same library. What appliances do I need for this? I'd like to use Sonos Play Spea...

Scheduling Sonos daily

Is there a way to schedule Sonos to turn on at a specified time each morning and turn off at a specified time each evening. I manage a small B&B and we try to have music playing around our pool area f...

Connect: Amp + Line Out

Good morning, I have one of the older sonos connect amps that have a line out. Is there any way to use the connect amp's speaker outs to act as a room (which I already have) but to also use the line o...

Sub bass level adjustment

Hi all, my new sub arrived today, I have 2 S3's L and R and sub in my living room. I've adjusted my bass and treble in Eq menu which I'm guessing adjusts the bass and treble for the both my S3 and s...

Whole House Audio: Connect4 & Sonos

I recently bought a home that has a Connect4 System installed for whole house audio. It has an 8x8 matrix amp with audio sources being: my local NAS MP3 Library, Internet Radio, Pandora, Spotify, and...

Sonos for public use/AirBnB

We would like to offer Sonos to guests at our AirBnB. Is there a way to allow them control of the Connect: Amp, Playbar music services, but not have access to the system settings?

Wedding setup help

I have my wedding this weekend and am having trouble creating a solution for if/when the Wifi connection is not strong enough or complete goes out. the wedding is outside and while I do have a Bridge...

Play what's on Sonos on my AVR, and what's on my AVR on Sonos

As the title says, I want to send what's on Sonos to my AVR (presumably using a signal from a suitable Sonos device), and what's on my AVR on Sonos (presumably SENDING a signal to a Sonos device). My...

SONOS play bar and Yamaha TSR-7810-7.2-Channel-Network-AV-Receiver

Hello all, I am planning to buy SONOS play bar and Yamaha Receiver from costco (links below) 1. Can i connect SONOS to my receiver and 55 inch T.V, Blue ray player and DVR to my receiver so that so...

Recent Update Causing Outage

Since updating to 7.4, build 37244160, Playbar disconnects from TV/fails to receive signal from TV after channel is changed. Configuration is Comcast/Xfinity HDMI to Samsung 8000 series 4K ~ optical o...

Playing the line in audio from a Connect directly out of the control applications (iOS & PC)

Maybe a weird use case here but I can't find any info using my google-fu. One of the big reasons I went with Sonos is to go line in from my turntable to the Connect and stream the record player audio...

Sonos not showing either Album Artist or Genre for Plex library. Also no alphabetical listing on right of scroll

Because I have over 65,000 files in my iTunes library, I am using the beta version of Plex for Sonos to gain access to that library via Sonos. Problem: I cannot see either "Album Artist" or "Genre" w...

How to stream from linux to Sonos

Hi all, there are a lot of projects to controll sonos devices from linux devices (personally I like a lot Noson http://janbar.github.io/noson-app/) but I would like to know if there is a way to strea...

"Unable to connect to Sonos player" error message

I have three Play 1 speakers and one Play 5 speaker in my system. I have had no communication problems in the past with all 4 of them. Today, I cannot connect to one of my Play 1 speakers through my...

Dead Play:5, need schematics or tips

Hi Play:5, manufacturing date sometime around 2009, is completely dead. No light in LED. Found several cases of this online, but no solutions. Does anyone have any knowledge about the problem, og...

Sonos ZP100 dismantle and possible repair guide.

I bought a faulty Sonos ZP100 which had previously been opened. I therefore had no option of a Sonos repair or out of warranty exchange. I couldn’t find a guide to strip the unit down so worked it out...

TV to sonos play 5

Hi all - I have trawled the Q&A for answers but cant see specifically what i am looking for. Simply want to connect samsung ue49mu6470 to play 5. I just use the tv for youtube music so not too fusse...

Integrating Sonos Into New Home with Existing Speakers

I just purchased a house that has 5.1 surround speakers in the living room ceiling, plus two outdoor speakers on the deck. I'm a longtime Sonos user, and would like to optimize the setup. It is impo...

Easiest way to get robust IFTTT support!

Hi, I have been spending a lot of time trying to create a simple and easy way to get IFTTT integration working. I know a few people would really like to have an easy way to get that, so here is one so...

Help needed with connection address for external hard drive

Dear Sonos Hive Mind. My extensive music library is on an external Lacie hard drive which is attached to my Apple Time Capsule. This used to mean that I could access this library from any of my devic...

AirPlay support - time to do it properly

Sonos have had a form of AirPlay support for quite some time but frankly it has always been a disappointing kludge even if it got the job done. For those unaware the current and only solution involves...

Problems finding Sonos system when using powerlink adaptor to extend home network

My kitchen is a wifi blackspot and so I have used a TP-LINK AV200 power-line adaptor to extend the range of my wifi to that room. So I in effect have two wifi access points (for present purposes, let...

5 sonos devices on a Ubiquity Unifi network. Matrix looks terrible.

Just brought up a network at home, and the matrix now looks terrible. Details below. Something is clearly wrong. You can see in the attached matrix that there is no root device, and a lot of STP is b...

How to add multi Sonos Ones in one room setting

I have multi sonos speakers. I am trying to place (4) four sonos ones in one room setting. I can only get the system to pair two speakers together. I have factory reset all four and tried to add th...


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