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Some rooms disappear during day

Hello, I have playbar hardwired into router, and also sub and 3 play 1s dotted about the house. Have recently completed building work and trying to get new set up consistently working. Also bought a...

Dropping audio - need help w/ diagnostics

Hi, I’m running a predominately SonosNet setup and get constant dropouts. The source of audio is generally AirPlay on either the playbeam or a connect with airport express. The Ethernet and WiFi is U...

Sonos beam with only 1 play1

Is it possible to set a fixed group of the beam and 1 play 1? I can’t make play1 stay in the group so have to keep adding it.

Pioneer Elite receiver and Works with Sonos

Hi, I watched the Youtube video explaining the steps to setup a Connect with an Elite compatible receivers. I understand in the steps that you have to select the Elite zones you want the music (main...

iPod dock functionality discontinued: alternative set ups

I have a dock and iPod classic running in a multi room setup (3 Connects + Playbar and some scattered :1s). When the dock stops working (as per 9/13/18 Sonos email), I guess I’ll hook it into a Conne...

Repair ZP120

The amp has no power. Is there an internal fuse for this unit? Has anyone taken one apart?

Using ‘Surrounds’ as far left and far right instead.

Anyone tried using a Sonos Soundbar with 2 surrounds that were actually placed at the front of the room in a far left and far right sort of position. I have an odd shaped room and seating layout and t...

Options for bad WiFi

Hello, I recently purchased two play 1 speakers and so far they’re great. One is placed in the living area and one is in the bedroom. They’re set up as standard connecting to my WiFi router. The Wi...

Was I hacked?

I received a phishing email after I started using Radio by TuneIn through the Sonos app. It stated I had a trial for 1 week and then I would be charged $34.99 per month. When I clicked on the review/C...

Combined kitchen/living room plan

Hi all - we’re doing a renovation and have an open combined kitchen/living room (roughly 600 square feet). We’re planning on putting in ceiling speakers but are unsure about the configuration (4 in li...

Sonos Beam with Sonos Ones - TV set up and Stereo Music set up

I'm considering buying a Sonos Beam and at least two Sonos Ones (possibly four). My aim is to get the best set up for TV viewing and be able to also have a stereo setup for music. Is it possible to h...

Volume control Sonos Playbar through Samsung One Remote

Does anyone know how to connect the Samsung One Remote control to the Sonos Playbar so that I can control the volume of the playbar? I tried various ways but can’t get it to work.... I read the the pl...

Volume Control with 2018 LG OLED 77" C8 with Magic Remote and AT&T U-Verse

I ma not able to configure my stystem to control the volume of the Playbar using either the Uverse Remote or the 2018 LG Magic Remote. I have seen the response that the 2018 Magic remote does not have...

Access Sonos from a different wireless network

I have a Ubiquiti Unifi setup at home with multiple VLANs and wireless networks. All of my Sonos speakers are connected to the IoT wireless network (which in turn is associated with the IoT VLAN). My...

Dead Play:5, need schematics or tips

Hi Play:5, manufacturing date sometime around 2009, is completely dead. No light in LED. Found several cases of this online, but no solutions. Does anyone have any knowledge about the problem, og...

Planning in-ceiling system w Sonos Amp

I am currently in the process of building a house and am planning on using 8+ Sonos Amps to power my in-ceiling and outdoor speakers. I will also have Playbars on all of the TV's in the house. All a...

Move surround speakers every now and then

Hello community, This question probably has been asked before, but I can't seem to find it on the forums: Currently I own a sonos Playbar and Sub. I'm thinking about expanding it to a 5.1 surround se...

Sonos in multiple shops

Hi, Is it possible to use Sonos in multiple shops but be controlled from one central location?

ZP100 not booting

Hi, I've recently acquired a ZP100 however it looks to be stuck in the boot process with a single white light flashing endlessly. It doesn't appear responsive to holding the mute button on bootup. O...

Spotify skipping in the middle of songs

763076029 Spotify music skips to next song before it ends

how to play whats on my android phone?

Is there a way of playing whatever is playing on my android phone, via my sonos system? Things like BBC iplayer, bbc podcasts, youtube? Loads of radio shows just aren't available on stitcher or t...

Oticon TV Adapter 3.0 With Sonos Playbar and Sony 4k HD TV

I am trying to connect Oticon TV adapter 3.0 (Hardware wireless Hearing assistant) to Sonos Playbar while attached to my TV SONY XBR930. Oticon can connect to components by either TOSLINK (Optical A...

Does the ZP100 amp have a common ground?

Question is above, but if you want to know why I am asking ... I have reconfigured my home audio and Sonos components am now using a ZP100 to drive several sets of built-in speakers. (I only use one...

Mono sound from Connect Amp

Is it possible to produce mono sound (not stereo) from a Connect Amp? My house has existing in wall/ceiling speakers without dual voice coils, and one speaker per room is my situation. So in stereo,...

Managing m3u playlists and multiple players

The M3U playlist standard is a wonderful way to create lists of your favorite music to play on your mp3 device. However, it gets maddening when you have multiple devices sharing the same mp3 library....


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