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Can I add a Polk outdoor Sub to current outdoor speakers that are connected to a Sonos Connect Amp. ?

Playing Podcasts from Android Device

Sonos says "For podcasts to show up in the Sonos app under "On this Mobile Device," they must reside in the 'Podcasts' folder on your Android controller. The podcasts folder should be in the root dire...

Ability to Disable Bridging and BDPU packets?

I realize this is a home product, but I would love to use it on my corporate network in my office... I was wondering if akin to the ability to shut off the wireless there was a way to disable the b...

Simplified HTTP API (node.js)

Hi, I'm starting a new thread regarding this (old one here https://en.community.sonos.com/advanced-setups-229000/sonos-with-nodejs-my-attempt-33834) since that one grew out of hand. I have made so...

Play 1 loskoppelen van surround systeem

Ik ben waarschijnlijk een ongelofelijke Sonos-noob maar ik stel toch de vraag. Ik heb een 5.0 surround met playbar en 2 play 1. Nu wil ik 1 of allebei de play 1 los gebruiken in een andere ruimte. Hoe...

Help needed tuning spanning tree - Ethernet port become blocked in switch

I've run into a situation where a Connect AMP prefer a weak SonosNet connection over using wired Ethernet. I have 4 permanently and 1 occasionally powered Sonos units: a) Connect (wired Ethernet)...

Sonos and Monitor Audio Soundbar (ASB-2)

I have a Monitor Audio Soundbar (ASB-2), Sonos Connect and Play: 3. The Play 3 is connected wirelessly and the Sonos Connect is connected to the Monitor Soundbar via an optical cable. I play music thr...

what happens with crossover frequencies in zones grouped with zones with a sub?

Hi all, I did not find this specific question anywhere, so here I co My ground floor setup, in rooms in an old house that are linked via multiple arches, hence I need speakers everywhere. seati...

Two homes with two NAS. Can I duplicate my iTunes library so I can listen with Sonos at both homes?

I have two homes. One is a vacation home, the other my main residence. I currently have a large iTunes library database of over 1,500 CDs that I ripped to a rack mounted RAID Network Storage Device (N...

Sonos APP opening of the link URL

Hi I would need to open SONOS APP Android tablet by using the URL that is it?

Connecting Playbar to amazon Echo

I've connected my Playbar to my router via ethernet cable. As the playbar doesn't have a line in to connect directly to echo. How do I get my echo, which is connected to my (same) wifi router to con...

Bluetooth/Airplay + Sonos = Fail?

I've failed twice trying to get an auxiliary wireless way in to my Sonos system. Is there a solution? I sometimes wish to listen to music on webpages (like Bandcamp before purchasing) and for that...

Samsung KU6300 TV Smart Remote Setup

Current setup: - Samsung UN55KU6300 with smart remote - Sonos Playbar - HDMI 1: Ruko 3 - HDMI 2: Playstation 4 I am attempting to configure my TV remote to control the volume coming from the So...

Sonos with local media servers?

Is anybody able to use the limited UPnP server option available in Sonos? ie. Manage|Settings|Advanced|MusicSouces|ShowRhapsodyUPnPServers Are you able to browse the server? Are you able to queue...

line out plus speakers

I have a b&o mini system in the living room with the sonos hooked into it from line out. I have run speakers to the kitchen as well, in the other room. Problem I am having is that the signal on li...

What the hell happened to this product? - Hey Sonos

The last 2 months has been a disaster. Every since the alarm issue in Dec of 16 my system has gone to pot. Let me clarify that I've been with Sonos as an early adopter probably close to 10 years now...

Google Wifi, Google Fiber and Sonos

There are a couple of other threads in the forums about people having problems using their Sonos system after updating their WiFi to the new Google WiFi mesh network. I wanted to share my experience a...

How To Pair A Samsung UN65KS9500XFZA TV & Sonos PlayBar

This topic should assist with pairing multiple devices connected via HDMI on the Smart Hub to use the Sonos Playbar through the Optical Connection. Once the TV has been completely setup. Ensure tha...

Extending my Sonos and WiFi into the shed

Hi everyone, I currently have a bar and sub in the lounge, 5 in the living room and 1 in the kitchen. I want to add a player in my shed, but my WiFi does not connect on my phone down there. I ha...

AirPlay support - time to do it properly

Sonos have had a form of AirPlay support for quite some time but frankly it has always been a disappointing kludge even if it got the job done. For those unaware the current and only solution involves...

Chunked encoding transfer and MP3 ? (a technical question)

Hi - I asked that question a couple of years ago: I'm using my own software to control my Sonos using UPnP for some special setup. When sending an audio file, in UPnP it's a simple webserver that han...

One of the rooms in my house keeps jumping to the source of another room

I have an Echo dot going into the line in of my Play5 in my bedroom. I've grouped it with my living room (Playbar plus SUB) before, but it's not grouped now. I'll be listening to Sirius radio as the...

Music Library Artist Folder Artwork

Hi All. I'm relatively new to Sonos as of last year. My query is how to add artwork to Artist Folders on a shared drive. My setup is via a NAS drive. Now i'm not talking about Album Artwork. This d...

Static IP address

Can I set a static IP address on my Sonos components ?

The Spotify app finds Sonos Connect, shows the Speakers, does not let me connect

As soon as I select a speaker trough the Spotify app it tries to connect for about 5 to 10 seconds before it goes back to the status not connected. It's the same with every speaker and I have no ide...


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