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Question About a Slightly Complicated Multi-Zone Home Installation.

Hey, maybe someone can assist. After having enjoyed a Sonos WiFi whole-house (apartment) system for years, I'm excited to finally have the opportunity to install a wired system using Sonos compone...

BOOST Mode - Can you connect more then one wired Sonos device?

I started working for a home theater / home automation installation company a few months ago and we install a lot of Sonos. Sonos is a pretty solid product but, we still run into some strange network...

Detailed network information available ?

Hi, I have been running a Sonos 5 for a few years now and it works mostly good. But sometimes, the app does not find the Play5 speaker and it mostly happens at parties when it's most "critical" that...

Hi-resolution support required (eg: AIFF 96kHz/24bit)

PLEASE add hi-resolution file support (eg. AIFF 96kHz/24bits) In a world where CDs are becoming obsolete, I believe a good share of Sonos customers are still looking for hi-fi quality, not only the m...

Direct ethernet link library to Connect

I keep losing my wifi connection due to size of my music files. Can I connect direct from library on my laptop to my Connect?

Google wifi and 3rd party router

I have Sonos working fine with my existing network, and I use HomeSeer home automation to control it (things like announcing when someone unlocks the front door). The wifi is terrible in our house,...

Windows 10 Context menu: Cast to Device

I have my Sonos Play:5 setup and I've been playing around successfully with my music services (Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud, Amazon, Google Play etc..I've also set up a music library, adding folders f...

Play One and Android phon

Hello All - I would like to use my Android phone (Galaxy S5) to provide a hot spot and an Asus netbook as a controller for one of my Play Ones so that I can have music when away from home - in hotel...

Sonos with newer whole house wireless system

Hi Guys, I have the following setup: Living room with Playbar connected to router. Office between living room and bedroom containing 2 Play:5 speakers connected via Sonos wireless. Bedroom co...

Sub adjustment - made easy

Is there a way to adjust the sub (bass) settings that is quicker than the current multi step process: Settings Rooms settings Select room Advanced audio Sub settings Adjust sub level Yes...

ZP100 not booting

Hi, I've recently acquired a ZP100 however it looks to be stuck in the boot process with a single white light flashing endlessly. It doesn't appear responsive to holding the mute button on bootup. O...

Sonos connect with zyxel nas 326

Hi!i have a sonos connect and I tried almost everything to work with my zyxel nas326 but nothing!!!any tips?

Sonos with Linux detailed Howto

Sonos without Windows I have a Linux server running Debian, a close relation of Ubuntu and a laptop running Ubuntu. I bought a Sonos ZP90 but not the controller. I found various bits and pieces on the...

Default source when turning on power

Maybe I am the only one who is disconnecting his Sonos (connect) from the power source, but what I would like is that I could define a default source that starts playing when I turn on the power on my...

No sound from PC -> HDMI Receiver -> Playbar, help please

My set-up that works: PC and Wii U plugged in to my Toshiba TV which has an optical out leading to my playbar which is set-up with satellite Play:1 speakers. I only receive 2 channel stereo using thi...

Sonos with node.js, my attempt!

INFO Source code here: https://github.com/jishi/node-sonos-http-api Sonos Web Controller draft (work in progress!): https://github.com/jishi/node-sonos-web-controller Sonos IR control (requires lircd...

Sonos Play 1 New wifi Password

Help! Pretty new to Sonos. I have a Play 1 and changed my wifi password. I have standard set up. As per video clip on Sonos site I plugged in Ethernet cable and then went onto Sonos app, settings and...

System not creating a wireless set up...

I needed to restart my router. The playbar that is connected to it was on at the time. A while later i switched off the playbar and the connect amp in the other room stop playback. I thought that m...

3 (or more) Play:1 in one room without stereo pairing

Hi, I have 14 Play:1 hanging in a large room. Right now they all are in their own "Room" and then I have put all rooms in one group. But I would really like to have another setup: One room with...

Will Sonos work with Luma wifi?

Luma wifi is about to be released and looks like a great product. Can Sonos and Luma both create mesh networks that work together or will there be interference? I assume they will work, right?! A w...

14 Play:1s do not start at the same time when changing songs

I have 14 Play:1s (yes, I know it's an unusual* set up :-) that don't start at the same time when I put a new song/playlist on. There's general no delay when the song shifts to next song in the same p...

Network traffic flow?

For traffic management and shaping

Using a travel router (or "normal" router") on a wired only LAN to connect to Sonos

Hi, I have a shared Wi-Fi (where you log in with through an log in splash screen on the browser, not typing in a password) and wired only LAN. I can't use the the Wi-FI, because it's shared and I d...

PLAYBASE via an Amplifier

Can PLAYBASE be connected to the Optical Output of an amplifier instead of a TV? My TV is connected to the AMP via HDMI and uses the speakers connected to that amp. These speakers are not real good an...

Old phone

I have an old phone with tons of downloaded songs. How can I make the music on that phone be accessible in the Sonos app?


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