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Status topology, detect if device is coordinator

Hi everyone, I need a way to determine if a sonos device is a coordinator or not. But I don't want to use the simple http request method where you just parse the response of /status/topology. Instead...

Multiroom Bluetooth receiver

So, my plans are coming to fruition and I'm closing on a house next week. It's likely to be the site of many get together so plus my own relaxation times, so I want maximum flexibility on sources. I w...

Harmony Hub Clock Activities

I created 9 separate activities for the 9 daylight hours from 9 am to 5 pm. Each activity was created for the Harmony Hub using hourly audio files uploaded to Amazon Music and then saved as favorites...

Sonos and Samsung SmartThings Future

Hi I am building a home automation system using Samsung SmartThings, Philips Hue lights and just bought a 2 x Play 1's. I was really hopeful that the introduction of Sonos would add a lot of val...

Sonos / Echo

I'm a heavy Sonos and Echo user. I have 5 Echo's (each room) and Sonos in 5 rooms. Would be happy to help with Beta if needed.

Line In: New No Delay Local Mode

I'm using a Connect to switch between TV audio (line-in) and other traditional Sonos sources. I find the minimum 70ms delay on the line-in input to be maddening. While it occasionally works out that...

Network Loop and broadcast storms with Sonos

I was at a Sonos Training event today and was told if I connected multiple Sonos Connect Amps located in a closet or rack to an unmanaged switch via Ethernet cable I was fine as long as I didn't dais...

REST API for interacting with sonos (node.js based)

Hi I have written a node.js program that exposes a REST API for interacting with sonos. It was inspired by the program written by jishi, but it is implemented in a very different way and is not co...

Trouble with AT&T gigapower router

Anyone else having a problem with AT&T Uverse Gigapower and Sonos? They use the PACE 5268ac gateway/router from Arris. The Sonos will work but it seems that the Sonos might be taking the whole network...

1 speaker, multiple rooms

Hi.. It seems to move a speaker from room to room, it is a few buttons / change of room setups..etc Wondering if anyone knows if Sonos is planning to (or has work arounds) for having 1 speaker in mul...

Spotify streaming but not playing!

I was playing spotify through one of my rooms and i decided to extend the Group. All fine so far, streaming no problem. About an hour later i attempted to completely reshuffle the Group - i was basica...

Can a PlayBar be set up for TV (optical) and Home Music (Ethernet)

I'm setting up a home theater system and was interested in using the PlayBar. It would be nice if the PlayBar and Sub and surround speakers can be used for music as well when not being used with the...

Direct ethernet link library to Connect

I keep losing my wifi connection due to size of my music files. Can I connect direct from library on my laptop to my Connect?

Analogue Stereo + 5.1

Hello, Have been using SONOS in a simple form (PLAY:1) now and quite enjoy the system and am now looking at a full setup for the living room. I am looking to have full 5.1, bass, soundbar and 2 sat...

Finally!!!: Home Automation -> Auto lights ON and (sonos) music ON when you het home

Do you want when you get home (location aware), a specific music (list/radio) automatically play + a light scenario on? Of course you want... Great news: 0 costs and it can be done easily. Maybe a...


Hello and good afternoon Sonos community, I am an AV designer that has been tasked to outfit a semi high-profile residence of a state Governor with a "wireless sound system" This system is to resi...

Play sound via API

Is there anyway to send a .wav file to a player remotely and make it play it?

Is there any doorbell out there that can work as sonos doorbell

Sonos doorbell button

Using a travel router (or "normal" router") on a wired only LAN to connect to Sonos

Hi, I have a shared Wi-Fi (where you log in with through an log in splash screen on the browser, not typing in a password) and wired only LAN. I can't use the the Wi-FI, because it's shared and I d...

Questions about necessary ports and proxy awareness

Hello Sonos community, I am doing some initial research to see if a Sonos system would be compatible with our network infrastructure. We have an internal proxy server here so I want to make sure tha...

AirPlay again

Is there an airplay dongle on the market that you can plug into the Line In of the Connect unit??

The Spotify app finds Sonos Connect, shows the Speakers, does not let me connect

As soon as I select a speaker trough the Spotify app it tries to connect for about 5 to 10 seconds before it goes back to the status not connected. It's the same with every speaker and I have no ide...

Google Wifi, Google Fiber and Sonos

There are a couple of other threads in the forums about people having problems using their Sonos system after updating their WiFi to the new Google WiFi mesh network. I wanted to share my experience a...

Sonos Syncing

Can I sync my Sonos speakers with my Apple TV and Amazon Echo? Will these play as seamless as the Sonos speakers do?

Sonos and AT&T U-verse

I have used my Sonos equipment for 10 months without any problem, it has worked perfectly with my Linksys Wireless router (and my previous DSL service). Yesterday however, I changed my internet/tv pr...


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