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Simplified HTTP API (node.js)

Hi, I'm starting a new thread regarding this (old one here https://en.community.sonos.com/advanced-setups-229000/sonos-with-nodejs-my-attempt-33834) since that one grew out of hand. I have made so...

Colour of Sonia screen

Will it ever be possible to change the colours of the dinosaur screen? Different skin types making it more personal for the user?

"Endorsed" Control4 Drivers

The new "endorsed" Control4 drivers are complete garbage. From the face of it, they have lost a TON of functionality from the original "hacked" drivers. Apparently the people who hacked the old API...

Alexa, tune my Living Room Sonos

Would be nice to use all the microphones in an echo dot to tune 5.1 audio with trueplay.

BT Whole home wifi - will it work with sonos?

I want to extend wifi to my garden, using BT whole home wifi, so I can control sonos from my patio. Current setup: BT homehub 5 --- wired connection to sonos boost --- play 1, play 5, connect am...

New wifi (same SSID/password) Sonos not connecting

Original Setup was Connect (wired ethernet to the Connect:Amp) Connect:Amp (wired ethernet to netgear switch) Play 1 (normally wireless) Netgear switch (wired ethernet to Verizon FiOS router) Ve...

SonosNet or WiFi

In my house i have 3 Airport Extremes AC. All hardwired together. Obviously my 3 major wireless channels are now used. I also have SonosNet setup and is working. My 3 Apple Routers can see each other...

ZP100 Cannot Connect to Exisiting System

I have an existing system with 5 various Sonos products and recently acquired an old ZP100 from storage that has not been connected for at least 5-6 years. When I plug the ZP100 the light flashes whit...

Sonos on 4g network

Hi all I've been a user of sonos for last 10 years and after suffering low speeds with BT broadband am looking for an alternative. Due to my remote location, BT is the only service I can get but I ha...

Using 5 Play:5s + Sub as a 5.1 channel surround system

If one were to take 5 (or more) Play:5 speakers and wire the 5 (or 7, 9, 11 etc) channels of a surround preamp to the line-inputs of individual Play:5 speakers, can they all have their own line-input...

High resolution files working on Sonos

I checked and I checked and I checked again and it's definitely working...not sure if I missed a big announcement, but the high res FLAC files in my music folder are showing up in my music library in...

Multi-Function Disappointment

I started with 2 Play 5s paired in my living room in stereo, sounding amazing for music. Even added Google Chromecast Audio to an input and can control music by voice through my Google Home. Wow, gr...

routed network

When I first installed my Sonos it was required all the components be on the same subnet (no routing). I've now grown a more sophisticated routed network at home. is there anything I could run on a...

Gen1/Gen2 Play 5's w/Sub

I currently have a gen 1 and a gen 2 play 5, two sonos subs. I can't split them to left and right since they wouldn't be equal, and right now I have the older gen 1 in the garage. For my main room,...

Question About a Slightly Complicated Multi-Zone Home Installation.

Hey, maybe someone can assist. After having enjoyed a Sonos WiFi whole-house (apartment) system for years, I'm excited to finally have the opportunity to install a wired system using Sonos compone...

two networks one sonos system

Hi ok we have a large house, it was easier to have a different broadband and telephone system in the gym rataher than running a lan cable as it was too far. So I want my sonos in the gym as well with...

Networked system suddenly down

Hey guys, I've had a full theater system including Bridge, Playbar, Sub and two Play 5's for a few years now. I moved over a year ago and while I figured I'd need to reconfigure everything, I didn't...

Sonos at a caravan park

Hello everyone, I'm fairly new to Sonos, I have a Play1 and Play5. I'm going for a long weekend away to a caravan park, where there is no internet. I was looking at taking my Play1, and have read that...

Windows 10 Context menu: Cast to Device

I have my Sonos Play:5 setup and I've been playing around successfully with my music services (Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud, Amazon, Google Play etc..I've also set up a music library, adding folders f...

Sonos, Cisco, STP, MST, and Spanning Trees

Hi all, I'm wrestling with an STP issue on some Cisco switches and I'm hoping for some advice. I have two cascaded switches, and I've configured STP (actually, MST, since that seems to work with t...

ZP100 not booting

Hi, I've recently acquired a ZP100 however it looks to be stuck in the boot process with a single white light flashing endlessly. It doesn't appear responsive to holding the mute button on bootup. O...

Router/Connect:Amp placement

In short, I'm building a new home and I just want to make sure that everything is done accordingly. Originally I was going to store my Fios Quantum router on the first floor with the rest of my con...

Sub adjustment - made easy

Is there a way to adjust the sub (bass) settings that is quicker than the current multi step process: Settings Rooms settings Select room Advanced audio Sub settings Adjust sub level Yes...

Can I use the 5ghz net instead of 2.4ghz?

I recently bought the play 3 and everything about it is amazing, well almost everything. I live in a place with a lot of different wifi networks, and the 2,4ghz network gets very crowded. It gets very...

Multi Room Audio Set Up Help

I'm going to try and keep this short. I'm building a house which will have 3 floors and stand at 7,000 square ft. I plan on using 3 CONNECT: AMPS, CONNECT and a PLAYBAR/SUB which will get me to 5 t...


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