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Volume control Sonos Playbar through Samsung One Remote

Does anyone know how to connect the Samsung One Remote control to the Sonos Playbar so that I can control the volume of the playbar? I tried various ways but can’t get it to work.... I read the the pl...

Dividing a Sonos system in two?

I know this is a heated debate since it involves CR100 but this is a meant as a purely technical question. Leave any hard feelings or need to lecture each other out of it... please. I'm a bit curious...

Sonos Connect:AMP with Apple TV Remote

I use Apple TV and Playstation vue for my tv. I have surround speakers hooked up to my Connect:AMP. Normally the apple TV remote controls the volume through the speakers on the TV. I see some artic...

Default source when turning on power

Maybe I am the only one who is disconnecting his Sonos (connect) from the power source, but what I would like is that I could define a default source that starts playing when I turn on the power on my...

Flexson vinylplay

Music jumping when playing vinyl was working fine last time I tried it about 6 months ago now every album I try appears to be jumping

Two connect amps

Has anyone tried two connect amps as the same room? I currently have one connect amp driving four separate speakers in my yard. I'd like to add another amp and remove the splice but don't want two sep...

Hi-resolution support required (eg: AIFF 96kHz/24bit)

PLEASE add hi-resolution file support (eg. AIFF 96kHz/24bits) In a world where CDs are becoming obsolete, I believe a good share of Sonos customers are still looking for hi-fi quality, not only the m...

Repair ZP120

The amp has no power. Is there an internal fuse for this unit? Has anyone taken one apart?

Line In: New No Delay Local Mode

I'm using a Connect to switch between TV audio (line-in) and other traditional Sonos sources. I find the minimum 70ms delay on the line-in input to be maddening. While it occasionally works out that...

Connecting a BOOST to a Verizon Fios Network extender

My Verizon Fios Network extender is right near my Sonos system and it is cloned from the Router, also has a Coax cable connected. Would this be a good option to connect the BOOST ti reduce droputs due...

IP Addresses

I'm trying to chase a problem that is caused by either my Sonos system or my mesh WiFi system. To help me do this I need to understand how Sonos uses IP addresses. I suspect that Sonos changes the w...

Make my system private

I am a college student and I live with 4 other roommates. I have 3 play 1's, a playbar and a sub. I do not want any of my roommates to have access to my system. Sonos please make it so you have to...

Connect Line-out delay (again)

I know this subject has been brought up many times but I'd really like to put this to bed once and for all. I totally understand why delay exists between bonded Sonos elements and 3rd Party component...

ummm ... projector remote interference?

So this is weeeiiirddd ... I just set up my playbar today. I am connected to a projector not a TV. Well ... my projector no longer turns off? Does that make any sense? I have verified that the remot...

iPhoneX (5G network) -> Airplay -> ATV (5G network) -> Playbar (2.4ghz) -> Grouped to all speakers

For anyone else with the setup above, are you experiencing a lot of drops? Works fine if I broadcast directly from the sonos app ... but using airplay, speakers intermittently drop / the music skips.

Group Speakers

On https://www.sonos.com/en-ca/airplay, it says (under using the sonos playbar to get airplay support) ... "To play in another room of your home, group the PLAYBAR with another Sonos speaker and you c...

Building new home- wired vs. wireless Sonos?

1) I'm currently building a new house and play on having two TVs each with its own Playbar and two Play 1 or Play 3 speakers, then a Connect Amp wired to outdoor speakers. I have the ability (now) t...

Taking Sonos 8.3.1 offline permanently, share your experiences!

Today I took half of my Sonos system offline for good. Both out of curiosity about what's going to happen in April and also to keep the system setup I like. The future plans of Sonos are both obscure...

Advanced troubleshooting and diagnostics

It looks like with 8.0, Sonos has removed almost all of the diagnostic information from http://HOSTNAME_OR_IP:1400/support/review In particular the anacapa.trace files aren't visible anymore, which I...

Play5 (Gen1) issues

I have two Play5 (Gen 1) and a Sonos Soundbar. The music library is on a Macintosh. When I try to play a song from the library on a Play5, it errors out and complains that the share cannot be accessed...

WiFi change

I don't have an eth connection on my router, so how do I change me wifi set up? Thanks

Easiest way to get robust IFTTT support!

Hi, I have been spending a lot of time trying to create a simple and easy way to get IFTTT integration working. I know a few people would really like to have an easy way to get that, so here is one so...

Connect Sonos to a new jukebox

We bought a new Rock-Ola cd jukebox for our restaurant and I want to play our playlist through it. When someone throws a coin in the jukebox the juke takes priority and it must switch back automatical...

AppleTV to Multiple Sonos

Can someone help me figure out how to do this well? I often host streaming parties where we use an app on the AppleTV to watch live concerts. I have a very good audio setup in my main viewing room th...

Connect:Amp + RCA Victor Record Console

I have an old RCA Victor Record Console with a record player, AM/FM Stereo and integrated speakers. Several years ago I added an input to allow it to play music from my iPod. Now I want to know if I...


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