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Sonos PlayBar Digital Audio to Bluetooth

We have recently built a small deck & added a nice gazebo, we have power reasonably close but would like to just use a battery powered Bluetooth speaker, which I have one unused at the moment. I wa...

Connecting a BOOST to a Verizon Fios Network extender

My Verizon Fios Network extender is right near my Sonos system and it is cloned from the Router, also has a Coax cable connected. Would this be a good option to connect the BOOST ti reduce droputs due...


How do I connect to a VPN. I use Keezel as a upload VPN device. Sonos will not connect to it.

using my TV as an output for my sonos connect

I have a Sonos Connect which I'm trying to connect to my Samsung tv UN55ES8000 to use the TV's speakers to play music from the Sonos Connect. I've found a lot of documentation on how to connect the TV...

Automatic volume of the Playbar while playing music

Hey guys, when I start listening to music on the Playbar the volume is always set to the middle of the range. This is quite loud when I start listening to a radio station. Is there any possibility o...

Alexa, tune my Living Room Sonos

Would be nice to use all the microphones in an echo dot to tune 5.1 audio with trueplay.

ZP100 Cannot Connect to Exisiting System

I have an existing system with 5 various Sonos products and recently acquired an old ZP100 from storage that has not been connected for at least 5-6 years. When I plug the ZP100 the light flashes whit...

Connecting LG Magic Remote with PLAYBAR

I just bought an LG TV and am trying to link it up to my PLAYBAR. There seem to be good tutorials on exactly this on this forum, however they are not helping as I can't seem to find 'Room Settings' in...

Existent old AMP replacement

Hallo, I have almost no expertees on this area. but i have to replace an OLD amp ONKYO A-9211, it has an old CD USB player attached with RCA (visible in the picture). The specifics of the old AMP are...

Sonos ZP100 dismantle and possible repair guide.

I bought a faulty Sonos ZP100 which had previously been opened. I therefore had no option of a Sonos repair or out of warranty exchange. I couldn’t find a guide to strip the unit down so worked it out...

Question to PC-Sonos users regarding 5.1

I got my PS4 and PC coonected to my LG TV via HDMI and the TV connected to the Playbar + two Play1s. I got 5.1 passthrough to work on my TV with my PS4 (the Sonos app verifies the 5.1 signal), but I'm...

can a EQ be hooked up to a sonos system

Hi I have a rotel 8 channel amp and several connects running my home, Im unhappy as most with the tone control the app offers. Is there a work around where a EQ can be wired in without supplying one...

Is there an advantage in leaving my Play:5 (gen2) connected in ethernet vs wifi?

Hi guys Network question here: is there a benefit for me / my play:5 / my network if I leave it connected in ethernet? Will the speaker prioritise the best connection for example? Not urgent matter...

Line-in sound cuts out and moves right to left

Diagnostics # 7534954. Please review. I am now experiencing sound cut out and also switching right to left when using the Line-in with the TV receiver.

Update from ancient 3.6 - too late to do from Sonos client

I cannot be near the system during the limited support hours. They supposedly flagged my account for 5.X. But isn't there a file based update I can apply? Always tries to update and then yields...

Sonos linking to Magic Soul radio station

Here is some information on how to add a station manually: https://sonos.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/264/~/how-to-add-an-internet-radio-station-to-sonos Our AAC+ stream is: http://icy-e...

Access denied errors after NAS/server OS update

Hi all, I'm currently confused by what my Sonos system (or rather, its software) is trying to tell me. I just updated my server's OS a few days ago, when suddenly Sonos wasn't able to access the Sa...

AirPlay support - time to do it properly

Sonos have had a form of AirPlay support for quite some time but frankly it has always been a disappointing kludge even if it got the job done. For those unaware the current and only solution involves...

Auto power on amp

I have a Sonos Connect connected to an amp (more accurately a pair of active studio monitors, but effectively the same). Every time I start playing music for that room I need switch the power socket o...

Sonos Connect Wireless support for front surround speakers with Sonos Sound bar

Is it possible to use speakers attached to Sonos Connect Wireless for front surround speakers with a Sonos Sound bar?

Connecting Connect:AMP to Niles MVC-HUB4?

So I just bought a house and it has a couple of in-ceiling and outdoor speakers. The prior owner has some older (from 2003) Niles volume control knobs installed, and left a Niles MVC-HUB4 unit. The un...

routed network

When I first installed my Sonos it was required all the components be on the same subnet (no routing). I've now grown a more sophisticated routed network at home. is there anything I could run on a...

Will a Play 1/3 work without internet

I have the whole Sonos home theater at home and love it! I'm thinking about buying some additional speakers for the cabin where there in NO internet.... like none. Questions: Will a play 1 or 3 w...

Bang and olufsen a9

I have ordered a bang and olufsen A9 mkII and want to connect it to my sonos system, which connect system will I need and does the sonos connects come with cables?

Sonos solution for two homes

Is there a way to share Sonos playlists, favorite, and such between two homes/locations on different WiFi networks? I simply want the Sonos favorites and playlists to be updatable from either two loc...


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