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Using AirPlay 2 without WiFi

AirPlay 2 devices can be used without WiFi. The Apple HomePod has AirPlay 2, and can be used without WiFi. I've tested with my Sonos One, and was disappointed to find this isn't possible. Is this some...

Sonos Connect Amp volume control with a URC MX-450

I have the connect amp connected to my Uverse box for the master bedroom and i would like to be able to use my MX-450 remote to control the sound - not the app

Any issue of running ethernet only sonosnet with all wifi radios off?

I am running 6 zone sonos system (zone players, playbar+sub, beam, amp) all on ethernet. I have turned off wifi radios on all devices and running on sonosnet. I turned off radios since they were cau...

Multiple subnets and Sonos on Ubiquiti EdgeOS (ERPOE-5) with bcast-relay

Troubleshooting Subnets and Players: Summary: Recently, I had two (2) players drop off the network: one P1 and one P3. The P1 returned after 2+ hours all by itself and updated. The P3 did not, this...

R and L speakers from Connect are in different rooms (kitchen / dining).

I have speakers in the ceiling of my dining room and kitchen. One speaker per room - one is the R speaker and one is the L. This creates some weird listening experiences. Both are connected to a Conne...

No surround from Cable Box

Live in NYC, spectrum cable customer, cisco cable box (8742HDC), Samsung UNC60C6300 and no matter what i change on TV or box rear speakers remain silent. Apple TV, Music via Echo and Fire stick play t...

Setting up Sonos One in at UT Austin

Problems setting up Sonos on MyCampusnet wireless or wired network Does anyone have any insight on how to successfully setup Sonos inside a MyCampusnet network? I have wasted a ton of time trying to...

Lutron Caseta Scene and Playbar

I would like to create a "Goodnight" scene but I am unable to lower the volume using a Caseta scene. It gives me options to "pause" or change the channel source with volume control. However, the TV...

32 device Sonos system with constant drop outs

Having problems with a setup that has 32 Sonos devices. Problems are: * - songs dropping out on various speakers * - slow to group or various speakers dropping off group * - volume control does not...

SonosNet vs Orbi - Read My details

I have a Netgear Orbi system running with 3 Orbis places strategically around my house. When I test my WiFi it’s always around 120 MBPS download and 20-25MBPS upload. Would it make sense to buy a So...

Outdoor Set-up Question

I want to connect outdoor speakers to Sonos and am working with an uncommon set-up. I have a connect:amp inside the house connected to underwater speakers to the outside pool (let's call that C:A1)...

Sonos grouping problem & Crestron

Hi guise, we have a strange problem here. We’ve installed 3 sonos connect inside a boat, they play all individually and in a group of two, but When we group them all 3 togheter...only one play. To pla...

Connect AMP stereo to mono bridge

I have a connect amp powering two smallish Yamaha stereo pool speakers. The problem is they are about 20ft apart and it gets rather annoying when some tracks have certain audio parts mixed to only pla...

Impedance matching speaker selector switch

I want to run 3 pairs of speakers from my Connect Amp (2 pairs are 8 ohm, 1 is 16 ohm), and therefore believe I need to use a speaker selector switch to do this. Does anyone know if this one is suita...

Connect Line-out delay (again)

I know this subject has been brought up many times but I'd really like to put this to bed once and for all. I totally understand why delay exists between bonded Sonos elements and 3rd Party component...

Different setups?

Hi, Is there any chance Sonos is thinking of upgrading the app/speakers so that you can use your speaker settings differently at any given moment? For instance: in my living-room I have a hometeatre...

Repair ZP120

The amp has no power. Is there an internal fuse for this unit? Has anyone taken one apart?

Sonos Connect + Harman Kardon SB26

Hi I am wondering whether I can buy a Sonos Connect and connect it to my Harman Kardon soundbar + bluetooth sub and it will work with my sonos speakers (via a RCA Y-cable - using the aux in on the so...

Sonos surround sound on projector without playbar

Guys I’m after some advice. I’m planning on having a projector for movies etc. But I’m struggling with how I can get to use sonos as the surround sound. My problem is I don’t want a playbar, I would l...

Wall mounting and general layout advice for new open plan space

I'm in the midst of creating a new large open-plan living/dining kitchen space in my house and would like to wall mount my SONOS speakers high up near the ceiling as part of the project. I have two qu...

Sonos Beam audio problems with song/tv vocals

Hi there, Just purchased a a beam and the sound is crisp with instrumentals when i play music, but i get a weird noise during some vocals and when i use the speaker with my tv. Its hard to describe,...

Record Player sounds muffled

Hey, have a full home set up (playbar + sub, 1, 3, 5) plus record player as a line in input through a preamp and then into a connect. Recently the quality of sound from records has significantly dimin...

Dolby digital through AirPlay 2?

My TV is a Panasonic HD ready plasma from 2005. It’s a great TV, but does not have either HDMI ARC or an optical connection. I have a Beam and two play:1’s as surrounds. Until I upgrade the screen, th...

Sonos with Ubiquiti Amplifi

I've searched, and current info on this subject is a little scant. I'm looking for a replacement for my soon-to-be-EOL Airport Network, and am taking a long look at Ubiquiti Amplifi. Should I expect...

Surround sound for TV/ music with record player using connect amp and passive rears? Is this really impossible?

My house has multiple sets of hardwired passive speakers in the ceiling. One of those sets is over the sofa and is intended to serve as rear speakers in a 5.1 system as well as music speakers. Another...


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