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Introductory Question

I am looking for some buying advice, to decide if Sonos is the best system for me. I have a number of Alexa devices and we now use Amazon Music exclusively as our music source (no CDs any longer). I...

Network matrix assistance

Hi there, I'm new to Sonos and have recently installed 4 devices (2 x connects and 2 x Ones). I've had the occasional blip in playback so have run the network matrix which I've attached. My wifi...

Router for two large USB3 hard drives as a media server in Sonos Windows 10 app

I have two 8TB USB3 drives (each a Glyph Blackbox) that I want to place on a network router to act as 1 one drive a media server: 2 the other as a back up drive for the first. Are there any experience...

Automatic volume of the Playbar while playing music

Hey guys, when I start listening to music on the Playbar the volume is always set to the middle of the range. This is quite loud when I start listening to a radio station. Is there any possibility of...

No Sound from Computer when HDMI through TV

I have my computer hooked up through HDMI into the TV. The TV is hooked up to my Sonos system through digital audio optical output from my playbar (also have 2 play 1s). Computer settings are set to...

Is AirPlay 2 more sensitive to wireless interference?

When I play music directly to my Sonos speakers (using the Sonos app), I experience no drops. When I play using airplay 2 (to my sonos soundbar, which is then grouped in the Sonos app with my Play 1's...

Can't bring up WiFi (ath0) on CONNECT:AMP

Some time ago, I turned off WiFi on one of my CONECT:AMP players by doing: This worked, and had the side effect of this player having empty rows and columns in the Network Matrix view. Today I wanted...

Whole House Audio Setup Help

Hi everyone, I am building a new house and I have 4 zones, I will pass wires to a central location. Kitchen + tv area, dining room, basement room and pool area. I already have most of the speakers 2x...

Hooking up my Connect to my Marantz SR5010

Can’t seem to get the Sonos Connect hooked up properly to the Marantz AV Surround Receiver. Using red and white cables audio out from Connect to Audio In on Marantz. I’ve tried the CD, DVD, inputs b...

Searching for the ultimate man cave set up

I’ve set up 2 x play 5s with a sub in my man cave with a record player connected via 1/8 jack cable. I’m not an audiophile, but I think it sounds pretty awesome. I mounted the speakers on the wall...

Network Matrix - mac addresses out by 1?

One for the techies.... I'm just going through all the mac addresses on my Sonos kit to fix IP addresses on the router and noticed that the mac addresses reported in the network matrix are one digit...

Mixing STP and BPDU Flooding capable switches - OK or time bomb waiting to happen?

I have a Netgear GS724Tv4 STP-capable switch as my root switch at home. I have STP enabled on that switch., Some of my Sonos players are wired to ports on that switch directly. I also have some Netgea...

Spanning Tree & Netgear Switch Settings

Please help, does anyone have the correct settings required for using wired sonos components on a Netgear GS724T V3 smart managed switch. I have recently extended my Sonos system which now includes 4n...

Sonos on VLAN's not detecting

I have 2 different VLANs and both VLAN's are linked to one other, Sonos is connected on one VLAN and when I am trying to configure Sonos on iPad which is on other linked VLAN but Sonos is not detecti...

DJ Setup for multi room party

I have an upcoming party with a couple of DJ's. We intend to use a Pioneer DDJ system with RCA output. The DDJ does not have optical out. I plan to connect the Pioneer DDJ to my LG TV (via AV/RCA cab...

Repair ZP120

The amp has no power. Is there an internal fuse for this unit? Has anyone taken one apart?

Help 5.1 DTS etc What is the issue ?

I am not very technical but my ears realise and can separate 5.1 sound from stereo sound. HENCE the below question: I have purchased 2 x Playbars , 4 x Play 1s from a store near me in Sydney (stock w...

Major Issue with Wireless and Wired at the same time

I have a number of Sonos amps around the house, with two being connected to different switch ports. My network kept slowing down, dropping out, then coming back on again after a few moments. Basically...

Vinyl to pair of Play:5

I have a record player with pre-amp connected to an Onkyo receiver (without receiver, the direct connection from record player to Sonos speakers was not amp'ed enough). I'm trying to get true stereo...

Play file at certain time of day

Hello-- I own Smarthings hub and recently added Sonos one speakers. I would like to play a file at certain times of day automatically, Can someone guide me? Basically it is reminder Azan to pray. Tha...

Bandwidth Limit Before Audio Drop Out: Number of Speakers?

I am experiencing intermittent audio drop out when I use the "Line In" on my Connect as a source. In the Sonos app audio compression is set to "Uncompressed". I do not have drop out when using strea...

Building new home- wired vs. wireless Sonos?

1) I'm currently building a new house and play on having two TVs each with its own Playbar and two Play 1 or Play 3 speakers, then a Connect Amp wired to outdoor speakers. I have the ability (now) t...

Dropping connections via setup

I have a Sonos play:1 setup in the kitchen and in the bathroom and a play:5 setup n the livingroom: - Kitchen is connected via Powerline to LAN - Bathroom is connected via Wifi - Livingroom is connec...

Enable IPv6

in 2013 it is way time to add IPv6 support to every things we connect to the Internet.

Connect AMP Hookup to AVR

Hi Folks, I have a query. I have a connect Amp driving a B&W 685 S2. I would like to connect an AVR to the entire setup so I can play the audio coming from PS4, Chromecast etc through the AVR. My ques...


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