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Sonos and Plex Broken Again!

Hi Sonos, Why is it that Plex always fails for me? I was listening to my music for 2 days without problem and today with no changes made, it stopped working. My library is reachable from the inte...

Ethernet to Router or Boost?

Question: I'm adding a Sonos Amp to my house. I have many sonos speakers wireless connected through a Sonos Boost. Should I, a. have sonos amp stay on wireless set up, b. connect amp (it will be right...

TruePlay over Satellite internet

I just purchased a Sonos Beam and while setting it up I ran into network troubles with TruePlay. I believe the problem is due to the fact that I have HughesNet Gen5 satellite for internet, so latency...

Repair ZP120

The amp has no power. Is there an internal fuse for this unit? Has anyone taken one apart?

Connecting Bose 51 outdoor speakers

I have Bose speakers that came with their own amplifier I now own connect app and connect I want to connect my Bose speakers to my connect amp should I also connect the Bose amp that originally came w...

Bring back http://:1400/reboot

For all that is holy, bring back the ability to reboot a Sonos device via a web browser. Left stereo paired Sonos Play:1 plays sound. Right stereo paired Sonos Play:1 is silent. The only thing that...


Hi guys,I own a Playbar and 2 Ones which I use as a surround system downstairs.I’m wanting to put a Beam upstairs but I’m not sure if it will all run as one system as well as an upstairs/downstairs sp...

Volume control Sonos Playbar through Samsung One Remote

Does anyone know how to connect the Samsung One Remote control to the Sonos Playbar so that I can control the volume of the playbar? I tried various ways but can’t get it to work.... I read the the pl...

Connect & Pandora issues

My sonos Connect keeps dropping the music (Service with Pandora Radio & Premium Account). for no reason. music plays fine for a couple of minutes or couple of hours and it drops completely. rendering...

How to connect the playbar by itself

How can you connect the playbar to be solo, mine automatically connects to the tv room and there is no option to remove it

Securing access?

I have a fairly simple (I think) question. It has been a long time since I installed by system, so i don't remember the setup details. I have a friend who was sufficiently impressed that he bought his...

Connect + vintage tuner w/RCA speakers = lag

I have Sonos One speakers in my kitchen and a Connect in my living room that’s hooked to a nice Marantz tuner setup, through which I play my turntable and CD player on RCA speakers. When I play record...

Sonos on different VLAN to controller

I know there are many threads on this already, and I'm pretty sure I've been through them all but still with no luck. I have a bit of a strange setup (not my choice) of Ubiquiti switches and APs, and...

Totally wired Sonos

Hi all I would like to know if it is possible to create a totally wired Sonos system in my home. The current setup is that the Sonos box is already attached to our internet router via ethernet but a...



Help with a Sonos + Receiver Setup

Hey guys - I've been running a 5.1 setup with a Playbar, two Play:1 units and the sub. I wanted to run a receiver just to keep all inputs more organized all in one unit (and since I have more than th...

Sonos Account

Using Sonos with more than one account. Is it possible to use multiple Sonos accounts for the one location. I have Sonos at home. When I visit other houses that also have Sonos, I can connect to their...


Hi at all, I'm new in this community, and at work we have Sonos Connect. Is possibile to reproduce a MP3 file that I have registered in a specified time? For example at 10:00/ 12:00 and 15:00 everyday...

Sonos Play 1, trying to find parts to repair.

Hello, last week Ive found my Sonos 1 without any light, so I started to troubleshoot and the yellow part in the picture is damaged, plastic and wires are cuts. DXTPQ2020-225, didnt find any parts in...

Big sound system

Hello, I´m planning to use a sonos system in an big space, but I would like to calculate how many speakers do i need, the place size is 28 meters by 12 meters with 13 meters high. I want to use the sy...

Order of files on network folders

I have a folder on my NAS containing podcasts. The problem is that when I access these folders fro the Sonos controller, the file order is all wrong. There doesn't seem to be any sort function with...

Split audio/video from Mac streaming video to Apple TV and Audio to Sonos:Amp

Hi, I just bought the new Sonos:Amp hoping to be cable free. I want to send video signals via AppleTV to my projector, and the sound signal to the Amp. I can´t get this to work. 1. If I airplay my m...

Placement of amp

Hi all... I am new to Sonos, but have ordered the following: Sonos BEAM1AU1WHT Beam Soundbar White Sonos BM1WMWW1WHT Beam Wall Mount White Sonos SSUBG1W Wireless Subwoofer White Sonos AMPG1AU1BLK Amp...

Sonos for public use/AirBnB

We would like to offer Sonos to guests at our AirBnB. Is there a way to allow them control of the Connect: Amp, Playbar music services, but not have access to the system settings?

Changing wifi router and adding Boost at the same time

Hello all, My router has about had it and needs to be replaced. I have a Boost (that didnt work with faulty router previously) that I want to setup on a new wifi network. I'm currently in a wireles...


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