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Connecting a Sonos through an Aruba WiFi Controller? Here's how:

Just wanted to share my experience with setting up my Sonos Play 5 with an Aruba WiFi controller. After many hours of tcpdump'ing and connecting the Sonos to wired networks (with everything working pe...

Connect- Line-Out Level Pass-Through

Is there a list of amps/receivers that support this feature?

Volume steps too much

Hi, is there any setting to allow for volume half steps on playbar? I have as audio for my TV and is either too low or too loud with one step in either direction..... Any thoughts are appreciated.

home theater with projector and receiver

I am setting up a new home theater. Have an Epson home 4000 connected to a Denon AVR 1295W. There is a blu-ray also connected to the Denon. What is the best way (and with the least amount of wiring) t...

Connecting TV to Sonos

Connecting a Samsung TV to Sonos via a DAC

Sonos won’t update on college network

I have a system with 5 sonos connects and 2 Crestron Tsw-1060 touchpanels running the sonos app. The connects have the wireless turned off and are plugged in to vlan with the touch panels. After the u...

ZP100 Failing Memory Test

Has anyone seen this error before? I have 2 ZP100 Main Boards with the same issue. Its like they dont see the memory at all. Tried swapping memory, nand, and eeprom. Any thoughts? SDRAM test... Mem...

Feature Request: L-PCM support via the HDMI input for Beam

Seeing as the Beam has an HDMI input, I'd like to request adding support for 5.1ch L-PCM. If you could please add support for this, it would warrant an instant buy for me, as I am among the 20+ millio...

Add my PC as a Zone Player

I'd like to add my PC (WMP) as a zone player so I can "Link Zone" with my PC and have that play what's playing on the other controllers. Does anybody have any idea if this has already been done, or i...

Need a Boost for many Sonos Speakers?

Hi, Have been noticing synchronization issues and dropouts between my various rooms when playing the same content everywhere. I have 5 stereo pairs in different rooms and 2 full 5.1 setups. Two of...

#featurerequest Creating Stereo Pair with Connect

Sonos speakers that support stereo pairing today are: Sonos One,Play:1,Play:3,Play:5 (gen2)(gen1) However I know some customers including myself, which use two connects in a stereo speaker configurat...

Using different sonos acconts (and units) on the same network

I recently upgraded my system to include a connect amp to run installed speakers in a few rooms. This unit is under my Sonos Account. Another set of speakers under my son's Sonos Account were previo...

Blocking Sonos from the Internet without excessive DNS queries?

I've been seeing topics here and on other forums discussing the Sonos DNS query activity when the queries are blocked. In particular the msmetrics.ws.sonos.com which seems to generate queries at a h...

Move surround speakers every now and then

Hello community, This question probably has been asked before, but I can't seem to find it on the forums: Currently I own a sonos Playbar and Sub. I'm thinking about expanding it to a 5.1 surround se...

Airplay 2 and Multiple Play:5's

Say I have 2 rooms with 2 play:5's a piece. I would like to know how you can disguinsh between what room you are trying to connect to while using Airplay 2 to connect. How does one know which Room wil...

Sonos AMP Trueplay?

Do we know yet whether the new Sonos AMP supports Trueplay?

Setup separate 2nd Sonos music group or possible connect to main one from garden office.

I have an existing Sonos setup in the house with a Sonos 1, Sonos 5 and a bridge, I have bought a new Sonos One for my garden office, garden office is on the same network via a network cable from main...

What algorithms happen when pairing different speakers with the sub?

I have a play:3, play:5, about 12 play:1's, and a playbar/sub (in 5.1 when at home). When I go do a wedding or a party, if I want to maximize the amount of bass I have does it make more sense to tempo...

Big House. So frustrated. Need help. Please and thank you

My Sonos works terribly in my home. There’s got to be a way. Long story long. I’m not a techie. I barely function in 2018. The facts: I have a large stone house built in 1885 with 3 floors...

Can you add an active 3rd party subwoofer to a beam ?

Hi I have recently moved from the traditional av amp and 5.1 to a Beam and 2 play ones . It’s a little light on the low end and like many I’ve got an active sub I’d like to add into the system, is thi...

Show your weird setups

What is the strangest / biggest / best setup you have or seen

Sonos, let me have >2 speakers in one room

I have a large Kitchen/Cafe area in my house that's really all one room. I have three Sonos One's spread throughout that long area. Forcing me to create a "Kitchen" with a stereo pair and a "Kitchen 2...

Sonos Amp with 6 Speakers

Hello Community, I have a question on the new Sonos Amp. I have three sets of B&W speakers; 2 in-ceiling (CCM80) and 1 outdoor (WM6). They're all rated to handle up to 130W at 8ohms. They're connecte...

Boost - Disconnecting internet

G'day Sonos Fans. Please bare with me whilst I explain my scenario. ISP Router: (static/DHCP) Wireless Bridge (Asus): (static) 24 Port POE Switch (Dummy) 14 other Devices...

Unable to connect to sonos player

sonos keeps stopping and unable to play music the system was going strong for 2 years lately it has been not working


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