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Vinyl to sonos through tv

Hi all My apologies if this has been covered however I thought it may be worth a share. I was looking to find a way of adding a vinyl player without shelling out on even more gear. I've had my livi...

Granting guest access to Sonos, but not entire network

Looking to set up guest access to Sonos during parties, without giving up main wifi network info. I understand I could just set it up on a guest network, but I use Sonos daily on my main network (alon...

Time Based Volume Limits

I am really hoping that we could have a time based volume limits setting. This would mean you could set multiple volume limits which apply at different points in the day. Therefore if 9pm the volume...

Volume control Sonos Playbar through Samsung One Remote

Does anyone know how to connect the Samsung One Remote control to the Sonos Playbar so that I can control the volume of the playbar? I tried various ways but can’t get it to work.... I read the the pl...

Sonos connect + active subwoofer

Is it possible to use an active subwoofer (not sonos sub) for example Dali e9-f by connecting audio out from a Sonos Connect directly to the line in RCA-s of the subwoofer? I intend to use the subwoof...

Sonos Connect AMP and Powered Speakers (e.g. Audio Engine A5)

I just invested in a Sonos Connect:Amp, which I'm successfully using with with a turntable I received as a Christmas gift. I love the setup. I happen to have two Audio Engine A5 powered speakers in...

Status topology, detect if device is coordinator

Hi everyone, I need a way to determine if a sonos device is a coordinator or not. But I don't want to use the simple http request method where you just parse the response of /status/topology. Instead...

Explain Sonos 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz

Obviously, this question has been discussed in this forum, I want to clarify some questions. 5Ghz is only used in a 5.1 set up I suppose? In terms of connectivity bond, projecting sound from Tv (Movi...

Audio compression issues with Line-In vs. Airplay 2

This article indicates that there are bandwidth limitations when using uncompressed audio with line-in and many speakers: https://support.sonos.com/s/article/1080 I am trying to use iTunes as my musi...

sonos BEAM / play 5 / one / vinyl / TV

Bonjour à tous, je rencontre actuellement la problématique suivante. j'ai branché la play5 à une platine vinyle avec le cable RCA, et cela fonctionne parfaitement. Neanmoins, quand j'utilise la platin...

Wireless Mesh using Bridge, separate from Home Wifi

I have a wired Bridge and multiple wireless amps and speakers that originally was on a separate Sonos Boost mesh but now (somehow) switched to my home Wifi and share bandwidth with my other wireless d...

Connecting Sonos to existing speakers

How do I stream everything through Sonos and my other set of speakers? I have a turntable too. Would love for everything to come through Sonos and Bose speakers. I have a Denon Amp. Thanks.

Differing firmware versions on hardware!

I have a Connect Amp on v8.6, it missed the update to 9.1 that all my other devices are on due to non use for the 4 week download 'window' in September. When switching on now it insists on being updat...

Wired and Wireless Together

I've got two Connect:Amps and a Play:1. The two Connect:Amps are connected into a network switch with standard network cables, and the Play:1 needs to connect wirelessly as there are no network cables...

Sonos system keeps dropping

My Sonos system keeps dropping sound it will play fine for a few hours then the sound will drop but the music still “plays”. I’ve done everything that Sonos has told me to do 3 months ago—and the issu...


Can I import a SONOS Playlist into my iTunes Library? I think not but thought I'd ask. Cheers!

Sonos and the FCC

So, this isn't really an "Advanced Setup", but there are many who enjoy keeping up on Sonos and whatever their newest products are by going through the FCC database, and we tend to be "advanced" users...

Sonos for a Hotel

Hello, We operate a small hotel.... with an aging in-cieling speaker system that basically plays from a 3.5mm cable at this point. We'd like to replace the amps with Sonos Amps... but am wondering...

replicate playlists on a new system

How does one replicate playlists from one Sonos system to an entirely new system at a different location (like a second home)?

Combined kitchen/living room plan

Hi all - we’re doing a renovation and have an open combined kitchen/living room (roughly 600 square feet). We’re planning on putting in ceiling speakers but are unsure about the configuration (4 in li...

Turntable, TV, Beam, and 2 Sonos Play:5s in the same room…

I'm having a nightmare of a time trying to find a user-friendly solution to my audio set up. Originally, I had two Play:5s. One for my turntable, and the other had an Alexa in the line-in. I was using...

Dolby digital passthrough Samsung UE46F8005ST

Hi! I've been reading today abput the Dolby digital passthrough issue. I have tried googling if my TV supports the Dolby digital passthrough without any luck BUT I went to the audio settings on the T...

Trueplay...not for everyroom

Hi, I have 2 play 5’s second gen & sub setup in stereo. The play 5’s are horizontol and about 8 feet apart. The room they are in is a fairly large family and meals area which is about 5.5 meters wide...

Sonos keeps dropping out

I have a Sonos One and a Play:5 and they both skip tracks and lose connection. Playing BBC radio and other radio stations also experience drop outs. When I go to the Sonos app when these issues occur...

Sonos 1 plays remotely 5 miles away with a phone app

Last weekend i went to a friends house who has a sonos play 1 with which i can control and whilst there we were playing around with spotify and i got a text from my daughter who was at my house 5 mile...


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