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Sonos Amp with HDMI ARC over HDMI Extenders

I have a customer who wants an outdoor TV with outdoor speakers. I'm thinking of using a Sonos Amp for his TV audio and extending HDMI over Cat6 to his mechanical closet where the Amp is in the dry. M...

Works with Sonos: AVR Not Finding Sonos Connect

I have a Onkyo TX NR787 AVR that supports the "Works with Sonos" feature. Part of the setup process involves attaching the AVR to your network and letting it search for your Sonos components. Howeve...

Large Network - Sonos drops out

Reference Diagnostics 386354946. I am having issues where music in rooms will stop mid song and go to the next track. I also get the occasional dropped sub. Most units are wired 80% in the system.

Sonos Playbar with Connect Amp for Surround and third party active Sub for 5.1ch surround

Hi Everyone, Im looking to do the following and hoping someone can confirm whether or not it is possible. Sonos Playbar with Connect Amp for Surround and third party active Sub for 5.1ch surround....

Tuning Sonos Beam to room with drapes

I am about to tune my Sonos Beam to my room. The room has large windows and the glass is covered with floor to ceiling drapes at night. Should I tune my room with the drapes open or closed? Or can I c...

Media PC build to play dvd/bluray/hdblurays with 5.1 sound

I've got a beam, sub and two Play:1 speakers. I'd like to be able to play physical media and ensure I can get the best sound possible out of my speakers (DTS transcoding). I don't really want to buy...

Sonos in a caravan

Hi, just wanted to ask a question on here from all you people in the know? I have recently brought 2 Sonos Play One's (to use in stereo) and want to take them to the caravan that I have. But the rea...

Stop Sonos phoning home

I think I have all the stops to prevent Sonos from phoning home. Here's what I have configured on my wireless router: - Block all internet access from Play:*, Connect & Amp - Block all traffic from m...

Setup trouple

After do some changes at my switch I can’t get in contact with my Sonos system from the app. I have restarted router and restarted all my sonos product but still can’t get in contact. The white light...

Sonos Playbar + Sonos Connect Amp + 3rd-party In-ceiling Passive Speakers + 3rd-party Active Subwoofer in 5.1?

I've read conflicting conversations about this, so... Can I get a 5.1 setup with the Sonos Playbar + Sonos Connect Amp + 3rd-party In-ceiling Passive Speakers + 3rd-party Active Subwoofer? Is it as s...

Two Sonos One Speakers behind a DSL Router, Zyxel Firewall and Wireless AP: iOS Sonos App cant connect to Sonos Account

Hi there I had my Sonos One speakers installed and working until I had to integrate some HW to my network (home and office combined): After installing a Zyxel 2S Firewall (with VPN site-to-site functi...

Beam with New Sonos Amp

Setup question. I have a living room TV with a Beam, Sub, and two play 1’s as surround. I’m having two outside patio speakers installed Wednesday so we can listen to Music outside. I ordered the new...

Sonos Play 1: Speaker Latency

Hello, I am building up a product. Having knowledge of the latency of the Sonos device is crucial for my product. I am using Wireshark to track the network activity and measure the latency. The scenar...

Ethernet and Mesh

Hi I have a Sonos Amp Connect and Sonos5, both are connected by cable to a router. I recently added a Mesh network (TP LINK Deco 5) that is connected to the router and defined a separate Wifi network...

The new AMP: 1 in-ceiling speaker setup. Bridge mode / one channel?

I've just received the new Sonos AMP. Is there a way of bridging the two speaker outputs into 1 channel, for 1 speaker? With wiring (+) terminal from Right channel and (-) terminal from Left channel....

seeking advice on setting up 10TB (on iTunes?) and controlling from my Sonos phone app

I have 10TB to put on an external drive connected to a mac. I'd like to make sure I can access and play this across my 6 Sonos systems from the Sonos app on my iphone. Is this a good approach or is...

Problems finding Sonos system when using powerlink adaptor to extend home network

My kitchen is a wifi blackspot and so I have used a TP-LINK AV200 power-line adaptor to extend the range of my wifi to that room. So I in effect have two wifi access points (for present purposes, let...


I tried using the "Seek" API (/playbackSessions/{sessionId}/playbackSession/seek) to seek to a certain time within the track (that is loaded from an Amazon S3 bucket, not within the network), and rece...

TP-Link unmanaged switch between computer, router and Sonos speaker

I recently added a TP-Link TL-SG1008 unmanged switch to my network. Though I can still connect to my Sonos speaker from a wireless device connected to the same wifi network, I have lost connection t...

Musicbox vs Sonos

I'm using Musicbox on my MacBook Pro. Can I (pre)listen to the music via Musicbox trough my Sonos speakers? Is there an App for that or other settings?

Turntable to connect to bluetooth transmitter to headphones

I have a turntable attached to a preamp, which is attached to a Sonos Connect. It works fine and I can listen to records through Sonos play1s.. but at night when the family is asleep I'd like to liste...

Sonos AMP Trueplay?

Do we know yet whether the new Sonos AMP supports Trueplay?

I modified my Play:1 for Power Over Ethernet

I've seen a few posts with people asking about a PoE version of the Play:1, so I decided to make one. The Sonos Play:1 only has an AC input, and internally the main supply is 24 volts DC. Standard 80...

Using a Sonos One in 2 locations.

Hi, I have a system in Canada (2 Ones, a playbar, a sub and a One for patio.) When I go to Florida, I will take the Sonos One used on patio with me. What steps do I take to easily get it working on my...

Custom EQ settings which can be saved

Hi, I have seen a couple other posts about this but I wanted to also request that Sonos creates an option for us to save multiple customized EQ settings . Every time I switch between listening to mu...


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