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Make my system private

I am a college student and I live with 4 other roommates. I have 3 play 1's, a playbar and a sub. I do not want any of my roommates to have access to my system. Sonos please make it so you have to...

Streaming Challenges - stop and start

Hi All, I have a Sonos set up covering 5 rooms with a total of 9 Speakers. I mostly stream Spotify but sometime Google Music. I have been having ongoing issues with some/all speakers stopping/starti...

Sonos Application Code language

I was wondering if anyone could provide any guidance, I am intrigued as to how for example Sonos would have created the software / API for their hardware? where would they have started? what language...

external DAC & multichannel amp with Sonos?

I have one Sonos Connect connected via digital coax to an integrated amp (Rotel RA 1572) and am using its vastly superior DAC. Now I want to expand my system to a second site with multiple, built-in-w...

Samsung tv,Sonos Beam, dolby digital - HELP!!

Wondering if someone can please explain what I need to do to get Dolby digital setting on my samsung tv. The Dolby digital option is greyed out and won’t let me change to anything only thing it allows...

Please add delay option to Sonos One

Would you consider adding a delay option to the Sonos One? My ZP90 hooked up to my Sony STR-DN1080 receiver outputs sound around 10-20ms behind the Sonos One. I understand that this is likely due to...

Sonos stops playing

I have tried many different fixes to get my Sonos system to play correctly and it seems like nothing is working. I have 3 Sonos Connect: Amps and one Sonos Connect. All 4 are in my media cabinet and h...

Works with Sonos details

Hi, I'm considering upgrading my receiver and was thinking about one of the new Works with Sonos receivers by Onkyo or Pioneer. What I'd like to know is some details (if there are any): - will the v...

Sonos Amp sub output brightens stereo channels unnecessarily

I just bought the new Sonos Amp and I love it. It makes my Mangepan MMGi's sound much better than my previous receiver. I have a pretty decent Yamaha subwoofer connected to the sub out on the Amp. I...

Playbar Ethernet Issue

Hi, Background I've had a 5.1 setup for about 2 years, the surrounds were just swapped out for Sonos Ones a few months ago, as well as other players dotted around the house. Two of the other players...

MIxing airplay and line in on a Play 5

Hi, I would like to mix the music I'm playing through airplay from my iphone with the music that is being reproduced in the line in. Is this something feasible? I've been playing a little bit and loo...

Sonos driven via MusicCast Preamp WXC-50

Would it work to drive a pair of Play5s with Yamaha MusicCast pre-amp WXC-50?

Automatic volume of the Playbar while playing music

Hey guys, when I start listening to music on the Playbar the volume is always set to the middle of the range. This is quite loud when I start listening to a radio station. Is there any possibility of...

Blocking Sonos Connect in Firewall

I've seen the numerous requests for password/access control of Sonos devices... I understand this is not a feature and likely not planned to be included. Not a big deal... However, I run the IT depar...

Connect:Amp dropped wired speaker room

I set up the following system with three “rooms” that worked well for nearly a year. 1x Connect:Amp running 2x Play:1 via WiFi in “Kitchen” room 2x Play:3 + Sub via WiFi in “Living Room” room 6x old...

Connect Sonos from office to home via VPN

Has anyone connected their Sonos system from an office location to their home? I'd like to know what I need to check to ensure that things work. I have a VPN connection between the office and the hom...

Sonos Network New Install

Hi Guys I've installed 15 Sonos speakers and a bridge two days ago. Two connected buildings two storey over basement, old, lots of granite walls. Bridge in comms room and a selection of speakers thro...

Hardwiring Sonos:CONNECT takes down network

I'm doing a renovation at the cottage, and added 3 Sonos:CONNECT to drive in-ceiling, porch and wall speakers. Initially I hard wired a PLAY-1 to the back of the router, and that enabled the Sonos net...

Projector connected to beam

So I am trying to connect my sonos beam to my projector. However the projector only has the red,white, yellow, etc outlets and the beam has the digital optical cable. I bought the adapter but I have t...

Issues with rear sound on Play:1 with Sonos Playbar, Samsung Q7F TV and TiVo

Sound from the Sonos setup on on my Samsung phone sounds amazing, full rich and as if i am centedd in the sound.....but when watching TV all the sound is coming from the Playbar. Hard to hear, and hav...

After alarm ended, resume music

I wonder if it is possible to automatically resume the music when you have set an alarm for max 1 minute on a certain time in the day, so that when the alarm automatically ended, you don't have to sta...

Adding Sonos Play 3 to existing Speakers

My existing system consists of 2 Sonos Play 1 (L&R) in a room called "Patio". I have successfully added my new Play 3 to my account, but I am having issues using it with my existing configuration. I...

Sonos connecting to Airport Extreme with Network Attached Hard Drive

I have a Lacie 3T hard drive connected via usb to my Airport Extreme. The hard drive's name is "Music". There are two files on it, one with all my music and one with my wife's music, called Paul and...

Home network crashes every 3-6 months. Problem localized to my SONOS Amps or Sound Bars

I have EIGHT Sonos amps in my home and THREE sound-bars. They are all connected via ethernet to a switch that is in turn connected to my router. The router is then connected to a cable modem (which is...

Using Connect:amp with TT, receiver, and passive speakers

Hi, I have been trying to connect my Non-amped Stanton STR8-80 TT to my new connect:amp using my Yamaha RX-797 receiver and am getting no sound through my speakers. (I have our 2 Mission Speakers hook...


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