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How the 'ask a question' forum works

Joining a new community can be daunting. If you have a question and are not sure where to start, ask it here. We'll keep an eye on everything that gets posted here, and once something has been answe...

TruePlay better over time?

Just out of interest, when calibrating with TruePlay the app tells you at the end that the sound will improve over time. What does that mean? Is the app continuing to calibrate in the background? And...

Room dropped out

Hi, I just bought a 1 Play and a 5 Play. They were working fine for three days, then the bedroom play 5 dropped out. Steps taken: unplugged-replugged router and player re-installed player (didn't w...

Dire need of a master control app function

As Sonos has been around for quite some time now, why have you not developed some sort of a 'master control' function for the app? Sonos is a great idea and the functionality of "anyone with the ap...

Playbar Use When Not Connected to TV

I had a new Playbar connected to my new Sony 4k TV. But was experiencing the sound dropping out. Read a bunch of different postings and it seems like Sony XBR tv's may have issues passing the audio pr...

How to become a Dealer Outside US?

I am interested in becoming a Dealer for Central America, What is the process?

Sub stop playing randomly abd comes back after a few minutes

Hi, I have a playbar+sub. Everything works fine and it plays very well. But randomly, once in a while, the sub stops playing and then it comes back after 2-3 minutes. It doesn't do that every da...

Connect Play 5 to TV

I have my Play 5 connected to my TV via aux cable to RCA and then I pair two other Play 1's to this and it sounds great. It's no Playbar and Sub, but it's a start. I tried to hook this setup to two ot...

It looks like one of your speakers could be unplugged.

My system was working fine for a year. No new router or equipment. Now I get this message and tells me to go to Room Settings, but then is says no setting are available. I called StarPower and they ha...

No sound from PLAYBAR

My playbar does not have any sound at all when I click tv it has worked for months now it stoped working I can play music but no sound from tv or DVD player I'm using a optical for both I've tried eve...

Explicit/ Edited content

Which album is the explicit vs. edited? They are listed identically one on top of the other when both versions are available.

Trueplay issues

Is anyone else having issues with trueplay? Just moved a sub and now neither room will tune. It Keeps saying 'you are not moving around enough'. Never had an issue before and even moved out into a joi...

Problems to pair two Play1

I have 2 play 1 speakers and a Play 5. In the beginning I managed to pair the 2 Play 1 and then grouped them with the Play 5. However, some days ago my right Play 1 stopped working. I have tried to un...

Sonos Dropout

My home wifi is via a BT Smarthub. I have a BT plug in wifibextender that is cloned to the same SSID and password as the Smarthub router. I have set up my Sonos products in booster mode with one of...

Import sonos playlist in to itunes

Hi anybody know if you can import sonos playlist in to iTunes? Listening to lots of music on sonos I am saving off top songs in to a sonos playlist now I want to get that in to iTunes. Is this possibl...

Sonos repeatedly requires me to add the same component

I have a gen 1 play 5 and recently, every time I try to play it asks me to add a component. This happens on iphones and macs. I have the beta app installed and up to date.

Playing Ripped CDs at Lossless Quality

I'm thinking about buyina a Sonos Connect and cabling it to my existing receiver to play thru my existing speakers. All I'm trying to do really is replace my CD player. I want to rip my CD collectio...

Room/Play:5 disappeared and won't return

The Play:5 speaker in my living room has disappeared from my controllers. Despite unplugging and replugging the device, the player has not returned. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Tha...

Need expert advice on placing my iTunes library onto my Seagate personal cloud

I recently purchased 2 play 5's, a sub and a play bar for my new home and to be able to listen to all of my iTunes songs. First off, I absolutely love the sound. Completely blown away!!! However, I...

Can I connect multiple Input devices to play music on different speaker?

Hey!! Can I connect multiple mobile phones, TV audio, DVD player etc. to single system to play different music on the different speakers? Also just wanted to confirm if I can play music stored in my...

PS4 on Sonos Playbar

I have a PS4, Sky Q, sonos 3, two Sonos 1's , a Sonos playbar and Sony Bravia that's about 8 years old. At the moment I have the playbar connected to the sky Q box with an optical cable and an HDMI le...

Multiple TV's

Do I require a playbar for each TV ?

Is the BDI Cavo 8168 media cabinet a good fit for the Sonos Playbar

I recently purchased a Playbar for a new home theatre set up (a work in progress). I understand from the setup instructions that the Playbar should only be placed such that there is at least 12 inches...

AUX between MacBook Pro to Sonos 5

I bought a Sonos 5 because the salesperson told me it had an AUX which would allow me to plug it into my MacBook Pro to play while composing in GarageBand. It does not appear to work. Any ideas?

Chrome extension for Sonos?

Is there any plan to introduce a Chrome extension to control Sonos?


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