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How the 'ask a question' forum works

If you have a question and are not sure where to start, ask it here. We'll keep an eye on everything that gets posted here, and once something has been answered by the community or by us, we'll go ah...

Vacation with Play1

My home sonos system is just a Play1, a wifi router, and my iPhone with Apple Music. I’m going on vacation to a place with Wi-Fi. If I bring the Play 1 and my phone, will it be easy to set up? Tx!

tracks are not in order after an index

All items in my library are albums. All albums have track numbers. After a recent update I notice that many (not all) albums are in the library in filename order, not track number order. This is ri...

CD on my PC

How do I get Sonos to play music from my CD Player on my PC

Sonos stopped working

Why did my Sonos play :1 randomly stop working? When I use the app, it’s says “can't find Sonos” and if i hit the play button my Sonos, it starts blinking orange.

Re adding an existing speaker

My Sonos has not been working for a while, I completely de-installed and started again but my second play 1 will not connect, I just get a solid white light?

Playbar not working

My playbar is not working the light on the side just keeps flashing white

Sound sync beam

How do I sync my speech sound with my beam and tv?

Sonos one not connecting

I have a sonos one aged approx 6 yrs and it used to be part of a network with four other devices. I moved house and the sonos one was placed in storage. I am now trying to connect just the sonos one t...

No TV sound

My tv was working and randomly in the middle of the day, the sound quite working. Called Sonos support and they wanted me to change my optical cable. I changed it and still no sound from the tv. Check...

Beam and One question

I have a Beam in the sitting room mainly for the TV but also to access music from my library on my iMac. My wife thinks that the control app is easier to use than our existing Logitech set up (I agree...


Can you install two bass speakers in one system?

Cannot add to queue from Google Play - 1006 Error

I have been trying to connect to Google Play but keep receiving “Cannot add to queue - 1006” error message. Receiving this same message when trying to connect via iPhone or computer. Rebooted wifi and...

Sound distortion on Sonos Beam

I have noticed that my Beam has sound distortion sometimes when people are speaking, it only happens when the pitch is high and only lasts for a fraction of a second. This seems independent of the vol...

Pandora won't finish a song

Set up Sonos this weekend, connected Pandora, and when I run it over Sonos it doesn't finish any song, skips to the next each time. Never happened when I streamed from my phone for years. I do not h...

Surround Sound XBOX

I have a sonos beam and two sonos one, when I play from the phone surround sound works but when I play from TV or from my Xbox surround sound does not works at all. I hear a very little sound from the...

Operating manual for Sonos Connect

Can anyone tell me how to download or locate the operation manual for the SONOS Connect?

pair tv remote

I have had to connect my sonos beam to optical input, because sound keeps cutting out when using hdmi arc. However now it will not work with my tv remote I can only control the volume using the app....

Beam with two play 5's

Hi All, Im thinking of getting a beam to replace a bose companion 3 serires 2 (two small speakers and a sub) for my 55 inch tv and use my two play 5's gen 2 as surround speakers. Im eager to see if th...

Zoneplayer S5 - Not able to set it up with the controller

Hi, I have a Sonos Zoneplayer S5 that I am trying to use after a gap of 5 years and having changed countries - UK to India. while it was working fine in UK, I have been unable to set it up using the c...

Beam not registering TV sound via ARC (HMDI SWITCH)

My new Beam often does not register my TV (Sony Bravia KDL-48R510C) when plugged in via the HDMI-ARC. In my second HDMI port, I have an Fosmon HDMI Switch with my cable box, apple tv, & more. I can us...

Unable to add Music Services. Authorize Button does not work.

The same scenario happens with all three of the Music Services that I've attempted to add (Amazon Music & Audible & Sound Cloud. I go to "Add Music Services", then select a service. I then click t...

Play 5 Orientation-Tweeters Disabled

Everywhere I read, it says that when placed in horizontal orientation, the inside tweeters are disabled to maintain stereo separation. My two stereo paired play 5s disable the outside and keep playin...

Error 1001

Hi! I’m trying to play music from Spotify and every time I click on a song it comes out that an error has occurred (error 1001) and the music just won’t play, what can I do?

TuneIn Radio removed a station

I've always used Sonos to listen to SportsRadio 94WIP and it appears TuneIn removed this station from their service. Can someone provide any assistance here? Also, why is Sonos tied to only one radi...


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