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Sonos V Bluesound?

Why should I get Sonos over Bluesound? Never heard of them before now whilst searching the web.

Apple Music on Sonos One

Hi, does anyone know if Apple Music will be added into the Sonos One for voice control?

Indexation Bibliothèque musicale

Bonjour, j'ai installé l'application SONOS sur mon MAC. J'ai lancé l'indexation de ma bibliothèque musicale (380 Go) et elle tourne depuis maintenant 4h. Est-ce que c'est normal ? Y-a-t-il une limite...

Install and use of Alexa with PLAY:! & Soundbar

How To Install and use Alexa with PLAY:1 and Soundbar

Samsung Gear S3 app

Hi, Are any plans afoot to develop an app for the Samsung S3 Gear models? I'd love to be able to operate the sonos network in my house from my wrist. Cheers, Andy

Wireless Connection Issues

Help! I have replaced by Virgin router (Superhub 3 I think) and now I am unable to connect my Sonos equipment wirelessly. Any advice?

Play 1: Streaming Issues - Radio vs Queue

We have 2 x Play One's set up in our business. Both set up correctly and are operated using the players on our PC. We originally had them set up using the app and streaming Spotify. Issues were many w...

Help! Having trouble playing locally stored music.

I’m having trouble playing locally stored music on my iPhone. Playing Pandora or Amazon Music works just fine. But when I play music stored on my IPhone, the music plays for a while, them cuts out and...

Sub Intermittently Working

Recently moved my Playbar/Sub to new TV. Added Connect Amp to mix. My sub comes on/off intermittently. Using LG 4k, FireTV (for PS Vue), wired connection to TV (Ethernet)

Sonos Play 3 Problem

I have Sonos Play 3 and the problem is I can not connect to the network I tried to reset to factory settings but nothing will just burn white light

Can a Sonos sytem work with wi-fi and sonos network at the same time?

I need to add a sonos Play 5 in my backyard, but the Sonos Amps are in the main machinery room (about 200 feet from my backyard)i don´t think that the sonos signal will reach that far,i have Wi-Fi the...

Using Sonos with JRIVER Media Center - Can't Link Play 5 speakers in stereo mode

I can link one play 5 speaker in the JRIVER media center 22 if they are set up as a stereo pair in sonos. The left speaker (Main speaker) will play. If I link the second speaker in JRIVER, I get a D...

use more than 1 boost to extend range to dead spots?

can you use a 2nd boost as a range extender for a dead spot, assuming I have another boost ethernet connected to my router?

Grouping two connect amplifiers

I am looking at buying a 2nd connect amplifier. First question: If I group the two of them together will I be able to control the volume of each connect amp individually or is there just one volume c...

Music Stops

Hi noticed that the music played on my Sonos system stops for no reason and I have to press play again to start. What might be causing this?

Music Skipping

Hello, When playing from Spotify on both speakers the music begins to skip and cannot finish a song. My diadnostc number is 8461754.

Update error 1101

I just bought my sonos and I tried to update it but it won’t and I’ve tried disconnecting everything and restarting it and it still won’t work

SmartThings --> Door Open --> Notify Happens --> Music starts playing

I know this is more of a SmartThings question, which I have posted in their forum, but wanted a bigger audience, so posting here also. Using Speaker Companion SmartApp in SmartThings to say: When c...

Sonos One and Alexa not carrying out commands

I got the Sonos One recently and it was working perfectly but now Alexa will not carry out any commands. I think it happened after the speaker name was changed. There’s another speaker name (Miss’s So...

Google Home

Google Home and Google Assistant with Sonos

Where can i order the iPort to replace my CR100s?

I would like to use my $150 refund code offer to purchase the iPort as the replacement for my euthanized CR100. Ican see where I can do this on the Australian sonos shop. Can any one help?

Someone else installed my sonos with their email i have there account however would like it transferred to this account so i receive any emails about my controller

As my controller only has the other account and cannot be changed. I have passwords for the other account made so am able to access it

cant add new products

i just bought two more speakers to add to my system and when I try to sign in it tells me to "sign in with the account that was used to set up Sonos". I am doing that. I can sign into my account wit...

Pandora stations no longer listed in alphabetical order??

Has anyone noticed that Pandora stations are no longer sorted in alphabetical order within the iPhone App or the Mac Client? It appears they are now sorted by last played date. I find this very frus...

#Overdrive app

I am considering returning my Sonos, as I can't play my library audio-books from my Overdrive app (this is a free audio book service via any library in the USA/Canada where you sign out an e-book/audi...


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