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How the 'ask a question' forum works

Joining a new community can be daunting. If you have a question and are not sure where to start, ask it here. We'll keep an eye on everything that gets posted here, and once something has been answe...

Missing Rooms

Diag 73065513. I have rebooted router, changed wireless channels. I have one speaker that is in Red for interference according to Network Matrix. I only have one speaker that is showing on my contr...

Subwoofer or Play 5 ? To Mount or not to mount ?

Hey- I have a playbar and was curious what yall thought about adding the sub woofer. I got some gift certificates to burn and was looking at getting a subwoofer but that's a pretty steep price....

How do I get my Sonos to show all songs on playlist and not just a portion ?

How do I get my sonos to show all songs from my playlist...currently only showing a portion of songs listed in my playlist

Spotify does not play entire songs but moves on before finishing to the next

Hi, When listening to Spotify on my PC or Android everything is fine. As soon as connected to Sonos, Spotify does not finish individual songs on the playlist or Album but moves on to the next on the...

No sound from my tv

Does the digital audio output lead from the playbar plug into the headphone socket of the tv

Voice Memos

Why can't voice memos be played via Sonos?

TV Sound cutting out on Playbase

I have a Samsung Smart TV connected to a new Playbase. The TV sound intermittently cuts out. It sometimes comes back in its own, or it will come back when I switch channels or turn the TV on/off. V...

Play 1 went POP

Hi, My Play 1 purchased in Nov. 2013 recently stopped working. The unit gave a loud popping noise and stopped working, I have checked the power supply cable and found this to be correct (240V). How do...

Voltage Fluctuations on Playbar 1

I live on Curacao, and pherhaps once a month whe dont have electricity. When the electricity came back we have a fluctuation in the voltage. Now i've 4x Play 1 broke already. Can they be repaired and...


Hi there - Swisscom has installed a new router. I have a connect component fixed to my router with an ethernet cable. In addition, I have a playbar and sub, and a player 3. I went through the new inst...

TuneIn Premium on Sonos

Why doesnt TuneIn premium work on Sonos? Dont see my favorites and cant listen to premium stations and audiobooks.

Existing speakers or new Play 1/3 with Playbar + Sub

Hi All, I am a new Sonos owner very happy with my Playbar + Sub combination in room that is 20 feet x 15 feet. I would like to add more speakers to output music that is already being played on the...

Some Albums from iTunes on Computer App are out of order

Some, but not all, albums that I added to my Sonos music library on the computer program are out of order. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Connect outside?

I am trying to decide if it is appropriate to house a Sonos connect outside and if so if there is a weatherproof case available.

Organizing Local Music

Greetings! I am new to Sonos and just got a Sonos Connect-Amp and am loving it. Amazingly simple setup and all is well as far as sound and ease of use, but I'm running into some issues curating my...

No Imported Playlists

I've been having dropout issues with songs ending haphazardly so I decided to rebuild my Sonos system from scratch. I installed a brand new Sonos Bridge, added all my Sonos speakers and selected my iT...

How are the 'Line-In Source Level' settings used?

I've recently splurged on some SONOS equipment (2 x Play:5 + Sub, 2 x Play:1, 1 x Play:5, Connect), and I'm finding my way around it. It's all working pretty well and the sound quality is impressive,...

Connect amp issues.

Connect amp is working but no sound coming out. It is linked to a player as the surround supplier. The player is working fine and the wifi network is working well. however i had an issue with the...

Will sonos app on IOS work with Google wifi and extenders?

I am thinking about purchasing google wifi and extenders but I had issues in the past with the sonos app when connected to the extended wifi vs the main wifi. Is this problem resolved or not an issue...

Hidden rooms

My sonos keeps switching to rooms currently hidden

Sonos & Plex

I recently bought a SONOS Sub and Playbar and because i have a fairly big I-tunes library i tried to combine those 2. Because my I-tunes lib contained over 40.000 nrs it didn't work and i contacted th...

HELP! Playlist changes songs mid song when it shouldn't

Does anyone have trouble if listening to their Sonos via their iPhone/ipad music and not a separate extension like I heart Radio with the playlists changing songs when it should NOT change songs? I am...

Connect with Quad amp + preamp

Hi. I have recently bought a play:5 and love it so much I want to connect it up to the rest of my system. I have a Linn Sondek LP12 turntable that is connected to a Quad 44 pre amp and a Quad 405 po...

Network combining play 1 and connect

Can I create a network that has a connect and a play 1 on the same network? I would like to use the line in of the connect to play through speakers located elsewhere in the house


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