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Joining a new community can be daunting. If you have a question and are not sure where to start, ask it here. We'll keep an eye on everything that gets posted here, and once something has been answe...


have two sonos one speakers and was going to hook up sonos base unit and guess what ...prior tech broke optical connector on tv...I have a play station....and roku hooker up...someone said a converter...

I can't move the cursor in a song

Lately, if I try to move the cursor within a song (podcast) I receive an error saying that the song is not encoded correctly. If I don't move the cursor the podcast sounds fine. Is there any informati...

Unable to play music... Access to Mac/iTunes music denied

I seem unable to play anything from my Music Library. I get a message saying access to my iTunes music Library is denied. Can someone give me an idiot's guide how to resolve this issue, please?

Sonos line in from vinyl player to connect to x2 play 1s cuts out intermittently. HELP!

My set up Turn table into a small project preamp into a Sonos Connect which beams out to x2 Play1 speakers panned left and right. My problem When I play records they cut out intermittently for...

Which wireless router do I get?

Hello, I have been having trouble with my sonos play 3 (can't connect wirelessly, need to keep ethernet connected between it and my router). Turns out that my router model (huawei home gateway) is lis...

Low hum from sound bar

My sound bar omits a low hum constantly. I know the question has been asked before but I couldn't find answer. How do I get rid of it please. I have reset the bar, no effect.

Sonos 5 gen 1 really quiet on max volume

I have a Sonos 5 gen 1 player. Volume has been fine up until recently when volume started to fluctuate then became consistently quiet. Subsequently went into orange flashing light mode. Have switc...

Skipping Sonos speakers

My Sonos system skips between songs and/or drops speakers/ skips around the house. Diagnostics sent 7438721 please help fix this problem!

Save me from Alexa

I've got an 8500 Sq foot house, entirely powered by Sonos - the only product I don't own is the playbase. My wife recently picked up an Amazon Echo and put it in the kitchen - she loves it and never...

Outdoor Garden party

I have a Sonos 5, a couple of 1's and a playbar. We're having a party and I don't think the wifi signal will be strong enough down the bottom of the garden but I will have extension cables down there...


Hi, In a restaurant the use about 15 Sonos PLAY:1 speakers. The building is in 4 different floors, but they have a really good internet connection. They also have one Sonos Boost. The problem is, t...

John Gilboe

I hate wasting energy scared about climate change. My Sonos connect amp uses over 6 amps equalling 52.56 KWhours a year without listening to music. May I have the unit switched off at mains and power...

Humming sound through speakers when connecting TV through line in source

I use the line in source to connect my TV to sonos connect amp which in turn is connected to ceiling speakers. The annoying problem I get is that when you turn the volume up you can hear a buzzing so...

Sony Bravia Remote Volume Not Working

My Sony Bravia TV and Sonos Playbar are next to each other. My standard IR remote that came with my TV triggers the volume on my TV (it's fixed), but doesn't change the volume on my player - unless I...

Deezer & Sonos

I installed and created a Deezer Elite account to use FLAC audio last evening. I can honestly say I did notice a slight difference in sound, but not a whole lot. Now, My question.... Anyone know when...

Will this work? Outdoor speakers and turntable

I've currently got three play:1s and a playbar and am looking to round out my Sonos system. I have two things that I would like to do and am wondering if I can get it done with a single connect amp. I...

Sonos connect intermittent sound case# 7430437

Hi, my sonos connect keeps dropping my streaming audio. It's intermittent, any ideas!

Recent sonos email survey

Anybody else done the survey? I thought it was really thorough, one of the best thought-out ones I have every done. Lots of insightful questions into what sonos users would like to see happen in the...

Library doesn't appear until we update it

Lately, the library keeps disappearing. But if I choose to update the library (Manage->Update Music Library) the library reappears. Is there any bug? I've checked and there are no updates pending to b...

single play 5 with sub or no sub?

I have a single play 5 and don't intend to buy another one. Is buying the sonos subwoofer overkill or worth it. Thank you. Frank.

Need To Power Off

Do I need to power my sonos speakers off when I'm done watching TV or is it ok to leave them on?

remove speakers from a room and resetup

I want to remove all speakers from an existing room and re-setup my system.

Spontaneous playing

Hi, just the last couple of days, my Sonos 1 has just suddenly started playing spontaneously without any input from me. It chooses radio stations or tracks that I've never even heard of. This is very...

CenturyLink DSL modems- ZyXel pk5000Z or pk5001Z signal strength for SONOS?

I want to install a SONOS system at a lake house in a rural setting. CenturyLink is the provider and I would be purchasing a ZyXel pk5000Z or pk5001Z DSL modem through them. Does anyone have any exper...


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