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Iheart radios not working

After trying to connect to iheart radio and play the radio station it either plays for 30 secs or doesn't play at all. it comes up with the message "unable to play "xl102" station not found.

Updating Beta software

Can anybody help? Whenever I try and update my Beta software on an IOS device it reverts me to the app store and then checks if any updates are needed for standard Sonos...

Sonos with turntable

Hello, I recently heard by Sonos email that would be possible to add a turntable with line in connection and then send the signal to all my Sonos speakers all around my house. 3 options are available:...

Technics SL1210 Vinyl Setup - 70ms delay on headphones fix

Hi all, hoping someone can help. I have my DJ setup wired via ZP90, output is fine through line-in and plays through all my Sonos speakers fine. I have sorted the compression and when I move the vinyl...

Removing a music source from Music Library

How do I remove a music source from My Music Library? I have 4 links to Windows Media from my desktop and only one is relevant.

opt/out notification

Hello, I recently got a new Samsung TV and after plugging in my Sonos sound bar ran into an issue, which I don't have with my other TV setups (that also use a sonos bar). When I use the sound bar wi...

Local songs skip at end

I have noticed that when I play music locally from my phone the last part of the song gets skipped and the next song begins. I would estimate this happens with about 20 seconds left in the song. It ac...

Sonos ZonePlayer Airplay 2 Support

Will Sonos ZonePlayers have Airplay 2 support?

Sonos, NAS and iTunes issues

Help please. I don't know if it was related, but immediately after the last (recent) Sonos Controller update, I lost all contact with my song collection, stored as iTunes on my WDMyCloud NAS, which ha...


I have a play 3 and 2 play 5's and a bridge, just bought a Connect and thought I could hook it up to my system and play wired speakers right from the connect itself ?

Remote wired connectivity

I have a connect:amp in an outbuilding beyond my wifi. I have it connected via cat5 cable to another connect:amp within wifi reach. Since converting to a 'BOOST' setup this remote connect is not bei...

Sony Bravia TV and Sonos

Can someone please tell me how to set up Sony Bravia TV with my Sonos system? Thanks


Is SONOS ever going to update to virtual DTS X. Until then I won't touch SONOS since it is an old system

Pandora on iPad; charged for cell time ?

How to avoid cell time change using Sonos One

Can’t play anything - playbar greyed out

This has happened to me three times this week. I go to play something - doesn’t matter if it’s something on my phone (song or podcast) or streaming from Spotify, and the play bar is greyed out and it...

New Play3 vs. Old Play3

I have a old Play 3 that is connected with a Bridge. One month ago I bought an other Play3. This one didnt need a bridge at all. Do you know what the difference is between the old ones and the new one...

Play:1 stereo pair. Volume imbalance

I recently bought a new Play:1 and paired it to an older Play:1. After a while the new speaker became much louder than the older one, and I could only balance them by moving the slider way over to the...

Pause burst

When I power off my TV and the set top cable box the playbar gives in th app at Help, Info about my system, Audio in "pause burst". What about the power consumption in Pause burst mode?

Incorrectly Named Speaker

I have two SONOS speakers in the house. A SONOS ONE and a SONOS 5. The SONOS One is named Bedroom and the 5 Lounge. When they are both switched on the controller on my iPad just shows the Bedroom,...

vinyl on sonos

how can i stop intermitent sound loss whilst listing to my vinyl using a connect amp and lead connected straight to my record player.Any hints or tips

iheartradio problems

I set up an iheartradio account when I was in the US. I am now in Canada. The US iheartradio account won't work on my Sonos with Alexa because the Sonos is in Canada but the music app is US. Easy solu...

Brennan B2 link via IPAD

I am trying to connect a Brennan B2 to my SONOS through my Ipad - I have followed all the directions and downloaded the shared files onto the IPAD using FileExplorer in a shared folder called music (w...

Cannot add all Apple Music tracks to queue

I have about 45k tracks in Apple Music which until the recent update I used to just dump into a queue and play on shuffle, because lazy. Following the last update I cannot add all the tracks - I just...

Static from soundbar when streaming amazon.

How do I stop the static coming from player? Diagnostic # 955621830

Getting wired speakers to play

I recently bought a connect amp and two 5s. I have a pair of wired speakers as well. I can not get the wired speakers to play. Light is white. Speakers worked on the receiver I just disconnected...


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