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How the 'ask a question' forum works

Joining a new community can be daunting. If you have a question and are not sure where to start, ask it here. We'll keep an eye on everything that gets posted here, and once something has been answe...

Use of a Speaker Parrot by Starck with Sonos ConnectAmp ?

Hi, I would like to connect my speaker Parrot by Starck to my Sonos system using my ConnectAmp. Is it possible ? (via the Ethernet Ports or the Speaker terminals at the back) Thanks !

Why do I need to sign in

Why do I need to sign into a Sonos account to add a speaker? Sonos speakers disappear regularly then I would just go in an add them again. And now, this PITA has been made worse by making me sign in...

Sonos use with Bluetooth headphones.

Is there any known work around to enable listening to a Sonos speaker via Bluetooth headphones? Thanks

Updating WiFi connection

I need help getting sonos connected to new wifi. followed instructions, but don't have 'advanced settings' on my iPhone so couldn't finish. Can't find any explanation of what to do

Play 5 not connected Wi-Fi

Play 5 not connected Wi-Fi but work with Ethernet cable

unblock password to services option

I want to have the option of viewing the password that I type in to make sure it is correct.

Tv audio

As a noob I apologise for asking something that’s probably been asked many times, I occasionally get tv audio through my system, 2 play 1’s, play 5, PLAYBAR and sub, I don’t want this to happen, the l...

Blown Subwoofer - Can if be fixed?

Our son and friends blew our subwoofer playing music. I am shocked that this system doesn't have some kind of internal mechanism to prevent this from happening. It never occurred to me that our these...

After changing wifi network play bar doesn't connect

I changed my SONOS system to a different wifi network and my play bar will not play. I've followed the new set up procedures and the controller dosen't receive the set up request from the play bar. th...

Play:5 with new router

I have changed my WiFi router and cannot connect Sonos to the internet. Have tried everything the sonos help page tells me to do and I still can’t get it to connect. Can anyone help?

Sonos Playbase not working with Samsung Smart TV REMOTE

Hi there, I bought a new playbase today and really like it and am a long term sonos user and fan. It all works fine but I cannot get my remote to work. I read some things on here and also followed the...

SONOS System Setup - Firewall

Hi everyone, My colleague is trying to connect to the SONUS Setup; however when he tries to sign into the software: . We come to the conclusion it's due to our Firewall/Proxy as when we remove the...

Sonos can't find computer

I recently made changes to home wifi. Gave sonos the new password and since then sonos will play music from google play, but I can no longer connect to my itunes music. So I deleted the pathways and s...

Play 5 Gen2 Speaker height

Hello, please could someone tell me the height of a Play 5 speaker at the back as I notice it curves down towards the back?! I need to see if it will fit under tv, many thanks.

app playere always songs jump to next song after few minutes

when using sonos app for play music from local phone, the songs don't play until the end, jump to next songs after few minutes... when play with other app it's ok.

Can't Browse Pandora - Any Advice?

Hello, I'm running a Galaxy Note 8 with the latest flavor of Nougat as my principal 'remote'. When I attempt to browse Pandora in the Sonos app recently (meaning in the last couple of days) it says I...

Music won't play

I recently set up my Play:1 but music will not come out of the speaker. It says the music is playing from my phone and I can pause/adjust volume from the buttons on the speaker, but music is not playi...

Playlist repeat with Alarm setup

I have various alarms setup in the house for different speakers and although I know you can set the duration to no limit, once the playlist reaches the end, the music just stops. Is there anyway to co...

last update

the last time i updated the sonos app. on my phone, i haven't been able to view my past favorite FM stations & can't figure out how to add new ones either. Can someone help me with this? THX

Issues since Pandora sync

Ever since the update that allowed Sonos to be activated through Pandora I’m having issues. When in Sonos not all my Pandora stations are displayed, the ones that are displayed are inno coherent order...

TIDAL direct does not work

I received an e-mail from Sonos today telling med that now I can connect TIDAL directly to Sonos without going through the Sonos app. But it does not work. I have a 4-5 year old Sonos equipment with t...

ITunes Playlists and Scheduled Updates

I updated my music library yesterday morning and checked that my iTunes Playlists were imported. All fine. I bought a new CD during the day. Added it to my music library through iTunes. I have a sc...

Last Update

This last update is Trash! It messed up my speakers working properly. Certain shows it don't want to play, I try to watch stuff on my DVR it won't play the sound back! I got over $3000 in Sonos produc...

Playbar and Netflix audio 5.1 no longer working, silent

Diagnostic submitted - 8075585 Netflix 5.1 audio (English 5.1) is not working, occasionally gives a short burst of audio (less than a second) but always goes silent. Switching to regular audio soundtr...


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