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How the 'ask a question' forum works

If you have a question and are not sure where to start, ask it here. We'll keep an eye on everything that gets posted here, and once something has been answered by the community or by us, we'll go ah...

5.1 without playbar

I'd like to set up a 5.1 or 7.1 system using SONOS separates - 2 x Play 5 (left and right), 1 x Play 5 (Center), 2 x Play 1 (surround) and subwoofer. Is this possible?

YAMAHA sound processor delay

When I play SONOS music simultaneously to my SONOS speakers and via SONOS connect to a YAMAHA YSP2500 sound bar, there is an audible delay between the sound from the YSP2500 relative to that from the...

SONOS speaker app for PC or smartphone

I have a pile of music on a NAS drive in the home network. While SONOS can play all the music there, windows apps such as media player or VLC occasionally cannot play some music. I also like to have t...

Boost Connection

I got my boost connected. How do I know that it is doing what it should be doing?


Despite being a longterm customer,I was not told the CR100s were being made defunct and recalled with a useful exchange allowance . Were others subject to this disservice ? Nevh

The Sonos app can not connect to Wifi

The Sonos app suddenly refuses to connect to the wifi network. The problem is the same for both Ipad and Iphone. It can be OK for several days, and then all of a sudden it does not work. Very frustrat...

Problem with my stock of music

In my folder music I have music which was copy direct from CD and which was copy from the CD to my Bang and Olufsen device. And now Sonos is not founding CDs copied to Bang and Olufsen. How to solve t...

Sonos app without internet

I just moved apartements and i haven't set up my internet provider yet. I was hoping someone can help me. Basically, my sub level is at an insane level and i need to turn it down. However since i cann...

TV sound not working

We have 2 Sonos playbars and both of them stopped playing the TV volume all of a sudden. We have tried restarting, unplugging from power source, updating software... but no luck. Also reached out to t...

Connect:AMP ZP120 Dead No lights

So my Connect:AMP has been working flawlessly for several years. This morning I go to play some music and its not there in the Sonos system. I try many times to add it back in: power cycle the Connect...

Sonos Synching with iTunes

My "Update Music Library Now" is grayed out and I cannot update my sonos library from my iTunes account. both my Sonos and iTunes have the current updated versions. Please help

Music cuts off before song ends

When streaming pandora or slacker through the sonos app it cuts the songs off short and goes to the next song. Why does it do this? It doesnt matter if I playit through an android tablet or an ipad.

Alexa starts talking without saying "alexa"

While watching TV and using our beam for audio, Alexa will interrupt a TV show twice. It's always just twice. Nothing on the TV comes close to saying "alexa". The first alexa response only temporarily...

Combining speakers

Want to pair my Play 3 2nd Generation.

Music is stopping

Music will be playing then it suddenly stops, WiFI is fine, has anyone experienced this?

How do I add Radio Paradise URL via the mobile app?

New to sonos, got two Play:1s setup in stereo. True be told, If I wasn't a geek, I would have returned them to Costco. Setup was a pain but the 3rd attempt worked after removing the app and resettin...

Unable to add my shared music folder to Music Library (1002)

Unable to add my shared music folder to Music Library (1002)

Beam won't work with Samsung TV - won't go to green light

Been trying for hours to get my new Beam sound bar to work with my Samsung TV via ARC HDMI cable. I seem to be in limbo with this set-up. The Beam shows up in my product profile on line - but not on m...

Amazon music disappeared

Oddly, this evening all my Amazon playlists and music are unplayable through the Sonos app. I can however ask Alexa to play a song and she does. As you can see from the screenshot, it isn't even there...

Can you add a playbar or any speaker with a Fire HD 8 Tablet?

Is it possible?

Setting up Rooms

I am trying to setup another room but the app is not giving me this option. The app shows one room, my den and no other rooms to choose?

Trueplay in two ambient room

Hi all. I just got the Beam + 2 Ones (not the sub for now, due to being considerate with my poor neighbors...). I’ll buy the Sanus Wireless stand for the Ones and I’ll post a separate question about t...

YAMAHA MusicCast VINYL 500 compatibilité SONOS

Bonjour, Je souhaite très prochainement acquérir un ensemble d'enceintes Sonos afin d'équipé mon domicile. La seul problématique qui freine pour l'instant mon achat est que je souhaite savoir si la...

Sonos Amp pop noise

I just setup my Sonos Amp, (not Connect:Amp) and I've noticed that when the Amp is idle for more than a few minutes, if I make a change using the Sonos app (IOS, Windows - it doesn't matter) such as c...


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