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How the 'ask a question' forum works

Joining a new community can be daunting. If you have a question and are not sure where to start, ask it here. We'll keep an eye on everything that gets posted here, and once something has been answe...

Access the music library index

My hard drive broke, I do have music on another device, but I'm pretty sure it's not all there. I would like to get the music list stored on the SONOS to see if there's something important missing. Th...

Multi Zone issue

Hi there. Quick Q.. I have a Sonos Connect retro fitted to my current analogue hard wired audio home audio system. I have 4 zones in total.. How can utilise more than one zone? or have different zone...

New Apple Speakers

Hi Are you considering linking your speakers to the new Apple speakers that are predicted to be released this month?

K-Love Radio Station on Radio by TuneIn keeps cutting out/buffering

I have a client that purchased a Sonos system so she could stream 94.1 K-Love on Radio by TuneIn and it keeps buffering and cutting out. I have had Sonos check the system and settings of the router/n...

Connect drops connection frequently

My Connect is hard wired to a switch, then hard wired back to the router. The output from the Connect plays through the whole house audio system. My Connect is one year old and recently has started...

Large playlists from Apple Music difficult to put in queue

Hi - I'm not sure which are to put this in but.... I have a large playlist which is in my apple music area - the playlist consists of a big mix of apple music songs, purchased apple store songs, and...

Pro-Ject Turntable ?

Hi, we received a Pro-Ject Audio Systems Primary Hi-Fi Turntable as a wedding gift and do not want a separate amp and speaker set-up just for this. Can it be hooked up to a Sonos and if so how? Thanks...

connect autoplay

I have a turntable input to my connect and set up for autoplay in my main listening room, it worked fine and would override whatever was playing before when I started the turntable, however it has now...

Joining the Sonos club

Hello everybody! I'm thinking of joining the Sonos club thus I intend to buy a Playbar, Sub and 2 x Play:1s. Before I take the plunge I would really love to hear your opinions. First of all I have nev...

I am able to install, but when I pick music, it drops off the rooms list

Hello, We have a large array of speakers and everything was working great. We purchased another Play 1 to add to our system but, this speaker is giving us trouble. We are able to add it to Rooms, b...

Zone bridge broken?

I thought my problem was a new router but my ZB BR100 has no lights on at all - that isn't right is it ?

Why can't I push *any* audio from phone/device to Sonos?

I've had sonos for years and I know how to play music and other services and music from my phone or other device via line in. But my question is: Why can't I direct any audio stream from my phone to S...


Play 3 won't reset,I have several Play speaker in my system. I have lost the use of a play 3, the room disappeared from the Sonos manager app and I have tried to do the suggested factory reset but the...

Playbar lost optical input .

Hi guys Hopefully someone may be able to help me .My Sonos playbar kept dropping out sound whilst watching tv. Then started getting a Delay in sound coming from speakers . Got worse over time. Now no...

Apple Music & iOS11

Apple Music needs to be reauthorized since installing iOS11. Will not authorize. Please help.

Playbar sound cuts off watching tv

I have a sonos playbar, and a vizio TV. Several times a week, the sound will go off during TV programs and I have to turn off the TV and restart it all to get the sound back. It's getting annoying.....

Spotify playback issues on Sonos

I have Spotify premium and 4 Sonos speakers, in configuration of 1x Sonos 1, 1x Sonos 1 stereo pair, and 1x Sonos Playbar. In the Spotify app, I start a song or playlist and playback on the iPhone is...

4k HDMI switch

Whilst I've seen lots of older queries about resolving the DTS issue with hdmi switches I'm looking for some advice on what are the best hdmi switches to convert DTS to DD5.1 whilst retaining a high q...

Connect Amp. LED light fading over time.

Hi there. My Connect Amp LED has been fading over time. in fact, it is only possible to see the light when the room is in total darkness. Is it possible to change the LED, and what does it cost? The...

Playbar Power Cable?

In order to wall mount my playbar I need a really short power cable. I'm unable to find one that fits the playbar even though it uses a standard 'figure eight' input. The figure eight sits deep in the...

Reordering Favorites

Why can't I reorder my favorites? In Sonos Music Source SiriusXM, in Favorites, I can't drag and reorder my channels, which are just listed numerically. In the Tidal App, my favorite artists are alpha...

Computer and audio

Hi Sonos, I'm attempting to use my computer audio which is already connected to a sound board and connect my sonos to the same audio, so that the same music can be playing in my recording room and in...

Windows Desktop Controller Problem

I have been using the Sonos Desktop Controller on my PC for a long time and it has always worked. Three days ago it suddenly stopped working. I have tried uninstalling the controller and re-installi...

Soundcast outcast speaker and Sonos connect: do I setup as standard or Boost

I want to incorporate a soundcast outcast Jr outdoor wireless speaker in my patio. I have a UAT transmitter with a Sonos Connect. I do have Sonos boost connected to my 2- play 3's and playbar and a S...


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