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How the 'ask a question' forum works

Joining a new community can be daunting. If you have a question and are not sure where to start, ask it here. We'll keep an eye on everything that gets posted here, and once something has been answe...

Delayed sound

Is there anyway I can reduce the delay from Sonos Connect? The delay from my mixer though Sonos Connect to my Play 3's is making any beat matching really difficult. Any advice?

Replacing hifi system ( pre amp and power amp) speakers with Play3

I am new to SONOS, just brought CONNECT plus Play 1 & 3 speakers. I am replacing the existing hifi speakers with Play3. Hifi system has a pre amp and power amp to drive the speakers. Can I connect...

Speakers dropping out...help.

Speakers (connect amps) are dropping out. Submitted diagnostics...7222809...please help.

Wireless headphones

Are there headphones that work with the sonos

RECOMMENDATIONS - Best app or process to clean and organize massive music library

I have a 3.0 TB music library (including alot of *FLAC ) . I want to get back to having a very simple organized library with everything nicely and neatly together. Any app suggestions? Thanks

can't connect my play 1

have unplugged Play 1 for 2 sec and plugged in again. Since then I've not been able to connect no longer it. Both my mac and my I phone ( i use both as controllers) are properly connected to my wifi,...

Volume Control Issues

2 Issues here: - 1st issue is that our volume keeps increasing on its own. I can sit at the computer with the SONOS program open, and watch the bar jump up to max volume on its own. I try to slide i...

connecting to Itunes

I have been trying to setup my computer to sonos however it just one find my ITunes library. my phone works great but my computer not so much. have tried 1. regedit recommendations 2. allow apps in...

Speakers dropping..submitted diagnostics.

Speakers dropping..submitted diagnostics...please help

Surrounds dropping out

WOW - Where do I start! Ok, lets see if I can explain my issue I have a Surround setup consisting of Playbar, 2 x Play 1 (Rear surrounds) and a Subwoofer. When I play a line in source (Turnta...

System has become a total failure. Any ideas to try?

The music cuts out constantly. 2 hours on phone with Support. Said they would get back to me never did. Original configuration, bridge with 2 Play 1s in stereo. Tried the following: changed channe...

Undo Line-in

This is a really-really dumb question, but how on Earth do I switch-off line-in on my Play 5? I've connected an AirPort Express, got to room settings and used OK. But I can't find how to switch-off l...

Connect:Amp line-in plays everywhere except on the Connect:Amp

I have one Connect:Amp and two Play:1. The home theater is wired into the Connect:Amp through RCA line-in. The outdoor speakers are wired out through the speaker connections. The Connect:Amp and th...


Please add the TIM MUSIC service to your devices is the most used in Italy. It could be also increase the Sonos devices sell. Anyway among the Tim Music user there are a lot of rumors about it and w...

Speakers disappear

While playing music, my speakers disappear and reappear. I have tried my wireless network. I tried a Boost with multiple channels. I moved my wireless router to within 100 feet of speakers. No one is...

Lost connectivity

After 3 months of fine functionality, my Macbook cannot connect to our sonos system. I have followed all troubleshooting steps: unplugged system, restarted router, etc. The system works fine on all o...

Volume fluctuations

My volume fluctuates and turns to max or none and when I try to change it then it goes back but then after a while it stops

Wifi extender

I have 2 play 1s but my router is in the basement. Music occasionally drops. I have a wifi extender upstairs that has Ethernet ports. Anyone had experience connecting play 1 to wifi extender to create...

Play 5 pair with sub

Have a gen 1 play 5 and am looking at a pair of gen 2 5's to run in stereo in onother room. Question, can you run a sub with a stereo pair?

Amazon Music

I can play Amazon music on my PC, but can add Amazon service on Sonos

Play 5 Line In for Turntables

I have a Play 5 in my living room and a Play 1 in my kitchen. When I play music from my iTunes library or Pandora I don't have any problems playing through either speaker. I just recently hooked a tur...

Is there a fix for the "connection to Apple Music was lost" issue ?

Intermittantly the Sonos system loses connection to Apple Music, a message appears on the Sonos Controller indicating "that the connection to Apple music was lost". When this occurs the active song st...

Sub stop playing randomly abd comes back after a few minutes

Hi, I have a playbar+sub. Everything works fine and it plays very well. But randomly, once in a while, the sub stops playing and then it comes back after 2-3 minutes. It doesn't do that every da...

Connect amp issues.

Connect amp is working but no sound coming out. It is linked to a player as the surround supplier. The player is working fine and the wifi network is working well. however i had an issue with the...


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