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Sonos & Amazon Echo

Is there a definitive list of Amazon Echo Commands that work with Sonos

Connecting Sonos to new Soundcast

Connecting Sonos with Soundcast VG5 with VGtx

Play bar distortion with LG OLED55B7A

I have a playbar that’s working perfectly with music streaming for a few years now but ever since I started using it with a new LG OLED55B7A TV, every few days or sometimes hours will start noticing d...

Connect Playbar to Connect:AMP

How do I connect my Playbar to my Connect:AMP?

Updated Sonos software on my iMac, iPhone and iPad and now Pandora has been removed and there is no option to add it back

No Pandora after Sonos software update.

Sonos on wifi mesh

Does Sonos work on a wifi mesh, like a Euro? Or does it regard it like a wifi extender (on which Sonos will not work)?

3 Sonos Play 3s with a Sonos 1 with Alexa - Can I?

I currently own an Amazon Echo and a Sonos Play 3. I am looking to add two more Sonos Play 3s and replace the Echo with a Sonos 1 w/Alexa. I've read a lot about the Sonos 1 and am concerned that it's...

Is there a way to physically connect an iPod Touch to the play:1 speaker?

WiFi keeps cutting out - looking for way to plug it out into the speaker is there an adapter or some other way to connect it.

Playbar intermittent white flashing button

Every few minutes the playbar starts flashing a white colour, the tv audio stops and then the seems to come back on again.

Love Marriage With Parents Approval 91=9799539547 uk

Hi, I have a problem with app activatio6yhfthyfthyft6uyhftn on my xbox one. I get a code to enter it on website. I enter it and nothing happend onfrrrrrrefrrfrfrefr

Spotify & Sonos Father’s Day Promo

Anyone received a code after creating a playlist? Seems not to work.

Feature Request: skip/rewind 15 secs

I really miss this feature when playing a podcast. It is pretty standard on podcast players so it would be great on Sonos.

Feature request-Autoplay when coming home

Hi. I am using 4pcs of Sonos Play:1 in my flat. It would be nice when I came home, Play:1 would have recognized my or other selected phone (my phone on wifi) and have started play selected music/stre...

Can I hookup 4 - 4 ohm speakers to Connect:Amp?

I have 4 existing 4 ohm speakers. Will all 4 speakers hook up to a Connect:Amp? The speakers are Proficient Audio, 150W, 6.5-Inch Polypropylene Woofer, 1-Inch Supernil Soft Dome Pivoting Tweeter, Imp...

Connect Amp With Outdoor Bose 151se's

I am using the connect amp with a pair of Bose 151se's which say they are 4/8 ohm compatible. Does anyone know how this works for them to be 4/8 compatible? I read 3.6 ohms across each one, indicati...

Sonos one doesn’t seem to be connected to playbar anymore

My 2 sonos one speakers seem to have disconnected from my playbar. Alexa wont control sound and I can’t hear anything from those two speakers. After trying many things I disconnected the ‘surround’...

No Sound - Sometimes Very Quiet

My Play 5 Gen 1 will not play music. It is on the system, and you can occasionally hear "quiet, muffled" noise. Once in a while, it will suddenly BLAST music, then quickly subside to nothingness. M...

Playbase and Play 1’s

So I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a sound bar for my TV for ages and eventually pre ordered a Beam the other day, however being impatient I cancelled that and ordered a Playbase instead 🤦‍♂...

No playlist available

Android devices not showing playlists that are set up but on iphone they are on the same sonos system

Volume lag after AMP installed

Hello all. I recently installed a Sonos AMP for some outdoor speakers and noticed that now, no matter if I am listening to those or my Playbar/sub/Play 1’s for my tv there is a lag in volume control....

Play 5 Gen 1 reconnection problems

I have an older Gen 1 Play 5 that worked great until last week when I moved to the patio for summer. The unit will not reconnect to my wifi even after I took it back to it's original location. I tried...

Soundbar volume buttons not working

The volume up/down buttons on the soundbar no longer work but I can adjust the volume via the app? How do I fix this?

Sonos connect Amp

I have connect amp inside the house that powers a pair of Bose 251 speakers outside. I have a pool house and I want to add another pair of Bose 251 under the eves of the pool house and connect them wi...

Track names now showing as "track.mp3?id=1D81C7AD16B2BD94" that were'nt before?

Hi, My setup: I have 2 Play 1's and a Bridge, I use my Iphone to control my system most of the time but do use the controller on my imac. In the last week or two (not sure when) my Sonos system has st...

Wired speakers throughout the house how can Sonos

Just moved into a new house with speakers throughout, walls and ceiling. They decided to leave me some equipment (see attached) and set it up so all the wires come out in the same place(also attached...


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