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How the 'ask a question' forum works

Joining a new community can be daunting. If you have a question and are not sure where to start, ask it here. We'll keep an eye on everything that gets posted here, and once something has been answe...

Terms and Conditions approval constantly requested

For the past few months Sonos is requesting that I approve their Terms and Conditions nearly every week on my Mac. Sometimes more than once a week. If I have open applications open (which is usual) an...

BBC programme search broken?

For the last few days (using the Android app on phone, table and Windows app) same problem - searching under Podcasts & Shows for BBC Radio programmes such as "archers" has stopped working and finds n...

Apple Music

Does anyone know how to find My Favourites Mix within Apple Music on Sonos.

Play 1 Volume control

Controlling the volume on my Play 1 speakers only when paired up with a Play base and sub?

Alexa integration for SONOS

Does anyone know if/when Alexa will be supported by SONOS? I've seen a lot of conversations about a public trial in 2017 but nothing specific about dates and official release. Can anyone confirm if...

Music playback but no sound from CONNECT

I have a CONNECT that is wired to my stereo. Music was played from a NAS connected to my router using a BOOST setup. To increase the Sonos signal strength in my house (playback was sometimes intermitt...

Songs in queue not playing and skipping!

HI, I have seen and researched a number of different explanation as to why songs in my queue/playlist suddenly stop, skip a number of tracks. I have tried the remedies but to no avail - still playing...


My sonos 5 and connect are so out of sync, playing the connect through the optical cable and into an AV amp and speakers and sub. Why is everything so hard to set up with this company

TV - Sonos - AV Receiver

Hi All! I was hoping someone could help me! I'm planning on buying a Connect for my AV receiver (Onkyo HT-S3705 home cinema set). Imagine i am watching television, can i use Sonos as a "rem...

Error Adding Music. Sonos was unable to add the music folder / Reason: The computer "XXXXXX" is not responding

I've been a Sonos user almost since it came out and have throughout the years recommended Sonos to my friends, some of whom have bought into the system. Apart from the odd small glitch I've never had...


I accidentally deleted my Spotify account off my Sonos settings and, I can not get the Spotify account back on. Any suggestions on how to get it back??

Spotify to Sonos Issue

I've tried to play Spotify music on my Sonos speakers both at work and at home, from both my laptop and my phone. It's worked well in the past, but starting yesterday, I'll connect to Sonos within the...

Problem uploading product review

When trying to upload a Sonos product review a message appears saying 'We're sorry, an error has occurred while loading necessary components. We are looking into the problem. Please try again later.'...

Subscribe to a thread??

Is it possible to subscribe to a thread/post I'm not posting in? If so how please?

Soundbar Volume Control

I have just installed a soundbar and I'm having problems using a Samsung remote, Sonos doesn't seem to pick up the signal when I press volume buttons on the Samsung remote. Has anyone else had this p...

Reciever & sonos?

I have a Pioneer Receiver/Amp. Will this be of benefit to me when I eventually purchase Sonos speakers?

Connect units do not go into standby.

Hi, I have 3 Connect Amps and 1 connect all connected to my wifi. Controlling them i have 3 ipads in different room with the app installed. After listening to music and i stop the music the conn...


Lost my Play 5 (1st Gen) power cord, cant find any specific to play 5 on line can I use play 3 cord instead

Sonos Playing When Not Intended

Hello All; Currently I only have the Sonos connect amp, which is hardwired to Bose outdoor speakers that are hanging on my patio cover. Its been hooked up for 5 days and everything is great ex...

Adding Music source in a private cloud

Hi. I am planning to move all my stored music from a local NAS to a cloud storage. Does Sonos controller allow this feature

Where has Riviera Radio Gone

I Travel around Europe and 1 of the best things I enjoy is listening to Riviera Radio but recently it seems to have disappeared I can't even pick it up at home in England on my system Can you help!!!

Echo Dot issues

Hi, new to the board I recently bought a few Dot's and connected one to my Play 5 in the bedroom and one to my Connect in the lounge. All seemed to work ok until I leave it for a length of time, like...

Volume Issues/ Stereo Sound On PlayBar

I have DirecTV and a PS4. I have a Playbar hooked up to the TV via optical cable as Sonos has suggested. When I go to my about settings in the Sonos App ..it says the output is Stereo. I don't plan o...


I am trying to authorize mixcloud but it days invalid parameters, how do I fix this


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