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How the 'ask a question' forum works

If you have a question and are not sure where to start, ask it here. We'll keep an eye on everything that gets posted here, and once something has been answered by the community or by us, we'll go ah...

Sonos just started not playing m4a files

Library on Mac desktop, Sonos won't play m4a files either through desktop or iPhone app

Connection problem

My Sonos Play 1 worked for a month and now it won't connect anymore. I've tried doing the reset and everything and it won't work. I'm very annoyed because I wanted to use it and now I can't please hel...

Sanus WSSBM1-B2 Mount blocking Sonos Beam IR sensor

Has anyone had an issue of the L bracket on the Sanus Mount WSSBM1-B2 blocking the Beam’s IR sensor? When I attach the Sonos Beam to the L bracket using the 2 supplied screws, the Remote control does...

Sonos app.

Hallo, ik heb abonnement bij iTunes,de downloads komen met gegevens zoals titel album,uitvoerder en lyrics. Spijtig dat men deze gegevens niet te zien krijgt in de Sonos app (controller) !!??

Different number of songs each time library updates

My library is set to update each day at 2 AM. Every time, it brings over a different number of songs from my iTunes library, without any being added or deleted from iTunes. I don't mean 1, 2 or 10 --...

Apple Music skipping to next track after playing only part of a song

First of all I have already read many threads regarding this issue but none was useful. The problem is very simple to describe: when using Apple Music through the SONOS app almost no song of an album...

Search YouTube Music and Spotify

I am still pretty new with Sonos, but also with Spotify and YouTube Music. If I search an artist within the Sonos app, I only get a list with albums, not separate songs. If I filter on songs, I can n...

Sonos / Channels / two gen 5 speakers won't connect

I've had continuing issues with my Sonos System. 1. Buffering issues. I've changed wireless channels on my router to 1, 6, 11. Streaming NPR keeps cutting out. 2. I received a new Gen 5 due to...

AMP without passive speakers to use with ARC TV

Hi there, I wondered if Sonos AMP can be used with a stereo pair of One's and a Sub in TV/ARC mode. I have set it up but without any "passive" speakers connected to the AMP I do not hear any voice. I...

Advice on Sonos + senior w/early dementia

I do computer support. I have a senior with dementia. He handed me his Sonos remote and told me to connect it to his new computer dropped off at the shop. He told me he needs new speakers, the old...

Beam and 2 Play 1s?

TV surround / party sounds - hi I currently have one Play 1. I am looking to buy a TV soundbar and also want some good sounds for an upcoming party. Is a Beam and additional Play 1 the way to go? I wo...

How Does Pause Work In A Group?

I am new to Sonos and have a Connect:Amp and 6 x Play:1 speakers (and a Boost). I have set up the amp and speakers as a group (via the iPad Sonos app) and, just as I wanted, I play my iPod music throu...

decodeur spdif to playbar or to tv

hi just need to know if it s better to connect my decoder with spdif port directly to my playbar for the sound or hdmi to tv and connect the tv to the playbar in spdif ?

SONOS Beta Password Reset

Not remembering my password I requested to change it. However the instructions email won't open, just shows a blank page.

Play 1s not playing surround sound with beam

My 2 play 1s are not playing sound on surround sound setup with Beam. Diagnostic: 1528408160

Amp and Dolby 7

Hi, new member here, can the new Amp can be connected to wall speakers via a Dolby 7 wall plate? Many thanks

Sonos Audio Quality

I have the best quality Tidal account, meaning that when I use my Tidal on my MacBook Pro, I can play "MASTER" quality music, which is better than 1440 HiFi. But how do I know if my Sonos is playing t...

How many speakers on the new amp 2019

Hello, I want to know if i can put 4 harman kardon speakers on my new amp 2019, and how to do this? Thank you.

Where is my refund

My speakers where confirmed as received back to Sonos on 16th January 2019. In this confirmation email it stated that my refund would be issued back to the original payment method within 10-15 working...

Frustration with SONOS connection to my devices

IPOD Touch Version 9.3.5 no longer works with SONOS...and after spending 45 minutes on the phone with ABT electronics and then another 45 minutes with SONOS representative. No solution. Buying a new...

My Tuner radio does't le me login to my account

When I add "My Tuner Radio" to Sonos it adds but never prompts me to login to my account. Therefore I am unable to see my list of favorites in My Tuner. In the "Service Settings" window it shows My...

Can’t set alarm time

I can’t adjust alarm time. It’s gray like an inactive option. I can select everything else, but time is stick to 7:00 am - no option to change. Any ideas how to solve it?

Play 3 discontinued

Since the Play 3’s has been discontinued. Will the 3’s still be supported by Sonos?

Sonos controller update failing to install

Hey! The Sonos controller won't allow me to pass an update screen but when I try to run the update it says "An exception occured during a WebClient request." I reset the controller but it didn't help...


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