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How the 'ask a question' forum works

If you have a question and are not sure where to start, ask it here. We'll keep an eye on everything that gets posted here, and once something has been answered by the community or by us, we'll go ah...

Bigger Beam (aka Upgraded Playbar)

Does anyone know if there is any murmurings of a bigger Beam or a upgraded PlayBar? I'm wanting to upgrade in a home theatre, but am willing to wait if there was something in the pipeline. I really wa...

How can I attach a microphone to the analog inputs of my Connect:Amp ?

Dear Sonos Community, We put in a small pond next to our covered porch where we enjoy Sonos via our Connect:Amp and speakers. A frog has set up residence next to or nearby the pond. We want to broad...

Use Playbar and Sonos Sub with existing 5.1 set up?

Hello, I am wondering if I can integrate a play bar and sonos sub into my current 5.1 set up. I am hoping that I can use a SPDIF to RCA adapter to plug the playbar into my reciever. Will the sub be ab...

Moving Sonos from one house to another

Hello, I want to know what is the best way to migrate my two existing Sonos systems in two separate houses with separate WiFi’s into one house with new WiFi network. At my 1st house I have a play:5 a...


Hi is it possible to add an Additianal sound bar and subwoofer into my kitchen and leave my living room set up as it is ?? Will it work as differant TV set up ?? Thankyou

Songs Skipping On Sonos

When I play music from my iPhone X the songs frquently stopp half way through and then the next song starts. There is no problems when I play a radio station via TuneIn on the same iPhone. How can I...

problem with connection of MacBook after new Router and extender fitted

I cannot use my home library as the laptop holds all tracks

Sonos one fading

One of our sonos play1s occasionally fades in and out of music when paired with the other sonos play1 and the sound bar. So when they are all playing together this happens. Please advise

2 pairs of play 1 in stereo

Have a pair of play1 in stereo with sonos sub and added another pair of play1 in stereo but the will not play. Thanks for suggestions on how to fix this issue

Music starts when I Geta phone call

Every time I receive a phone call when, the music starts on my only Sonos speaker. I can be in the house or miles away, but the music starts!

Sonos Beam doesn’t pick up the HDMI signal from my Samsung TV after being switched off/on

The Beam is connected through the ARC/HDMI port of my 2019 Samsung QE65Q70RALXXN TV and every day I have to activate the Beam using the Sonos app and choose TV. All devices and updated.

no TV and want to set up playbar on MacBook Air

I have no TV and have received the playbar as a gift and am trying, with no luck, to set up sonos playbar on my MacBook Air. Have downloaded and installed sonos for desktop mac, but when I try to set...

Sony TV and Sonos Beam

I have a Sony XBR49X900F and cannot get the Sonos Beam to connect using the ARC. Everything is connected properly but when I use Bravia Sync, it does not detect any devices. I have everything enabled....

How do you transfer a product to a new owner ?

How can I transfer a product to a new owner ? I can transfer all but can’t see how to transfer one product I own. Thanks

Playbar no chime solid white light won’t connect using app

I have just moved house. I have a playbar and a connect bridge powered up and I am trying to reconnect my playbar to my Samsung TV. I am trying to add the playbar via the Sonos app but get to the poin...

Using the New AMP with SKY Q

Hi, quick question from a home audio noob. I've recently had an extension to my kitchen, whilst doing so I decided to add ceiling speakers with the intentions of connecting them to the old Connect AM...

Play Bar orientation

I'm going to mount my TV on the wall and hang my Play Bar underneath it. Is there a correct way up to have the Play Bay mounted, ie. silver bar with SONOS on it at the top or bottom? Thanks in advance...

Wifi for CONNECT Amp

Does the CONNECT Amp need to be hard wired to network with ethernet cable or can it access network via wifi (as the Sonos One does)?

Unable to add Amp

Trying to add AMP to system, app says controller needs update but there isn’t a controller update.

SONOS App on iPad

The SONOS app on my iPad is suddenly not working. Says the software on my device is outdated. When I check my iPad Settings it tells me my device is up to date. Please tell me this is not some coordin...

Spotify Doesn't Appear In "Add Music Services"

Im in USA and my Spotify is registered in USA, but it won't show up in my services. All I have in there is apple music and some other ones I am not familiar with. Can anyone assist me?

play 3 component issue

Hello can anyone tell me value of R316 on power board?

Firetv stick not playing sound through playbar

I have my Sonos playbar connected to my TV, and I plug my firetv stick into an hdmi port on my TV, the video plays fine through the TV, but I can't get the sound to come out of my Sonos playbar

Soundbar completely dead!

I have a 3-4 year old soundbar and it has done this 3-4 times before but now nothing works. The problem is that it shows a steady white light but does not appear in app and no sound even coming throug...


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