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How the 'ask a question' forum works

If you have a question and are not sure where to start, ask it here. We'll keep an eye on everything that gets posted here, and once something has been answered by the community or by us, we'll go ah...

Joining friends sonos system to play music from my phone

I have a sonos system. My friend has a sonos system. When I visit her I am on her wifi network. I want to play my music on her sonos system. At the same time I don't want to lose my sonos stuff from...

Adding Speakers

Hi, Following the latest upgrade most of my speakers have disappeared from the Contoller/App. The facility to add a speaker under the manage tab has disappeared. Does anyone know how to get this back?...

af8 oled from sony how to setup with sonos 5.1 setup

hi, im not sure how i connect correctly the oled tv with my sonos system. can everyone help me. whar should i do on tv menu to force the 5.1 passthtough arriving from my appel tv 4k? thank you very...

Playbar Disconnecting - Update 9.2 issues

I have had the Playbar in my system repeatedly disconnect every few months. Nothing else in my system changes, except the Playbar disconnects. I am having no connectivity issues with an AppleTV or L...

Sonos sounds keeps going in and out

Sonos sound keeps going in and out... I have a Sonos Connect and (3) Play:1. This happens without fail every time when listening to Spotify and especially my record player. Everything is wireless and...

My music won’t play

I run a gym and we have no music. Nothing will even come up to play? Like I’ve been logged out but I’m not. Please help me :-)

"Sorry, we can't connect to Sonos" error after setup indicates connection

I keep getting the "Sorry, Can't connect" error on the PC controller. This is true even after I connect to the Sonos system, and the connection app says that a connection is established. I am using t...

Unable to setup new system on iMAC / MacBook

First off, I am not a luddite. I was just informed that I cannot setup my new Sonos One on my computers, but rather must use a mobile device. Unfortunately, my eyesight makes that quite difficult....

Installation sonos controller impossible

Bonjour, J'ai désinstaller Sonos Controller et je n'arrive pas à le réinstaller. Apparition du message suivant : Que faire ? Merci pour votre aide !

Playbar IR not responding

I have a playbar and for some reason the volume works intermittently, Whennit does decide to work I have to be right in front of it, it is the IR on the wide part of the speaker. I have changed batter...

Product Suggestions: Sonos built-in ceiling speakers, exterior landscape speakers

I'm not an audiophile, but really like the end-user simplicity of setting up and using the Sonos product line. I would really like to roll Sonos speakers out to all of the rooms in the house, garage,...

New Amp and surround sound

Can anyone at Sonos provide some info on using the forthcoming Amp with a pair of Left and Right Speakers to give good stereo for music plus rear speakers for TV surround sound. I’m wondering if Tru...

Sonos Beam with projector

Quick question... I have a epson projector which I connect to my Apple TV at that is all, no other devices. I want to buy the Beam with the play 1s for surround sound but have read this is tricky. Can...

speaker not working

I have a Play 5, stopped working. Shows on controller, looks like it is playing music but no sound from the speaker. unplug reset, no change. Help please! It has worked fine until now.

Simple question - connect Apple TV to Sonos Play 1

Is it possible to connect Sonos Play 1 to be the sound for an Apple TV4

Sonos Beam position on a TV stand

Hi, I am very interested by the Beam. The only issue is that I won't have enough space in front of my TV stand given the size of my TV desk. I wonder if I could put it on top of this stand, even if th...

9.2 Update Question - Manage options greyed out

Updated to 9.2 but now the "manage" options are greyed out. I can't find any of my imported playlists. I am running a iMac OS X 10.10.5. I can't find any related resolutions so looking for help. Submi...

Turntable with Sonos Beam

Hi. Is there a way of connecting a turntable to the Beam without using Connect, Connect amp or Play 5? If so, do you know of a recommended turntable? I was looking at this https://www.johnlewis.com/au...

How do I add music to My Sonos?

It says to Tap More Options (...) to add your favorite music. When I goto Browse —> a playlist on my iPhone —> ... on top of screen, I don’t see an option to add the song or playlist to My Sonos.

Android 9.2 controller issues seeing all rooms?

Since installing my Sonos system in 2017 it has been rock solid but since the last 9.2 controller update my Android devices starts to miss various rooms:-(. I've got a variety of speakers One, Play:3...

Beam connecting to Sony KD-65X9300D

So this isn’t working... I connect the Beam to HDMI4 which is the ARC port also. During setup the Sonos recognised the TV was a Sony and directed me to BraviaLink however that’s where it all goes wro...

ZP90 stoped working after system update

Hi, Yesterday I did a system update (I've two son0s:1 speaker and one zp90). The system update reported a failure and afterward the two sonos:1 devices continue to work as normal but the ZP90 has a br...

Reconnect Sonos to Home System

I am trying to reconnect my sonos system to my homes internet after coming home from the shore, however, I cant seem to get it to work and everything that is telling me to hit advanced options to do a...

TuneIn Radio No Longer working within Sonos app starting last week

TuneIn Stations have stopped working on Sonos


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