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If you have a question and are not sure where to start, ask it here. We'll keep an eye on everything that gets posted here, and once something has been answered by the community or by us, we'll go ah...

iPod Not Recognized

My Sonos system no longer recognizes my iPod Classic which is set in the Sonos cradle. iPod software is up to date. Sonos formally recognized same iPod, but now that system recognizes my iPhone XS,...

Sonos one with Ps4

Hello I would like to connect my Sonos One to my PlayStation 4. Is it possible? if so can you help me thanks

Vibration important speaker Sonos Play 5 Gen 1 on some frequency with bass

Hello, my Sonos Play 5 Gen 1 speaker has been vibrating with the bass for a while now. However, it has become more important now and completely degrades the audio. I reinitialized in the equalizatio...

volume of play 1 is low

I've setup the 5.0 system with one sonos beam and two Play 1,my living room is about 25㎡. In general they are good, very easy to use. But I feel the volume of these 2 play1 is very low, not matter whe...

New speaker causes dropped connection

I have 6 speakers dotted around the house. I bought a new Play 1 from Currys at the weekend. I ran through the setup and it detected the new speaker, did the green light thing, named the speaker and a...

How to reset the new amp

Hi, Has anybody tried to reset the new amp? I’ve had to take it out of a restraunt and set it up in the owners house under a new login and music details etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

IHeart Radio

I have an Iheart Radio account in Canada. I'm trying to play radio stations from my Iheart radio account on my Sonos speakers in my US residence. It doesn't work. is this a Sonos problem or IHeart Rad...

Multiple speakers with Sonos Amp

Hopefully a simple novice question but one I can't see an answer to. The new Sonos Amp allows 2 stereo sets of speakers to be connected to it, so 4 speakers in total. Will this result in lower volume...

Some music on phone not available in Sonos app

I have a Playbar and an iPhone 6S. There is some music that is downloaded to my phone (verified in settings that the music is on my phone and not in cloud) that is not showing up in my Sonos app as an...

Sonos app says there is an update but not in my sore, wont setup sound bar

Why wont sonos setup my speaker. I find it hard to believe they updated the server and not the app store. 2 weeks trying to get this 700$ speaker working!

Google Wifi + Sonos + Alexa

I have 3 sonos on google wifi working well from the android app. When I tried to work with Alexa I see that the sonoso devices are marked as offline. I have openhab and there too I see that the sonos...

Spotify Daily Mix

I would like to use Spotify Daily Mix as my Sonos alarm. How can i do that?

Why is it not possible te repair my Sonos Playbar?

My playbar is over 3 years old. Unfortunately it is already broken. Sonos gave me the opportunity to replace it for another one. Costs EUR 559,00. A new one is only EUR 100,00 more expensive!!! Does a...

Sound dropping out

Hi our Sonos has started dropping sound recently. Diagnostic is 151214216

Why oh why is my Sonos suddenly not working?

Sonos (3 x Play 5, 1 sub, 1 Amp, 1 connect) suddenly quit working today (19th Feb Australian time). Not clear why. Now nothing works. Is this just me or something more widespread? Everything fine up t...

line in drop out blues

my line in / audio input drops out in the evenings. I run my record player, via its own independent amp, into a ConnectAmp, supported by a Boost. The audio compression is set to compressed. I still...

Cannot Connect Speakers

I have had three Sonos speakers and a bridge for several years. I truly love the system when they work, but every few years it seems one thing or another craps out and I have to mess with them. Toda...

Digital Optical Cable Adapter

Why don’t I hear sound through my playbar when I have my cable playing through the TV? Since my Samsung flatscreen tv is a little older without a Digital Audio Optical port, I had to buy a Digital Opt...

Sones was unable to add the music folder

Sonos system cannot add music after updating, my PC is windows 7 professional. The error message is "Sones was unable to add the music folder. Reason: There is no shared folder "folder's name" on the...

AMP without passive speakers to use with ARC TV

Hi there, I wondered if Sonos AMP can be used with a stereo pair of One's and a Sub in TV/ARC mode. I have set it up but without any "passive" speakers connected to the AMP I do not hear any voice. I...

Connect YouTube to Sonos play 1

Hi, I would like to know that could I connect YouTube to Sonos play 1. If yes then can you tell me the steps? Thank you

Youtube Music, wrong format code, no way to link account

I have a Sonos Play3 and a premium Youtube Music subscription. I tried to link my sonos to the YTM account, but I have a problem that I cannot. overcome. Sonos APP provides me a code in ABC-DEF-GHI fo...

Sonos Beam and Bluetooth Headphones

I have some funny shift patterns so it means I can end up watching TV when the rest of my family is in bed, rather than have to use the TV/Beam I thought it would be best to grab a set of good bluetoo...

Sonos One AU version use in UK

Hi, I’m about to order a couple of sonos one’s from TobyDeals UK, however they are selling the “AU version”, which I assume is Australian, my question is simply do these work fine and just the same in...


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