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How the 'ask a question' forum works

Joining a new community can be daunting. If you have a question and are not sure where to start, ask it here. We'll keep an eye on everything that gets posted here, and once something has been answe...


Hi, In a restaurant the use about 15 Sonos PLAY:1 speakers. The building is in 4 different floors, but they have a really good internet connection. They also have one Sonos Boost. The problem is, t...

Recalibrating Playbar

I'm changing my surround sound set up and have moved my playbar, which was just enjoying life as an audio speaker in the dining room, into the lounge, connected it to the SKY box. Next step was going...

Sonos Controller 7.2 on Win10 Laptop no longer connect to play 3

I have a win 10 laptop running controller 7.2 that will no longer connect to my play 3. My Android devices all connect and work perfectly. I spoke to support who I can't fault they tried all sorts eg....

2017 - Best way to access Apple Lossless format files (NAS or cloud streaming?)

Just had entire CD collection ripped into Apple Lossless for Sonos. Was thinking (based on many years ago "the way things worked then", would upload to NAS and index. Still best approach? Or, would...

Estate set up

Hi all, I am trying to set up a small estate 4 acres with about 5-9 connects. I was hoping I could leap frog or daisy chain these wirelessly but I'm not having any luck does anybody have experience ho...

Want Sonos to keep playing while gone

I used to leave the radio on to keep the dog company. Our Sonos system turns off while we're gone, and I can't find a way to tell it to keep playing. (I know this because it's quiet when I get home,...

Play1 vs boost, which is stronger

Just purchased a play5 to go with my two play1's but had a question about hard-wiring a single play1 vs only wiring a boost (I would have to order one). Is the boost signal stronger than the play1? Th...

Play 5 does not power up or work at all

Hi, our play 5 Gen 1 does not power up or work.

RMA email

I have just received an RMA email for my connect amp however I can only edit my address and then nothing happens I can't confirm to move onto the next step can anyone help?

Optical connector converters

I need to convert from optical to HDMI for an older TV (only 4 years!)

SONOS PLAY 3 Amazon Sale

Hey! So I heard Amazon was doing a 15% off of the Sonos Play 3 earlier this month. I just checked and it's back at it's original price. Does anyone know where I can still get the deal or any ongoing s...

Play 1 not connecting

I have two play ones, one play 5 and a sound bar. One of the play 1 which is the older of the 2 will not connect. I have it close to wireless router, i have tried to reset, and factory reset. Nothing...

Spotify Offline

If I connect from the Spotify app to SONOS and play my downloaded content, does it still use Internet? Is there a way to play my downloaded content from Spotify through the SONOS app? Say I want to...

Pre-purchase questions about Dolby Digital, Audio Drop Outs, Odd Sounds, and Other stuff...

I am considering a Sonos soundbar and have some concerns/questions: Does Optical cabling provide Dolby Digital 5.1? I have an LG OLED B6 55 Inch. Will I have problems with audio drop out when wat...

Alarm not working properly

The alarms I set do not come on most of the time, and strangely when they do come on they do so an hour later! Is there a timezone setting I'm missing?


Why is the connection so bad between spotify and sonos, the last 6 months it has been very poor and maybe only works once a week and plays maybe 2 songs.

Play 5 keeps disconnecting

Hi Sonos I am having problems with one of my Sono's products on my home network. I have a wireless router setup with a SONOS BRIDGE and to this a Play 3 and Play 5 (1. gen) connected. The play 5 ke...

Toslink vs Coax on the Connect

Hi, I have my Connect feed into a DAC. Am looking for views/experience whether using a Toslink interconnect or a Coax interconnect between the two is preferable either way? Thanks!

Can 1 alexa connect with sonos multiroom (many sonos)?

meaning.. "play spotify in living room sonos" and "play tuneinradio in master room sonos" or 1 Alexa can only connect/ control 1 Sonos?

Error: Unable to play xxxx - the connection to Spotify was lost.

I am receiving an error that sonos is unable to play a song (plays one song then the error comes up) and the connection to Spotify is lost. This seems to have been happening since I did the last Sonos...

Sonos ZP90 and Sonos Connect

I have a ZP90 that I bought in 2009. Can anyone verify that this is basically the same as the Sonos Connect unit and that it will work with the Sonos streaming speakers? (assuming the firmware is up...

IHeart All Access premium music

I just upgraded my free IHeart music app to the All Access premium service. The free app worked fine with Sonos but none of the new premium service functionality works on Sonos I.e. Unlimited skipping...

Surround sound with speaker play 1

Play speakers One not working

Using my Sonos in France.

Can I use my Sonos in France? How about my Pandora radio?


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