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How the 'ask a question' forum works

Joining a new community can be daunting. If you have a question and are not sure where to start, ask it here. We'll keep an eye on everything that gets posted here, and once something has been answe...

10%off at currys this weekend, sonos one, play1 £134

Enjoy https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/search-keywords/xx_xx_xx_10025_xx/-audio_promo-/xx_xx_xx_xx_0-3-criteria.html Amazon black play1 same £134 price.

Music keeps cutting out skipping

I have a play 3 in my kitchen a bridge in my lounge connected to my WiFi router and a play 1 in my bedroom. My WiFi is with virgin and giidcstrength. Both speakers keep cutting out, cutting songs shor...

Google Home and Sonos

I know this has been asked in various ways on here but I can't find a satisfactory answer. I have a Google Home, Play 1 and Play 3 and I dearly want them to be able to link together using the Google H...

Latest Sonos Controller Update

Yesterday evening I opened my Android Sonos Controller app and was asked to do an upgrade, which it said would take 2 -3 minutes. Now, after 16 hours, the update has STILL not completed and my whole...

Speakers not working

Every since this update my speakers keep falling off my list of rooms and they all are not playing. Why?

Google home, which Sonos?

I know that sonos havent officially released that the Sonos will work with Google home wirelessly yet but on the assumption that the update will be released in 2018 will all the sonos speakers be able...

Connecting Components

I can't get our two new Play1's playing the TV sound with our Playbar

Am I just doing something dumb?

I apologize if this has been covered before (i am sure it has). I cannot figure out how to play locally downloaded MP3's over my sonos speakers using spotify. I even tried adding my PC to control th...


I have sonos app installed on my ipad and android phone, i have 2 alarms, 1 that my weekly work alarm and one a once alarm. On the andriod app there no way of switching off the weekly alarm, you switc...

External microphone on Play 5

Hi, I have one Play3 in my office and now we need a solution to put music and to use a microphone for speeches. Is anybody using a Play 5 and à external microphone on the audio input ? Is it worki...

iTunes Audiobook

I have an iPhone but don't really have much use for iTunes as I have a Spotify account for music, along with a NAS. I don't have iTunes on my laptop as I've never had a need for it. I recently downl...

Alexa dot aux vs skill

I just got my play 5 and am enjoying it so far. My question is whether the aux connection to my echo dot is lesser quality vs using the Sonos app or the Alexa skill. The Alexa skill is not my favori...

Sonos One ??

Can the Sonos One be used like a bluetooth speaker to play sound from my computer? I realize Sonos uses wifi and not bluetooth, but just wondering.

connection issues

I can't get our Play1s connect to the Playbar so we hear the TV through all three speakers

Sonos automatically play when entering the bathroom

I have Sonos in the house and want to put Sonos in the bathroom that will automatically play when entering. The only way I can think of doing this is to have a movement sensor they switches both the...

Pandora cuts out

In the last week or so I’ve noticed that Pandora stops playing after 15-30 minutes. Has anyone else had this issue?

Connection to Pandora keeps dropping

I've been having issues playing music from Pandora recently and keep getting errors like the following: 12/12/17, 10:37 AM Unable to play 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' - the connection to Pandora...

Songs Stopped Working

Since yesterday none of our devices are able to connect to Sonos. nothing has changed that i am aware of. the sonos is not connecting to wifi i guess. what can i do?

How to uncouple TV (Dish Remote) from Sonos Soundbar

The Sonos speaker is never off. I wish I could just turn it off. (Please Sonos - it would be nice) I have the TV hooked up to the Sonos Soundbar with the optical cable. It's a samsung if that make...

Will my Sonos Play 3 work in another location?

Hi, I'm hosting a birthday party for my son at a local community center, which has a wireless network. Can I bring my living room Sonos to the venue, connect to their wireless network and then stream...

Pandora issue after update

I updated sonos app last week and can not connect to Pandora eversince. Spotiffy and my music ok, but unable to use pandora. Any thoughts?

#sonosone poor response to Alexa command

Our family has been using Alexa/Echo since it’s beta trial about 3 years ago and we have about 6 units. So we had to get #sonosone. However, sonosone does not respond to Alexa commands as effectively...

Dolby Digital Plus

Hi can any one please confirm if a TV with audio output Dolby Digital + will work with the playbar. Thank Simon

Sonos play5 gen1 setup

Hi, I want to set up a Sonos play 5 (gen1) speaker in a password-free hospital network (my office) - is this possible?


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