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How the 'ask a question' forum works

Joining a new community can be daunting. If you have a question and are not sure where to start, ask it here. We'll keep an eye on everything that gets posted here, and once something has been answe...

Play 1 cuts out when grouped with play 5

The play 1 in my master bath cuts out about every 5-10 minutes for about 1/2 a second. Any suggestions on how to fix?

Sonos update - getting error code 1101

Unable to update sonos on mac - also unable to access music library and play radio stations - followed the steps for error code 1101 which did not solve my problem. Submitted support diagnostic sonos...

Last.FM Password change...Update in Sonos

The Last.FM is an app to add in Sonos. Sonos states, "Last.FM will not show after it is added." So now if your Last.FM password is changed how can it be rest in Sonos?

Sonos controller on ipad

I hate the new sonos controller on my ipad - It's way to difficult to navigate between my services, favorites, etc. On my pc its easy to find all my choices. This only happened since the recent update...

New sinos 1 with alexa won't connect to Amazon or Iheart

Got the Sonos speaker with Alexa and everything set up fine except for when I go to add music services from Amazon or iHeartRadio it will not connect .Each screen goes through successfully and it said...

Bedroom Speaker

For some reason, this speaker constantly needs to be reset. It's the only one and it's closer to the router than others. It's very frustrating when you get home at night. Why does this happen?

Switching music services-playlist migration?

I currently am a subscriber to both google play and Spotify. I have most of my playlists as google play files but I plan on dropping google play and only Using Spotify going forward. Rather then remak...

Echo Dot voucher for UK

I have recently activated my Sonos account to use my new Sonos Play 1 speaker. I have read about a 50% off Echo Dot voucher that is being given to Sonos users but I have not yet had any emails. Can an...

Wishlist: anti-burglar function

Since the sonos system is always plugged in and switched on, I'd like to use it as anti-burgler tool. I'd like my sonos system makes noise and plays tv-like-sounds and fake conversations, as someone i...

Poor sound quality after update

Just did the latest update - now the audio quality on my stereo pair of Play 3’s is severely degraded. Bottom end gone, sound all upper mids. Sounds like the data rate is severely lowered (sounds like...

Mac - iTunes Music Library - Cannot be added by SONOS after upgrade

Recently upgraded to: MAC OS 10.13 High Sierra// followed by SONOS Controller 8.1 SONOS now unable to add my two iTunes music libraries that it has been accessing fine for the last several years. (Th...

Podcasts won't stop erratically skipping episodes

Is there any way to play a podcast through Sonos without having it randomly skip to a new episode every 5 mins? I have my Sonos receiver right next to my wireless router, and this still happens even...

Is Sonos vulnerable to the KRACK-attack?

Hello, since sonos devices use wifi, is the sonos software vulnerable to the following WPA2 attack? https://www.krackattacks.com/ If so, will there be an update? See also: https://papers.mathyvan...

Mini Toslinki

My Samsung monitor has a mini Toslink jack. Can I connect it to the Playbase with a mini Toslink to Toslink cable?

Connecting one of two speakers to a Wifi booster

I have two Play:5 speakers and want to connect one to the main wifi router and one to the Netgear Wifi booster in another part of the house - is this possible while still using the same controller?

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Feedback on new app

I would like to issue my feedback: Oh my gosh the new app, sonos website + forum are very complex! I could easily list a number of fundamental user interface rules that are broken, and many interfac...

Auto Update

Hey Sonos Team! We really need an auto-update feature! I work with 300+ rental properties in Park City, UT, and whenever you push out an update, it automatically updates on everyones phones (iOS & An...

iTunes Music in the cloud

Hi everyone. Since the last update of Sonos, I’m missing the songs I uploaded on ITunes in the Cloud (linked to iTunes Match subscription). Before the update I was able to play them, but by now I stil...

Best EQ set up for tv using playbar

Question to ask what people options are on the best EQ set up for TV using the playbar on its own. Post up your answers 👍

Reset Sonos Controller when trying to set up on new WIFI network HELP

So I plugged my SONOS Play:1 in to the ethernet in my wall and tried to follow the usual set up procedures. However, it wasn't allowing me to do it so I reset my iPhone (sonos controller) to see if it...

Issue with line in on play 5 and grouping 2 play 1s

First time user so apologies if my question has any details missing but... I have a play5 connected by line in to my LG tv - all works well. When I group together with my 2 play1s, I get intermittent...

Surround Sound with Connect:Amp no longer working

I currently have a SONOS Playbar hooked up to my tv and have two built in ceiling speakers that are connected to my SONOS Connect:Amp which is hardwired into my router. I recently noticed that the two...

play 5 + apple tv + videoprojecteur

bonjour, comment faire pour associer play 5 + apple tv + videoprojecteur


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