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How the 'ask a question' forum works

Joining a new community can be daunting. If you have a question and are not sure where to start, ask it here. We'll keep an eye on everything that gets posted here, and once something has been answe...

Separating speakers

Hey folks. I am a rookie. I have a playbar, a sub and two play 3's. They are all set up under the "living room" setting. I have been taking one play 3 on the deck and been trying to only play thi...

Connecting Amazon Echo Dot with Sonos Connect and playing back via Playbar TV setup

Hi there can anyone help me please? My whole house is full of Sonos speakers 🙂. In my playroom I have Sonos playbar, subwoofer and a couple of play ones so the full setup. I am getting an Amazon ec...

Tv remote not syncing with sonos

Hello. I purchased a sonos playbar today and set it up with my sony bravia tv XBRD850. The remote worked initially (for a few hours) but now i have to control the volume through my iphone app. Please...


My new itunes down load songs only show title of song, and then .m4a No info on artist. How do I fix. Thanks

Editing Sonos Playlists?

I have a large music library on Sonos that I'd like to edit. It's has around 5000 tracks. I'd like to remove some of those tracks that no longer interest me. I started to do that by selecting each unw...

Username/Community question

Been a Sonos user since the start, had online account from the start... confused that my Sonos account appears accurate but my "Community account" insists on a new username and the one I used in the p...

Quality of iTunes m4a files

Hi all. I have about 3500 CDs and have ripped about 1000 in iTunes already over the years, which are m4a files. I now want to rip all 3500 to a NAS drive so I can access them on my Sonos. Is the iTune...

Music keeps cutting out

I have Sonos Play 5 speakers plugged into my iMac via the line in. The music occasionally cuts out intermittently and I have no idea what to do about it. I was reading in the forums to change the chan...

Sonos App

Is any one else sick to death of the stupid updates this App receives. I would like the chance to carry on using the existing working app with a choice to update or not. But the powers that be think t...

Songs in queue not playing and skipping!

HI, I have seen and researched a number of different explanation as to why songs in my queue/playlist suddenly stop, skip a number of tracks. I have tried the remedies but to no avail - still playing...

Playbar with bose cubes

Hi all, I am considering adding a pair of bose cubes with a connect amp to my playbar to achieve 5.1. The reason for not using sonos equipment is I like the look of the bose cubes better. I'll...

Newly download songs not showing up in parts of Music Library

I purchased a handful of songs on iTunes last night, as well as a few over the past month. The songs and metadata downloaded to the iTunes folder on my Mac. I went to Sonos and had it update the mus...

Connecting a PC to stream audio to sonos

Hi there I am wondering if it is possible to connect my home pc to my sonos system to play audio out. I currently have a standalone Bose 2.1 connected but want to play movies on my pc through my sonos...

Sonos dropping out repeatedly - unable to play any streaming services

Hi, I have been having trouble with my sonos system ever since I got it. At first, the issue was constantly being unable to connect via iPhone or other apps. Sometimes I could connect via my mac whic...

Update Android App Without Google

Hello, In the past, I've received messages on the Sonos android app that the Sonos App has an update available and I would usually ignore it, providing everything is working reasonably well. Toda...

Sonos problems

First the MANAGE function on my desktop controller was greyed out. everything is updated and firewall configured. still greyed out. so i downloaded latest sons and now it won't let me access anythi...

Shower Room speaker

Do Sonos make a speaker that can used in a shower room or bathroom? I am aware that a Play 1 can be used in a humid atmosphere, but not sure if it would be suitable for a steamy atmosphere in a wet r...

Xfinity1 Connection

I have a XiD-P Pace PXD01An1 Xfinity 1 Cable Box in my family room where I have my Sonos Connect:AMP. I have lost the ability to use my line in feature with the speakers for my TV sound because of t...


Why updats on my 1 and sound bar ? Cant see any difference....

Stop at end song

This is a minor feature request. At times, I'd like to be able to set the system to stop playing at the end of the next song without editing the playlist.

Radio Paradise

Is there a way to add Radio Paradise to the Sonos menu anywhere in order to be able to have a shortcut to stream Radio Paradise?

SaavnPro Account

Sonos will not recognize my Saavn Pro Account...keeps asking me to upgrade ???

Voltage - Using Sonos 3 speaker in Europe

Would just like to confirm that I can use my Sonos in Europe, where the voltage is 220. Thanks.

Play Base and Play 5

Had a play 5 already, bought a Play base, both working fine individually but cant get them to link up - could someone please advise how I do this . Many thanks.


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