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How the 'ask a question' forum works

Joining a new community can be daunting. If you have a question and are not sure where to start, ask it here. We'll keep an eye on everything that gets posted here, and once something has been answe...

deezer elite or spotify?

We have paired Play 3's, a Play 5, and a Connect Amp I have a subscription to Deezer Elite [£20pm on-going]; am an Amazon Prime member anyway, and am currently trialling the three months of Spotify...

Unable to connect to my current receiver

I just purchased 2 play 3's and a connect. I currently have a Pioneer VSX-90 receiver with 2 bose bookshelf speakers. I want to bridge all 4 speakers togerther via the connect. My connect and play...

Sonos TIDAL - album tracks not ordered by number anymore?

All my favorite albums from TIDAL Hifi have the tracks messed up in Sonos. When I use TIDAL directly the tracks are ordered correctly. I also have another music service (Yousee) in Sonos - again track...

Sonos cutting out. No previous thread or troubleshooting is helping.

My Sonos (play 1, connect, connect amp attached to passive speakers) keeps cutting out. I have tried all trouble shooting, changed the channel from 1 to 6 to 11, rebooted my router. Diagnostic code...

Speaker Connections

Periodically, the "rooms" that I have my Sonos speakers set-up on my controller disappear. I've turned the speakers on & off, but only one room reappears. Solutions?

12 Sonos Connect's + Multichannel Amplifier OR 12 Sonos Connect AMPS?

I am remodeling my house and putting in 12 zones. I am considering two basic approaches and would appreciate input on my choice: 1) Purchase a multi-channel amplifier. Connect amp to speakers in ea...

Alternatives to iTunes

We have recently purchased two Sonos Play3's and enjoy listening to Radio by TuneIn. We have about 150 audio CD's which we would like to be able listen to via Sonos. We understand from this forum and...

Question about new wifi mesh routers and Sonos

I have been thinking about picking up a new router such as the Linksys Velop, Luma, Eero, Orbi, or Google Wifi. I was curious is this could potentially cause issues with my Sonos speakers? I am curr...

When Sonos keeps running after you have turned off your iPhone!

Hey folks, can anyone explain how Sonos can keep running when I've turned off not just the app on my phone, but my phone itself? I couldn't get Sonos to pause or change inputs, so I turned off my pho...

Using the app as a TV audio receiver no latency headphone jack

Hello all. Brand new to Sonos so forgive the ignorance. So far just the play bar and the sub (primarily because we are moving into a shoebox apartment in NY). Which brings me to the question: Can m...

Only Primary User's music services per location??

Have 2 separate Sonos systems at 2 locations. Only the primary users' music accounts (Pandora/IHeart/Etc) in each location. Possible to access one's own music services in a "foreign location"?

Zune music played on Sonos

How do I play music on Sonos wirelessly from Microsoft Zune device or Zune Library on PC? Only just set up my wonderful Sonos system and would like to play my music from my rather old Microsoft Zune...

Sonos and latency (delay)

I have been experimenting with my system, including connecting electric piano to my Sonos system. I accept that there is going to be a delay aka latency with wireless (and there is) but I didn't expec...

Create surround sound with Connect thru HiFi amp to speakers?

I have a PlayBar and 2 Play1s and have set up surround for films, but taking it down to use the Play1s elsewhere for music seems to take ages. So instead of ditching my old Warfdales, I'd like to use...

2nd user can't access the music and playlists on her spotify, it will only play the primary users!

I am the main user of our spotify system. I have my spotify, soundcloud accounts linked, and also play music direct from my music library. My girlfriend also uses SONOS, via the app on her phone,...

Sonos old remote Control

Hi guys the following could sound a silly question but I want to know if someone sees a use case for the old Sonos remote control in these days knowing that today everything is controlled from the Son...

Podcasts on Sonos not showing episode length so can't forward or rewind

OK - here's my podcast on my iPad clearly showing the episode length and here's the same podcast in the Sonos app with no episode length. It doesn't happen on all podcasts but when it does you can'...

Using 'on this iphone' to play apple music downloads

Hello - I've recently subscribed to Apple Music, and have downloaded tracks to my iphone. However, when I select 'on this iphone' in the Sonos app, I only see a couple of the downloaded albums, n...

Selecting single song adds all songs to queue

If I select a single song, all songs in that folder are added to queue. So what is the point of the "Play All" button at the top of each folders' song list? If I select a single song, I expect only th...

volume control

wireless volume control

sonos boost

how do u connect sonos boost to your speakers if already connected to the sonos bridge

Head phone usage

How can I use head phones while watching TV?

SONOS can't connect to WIFI

After a power surge, I had to reset the name and password for my WIFI network. Now my SONOS can't connect to the WIFI. I've tried adding my control device to the current system and this was unsucces...


play5 gets lost in avail devices on spotify


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