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Home Theater and Television Recommendation Megathread

Looking for information on Sonos home theater setups or details on PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE, our home theater solutions? Find answers about surround sound, Dolby Digital, TV recommendations, and all the re...

Crackling sound from playbar

Diagnostic number 7486455 Hi team, recently I have been having a few issues with a crackling sound coming from my playbar. I haven't had this happened before and I don't use the speakers on a regula...

Grouping/Ungrouping pair of Play:1 speakers from Surround sound

Hi Everyone, I'm new to the sonos community and just installed a playbar and sub to my media room. I purchased a pair of Play:1s that I would like to pair with the playbar/sub for 5.1 surround. Unti...

Playbar locked in TV mode ?

Hi. Anybody here know, if I can adjust or cancel the timeout for the TV settings. ? When I turn off the TV, my PlayBar is in TV mode for more minutes. It's a little annoying when I want to music just...

Playbase + Play:ONEs Setup

Hey guys - so I'm pretty new to the Sonos ecosystem and pretty dang happy with it but I have a question about some setup possibilities I've not been able to track down an answer for. I currently hav...

Sony home theatre system and playbar

I am trying to hear My Sony system through a new playbar instead of the speakers that came with the system. There is a HDMI output to my tv and I have the Sonos supplied optical cable from the tv to t...

Sonos vs Heos

I currently have a couple of Play 1's around the house and a Playbar in the living room, with two Play 1's as rear surrounds. As has been covered to death on this forum, Sonos will not (or cannot due...

Feature request: enhanced IR code set for playbase/playbar

It would really be nice if you created an IR command set (and published it) for those who use custom remote setups to allow control of night mode, speech mode, play/pause, next, and previous. I don't...

Playbar + Multiple sources + Toslink / Optical Switch + TV Output not 5.1

I purchased my Playbar yesterday and to be truthful did a lot of research comparing sound bars for quality, sound, and cost, but the topic the TV optical/toslink output not passing 5.1 didn't come up...

Sonos connect, playbase and a/v reciever wiring question

How can I link up my LG 4k tv, sonos connect and playbase to operate tv and playbase thru my Denon a/v receiver?

Passing Dolby 5.1 from Samsung UHD6500 to Playbar - works great now!

Make sure you update all software on your tv, blu-ray player, and set-top cable box. I made two changes on my Samsung blu-ray player bd-f5900 (changed digital output setting to the 4th menu choice - B...

Playbar not playing sound from TV

I ran the update last night and woke up this morning and my Playbar and two Play:1s won’t give any sound from the TV. Music still plays from Apple Music but nothing when I select TV. Any ideas on ho...

Bass Shaker/ Transducer

Hi, I want to attach a bass shaker (https://www.buttkickergear.com/Wireless_or a ButtKicker_kit_BKA300_p/bk-kit-4.htm) or a motion transducer (http://www.crowsontech.com/go/crowsontech/3450/en-US/Des...

Playbar with Sony Bravia 690E - remote not working on sonos

I just bought the Sony Bravia 4K 690E and I can’t get the remote to work with my sonos playbar. Anyone have any thoughts? Playbar is working but remote isn’t controlling the sound

Samsung TV remote not able to sync with Sonos PlayBar.

Sonos App->Living Room-> Tv Remote setup As per the instructions i pressed Volume + button and tried to sync up. It is not working. what is the issue ? I have the below TV samsung 65 4K SUHD LED L...

Mono surround speaker

The room is open mostly on the back so there isn't a great place for surround speakers. Can a single Play:1 be setup in Mono surround mode?

Using current Play 1 as surround speakers.

Hi I currently have 2 play 1’s in various rooms around the house I have just purchased a sound bar and sub and want to reposition the 2 play ones I have as surround speakers, do I need to reset them t...

what happened to support?

Sonos used to have fantastic support. Where has the support gone? Anyone else agree?

Hang playbar on TV (below)

If I want to TV mount playbar, are this brackets (http://www.amazon.co.uk/AVF-Universal-Soundbar-Bracket/dp/B00GUZYS5C/ref=pd_cp_rec-ht_3) enough or do I need sonos wall mount kit as well (http://www....

My work around 5.1 via HDMI, Playbar.

First off most of the information I have gleaned has come from here or the internet. This has worked for my setup and may not work for yours.. I wanted a seamless integration, no optical switchboxes,...

App 8.2 feedback

Been a long time fan and advocate of Sonos This 8.2 update is the most perplexing change. There are many changes that are inferior but a few highlights Speaker slection between rooms no longer wor...

Playbar and av receiver

Can I integrate playbar into current surround setup? I have a Yamaha RX-V575. It does have an optical output.

Multi channel stereo

Hi, In a configuration playbar + 2 play 1 as surround, is it possible to have always a multichannel stereo configuration always? I mean music and TV? Because of noisy neighbors I need to always have...

Thinking of buying 5.1 surround sonos

I’m thinking of purchasing a pair of play 1s to complement my sound bar and sub ! I’m wanting 5.1 surround but worried I won’t get that as my tv isn’t listed on the recommended list of tvs on the sono...

ATMOS - Request! Would you buy new speaker if SONOS would release new playbar??

Just trying to figure out how to engage Community to push sonos for atmos implementation.


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