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Home Theater and Television Recommendation Megathread

Looking for information on Sonos home theater setups or details on PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE, our home theater solutions? Find answers about surround sound, Dolby Digital, TV recommendations, and all the re...

Samsung JS/JU Model TVs Audio Issue with PLAYBAR

We've determined there to be an issue with Dolby Digital playback devices (including the Sonos PLAYBAR) and Samsung televisions in the JS and JU series. An example of a TV model number of this line wo...

Sonos 5.1 and Sky/Apple TV set up

I'm attempting to set up proper 5.1 on Sonos using applet tv (4th gen) and Sky HD. Ive got the play bar, sub and two play 1's. The system won't work out the box i.e with my tv (Panasonic A47 series)...

Dolby Atmos

Why did the new Playbase not integrate Dolby Atmos?

Playbar out of sync

This is my 2nd tv and i am still getting terrible sync problems. My last tv was a samsung and i have just bought an oled c7 thinking it would cure the problem but it is just as bad. i am really gettin...

OMG! Why is 5.1 so hard?

I've had sonos for a couple of years now. Started with the playbar and sub and then yesterday I added 2 play 1's to get surround sound. OMG!!! What a drama. I didn't realise there would be any iss...

Please add support for DTS for the Sonos Playbar.

A hifi homecinema soundbar without dts support seems not up to date for me. Are there any plans to add dts support?

List of TV’s that will pass 5.1 from HDMI Sources to PlayBar

All, Would you mind listing your TV and mode/year in this thread if you have tested it and confirmed it will pass DD 5.1 to the Playbar and from what source. This will help those of us in the market...

Video out of Sync

I recently got a Sonos Playbase(today) and I used the 2 Play 3s I already owned as surround speakers but there seems to be a issue with the video and sound when selecting a different audio track in th...

Wireless headphones for use with Playbar?

I know there are lots of topics on this, but they are all old. Any news on getting wireless headphones to work with playbar/sub? There is no way to listen to the tv privately with sonos at this poin...

Is it possible to wall mount the new playbase?

Hello guys! I just bought the new play 5 and I'm blown away by how good this thing sound, so now I'm looking for new speakers for my TV but unfortunately my TV shelf (that my GF picked.....) is to sm...

How to connect tv, playbar & DTS converting bluray player together to get DD output

Hi, just purchased the playbar recently and feeling ripped off to be honest as I asked the salesman for the best product for surround sound without going down the full home theater path. Now I realize...

[HELP] What’s the best setup for SONOS Surround 5.1? And Couple beginner questions!

Hi guys, I’ve recentely heard about SONOS I wouldn’t say that I am an audiophile but I love music and speakers setup. It was very nice to see that SONOS has a very active community and I am think ab...

Able to use Playbar with my own receiver and sub?

Seeking to use Playbar with my own receiver and subwoofer. I have a Yamaha RX-V371 receiver, and a Subwoofer that is still fairly new, and very powerful. The Yamaha receiver has no Digital Optical...

Convert Any Audio to DD 5.1

This is not to get into the debate of why Sonos created a home theater system that only supports a codec that a minority of the market uses. I love the system overall, but I do find the way it handle...

Playbar has no sound with Sharp Aquos tv

I hooked my Playbar to my Sharp Aquos tv with the optical cable. Directly to each other. I have my Comcast cable box connected to my tv with an HDMI cable. I shut off my TV speakers. No sound! I can p...

High pitch playbar noise

Hi there, just installed my new playbar. When not emitting music / sound (so when it is powered on but idle) the playbar is emitting a high pitch noise. It's just about audible - but as it is so high...

Bye Sonos - New Google Home ! It's now 2017!

So I ranted here: https://en.community.sonos.com/home-theater-228993/its-2016-make-playbar-gen-2-for-dts-fix-aux-for-play-5-gen-2-6735204/index2.html about 2016 issues. This was on top of what I saw...

Playbar volume Samsung QE55Q7F

Is there a way to get the new Samsung universal remote to control the new sound on the Soundbar. The steps for the F series do not work on the new Samsungs.

Does your playbar vibrate on mantle?

My AV guy telling me that I should mount the playbar under the TV as it will vibrate on the mantle. I would rather not mount it though. Has anyone experienced the vibration? Thanks.

Playbase, Samsung TV, 2 Play 1's for 5.0 Surround Sound

OK, I need some general input from those of you that have a bigger brain than I do. I just got the Playbase, and Setup 2 Play 1's as surround sound. TV - Connected to Cable Box with HDMI Cable, ROKU 4...

PlayBar or PlayBase with Samsung TV

I have a Samsung UE49KU6400U LED 4K Ultra HD Smart 49" TV and I want to purchase either a PlayBar or PlayBase. I cannot really sit the PlayBar in front of the TV, due to the low nature of the stand an...

New to Sonos, home theater experience?

I just purchased a 5.1 setup and a play 5 (still waiting for delivery). While waiting, I've been reading more forums and started ro see a lot of complaints about the lack of support for newer codecs l...

Sound keeps cutting out when watching cable

My sound cuts out after 5/10 mins of watching cable them when I change the channel and go back to the channel I was watching it comes back on. I have a play base and 2 play 1s connected! Play base i...

Does Sonos Surround work properly with Samsung TV.

Is there still an issue with Samsung TVs not sending the dolby digital info from the HDMI inputs down to the optical output?


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