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Home Theater and Television Recommendation Megathread

Looking for information on Sonos home theater setups or details on PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE, our home theater solutions? Find answers about surround sound, Dolby Digital, TV recommendations, and all the re...

Samsung JS/JU Model TVs Audio Issue with PLAYBAR

We've determined there to be an issue with Dolby Digital playback devices (including the Sonos PLAYBAR) and Samsung televisions in the JS and JU series. An example of a TV model number of this line wo...

Dolby Atmos

Why did the new Playbase not integrate Dolby Atmos?

Pros/Cons of Play1,3,5 for surround speakers ?

Planning on getting 2 play1 speakers for surround speakers for use with a playbar and LG OLED TV . Would play 3 or play 5 speakers offer any advantages?

Make the PLAYBAR in White

All of my components are in white in my living room, aswell as all of my sonos play:3 and play:5.... Are there any plans on bringing the Playbar in white?

using Connect Amp for home theater surround speakers-Ethernet connection necessary?

I got a LG OLED TV and currently have a Sonos PlayBar connected via an optical cable. It works great and the Sonos app shows I'm in the 5.1 mode. I realized that I have a connect amp that (not in us...

Convince me to buy Sonos Playbar over Bose 300

Hi All, My wife likes the Sonos Playbar, while I like the Bose 300. I have owned Bose products in the past. Listening to the demo at Best Buy, the Bose sounds better. The sales people say the...

HDMI Switch Required (UK)

I'm searching for a good HDMI Switch as my Sony TV does not pass 5.1 over its own optical output to my Sonos Playbase. I've read a few different forums and notice the Monoprice (https://www.monopri...

Sonos Home Theater - Best Setup (Solution)

Hello guys & gals, After using Sonos for a couple of years now - and being very happy with it, I've recently decided to go for a full 'Sonos home theater setup' that consists of 2x PLAY: 1 and 1x...

Popping noise after swapping Playbar for Playbase

I have a Tivo Romio, LG OLED TV and Playbar that work great together. I recently swapped over to the Playbase, and ever since, I get a feedback popping noise whenever I switch channels, and sometimes...

Control individual speaker volume in 5.1 setup

Hi Is it possible to control individual speaker in a 5.1 setup? I feel my rear is a little weak (play 1) and want to bump the volume a little

Modernizing a traditional 5.1 setup

Curious what you'd do. Let's say you... - already have a 60" Samsung KS8000 with a more traditional 5.1 system (4 built in ceiling speakers, 1 center, and 1 sub) powered by an old receiver (2005...

Harmony Ultimate Remote stopped controlling volume on my soundbar

Hi Support community, my Harmony Ultimate Remote stopped controlling volume on my SONOS soundbar within the last month. Environmentally nothing has changed. Same wi-fi, same tv same tv service, etc. I...

Playbase Remote Volume control

Grouped Volume Any ideas why sonos won't allow the volume control using a remote control on the Playbase won't allow you to lower the volume of a grouped speaker also. Use the Playbase with a grouped...

4K/UHD bluray players that decode DTS to Dolby?

With 4K bluray players starting to emerge now, seems we really need to start keeping straight which ones will allow those of us with Sonos Playbars enjoy some semblance of Dolby sound when certain 4K...

TV remote to control playbase volume only works on 1 input?

Hi I followed this article and got my samsung smart remote to control the volume but it only manage to do it to the only input I program it on, in this case my HTPC via HDMI but when I switch say to...

Samsung JS/JU Model TVs with PLAYBASE

I'm creating this thread as a place to share how PLAYBASE performs with the Samsung JS/JU line and whether audio issues may occur as it is the case with PLAYBAR - https://en.community.sonos.com/home-t...

Remote Messages on TV with Playbase

Using a Playbase on a Panasonic P50ST30. Have successfully turned off the speakers and have the challenge of removing the on-screen messages whenever changing volume. Followed the "Eliminating annoy...

Sonos playbar 5.1

Hi all, I have a playbar and a sonos connect amp and am trying to get the 5.1 set up to work in the UK. I'm a bit novice with the terminology but understand that the playbar doesn't support a D...

TV mount playbar above TV

Hi. Has anyone come seen a mounting solution to fix a playbar above a TV instead of below. Clearly it's possible the wall mount above but is there any product which would allow screen mounting the pla...

New home theatre

Hi everyone, First post from me..just took delivery (today) of a playbase, sub and a couple of Play 1's for a home theatre setup. This replaces a Q acoustics 2000 series 5.1 system (with 2050 floo...

Playbar with Connect:Amp for surrounds

With the latest version, is it still a requirement that both the Playbar and Connect:Amp be wired to the network when using the amp as surrounds for the Playbar?

Placing Playbar in a recessed wall shelf

Placing Playbar flat in a recessed wall shelf Hello all, since you guys have the experience - I need some expert advice! Im building a new entertainment center and want to get the sonos playbar...

How do I create a "room" for my home theater with Connect?

I have a Play 3 system in my kitchen. I want to use it to play music through my existing living room speakers that are connected to a Sony DN850 receiver. I have an RCA cable running from the Out line...

Sound from TV in another room?

Is it possible to have the tv sound from the playbar playing in all the rooms? Like when you are streaming radio or spotify in groups. Testing out Sonos with a play 1 and 3 now, and is functioning we...


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