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Home Theater and Television Recommendation Megathread

Looking for information on Sonos home theater setups? Find answers about surround sound, Dolby Digital, TV recommendations, and all the rest to get the best possible theater experience on Sonos here....

Enabling CEC on your TV for Beam

Sonos Beam, the smart, compact soundbar for your TV is now available. We've collected some of the best resources for Beam in the thread here so that it'll help you find the answers you might be lookin...

Problem with Apple TV 4K

Every time I turn on the Apple TV, the audio output defaults to ‘HDMI’ which is the Apple TV itself. I have to switch it to Sonus every time. This is annoying. Does anyone know how to get the apple...

Sonos Beam: Sanus TV Mount Question

For the standalone Sanus TV Mount for Sonos Beam (link below) https://www.sonos.com/en-us/shop/sanus-tv-mount-beam.html Can I mount this on top of the TV set? It is only photographed mounting under...

7.1 surround sound

COME ON SONOS!!! This is getting to the point of pathetic. Get your business into the 21sy century and work on at 7.1 surround sound update. Maybe we have to throw this Sonos system in the trash and g...

Playbar sounds cuts intermittently out when playing TV

While watching tv the sound will cut out every few minutes for a couple seconds. Sent diagnostics. Here is the confirmation number: 1692913010 When this happens the white light blinks. Very annoying....

How to setup 5.1 Play Ones

Hi guys Look at the picture. I have a TV with Playbar ans Sub on the right side. The soffas are kind of on the left side of a pretty big living room. The only way to place the right side Play One wou...

Beam or Playbar as center channel between two Play:5 Gen 2's as (L+R)?

I'm looking to build a 5.1 channel surround system around my two Play:5 Gen 2's. I want to keep the Play:5's as L+R, add two One's for rear (L+R), a subwoofer, and a center channel (beam or playbar)....

Sporadic Audio Cut Outs

Hi. Like others in the community I am experiencing audio cut outs of a about half a second every 10 to 20 seconds or so. It doesn’t do it all the time but I am experiencing it at the moment whilst wat...

Playbar - Choppy sound

I have a sound problem with my Playbar, apparently only with TV and not when I'm listen to music. There is a choppy sound, also in my two Sonos:1 (surround) and I have to unplug the Playbar and recon...

Sonos Beam and UK Sky + sound issue

Hello I have had a Sonos Beam since about July 2018 and I'm loving it. So much so I expanded my setup to include two Play 1's to create surround sound and a Sonos One in the kitchen. However there...

Airplay with Sonos Amp, iPad, and projector

My family enjoys backyard movies. I am setting up an Amp with outdoor speakers. If I have my iPad plugged into the projector (for video), can I simultaneously use Airplay to the Amp for the sound?...

Solving lack of DD+ support in soundbar

Hello, I am trying to solve a problem that has been triggered by my recent acquisition of a NVIDIA Shield TV Earlier my setup was: Amazon FireTV->HDMI->Samsung JU7005->TOSLINK->Sonos Playbar+Sonos Su...

Listening privately with TV connected to Playbar

I want to move away from separate receiver/amp/speaker system with our TV. I have both a Playbar and Sub (with several other PlayX speakers, and would like to connect the TV via fiber to the Playbar....

HDMI-ARC issue

I have connect my TV to my Beam via the HDMI-ARC which is HDMI 1 HDMI 2 is connected from my TV to my Mag322 iptv box and all is working well however The HDMI 3 from my TV to my SKY box although I ge...

Adding a turntable to a 5.1 cinema setup?

Hi Looking for any advice on adding a TT to a 5.1 Sonos surround setup My gear Technics 1210 Musical Fidelity V90-LPS pre amp Musical Fidelity V90-HPA headphone amp I’m looking to hook this up to a S...

Best placement for play 1’s as rear surrounds

I have a room in my attic with a couch against the back wall. I have a 5.1setup with. Beam, sub, and two play ones. My plan is to mount the play ones to the wall on either side of the couch. Is the...

Sonos Beam Lip Sync Issue (Charter Spectrum)

Hoping someone here can help me figure this one out. I am having lip sync issues with my video provider, Charter Spectrum, for their basic US cable package - for both Live Programming, and DVR'ed pro...

Playbar, Playbase, or Beam

Do u have to have 1 of these 3 to play sound from tv? If so, will a play 5 and 2 Sonos ones connect to one the 3 to make a surround sound type system?

Office set up using a Playbase and 2 Play1 speakers.

how do I set these items up using my computer sitting on the PlayBase and the speakers behind me in the corners

Samsung Television UN65NU800D (Costco) CEC/ARC issues Sonos Beam

My initial setup went fine and the Beam worked as advertised. The setup was temporary while the Pro Wall Set-up was being finished. After mounting the TV, and the Beam along with a DVD Blue Ray th...

Samsung TV won't pass through 5.1 on optical out if input is HDMI, need suggestions

I have a Playbar, and a Samsung TV that won't pass through 5.1 from its optical out if the input is HDMI. Our Motorola cable box is connected to our TV using HDMI, and I want to get the 5.1 when I wat...

Connect Sound Bar to Samsung QLED TV Smart Remote

I cannot connect the Smart Remote volume button to the Sonos Soundbar.

It's 3.1 NOT 5.1

Please stop calling it 5.1 who cares if the signal is 5.1 the speaker setup is 3.1

Connect Samsung QLED remote to Sonos

How to connect samsung remote for sonos? 75 Qe75Q7f


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