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Home Theater and Television Recommendation Megathread

Looking for information on Sonos home theater setups? Find answers about surround sound, Dolby Digital, TV recommendations, and all the rest to get the best possible theater experience on Sonos here....

Enabling CEC on your TV for Beam

Sonos Beam, the smart, compact soundbar for your TV is now available. We've collected some of the best resources for Beam in the thread here so that it'll help you find the answers you might be lookin...

Sonos amp for home theater 5.1

Hi, I have sonos amp and wonder if i can pair it with sonos beams or playbar to get my 5.1 setup? Tha ks for answering!

Playbar positioning

Hi all, after just mounting the playbar on the wall under the tv I noticed the sonos book that says "to preserve audio quality, ensure the connector panel faces away from the tv". Does this have to d...

Will Airplay 2 ever be supported via Surround with Playbar and Ones?

So I just recently bought a playbar a little less than 3 months ago. As many I was excited about AirPlay 2 so I went out and got two Ones to support my surround. Well after the updated you can’t use...

Beam mutes and ungroups

Hi all, I set up my beam earlier today and it generally works fine but does seem to have a recurring issue. It will often go silent then my TV displays "unmute" when the sound comes back on a few sec...

Sonos Beam TV audio quality drops issue

Hi Sonos Team, I have a Sonos Beam with 2 x Sonos Ones and I'm having an issue with sound quality from my TV while watching video. The bar is conected via HDMI 1 ARC and I'm using Apple TV 4th Gen wi...

Volume down and mute on X1 remote are turning volume up

Doing 1st time setup when pairing the comcast x1 remote to the playbar the setup process goes through without a problem but when testing after completing setup the volume down and mute buttons increa...

No 5.1 from Nvidia Shield and Beam

Just got myself a Beam to go with my two Play 1s as rears.I think I have it working ok apart from the fact that when I select a 5.1 stream from the Netflix app on my Shield there is no sound.If I sele...

Sonos Beam No Sound From LG TV

Hello, first post so please go easy! I received my Beam on launch day and setup seemed to be a breeze. I managed to integrate it into my system (2 other Play 1s) and music plays (still plays) without...

Sonos Beam Tv Control On and Off

Would anybody know why I can turn ON my tv using the Beam with Alexa but can’t turn it back off using the voice commands?

Sony Bravia Android TV Apps are not playing sound through Sonos 5.1 System

I have a Sony Bravia Android TV, a Sonos Playbase 5.1 System with Sub & 2 Play 1's connected via a Flexson HDMI Switch. The optical cable is connected to the Flexson and into the Playbase. I have a si...

Sonos Beam Surround– Blu-rays on XBOX not synchronous

Hi everyone, This is my setup: Philips 55PUS7303 Apple TV 4K XBOX One Sonos Beam + 2x Sonos Play:1 as rear speakers connected with HDMI cable This is the situation: Watching regular TV from TV receiv...

Beam fail

My wife is called Alexis- and she won’t change HER name Beam insists on starting TV on analogue source No TV audio after stopping music until I manually increase TV volume Cannot change channel on Sky...

Sonos Beam low volume

Got my Beam today (16th) and am pleased with it so far, but I'm having to boost the TV volume much higher that it was with the TV speakers. Without the Beam the TV was at about the right volume at a s...

Sonos Beam short IR range with TV remote

I bought the Sonos Beam today and connected it via optical with the adapter. I went into the settings and did the short remote setup. It does respond to the remote but only at around 2 or 3 feet! When...

Optical Audio Adapter

My Beam recognized my TV immediately when the replacement cable was installed

LG 55UH850V not outputting to Beam

The TV is recognising the device and Sonos support confirm that the Beam is sending packets to the TV, but nothing is coming back. LG support are sending out a tech to assess. The HDMI ARC port (#2)...

Comcast remote volume control for Beam producing "Not Available" message on Samsung TV

I set up our new Beam, and while it is working fine, when we attempt to use the volume control on our Comcast remote, we see an obnoxious "Not Available" message on the TV every time we turn the volum...

Sonos Beam Connection with Optical

I do not have HDMI ARC on my TV so I'm using the optical converter to get sound from the Beam. However, the sound keeps going in and out and I cannot get a good connection. I feel like the optical i...

Sonos Beam & Sky Q - Sound Output

What sound will the Sonos Beam (only using this speaker in my TV set-up) output when using Sky Q? Am I right in understanding it will be Dolby Digital?

Sonos Beam optimum room size

What are the room size dimensions that are ideal for Sonos Beam? I have only seen it as described as filling a small to medium room size but no actual dimensions. I can surmise what the ideal dimensi...

Cannot get audio from Fire Stick to Beam

I’ve tried all the suggestions in here, turned the Dolby off, my tv speakers are off. Switched to PCM. I had to reset the factory settings on my Visio because every time I’d turn TV Speakers to Off, i...

Switch back to TV input after listening to music through Playbar

How do I switch back to TV input after listening to music. Currently I,m having to turn the TV off and back on to resume TV input.

Cable Box to Sonos Connect

I bought a "sonos connect".I have connected the cable box to sonos connect using RCA. I could not make it work.


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