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Home Theater and Television Recommendation Megathread

Looking for information on Sonos home theater setups? Find answers about surround sound, Dolby Digital, TV recommendations, and all the rest to get the best possible theater experience on Sonos here....

Enabling CEC on your TV for Beam

Sonos Beam, the smart, compact soundbar for your TV is now available. We've collected some of the best resources for Beam in the thread here so that it'll help you find the answers you might be lookin...

projector recommendations for beam + apple TV

I currently have two Play:1 speakers and an Apple TV and would like to purchase a projector to use as my TV. Can you please recommend any HD projectors that I can use as my TV that will be compatibl...

Smart TV application

Can you make a Sonos application for smart-tv? I'm using Sonos Connect in the living room and it would be very nice to get it on the TV (Got a Samsung UE55ES6805). I know a lot of people who chose Ap...

Spotify doesn't work on sonos

I'm in China, use spotify daily with their app and I never had any problem, it works perfectly. Sonos officially support Spotify, but seem the in China it's a big problem. I finally been able to set...

PlayBar 2.0

Is there any plans for a new PlayBar 2.0 any time soon???? I have a large room and Sonos Beam won’t cut it ;-)

Directv Genie connection to Sonos Beam.

I’m setting up a projector with a Directv Genie and am wondering what the best way to hook up my Beam to the Genie for audio.

Recommendation for adding speakers to Beam

Having had my Beam for just a few days I must say that I am delighted with the sound. The main reason I replaced it was for the inclusion of Alexa in the lounge, enabling voice commands for music & tv...

Beam switches off when internet goes?

Hi, the Beam completely disconnected from the TV when my internet dropped out! Did not expect that as its connected to the TV with hdmi(arc), is this normal??

Sonos audio cutting in and out on line-in or when sending the tv audio from my playbar to other speakers

I'm having a few issues with my Sonos system and I've failed to troubleshoot them. I'm not sure where to go from here. 1)When using line-in, or sending the TV audio from my PlayBar to other speakers...

Philips 55POS9002/12 and 5.1 setup with Playbar

Hi I have a 5.1 setup (Playbar, sub and two PLAY:1) and a Philips 55POS9002/12 TV. All of a sudden, TV-sound starts stuttering when TV sound is set to Multichannel or Multichannel (Bypass). When in...

Beam Quieter after Update

After the last one or two updates on the Beam, the audio sounds considerably lower. I used to be able to put the volume on 18 or 30 for different content but for the same content it's now 30 instead...

Sonos Beam for cinema/TV - add Play1 or Sonos One in the rear?

I am looking into getting the beam for my TV-setup. I love surround-sound, but haven't had it in years. Now I am considering getting Play:1 or One in the back to complement the Beam, but does it work...

Volume difference when switching between TV and music

There is a significant difference in volume when switching from TV to music on my soundbar, ones, sub 5.1 system. Comfortable listening on the TV becomes way to loud when switching over to music. Have...

Sonos Beam low volume

Got my Beam today (16th) and am pleased with it so far, but I'm having to boost the TV volume much higher that it was with the TV speakers. Without the Beam the TV was at about the right volume at a s...

Sonos One's w/Alexa as Surrounds_Playbar vs Beam

Hello This topic is scattered throughout the community; but typically shows as "Oh BTW" or "in addition to what was said" . So, I thought I'd post it using the verbiage as shown in the title which pr...

Considering a Beam: is there any 'start lag'

Hi folks, I have a circa 2012 Onkyo 5.1 system in the living room and I'm considering replacing it with a Beam paired with some Play Ones I already own. One of my main bugbears with the existing syst...

If you're experiencing audio delay issues, read this

I've been living with lip sync issues (audio behind the video) since I got my Playbar about a year ago but I finally decided to do something about it. After multiple conversations with Sonos support a...

Can Amp be used as Home Theater 5.1 brain?

Currently I have the Playbar, 2 play 1’s and a sub. In this configuration I’m able to group my Sonos speakers in 5.1 with my TV connected. But it doesn’t support AirPlay 2. I’m wondering if I can pl...

Sonos Beam short IR range with TV remote

same here. I tried 2 remotes. they do work but I have to point super close. hopefully a software update will help. I am using alexa now for volume control

Home Theatre Feedback

Just read all the comments about Sonos not being true 5. 1 and not really good surround sound I have the playbar and sub and 2 rear play 1s. My tv is a Sony and the optical connection is straight to...

new playbar coming or not?

i want to buy the playbar but it is an old model and the beam i think is not heavy enough

Playbar vs Playbase

Hello, can anyone that have tested both, tell me if playbar is better or not compared to the playbase, in terms of sound quality? Except for the obvious installation difference, I have more or less a...

Sonos Beam not detected as Simplink-device (LG HDMI-CEC)

I have a Beam hooked up to an LG Smart-tv (pre WebOS). The tv supports HDMI-CEC (LG Simplink) and ARC. Setup vas generelly very smooth and I had sound and remote-control via IR working in minutes....

Beam: General Questions

Hi All, I'm considering switching from my Samsung HW-K550 to the new Sonos Beam. I have some questions before I do though - please feel free to answer any as appropriate! Thanks in advance! 1. My HW...


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