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Home Theater and Television Recommendation Megathread

Looking for information on Sonos home theater setups? Find answers about surround sound, Dolby Digital, TV recommendations, and all the rest to get the best possible theater experience on Sonos here....

Enabling CEC on your TV for Beam

Sonos Beam, the smart, compact soundbar for your TV is now available. We've collected some of the best resources for Beam in the thread here so that it'll help you find the answers you might be lookin...

streaming projector sound to sonos

i purchased a mars nebula projector, along with a sonos one pair (i have many other older generation sonos), plus firestick tv thinking this was the proper combination to stream tv sound directly to...

Playbar as center channel

Is it possible to set up a sonos playbar as a center channel, i have great in ceiling speakers for front and rear. need a center channel.

How to connect Sonos Playbar with LG OLED 55C8PLA and LG MAGIC remote AN-MR18BA?

I have purchased an LG OLED tv but I cannot manage to connect the SONOS PLAYBAR with the remote control. I went to the Audio settings and I also used the app on my phone to try to connect but it doesn...

Playbar stopped playing TV

My Playbar has worked perfectly for years but is now not playing TV, it plays music through the app. Checked tv cable and is ok. It was intermittent and by turning volume up and down it would sometime...

Beam Listening Report October - November 2018

45 Day Trial Real Life Evaluation of the Sonos Beam Purchased Sonos Beam from the NYC Sonos Store on October 17, 2018. Connected Beam to a newly purchased Sony 49” Bravia X900E television with HDMI...

Voices are to high its annoying. Espicialy the letter s its realy so loud that I need to turn down. this is since the last update

Speech in movies tv are so anoying loud its sounds like broken tweeters you hear the word s like ssss. I have retuned true play few times this dont help.changed treble and speach and clear voice no d...

how to: bond rooms

I have read that a "permanent group" can be achieved through "Bonding" a group. The article below instructs on what bonding is, but offers no clues on how to achieve.  I cannot find a simple exp...

No TV audio on Sonos Beam

Hi Guys ... I just got my new Sonos Beam a few days ago and just got around to setting it up today. The set up on my Samsung UN55J6300 was pretty straight forward. The Sonos app walk through was pre...

King Living lounges & Sonos collaboration - speaker positioning?

King Living (formerly King Furniture), an Australian furniture company has a collaboration with Sonos, where some of their reclining lounges have the option to add speaker brackets for sonos One/Play:...

Controlling volume on Beam with remote

I setup my remote to control volume on my beam - first my apple tv4k remote and then my tv remote - and the remote sets up fine and controls volume perfectly. However, as soon as I put my beam in it’...

One reason of DTS support for Sonos

Before the next release of a new soundbar or soundbase. Add support for DTS will increase the sell of current products immediately but with a minimal cost (just some licensing fee). For example, I wil...

Add rears

I've a Playbase in my lounge, and a Play 1 in the kitchen. I am thinking of getting a second Play 1, and putting them both in the lounge as "rear" speakers, then putting a Sonos One in the kitchen; a...

Sonos Beam short IR range with TV remote

same here. I tried 2 remotes. they do work but I have to point super close. hopefully a software update will help. I am using alexa now for volume control

Beam: PCM or auto

Hi I'm pretty new to all this. Just got a Sonos Beam (to go with an LG OLED55B8SLC TV). It's my only bit of Sonos kit so far. Under sound settings, I have the option to choose either PCM or auto. The...

Play Bar Static

Hello, I know this has been a very ongoing and disappointing issue with Sonos as there hasn’t been any slight attempt to fix it. That said, the best advice I’ve been given after speaking with Sonos, s...

Sonos Beam with Blu ray that output DTS

I was very excited to get my Sonos Beam and it plays the following perfectly: TV, Xbox One games, Sky + HD (once i changed the HDMI output from the Sky box to be DD rather than Stereo). I am very...

Sonos Beam quiet with Samsung UE32H5500

Hi, I've just added a Sonos Beam to my collection and connected it to my kitchen TV, a Samsung UE32H5500 via HDMI ARC. Things work okay, when I control the TV volume it changes the volume of the Bea...

Loud Short Buzz Coming from Beam after TV is turned off

Just bought a Beam & LG C8 TV, so far they are both working beautifully with the exception of the loud noise I'm getting once I turn the TV off. It's very inconsistent, sometimes it happens 10 - 60 se...

How to Set up Samsung QLED Q7 Remote with Sonos Play bar?

Hello, I have Samsung QLED TV with smart remote control. Does any body knows how to set up TV remote control with Sonos Play bar? Thank you Babak

ARC & Optical Connecting Issues w/ Beam

My LG Television will not connect to my newly purchased Beam. Have tried both the ARC and Optical with no luck. The sound does work with Spotify but not the TV? Anyone with similar issues that has a...

Sonos One's not working with 5.1 in living room.

Hi Sonos Community, I'm having an issue with my living room 5.1 right now where my Play One's (with Alexa) aren't working with my 5.1 surround. Here's the situation. I bought a Playbase, Sub, and two...

intermittent audio drop outs

Hi, i’ve just bought a Beam, connected to a Sony Bravia tv using the optical cable (no HDMI ARC). Sound great except for intermittent audio drop outs lasting for a fraction of a second. I’ve noticed t...

Linux 5.1 Audio

Recently purchased 5.1 (Playbar, One and SUB). I use MythTV and Kodi from my HTPC for most content. Turns out my Samsung TV doesn't pass 5.1 via HDMI (~2009 model). I use an Nvidia card which supports...


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