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Sonos Beam + Xbox One + PS4 (with PSVR)

Hi all, I'm thinking of getting a Sonos Beam to replace my receiver and surround speakers. One of the biggest reasons I've used the receiver is because I have an Xbox One and a PS4 with PSVR. I've...

Wireless connection between AMP and TV for in-ceiling speakers

I have a set up where I have in-ceiling speakers which the wires are run into the electrial room connected to the sonos amp there. As the TV is down the hall, I'm wondering what (if any) options ther...

Volume fluctuating/inconsistent when watching TV (Beam)

I recently bought a Sonos Beam soundbar and love the quality of sound from it. However, I have noticed the volume fluctuates quite a bit regardless of the audio source. I can be watching tennis or a...

Connect with turntable and amp

I have a rega planar p1 turntable and Onkyo A-9010 amp. I can play albums normally through speakers but can't stream to other rooms. I also cant playback other services. Does anyone have wiring config...

Surround sound setup using AMPs.

I'm planning a surround sound setup based on this recommendation from the website: "Use two Sonos Amps (one for the front right and left channels, the other for the rear channels) for surround sound....

Pairing Bar with TCL Roku TV - Can't control sound

I connect my Sonos sound bar using optical cable to a TCL Roku TV. I can't get the tv remote to control the sound on the bar. I was able to do it with my previous Samsung TV. I tried the remote con...

No sound from Playbase and subs when watch 4k DVD

Not getting anysound when I watch the DVD, when its on the DVD main menu sound comes out but as soon as I start the movie.....nothing

Beam only receiving stereo from virgin V6

Hi, I have virgin V6 box connected via hdmi to my Panasonic tv. I also have amazon fire connected to another hdmi input. The beam is connected via hdmi arc to the tv. Output from amazon fire is rec...


Does sound beam handle DSD format via HDMI? If yes then I think I can play SACD on my disc player outputing DSD to the TV via HDMI and then DSD onto SONOS sound bean via ARC HDMI from my TV.

Compatibility with Samsung TV (NU 8000)

I recently bought a Sonos beam and 2 Play 1 speakers to connect to my Samsung TV. The beam connects through the HDMI ARC but I cannot get the speakers to connect in order to create a surround sound e...

Apple TV 4K with Sonos One as speaker through AirPlay 2

Have Apple TV 4K in bedroom. Can I buy a Sonos One and use it as a speaker for the tv by connecting it to the Apple TV with airplay 2?

Sound Delay with 4K Roku Insignia TV and Play beam

As mentioned above, I am getting about a half second delay between the video and audio. This occurs on Netflix as well as on Xbox One. I can tell there is a delay since the headphones connected to t...

Sonos Surround Speakers crackle/static sound

Good day, I have a Playbar and two Play 1s as surround speakers. Coming from my left Play 1, I sometimes hear crackling or static sound coming from it. Anybody have this issue before and if so how did...

Wall Mounted Playbar Optical Connection & Cable

Hi, I've just wall mounted my Playbar and have my Sky Hd box, DVD, bluray etc all in the understairs cupboard which is behind the wall. I've drilled 25mm holes for the cables to go through, but I'm h...

Sonos doesn’t really do “5.1”

Before you buy any SONOS equipment to achieve a 5.1 setup please consider this: a Denon AVRX2400 AV Amp, Elac CINEMA 5.1 speaker system, all cables professionally installed behind the walls gives you...

Adjust volume of rear speakers with a beam and two one's

How can you adjust the rear speakers volume with a Beam and two one's

Convince me to buy Sonos Playbar over Bose 300

Hi All, My wife likes the Sonos Playbar, while I like the Bose 300. I have owned Bose products in the past. Listening to the demo at Best Buy, the Bose sounds better. The sales people say the Sono...

Sonos Beam low volume

Got my Beam today (16th) and am pleased with it so far, but I'm having to boost the TV volume much higher that it was with the TV speakers. Without the Beam the TV was at about the right volume at a s...

connecting Sonos Beam to 3rd party sub

I have just bought the excellent Sonos Beam and will shortly add 2 x Play:1 for surround sound. However, the Sonos sub is beyond my budget. I have a perfectly good Cambridge Audio sub from my old set...

Remove annoying messages on LG televisions with Playbar

I have a problem setting up my LG UH6150 TV with the Playbar - I have set the TV to use optical audio but I can't remove the annoying "no entry" logo that appears when I change the volume with either...

Feature Request: Enable Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC-3 or DD+) for Better Audio Quality

This feature request is for Sonos support Dolby Digital Plus, also known as E-AC-3 or DD+. This would permit a higher quality audio experience when watching surround sound-enabled videos. Sonos curre...

Beam + Apple TV 4K: Lowest possible volume is too loud

Hi there, This is my setup: I have a Sonos Beam (with two Sonos 1's as back speakers). The Beam is connected via HDMI to the ARC channel of my LG TV (OLED55B7VAEN). I only use my Apple TV4K to watch...

Sonos Beam with Blu ray that output DTS

I was very excited to get my Sonos Beam and it plays the following perfectly: TV, Xbox One games, Sky + HD (once i changed the HDMI output from the Sky box to be DD rather than Stereo). I am very...

Beam & Samsung UE32M5520 TV - Red power button keeps flashing

Hello Ihave a Sonos beam among other products. I just purchased a Samsung UE32M5520 TV from John Lewis. I have the Beam connected to the TV using the ARC port. My problem is this. When i put the T...

Dolby Atmos

Is SONOS working with DOLBY to encode and reproduce content with ATMOS for home theater surround sound with either the 7.2.4 speaker arrangement or sound bar simulation?


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