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Volume Control in Surround Sound Group

Please make it so that volume of each speaker in a surround sound group can be controlled individually.

Apple TV 4K 5th Generation Remote Controlling Sonos PLAYBAR Volume

The Sonos instructions to use the Apple TV 4th Generation remote to control volume on the PLAYBAR don't seem to work with the new 4K 5th Generation Apple TV. Has anyone gotten the remote to work to c...

Compatibility issue - adaptor suggestions

Hi. I have a Telefunken TV model d39f185q3c. There are hdmi outlets but no ARC or optical. Is there an adaptor I can get to play sound through the beam?

Dolby Atmos

Why did the new Playbase not integrate Dolby Atmos?

TV's cannot passthrough Dolby Digital from external sources - common problem?

Hi All, I have been researching soundbars for the first time ever the past couple of weeks and had come to the decision to purchase a Sonos Playbase or Beam. However, during my research today I red...

Sonos Beam as center with four additional Zone Players

Hi Sonos, I'd like to setup a home theater with the Sonos Beam as a center speaker, two Play:3 as front and two Play:1 as rear channels. Is this possible? Thanks Michael

Sonos Playbase 5.1 with Nvidia shield and Netflix

Some titles not sending 5.1. I have an issue where I have Playbase, sub and 2 Play 1's all working fine as music set up and my set top box when receiving an HD signal gives me 5.1, but when I switch t...

Feature Request: Enable Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC-3 or DD+) for Better Audio Quality

This feature request is for Sonos support Dolby Digital Plus, also known as E-AC-3 or DD+. This would permit a higher quality audio experience when watching surround sound-enabled videos. Sonos curre...

Volume Control on cable remote

We have a Playbar that we installed and we were using with our cable remote. It worked fine for several weeks, now for some reason any button that you use on the cable remote the volume on the Playba...

Beam can’t set up TV remote

I’ve connected the Beam to a Samsung PS51D550C1R via optical. However I am unable to get the Beam to recognize the TV’s remote control presses correctly. During the start of the setup, most times the...

SONOS 5.1 and Surround Config

I would like to know if i can set the distance of the speakers conected to an AMP or Connect Amp in a 5.1 SONOS configuration. I remember we were using like a url + ip address to do that. Is that sti...

How to play Beam without when TV does't have HDMI ARC and Optical Out

I have purchased beam but realized my TV doesn't have HDMI ARC and Optical Out.. My TV having only 2 HDMI out-puts and 1 USB drive

Chromecast + Beam + Arcaydan HMB2260 + TV w/o Arc HDMI

So I have a old television which has two HDMI ports. They do not have Arc sadly. To make the television smarter I have a Chromecast hooked up on 1 of the HDMI ports. The second HDMI port is attached t...

Upgrading to Sonos 5.0 setup for older Samsung TV - advice needed

I have the opportunity to get a pair of Sonos Ones at wholesale, to add to my current HT Sonos setup: a Playbase. My setup is as follows: Samsung UN40D6000 => Playbase via optical/TOSLink TV => Apple...

Line in from TV problem

I have a Sony bravia and a pair of Play 5's in the kitchen. Plugged the TV in to line in on one speaker (left), the right speaker keeps dropping in and out only for a fraction of a second. What am I...

Beam+ Samsung tv hdmi CEC problem

Hi just got a sonos beam. Very satisfied but one thing is very strange. Connected via hdmi arc to my Samsung tv, a ue55ju7005 from 2015. Run with Apple TV into tv to watch tv and more. But since I con...

Television Audio on new Sonos Beam Cuts Out Periodically

As it says in the title. Just replaced our Playbar with a Beam to get the Airplay 2 fun working. Sounds great EXCEPT, every few minutes the audio goes silent for a second or two. I've only tested it e...

Third Party Dolby Atmos Soundbar with Sonos Speakers

I have seen a separate thread on a 3rd party soundbar being used to integrate with Sonos Play:1's under https://en.community.sonos.com/what-to-get-228989/sonos-play-1s-in-stereo-and-third-party-klipsc...

Panasonic TVs

I've been looking through this very helpful guide but can find no reference to using Panasonic TVs with the Sonos Playbase as a home theatre. Can Panasonic TVs be used with Dolby 5.1 sound?

5.1 Setup but Sonos receiving in "Stereo"

Hi, I have recently added an Apple TV4K and 2 One's to my living room setup which now has a Playbar, Sub and the 2 new One's. My Television is a pretty dated Panasonic Plasma P50U30A. If I set my A...

Playbar Remote, Up button not working anymore. Cannot reset.

I have a playbar, have been using a button remote controller for volume up and down for 3 years without a problem. Recently I have purchased 2 play 1s. And suddenly after few days of usage, my volume...

how well would Beam work with TV that doesn't have ARC?

I have an older Samsung TV (LN40C630) that doesn't have HDMI-ARC. Am considering Beam - but curious how well I should expect it to work given that I'd be coming out of the Digital Audio Out jack from...

Beam - TCL (roku) TV sync issues

Hello, I have a beam connected to the following TV via HDMI (ARC): TCL - 49" Class - LED - 4 Series - 2160p - Smart - 4K UHD TV with HDR Roku TV I can NOT get the visuals to synch with the audio (ie...

Playbar stopped working with IR remotes

I've had a Playbar for the past 18 months, with the volume controlled by my Virgin Media Tivo remote. On Sunday the remote control stopped controlling the volume on the playbar, but works fine with th...

Sonos AMP - 5.1 Setup with Connect:AMP

When connecting two rear speakers via Connect:AMP for 5.1 with a Sonos AMP for the from two channels do you have to connect an ethernet cable between the Sonos AMP and the Connect:AMP and then a secon...


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