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Adding additional speakers to a Playbase Home Theatre system

I've got two separate rooms both with Playbase units connected to the TV's. Both have matching Play1's added as surrounds, and the main lounge also has the Sub added too. I have a spare Play 5 that si...

Having difficulty turning up volume on Beam with Apple TV 4K remote.

I have a Beam that i've recently purchased. I'm using the HDMI-Optical option to connect to my TV. The volume buttons on the remote for the Apple TV 4K has worked perfectly before the i purchased the...

Beam Samsung MU8000 TV

I have the Samsung 65 inch MU8000 TV. Had a Samsung sound bar until today when i bought the Beam. I connected the Beam through the one connect box i. The HDMI 4 Arc slot like the Samsung bar was. At f...

Beam - room size

Hi, I want to add a sound bar to my TV and as I have 2 Play 1s in the room already, I'm thinking of choosing the Beam. I see that the information on the Sonos site says it's suitable for small to m...

How do I connect my magic remote for LG OLED 55B7V to Sonos Playbar?

Hi, I have connected sonos and it works from the app for music easily, I have tried setting the magic remote but it won’t see the signal from the controller. I’ve changed the Simplink to off, set audi...

Uneven bass response

We have a Playbase in our upstairs living room. It works great, but I have noticed that in one corner of the room, where we have a "chair-and-a-half", the bass is a little too strong. However, if I...

Playbar and WiFi connection

Ive moved. We dont have WiFi and wont for a while, can i connect my playbar and sub to my TV and use it without WiFi? Thank you in advance for any help.

Sonos beam, apple tv with projector

Ok so this seems to be a confusing question for me to find an answer for Basically i am getting the Epson EH-TW650 projector (im 99% sure doesnt have arc) My question is can i simply buy an Apple Tv...

Sonos Amp and 3rd party subwoofer issue.

Hi! I am having issues connecting my Sonos Amp (Black) to my Klipsch SW-311 10-Inch Subwoofer (or vice-versa). I currently have two Klipsch speakers and the Klipsch Subwoofer connected to the Sonos A...

Dolby Atmos

Is Sonos looking at Supporting Dolby Atmos in the future?

Connecting Projector Optima UHD 60 4K to Playbar

I am looking at buying an Optima UHD 60 4k and own a Playbar. What do I need to do/buy to connect the Optima projector with the Playbar to have synchronous sound?

Sonos Playbar sound issue? Dialogues in movies/shows are not easy to understand fully.

When my wife and I are watching TV, we are noticing that we are having some difficulty fully understanding what the people in the show are saying. It's as if it's not fully clear or as my wife would...

How can I configure LG Magic remote with Sonos playbar. TV Model: 55LM7600

Tried all options but it doesn't work. Suggestions given on this thread are not applicable as those options don't show up on my TV: http://forums.sonos.com/showthread.php?t=37555.. Very frustrating

WARNING: Beam does not support Dolby Digital Plus, That is a BIG deal

Word of warning for anyone looking at the Beam to start a 5.1 surround sound system, it will NOT work ideally for any streaming box except the Apple TV. I would suggest really doing your research and/...

Beam connection issue

I keep getting a massage that Sonos has detected an issue with my HDMI connection. Gives me an option of cancel or Fix it. Only unplugging the unit and resetting it establishes the connection again....

Playbar - Choppy sound

I have a sound problem with my Playbar, apparently only with TV and not when I'm listen to music. There is a choppy sound, also in my two Sonos:1 (surround) and I have to unplug the Playbar and recon...

Feature Request: Beam swap left/right channel

I mounted my Beam upside down under my TV because it was the only way since the mount was blocking access to the cable ports and the Beam controls were too close under the TV if mounted upright. By mo...

surround sound

i recently connected 2 play1,s with my beam, the surround works great playing music but only the beam works watching TV.....any advice is much appreciated....

Beam overrides speaker settings on Samsung TV

I have Beam and 2 x Sono Ones connected to my TV. However my wife often does not want to hear what's on the TV, so I use bluetooth headphones. In my Samsung TV speaker settings you can choose 'Receive...

Vizio TV Remote not working with Sonos Beam ARC connection

I have a new Vizio TV P-Series 55" Class 4K HDR Smart TV (2018) - and just got a Sonos Beam as a gift. I was so excited cuz I've never had a TV this big or a soundbar before - so I was feeling super f...

Audio Limiter

When I turn the volume up on my amp at about 3/4 the audio shuts off and automatically drops down to minimum level. Ideas on how to resolve?

Samsung exit 4K player market

https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnarcher/2019/02/15/samsung-quits-4k-blu-ray-player-market/ Disappointing news for Sonos users looking for on the fly DTS to 5.1 conversion (I have the first generation...

My beam cuts out intermittently

The speaker works fine and then cuts out now and then. Not sure why?

amp 2019 in different colors planned?

First of all ....thank you for your great products. I love it ... before I buy the amp, I would like to know if the new amp will be available in HAY colors or planned

Videoprojector fully wireless set up

Hello, I would like to setup a Sonos installation for my video projector. The issue I have is that the audio sources are on the left side of my room (including all cable connectivity) the screen is i...


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