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Beam keeps turning on the TV

Hi, we have a Sonos Beam hooked up to a Samsung TV, have it connected with Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC). However, the TV keeps being turned on for no reason. Is there a setting I'm missing or something we have...

Broken playbar optical port

I like seemingly many others have a broken port. Today I unplugged it to install a new TV and now it won't stay put and falls out. Are these easily replaced? The playbar is perfect apart from this cra...

Group Subwoofer to multiple rooms

I have 2 physical rooms very close to each other. My TV room has 2 Sonos Ones. The other room has 2 other sonos ones that are paired and stereod and connected to a sub. I would like to be able to ha...

Controlling Playbar with Firestick Remote

Anyone know if you can control a Sonos Playbar and Fire Stick 4k remote? I want the remote to control the sound through Playbar only and not the TV speakers. I have a brand new 75" Samsung TV (bough...

I want to install the playbar behind my TV, good idea?

My television setup (design wise) does not accept a playbar in front of it. Now I use the Play 5 for TV sound but want to replace it with a playbar, since I cannot place it in front of my TV I was...

Dialog/speech issues

Hello All, I know this has been talked about before, but I still have not found anyone (sonos or user) who has come up with a definitive solution to dialog issues when using the playbar for movies a...

Question regarding Beam optical to HDMI adapter

I think I know the answer but I want to double check before spending more money. I am having some lip sync issues when connecting my sources via my Panasonic 902B TV to the ARC input of the beam. I ha...

Turning off/muting sonos system without removing source input

Hello, I have a playbase with 2 play ones hooked up as a home theater system. As my tv doesn’t pass 5.1 Dolby, I’ve connected my xfinity x1 cable box and ps3 to the playbase via an optical switch. Eve...

Adding two sonos 1's to a beam

I would like to add two Sonos play1's for additional TV sound and a 2.1 effect. I do not want to use them for rear surround. Is this possible?

PS4 Pro sound delay (Panasonic Viera TV)

Hi all! I eventually went for the Beam + 2 One's and I'm super excited, loving it so much. I had some issues when connecting it to my TV, as it did not work with DD 5.0 at the beginning, but after som...

PS4 not working with Optical HDMI adapter beam

My PS4 is only playing stereo when connected with the HDMI to optical adapter on the beam. I have tried every configuration.

Apple TV 4th Gen and Playbar

Hello, I recently bought a 4th Gen apple TV after having the 3rd Gen for years. I did not know at the time that they dropped the optical from the new model and now I am not able to connect my playbar...

Beam keeps playing after tv is off

Hi all any ideas when i turn the tv off with the remote or when i ask alexa to do so, pithing seconds the beam continues to play the tv audio any ideas why this is?

Too Many Sonos Speakers. Now what?

Kitchen—1 Sonos One Speaker. Living Room – (Set up as Surround Sound for TV) 1 Sonos Beam under the TV 2 Sonos One speakers at the back of the room. 1 Sonos Sub at the back of the room. Everything...

Sonos Beam as computer speaker: switching between sources

Hi there! so i have my beam (and two Sonos One) setup as my computer speaker and sounds AWESOME. I used the included hdmi to optical right into the optical out on the mobo. Switched sourced to digital...

Proper way to configure surround with Sonos Beam?

Hey! Was just checking to make sure I’m doing things right here. My surround system doesn’t seem to be putting out the sound I’d hoped for. I have a Sonos Beam and 2 Sonos play:1s set up for a 5.0 s...

Dolby Digital Plus update

I have read posts over 4 years old about sonos playbar not supporting Dolby Digital Plus. I find it amazing that sonos does not clearly state this or even better found a solution. If a conversion pr...

Beam and Sky Q out of sync

Hi all, just got a new tv and a beam, set up using Sky Q and it’s well out of sync, tried using the setting to alter the sync issue but the more I go, the worse it gets. So on 0ms is the beast I can g...

SONOS 5.1 setup stopped working

I have the following setup: playbar, sub, and 2 Sonos ones. The system was working fine and then stopped working completely. The playbar stopped working and would not reconnect. Worked with Crutchf...

IR Remotes, Speech Enhancement & Night Sound

I am new to the Sonos ecosystem. I decided to jump on the bandwagon following the Apple release of Airplay 2, and the purchase of several HomePods. I liked it that integration so much that I decided...

Play MP3 dolby surround on Sonos

Tomorrow I will be a happy new owner of a Sonos Beam with 2 Sonos One as Surround/rear speakers. It will be my first Sonos products and I am very excited about it. I can't wait to go play with it. I...

Mounting Beam onto TV mount

I've ordered a Beam as it is seems perfect for my requirements. My TV is on a wall mount bracket above a fireplace. I would like to hang the Beam below my TV as there is no wall below the TV to use...

Sky Q remote has stopped working with Beam

I have read as many of the relevant posts here but can't find an answer to my problem. Any help appreciated. When I installed my Beam in August it worked perfectly with my Sky Q remote until a few wee...

Sound stopped playing from playbar - playbar disappeared in app

#8502964 Sonos working fine for over a year. This morning sound stopped playing from soundbar in family room. Family Room no longer showing up in app. All other rooms with Sonos are working, in...

Help! Need more sound out of Play 1 pair in surround with Beam

I just installed a Beam with a pair of Play 1’s with my tv connected to beam by hdmi arc. Surround sound set up and tuning successfully completed. The system sounds awesome when playing music but th...


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