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access denied

when I try to access my library, I get the error message: Access to Diane's iMac/Music denied... not sure what changed, it's always worked before... any ideas?

Return label problem

Hi. DHL came to pick up a Play 5 that was faulty today. However, despite printing the label provided by the returns email, the courier stated it was incomplete and he could not scan the item. I've che...

Sirius XM and Sonos

I recently updated my account with Sirius and the Sonos ap keeps saying my user name and password is incorrect and won't connect to Sirius. Sirius XM team was no help at all. Is it on the Sonos side...

Regular Play 1 and Alexa play 1 working together.

Can you have 1 regular Play 1 and 1 Alexa Play 1 to work together for music and surround sound on the TV?

Grouped rooms won't stay grouped

I control my Sonos system (2 Play:1's, 2 Play:5's and a Sonos Sub) from the Sonos iOS app. Starting a couple months ago, I began to notice that grouped rooms won't stayed grouped. Each time I open the...

Spotify ascending playlist

Is it possible to have my most recently added songs on Spotify Playlists shown at the top of the Sonos App?

Controller 200

I have an original Zoneplayer S5 speaker with a Zonebridge and a Controller 200. My Zonebridge BR100 died. I was able through the Iphone app get the speaker working with the app. Is there a way to get...

Samsung Gear S3 app

Hi, Are any plans afoot to develop an app for the Samsung S3 Gear models? I'd love to be able to operate the sonos network in my house from my wrist. Cheers, Andy

Release notes 8.2.1?

Where are the release notes for version 8.2.1?

Alarm Naming & Scheduling

I am looking to name my alarms, but cannot figure out how to rename them. I also wish to create 2 alarms that have the same start time but with different play lists but I receive an error saying anoth...

system password

I have had Sonos for years and on the odd occasion I have had a problem with the system Sonos support has been superb. I have just tried to carry out a system update on a mac (rather then a windows ba...

Sonos Subwoofer integration

Can I use a Sonos Subwoofer with wired speakers through my receiver, using a Sonos Connect?

how do i get my iTunes from my iMac to play to my sonos speakers?

How do i get iTunes from my iMac to play on sonos speakers?

#Overdrive app

I am considering returning my Sonos, as I can't play my library audio-books from my Overdrive app (this is a free audio book service via any library in the USA/Canada where you sign out an e-book/audi...

Sonos Connect suddenly removed itself from system, won't reconnect after reboot or factory reset

I've had this setup working smoothly for almost the past year, but this just started giving me issues the other day. My Connect wasn't showing up in the app, so I unplugged the power cord and plugged...

Flexon wall bracket

Sonos 1

Can't disable Speaker Status Light recently?

Hello. My living room has a Playbar, Subwoofer and Two Play:1s configured in L+R configured as a single room. I have noticed recently that all devices in that room display the Speaker Status Light,...

Problem Connecting Sonos Bridge.

I have (5) Play 5s and one Sonos Bridge that has worked well for years. Now my control panel no longer sees the bridge. I've tried all the suggestions under support (and also those I found on YouTube)...

Please confirm Sonos Connect best functionality.

I’ve just purchased a Sonos Connect, a Sonos one, and a couple play:1s and I am awaiting delivery. The connect will be set up to my Yamaha RXA1000 7.2 dual zone receiver. The other Sonos speakers wil...

Latest Release "broke" Spotify Connection

I just installed the latest release, and since then my connection to Spotify is not working. If I attempt to play music from Spotify through the Sonos App on my Sonos Play:1 Speaker, it says "Spotify...

iPhone 8 trueplay tuning???

When is the app going to support the iPhone 8? The iPhone has been out for 3 months now and it still doesn’t support trueplay tuning which is one of the great things about Sonos. Why so slow to suppor...

Sonos one Alexa playback

I have just purchased the sonos one and successfully enabled it, I can play music through a group no problem. The challenge I am facing is that when Alexa responds to a question the audio only plays t...

radio by tunein HELP !!!!

After update sonos radio by tunein disappeared also all my stations

Old and new won't mix ?

Ive just moved home and tried to set up my sonos system yesterday. I have a brand new playbase which connected easily. I then tried to add my speakers that ive used before and they wont play. It sa...

No volume from speakers from Connect after update.

Running Turntable through amp. B speakers out to Connect. Since update earlier today, no sound. Works fine through Pandora, etc.


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