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Power cord length, can i cut it, hopefully i can.

I have my play 3 very close to a ceiling power outlet and only need a few inches to power it, i currently have the power cord wrapped several times around the alphason bracket which is resulting in v...

Connect:Amp flashing white/amber without a load

A new connect:amp configured ok initially then turned it off as we ran out of speaker cable. Turned it back on without a load and starts flashing white/amber.

Connect amp cutting out

My connect amp has started cutting out when playing tune in radio. Will work OK for about an hour but then keeps cutting out and restarting every few minutes. Sometimes cuts out for over a minute. If...

music library

suddenly can't access my music library on Mac despite reconfiguring firewall

IR control of sound on Connect or Connect:AMP from TV remote

Im ready to replace all of my Sonos if it not is possible to control the volume fra a TV remote! Just connected my Connect to a Samsung TV and the only way to control the volune are by using the Ap...


Struggling to get decent quality sound from turntable via Sonos

Adding a CD player to my play5 (gen1)

Suggestions for a CD player brand and turntable for best results

Will my TV pass sound from other inputs DIGITALLY to a Playbar?

I'm considering buying a Playbar but I've just read (in a review) that not all TVs with optical out will pass digital audio from other inputs out through the optical to the Playbar. I have an LG LV540...

Play 5 and 2 x play 1

Hi, if I connect a play 5 via the line in to my tv and then connect the play 1s would this work?

Play 1s only used as surround L and R channel speakers in home theater set up?

Hi - I just set up my Sonos home theater (playbar, sub, and two play 1s) - I want to know if the play 1s, w/in the home theater set up, can be set up as anything other than left and right channel surr...

Sonos app for kids

Hi, we have Sonos speakers in every rooms of the house except the kids room. We would like to had Sonos speakers to their rooms but we don't want them to be able to control other rooms, only their own...


How do i log out of a soundcloud account on sonos so i can log in to another SoundCloud account

Updating Imported Playlists

I have added songs to iTunes and an iTunes playlist. After I Update Music Library in Sonos the new songs show up in the Music Library but not in the Imported Playlists. What am I doing wrong?


Itunes drops out, changes song too early

Changing queue

I pick a single song and the whole queue changes. I just wanted to play that one song, the app use to just add that song song to my list temporarily but now it changes the queue to whatever list of so...

Both Technics 1200 + Mixer Set up & Music-Streaming through Mobile - Which product(s) do we need?

Hi, I´m a records collector and DJ, so I have two Turntables and a Mixer connected to a receiver. My girlfriend mainly uses Spotify lately and wants to stream her music to speakers. We both want a wir...

Cannot sign in to Tidal

My Sonos Connect and Play 3 suddenly gave an error message (wish I remembered what it was exactly) saying it could not play songs from my Tidal account. I decided to logout of the account and log...

Deleting An Old Sonos Account

Hi. I have an old account that I need to delete but cant see that function on the app or on a browser. Does anybody know how to do this? Thank you.

Can't connect to wifi

My system was working fine until I bought an Amazon Dot, now I can't connect on my Mac Mini. I have tried unplugging the Amazon Dot and I have also tried resetting my speakers but Sonos can't connect....

Sonos System Not Found - Bridge Network Light Lost

Continually losing connectivity to the wireless network and when this happens the Ethernet connection amber light is extinguished. This can only be resolved by taking the cable out and putting it back...

Itunes problems

Itunes drops out, changes song too early or stops! I can stream without issue via Amazon but ITunes is a nightmare. I have changes the channels on my router, i have full wifi on my Iphone 7 and have...

How do I listen to Henry Rollins KCRW show archive/podcasts? (Not just live KCRW radio)

Could someone tell me how to (if its possible) to access archived radio show eps from Henry Rollins's KCRW show. Ive found KCRW radio station but cant seem to find podcasts/show archives ie Rolins "KC...

S/PDIF connection from TV

S/PDIF connection from TV . Can anyone please recommend a cable which will connect into the SPDIF port and also the optical port on the Playbase.

Shuffle mode on songs loaded on my iPad

The song changes before it's over, not always, very random, sometimes the song justed started, other times half way, or near the end, sometimes it plays the entire song. How can I get this to stop

Newly download songs not showing up in parts of Music Library

I purchased a handful of songs on iTunes last night, as well as a few over the past month. The songs and metadata downloaded to the iTunes folder on my Mac. I went to Sonos and had it update the mus...


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