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Unable to play the station X-id 97.7 FM

I,m unable to play the station X-id 97.7 FM via TuneIn on Sonos. But on my iPhoneapp TuneIn it works just fine. Why?

Cannot play external sources like Apple music and TuneIn radio in combination with Playbase

My Sonos system consists of 1 x Play:1, 1 x Playbase and 1 x Connect. Until now I haven't experienced any problems at all. However this morning I could not play external sources like Apple music and T...

5.1 with connect and play 1

I currently have a 2.1 setup with a Sonos connect and a traditional 2.1 amp (and speekers plus sub of course) Is it possible to add 2 play 1s for 5.1 sound?

Amazon Music Tracks no longer has Shuffle option

Until today, I have been able to select Play All and Shuffle All when going into Amazon Music / My Music / Tracks in the Sonos app. Today, neither of those buttons are even visible. If I go in via Art...

Sonos One vs Bowers & Wilkins DM302

Hi! I just bought some old and used Bowers and Wilkins speakers (DM302). I have heard them myself because I bought them online but watched some videos and it sounded very good. A few weeks ago I list...

Configure remote to control Playbar

We have a new Samsung Q series TV and have been advised by Samsung that we cannot control our Sonos Playbar with the Samsung One Remote because it is RF controlled and not IR. We are considering getti...

Server cannot be found

I recently purchased a new laptop with windows 10 and imported my music library and iTunes from my old computer to my new computer. When I try to play songs from my music library and/or playlist I som...

Single room mute?

When I press the mute button on any of my Sonos players, all players mute. What I really want is for only the players in that room to mute. Is there a way to make this happen other than removing a pla...

I can no longer control my SONOS Play 1 speakers with my Apple Series 1 watch. Is there a fix?

I have 8 SONOS Play 1 speakers throughout my house and shop (without voice control). Up until the last round of software upgrades by both Apple and SONOS I had been able to control the speaker volume...

Playing home theater sound through speakers throughout the house beyond home theater

I have a home theater setup in our primary living space with 3 additional pairs of speakers in a great room - each pair is powered by a sonos connect amp while the home theater speakers are connect vi...

Music from iPhone

Hi guys I no longer have the option to play music that’s on my iPhone. And ideas how to get this back ??

7.1 Surround Sound Possible ?

I currently have the sonos beam and 2 sonos one speakers. I'm planning on purchasing the sub asap to create 5.1 surround sound but I wondered if I was to purchase another 2 sonos one speakers, could t...

Can I apple airplay to a 5.1 sonos playbar system ??

I have it linked up with an old amazon dot also if that would help...

How do I delete an album from the Sonos Library

I have deleted an album from my PC but it is still showing in the Sonos Library. If I try to play it, it says it cannot find it so how do I delete it from the Sonos library? There is a similar topic...

Speaker not playing Music from Music Library

Can anyone help me solve a problem? My speaker is not playing music from my library but is playing music from Tunedin radio stations. I have tried disconnecting wifi router and unplugging the speake...

My Alexa suddenly has an evil twin? Never know who i am talking to.

Ok, so I have had my Echo, and my two Play 1s, my Sub and my Play 5 for a year or so now. Have the Sonos skill enabled in my Alexa app and it all works beautifully. I now buy the Beam, add it to the m...

Turntable / Connect set up

How do you hook up essential turntable to connect?

Updating a support ticket - it shouldn't be this hard?

Pulling my hair out here. I submitted a support request this morning and Sonos support have email me back with standard response and case number. But now I want to update that support call to help...

Poor sonos connection

I’ve had sonos for 4 years with very mixed success. More times than not my device won’t connect to the speakers in the kitchen. WiFi strength is very strong. My iPhone X has much less success than my...

Over-riding previous master controller

I have a new Mac and want to use that as the Master Controller, have previously had it on a work laptop. I also have the app. on my phone. I have uninstalled Sonos from work laptop. Can only seem to d...

How do i play music from my laptop running windows 10 on my sonos devices?

How do i play music from my laptop running windows 10 on my sonos devices? We have sonos speakers and one with Alexa

Amazon music tracks and iTunes tracks still get interrupted and skip to other tracks or none at all

Hi there. I ran a sent a system diagnostics earlier and wondered if you’d seen my post. Since I had my sonos installed two years ago, music played from iTunes and Amazon music always stops mid track a...

Can't connect to jvc tv

Followed instructions from jvc model LT-40C750(A) to connect through the play bar but it still no sound through speakers only the tv The instructions are for HDMI-ARC as i could not find anything to...

The Sonos app can not connect to Wifi

The Sonos app suddenly refuses to connect to the wifi network. The problem is the same for both Ipad and Iphone. It can be OK for several days, and then all of a sudden it does not work. Very frustrat...

sonos amp: airplay connectivity when added as surround speakers to an existing Playbar + Sub

I have a Playbar, Sub and just added the Sonos amp so I could use my in ceiling speakers to create 5.1 surround sound. When I added the ceiling speakers to my setup I chose to add them as surround spe...


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