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Sonos Pairing with Samsung Q9 Series TVs One Box technology

Has anyone had problems pairing Sonos playbar, etc with Samsung Q9 TVs ? A couple of reviews on Best Buy indicate that this is a problem. Would like to know before I purchase the TV

Play:1 outdoor

I live in Phoenix and I am wondering if I can put Play:1 in my covered patio. Will it be affected by the heat, also we get a little bit of monson .


If you plug a turntable with a built in pre amp to connect, does the connect need to be hard wired to say, the play:5 speakers, or is the signal transmitted wirelessly?

Sonos vinyl set

Does the new vinyl set offer wireless connection to the speakers?

White beam, black cords

Why did my white beam come with black cords? My cords are exposed and really stands out. My white sub came with a white power cord. A lot of money to look tacky.

Can't log out

For some reason the account listed on the app on my phone is for my husband. I have no idea how this happened and neither does he. He doesn't know his password. I need to switch to my account on th...

Chromecasting video from phone to projector and audio to Sonos

Hello, I've just bought a Sonos beam today, I'm a bit disappointed that it doesn't have Bluetooth. I want to watch some sport using NowTV and a projector. I have a chromecast connected to the project...

What TVs successfully sync audio w/ Beam?

Exchanging my TCL Roku for a TV that will sync up with the Beam. Success stories? https://en.community.sonos.com

Adding new architectural products to existing SONOS systems

I currently have a SONOS 5.1 System with Sound Bar in my family room. Also in the ceiling are out of date Nutone speakers (not in use) . If I add SONOS ceiling speakers to the room . 1.) do I also...

Sound from TV Dropping In and Out When Grouped

When grouping the TV sound on my Sonos Beam and speakers connected to my Sonos Amp, the sound drops in and out on the sleakers connected to my Sonos Amp. The Sonos Beam does not have any issues. My di...

New Router

Greetings - Purchased a new router tonight (Mesh) Amplifi and my Sonos system is not working.

Can the new sonos amp be used for gaming?

Hi Guys, I currently have the old sonos amp zp120 I think it is in my office. I've then got my pc speakers connected to the pc. I originally bought the zp120 many years ago to plug the pc into however...

Disappearing Act of Play 1 SONO

How is it possible that one of the four Play1 speakers I have has disappeared from my SONO app? 48 minutes into Support and access into my computer, which I was really uncomfortable with, no resoluti...

Discontinued Play 3 and Play 5

I have problems with my Sonos speakers. They are wirelessly connected to Google WiFi and have been working ok for 1,5 years. Lately I have daily black outs on the sound.... Can anyone tell me if they...

Horloge de veille personnalisable

Bonjour, J'ai vu que l'on pouvait choisir d'arreter une enceinte via l'horloge de vieille ce qui est GENIAL, par contre est il possible de personaliser le temps ? car 15 minutes c'est bien trop long j...

Add Radio Station Greyed Out - not a version issue

All of my options under 'Manage' are greyed out - I'm trying to add a Radio Station to our Sonos system. I have looked and I don't have a version conflict between the controller and system (Version 7...

Beam and Samsung TV audio sync issues

I recently purchased a Beam to use with my Samsung UE40NU7120K and I am having problems with audio not in sync with visual when using Dolby Digital and Bitstream as set up on TV. This is using HDMI AR...

Receiver unmute

Hi all, when i first set my beam up (connected to arc) on my Samsung tv it would automatically come on with the tv. Now for some reason the tv speakers work first for about 10 seconds then the tv says...

Repeating music and ads

My music, whether from Pandora or Amazon Music, is repeating. Not every song, but every few songs, and even ads, are repeating 2-3 times before it moves on to the next song. Help!!

Removing room in app

For some reason I have 2 rooms showing in the Room Settings. How do I delete one within the app? When we have to reconnect our :one units because they get disconnected in the app, it's creating a new...

new router.

New router so I have connected ethernet cable- but cannot locate " advanced settings" to enter new router details and password

ChromeCast stop working while using Beam and Sub

I started out with the Sonos Beam and it worked really well with the chromecast but i bought the Sonos Sub the other day and now my ChromeCast just stops working. Almost as if it lososes connection ba...

Sonos and Australian NBN...

I've just been switched over from ADSL2+ to the Australian NBN (National Broadband Network). I received a new modem compatible with the new network and everything is working as it should with my home...

Play:1 will not connect

I have two new Play:1 that I bought. One was able to connect wireless but the other will not. I get to the point where it is connecting after I push the play/pause and volume button together. After th...

Removing my son’s separate SONOS system (room) above our kitchen???

We have SONOS across our entire house (basement, first floor, and parts of 2nd floor) all running off one “main account”. We bought our son a SONOS ONE awhile back (who’s room is above the kitchen),...


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