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Slacker Station not showing in Now Playing in new app

When I expand the Now Playing in the new iOS app I can't tell which Slacker Station is playing. I can see the song, artist and album (including album art) but the station name is not listed. When I pl...


Are we able to listen to iBooks on Sonos? I can’t find it as an option.

Alexa echo dot email

Has anyone recieved a voucher code yet from Sonos with a code to get money off an Amazon echo dot device. I haven't recieved one yet

Alexa volume control

Hi.volume control seems to be playing up a bit on my play 3s.Anybody else have alexa say that command is not available.Ten mins later it works

Alexa echo dot

Anyone have a UK code that they're not going to use please ?

Sonos Playbase not working with Samsung Smart TV REMOTE

Hi there, I bought a new playbase today and really like it and am a long term sonos user and fan. It all works fine but I cannot get my remote to work. I read some things on here and also followed the...

Roadmap for integration of microphones into all speakers

Hallo all, since you wont stop with the SONOS: ONE i would like to ask if there is a roadmap for the integration of microphones into all SONOS speakers. The reason for the questions is I would lik...

Universal remote recomendation

Hi I have a 2013 Smart Samsung TV with SKY HD box and a Playbase, I am after a universal remote that will play nice with all these. Any Recommendations TIA Ian

Playbar Support for LG OLED TVs

Does the Playbar support LG OLED55C7V?

Subwoofer not sounding right with music

Hi, I've got an issue but its hard to explain, but hope someone understands what I'm trying to say or has experienced similar. I have a Sonos 5.1 set-up and I find the subwoofer absolutely amazing wh...

After update can’t find TV after playing music

I used to be able to go back to TV sound after listening to music. Now I can not find that feature. I need to power my Tv on and off to get it to play again. Am I doing something wrong?

Multiple users using Play 1 in a yoga studio

I own a yoga studio and use the Play 1. I have multiple teachers playing their music throughout the course of the week. They have all connected to the device. Most use the native spotify app as this s...

Unlink Email Account

Guys the information you provide to unlink an unauthorised email account is in adequate and does not contain the information that is needed. Furthermore sending the same information by email from tech...

Sonos CONNECT AMP, How is volume controlled when hooked to TV

I am thinking of getting a Sonos CONNECT AMP and hooking it to my TV. When hooked to my TV can I still control the volume with my TV remote or do I have to use the Sonos app?

Latest App

The latest app upgrade is total crap. You need to roll it back!!

Iheart radio stations now not available

Iheart radio stations now not available that were there before. Any way to fix this??

My Sonos, Stations, See All - now an extra click

With the new app I have to do an extra "click" to "See All" on my Stations. On the previous version it defaulted to the "See All" list and I could scroll down to the station I wanted. Now it default...

My Sonos

how come the "my sonos" on the can only show 6 logos on the app home page? how can we get more?

Projector Audio to SONOS

Hello ! I’m quite new to this forum but have been using SONOS for quite few yrs. I have got my HDMI 3D projector from Optoma and wish to configure a Home theatre (not necessarily a surround system)....

sono 1 set up

OK, so i have just got my sonos 1 with integrated alexa , but there are no set up instrreuctions , and the app doesnt have an eentry for setting up a sonos 1. tried the play 1 but it doesnt work Ho...

Streaming Radio Problems

Hi, We have continual problems with drop outs when using the streaming radio. Does anyone know how to fix this. Thanks

SiriusXM drop outs

I am having a issue with SiriusXM dropping in and out constantly at one of my restaurants. This will be my 10th location and each location has a Sonos Connect with a SiriusXM business account. Out of...

play 1 speaker lost from sonos screen

I have a play bar and a play 1. the play 1 is about 8 metres from my router in the next room. it has been working fine for about 12 months until recently. Now it keeps disappearing from the screen. I...

Cannot connect boost

I have A Bridge, suddenly it stopped working, then I bourght A boost, last Friday , it woorked until this morning? I have tried to reset both, I can reset the bridge but not my boost? The bridge is fl...

Google Play

Reboot of router lost my google play "thumbs up" playlist, how can I recover it?


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