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Tune in radio

Good Morning, I am trying to play one of "my radio stations" (CJAD 800am) on tunedin I get an error message "unable to play radio station", but my other stations work just fine.

Inital Update Stuck

I am trying to set up a PLAY 1 for the first time and both my macbook Air and Iphone get stuck during progress it says it should take 4-6 minutes however we are going on 35 and still not updated. I h...

New install

I have a sonos 1 and 5, I don’t want to use my data but can hook it all up through my router. Is it possible to play the downloaded music on my phone and Not use data ever?

Boost did not resolve my problem

I started with a single Sonos One 2 months ago. I liked it so much that I kept buying them and now have a total of 6, and along the way I've recommended Sonos to lots of other people. I am beginning t...

losing speakers on controllers

Help - I have 2 x Sonos One's (kitchen and bedroom) and 1 x Play 3 (lounge); I live in a house with thick walls thus have TP link power line adapters (1 x wired to router, 3 x wireless throughout hous...

Sonos with Bose Cinemate

Hello I currently own two Sonos 1 players, combined with the Sonos Connect. Besides this set-up, I also have a Bose Cinemate homecinema. Now I have to use two apps ( Sonos & Bose soundtouch) to list...

Play3 only available on Macbook-App, not on iPhone App in same WiFi-Network

I have 3 Sonos Play3 in 2 Rooms. I can controll two of them via iPhone and Macbook but one of them only via Macbook. The devices are all in the same WiFi-Network and are all working well. Any idea? T...

amazon music

I want to play my amazon music on my sonos 1. And i can't get it to work

Play by Album Year

Hi Sonos Gurus, When will we have the ability to utilize the Year tag and play albums by year? Regards Gerald

Multi-Speaker 'My Mood' List...Is it possible?

Hi, I have multiple Sonos speakers spread around my house and quite often set a variety of different tracks & sound levels simultaneously to set a specific mood/audio atmosphere around the house. It c...

Speakers dropping out

Speakers will drop out especially when paired in multiple rooms. Diagnostic 8295636

8.4 "More menu" Windows

Err - what More menu? I don't have one anywhere that I can find

Playbar audio

I have moved house, and now my SoundBar isn't working right. It is all plugged in, but the sound will work for about 5 seconds, stop for about 20, and then start, and then stop. I have changed the opt...

No Spotify in Sonos app

Hi, Spotify recently launched in South Africa and I signed up for a premium account. I am using several Sonos Play 1's and sound bar but I cannot add Spotify in the "add music services" section, it si...

BOOST not working

Someone please help! We have 4 speakers around the room, all connecting ok, but music was dropping out more frequently, so purchased a BOOST, however after plugging in and trying to connect up multipl...

Sonos stops playing after a few hours

We stream music every night while we sleep as white noise. My son has gotten so used to it but over the last few weeks Sonos stops streaming music in the middle of the night. We noticed it because it...

Sonos stops playing when I get home (two iphone home)

Scenario: Wife is home playing music on Sonos using her iPhone app. When I walk in the door with my iphone in tow, music cuts out, skips songs, or stops playing altogether. Go to app on my phone a...

Sonos Sub to Sonos Connect

Why it is not possible to connect Sonos Sub to Connect? It is possible to connect to Connect Amp etc.... I can't see any technical reason why it's not possible. It would be great option and I believe...

Sonos and Google WiFi

Having an issue with google and Sonos. First on the network I have several devices connected (hardwired) to the router. I have 2 Play 1's and a Connect hooked up. The Connect is hardwired to the route...

Horizontal v vertical Pair of 5?

I have a pair of Sonos 5’s about 4 meters apart and keep reading that the preferred orientation for this set up is vertical, other than the fact that it looks odd is there really any advantage or dif...

Sonos One and Echo Dot

Hello. Brand new to this whole Sonos/Alexa/Echo thing. Here is my question... I have 2 Sonos Ones and 2 Echo Dots. I can play the two Sonos together in separate rooms without an issue. My question is...

Is it possible to get Libby to work on Sonos?

So I have the app Libby that I use a lot of audiobooks. Is there a way to get it to work on my Sonos? I hate that I have to use headphones to listen to audiobooks when I have 3 speakers around the hou...

Setting up cr200

Got a cr200 from eBay I’m having trouble connecting it . I’ve hard wired my sub and pressed the button on the front and followed the instructions on the cr200 but nothing is happening I have a sou...

Richer sound with Playbar

I just bought the Playbar. It replaces two medium sized B&W speakers which were quite old. The receiver wasn’t as good anymore either. With Loudness activated, sound was very good. Without loudness, c...

Stereo Pair Play 5s - concert hall echo effect/sound signature

I have a pair of Sonos Play 5's in stereo pair. They sound really good. However, i noticed there is a concert hall echo like effect on them in the signature of the sound. I kind of like that effect to...


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