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Multi Room installation

Dears,can you please let me know what are the minimum requirements for installing multi room audio system(4 rooms), Regards.

Add ceiling speakers to current playbar/play 1 system

I'm struggling adding 2 ceiling speakers powered with a ZP90 to my current system which is a 3:1 system using a playbar and 2 x play 1's. I've got the ZP90 wired to the playbar with an Ethernet cable...

Soundbar plus two play 1s doubt

Quick couple of question for you guys....is possible to bond a Playbar with a pair of Play 1s?. If yes then the second question is if it will force a sorround sound mode for the Play 1s or could be ju...

Sonos and BT Home Hub 6

I have a sonos 1, 3 and 5 and a BT Home Hub 6 with TP-LInk AV600 Powerline WiFi extender. I frequently get the message "can't connect to Sonos on my iPad and iPhone and even the controller on my iMac...

Product life cycle/Software updates

Hi Everyone I'm considering buying a Sonos PLAY:5. Since this speaker is a year or two old , I wanted to know what's the life cycle of a sonos product , when might another play speaker be release...

One sub. 2 setups

I got two sound setups in my livingroom. I got two speakers in my sealing, a sub and playbar. The two speakers are connected to 1 of 5 sonos connect AMP. In my livingroom, I want to use one...

Music Stops and Starts

Hi, Lately our music has been stopping and starting quite a bit. It usually stops and starts when I add one the Play:3 or Play:5 into the group. Any ideas about how to fix this? I use an Airpor...

Pico Remote to toggle Connect:Amp between radio station and TV via group with PlayBar

Goal: We need a way to toggle our Connect:Amp between a radio station and listening to TV. Set up: Our kitchen and family room are adjacent, and it's easy to watch the TV from the kitchen. But the...

WIFI drops to SonoNet when connected to Ethernet cable to stream Radio and low latency operation

So the problem is that to get sonos to operate at low latency or to stream Radio you need a high speed Ethernet link which is fine in a small property because Sonos units will form a sonosnet. However...

Deleting duplicate imported playlists

How do I delete duplicate imported playlists?

PLAY:1 (pair) solid red LED on one speaker

Setup my PLAY:1 pair with no problems - unplugged the left speaker. When I plugged it back in the LED flashes white until eventually shows solid red. Any help resolving this issue would be great. Than...

2.5 year old playbar high-pitched noise - Sonos asking for £199 replacement fee

Hi all, My Playbar has developed a high-pitched noise that is extremely annoying and basically means that we can't use it anymore. The Playbar is 2.5 years old and has not been used for a few mont...

Sonos affecting UVerse service?

Had Sonos working fine on DSL. Changed to UVerse, and Sonos works fine still (Play 5, 2 Play1, Connect and Bridge). But sporadically losing UVerse connection, and UVerse is telling me that it is the...


I was listening to music from all our sonos players, and suddenly they all where "lost" from the list on the right on the app. What happened? I have tried to configurate them all over again, but noth...

TV remote only increasing volume. Cannot even disconnect it!!

My youview TV remote is now connected to and controls my sonos playbar. Unfortunately every single button on the remote turns the volume up, including the volume down button. I've reset the remote c...

Playlist change

Dear support.. I have made a tons of playlists with a streamer called "TDC play" fine! Now the company is sold and changed name to "yousee music" I can off course connect to yousee music, however a...

Connect Amp on its side?

Hi, I need to place my connect amp on its side to hide behind wall mounted TV. Will this be an issue? Top holes would still be facing out, bottom would face to wall. One sode would sit on self. Can a...

Modem Reset . Sonos Favs and Playlists Lost

Due to internet issues our ISP reset our modem. We have reconnected to Sonos but have lost our favourites / playlists etc. Is there a way to reinstall them rather than manually adding everything ?

Volume differences across two systems

I have a Play 3 and a soundbar in different rooms. If I add the soundbar as a group with the Play 3 or just select the soundbar the volume from the soundbar is VERY loud. How can I make it so that bo...

Can I get my old username and forum history back?

I have been a Sonos user for many, many years, and I was an active user on the old forum too. Somehow my username has been changed to arcadelt_1 during the transition to this shiny new forum and I am...

Unable to add songs to the Queue

Anytime that I try to play a song I receive the following message "Unable to add songs to the Queue." I have changed no components or service in my home. The unit (Sonos 5) has worked flawlessly for...

using line in with echo dot

is there any way to use the line in feature with the dot so I can still use my speakers for tv? When I connect to the Play5 I can't get tv sound because it bypasses the playbar, making the connected P...

Sonos with Amazon Firestick

I have a fire stick in a home theater at my house. I would like to plug my fire stick directly into the HDMI of my projector, but I don't want to run audio cables. Is it possible to get the fire stick...

You tube

How can i stream youtube from play 1 3 & 5?

Is Sonos a good fit for a dedicated theater room?

I have a large 28' x 22' dedicated room that I'm building for a home theater. I have an existing Sonos 5.1 setup in my upstairs living room and it works well. My question is would the same type of set...


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