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Intermittent cut out

I have aPlay bass and 2 Sonos 3 speakers hooked up in our playroom. The sound it intermittently cut out every minute or so for a second. It's like a blip. I've already run the diagnostic and the numb...

Alexa integration for SONOS

Does anyone know if/when Alexa will be supported by SONOS? I've seen a lot of conversations about a public trial in 2017 but nothing specific about dates and official release. Can anyone confirm if...

Playbar Sound Coverage Angle

Hi, I own a Bose Soundtouch 30 and have been using it for some time now. But there are a few things I don't like about the system, first of the wireless streaming from Spotify is very unresponsive...

iHeartRadio 'My Favorites Radio' missing from My Stations

I have recently set up iHeartRadio on my Sonos system (Pandora was canned in OZ). The issue I am having is that the station known as 'My Favourites Radio', which is basically a compilation of "Thumbs...

An error occurred while adding tracks to the queue (1002) and google play music keeps dropping out

I'm struggling with getting any song to play through and especially more than one at a time. For music on my laptop, I get An error occurred while adding tracks to the queue (1002) and google play mu...

Play 5 sounds funny

Ok, so I played some music on my pkay 5 today and it sounded like a chipmunk. Tried playing different songs, switched it off, reset equaliser settings but nothing changed. I have not moved my speaker,...

How do I improve system reliability with 8 zones?

My system worked fine when I had six zones, but since I added two more zones (8 total), Sonos goes down semi-regularly and I have to re-start Sonos or re-boot my home wifi to get it working again. My...

Play 5 grill

Just quick, how do I safely remove this? It's proper stuck in. A drink was spilled next to it, and I just want to make sure the spillage hasn't done anything too serious...

samsung 9 year old blu ray

no sound from playbar on my samsung blu ray player

Changed Wifi Network Name

I have a Sonos Boost setup. I recently added Google repeaters throughout the house to strengthen the wifi. In the course of that, I changed the network name, but otherwise left my wifi system untouc...

Seamless Experience with podcasts?

When will sonon have a better integration with Apple? The experience pretty much sucks right now and I would love for it to get better. If I'm listening to a podcast in my car via bluetooth I can't si...

Tunein BBC Streams

Forgive me if this info is available but I cannot find an up to date post about it. What bitrates are the current tunein BBC channels ? I want the best quality, so If they are not I believe I'll nee...

Sonos controller not working on 2nd access point

Hi, I've recently changed my home network and am having problems connecting on my iPhone controller app when I move to another access point. I have a virgin router with wifi disabled plugged into a...

Sub or 2 play 1's to go with my playbar?

Hello I would like some advice . I have a playbar which I love but had it a while and want to start adding. As the cost is quite high I wondered if I should start with a sub or 2 play 1's first? I...

Visual Player

Remember the Windows media player? The one that let you turn visualisations on and have some nice patterns display on your PC screen in time to the music? Is there a piece of software that I can run...

TvOS app please!

My friends at SONOS, can you "please" take your iOS app and port it to run on TvOS? This would be a grand slam for me and others who use Apple TV 4, have it connected to their home entertainment syst...


My music library has disappeared from on the phone section out of nowhere

Sonos playlist to Spotify

This may be a silly question because I'm over 50. I have a large list of favourite songs on Sonos playlist which I use all of the time. Is it possible to transfer the whole list over to spotify so t...

So..it's been almost a year since the announcement. Alexa integration guys?

I'm totally cool with you taking time to get it right. But it was August of last year you announced Alexa integration. I've had an Echo for a while and honestly it is easier to tell it to play somet...

Play:5 Vs. Multiple Play: 1's

I have a room that I use for entertaining. Is it better to set up multiple Play: 1s around the room, or one Play: 5?


Do I need to subscribe to Spotify (i.e. pay a monthly fee) to access their musical library when using my Sonos 5 speaker?

Random beeping coming from the two Play5s speakers

I get random beeping coming from the two Play5s speakers. It's fairly subtle. It happens when nothing's playing, and it happens when music is playing. There doesn't seem to be a pattern either. Someti...

How do you delete a room?

My kids seemed to have created another room with exactly the same name, and now I can't remove it.

How do you create a playlist? Not from a music service but to create one using my own music on an attached NAS?

Create a simple playlist

Sonos drop outs

I have 6 sonos units, 3 1's, a bar, 1 5 G1 and another G2 5, for over a year now and i often move some units around when i have people over. I normally get very good connection on sonosnet. A few day...


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