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Playbase dropped out, now nothing connects

I was watching TV with the Playbase, and then the sound dropped out completely. The App still seemed okay, and then that also dropped out, and it said it was unable to connect to the SONOS. I am now u...

Apple Music

I created a playlist on AppleMusic with songs. I've downloaded all of them to my phone. When I go to play the playlist in my Sonos App it only shows one third of the songs. I've powered the phone down...

Connect amp + sonos sub

How many sonos sub could you connect a 1 connect amp?

Im a nube but im not stupid

Help me please, just make me put the gun down. I've recently purchased a Connect and a Play3, all eager I go home and start the setup process only after watching the very helpful video on connecting t...

Pandora ads on Sonos

At the shop where I work, we use pandora on sonos speakers. We pay for a pandora account so there are no ads, but a couple of weeks ago, ads started popping up. We renewed our Pandora subscription and...

How do I set up my Oled55e6* Magic remote with my Sonos playbar

My LG magic remote for my Oled55e6* TV is not recognised by my Sonos playbar for sound control. Can this be done as I have to use my sky remote for sound control at present which is a bit of a pain 😞

Connect amp issues.

Connect amp is working but no sound coming out. It is linked to a player as the surround supplier. The player is working fine and the wifi network is working well. however i had an issue with the...

How to use 5.1 with Nintendo Switch

I just got the Nintendo Switch today, but there's no optical out on the system. If I just use the optical out on my tv instead of through the system like I do for the xbone, will that output 5.1 surro...

New Product

Smaller stereo box

sonos sub repair

how do i open sonos sub to repair it

BBC iPlayer

Does iPlayer work via Sonos?

refreshing music from my phone

I downloaded additional iTune songs to my iPhone (after I initially set up Sonos) but Sonos does not recognize them. Is there a refresh I need to perform? How to I get Sonos to recognize all the songs...


Hi there - Swisscom has installed a new router. I have a connect component fixed to my router with an ethernet cable. In addition, I have a playbar and sub, and a player 3. I went through the new inst...

Sonos speakers appear in Windows 10 This PC in File Explorer

Since upgrading to Windows 10 a few days ago, most of my sonos speakers appear along with their network addresses in the File Explorer of Windows 10. This never happened in Windows 7. Does anyone kn...

TuneIn Premium on Sonos

Why doesnt TuneIn premium work on Sonos? Dont see my favorites and cant listen to premium stations and audiobooks.

Trueplay for the new 2017 IPad

When will Sonos be able to have trueplay for the new 2017 iPad?

Missing Rooms

Diag 73065513. I have rebooted router, changed wireless channels. I have one speaker that is in Red for interference according to Network Matrix. I only have one speaker that is showing on my contr...

Subwoofer or Play 5 ? To Mount or not to mount ?

Hey- I have a playbar and was curious what yall thought about adding the sub woofer. I got some gift certificates to burn and was looking at getting a subwoofer but that's a pretty steep price....

How do I get my Sonos to show all songs on playlist and not just a portion ?

How do I get my sonos to show all songs from my playlist...currently only showing a portion of songs listed in my playlist

Spotify does not play entire songs but moves on before finishing to the next

Hi, When listening to Spotify on my PC or Android everything is fine. As soon as connected to Sonos, Spotify does not finish individual songs on the playlist or Album but moves on to the next on the...

No sound from my tv

Does the digital audio output lead from the playbar plug into the headphone socket of the tv

Play 1 went POP

Hi, My Play 1 purchased in Nov. 2013 recently stopped working. The unit gave a loud popping noise and stopped working, I have checked the power supply cable and found this to be correct (240V). How do...

Voltage Fluctuations on Playbar 1

I live on Curacao, and pherhaps once a month whe dont have electricity. When the electricity came back we have a fluctuation in the voltage. Now i've 4x Play 1 broke already. Can they be repaired and...

Existing speakers or new Play 1/3 with Playbar + Sub

Hi All, I am a new Sonos owner very happy with my Playbar + Sub combination in room that is 20 feet x 15 feet. I would like to add more speakers to output music that is already being played on the...

Some Albums from iTunes on Computer App are out of order

Some, but not all, albums that I added to my Sonos music library on the computer program are out of order. Does anyone know how to fix this?


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