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Unable to connect to music service

Hello - I just got a Sonos Playbar and Sub a few months ago. At start, everything was great. I updated it a few weeks ago and ever since I lose connection only when playing music. This happens about 2...

frozen screen - last played in this room??

cant play anything?? There is a black screen which says last olayed in thos room. options shown are resume or end session ... notbing happens if you click on eother one. I have closed the I have in...

Apple Music - How to Shuffle with Recently Added songs?

Hi All, I love my Sonos speakers but I'm having a bit of a frustrating time making it work well with my Apple Music Library. Plain and simple, I'd love to play my "recently added" songs in Shuffle -...

Amazon Music Encoding Error

Under prior release of Sonos Controller for PC (I'm now running V8.5.1: Build 42252113, Sonos ID: 113540947), I had created a Sonos Playlist for Various Amazon music titles to which I have access thro...

Sonos One - Adjust Volume for a group via Alexa

Hi Guys, I have a group of Sonos One speakers. They are in my lounge and kitchen. Can get Alexa to adjust the volume for the group? It would be good if we could name the group and refer to the gr...

Sonos 5 playback delay

Have my Sonos 5 connected via 3.5mm audio jack to the TV and am getting a 2 second playback delay with the sound. Worked fine for a month or so but just seems to have given up. Whats a fix and/or bett...

Sonos Connect not working

Hi, Sonos connect stopped working while listening via a Play 1. Connect is the only component connected to router. Checked Connect, front LED not lit. Green network activity light solid. Correspondi...

Cannot verify music services on Alexa

I've been trying to set up my sonos one all day! Sonos is showing as enabled on the Alexa app, Amazon showing as linked on the sonos app (so I can select music via browsing), but I cannot use alexa to...

Volume low on Playbar from TV

My volume on playbar from TV is really low. When watching TV the playbar volume is at 70 and not loud at all. Have a Sony tv, tv sound off Any advice because this is a problem.

Siriusxm Outage?

Anyone else having issues with Siriusxm playing? Mine stopped working about 10 hours ago.

Play 1 goes quiet when echo device being used in another room.

I have a Play 1 in the kitchen and it works fine with our Echo. My kids both have Echo Dots in their rooms and I have noticed that when one of my kids is playing music on the Dot in their room, when...

tunein Spanish National Radio services

Hi, I´m unable to stream any Spanish National Radio services (RNE1, Radio Nacional Clasica, Radio 3). Playback has so much clipping it´s painful to listen to. BBC Tunein services play flawlessly. If I...


I’ve had all of my Speakers working flawlessly with the Alexa app even though it’s not been available here in Australia I obtained it through the US App Store. Basically I want to know if anyone has a...

Sonos app for Linux

I need to get the Sonos controller for Linux (Ubuntu). What can I do? Thank you

Unable to Connect - Corporate Environment

We're trying to set up a Sonos Connect on a corporate network. The Connect device, as well as the client device (an Android phone) are both on the same SSID, using the same VLAN. We have allowed bro...

Alexa Multi-room Music / Audio Groups

I have a new Sonos One that I am adding to home with 2 Echo devices. In the Alexa app I am trying to setup an Audio Group for multi-room music. However, the Sonos One does not show up as an available...

Music library folders only show first 25% of library

Hi, I’ve looked everywhere in this forum for the answer to this problem, reinstalled the apps and library and indexed my music library multiple times, to no avail. It’s become a major frustration. Wh...

Skipping songs

My Sonos speaker is skipping music half way through songs using Apple Music

Preamp issues with ZP100

I got a Pro-Ject Essentials III turntable for Christmas to connect to a ZP100. It works but is low sound and tinny - we thought it had a preamp internally due to an Amazon mis-labeling but it doesn’t....

Ceiling speakers - need suggestions on best set up

Recently moved into an existing home that has Klipsch in-ceilling speakers in five rooms + patio. There is a pair in each room along with a local volume control. The speaker runs are all tied to a com...

Trying to get sound through speakers connecting to Foxtel iq3

I have a sonos connect which is connected to a kenwood amp running well for years. Connected speakers are 2 x Paradigm and 2 x Klipsch. I have recently added a Foxtel IQ3 box and want to connect it t...

Byter låtar random.

Mitt diagnosnummer är 1461051203. Vad tror vi här?

Högtalare försvinner, låtar byts av sig själv

Hej, har haft sonos problemfritt i många år nu men helt plötsligt så har högtalare börjat försvinna från nätverket och låtar kan bytas utan anledning, ibland kommer det felmeddelande att det inte går...

Sonos försvann..

För tre dagar sedan försvann Sonos från mitt wifi. Det stod att den inte fanns på wifinätet.. startade om alla jäkla apprater och routers etc. slutade med att jag fick ominstallera hela Sonos som om...

Spotify app not showing Sonos

Hopefully I'm missing something very obvious... I had linked my Spotify premium account as soon as Ver. 7 was released (during the beta actually). Now I cannot see any of my Sonos devices in the Spo...


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