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Songs Skipping On Sonos

When I play music from my iPhone X the songs frquently stopp half way through and then the next song starts. There is no problems when I play a radio station via TuneIn on the same iPhone. How can I... being heard as

We have 2 Sonos one units. On one of them when we ask Alex to open “” she comes back and asks do you mean “” on the second unit and a connected echo dot works fine. I’m...

Musik startas av någon annan?

Någon gång i månaden sådär startas musik på mina högtalare från ett Spotify gästkonto. Oftast på rejält hög volym :-( Musiken slutar ofta ganska snart men innan dess har man ju hunnit få en mindre hjä...

Music starts when I Geta phone call

Every time I receive a phone call when, the music starts on my only Sonos speaker. I can be in the house or miles away, but the music starts!

Sonos Beam Not Connecting

Hi, I recently got a new router and since then the Alexa didn't work within my Sonos beam despite everything else working. So I removed the speaker and re-connected it to the new router. However, the...

Spotify App cannot connect to my sonos system

I have been using Spotify and sonos for some years with no problem. Yesterday I discovered Spotify App cannot find my sonos anymore, while I can use sonos App for listening to Spotify...

Sony XBR49X900F + Sonos Beam 5.1 System

Hello! I recently purchased a Sony XBR49X900F TV and love it. The wife and I would like to create a home theater area while also getting into the Sonos universe. I was about to pull the trigger on a...

no sound from amazon stick

hi my surround won't work with my amazon fire stick and im stumped. Ive got a beam and 2 Sonos ones. thanks for any help

5.1 Audio Drops and Problems

Had my current setup, TV (UN60KS8000 SAMSUNG 60" SUHD HDR 240) with Playbar, 2 play 1s and sub for about 2.5 years. I’ve been frustrated with my sonos dropping sound for over a year but always though...

Apple TV audio issues using Beam

Hello. Here is my set up: 1) Apple TV connected to Sony XBR-65X900F via HDMI - Audio output set to Dolby 5.1 2) Cable box connected to Sony via HDMI. 3) Sonos Beam connected via HDMI/Arc to Sony. He...

Apple Music won't play default account

My Sonos Beam has been attached to my Alexa account and Apple music through both the Alexa app and the Sonos app. I have unlinked, deregistered, rebooted, etc. but it still tells me to link my husband...

Sonos One and Playbar keeps dropping out

Please help. Both speakers keep dropping out. Diagnostic: 614025029 Thanks in advance!

Beam still plays TV sound when TV switched off

Hi, I have recently set up the adobos Beam via HDMI ARC on my Samsung TV which was trickier than expected and finally managed to get the sound playing because the Play/Pause needed to be pushed to ge...

New router - now white solid lights and no. Sound

I installed a new router in Sonos told me I had to reinstall. I connected the speaker to the router and now it recognizes all of my rooms, but each of the devices has a solid white light and I can’t g...

Update 10.1.2 is missing night mode

Is everyone else missing night mode from the update 10.1.2 issued today? This is a key feature for me as I live in a townhouse and my husband and I have different schedules.

Sonos One Alexa ESP Deprioritization?

Hi all, has anyone else experienced a change recently in prioritization of voice commands to deprioritize Sonos One devices from responding to Alexa queries? I have a mixed setup (3 Sonos Ones around...

Cutting out - Setting up Sonos One Gen 2

Had a Sonos Gen 2 for a week or so. When i set it up i just played the internet radio through it. i tried using the Sonostube but it just keep cutting out. Apple Airplay also cuts out all the time No...

Beam keeps dropping out

Had my beam for about a month and recently it keeps dropping out. I've had it disappear from the app both when connected to the TV and playing music with the TV off. It will be fine for a while, then...

Trouble with google Wifi and Sonos

I'm still having problems with my sonos 6 months later. I thought I solved the original problem by disabling airplay on my marantz receiver, but that didn't work and i'm completely unplugged the re...

windows 10 Sonos controller no longer recognizes an existing Sonos system

The windows 10 Sonos controller no longer recognizes an existing Sonos system (2 play 5 players) after installing a new router / password. The android app works recognizes the players though.

apple music skipping

Hi there - Apple Music/Sonos used to work beautifully on my network and then suddenly started getting glitchy. It skips to the next song after seconds or minutes of playing a song. I spent over three...

How to set surrounds volume louder than playbase?

I just purchased a playbase, sub and 2 x play1 as surrounds and would like the volume of the surrounds to be higher than the playbase. On the IOS app, via Room Settings->FamilyRoom (+Sub+LS+RS)->Advan...

OSX Controller Can't Display All Speakers - Workaround?

Hi folks, this is for sure a 1st world problem but I've finally collected enough Sonos gear over the years that the OSX controller doesn't show all the speakers when I adjust volume. I don't use a mac...

Lip sync fault - Samsung QE43Q60R QLED (2019)

The Beam has lip sync problems with the new 43’ QLED TV when audio is delivered to it in dolby. No sync error with PCM. From a cursory reading on here it seems Samsungs generally work with Sonos (ie...

Sonos 10.1 and Smartthings not working

Hello, since I have upgraded my sonos system to 10.1 Smartthings integration is not working. Could you please fix this? Thanks


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