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Wireless headphones with Connect and AV Receiver

I have a Playbar and 2X1's in the Living Room and a Connect in the Lounge. The Connect is connected to a turntable as input and a Sony receiver as output. The two rooms are grouped so that we can eith...

Ever decreasing volume output on PlayBase

When I first installed PlayBase the normal volume setting on TV was between 25 and 30. The volume emanating from PlayBase has been steadily decreasing over time. To match the previous output level I n...

Boost Configuration/Placement

We are in an office building with 2 floors. We have a boost on the 3rd floor but none on the 4th floor. We are having playback issues on the 4th floor. Would it be best practice to place a boost cl...

Will Sonos One with Alexa have an option to be upgraded Google Assistant in future?

Will the new Sonos One with Alexa be upgradable via software update to support Google Assistant in the future or will there be a different Sonos One speaker with Google Assistant?

Line in input (and therefore output) too low

Hi - first post so apologies if this is a duplicate. Rega Planar 3 deck with Linn K9 connected into Sonos 5 via Cambridge Audio CP2 pre-amp - even with the gain settings fully up output volume is less...

Android widgets lose connection

I have three widgets on my android phone, one for each room. The problem is that they don't stay connected, instead I get this message three times instead. Not connected to Sonos. Tap for more info....

Connecting to wired speakers

Setting up a second Connect Amp with wired speakers in another part of other house. I was able to connect the amp with my wifi. I connected a set of wired speakers to the amp but I am not getting any...

Volume commands stopped working

Using an Echo Dot to control 3 existing Sonos speakers. Have speakers set up as Kitchen / Dining Room and Bedroom Can start and stop music fine 'play blah blah in (or on) Kitchen'. Volume commands,...

Surround sound not working with tv but with music

I have read the forums and there is a patch for my problem. I have a playbar, sub, and 2 surround play 1s. I dont have surround audio with tv but I do have normal audio surround with music. I have rea...

Sonos just stops playing!

I often ask Alexa to play a genre of music to my grouped Play 5 and two Play 1s and whilst it initiates playing an Amazon station, i often find that it will get the end of a song (or having played sev...

Spotify skips songs

Hi, all other music services play fine, however, Spotify plays about 20 seconds of a song and then jumps to the next song in the queue and does the same thing. I get one of 2 error messages as it ski...

Alexa Issues

I just bought 2 new Sonos Ones (I already own 2 Play:1’s and a Play:3) I have 1 Sonos One upstairs and 1 Downstairs I keep having issues where the Flash Briefing (which was launched a few days ago...

Playbar loosing sound intermittently

We have our Sonos soundbar connected to our Panasonic smart TV and all of a sudden the sound keeps cutting out when we change channels. It's frustrating. Any thoughts?

How do I know...?

I have a new system (Playbar, SUB, and 2 PLAY 3s - not online yet). I’ve installed my Playbar and SUB and they’re both “active” through the App. However, I can’t really hear anything out of the SUB...

Has Sonos Solved The Dialog Volume Problem?

I have seen many in the Sonos Community complain that the Dialog Volume is too low/soft when watching an action movie in surround sound Dolby 5.1. I am aware of the speech enhancement and night time w...

annoying tv message when turning volume up or down

My samsung TV is 4-5 years old. I don't see any options to turn off the annoying message when I change the volume. I've already read about this and I tried the 'steps' that sonos recommends. The s...

Music stops every hour

Idk why but my music keeps stopping every hour or so. I keep having to reopen my sonos app and finding it paused. Then I have to reselect a playlist on Pandora. The screen I keep finding says "no m...

Sonos App Group Set up

I tried setting groups in Echo app and I only get music to play out of all Sonos speakers at same time regardless of what I tell Alexa. I read here that the Alexa app does not currently recognize gr...

Unable to add samba share

I post the following on an existing and related topic but get no answer... Anyway I post this here. I'm getting tired by troubleshooting sonos. Hardware is top quality but software sucks. I have a sa...

Pandora with Sonos 8.2

I have upgraded to Sonos 8.2 controller. Sonos is asking me to reauthenticate with Pendora. It always get a network error. tried to remove pendora service, unplug/plug the my sonos systems... then tri...

Samsung TV remote not able to sync with Sonos PlayBar.

Sonos App->Living Room-> Tv Remote setup As per the instructions i pressed Volume + button and tried to sync up. It is not working. what is the issue ? I have the below TV samsung 65 4K SUHD LED L...

No treble response on Play 1; troubleshooting?

One of my Play 1 speakers is sounding bassy with no treble output. The treble slider has absolutely no effect on the sound, but the bass slider still attenuates bass frequencies normally. I'm wonderin...

Skipping to next song before current one is finished

I have multiple Play 1, Play 3, Play 5, Playbar and Subs in my home. The network and system has been stable and a wonder asset. I mostly stream music from my subscription services, Sirrus, Amazon, e...

connect and nad 3020 are not connecting

I have rca cable plugged into tape record on nad into audio in on connect and have a cd and turntable hanging off amp but am getting no music on sonos app-what can i have done wrong(apart from pluggin...

Kan inte spela upp låtar genom Spotify.. Endast Sonos appen. Irriterande.

Hej, Jag köpte en Sonos one igår och den funkar kanon att spela upp låtar men endast genom Sonos appen. När jag går genom spotify och klickar på enheten så står det bara "Connecting" men inget mera...


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