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Sanus WSSBM1-B2 Mount blocking Sonos Beam IR sensor

Has anyone had an issue of the L bracket on the Sanus Mount WSSBM1-B2 blocking the Beam’s IR sensor? When I attach the Sonos Beam to the L bracket using the 2 supplied screws, the Remote control does...

Sonos Beam and Sony A1E

Hi, Is anyone currently using the Sonos Beam with the Sony A1E or AF9 OLED Tv’s? I’m considering the beam to pair with my A1E and I’m wondering how much of an upgrade it is from the TV sound. Also, i...

Surround Sound Not Working With Amp

I have a Playbar (set as Bedroom TV), Sonos Amp (Bedroom) and a Sub. When I set the Sonos Amp to be in a surround configuration, it seems to set up fine, but nothing plays through the speakers connec...

Casting from Google Play

Casting from Google Play Music (Samsung S4) has recently starting skipping songs at midtrack and anvancing to the next track. It always skips a track from the same point. Any ideas?

7.1 surround sound

COME ON SONOS!!! This is getting to the point of pathetic. Get your business into the 21sy century and work on at 7.1 surround sound update. Maybe we have to throw this Sonos system in the trash and g...

Playbar sounds cuts intermittently out when playing TV

While watching tv the sound will cut out every few minutes for a couple seconds. Sent diagnostics. Here is the confirmation number: 1692913010 When this happens the white light blinks. Very annoying....

Can't play this right now

I'm listening to a BBC podcast on Spotify, which is linked to my Sonos Speaker. But when I try to play it on the speaker I get the message "Can't play this right now". Why ? I can play music from S...

Why is Alexa no longer responding?

Alexa has stopped responding, when I say "Alexa......" How do you fix this?

Sporadic Audio Cut Outs

Hi. Like others in the community I am experiencing audio cut outs of a about half a second every 10 to 20 seconds or so. It doesn’t do it all the time but I am experiencing it at the moment whilst wat...

Sonos doesn't connect to wifi

My Sonos works only with an ethernet cable which connects the primary speaker to the router. I've tried unplugging all my speakers and restarting them until the white lights are steady. I've rebooted...

Unable to reconnect sonos to controller

I needed to move an ethernet connected sonos play 3. Tried to pair it back and it failed repeatedly. It recognizes the play3 by mac address but it never connects, the only indication of an error is:...

Alexa stops playing music

When playing Pandora radio or Amazon Music radio from Alexa sometimes it stops playing after songs and I have to give Alexa the command, "Alexa play Pandora radio in Family Room", for it to resume pla...

Sonos Chime

Hello! I have Sonos system set at home. I have an alarm set to a radio station to play every morning for the whole day and turns of at night. Whenever my internet turns off for different reason (Provi...

Playbar - Choppy sound

I have a sound problem with my Playbar, apparently only with TV and not when I'm listen to music. There is a choppy sound, also in my two Sonos:1 (surround) and I have to unplug the Playbar and recon...

Alexa gone after restart?

I had my Sonos ONE setup and all was good including Alexa. She was talking away. Had a Sonos with a DHCP address. As part of my home automation system I wanted all devices to have IP reservations s...

Sonos One Drops

Sonos One drops out constantly while playing radio. Anyone know why or how this happens?

Spotify + Sonos - Unable to add to queue

I cant seem to add playlists to the queue and my alarms are not starting the playlists.... I submitted my diagnostic to Sonos Your confirmation number is: 166255738. Help please

Sonos Play One hoppar i spellistan och hoppar i liveström från SR

Ibland när jag spelar upp saker från spellistan som kan vara blandat mellan spotify och olika radioprogram från SR så avslutas det mitt i, är tyst en stund och hoppar sedan vidare till något annat på...

Musicbox vs Sonos

I'm using Musicbox on my MacBook Pro. Can I (pre)listen to the music via Musicbox trough my Sonos speakers? Is there an App for that or other settings?

Regarding Sonos Account and " hours playing music" does not update

Anyone have the same problem? My use of my Sonos gear (Hours Used) has not updated since Monday this week. I am having some fun checking out how much i use my Sonos gear. I am logged in to my account...


Er det noe nyheter når det gjelder stemmestyring i Norge?

SONOS AMP - which surrounds?

hello I'm about to purchase a SONOS AMP - I'm using it to connect my B&W speakers, subwoofer and turntable to my Sonos system. i'll be using it with both Airplay 2 and the Sonos App. My question i...

Songs dropping

Songs drop randomly

Apple Music skipping to next track after playing only part of a song

First of all I have already read many threads regarding this issue but none was useful. The problem is very simple to describe: when using Apple Music through the SONOS app almost no song of an album...

Sonos One audio quality

Hi, I bought and set up a Sonos One recently, but am really disppointed with the sound quality. It’s muffled, and I don’t even want to listen to it... I tried re-tuning but it made no difference. I...


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