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Playbar not working

My playbar is not working the light on the side just keeps flashing white

Sound sync beam

How do I sync my speech sound with my beam and tv?

Sonos beam drop out

Hello I’m having difficulty with my sonos set up I have the beam subsnd two sonos ones +the boost I bought the boost to try to resolve audio drop out from tv It hasn’t worked My tv is LG E7 oled T...

Can’t add new pandora stations

I can play my existing pandora stations by using the browse feature but I when I try to play a new pandora station with the search function it just says “no music selected.” Also Spotify cuts out e...

Beam won't connect to Sony Bravia XBR‑55X930D

I've connected the Beam to my Sony Bravia XBR‑55X930D TV via the HDMI 4 port (which is the one they spec for ARC), but the Sonos app says it sees no signal. So I tried the digital audio out from the...

Third unit will not play with others

I have had three units 2x 1’s and a three, but just recently I can not at all three together. I have tried uninstalling all of the but this does not help. Please see attached

Alexa not working

Hi. Anyone know the fix for Alexa not responding at all? I have two at home, the other unit is the same (Sonos One) and it's working fine. Thanks.

Music cutting out from Line-In on Connect:Amp

I have a turntable connected to a Connect:Amp which is connected via Ethernet. I also have three Play:1's and one Play:One. When playing music from my turntable, all the speakers on SonosNet will cut...

Play 5 - almost no sound

Hi, We are experiencing some issues with one of our Play 5 speakers. There is almost no sound at all coming from the speaker. If we max the volume we are able to hear it very lightly. What might be w...

R and L speakers from Connect are in different rooms (kitchen / dining).

I have speakers in the ceiling of my dining room and kitchen. One speaker per room - one is the R speaker and one is the L. This creates some weird listening experiences. Both are connected to a Conne...

Cannot add to queue from Google Play - 1006 Error

I have been trying to connect to Google Play but keep receiving “Cannot add to queue - 1006” error message. Receiving this same message when trying to connect via iPhone or computer. Rebooted wifi and...

Playbar won't broadcast TV Sound

Just a sudden loss of sound. No changes made I'm aware of. Ran diagnostic 835524741. Please advise

Music stops mid song and skips to next track

This is recent as of getting home from work about a half hour ago. Everything was fine throughout last night and into this morning (had to pull an all nighter) and I havent moved anything or unplugged...

Connecting 4 speaker wires to 2 posts

Hello all. I recently had to totally disconnect my entire Sonos systems to accommodate new floors being installed in our home. In reconnecting my controllers I've come to standstill: the connection...

Pandora won't finish a song

Set up Sonos this weekend, connected Pandora, and when I run it over Sonos it doesn't finish any song, skips to the next each time. Never happened when I streamed from my phone for years. I do not h...

Sonos app won’t play sound

App won’t play any sound to any rooms despite showing square STOP symbol. When it does play, it cuts in and out. This has been happening intermittently for months. Everything up to date and no apparen...

No surround from Cable Box

Live in NYC, spectrum cable customer, cisco cable box (8742HDC), Samsung UNC60C6300 and no matter what i change on TV or box rear speakers remain silent. Apple TV, Music via Echo and Fire stick play t...

TuneIn, BBC Radio shows "not encoded correctly"/ "access denied"

As above, really - I regularly listen to BBC radio shows as 'listen again' and over the last couple of weeks I've had issues more than I've been able to listen to them. The thing is, it's predominantl...

Sonos Beam No audio with Samsung UN82NU8000

Hello, We are IT for business. our executives asked us attach a Sonos Beam to their new samsung UN82NU8000 TV. We have tried ARC and the included optical adapter and the TV won't play audio throu...

Lip sync from Panasonic to Sonos beam

I’m so disappointed, I just bought the beam today and have had major issues getting the audio to link up to the pictures ie. lip syncing issues. I bought this to have Dolby Digital and better emery’s...

Beam - lågt ljud vid film

Hej Har kopplat in en Beam till min TV. När jag spelar Musik från tex Spotify låter allt som det ska men när jag tittar film är ljudet väldigt lågt. Jag måste ha ljudet på 50-70% för att det ska vara...

Playbar loosing sound signal from optical input

Hello all. Would apreciate any help with the following. i have read previous threads and tried many work arounds to no avail. Intermittant sound loss from play bar while watching TV or Apple tv. I h...

Only one speaker playing when sonos are grouped together

I recently setup a 5 speaker set up in my office. However when any speakers are grouped together, only the first speaker plays the music. Oddly, the other speakers will still control the total volume...

No sound from TV when using Beam

Just bought a Beam and a sub to enhance the sound from my TV. The beam plays Spotify without a hitch, but when I set it up with my Sony 55W905A, there is no sound output. It is connected through the H...

Virgin hub issues

Hi I recently changed my broadband provider from BT to Virgin. I have a Sonos playbar, boost, 4no connect amps, sub and play 1. Playbar and 2no connect amps are connected to the hub by cat 5 cable. O...


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