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Apple Music disappeared

I have been using Sonos to play Apple Music albums and playlists. Now all of a sudden Apple Music has disappeared from Sonos. When I go to the Add Services screen (either on my Windows PC or on my i...

Sonos Connect cuts out when grouped

I’ve just set up a new Sonos system for my mother in law. With a Beam in the living room, One in the kitchen and a Connect in the dining room. It’s all on one floor, all very close to the Virgin rou...


Hei, Når det spilles musikk så er med masse brudd uansett kilde og uansett om det gruppeoppset el. single enhet. Har laget meg en spilleliste og hver låt brytes etter ca minuttet spilt. Dette gjelder...

Sonos and SiriusXM

I have several Sonos products in my home. Connect Amp, Play 3, Play 5, 2 - Play 1 and Play One.I have grouped together all the players but the Play One. The Play One is in a separate group. If I play...

Alexa connected, but not delivering

I asked Alexa to give me my morning briefing and she says, "Here is your morning briefing from ..." then nothing. It does the same when you ask for a song, she says the name and site but then nothing....

LG TV Amazon Prime App Playbar NOT 5.1

So my set-up of new playbar is now 99% working Playbar connected to a LG 55UB820V and getting: Sky = 5.1 Audio PS3 = 5.1 Audio LG Netflix App = 5.1 Audio BUT LG Amazon App = 2.0 Audio :-( I cannot fin...

Alexa stopped working on all 4 of my Sonos Ones

Went from a degraded - needing to repeat the Alexa, turn on __whatever__ command multiple times to not working at all as of last night. I get the "beep tone" acknowledgement that Alexa is listening, a...

Sonos One unresponsive to Alexa commands

I have 2 Sonos One speakers running stereo in one room. All of a sudden they have stopped responding to Alexa commands. The mikes are on and running. I know this because when I say Alexa I get the...

Playing without adding to the library?

There was a song I felt like hearing - I could either double click it and play it through the speakers attached to the PC or I could open the Sonos application, go through the menus, then add it to a...

Can't see alarms

I can't see any of my set alarms. Before I've had an issue forcing me to create a new alarm to see my previously set alarms, now that doesn't work either. The list of alarms is blank both in the andro...

Wifi Mesh - Deco M5

Recently I setup wifi mesh for my network using TPLink Deco M5. However, when I'm using operating mode as "Router", my Sonos unable to detect the new wifi although I setup the bridge from my sonos to...

Rookie question

I am wanting to create a living room space that is asthetically pleasing but also has great sound. I have found a TV console that could incorporate a pair of Play 5 speakers. My question is, how could...

Apple Music Playlists

Synced my Apple Music app to the Sonos app on my phone, but my playlists are “currently unavailable”.

Echo Dot 3rd Gen + play 5 can't hear alexa

We have just set up a new Echo Dot 3rd Gen connected to A Play 5.everything functions except you can't hear alexas voice when she responds to commands.

HDMI Switcher Solution for Beam with ARC & CEC

Hi All, I want to ask and share my experience with trying a HDMI switcher for Beam for my setup. TL;DR - It didn't work - not unless I want to lose CEC. My Panasonic OLED (FZ950) doesn't passthroug...

Spotify stops playing through Sonos

My setup consists of a soundbar and 2 Sonos 1. Spotify plays seamlessly but it always stops randomly at some point of the day/night and it won't restart unless I push play again. I'm using one Sonos 1...

Sonos connects to radio on Mac but not to music library

My Sonos speaker used to connect fine to my music library on my iMac. I moved house and tried to connect again and now the radios work but none of the music in my music folder. I updated Sonos softwar...

Rename the Sonos: Amp_Poll

Hello There's a thread where a few of us were discussing Sonos naming of products as to how they can sometimes cause confusion for the poster and those trying understand exactly what is being asked....

Sonos Unable To Connect To Spotify

Diagnostic # 688668449 We've been having the same issue for months now. I try to play Spotify on our Sonos and we receive the error "Unable to browse music - there was a problem connecting to Spotify"...

Playbar Disconnecting - Update 9.2 issues

Playbar Disconnecting - Update 9.2 issues, when will it be fixed? I have a 5.1 setup with a playbar, sub and 2 x playone's now there is no sound coming from the playbar yet sound comes from the surr...

Loud squealing from Beam when turning tv off.

Hey all, My Beam freaks out and squeals/feedbacks when I turn my TV off. It doesn’t happen every time, but frequently enough to be super annoying. My TV is a TCL with built in Roku. Any thoughts?

Playbar setup questions

Pretty happy with the Playbar so far, but have a few questions: 1) I initially had my Playbar laying on a TV console but have since mounted it to the wall. Do I need to change a setting somewhere, or...

Beam visualizer?

I see that when I turn my tv to the HDMI input that my beam is connected to, it cycles through a screen saver with a handful of black and white images. Is there any way to get a visualizer on screen t...

Sony Bravia and sound dropout issues

Hi, I just purchased the Sony Bravia XBR-65X850D and hooked it up to my exisiting 5.1 Sonos Surround sound that I was using with my previous TV. I have two play 3s I'm using as the the rears, the pla...

Sonos & Harmony Volume Issues - Please help!

I have a Sonos Playbar and a Harmony Elite Remote (with Hub). For the first few months, I had them set up normal with the Harmony Hub controlling the Playbar volume (via wifi). It worked okay, but m...


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