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Clear Queue button wears Windows skin, not Sonos colours

Here's a little improvement that would be really nice. The Sonos Windows app has some good colour themes but the dialog box that pops up in response to the Clear Queue button to ask if I really want...

How to show length of songs in WIndows Sonos app?

The Windows Sonos app doesn't seem to show the length of songs either in the queue or the library. I can't find anywhere in the options or settings to enable that either. How can that be shown? Som...

Audio Skipping and it is NOT WiFi Interference

For the past two months anytime I play Google Music by either streaming from the Google app or from within the Sonos app the songs cut out and skip to the next song about 2/3 of the way through the so...

Pairing Fire Tv remote with sonos

I just got a sonos beam and I can’t figure out how to set pair it with my TV remotes. It’s a Toshiba Fire TV. I already have Alexa set up and can control the commune through my voice but not on the re...

SONOS Mac app memory leak

The SONOS Mac app v 10.0, build 48261220 has a serious memory leak. Using top -o rsize I find a steady increase in resident memory usage. It starts around 150Mb and grows steadily. I have seen res...

Why doesn’t the tap features on my sonos work?

I hooked up Alexa but I can’t use the tap features on the top of my sonos one

Does SONOS Support Tidal MQA Tracks?

I thought I was playing master quality tracks through SONOS, but have now noticed when playing on my PIXEL 2 Android Phone some titles say "Master"...however, when I switch it over to play on my SONOS...

Beam with New Sonos Amp

Setup question. I have a living room TV with a Beam, Sub, and two play 1’s as surround. I’m having two outside patio speakers installed Wednesday so we can listen to Music outside. I ordered the new...

Adding 5’s to a Beam

I’m wondering, in our lounge, I currently have a Beam with a sub. The volume power is good but not the capability I would like. I’m considering adding 2 x Play 5’s to the room. Would these have to be...

Sonos killing its customers ability to play local music

So Where is support for NAS drives using version 2 or 3 of SMB????? Do Sonos really care so little for their customers. Looks like its time to ditch Sonos in favour of something up to date.

Audio skipping, delay with app updating - using Sonos Bridge

I am having intermittent issues with audio skipping using Spotify. We are using a Sonos Bridge to supply the mesh network to the speakers so I don't think it's the home broadband router and we are on...

Sonos One Stand

Hi, I was browsing the store page and I see a new type of stand is available: It does not state the maker (neither Flexson nor Sanus...

iphone as remote with deco m9 plus and play:3

I recently started using the tp link deco m9 plus for my wifi. I have a play:3 and use my iphone as the remote. I'm having trouble getting the play:3 join the m9 network properly and have my iphone f...

Muffled/Scratchy sound

My Play:1 sounds muffled/scratchy when bass kicks in of a song. Terrible sound! I submitted a diagnostic based on the threads I've read. Who do I give the diagnostic # to?

Song stops or skips to next song without completing

When I play iTunes songs from my iPhone on my Sonos system I randomly get the following behaviors: 1) in the middle of a song (after 40 to 120 seconds) the system skips to the next song, or 2) in the...

connection lost to podcast from danish radio

Same problem as 1 year ago: Podcasts from Danish Radio (DR) not playing (the connection to Tunein was lost)

So annoying

I have two Play 5’s, one play 3, a boost connected dircetly to the router and it keeps cutting out!!


Sound bar to TV connection

Sonos Trouble Over Wifi (Orbi)

My diagnostic report # is 412324574 I recently moved from a small apartment to a much larger home. I had a single Sonos One at the apartment and bought two additional Sonos Ones for the new bigger ho...

Alexa is not working on one set of my sonos one speakers.

My other sonos one speakers work fine. The speakers having problems worked fine for the last year but now when I say Alexa all it says is “ I am having trouble understanding you right, now please try...

finding path to Synology on a MAc

Hi, I have no clue where to find the path I need to type to point Sonos to my library which is on my Synology NAS. With command+I i don't get the format which is expected with the backslashes. I se...

Cannot assign my playbar to a new room

I just moved and to make sure my setup would take into account the new room, i created a new room and renamed the old (setup) "obsolete" i have assigned my 2 ones + my sub to the new room. But i cant...

TV ARC stopped working with 10.0 release

My vintage Panasonic Viera Plasma TV has been working just fine with my Beam since the beginning of December when Santa paid an early visit. However, in the last couple of weeks I get no audio from th...

Google Play Music changes to next track prematurely

Diag # 1941050195 - using SonosNet on the least possibly congested channel (but did the same on my regular wifi as well).. Songs just end early and go right to the next track when streaming from GPM.

Reconnecting Speakers

I changed my wifi router and now only one of my speakers is connected. How do I reconnect the remaining speakers in my network?


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