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Sonos Causing Interference

My Sonos system is causing interference with my Paradox wireless alarm system. If I unplug the Sonos units, the alarm is stable. My wi-fi router isn't interfering (Ubiquiti UniFi). With the Sonos unpl...

Lost connection to Play5 2nd Gen over Wifi

Until very recently my Play5 2nd gen was working fine. However, it has suddenly fallen off my Wifi network and I cannot seem to add it back. I have tried moving the speaker to the same room as my ro...

Connecting to Neighbour's System

Hi. I recently updated the software and my neighbour's connect:amp has appeared on my system. I can control their speaker system. Does anyone know how I can remove the system, please? Thanks, Stewart

How do I control volume on mobile app

I understand how to control the volume from my computer (MacBook Air) using the Sonos Control App. But how do I control the volume in different rooms by using the mobile App. When rooms are grouped...

Connect cannot queue music from my iPhone or iPad

I have two Connect devices. One works perfectly and can access all my music on my iPhone or iPad. The one I just purchased cannot access any of my music. I get an error "an error occurred while add...

Alexa Won't Talk to Me!

All set up; couldn't get the Alexa App on to Mac (should I be able to?) si I Used Sonos App in the 'Skills' section and added from there. When that didn't work for voice recon. I tried my wife's phon...

Sonos issue

I got two Sonos play 1 speaker. But the almost of my apps are not support at Sonos, Such as QQ music, Xiami, Ximalaya. So maybe I will switch back to my bose and return these two speakers.

Travelling in China: How do I add QQ Music?

I live in the UK, but I'm currently on a 3 month assignment in China. I've brought my Play 1 with me so I can have some music. However it isn't working. The Play 1 can connect to my Spotify account...

Sonos One

When get we in the Netherlands Alexa and can i use the One?

Sonos 8.4 Radioplay

Since I updated my play5 to 8.4 my Danish Radioplay dosen't function any more Is there a solution for this

If using line-in on one play5 would it work as stereo pair ?

G'd day! Recently bought a play 5 and wondering if :- 1- Paired with another play 5 as stereo pair and using line-in option from a laptop/Tv on one, would the other p5 work? Or do I need a splitter an...

Sleep Timer using Alexa - not working with Sonos One

Purchased a Sonos One to use with Amazon Alexa and have discovered that although I can listen to my favourite radio station, when I ask the Alexa to sleep after any number of minutes, and it acknowled...

Connect analog line-out keeps dropping out

I have a Connect that I have been using for many years to allow me to use my Turntable. The turntable is connected, via a pre-amp, to the analog line-in of the Connect and this set up works brilliantl...

Play3 only available on Macbook-App, not on iPhone App in same WiFi-Network

I have 3 Sonos Play3 in 2 Rooms. I can controll two of them via iPhone and Macbook but one of them only via Macbook. The devices are all in the same WiFi-Network and are all working well. Any idea? T...

Playbar stuck on white solid light, not showing up in the app

My playbar has a white solid led but its not showing up in the sonos controller app. I tried disconnecting it from power already but goes back to solid white when it turned on again

Sonos connect amp static noise ( hiss )

Hi all, I have a sonos connect amp and I am getting loud audible static noise(hiss) at @ %75 volume and up, on line in connection. I am sending music via usb to a dac and from there to the sonos amp....

Setting up cr200

Got a cr200 from eBay I’m having trouble connecting it . I’ve hard wired my sub and pressed the button on the front and followed the instructions on the cr200 but nothing is happening I have a sou...

Sort by options in folder

Hi, I have set up music a path to my folders in the music library and it displays the music in a-z order. Is there any way to change it so it shows by newest first (like in windows explorer you can...

Streaming music

Hello everyone. I’m pretty new to all of this so I’m wondering what streaming music source seems to work best with Sonos?

TuneIn - unable to play the radio station

Since about a week i'm unable to play any radiostations with TuneIn. I've tried removing my favrorites, selecting some other stations and reinstalling the app, but nothing works. Both my Android phone...

Horizontal v vertical Pair of 5?

I have a pair of Sonos 5’s about 4 meters apart and keep reading that the preferred orientation for this set up is vertical, other than the fact that it looks odd is there really any advantage or dif...

change or edit Amazon account

I recently purchased a One and am having trouble with setup. This is because I have two Amazon accounts (an old one with a business name and email a new one with my own name, new address and private e...

Minimum Volume is too loud to enjoy background music.

The minimum volume on a Play 1 for instance (volume level 1) is too loud to let the music play as background. It's "no music" or "too loud music" on volume level 1 Nothing in between. Ideally I could...

Iphone X - Trueplay failure

The other day I had a change in my Sonos 5.1 setup and had to run a trueplay again. After that I experienced crackling sound on 5.1 dolby digital content. Not stereo or a PCM signal. It occurred on tv...

Unable to control Playbar volume with Samsung TV universal remote when using PlayStation 4

Hello, I have a Playatation 4 Pro connected to the OneConnect box of a Samsung KS7000 TV which in turn is connected to the Playbar by optical cable. All TV and streaming services allow me to change t...


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