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No ability to update system.

Can't pass update system with "later" and when trying to update wrong email for "setup."

Volume not working on Playbar - Cox Contour Voice Remote

I cannot get my Cox Contour Remote to control the audio of my Playbar any longer - it used to work. I have tried a) changing the code my remote broadcasts to, b) changed my remote to a brand new one...

Sonos Beam Tv Control On and Off

Would anybody know why I can turn ON my tv using the Beam with Alexa but can’t turn it back off using the voice commands?

"Finish setting up your Sonos account to keep using your Sonos system"

Dear Sonos, please clarify: Is this a threat to disable my 4-figure Sonos setup unless I submit to your updated terms and set an account?

Play 5:2 shows solid orange

Hi, This morning the music I played on my Play 5:2 stopped. Speaker showed solid orange. Impossible to re-pair. So I reset it. It shows blinking green, speaker shows (with MAC) during the pairing pr...

Recent "Song Not Encoded Correctly" errors -- still plays music

Recently, I’ve been receiving repeated “Unable to play XXXXXX -- Song Not Encoded Correctly” errors when playing music that has correctly played (without any error messages) for years. Even though I...

Help! "There is no shared folder on the computer"

Been using Sonos for years on my PC with literally Zero issues or hiccups. However, today the controller/app on my PC updated to the latest software and now it says that it can't add my music folde...

Can't log in + speaker dropping off app

Several weeks a Play 3 began disappearing from my system, and I was able to add it back three times via the desktop app. Now Sonos won't let me log in to the app on any device (wrong email/password n...

Toshiba HDMI-CEC cable input control

Can the Sonos Beam use the Toshiba HDMI-CEC cable input control? If so, how? Thx

Stereo Pairing broken and other issues after last upgrade

There are many threads on here relating to problems after the most recent system update (July 2018). While I am also experiencing dropouts, I'm also having a problem creating a stereo pair. I have be...

Connection problem with Beam and Samsung over HDMI-arc

Evening, I have no luck in connecting my new Sonos beam with my Samsung Q7F smart tv, hdmi-ARc plugged in both ends, HDMI-cec turned on on the Samsung, but the Sonos app cannot connect with the tv. B...

Updated app software- rooms are missing

I just updated my software and am now missing 3 out of 6 rooms on my system. This is the second time this is happened to me thru an update. Here is the diagnostic confirmation #921254670.that I just r...

Hissing sound

Discover unbeatable hissing sound on my Sonos 5.1 Diagnostic test reference 485091353

Airtunes 2 vs Sonos 1 compatibility

Hi! I just today purchased a Sonos 1 to integrate into my existing Sonos setup (Playbar + 2 x PLAY:3s). I'm told I can use this Sonos 1 (non-Alexa) to be the link between my Mac devices to stream musi...

Play 5 Gen 1 just stopped working

Will not even power on. had it a few years and it worked yesterday. always plugged into a surge suppressor and no power spikes recently. seems completely dead.

Which Sonos for kitchen?

Hello Sonosers! I have sonos all over my house and happy with it. However in my kitchen I have only one S3 mounted high on the wall. It does not cut it over the fans and general kitchen noises. So I...

Sonos modifies server name and can't connect to NAS

After I successfully add my iTunes library (located on a NAS-device) to my Sonos, I can't play music because Sonos changes the server name by adding '.local' to the NAS network name. I'm using the lat...

Hey Siri not working

I have upgraded my Sonos and the speakers appear on my HomeKit ( on my iPad only. Not on my phone for some reason). I thought this would b enough to trigger a response when saying : hey Siri. But noth...

Sonos One - AirPlay - sound dropping and intermittent

Hi On my iPad , I had an issue with the volume connecting but then working for only a few seconds before silence. The problem was my iPad was on a different WiFi connection to the Sonos One. Once th...

Intermittent audio drop out since latest firmware update

I have been experiencing intermittent and completely random audio drop outs since updating to the latest firmware & app on 12/7. I have only noticed it when streaming from RadioPlayer stations; I lis...

Sonos One stereo pair

Hi I have a pair of One's , one is in the living room and the other is in the dining room. Sometimes when I ask Alexa a question they both answer or one will answer followed by the other a few seconds...

Playbar ethernet ports stopped working after system update

I updated my Sonos system last night. My playbar is directly ethernet wired to my router however while the ports are lighting up, the Sonos appears to be using WiFi instead of the ethernet as my route...

Beam not recogonizing tv

I have an older hdtv. I'm using the provided hdmi adapter via ARC ports. But beam is still saying doesnt recogonize the tv. I can only get music to come thru the beam bar and speakers. What else c...

Porblems with the music library / Unpredictable app shutdowns

Hello! My sonos system consists of four Play:1 and one Connect. I've updated the system yesterday. Since then I've got a lot of trouble using my sonos. First of all the app on my smartphone every few...

iHeart Radio unable to authorize

I have seen other posts about this but I just started today having the issue of iHeart radio not playing anymore, and not it say's I can't authorize when trying to re-add the service. I have restarte...


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