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Airplay not showing all my sonos speaker groups

I have a sonos5 and several sonos1 speakers. In iOS 12.2 I can see my speaker groups for my sonos5 but not my sonos1 speakers. Is there a way to make apple discover my other speaker groups? A good...

Spam, still? Wake up in the Boston Sonos office

It is 6am PST which means it is 9am Monday on the East Coast. Are there no forum Admins awake over in the Boston Sonos office yet? The spam content this weekend is continuing this morning, with appare...

Sono's Play.1 volume

Hello, I've got a question about my play.1 when listening to tune in radio I find randomly the volume goes quiet for a moment then back to normal. is there a way to fix this in settings somewhere. sor...

PC audio from Sonos App

Can I send audio from Sonos to my PC audio or bluethooth? I would like to send audio to my hearing aids via bluethooth (either from PC bluetooth, or from my bluetooth transmitter plugged into PC's a...

Sonos one issue. was working perfectly and now Alexa uncooperative! Repeats command but then nothing happens.

Repeats command like "play bbc radio" but there nothing happens. Think issue coincided with a new password on WIFI. Have deleted Sonos app, reinstalled, connected to Sonos with ethernet, followed su...


Hej, Just bought a Sonos One and connected Spotify with the Alexa app. I have trouble Alexa accessing the Spotify music. I set Alexa up to UK and sonos app too. My Spotify account is Swedish, migh...

Will AMP will improve/work with my setup?

Hi guys! I have a 5.1 home theater with playbase, sub and two play:1. I'm a little jealous of the ARC in the beam. So my question is. Can I add the AMP to my setup just to take advantage of ARC or th...

Play1 looses Stereo pair

sometimes when i start my stereo pair of play1 the left speeker wont play, then i have to unpair and pair the speakere again, they both have the same firmware. its very frustrating

New Play:5 turning itself on

Please could somebody check this log, my Play:5 has been turning itself on, usually overnight 1854147491. Another strange thing, the white light on top won't turn off anymore.

Apple TV Remote and TV volume help

Hi all, I’m having difficulty with my volume settings. I have my Apple TV remote set to the play bar no problem, but the volume controls also are controlling my tv volume. I cannot get this to stop....

Sonos speakers seem to be dropping out or music stopping

We have about 13 speakers normally with the rooms grouped to two locations. For some reason some of them drop out or the music stops playing for about 5-9 seconds and them comes back. I have reset the...

Unable to play radio station on TuneIn

Hi, When attempting to access any stations from TuneIn I receive the message "Unable to Play the Radio Station". Below some debugging info: - When using other services (ex: MyTuner): it works - When...

Remote Set Up with LG magic remote

I'm trying to set up a playable with a LG OLED & a magic remote. In the app when asked to press TV then Remote Set Up there is no 'Remote Set Up' button

TruePlay over Satellite internet

I just purchased a Sonos Beam and while setting it up I ran into network troubles with TruePlay. I believe the problem is due to the fact that I have HughesNet Gen5 satellite for internet, so latency...

Lip sync, Sonos Beam & Panasonic TV

Hi, I have a Sonos Beam, Sky Q & a Panasonic FX700B 2018 TV and I am having trouble with Lip sync. I am connecting to the HDMI Arc port but in "Normal" sound on the Sky Q box it is slightly delayed,...

Sonos Boost issue with surrounds

I have recently gotten into the sonos community and have purchased the following: Playbar Connect Play:1 (4) Boost I purchased the boost because my playbar which was hardwired to my router wasn’t cr...

Connection issues

Hi I’m having problems with connecting to my speakers my music service is Napster it started cutting off after a few minutes or jumping from track to track I’ve done the normal reboot and check intern...

Reliability; Connect:Amp's drop arbitrarily and frequently

I have 5 Connect:Amp's set up on a wall. They are all connected via a dedicated switch and that switch is, in turn, connected to my local network. I find that devices will frequently and arbitrarily...

Tried all solutions but still getting "Sorry, that device is offline" from Alexa on Sonos One

As the title suggests. This is when trying to play music, and has been happening for about 10 days now. Example: I say "Alexa play songs by Foo Fighters". She says "Playing songs by Foo Fighters from...


Sonos tappar anslutningen till Spotify. Antingen står det "hittar inte filen" eller "tappade anslutningen till Spotify" och så bläddrat den fram i spellistan. Emellanåt går det att spela låtar utan pr...

Spotify connection was lost

I keep getting the same problem as lots of others - Spotify connection was lost - with tracks jumping or just being skipped completely. Diagnostic 551216230 sent. Wi-fi is fine. Spotify on its own i...

ljudet hackar eller kommer inte ens igång

När jag spelar spotify via sonos har det på senaste tiden hackat ordentligt eller spelar inte upp musiken alls.

Sonas won’t start or keeps cutting out

Sonas keeps cutting out

Play 5 fungerar inte med wifi

Min ena 5:a har slutat fungera, jag kan få den att funka med kabel men inte med wifi ihop med resten av systemet. Jag kan spela på 5:orna som stereopar där den högra går på wifi och den vänstra på kab...

Problems connecting

My sonos worked seamless for 2 years. 2 weeks ago i got new evac and it woukd not connect to my wireless network so per thr requirements of both link sys and evac i had to set up a new network at 2....


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