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Will the new Sonos Amp work with the current Sonos Sub?

The title says it all.

Advanced Audio “Variable”

I need some help. I have a Sonos Connect and until tonight I have always been able to adjust the EQ and volume with my IPhone. Now, the only sound I have comes through (1) Fixed or (2) Pass-Through.....

SONOS at Work

Hi, I want to configure 5 speakers at a work place. - 3 in one room and I've grouped them. - 2 in the other room and I've grouped them. - I want to have control of both room (Admin) - I want users to...

Vacation Home Use, then connecting problems when returned home

I took one of my Sonos One speakers to my vacation home. It really is not easy to change networks temporarily. I got it to work (using ethernet cable setup then setting to new network) but when I retu...

Partial Sound from Playbar

Occasionally while watching television (Playbar with 2 Sonos:Ones to make the TV sound system) there is partial sound only. For example, while watching a sporting event you hear the crowd noise but n...

Sonos not playing entire song from my iPhone

I'm seeing a lot of posts but not a clear solution to the issue. Is there any chance that I'm missing the fix for this? Based on what the Sonos program is telling me, it sounds like a connectivity iss...

Running win 10 and have the latest update, adding a speaker is not an option under Manage

That says it all, running win10 and just now updated to sonos 9.2. My other speakers are fine. ?????????????????????????????

Unable to play/connect

I have just started receiving an error message from my Sonos system. unable to play XXXXX.mp3 unable to connect to //DESKTOP-PMCDGC1/MusicLibrary I have checked the firewall settings, network connect...

Error 1101 - New Setup

Hi, I have connected a SONOS Boost to run a setup with 4x Play1s. When trying to setup, I constantly get error 1101 at the update component. I have rebooted all network components, and still get the s...

Play 5 buzzing

Hi my play 5 buzzes quietly when there is not any music playing And buzzes louder when music is playing

Sonos CR200 - Remote control is not charging

Hi ! My Sonos remote control device suddenly after5 years was not running or charging, I bought a new battery, apparently it was charging but when I remove from the charging dock, the screen is gettin...

My Cloud Home remotely

I am wondering if it is possible to have my WD My Cloud in my home, but use the sonos in my cabin to play the content on the My Cloud? In other words can you stream it over the cloud to another locat...

Sonos Controller doesn’t find speakers

Since the update my iPhone and iPad will not connect to my Sonos system. My partners iPhone and iPad still connects so I know it’s not a problem with my WiFi settings. I have uninstalled and reinstall...


Is it possible to play all units with alexa? For example if I tell alexa to play a song on all units does it includes play 1:s or playbase even though it dosen't support alexa?

Cannot use the windows app

Downloaded the Windows Controller from the Sonos Support website. Opened it, message saying "sory, we can't connect to Sonos". Using the pull down menu on "Let's try some things" finally says "connect...

Connectivity issues with Sonos Play:3

Hi, Have a couple of issues i need some support with. Firstly, have recently setup my Sonos Play:3 and having connectivity issues. The music stops and jumps and the app is very unresponsive and seem...

Any advice please with choosing and instructions for installing Mesh Wi Fi for use with Sonos Boost and a various sets of Sonos One speakers.

Any help would be appreciated. Considering using TP- Link Deco Mesh. Thanks

5.1 + projector / beamer fix

Hi! I run a 5.1 (Playbar, Sub, 2x Play One) home theatre with a projector (no TV). In order to stream movies and listen to the movie sound on my sonos system without delays, I added an AirPlay 2 compa...

BBC iPlayer Radio integration

Hi there, I'm not a noob (owner for 10+ years) and am very pro-Sonos and have (what I think is ) a cool feature request - offer BBC iPlayer Radio as another Music Service. Pros - Listen without havi...

Playbar TV no longer recognised

I have recently moved and set up my speakers in the living (playbar + sub). When I first moved I. I had the TV hooked up straight to the Playbar via optical without having a WIFI network available. Si...

System for Yoga Studio

What is the best system or set up for a 1200 sq foot yoga room that the teachers can play music from their phones (Usually spotify)

Crackle and buzzing from sound bar.

Buzz and crackle at intermittent intervals, comes and goes.

No outside US

Hello I listen to US radio stations from New Zealand (specifically KROQ) and can no longer stream through my Sonos. I’ve read about the music service but this isn’t available when I try to a...

Apple music playlist : cannot retrieve it

I’ve just started the 3 months free trial period with Apple Music the problem is that while I can listen through the Sonos App the musisc I downloaded on my iPhone previously, I cannot see the playl...

Reconnecting to WiFi

Had network changed. Get successfully through all steps of standard set up, but after disconnecting the Ethernet cable, get the same message every time: “cannot connect to Sonos Player”. How to solve?


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