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Hearing Aid connection

How do I connect a Wide hearing aid booster with a Sonos Beam. It worked with the regular Tv sound but now the Beam is operating we have no connection.

Search YouTube Music and Spotify

I am still pretty new with Sonos, but also with Spotify and YouTube Music. If I search an artist within the Sonos app, I only get a list with albums, not separate songs. If I filter on songs, I can n...

Folk Alley Member Stream

Has there been any progress made on allowing the Folk Alley Member Stream to be played on Sonos? I am at the point where I'm either deciding to end my subscription to Folk Alley (which I am loath to d...

TV sound not working properly after latest upgrade

My playbar is connected to TV. Other speakers are for radio or music from phone. Before the latest upgrade I did not have to open app to listen to TV. Now, after the upgrade when I turn on TV there i...

Iphone skips songs when screen is locked

Very frustratingly when playing songs from my Ipad, iPhone or any IOS device the song skips to the next one half way through, I have disabled Bluetooth, I can't leave the phone unlocked as the battery...

Radio keeps cutting out

Sounds just drops out completely. Usually comes back after a while. Sometimes just “stutters”

Sonos sometimes plays alarm chime instead of radio

My Sonos sometimes play the alarm chime instead of the radio station I set. It doesn't happen every time; seems to occur mostly at random. Many of the posts on this issue refer to wifi interference. M...

Connectivity Issues

I have 2 play 5's (gen 1). I recently replaced my router because my sonos app wasn't able to identify the sonos wi-fi. It worked well for a number of weeks and now I am back connectivity issues. I...

Playback dropping out

Diagnostics 1507115019

Sonos one volume fluctuations

During playback of music on my Sonos ONE the volume fluctuates up and down during the song.

Sonos hacket «subscribe to Pewdiepie»

Min Sonos har blitt hacket og «subscribe to Pewdiepie» spilles av høyt på anlegget. Sonos skrus på uten at jeg ber om det på tilfeldige tider. Jeg ser at det er flere som sliter med dette problemet nå...

iOS App Won't Move Past Splash Screen

No matter how long I wait, my iOS Sonos app won't move past the initial splash screen. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I've turned wifi on and off (if i start with only cellular, i turn on w...

Alarms have stopped working

Hi there. My set of alarms have stopped working. Last week (and for the past year our so) they were fine, but in the last couple of days they have stopped. I've reassigned the playlists associated wi...

Rooms not showing in app any longer?

Rooms that typically appear in my app are no longer there. I've disconnected the amps from power, waited a bit and then plugged back in... but no luck. Any thoughts as to how I can reconnect the roo...

Sonos Base eller AMP + projektor=sant?

Hei. Jeg har en projektor jeg ønsker å koble til med div sonos høytalere. Bruker i dag PS4, chromecast og get tvboks for å sende bilder til projektoren. Disse går i dag via en forsterker som tar signa...

Can’t connect via wifi

No changes has been made to WiFi and all 3 devices has stopped working on WiFi. I have rebooted and tried to wire them manually and set WiFi settings but my controller app won’t accept the WiFi passwo...

Low volume on new sonos amp

Hi I just bought the new sonos amp to replace my old 2x110w stereo amplifier but i am a bit disappointing with the volume output. I connected to my TV (Sony 65" UHD LED Smart TV KD65XD8505) via HDMI...

Sonos Play 5 Keeps Dropping Out - Songs play for about 30 seconds, then stop; how can I fix this?

Whenever I play a song, it plays for about 30 seconds, then stops. This happens when playing from Music Library and Pandora. My Verizon Fios account indicates my "Wi-Fi range has been optimized", and...

Volume on PlayBar increases on it's own when source is TV, but not when playing music

I have a new Playbar connected to a Vizio TV. No other speakers are paired with it. Other Sonos speakers in the same house, but not in the same room, are Play 1, Play 5, Amp, and Connect Amp; Volum...

Audio keeps cutting out and having to 'add speaker'

Recently, I am being asked to add a speaker when using the app on iPhone, when I open the app - my favourites and shows are greyed out. I get the spinning wheel and then I have to add the speaker agai...

Sonos keeps shwoing me what song is playing on radio... all the time

this is very distracting when using my computer for work. is there a way to stop these pop-ups? could not find it in setting

Sonos Connect can’t access iTunes collection on my iPhone 7+

Just bought a Sonos Connect. Appears to be no way to play my iTunes music stored on my iPhone 7+. I do not want to subscribe to Apple Music which is the only thing I can spot when clicking on ‘Add M...

Just stops working

Routinely get the error "cannot play xxxx (song) the selection is not encoded properly" This a song that I've played 1000 on Sonos. Seems to be much worse the past 2-3 months. Also, unable to play ser...

apple music skipping

Hi there - Apple Music/Sonos used to work beautifully on my network and then suddenly started getting glitchy. It skips to the next song after seconds or minutes of playing a song. I spent over three...

Help with audio switching from music to TV

Hi, I'm having a problem with my Sonos system randomly switching the audio from music playback to TV audio and wondered if anyone has experienced similar issues or could offer any possible solutions p...


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