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Beam connecting to Sony KD-65X9300D

So this isn’t working... I connect the Beam to HDMI4 which is the ARC port also. During setup the Sonos recognised the TV was a Sony and directed me to BraviaLink however that’s where it all goes wro...

Connection Issues with Play 1 and Apple Music playlists

I’m having what seems to be a very specific issue with playing Apple Music playlists on a Play 1, so I’ll try to be as specific as I can about my network and the steps I’ve tried. I’m also not sure if...

Cheaper non-Sonos sub for a pair of Play:1?

This topic must have been discussed earlier, but I can't find it. Is it possible to add a non-Sonos sub to a pair of Play:1? The price of the Sonos sub is four times higher than a Play:1 here in Swed...

Can't add songs to queue

My system has suddenly stopped working -- the alarm doesn't go off, and when I use the controller from my iPhone, I get the message "Unable to add songs to the Queue." It also won't let me submit a di...

Reconnect Sonos to Home System

I am trying to reconnect my sonos system to my homes internet after coming home from the shore, however, I cant seem to get it to work and everything that is telling me to hit advanced options to do a...

Setup with new TV

We purchased a new Samsung TV and we can get the Playbar to work but not the sub woofer or Play 1 Speakers

Play 1 & Play 3 not connecting after upgrade

Two of the play 1 and the play 3 we have cannot be found after recent app update. I do not see under the manage tab, where you use to be able to add a play or sub. The 13 other play 1 are working.

Play:5 hissing/static noise and intermittent loss of sound from left side

Hi there, Can anyone help with the issue I've just noticed my original Play:5 has run in to? Prior to a song starting this evening I noticed a few seconds of hissing/static noise from the speaker, b...

Sort Albums by Artist

When I want to browser my Spotify albums from the Sonos app I don't see a way to sort the albums by Artist. It appears to be in the order they were added to Spotify. Am I missing something?

Performance issues

Recently, I have had quite some issues with my SONOS, which I assume is related to my router (Zyxel Multy X). I have sent a report to Zyxel, waiting for their response, but the SONOS diagnostics have...

High pitched noise

Dear Sonos team, I have two Sonos Play 1 speakers (1 in kitchen and 1 in bedroom) and another Sonos Play 5 speaker in the living room. The Play 5 speaker in the living room always worked perfectly bu...

Sonos stops playing randomly

My Sonos randomly stops playing podcasts after a few minutes. It will then skip to the next podcast in the playlist or stop playing altogether I'm playing on an iPhone X with a strong connection to...

Distortion with Play 5 speakers using Airplay 2 with Denon S940H receiver

I have 2 Play 5 speakers and 1 Denon S940H receiver using Airplay 2 on Pandora. Only 1 Play 5 speaker plays clear while the other one sounds terrible. How to clear the sound on Sonos Play 5. Paid a...

Quiet, muddy sound DD5.1 through Beam

Hi folks I have a problem that I am having trouble diagnosing. I would appreciate any help I can get. ## Equipment / Source TV - Panasonic TH-55FZ950U Speaker - Beam Connection - HDMI ARC Source -...

Can no longer connect my system 3 and 5 Sonos speakers to iTunes

My Mac book pro has had a new solid state hard drive fitted recently and whilst everything else is ok my Sonos system will no longer connect to iTunes. Sonos still plays radio channels but no albums f...

I would like someone to post a video of AirPlay 2 controlled by Alexa

I would like someone to post a video doing the following: 1. Start a song on Apple Music. 2. Drag down from screen on iOS device to bring up AirPlay 2 option. 3. AirPlay 2 music playing to Sonos One....

App with Sonos connected to ethernet

I have my sonos connect wired via ethernet. It used to be on WIFI but we moved the sonos closer to the router so now its plugged into the router, however I get a lag with the app. I also have not tu...

Why are the links not working? (Support site)

Why are all of the light color links on the LED Lights page, after the No Light link, no longer working?

Alarm and version 9.2

The alarm feature doesn't seem to work as well after the latest update (version 9.2) (at least not on the Android app interface). I can still set the alarm, and it goes off at the right time, but i no...

Using Sonos outside of my home

Apologies for asking question that has been asked several times before but I cannot easily find the answer - I have been asked to take 2 of my play 5 speakers to a party on Saturday using mainly my S...

sonos beam and tivo bolt remote

Thinking of getting a sonos beam. Will it work using my tivo bolt remote and if so do i use the Denon code ? Thanks

Imported Playlists not refreshing

I have a large iTunes library that I like to play through Sonos. I have recently gone through my iTunes Library and deleted several playlists that I no longer listen to. However, when I sync my iTun...

Sonos Controller for Mac 9.2 update

I just completed the update and the first thing that struck me was the loss of the settling and calming blue colour to the text. Is there any way to get the blue text back? I find the blinding white...

The software on this device is outdated

I have a Sonos Bridge and play 5 since 2014 and I'm no longer able to use them since on all my devices I get 'The software on this device is outdated.... ' I tried to update the controller via the PC...

How do I disable sonos WiFi/sonosNET when running ethernet?

I'm trying to reduce the amount of WiFi signal emitted in my home. But I believe that the speakers still try to connect via WiFi, even if ethernet is connected? Is that true? If so, how can I disable...


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