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Alexa Won't Talk to Me!

All set up; couldn't get the Alexa App on to Mac (should I be able to?) si I Used Sonos App in the 'Skills' section and added from there. When that didn't work for voice recon. I tried my wife's phon...

Art not updating after iPad update

I usually use my Sonos to listen to Pandora via the Sonos app on my iPad. I have noticed that since the most recent update of the Sonos iPad app, the cover art displayed does not update when the song...

Drop Outs when playing music of my PC

Hello, last night I started to get drop out using my 2 Sonos 5's which really worried me as I upgraded from another simpler streaming device (and airplay) in the hope that in addition to the quality a...

Playbar stuck on white solid light, not showing up in the app

My playbar has a white solid led but its not showing up in the sonos controller app. I tried disconnecting it from power already but goes back to solid white when it turned on again

Sonos Connect keeps cutting out for a second and then keeps playing.

Just bought a Sonos Connect to hook up my Pro-ject Turntable to use with my existing Sonos Bridge and Play 5. Hooked into wifi right now through a small pre-amp. Right now my download speed is 10mbps...

Boost did not resolve my problem

I started with a single Sonos One 2 months ago. I liked it so much that I kept buying them and now have a total of 6, and along the way I've recommended Sonos to lots of other people. I am beginning t...

No sound from RCA out on connect

Hi All, Have not been on here for a while despite my sonos collection growing nicely. ( 3 play 1's, play 5 gen 2, play 3, playbar and sonos boost ) Need some help! Have been using my connect with a...

Sub Cutting Out

My sub keeps cutting out for 10 seconds or so at a time, roughly every 20 minutes or so. I reset my router and it didn't seem to have any positive affect. I've had the sub for roughly 2 weeks but have...

Not recognising all songs on Iphone

I’ve moved house and have set up my existing Sonos in the new pad and it now doesn’t recognise all of the songs on my iPhone. When I search for the songs not in the library it will find them and play...

Alexa response through sonos speakers

Hi, I'm looking to add Alexa to an exiting Sonos setup and want Alexas response to come through my Connect:AMP which already exists. Is this possible with the echo dot? If not is, if I get a Sonos O...

Solid white light and no sound on sonos 3

White light no sound after factory reset. Happened all of a sudden after playing all day. No support in weekend any suggestions ?

spotify playback skips song

hi - i have sonos everywhere in my house and i was happy till a couple of months ago. now when i play spotify either from the spotify app or from within the sonos app now and again the song skips to...

How does the new "Detect New Session" feature work in the iOS app?

I can't find any documentation on the "Detect New Session" feature. How does it work?

How to control volume in Spotify for MAC?

Hello, today I bought Sonos Play:1. It's really perfect but I have a question. Using Spotify Premium and I want to control volume up / volume down via Apple Keyboard. And another question: is there a...

Multi-room from aged macbook

I am trying to help a friend set up a 3 zone multi room system. The music source is an old macbook (ios 10.6.8) and iTunes. The macbook cannot be updated to accept Sonos controller, but itunes works...

Sonos Controller PC update to V8.4 - No no access to Itunes Library

I added music to Itunes Library on my PC. Then the Sonos Controller on my PC (Windows 10) would not allow me to update my Music Library, showing the message "that the path is no longer available, or...

Resume play fails

Until a few weeks ago, and just after the update around that time I find that my Play one fails to play a Tunein radio station that it was previously playing. To be a little more precise: 1. Via th...

Lost connection to Play5 2nd Gen over Wifi

Until very recently my Play5 2nd gen was working fine. However, it has suddenly fallen off my Wifi network and I cannot seem to add it back. I have tried moving the speaker to the same room as my ro...

Sonos won't connect to Spotify

Since I updated my Sonos app this morning, my Spotify won't connect to Sonos. I tried removing my Spotify account from Sonos music services and when I tried to add Spotify back, it wouldn't show an op...

Play:1 idle mode high power consumption

I have a problem with standby mode on my Sonos Play:1. The device is connected via WiFi to my home network and the back of the device is warm even when the device is not playing. I measured the power...

Alexa pretty much stopped working and the customer service is incompetent

For the past few days Alexa refuses to pause music (i mainly use Spotify) and also wont skip (it thinks Spotify is Iheart radio). I tried to resolve this issue with customer support via chat but for s...

Problems after last app update

Hi, I have an alarm set on Sonos. But this morning it didn't go off. Apparently there is something with the wifi after I updated the system. Since no other devices have problems using the wifi. Anyon...

How do I sort Pandora alphabetically?

I just ran the most recent update of the controller on Mac (version 8.2, build 39247040). I notice that Pandora created a new subfolder of "My Stations" and inside of that, my stations are sorted by...

Sonos issue

I got two Sonos play 1 speaker. But the almost of my apps are not support at Sonos, Such as QQ music, Xiami, Ximalaya. So maybe I will switch back to my bose and return these two speakers.

If using line-in on one play5 would it work as stereo pair ?

G'd day! Recently bought a play 5 and wondering if :- 1- Paired with another play 5 as stereo pair and using line-in option from a laptop/Tv on one, would the other p5 work? Or do I need a splitter an...


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