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Should I bother with a bridge anymore

Just hooking my equipment back up after a year away from it due to a move. I have a bridge, 3 Play:3s and a Play:1. My question is, should I bother with the bridge anymore? I'm seeing posts saying it...

Controller app didn't search Spotify when searching with Chinese characters

Controller app didn't search Spotify when searching with Chinese characters... any idea?

Alexa plays one song and doesn’t turn off sonos

I have Alexa linked and enabled thru Alexa and sonos app for mom. Alexa when used only plays one song when you it plays from station. It will listen but when you say stop, the command does not stop pl...

Unable to add Amp

Trying to add AMP to system, app says controller needs update but there isn’t a controller update.

My Cloud Home with SONOS

I have uploaded a music folder containing the albums (most in MP3 and AIFF format) ripped by iTunes to My Cloud Home. I could see the albums with my SONOS controller app but have the following problem...

iPhone 8 cuts off songs

Songs stop when auto lock kicks in. Not going to use "never" on my iPhone because it has too much info on it. Seems to only happen when I'm in my personal iTunes library. Seen others talking about...

Apple Music support for Alexa on Sonos

Alexa as of today now supports Apple Music. Is there an ETA on adding AM support to Alexa on Sonos?

New Sonos Amp Outdoor Speaker Compatibility? (Bose/Sonance/Paradigm)

I'd like to know if anyone has more information regarding speaker compatibility with the new Sonos Amp. Specifically, I'd like to run at least 2 pair (4 total speakers) and preferably 3 pair outdoors....

mixed messages from Sonos app setup

running Windows 10 on Lenovo laptop Stage 1 downloaded & installed sonos app during setup, I was prompted to choose existing system, which I did; I got screen saying: "connected to your sonos system"...

Are RG6 connectors any use for audio or data?

I bought a house. It's got Cat 5 connections in every room. Great, can hook up TV (I'm a cord cutter) and Sonos devices to these. But also have RG6 connections in every room. Assuming I don't want to...

resetting/connecting Sonos play3

I have changed my router and location. I have gone through all the suggested re-connection instructions and never get to a solid white light. Only blinking green. I have gone as far as factory rese...

Sonos iPhone App does not search Spotify

In the last few months I have had issues with the Sonos iPhone app - when searching for a song or artist, the results are only coming from my Music Library - in the past, the Spotify results would als...

Connect is stuck playing radio(?) in background

Hey there..Ive done a bit of searching but can't figure out how to solve this. My connect seems to be stuck playing some radio station in the background. Im pretty certain this is an issue with the...

Beam loses surround connection

Have a beam with 2 one's gen 2. The beam seems to loose connection to the ones therefore surround is in and out. Also beam seems to sometimes operate on centre speaker only. Am connected via arc to S...

Wi-FI problem Playbase och Sub

Hej! Sonosappen hittar inte mina Sonos produkter längre. Playbase funkar så länge jag har nätverkssladden inkopplad emot routern. Men när jag försöker få till Wi-FI fungerar inte detta. Jag har inte g...

Speakers cutting out

I have 2 play:1 speakers. One in the living room wired to the router, one 15m away in the kitchen running wirelessly. The kitchen speaker kept on cutting out despite trying to change all sorts of deta...

Sonos app can`t connect to the device

hi all, i need you help ,we are installing sonos devices and they are working fine but now when i wanted to add new ones ,sonos app can detect the speaker and see its Serial number but it failed to co...

A/V Sync

Just installed a Sony XBR900G and a Playbase. I wish Best Buy would have advised about compatibility issues between Sony (XBR) and SONOS (Playbase). It's almost impossible to sync audio with video whe...

Firetv stick not playing sound through playbar

I have my Sonos playbar connected to my TV, and I plug my firetv stick into an hdmi port on my TV, the video plays fine through the TV, but I can't get the sound to come out of my Sonos playbar

Search function = endless wheel of wait

I search for anything and get a constant wheel of death but no results. Shutting it down and reloading didn’t work. I have Sonos set up in three different locations and it’s happening in all three. An...

10.1 broken alexa groups?

So it seems since the 10.1 update I can no longer set my sonos beam as the alexa enabled device in a group. This means I have to say the room name to change the lights for example rather than just say...

Static from beam. Just started out of nowhere.

Static coming from the beam connected to the TV. Diagnostic number: 1138128297

Voice control alarm

I used to be able to turn off an alarm set up through the Sonos controller using Alexa. This seems to have suddenly- a few weeks ago - stopped working. Advice? Anyone else notice the change?

Access to Sonos on Mac Air

My sonos is working on the iphone however, sonos appp is not working on my Mac Air. It asks me to update- it updates and then wants to make changes and asks for password which it will not accept. Is...

Sonos beam not playing TV audio

So I just set up a Sonos beam and amp. The amp is connected to old speakers and the beam is connected via HDMI (ARC port) to the TV. Everything worked like it should for like 10 minutes and now I ca...


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