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Resolving (the majority) of Issues with Alexa on Sonos

This thread is intended to help get you going if you get stuck setting up Alexa with Sonos, or if you have run into any errors. The setup process does use two different apps, so don’t stress if you’re...

Alexa + Sonos: How it Works

So you’ve read all about https://en.community.sonos.com/forum-228971/alexa-now-playing-on-sonos-6791301 and you want to know more. Here’s a rundown of how the integration works. Your Amazon Alexa dev...

New to Sonos or Alexa? How to set up

So you have an Alexa device and Sonos players, where do you go next? 1. Make sure your Sonos and Alexa devices are all powered up and connected to the network. If you're new to Sonos, this means Ins...

Can Sonos one play and pause certain room speakers?

I just bought sonos one speakers. 4 to be exact and have amazon alexa activated on them. I was wondering is it possible to ask alexa to pause or play on certain speakers and pause other ones? For exa...

Move to Spain... Alexa will work?

Hi everyone! I'm recently moved to Spain but my Sonos One is coming later this month with all my stuff. Can I use Alexa from Spain with a new account? How can I set up for continue asking about life...

How do I stop Alexa from shuffling my Spotify playlists?

I have three Alexa devices. An original Echo, Dot Gen2, and a Sonos One. I haven't had issues before, but since this morning when I ask to play my Spotify playlists, the echo automatically shuffles my...

Disable Amazon Echo

This may be a question for an Amazon Echo forum, but I'll try it here too. How do I remove my Sonos speakers from the Amazon Echo (Alexa) system?

Is there a definitive list of Alexa functionality on Sonos One?

Curious if there is a side by side list / comparison of features on an Echo vs. Sonos One. Even with flash briefings coming and spotify enabled today, seems like a lot is missing.

Alexa Voice Volume

I know there's been a lot said about this subject, but I'd thought I'd add my voice in the hope that weight of numbers will speed up the creation of a solution. I love all my new Sonos gear. I have...

Alexa can't find a new Spotify album, but can find older albums.

The new Justin Timberlake album "Man on the Moon" came out Feb 2. It's now Feb 17 and Alexa still can't find it. She has no problem finding others, such as "1989" by Taylor Swift, but why not a newe...

Sonos One: Alexa lite

So, I've had the Sonos One since it came out and it's always under performed to the Echo Dot. The response from the Sonos in returning results was iffy and I also run into issues not having the fully...

SONOS Playlists on Alexa

I have read myriad comments about the Alexa/SONOS relationship and there seems to me to be myriad conflicts in information. As I understand it so far, there is no way to have Alexa play SONOS playli...

Changing Alexa name

Can one change "ALEXA Name" to "Computer" I'm able to change in echo dot but will not allow me on Sonos One Should of said wake word to computer Thx Michel


I have just purchased a Sonos. My primary reason for buying it was so that I could play music through voice recognition ie Alexa. Every time I ask Alexa to play something she tells me it’s not in my m...

Sonos One seen as "Smart Home" device, not "Alexa enabled" device

Hi, I recently bought a Sonos One to upgrade the sound quality in my living room. It replaces an Amazon Echo (1st Gen), which now sits in one of the bedrooms. I was obviously disappointed to see that...

Alexa and Sonos one location problems

Have recently purchased a Sonos One and am having problems with Alexa remembering my location. When I ask she says my device is not sending that information. I try to input my location in the Alexa ap...

Sonos Alexa Integration India

I am form Mumbai, India. I have been using Sonos with Alexa integration till yesterday, until Amazon launched Alexa services in India. To get the local skills I had my Amazon marketplace for Alexa cha...

SONOS - Amazon Prime don't work

Hello everyone, I have a SONOS , I was using it in Germany playing Amazon Prime music, but now I moved to live in Bulgaria and I don't have any of these features. Please help me solve it!

Sonos One doesn’t stop playing music

Could anyone be of help, I would be grateful. Have two Sonos one’s in stereo and the in past few days when I ask Alexa to stop playing one speaker fails to stop. Everything was working O.K until thi...

Incorrect Radio Station Plays (Alexa)

I'm having a slight problem getting Alexa to play a particular radio station that I request in the UK. Previously without issues, I've been able to ask Alexa to "play Absolute Radio in the lounge" f...

Sonos does yours work?

I have had the Sonos system for over 3 years, every time I use it I need to do updates, by the time this is done I loose the will to listen to music.mIt is very cumbersome to set up and assumes you kn...

Can’t get Alexa to play music after changing accounts

I bought a pair of Sonos ones and tried to set up one at home and another at my Fiance’s House. The first one was fast and easy to set up. The second I attempted to set up associated with my Amazon pr...

Sonos ONE India

Just got a Sonos One from UK but app says Voice Services not yet available in India; also Alexa added Sonos skill but unable to detect device. Is there a timeline when Sonos likely to enable voice for...

Alexa Drop-In on Sonos One

The ability to use your Alexa enabled devices' as intercoms (drop-in) does not work on the Alexa enabled Sonos One. Or I can't figure out how to activate. Drop-in needs to be enables on your Amazon...

Audible ?

I have just bought a Sonos One. The sound is great. The Alexa integration doesn't seem to work well. A lot of the skills just don't work. Audible is really important for me and I thought it would be p...


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