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Resolving (the majority) of Issues with Alexa on Sonos

This thread is intended to help get you going if you get stuck setting up Alexa with Sonos, or if you have run into any errors. The setup process does use two different apps, so don’t stress if you’re...

Alexa + Sonos: How it Works

So you’ve read all about https://en.community.sonos.com/forum-228971/alexa-now-playing-on-sonos-6791301 and you want to know more. Here’s a rundown of how the integration works. Your Amazon Alexa dev...

New to Sonos or Alexa? How to set up

So you have an Alexa device and Sonos players, where do you go next? 1. Make sure your Sonos and Alexa devices are all powered up and connected to the network. If you're new to Sonos, this means Ins...

Sonos and Alexa in two houses

I have Sonos speakers and Echo dots in two houses. I activated the Sonos skill in the first house and all is good for using Alexa to control the Sonos speakers in the first house When I go to the se...

Different speakers, different music via Alexa at the same time?

I have 4 Echo Dots, 2 of which are in the same room as Play 1’s I have 2 Sonos Ones in different rooms. Is there any way to get Alexa / Sonos to work with multiple streams in different rooms? I hav...

Cant pair new sonos one and play 1!!

I just bought the new sonos one to pair with my play 1 in the kitchen, spent an hour on hold, to find out the two won't pair!! You have to throw out the play 1 and by another sonos one. VERY disappo...

Everyday I have to verify music services in Alexa before it'll play music: how to avoid this?

Everyday when I turn on my Sonos One Alexa works fine except she won't play music. I usually solve it by going to Sonos app -> More -> Voice Services -> Amazon Alexa -> View Alexa Setup -> Verify musi...

Move to Spain... Alexa will work?

Hi everyone! I'm recently moved to Spain but my Sonos One is coming later this month with all my stuff. Can I use Alexa from Spain with a new account? How can I set up for continue asking about life...

Sonos ONE + NPR One

Just got a Sonos ONE and I’m trying to integrate the right Alexa skills. Unfortunately, even though it recognizes that I’ve asked it to play NPR One, it doesn’t actually playback. Has anyone else expe...

Alexa hears me - but her responses are not playing through the speakers

Hiya, Just got my Sonos One's today and added them to an existing playbase. I have set up everything on Alexa and linked it to my Amazon account. When I call Alexa's name, the One's give off the li...

Sonos one

Good sound maybe the best i like that But SONOS app sucks Want to use my itunes instead of it U should consider adding bluetoooth When will it integrate Airplay? Alexa does not work When will it have...

Alexa to Multiple Rooms

I have a number of Sonos speakers, is there anyway to address a 'group' - like "Play relaxing music everywhere". I have tried setting up a group in the Alexa app, but that doesn't work. While I am he...

Alexa cannot hear me via Sonos ones

I have just purchased two Sonos one , having previously owned an Homepod - while the sound of the two ones combined is indeed better than the Homepod , I am VERY disappointed with the responsiveness....

Alexa no longer playing music thru Sonos after change of wifi router

Hi - I've just changed my wifi router (we now have fibre broadband instead of ADSL, and needed new router to enable this), but now I have problems streaming music and radio via Alexa. Before this cha...

Disable alexa mute

Is it possible to stop Sonos from muting all zones when alexa is answering a question. My daughter was very chatty with Alexa in her room this evening and it made listening to music in the living room...

Microphone sensitivity for the “Alexa” wake word is low

So, I received my Sonos One this morning, loving the sound quality. Problem is, I’m coming from a regular Echo, which I’ve owned since release, and the microphones are nowhere near as sensitive as the...

Two Sonos One’s and Alexa = sillyness

So, I have two Sonos ONE’s as rear surround speakers. When I set a timer using Alexa apparently asking the other speaker how time there is left does not work as the alarms are tied to the individual O...

Yelling at Alexa

Is there a right way to position a Sonos:One in order for Alexa to hear me better? Having difficulties using the wake word. This is my first Alexa/Echo type product.

Sonos One refuses to do as requested

So I have a Sonos One in the kitchen and an echo do approx 35 feet away in another room - albeit with an open space between the two of them. Most times I am in the kitchen and ask the Sonos to play s...

Default startup volume?

on a few occasions I have been caught out by my Play 5s coming on stupidly loud when I get Alexa to play something. It would be nice to have a default startup volume that doesn't blow your head off!

Sonos One stopped taking Alexa requests

Sonos One stopped taking Alexa requests - how to re-establish this feature. The Songs one works with my sound bar, but no longer can be used with Alexa.

Alexa feature request

Would it be possible to have Alexa (or Google Assistant when it comes out) to play through two sets of speakers when it announces something? I have 2 left right stereo pairs created and they are grou...

Sleep Timer using Alexa - not working with Sonos One

Purchased a Sonos One to use with Amazon Alexa and have discovered that although I can listen to my favourite radio station, when I ask the Alexa to sleep after any number of minutes, and it acknowled...

Alexa responding on different speaker groups at different volumes

Hello, Wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I'm having a weird issue with using Alexa for random queries, wherein the nature of the question (rather than which speaker I am closest to) seem...

Sonos One - Adjust Volume for a group via Alexa

Hi Guys, I have a group of Sonos One speakers. They are in my lounge and kitchen. Can get Alexa to adjust the volume for the group? It would be good if we could name the group and refer to the gr...


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