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Alexa stops playing music

When playing Pandora radio or Amazon Music radio from Alexa sometimes it stops playing after songs and I have to give Alexa the command, "Alexa play Pandora radio in Family Room", for it to resume pla...

Sonos Beam won't turn Samsung tv on or off

My Beam won't turn my tv (Samsung UE55JU6800) on or off via Alexa voice command. Voice command works for other functions (volume adjust, mute etc) its just the on/off that isn't working. When I say...

Sonos Skill asking me to link speakers to my account (but already linked)

I have a playbar, three play 3's, a sub, and a play 5. I previously had alexa and sonos working well together until my play 5 failed (stopped communicating wirelessly). Sonos replaced the defective...

Alexa and SONOS play local music content?

I am working on a smart home design and as part of this am looking at Sonos and also being able to use the Alexa functionality of it for voice commands. I also want to be able to tell Alexa to play m...

Finally Cracked It!!!

So I finalky think i've cracked my Sonos One and Alexa woes and hopefully no more regular full factory resets required! I have x3 Sonos Ones configured in 3 rooms and have had constant issues with Al...

I don’t understand

It says that “audio actions in routines are currently not supported on this device. Hmmm. To do that, first enable the skill for your Sonos One in the Alexa app, then ask me to discover devices.”......

Voice service: Not available in your country??

Just bought a Sonon One in Singapore - It is advertised to have Alexa voice service but upon setup the app simply state: Voice service, not available in your country? Is this correct, how do i get i...

Apple Music Voice Control via Alexa Announcement

https://blog.aboutamazon.com/devices/alexa-play-bebe-rexha-on-apple-music This recent announcement from Amazon seems to indicate that they are going to be rolling out an Apple Music skill for Alexa u...

sonos skill for alexa geo locked in belgium

I am a developer that is developing a device that has alexa functionality, like the echo from amazon. when I try to add the sonos skill to the alexa profile of that device, it blocks me from doing thi...

Petition to Add Local Library Playback to Alexa/Sonos Voice Control

Let's let Sonos know we would like this feature added. We've all spent years cultivating music we own, and we'd like to listen to it using the new voice control feature that Alexa has added. Thanks!

Alexa, Sonos and Dojo by Bullguard

Hi All, totally new to Sonos but got it all working without issues including Alexa integration. Then I added Dojo by Bullguard to my network for a bit of extra IoT security and now Alexa cant initiate...

Disable / Enable Alexa on Sonos One

Is it possible to disable Alexa without pressing a physical button on the Sonos One device? I need to be able to disable and enable Alexa without physical contact with the Sonos One device.

Alexa not controlling my Spotify account

I have a Beam. If I ask Alexa to play something on it from Spotify, she tells me this: "To play Spotify, link your premium account first using the Alexa app." However, in the Alexa app, I'm linked to...

Alexa, Play 1, spotify not working

Hi I have an Amazon Echo Dot connected to a Play 5 via the line in in my dining room, and two sonos Play one with Alexa is separate bedrooms. I have a spotify Premium family account. The issue I hav...

Alexa hears my voice command but doesn't play music on my Sonos One?

Hey community, thanks for your time. We just moved and I set up my Sonos One speaker, changed the WiFi settings etc, Sonos app on my phone is updated already, and so forth. I say "Alexa, play (fill...

Sonos Alexa Integration India

I am form Mumbai, India. I have been using Sonos with Alexa integration till yesterday, until Amazon launched Alexa services in India. To get the local skills I had my Amazon marketplace for Alexa cha...

Alexa - Change it's name

Please consider updating the Alexa framework to allow users to change the "wake" name, to "echo", "computer", etc.

Alexa not playing current music on Sonos

Hi, Fairly new to all this, but I seem to have connected my Amazon Echo to my two sonos speakers, but if she is playing music on the Echo and I ask her to play it on the sonos speakers they start play...

Local library initiating

Hi Is there any news on being able to tell Alexa to play a specific track from your local library? I've paused purchases for nearly two years now due to the lack of this feature. A work around via Ple...

Music restarts after being paused

I start music on my Beam and Play:1 group using Alexa ("Alexa, play Laid Back Classics Station"). After a while I stop it again using Alexa ("Alexa Stop"). Then after several minutes it starts again o...

Since 10.0 Alarm cannot be stopped by voice command

Since updating to the latest release the playing the alarm (which is configured in the Sonos App) cannot be stopped anymore by saying the voice command "Alex, Stopp". This was working before, now you...

Sonos One, Alexa & Spotify

Hey guys have just came back to a full Sonos experience (playbar and 2 x play one speakers) after a flirtation with HomePods. I have previously linked Spotify with my speakers and thought it would be...

Sonos Alexa and Spotify not working. At all.

I'm re-posting this in the hope that someone may have a clue to the solution, please. Having been very disappointed to find that there is no Alexa link to my music library, I was hoping that Spotify w...

Alexa Won't Play Music

Starting roughly Dec '18, Alexa stopped playing music on my Sonos One. It acknowledges that it's going to play music, but then nothing; silence. I've logged out of Amazon on all account and on the web...

AirPlay audio cuts out when clicking ‘Play Next’

Can anyone else with Apple Music and Sonos confirm if the following happens to you when using AirPlay 2? When I am playing music from Apple Music on my iPhone to my Sonos One’s over AirPlay 2, I have...


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