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Alexa responds on both play:ones

I re-enabled Alexa on our play:ones this evening after disabling it out of frustration. It’s my understanding that the play ones determine which speaker is closer, and Alexa replies on the nearest spe...

Please revisit the Amazon Music availability in Canada

I heard the Amazon music was going to Sonos in early 2018. However, here we are past the mid point. Anything we can do to speed this up. We can have Amazon Alexa but not Amazon Music?

Sonos One Alexa skills: What works, what doesn’t

Working Box of Cats Bird Song Most skills that don’t open a continuous audio stream Not Working Radio Paradise - commands working, including setting stream quality to FLAC, but won’t play anything (...

All Alexa sound and music through Sonos by default

Sonos is my "whole-house" music system. I also use Amazon music as my source for most music. I would like an option to have all sound and music that comes via Alexa to be played through Sonos by defau...

Alexa is not working on Sonos One

I set up the Sonos One two weeks ago and it connected fine to our existing Sonos system. Alexa voice was also working well. The Sonos One was unplugged for several days, and when I started it back u...

Sonos One alternate Alexa "wake word" change

I was going to buy a pair of Sonos ones when they first came out but the inability to change the "wake word" from Alexa was a deal breaker for me as I already have a multi-room Sonos/Echo/Alexa Home a...

Does the new Alexa "Announce" feature work with the Sonos One?

I understand what you are saying but I feel you are missing a few points: - Your first comment referenced the demise of Sonos if they didn't address specific minor complaints from customers not the a...

Echo dot to control sonos

Hi, I have set up my play 1 and added it to my Alexa app, the voice command allows me to control the speaker but whatever I ask Alexa to play won’t play through it, only through the dot??

Can't play KNX 1070 From Radio.com on Sonos Using Alexa, Oct 7 2018

I can't get Alexa to play "KNX 1070 NewsRadio on Radio.com in the Kitchen" on my Sonos player in the kitchen. I CAN get it to play on my Echo Dot. I've updated to the latest Sonos version 9.1. I unins...

AirPlay audio cuts out when clicking ‘Play Next’

Can anyone else with Apple Music and Sonos confirm if the following happens to you when using AirPlay 2? When I am playing music from Apple Music on my iPhone to my Sonos One’s over AirPlay 2, I have...

Beam says it doesn't support Routines but then executes it

Weird scenario on my Beam - I have a 'night' routine set up on Alexa. When I request it on my Beam the response is that the device does not support that function, and then it duly executes the routine...

Playing Local Music Library on Sonos through Alexa

Will alexa skill be able to play from my music library?

Sound of silence

I have sonos 1. I ask Alexa to play, she queues it and nothing happens?

Amazon Alexa Control for Sonos One: Not Yet Available in India

First of all let me tell that I am from India , yet I am having to start this discussion in a US forum because the Sonos Community application is not functioning for my country. Next coming to the ac...

Pairing a Play:1 with the new Sonos One

Can this be done? Will it sound the same in stereo? I don’t need two microphoned speakers surely.

Outage - Alexa started BBC stations not playing

As of today I can't get BBC Radios 2 or 4 to play on my Sonos Ones. It says it's playing eg BBC Radio 4 from TuneIn but it doesn't. Anyone else getting this?

Sonos One - No support for Echo/Alexa Routines?

Added a Sonos One to replace an Echo Dot in the bedroom today, but surprised to find (unless I'm missing something) that Alexa routines don't appear to be supported. I have a 'good night' routine for...

Alexa Routines

Hi, Are Alexa routines supposed to work now? Mine are not triggering at all.

Songs One won't play Amazon Music via Alexa after recent update

Since the latest Sonos update our Alexa music connections no longer work. Alexa introduces the song, album or artist and then plays nothing? I've logged out of accounts and re-entered details and st...

Alexa keeps playing Absolute stations

Can anyone help please? I start listening to tracks through Spotify on my Sonos One, but when I ask it to “Skip track”, it starts playing Absolute Radio stations. Additionally, if I’m playing throug S...

Sonos one Alexa no longer working

Set up a Sonos one a few days ago, was working great, loved it. Got home today and said Alexa play music, but nothing happened. Appears that Alexa stopped working but I’m bit sure why as I didn’t do a...

Using Alexa to change input on Beam

I have had a Beam now since launch and I love it. I have only recently enabled Alexa for Spotify streaming to my Beam and that works great, bit I am becoming frustrated with having to launch the App...

Beam not responding to Spotify skill with Alexa

Got my Beam installed yesterday and it’s really great but having problems getting Alexa to control Spotify through it. Works on all my Dots around the house so not sure why not on the Beam. Everything...

Beam Alexa won’t turn on the TV. Will turn off tho

Hello - I have a Beam that is connected to my TV, but it will not turn on the TV. Once the TV is on, Alexa will turn it off. But when the TV is off and I say “Alexa, turn on the TV”, she responds with...

Sonos and Alexa

Hi is anyone having trouble playing music through sonos speakers with an amazon echo every time I try it just says sorry there seems to be a problem tried reconnecting 3-4 times deleting the app and r...


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