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Sonos One showing as two devices in Alexa app

I got myself two Sonos Ones to replace to Play:1s and got them all set up yesterday. I had to reset and remove devices and start over, but all seems to work. There is just one small problem. In my A...

Caling people via Alexa who are stored normally on your normal mobile, from the contacts - can it be done (UK)?

I have tried to ask Alexa to call eg. My husband, it says it can not. I thought it could do this? or this only alexa to alexa at present?

Sonos One - Alexa - HUE

I have 2 SONOS ONE, Living Room and Bedroom. Bedroom works fine on Alexa commands for lights. Living room keeps replying Dining room not responding, living room not responding. Bedroom ONE works fi...

Sonos One

I am having trouble adding Sonos One to Alexa. The only device I have that will run the Alexa software is a Kindle Fire registered to my wife. So when I try to add the Alexa App it automatically assum...

Norway and Alexa

I have setup my echo dot and update the app and it does not work? Is this not supported in Norway? If not, will it ever?

BBC Skill not working.

During the week, I automatically received the new BBC skill, for playing BBC radio and podcasts. It works fine on my Echo & Dot - 'Ask BBC to play (station name) works as expected. Not so on my Sono...

Audible ?

I have just bought a Sonos One. The sound is great. The Alexa integration doesn't seem to work well. A lot of the skills just don't work. Audible is really important for me and I thought it would be p...

Why does RESUME command always default to The Echo Dot?

I am listening to Pandora on Sonos. I tell Alexa to PAUSE. Several minutes pass I tell Alexa to RESUME. It starts playing music through the DOT and not Sonos. Very frustrating. Then in order to hear m...

How do I use Alexa VOice Control to play Spotify with MY Sonos One

I cannot work out how to link all these devices so i can control Spotify with my voice using my Sonos One, does anyone have simple instructions on how to do this?

Pairing a Play:1 with the new Sonos One

Can this be done? Will it sound the same in stereo? I don’t need two microphoned speakers surely.

PLAY:1 + Echo Dot or another Sonos One in second room.

Hi, im thinking of adding another Sonos to my house after buying a Sonos One a few weeks ago. I expect in Black Friday tomorrow the original PLAY 1 will be a lot cheaper, and I already have a Echo Dot...

Alexa overly sensitive on the Sonos One

Hi all, I have seen a few topics where people are commenting that they are having trouble giving commands to their Sonos One player via Alexa but I'm finding the microphone is too sensitive and it i...

Amazon Alexa and Sonos with two systems

Is there anything I will have to do to be able to use Alexa with my Sonos systems in two separate homes? I have Echos in both.

Has anyone resolved the issue of Alexa on their Sonos One giving the weather forecast for Lakeside??

Despite having set-up my location on the Alexa App, Alexa website and Sonos it still thinks it is in Lakeside rather than my part of the UK. Has anyone a fix for this? BTW it controls music okay on...

Spotify control via Alexa enabled Fire TV remote?

Hi I'm hoping the big man will bring me a couple of Echo Dots' for Christmas so that I can start to control my system via voice, until then though I've got an Amazon Fire TV box and an Amazon Fire St...

Really Impressed.

I bought a Sonos One on a whim. Wow. It is just fantastic near perfect. I had really stopped listening to music but it has made it enjoyable again for me. Alexa is good as well. Just brilliant I am so...

setting up Location (postcode etc.) on Alexa app

Every time I go into settings in Alexa app and do the drop downs for location, address and postcode etc.. it lets me do it, I press save and then it reverts back to being empty as If I didn't put them...

Spotify integration picks up wrong playlist and doesn't find some otheres

I ask: "Alexa play my Favourites playlist in Kitchen" or "Alexa play Favourites playlist in Kitchen" Alexa announces that it's found "Kids's favourites" and plays that. That's not a playlist I have...

Echo Show skill

Do we think Sonos are planning a skill for the Echo Show? I don't know what how much it can do but some on-screen control of music would be cool https://developer.amazon.com/docs/custom-skills/build-...

Disable alexa mute

Is it possible to stop Sonos from muting all zones when alexa is answering a question. My daughter was very chatty with Alexa in her room this evening and it made listening to music in the living room...

Spotify playback via Alexa is always 'shuffled'

I recently shuffled a Spotify Playlist via Alexa, with the command 'shuffle release radar playlist on office'. This worked OK, but now whenever I attempt to play back any Spotify Album via Alexa, it i...

Alexa loses control of Sonos for about 15 seconds after controlling another device.

Hello all, I've recently converted from Google Home and Chromecasts to Alexa and Sonos. I've been searching for someone that has my issue and I can't seem to find one entirely similar. I currently ha...

Alexa voice volume linked to Sonos volume? Need independent control

It seems the volume of the Alexa voice is linked directly to the volume of the Sonos One unit. That means if I'm playing quiet music in the background, and I activate Alexa, I can't really hear her vo...

Location setting removed after last Alexa update

I assume that this is as a result of the 8.2.2 update as I had set my device location within the Alexa App but now it is missing and I'm not able to set it up again. Things I've tried: - Forget the...

Volume commands stopped working

Using an Echo Dot to control 3 existing Sonos speakers. Have speakers set up as Kitchen / Dining Room and Bedroom Can start and stop music fine 'play blah blah in (or on) Kitchen'. Volume commands,...


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