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Sonos One Alexa, responds to command but then falls silent...

Recently got a new router, after setting my Sonos system back up I realised that Alexa would answer average questions but would not play music when asked, Tried reinstalling Sonos system numerous time...

Sleep Timer using Alexa - not working with Sonos One

Purchased a Sonos One to use with Amazon Alexa and have discovered that although I can listen to my favourite radio station, when I ask the Alexa to sleep after any number of minutes, and it acknowled...

alexa stays in "listen" mode - and silences my music

In normal circumstances, when you say "ALEXA," the light comes on, and it turns the music down to listen to you. What I am calling the alexa "listen mode." However, my Sonos One recently got stuck i...

Multiple Echo and Sonos - play everywhere not an option

I have 4 echos in my house grouped to the “everywhere” group through Alexa. I added my Sonos Play 1 and it works fine by itself with any simple alexa commands. However, I tried to add my Sonos speake...

Switching back to TV audio

I have a Sonos play bar and 2 Sonos Ones for the rear channels. If I say "Alexa, play Billy Joel" while I'm watching TV, it switches and starts playing music. That's great. Now I want to return to...

"Sorry, having trouble accessing Radio.com skill"

Our local radio station switching from TuneIn to Entercom (Radio.com). Asking Alexa on an Echo to play our local station works fine. When asking Alexa via Sonos One, greeted with "Sorry, having tro...

Using an Echo Dot - Alexa Routines w/ Sonos One

Hi all, I'm very new to Sonos (have owned a Sonos One for about 3-weeks and I love it!) I have tried searching to no avail. Everything comes back saying that Alexa Routines are unavailable on the Son...

Sonos Skill not available in India.

Sonos Skill not available in India. I have Amazon Music subscription from India. I wan to use that. Can someone help.

Alexa on Sonos One

i have Alexa on Sonos and also have an Amazon Echo Dot - is there a way to marry them together so as to for example listen to the same music simultaneously on the 2 devices ? thanks

Sonos Alexa Integration India

I am form Mumbai, India. I have been using Sonos with Alexa integration till yesterday, until Amazon launched Alexa services in India. To get the local skills I had my Amazon marketplace for Alexa cha...

Alexa hears my voice command but doesn't play music on my Sonos One?

Hey community, thanks for your time. We just moved and I set up my Sonos One speaker, changed the WiFi settings etc, Sonos app on my phone is updated already, and so forth. I say "Alexa, play (fill...

New to Sonos/alexa

I have Sonos 1. I can play my Amazon Music through the Sonos App on my phone. I can also give voice commands to Alexa such as time of day ect. But I can not get Alexa to play my Amazon Music via vo...

Shuffling has a bug

When I say "Alexa, shuffle " Alexa responses with "Shuffling from Spotify" But then Alexa plays the first song (not shuffled). Thinking that maybe it has to start with the first song, I say "Alexa,...

Alexa not shuffling Spotify playlists

Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere. Although Alexa recognises the command 'Shuffle PLAYLIST playlist in ROOMNAME' it doesn't actually shuffle the playlist; it just plays in sequential order. I...

Play One + Echo dot + Play 5

Hello, I have some issues trying to play Deezer music on my sonos through Alexa Deezer is my default music service in Alexa I'm stating my Flow by saying Alexa play my deeper flow in the Living Roo...

When will Sonos Voice Services be available in Spain

When will Sonos Voice Services be available in Spain

Alexa responds to request, but doesn't play anything

Had to re-set up my sonos one due to network change (actually 3 Sonos One's). Now If I ask alex to play something from amazon music, it says, "here's a station from amazon music....." like it did bef...

Sonos One - Bitterly dissapointed. Return or investment for the future?

Hi, Normally I would not have a title as negative as this but I'm an hour in to opening my birthday present this morning - a Sonos One and rewind a few years when I was a little more hot headed I thi...

Alexa chime on Sonos one

Is there a way to turn off the chime on the Sonos one when you say “Alexa”?

Alexa says she is playing "On Kitchen" but no sound comes out

Hey there; I have a house full of echos, dots and sonos speakers. In general, my Alexa Sonos skill is not working well. For example, I have two Play Ones paired in my kitchen as "Kitchen". When I...

Can Alexa on Sonos One play music from the library on shared storage?

I can get it to stream via internet services but dont see a way to tell Alexa to play from my music library.

"We were unable to link Sonos at this time." Alexa message

Trying to connect my Echo Dot to Sonos system. When adding as a skill on the Alexa App, I get to the "Allow Alexa to control your Sonos app" page, it shows that it's loading and then I get to a screen...

Fire Cube and Sonos Alexa Hierarchy

I recently added the Fire Cube to my home setup that consists of Sonos Ones and Play:1s through out. It seems that the Fire Cube takes over when using Alexa and channels all of the audio output throug...

Two Sonos devices showing on my Amazon account, is that normal?

Since setting up a Sonos One in my kitchen, I've noticed within my Amazon account it shows the speaker setup as a device "Kitchen Sonos" but there is also another called "My name Sonos One".... is thi...

Sonos will not play music via Alexa voice commands

I have recently purchased a Play 1 and set up according to instructions. Everything works ok apart from when I ask Alexa to play radio or spotify she says 'Playing...from spotify' or 'Playing BBC radi...


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