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Device offline

I bought the Sonos one in December 2017, telling everyone what a fantastic product this is, how wrong was I. 3 months later it keeps telling me “this device is offline” when I ask Alexa to play anyth...

Can Sonos Beam change the TV's HDMI input via Alexa?

Trying countless permutations of commands, it seams that my default HDMI input in the TV has changed. Its not ideal, but for now I switched the HDMI cables and now when I ask alexa to turn on the TV,...

Sonos One Gen 2 and setting up Alexa issues.

Hi, I just picked up a Sonos One Gen 2 and i am trying to set it up with Alexa but i keep getting an error saying "there was a problem adding alexa" I have uninstalled and reinstalled both the sonos...

Sonos Beam Alexa voice control problem

Trying to set up the Alexa voice control in the sonos app But keeps saying Alexa Problem adding, have followed all the forums and a lot of people have had same issue, have re set up deleted apps made...

Trouble with Alexa Group

I have an Echo, a Play 1, a Play 5 and a Sonos One. I grouped all four speakers. The three Sonos speakers will play, but not the Echo regardless of whether I direct Alexa through either the Echo or...

Alexa and SONOS play local music content?

I am working on a smart home design and as part of this am looking at Sonos and also being able to use the Alexa functionality of it for voice commands. I also want to be able to tell Alexa to play m...

Alexa Turns on tv in wrong input

I have a Vizio 4k tv that is connected to beam with HDMI ARC with an Apple TV connected to the Vizio on another port via HDMI. When I call Alexa to turn on TV, my tv switches to the ARC input and I s...

Alexa will turn tv off but only on the Sonos Beam input.

Hi all I've read various threads on this but not sure if a solution has been found yet? I have just installed a Sonos Beam with a Samsung Q9FN, really love it, sounds amazing and looks the part as w...

Right Play:1 responds to Alexa commands ?

Forget it, solved that bit , sorry ;-) Fire HD tablet hiding in the corner responding !

Can't play manually added Radio Station via Alexa

It is impossible to use Alexa to play a manually added station (added to TuneIn - My Radio Stations via (Manage/Add Radio Station) even so it is in TuneIn / My Radio Stations :-( Related issue/sugges...

Clarifying Alexa Ungrouping Functionality

Would someone be so kind as to help clarify whether there is a function to ungroup all? I have three rooms set up in Alexa groups, each with an Alexa device and a Sonos speaker set as the preferred t...

Voice service: Not available in your country??

Just bought a Sonon One in Singapore - It is advertised to have Alexa voice service but upon setup the app simply state: Voice service, not available in your country? Is this correct, how do i get i...

Make Sonos Music Library the Default Library for Alexa

I want to make my sonos music library the default library for Alexa. Currently it is set to the Amazon Music Library. There are no 'sonos' options to change

No audio playback from Alexa

Sorry if this has already been asked and solved but I haven't found anything.. When I ask Alexa to play A song from Apple Music or a Station from pandora. She will reply back for ex. "playing Korn ra...

Amp & Echo

So, I know the Amp do does not have Alexa built in, but I like to use Alexa voice controls to start streaming music. Could I use an Echo dot connected to the line in jack on the Amp to stream music t...

Alexa Room Groups

Please work with Amazon programmers to allow the Sonos One to be recognized by the Alexa Room groups.

Alexa voice volume too loud

Hi there, I already read some posts about other people heaving problems with alexa's voice volume on the Sonos One. Some say it's not loud enough, when they have low music playing. Some say it's too...

Alexa syntax for using Line In ??

I have audio sources connected to the Line In input on my Play 5's. What is the Alexa syntax to play the Line In on a Sonos speaker? e.g., Alexa, Play Kitchen Line In on Bedroom Sonos TIA Don

Stopping Alexa buying things?.

Hello all, I bought a Sonos One for our spa house so we don't have to use wet hands to operate phones etc. Within 10 minutes or less of using it in the house it had already tried signing me up for Am...

Unable to get Alexa on Soundbar to find local radio stations

Hi guys. I'm tearing my hair out here, hope you can help. How can I get Alexa to use Australian radio stations not US radio stations? I have a Soundbar with Alexa running (with 2 x Play:1's for 5.0...

Unable to get Alexa on Sonos Beam to find local radio stations (Australia)

[repost as last question was flagged answered when it wasn't resolved - plus added new info and corrected details] Hi guys. I'm tearing my hair out here, hope you can help. How can I get Alexa to u...

Alexa for deployed Marine

Hello, so I have invested heavily in the smart home system. Recently i have been deployed overseas to Thailand to live here for 1 year. I bought the Sonos One speakers purely because I love the sound...

Alexa Skill - Amazon Not Connecting to Sonos Website

I'm trying to set up the Alexa Sonos Skill, and keep getting the following message. I've waited and tried multiple times to do the skill, and keep getting the same message over and over. I'm logged...

Echo show+Sonos one/beam+Apple Music not working

Hi I have 2 Sonos 1’s(Alexa not enabled) and a beam connected to my echo show. Now according to everything I’m reading on the internet, both devices support Apple Music. The echo show will play Apple...

Sonos redirecting to amazon.com not amazon.co.uk when trying to add Alexa Voice Service

When trying to add Alexa Voice Service through the Sonos app, I'm being directed to amazon.com and not amazon.co.uk to sign in. I don't have a .com account and need to be able to log in with .co.uk....


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