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Grouped room being broken apart by Amazon Alexa

I've had my Sonos speakers for many years, and I was also in the beta test for when Amazon Alexa was being tested. I understand that the Alexa Play Multi room feature was removed due to issues that ne...

Alexa on Sonos Beam

I have a Beam with two Sonos Ones in Surround mode. It is hooked to my Samsung TV by optical (I don't have ARC). The TV receives it's signal from an Apple TV 4K. Now I don't have a problem, just a qu...

Changing Alexa wake word

Are there plans to be able to change the Sonos One wake word? My daughters name is Alexa, so it's not practical to have it as the wake word ( I don't need two people telling me that they "don't know...

Disable Sonos One Alexa from playing a sound when I say "Alexa"

I just set up a Sonos One with Alexa and the sound is noticeably better than the Amazon Echo. On the Sonos One though, each and every time I call "Alexa" it plays some kind of acknowledgement tone....

Echo Dot Connectivity

Hi, I have recently installed the Alexa app on my phone, and linked it to Sonos. This is fine. My problem is I can't link Echo Dot machine to Sonos. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Issues with Alexa and Flash Briefing

I set up two Ones in the bedroom and said "Alexa play flash briefing" and Alexa responds with "here is your flash briefing" and then nothing happens (silence). This has happened about 50% of the time....

Echo, Sonos Connect, Yamaha A/V receiver, Harmony volume control issue

Current setup: Harmony Elite remote (and associated Hub), Sonos Connect, Yamaha RX-A760 A/V receiver amplifying (playing to) non-Sonos speakers & subwoofer, Amazon Echo, & other devices not related to...

Alexa doesn't play music by voice but plays from app

Alexa doesn't play music by voice but plays from app

Sonos One - Alexa having problems since installing Orbi router

I have had a Sonos One for over half a year, Alexa voice service used to work on it like a charm until I upgraded my old router to Orbi. Ever since Alexa fails with the message:" Sorry I have trouble...

Alexa not shuffling Spotify playlists

Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere. Although Alexa recognises the command 'Shuffle PLAYLIST playlist in ROOMNAME' it doesn't actually shuffle the playlist; it just plays in sequential order. I...

Beam says it doesn't support Routines but then executes it

Weird scenario on my Beam - I have a 'night' routine set up on Alexa. When I request it on my Beam the response is that the device does not support that function, and then it duly executes the routine...

When asked to play Spotify Alexa says sorry that device is offline (Sonos One). The common fixes do not work

When I first bought the Sonos One I was really happy with it. After the initial setup everything seemed to work fine and I enjoyed controlling Spotify via Alexa. A few weeks later that changed and for...

Alexa plays other songs after the one I request when using Spotify

I'm using Spotify with Alexa on my pair of Sonos Ones. It used to be that when I asked Alexa to play a song, she'd play the song I requested and then stop. But now (as of a few months ago), after pl...

Can’t add beam to a sonos group

I’ve a beam grouped in sonos app with 2 ones for surround. In Alexa app, the beam group is displayed as a speaker named as my sonos room name (salotto) and, if I click on it, I can see the beam device...

TV control for Samsung UE40NU7120

I have set up my Samsung TV UE40NU7120 with Sonos beam but cannot get the "turn off tv" control working. Whenever I say "Alexa turn off the TV", the response is just "ok" then nothing happens....

Sonos/Echo Amazon music not playing - Unsupported format

My wife tried to play the Man from Uncle Soundtrack via Echo integration with Sonos. It appears to have kicked off correctly since when I go into the Sonos app it pops up the the message that is atta...

Sonos Beam Alexa

The voice of alex on my sonos beam is very low how do i fix it?

Ask Alexa to play tv audio on a sono one

Can I ask Alexa on Sono One to play the sound currently on my playbase that is tv audio? I saw in another forum Alexa doesn't understand grouping.

alexa multi room

Why wont Alexa play my music everywhere, when I've set up a group called "Everywhere" and tell Alexa "Alexa, play Classic Rock Everywhere".

Volume problems with Alexa

I want to talk to my Echo Dot and have Alexa respond to me through a Play:1. In order to make this happen, I had to hook up the Dot to a Connect:Amp, use the controller to have the Play:1 play from t...

Alexa waking herself up?

I've recently acquired a Sonos Beam for the TV. Watching the footie when Liverpool play is interesting - about half the time when the commentator is mentioning that Trent Alexander-Arnold has the ball...

Alexa on Sonos Beam won't turn off my Samsung Q6 Smart TV

I purchased a new 2018 Samsung Q6 Smart TV and now my new Sonos Beam with Alexa won't turn the TV off but it will still turn it on. It worked with my older Samsung Smart TV. Any suggestions?

Sonos One - Google assistant

Hi, as i'm now almost having Sonos One speakers for 1 year waiting for a miracle to happen that Alexa will work in Belgium, i'm giving up. So when is Google assistant coming to Sonos speakers with voi...

Sonos One not recognising Spotify or TuneInRadio

Hello community I have: 1 x One w. Alexa in the kitchen. 2 x Play 1's and a Playbar in living room, and 2 x Play 1s and 1 x Connect in dining room. I have installed an Echo Dot in living room, a...

Adjusting group volume with Sonos one

Hi I’ve just set up a pair of play 5’s (room 1) and a Sonos one (Room 2) but grouped the 3 (they’re all in same large room). I can now get Alexa to play music from Amazon on all 3 speakers when asked....


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