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Alexa Skill - Amazon Not Connecting to Sonos Website

I'm trying to set up the Alexa Sonos Skill, and keep getting the following message. I've waited and tried multiple times to do the skill, and keep getting the same message over and over. I'm logged...

Echo show+Sonos one/beam+Apple Music not working

Hi I have 2 Sonos 1’s(Alexa not enabled) and a beam connected to my echo show. Now according to everything I’m reading on the internet, both devices support Apple Music. The echo show will play Apple...

Sonos redirecting to amazon.com not amazon.co.uk when trying to add Alexa Voice Service

When trying to add Alexa Voice Service through the Sonos app, I'm being directed to amazon.com and not amazon.co.uk to sign in. I don't have a .com account and need to be able to log in with .co.uk....

Sonos plays only one song at a time

Sonos Beam + 2 Sonos 1 + Sub (TV setup), separate Sonos One. Re-occuring issue when using Alexa with Amazon Music. Sonos plays only one song from the playlist/radio etc and stops. Saw many threads be...

Music services won't play on Sonos One via Alexa

On either of my Sonos One devices, I wake up Alexa, ask her to play a song. She responds saying she will now play that song on Amazon Music, but the song never plays after that. This is not happeni...

Sonos & Alexa in Poland

When it will be avilable in Poland?? How it is even possible to sell such equipemnt without warning? So disappointed!!

Sonos Alexa in Poland

Can anyone tell me how to connect Sonos and alexa in Poland? I will use it in english. I can buy echo for that but I dont know if this worth the hussle.

Can't add Alexa on Sonos One Pair

Hi all, I have a pair of One's and I am unable to add Alexa. If I try I get an error message that it failed to add Alexa, it then brings back the black Sonos Splash screen and then for a second I can...

Sonos Playback in Alexa Routine

Adding music to a wake-up routine, trying to get the playback device or "Alexa will respond from" to be my Sonos speakers, but only see Amazon devices available for selection. Only other choice is to...

Sonos One Alexa Alarm volume

Is there a way to adjust the volume of the alarm played when set via Alexa? (searching for this I learned there's a Sonos alarm option as well, which I've never used on my other 7 speakers)

Alexa can't add song to Spotify libary

Hi, I have tried the command to add the songs playing to my Spotify library on my Google Home and it worked like a charm, but unable to use that command on my Sonos One, can I request this to be added...

Why cant you have a speaker in a group and as a single setup simultaneously?

I sometimes play music on a group of speakers and sometimes on a single speaker. Is there a way to be able to use both options without having to switch back and forth in the sonos app? Maybe a setup v...

Changing Alexa name

Can one change "ALEXA Name" to "Computer" I'm able to change in echo dot but will not allow me on Sonos One Should of said wake word to computer Thx Michel

Sonos One with Alexa and Ring2 doorbell

Alexa works great on my Sonos One but was wondering will it connect to Ring Doorbell 2 and per the amazon echo etc and allow voice control. Anybody had issues or any tips would be great before I purch...

"feature request" Alexa control of apple music on sonos

amazon has enabled Alexa control of apple music in the uk on echo devices will this be coming to Alexa enabled sonos products?

Alexa started adding “playing on Sonos” to all her responses

I have been using a Sonos one and Sonos Beam since each were released. In just this last week, when requesting music using Alexa on both of these devices, Alexa has started adding “now playing on Sono...

Alexa Playing Music Through Spotify Connect In Wrong House!

I've come across a strange situation this weekend where my parents at their home asking Alexa to play on 'living room' is starting the music on the sonos speakers called 'living room' in my house, 10...

Alexa says she is playing "On Kitchen" but no sound comes out

Hey there; I have a house full of echos, dots and sonos speakers. In general, my Alexa Sonos skill is not working well. For example, I have two Play Ones paired in my kitchen as "Kitchen". When I...

Amazon Music Market Place Not Configured Correctly

HI i have spent a while trying to get alexia to play music via voice control. It will play music via the Sonos app. I can get the radio to play via voice control.. but really want to be able to pla...

Sonos Beam/One responding to commands meant for Echo Show: ESP/Device Arbitration issues

I have an Echo Show in the kitchen, Beam in the living room, and a Sonos One in my bedroom. If I stand 1ft from the Show and issue a command, the Show, Beam (15ft from the Show), and sometimes the One...

Sonos Skill asking me to link speakers to my account (but already linked)

I have a playbar, three play 3's, a sub, and a play 5. I previously had alexa and sonos working well together until my play 5 failed (stopped communicating wirelessly). Sonos replaced the defective...

Connect amp and Alexa

I have a CD player on the line-in of a connect amp, grouped in Sonos app. I want to play CDs to my Play 5's and use Alexa as voice control. The Play 5's work great with Amazon Music as a source, but...

Alexa switch on TV

"Alexa switch on TV" works but goes to HDMI ARC channel not TV Antenna source on my Philips TV.

Alexa stops after one song on Sonos Beam

Hi team, I bought the Sonos beam yesterday and had no problem with the system and alexa. Today, it stops after playing one song. I have done all the steps outlined in previous articles, and I have f...

Alexa on Sonos One stopped working, tried resetting, FAIL

Loved the functionality of Alexa on my three Sonos One speakers when I bought them in September (voice control at last!!), though I did notice little glitches here and there. However, one by one, the...


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