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Alexa News Flash -- Play on all Sonos speakers

Hello, I have a Sonos One, PLAY:5 (next to a Dot), Playbar, and Connect (for previous speakers). After setting up my news sources, I enjoyed that when I asked Alexa for the news, it played across all...

Sonos Play:3, Alexa and Amazon Music Unlimited

Hi, I've bought an echo dot to use with the Play:3 that's in my bedroom. I've had the play 3 for a number of years and it happily plays anything I ask it to from my Amazon Music Unlimited account wh...

Sonos One: Features i want so i keep it

I recently got a Sonos One at the same time as the new Echo. I have been comparing the 2 over the last few days as i am unsure which one to keep. The sonos one should win hands down, sound quality i...

Alexa and Play 5

Sorry if I've missed this conversation, but I'm new to this forum. I've been waiting to purchase a Sonos Play 5 until it's integrated with Alexa, which I thought was coming. I wasn't expecting this in...

Groups and Alexa

I have 3 Sonos speakers in my living room/kitchen/dining room area that I always group. I had them grouped from the Sonos app when I tried out the mute/unmute Alexa commands. The command worked on o...

Sonos + Alexa First Impressions

After receiving the big marketing email pushing Sonos + Alexia integration and taking advantage of the Echo Dot discount offer I have a some early thoughts/opinions to share: --Setup Setting up an Ec...

Alexa in canada

When will Alexa be available in Canada?

“unable to play pandora service error” sonos echo

I tell Amazon Echo to play a station from my Pandora in a room and it will play only one song. When I open the app and hit the play button, nothing happens. When I hit the next button I get: “unable t...

The Solution to All Sonos/Alexa Problems!

OK, I exaggerated, this is not a solution to all problems, but for me it did solve several problems, and it resolves several problems discussed on this board. It's not my solution - I read the sugges...

New App and why it lost my Naspster account

I updated to the new app when forced by sonos, It lost my streaming account and I had to restore this. I have naspster unlimited so I also let my Mother and father in law, and my sister in law separat...

Multiple users on Sonos

Just got and set up a Sonos One. Can I add Sonos and Alexa apps on my wife’s phone for her to use the system? If so should she use the same user and password as I use on the Sonos and Alexa apps or se...

I think I've made an expensive mistake.

Alexa - what a piece of junk. I'm serious. I ask it to play a group (Cream today) and it will either play one, or if I'm lucky two songs then stop. Or if it does move to a third song it plays rap. R...

2 Ones as stereo pair Alexa on both or one ?

I have 2 Ones in a stereo pair Alexa is working on both but independently sometimes shouting Alexa the left speaker responds other times its the right, it can sometimes be I am standing next to the le...

Voice service: Not available in your country??

Just bought a Sonon One in Singapore - It is advertised to have Alexa voice service but upon setup the app simply state: Voice service, not available in your country? Is this correct, how do i get i...

Alexa Multi-room Music / Audio Groups

I have a new Sonos One that I am adding to home with 2 Echo devices. In the Alexa app I am trying to setup an Audio Group for multi-room music. However, the Sonos One does not show up as an available...

Microphone sensitivity for the “Alexa” wake word is low

So, I received my Sonos One this morning, loving the sound quality. Problem is, I’m coming from a regular Echo, which I’ve owned since release, and the microphones are nowhere near as sensitive as the...

Sonos One Review

Over the past two weeks I have been incorporating a Sonos One into my multiple Sonos and Amazon Echo home environment. I have found the experience to be subpar at best, showing the difficulty of combi...

Sonos One Alexa sports update

When I ask Alexa (on the Sonos One only) for sports update, it replies "here's your sports update" then just stops. Never give any information like my echo dots do. Anyone else see this?

Sleep Timer using Alexa - not working with Sonos One

Purchased a Sonos One to use with Amazon Alexa and have discovered that although I can listen to my favourite radio station, when I ask the Alexa to sleep after any number of minutes, and it acknowled...

Sonos + Alexa + Spotify - commands recognized, but cannot add spotify to Alexa

When I ask Alexa to play something on Spotify, "Alexa, play Purple Rain on Spotify", the command is recognized, but then Alexa says you need to link your Spotify account to Alexa. When I try to link...

Sonos One: Multiroom and pairing.

Hi guys. New to smart home tech...so please bear with me...!! I currently have the Sonos Playbar in my bedroom and a Sonos One in my lounge; and often Alexa doesnt hear me clearly if i'm in the adja...

Playing music through Sonos using Music databases like SiriusXM, Pandora or Spotify

Look for some who can detail exactly how I command my Echo to play specific SiriusXM radio station though my Sonos system. What does the specific command look like? I.e., Alexa, play SiriusXM radio...

Sonos One Alexa Chime Going Off Randomly

I recently purchased a Sonos One and love it. However the Alexa chime keeps going off randomly even though the wake word was never said. Sometimes the chime just happens and sometimes Alexa says somet...

Sonos voice services on Sonos One...trouble setting up

Just setup my Sonos 1, in its own room separate from my Play 5 and sub. Plays music fine. No Problem. Sonos skill in Alexa already setup, Alexa sees Sonos One. I can control S One through Echo Dot....

Alexa keeps on saying Sonos One is offline

Just went through all the settings on Sonos app as well as Alexa app named my new Sonos One OFFICE in the Sonos app and group it with all my 7 other Sonos. I can play music on all Sonos through the So...


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