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DownloAding of Alexa app in Singapore contact

Anyone can have any solution to download Alexa app in Singapore to work with the Sonos One that we bought recently . Voices control showing the function not available in Singapore Please help. Frustr...

Alexa responds but will not play music

Alexa responds to a 'play music command' but it does not actually play anything. The Sonos One works fine from the app. Alexa also will tell you the weather etc... just fine. When music is playing...

Sonos 1 no longer working with voice

I accidentally deleted out the sono profile on the Alexa app. I tried to remove it from the sono app to start over but now it won’t connect to amazon app-gives error. Help!

Alexa voice volume linked to Sonos volume? Need independent control

It seems the volume of the Alexa voice is linked directly to the volume of the Sonos One unit. That means if I'm playing quiet music in the background, and I activate Alexa, I can't really hear her vo...

Sonos Flash Briefing only plays one item in list

As of today my flash briefing now only plays one item even if I have a few queued up in the settings? Earlier in the week all items in the list would play without fail, what could be going on?

Napster with Alexa

Will Alexa be able to work with Napster

Sonos One/Alexa hears, responds, but then doesn't do anything

I've gotten Alexa up to the point where she says she's about to play some artist, and then nothing evert happens. When I manually play stuff via Sonos app, Alexa heard "Pause", but then doesn't even...

Sonos One - Will not resume playing

If I start playing Tune In radio from my Android app on my Sonos One, then says "Alexa Stop" (Or "Alexa Play" or "Alexa Continue") then say "Alexa Start" it says "To play Spotify link with the Alexa A...

iHeartRadio New Zealand

Can anybody tell me why Alexa doesn't recognise I Heart Radio NZ stations even though I have favourites saved? It keeps going to US stations. Is this not available in New Zealand yet? Thanks.

Sonos one and Alexa dot won’t work together

I had the sonos one before the Alexa dot, Alexa worked then, now that I connect the dot, Alexa won’t respond on either unit. Can anyone help with this? Thanks

Two Sonos systems with Alexa

I have two houses both with Sonos on the same account and installed Alexa via an echo into one which all worked correctly I have put another echo into the second house and it will not see the Sonos sy...

Alexa and Sonos playing the same time

I finally got alexa to recognize my sonos 1 speakers. When I give the command to play music on sonos, alexa states that amazon music is streaming on two divices and asks if I want to stream on sonos....

Alexa Multi-room Music / Audio Groups

I have a new Sonos One that I am adding to home with 2 Echo devices. In the Alexa app I am trying to setup an Audio Group for multi-room music. However, the Sonos One does not show up as an available...

Echo Dot - Sonos as Default speakers

I have the Play One with Alexa which works amazing. I also have an Echo Dot in another room that works beautifully with my Sonos system. The only slightly annoying thing is that I have to tell my Ec...

Alexa playing from Sonos Favorites list

Can Alexa play from different sources asssembed in the Sonos Favorites list? I have various favorite stations from Pandora and Amazon Prime in my Sonos Favorites. Can I get Alexa to play from there? I...

Alexa voice volume too loud

Hi there, I already read some posts about other people heaving problems with alexa's voice volume on the Sonos One. Some say it's not loud enough, when they have low music playing. Some say it's too...

Reset Sonos 1

How do i reset a sonos one?

Sonos One playing sound from playbar

Hi all, I have a number of units through my house ranging from play 5s play 1 and play base. In my front room I have the playbase, sub and to play 1s as subs and all works great. I recently purchase...

Amazon echo and Sonos one

Hi all, just got a Sonos one and already have an Amazon Echo. Is it possible to group them together to both play from one command i.e. "Alexa play spotify downstairs"?

Alexa can't find any music artists

Hi, i have 3 sonos one in my living room which have always worked perfectly but suddenly Alexa can't find any music artists, only playlists. So when I say Alexa play Metallica, she just reply i could...

Play One

Using Alexa in Spain???????

Sonos One and Alexa not working together...says "kitchen is offline".

I have an existing sonos play 1 in the living and got a new sonos one for the kitchen. I set everything up and cant get alexa to control either of the speakers all that well. When i ask it to play in...

Sonos One seen as "Smart Home" device, not "Alexa enabled" device

Hi, I recently bought a Sonos One to upgrade the sound quality in my living room. It replaces an Amazon Echo (1st Gen), which now sits in one of the bedrooms. I was obviously disappointed to see that...

Sorry I am having trouble understanding right now, please try a little later

I moved states, I could not get Alexa to understand the move, so I played with the Alexa app, now my Alexa speakers just say the "Title" of this topic. I have been struggling with this for 3 weeks, I...

Asking Alexa to play music

Howdy, I keep learning more about the Sonos One and using Alexa and I keep getting confused about what can actually be done with Alexa and what can't! I would like to be able to just tell Alexa to pl...


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