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Alexa responds but will not play music

Alexa responds to a 'play music command' but it does not actually play anything. The Sonos One works fine from the app. Alexa also will tell you the weather etc... just fine. When music is playing...

Alexa in Denmark

No support for vocie control in my country. I use the Sonos app on my iPhone. When I go to voice control it tells me that there is no support in my country (Denmark). When will it be supported?

Sonos One Alexa skills: What works, what doesn’t

Working Box of Cats Bird Song Most skills that don’t open a continuous audio stream Not Working Radio Paradise - commands working, including setting stream quality to FLAC, but won’t play anything (...

Playing Local Music Library on Sonos through Alexa

Will alexa skill be able to play from my music library?


Reluctantly, I disabled the Alexa skill for Sonos today. The whole house ducking was causing too many complaints form everyone in the house. Ducking a Sonos speaker in a room so far away from the pers...

Sonos one Pair with Alexa not working

I’ve tried so many things to get the Sonos One to pair with Alexa. But the Sonos One consistently won’t show up as a device in the smart home section of the Amazon app. Suggestions?

Alexa on Sonos won’t tune to Sirius XM stations on voice command

The only way I can get Sirius XM go play is to request Sirius XM without specifying a specific channel. Alexa will then pull up the last station. When I request a specific station the response is “I c...

Sonos one multi-room play with Amazon Echo together

Hi there! I have seen some older posts on this issue but there doesn't seem to be any resolution, so I'm posting it again and hopefully highlight this issue again for Sonos/Amazon to resolve. There a...

Why won’t Alexa recognise my favourite radio station

Hi there, when I ask Alexa to turn on “sky sports radio” she says “I could not find a station called “sky sports radio” I have tried every variation including “Alexa play sky sports radio on tune in”...

Sonos One - Alexa not responding

The Sonos One is my first Sonos and the experience so far has been frustrating. Finally got Alexa working then one day it stopped responding. I have amazon alexa products that work fine. I noticed t...

Is Alexa blocking access to my Chromecast on the Beam?

I’m having a problem using my Chromecast with my beam - beam is installed on hdmi-arc and Chromecast is installed on hdmi #3 on my Vizio tv. After install I can’t cast Netflix or YouTube to the tv. Th...

Muting volume with Alexa on a Sony Bravia

If you ask Alexa to mute the volume on my sony bravia she does but if you then Alexa for anything else she unmutes the TV

Sonos Beam turns on TV but not off

i have sonos beam connected to Samsung mu7070 HDMI (arc) & sky q to HDMI 1. Alexa will turn the TV on but not off. can anybody shine any light on my anguish? Thanks.

Sonos app not letting me connect with alexa

I dont have an alexa device other than the sonos play 1. I live in canada. I have both the sonos app and the alexa app, signed in and all. So my problem is, when i go in the sonos app, and go to voice...

Sonos Beam and TuneIn Radio

Hi - saying Alexa play radio 1, no problem- saying Alexa play Planet Rock she says OK, but then silence... any ideas?

No tune in radio

I recently changed routers and had to enter new credentials. I did that by doing a factory reset. Product Sonos One with Alexa trying to connect with TuneIn Issue I can’t get a radio station to pl...

Amazon Alexa and Google Calendar

I just bought a Sonos Beam and it set up easily and everything works well with the exception of "Alexa, what's on my calendar for today?'" I can only get a response from my echo dot...neither my Sono...

“Sonos Beam skill”?

Hi, I bought the Beam this week and have a problem. Normal setup is fine: it plays TV sound and I can control TV volume with voice commands and I can issue regular Alexa commands e.g. “Alexa, what’s t...

Can’t connect ALEXA app on Sonos Beam

I’m Alexa app on my I phone says I’m offline so can’t connect it to my TV. The Beam works on my TV but as the Alexa app says it’s offline I can’t use any voice instructions. Help would be appreciated....

Sonos won't connect to Amazon

Just got a Sonos One, but when trying to set it up to connect to Alexa, i get errors. I get to the "Steps to set up Alexa" stage, click on "Connect your Amazon account" and enter my amazon account cre...

Help!! Sonos doesn't play Alexa's command!

I followed all the instructions to set up sonos in Alexa app. I said: "Alexa, play Adele in the playroom", Alexa also responded that "playing adele from spotfly in the playroom". However, the sonos in...

New SONOS one causing headaches

Hi folks, New to SONOS here and need of some help. I set up my new SONOS One yesterday in my kitchen and in the setup I was asked to state which room the speaker would be in... the kitchen, this then...

Sonos one in UK

How to make Sonos Alexa work out side the UK

Sonos One: Alexa in Belgium

Hi, what's the reason why Alexa isn't working in Belgium? I'm ok with using Alexa in English until there's support for Dutch. I would say the limitation is the language setting, not the country/loca...

sonos 5.1 with playbar , 2 sonos1's a sub - does Alexa control them all?

I'm still trying to determine if Alexa can control a 5.1 as a group. In other words, can I send content via elexa commands to be played to the entire group of speakers? If the content is dolby compa...


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