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Audio actions in routines are currently not supported on this device

I have set up a simple 2 step routing to turn on two smart plugs simultaneously through Alexa. This works 100% find on a dot but I get an audio recording of "Audio actions in routines are currently no...

Alexa/Sonos One/Spotify

I've set up two Sonos Ones in the house for our kids. Each speaker is linked to the same Sonos household account, so both show up in our list of household Sonos speakers (we have several). Each speake...

Alexa Works but not Sonos

Now here’s the thing. In the bedroom I have a Amazon Echo. It answers to the wake up “Computer”. I can say “Computer, turn on the Bedroom lights” and low and behold my Philips Hue Lights glow in wonde...

Alexa Routines and Sonos One - Support Log

As others have posted, executing Alexa routines on Sonos One works but you will get the message saying audio activity currently not available on this device. Well, I decided to call Sonos support for...

'Sorry That Device is Offline'

I have a Beam, (Alexa), Sub and 2 plays in the lounge and a One in the kitchen the Alexa is stating my devices are Offline. It did all work OK until under warranty I replaced kitchen speaker. Kitchen...

Did the new update break the preferred speaker function in smart home?

Not sure if it is a coincidence. I have a pair of Play 5 set as preferred speaker in the living room group. "Play music" would start Spotify and play on the Sonos. But since today Alexa responds with...

Sonos in Canada And Alexa and Audible authenticating to amazon.ca

When i try to add either Alexa or Audible to the Sonos app authentication is defaulting to amazon.com site. as a Canadian i need to authenticate to Amazon.ca else i won't have access to my audible.ca...

With a pair of Sonos One and Alexa, only just one at time responds

You've just bought two Sonos One, installed in two different rooms. I set Spotify as preferred music service on Alexa app, but when I ask to Alexa to start some music, just the closer One starts worki...

Playing Spotify with Alexa by artist, genre or song on Sonos One

On Spotify I understand, you can make a radio station based on an artist, genre or song. Can use a voice command with Alexa on Sonos One to ask it to play a Radio station based on an artist, genre or...

Enable Alexa on surround speakers (one)

Please sonos team, add the possibility to enable Alexa on the surround speaker. I bought 2 x Ones instead of Play:1 for this!

Sonos Beam voice control with Samsung TV

Has anyone been able to get the Sonos beam voice command: "Alexa turn off TV" to work? At this point I am able to get it to turn ON with voice and so far everything seem to be good except that the...

Sonos one does not work in India

service is not available in your country is the message that comes across.

Alexa and Sonos One saying try later?

New Sonos One says “sorry I am having trouble understanding right now, try a little later” and does not let me set my voice up in Alexa app

I'm having trouble understanding right now, please try a little later

When activated, Alexa replies with I'm having trouble understanding right now, please try a little later. In an American accent.

Alexa breaks Sonos app for SiriusXM?

For nearly two years, I have had good results with a Sonos Play:1 controlled by the iOS app. I could use the app to call up SiriusXM and Tunein stations. Over the holidays, I added an Amazon Echo Spot...

Play 1 with Alexa link to apple Music

I have just upgraded my Play 1 to a new play 1 with Alexa. so I can control and play music via the Sonos app and love how I can now use Airplay to control so don’t have to use Sonos player app. Howe...

Can the One and Play:1 be used as surround speakers for the Playbase?

I noticed in a few reviews that the One and Play:1 cannot be used in stereo pairs. Can one of each of the Play:1 and One speakers be set up as surround speakers for the Playbase?

New Skill Enables Managing Groups of Sonos Speakers with Alexa

I've created the Speaker Groups Alexa skill (https://skills-store.amazon.com/deeplink/dp/B07HGQGT6P?deviceType=app&share&refSuffix=ss_copy) that allows you to group your Sonos speakers together throug...

Turn Alexa Notification Sound Off

Is there a way to turn off the sound that plays after you say Alexa. I have several Sonos One’s so it is incredibly annoying to hear that sound coming at me from multiple rooms. I was able to turn it...

Alexa speaking over start of song

When I ask Alexa to play a song the song begins to play while Alexa is still speaking stating the artist and song title. Same thing happens when I ask to play a genre of music Alexa states the genre w...

Amp and alexa

Does the new amp have Alexa built in? I have a beam but understand that I am rendering that virtually useless if I connect two wired speakers to the amp and HDMI Arc to my TV.

Alexa won't play my Audible audiobooks

i have Audible as a Service. on the Sonos App i can search and find my book and have it played. But if i command Alexa to Read my Audible Book, i get in reply "I'm having trouble getting your audible...

Audio Actions not currently supported

When I give Alexa a command on my Sonos One, for example "Alexa, Good Morning" she says "Audio actions are not currently supported on this device" but then strangely she carries out the associated act...

US vs Canada: Issues with SONOS One in Winnipeg, Canada

I have a SONOS One in Winnipeg, Canada. So, I had to set it up using Amazon.com (US). Worked great until yesterday. I opened Alexa (Amazon.com) to check my skills, and the app suddenly flipped to Amaz...

Which Amazon music account do I need?

I am still fuming about having bought a play 1 with Alexia built in only to find out afterwards that it can't play music from my own (extensive) library, only from the Amazon streaming service. I ther...


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