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Sonos One - probably a daft question

I already have a Sonos Playbar and have an interest in a Sonos One. However, I have zero interest in subscribing to a music service. I have thousands of my own tracks of music which resides on my NA...

Using Alexa with my Vizio TV on a Sonos One

I set up my Vizio P-65 to work with the Vizio Smartcast Alexa skill this week. For some reason, when using the Sonos One, it works fine except it cannot turn the TV on. When I use my Amazon Echo, it c...

Ducking - Any progress?

Simple question, seeing as Spotify support came early, is there any progress being made on the whole ducking scenario for multi-room Sonos systems? It's driving me mad and ruins the whole experience.

Why does SONOS play a different station to Alexa?

I have just setup my Echo's so I have them connected in each room to my SONOS. However when I request Alexa plays JACK FM (Oxfordshire) she does it fine however when I ask for this to play on SONOS it...

Audio Actions not currently supported

When I give Alexa a command on my Sonos One, for example "Alexa, Good Morning" she says "Audio actions are not currently supported on this device" but then strangely she carries out the associated act...

Google Assistant Support

When does Sonos expect to have support for Google Assistant?

Sonos One With Alexa and Google Music

Hi, please is there any chance that sonos one with Alexa will be able to search and play songs through voice recognition? Thx for reply. Petr

Sonos ONE - slow to start playing radio via Alexa

Until yesterday I listened to BBC radio through an Echo Dot hard wired in to a v1 Sonos 5 speaker; the radio would start playing almost immediately after I had asked Alexa to play a station. I now hav...

Sonos One and Spotify

When is the Sonos/Alexa/Spotify integration due? It's a real shame that it was not coordinated with the Sonos One launch

Playing to an *additional* Sonos speaker via Alexa

I think I know the answer here, due to lots to trying... but let's say you're playing music on a Sonos in the kitchen, and you are moving to the living room. Can you somehow tell Alexa to play the sam...

Software update alexa

Will it be possible with future updates to down load alexia to plsy bar play 5 or 3?

Alexa in Canada

For Christmas, I bought an Alexa Dot off Amazon Canada for the main purpose of voice control of our Sonos system. The description said it supported this. I would not have purchased Alexa if I knew thi...

sonos alexa and groups

when will the sonos one be able to be set in alexa groups? "everywhere "

Sonos one Alexa app not available in Singapore?

Hi I just got the Sono one but the Voice command cannot be connected. Does it mean Alexa is not available in Singapore?

Alexa stopped working on Sonos One

I got my Sonos One about 2 weeks ago and everything worked fine for a few days then all of a sudden silence. Alexa no longer works on the speaker. Disabled it then reenabled it to no avail...HELP!!

Alexa issues on Sonos One

When I ask Alexa "what's my flash briefing?" she acts like she's going to say something, but then she doesn't. I saw a thread about this from a few months ago. Is this going to be fixed?

Sonos One in Switzerland

I lice in Seitzerland and bought a Sonos One being led to believe that I could use Alexa. Now I see I cannot use Alexa making it a Play 1 that I have paid 50 chf more for. I either want 50 chf back or...

Sonos Skill not available on Alexa in Australia?

Just received my shiny new Echo Dots today, following Alexa launch in Australia yesterday. Followed setup steps and find that Sonos Skill is not available. I got the memo re Sonos One not yet working...

Sleep Sounds Skill not working?

Hello, I wanted to start the skill with "Alexa, ask Sleep Sounds for thunderstorms" but plays nothing. Does not that work on Sonos One?

Alexa won’t respond to stop command

I successfully set up my echo dot to control my sonos speakers. It will play radio stations and change from radio to streamed music but it won’t respond to my command to stop playing. I have disabled...

Alexa chime on Sonos one

Is there a way to turn off the chime on the Sonos one when you say “Alexa”?

Soundscape Skills Not Functioning

I call them "Soundscape Skills" - like "Relaxing Nature Sounds", "Ambient Sounds: Cricket Sounds", "Rain Sounds", etc. There's hundreds of them. On my Sonos One, perhaps only one in ten works properly...

Products without Alexa to continue? HOPE SO.

I sincerely hope there will continue to be Sonos products WITHOUT Alexa in the future. There is plenty of backlash over Alexa listening in on home environments, and concerns over privacy. Personally...

Sonos One Canada Alexa

When is Alexa support going to be enabled for Canada?

Sonos One Alexa - Spotify Issues

Got a Sonos ONE recently, my first Sonos. I have been through every video available and thread here to make sure I have all apps set up correctly, but I cannot get Alexa working with Spotify. Sonos A...


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