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Sonos One and Alexa

Hi wondering if you have advice for this issue please... Until recently, on my Sonos One, I could 'ask Alexa' to play a radio station (BBC Radio 2) and it would stream through TuneIn. Now I ask and Al...

Alexa or microphone not working

I set up my speaker 6 days ago and the microphone or alexa has stopped responding. I have unplugged it but no change. The only buttons that seem to work are the volume buttons. All worked perfectly un...

Sonos One alternate Alexa "wake word" change

I was going to buy a pair of Sonos ones when they first came out but the inability to change the "wake word" from Alexa was a deal breaker for me as I already have a multi-room Sonos/Echo/Alexa Home a...

Any progress on Ducking issue?

I noticed I had an Alexa update on my phone and it made me hopeful of a change. So I enabled the Sonos skill and the Sonos speakers all over the house still Duck. I tried disabling a couple of rooms...

Alexa MRM + Sonos - any update yet?

Alexa MRM has been a thing for around a year now, and I'm aware that as things stand at present you're unable to group Sonos + Alexa devices together but I'm also aware that the API's now exist to mak...

Can Alexa on Sonos One play music from the library on shared storage?

I can get it to stream via internet services but dont see a way to tell Alexa to play from my music library.

Sonos Beam and Amazon Echo multiroom

Please can someone tell me how to set up my Beam to work with Amazon Echo's in a multiroom set up. I cannot find the Beam in the Alexa App.

Where are we with ducking? Has it been sorted yet

All the posts on this topic are from May time, and Googling doesn't bring anything more recent, or any sign that this issue has definitely been resolved. I have an Echo Dot in my kitchen connected to...

Play 1 Volume Low

Updated Sonos to latest version. now need to bring volume to 70% to get reasonable volume.

Returned Sonos one for google chromecast audio haven't looked back.

First let me say I have been a sonos user and supporter since my first system in 2006. I originally started with on amped box and then got another. I used these over 10 years without fail. I have allo...

Will not play the next song on my playlist

When I use Alexa through my Sonos speakers to play my playlist in MyPod, or play a PodCast, only one song will play instead of playing continuously.

Local Media and Alexa

Does Sonos plan to add functionality to enable local media such as ITunes library played over Sonos via Alexa commands? Is this in the product roadmap?


I bought my sonos ONE in NYC. Any chance to make them work with Alexa within few months in Italiano? One more question: why you do not allow to work in the currenty working languages indipendently the...

When trying to play a radio station Verbalee or give the Sonos Alexa command it is saying that device is off-line

When trying to play a radio station Verbally or give the Sonos Alexa command it is saying that device is off-line

Sonos with HomePod

Will I be able to ask an Apple HomePod to play music from Apple Music? I am considering changing from Apple Music to Spotify so I can use Alexa to play music on my Sonos system but would like to know...

Multi Group Music

HI everyone Can i play music via the sonos app on all of my amazon echos at once? Multi group music

Setup old and new

I have a Play 5 and a Play 1 without Alexa and 2 questions. 1. Can I pair a new Play 1 with Alexa and an old Play 1 to get a left-right style sound? 2. What is the best way to set up these speakers in...

Alexa Guard

This is pretty cool. Wonder if it will be supported by Sonos One/Beam? https://www.androidcentral.com/what-amazon-alexa-guard

Alexa not changing radio stations

Hello Alexa has stopped changing radio stations. ‘She’ is listening, because I can ask all sorts of things and I receive the appropriate response. The radio station that I want to change to is announ...

Alexa Routines

Hi, Are Alexa routines supposed to work now? Mine are not triggering at all.

Alexa commands not working.

Alexa will no longer start playing radio, Spotify or audible via my Sonos beam. It responds e.g. "BBC radio 4 from TuneIn" but then nothing plays. I've also contacted Amazon in case it's their problem...

UK Returns

Has anyone processed a return in the UK, I've filled out the form twice this week http://www.sonos.com/en-gb/mbg Each time I fill the form out I get an email from Tech Support saying they will call...

Sonos one. When Alexa in Spain?

hi guys hope you're all well. My question is easy and straight forward: I'm in Spain and I'd like to know if you've got any clue when we'll finally get the chance to speak with my lovely Cube. I see...

No ducking on SONOS Beam

In my Kitchen I have a Sonos Beam and two Play1’s (not Ones) grouped in a surround set and connected to my Samsung TV via ARC. Works great! In my Kitchen I also have an Echo Show and because it drove...

Drop in on the Sonos

When will drop in be enabled on the Sonos? I am changing my speakers out in my house... I would not have transitioned to Alexa or Sonos if I knew this was not an option. I still have a lot of speak...


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