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Auto grouping for music playback

I have a Sonos one in my bedroom and kitchen. I used to be able to ask Alexa to play music while in one room (say the kitchen) and it would only play in that room. Now it’s playing in both rooms autom...

Music stops

Lately when I play music from my iPad or iPhone the music will periodically stop in the middle of a song. I am using my home high speed internet. What would cause this.

Alexa controlling a different room! Is she confused?

This is weird, and it had never happened before (or I didn't realize it): I have Sonos One's, in the living room and in the bedroom. It's happening that, if I say "Alexa play" and I say it in the liv...

Sonos beam Alexa is shouting at me after turning up volume to watch TV

I have a projector set up, with my Apple TV plugged in via hdmi to my projector, and the Apple TV streaming audio to my Sonos Beam on the opposite end of the room via Airplay 2. The audio streaming...

Alexa compatability

my TV is sony model is Sony KDL-40W5100 about 10 years old. it does not have HDMI-ARC port. How can I get Sonos Beam Alexa TV voice commands to work with my TV?

New echo dot to playbar

Want to pair new gen 3 echo dot to playbar, so alexa can speak through the playbar and I can hear her. Is this possible or was I miss lead when I purchased playbar?

Alexa ducking not working on Connect:AMP

Hey, I have an echo dot paired with a connect amp and unlike the rest of the house (which uses play 1s and play5s) saying alexa to the associated echo dot doesn't duck the volume on the music playing...

Echo Input connection to Sonos Connect

I have a Sonos Connect attached to my stereo receiver using the analog out connectors. Can I connect an Amazon Echo Input to the Sonos Connect using the analog in connectors and if so, what other sett...

Sonos Beam, Alexa Surround Sound

So I have a Sonos Beam with Alexa, as well as two Play Ones in my room for surround sound. Whenever I say Alexa, then a command, I only hear the voice out of the Beam. Is there anyway I can hear the v...

Sonos Mic not working

Recently purchased the Sonos One Gen 2. I don’t think the microphone has worked since I brought it. It does not light up. On have it in stereo mode with another One Gen 1. I in paired the two to see i...

Alexa says Spotify needs to be linked, but it is already linked.

I have a Sonos One. I recently moved it to another plug socket in the same room and, ever since I moved it, Alexa has become unable to play music via Spotify. When asked to play music from Spotify, A...

Speakers keep grouping when not wanted

Slightly odd problem which started last week. When asking a Sonos One/Beam to play something, it is automatically grouping together all other Alexa-enabled Sonos speakers to play it. This is despite...

Help neede with ducking

No matter what music source I play on my grouped speakers. When I ask aleaxa she will duck them, except when its the TV why is this. Please please help its driving me mad I cant find a solution anywhe...

Sonos Beam automatically switches TV input while using Alexa

I just bought a Sonos Beam and connected it to my Philips smart TV via the HDMI ARC input. The input for my digital television signal comes from a external device which is connected via another HDMI i...

Beam & TV voice control: what is possible?

Hi there! I set up a Sonos Beam today and connected it to my Samsung TV (Q6F) via the ARC HDMI port, also installed Alexa and it's running smoothly for things like playing music on Spotify or checking...

Alexa Sonos Devices Apple Music

I have added Apple Music as my default music service in my Sonos controller and in the Alexa app. I can play Apple Music fine but Alexa voice control on my Sonos devices (e.g. Play One) does not work...

Alexa's Inability to Play a Playlist - How Annoying Is That??!!??

So I thought I would dip my toe in to this Alexa mularky. I only wanted the voice control over my Sonos system though as I really don't care for IA telling me what the weather is!!. I already had Sono...

Alexa and One Second Generation

I have 2 Sonos One paired as stereo, a Beam and another One. All first generation. I’ve just bought a Sonos One Second Generation. Now on Alexa app I have a group called Home (I use Alexa just for m...

Deezer and Echo Dot tracks skipping

Having issues my default “Alexa play some music” starts my Deezer flow on Sonos in the room I’m in, at random times the songs will just skip on to the next track. If I use the iOS app on my phone to...

Smart Plugs working from Alexa app on Android but not from Sonos One

I have had a sonos one for a couple years and i have had 4 smart plugs working on alex through the alexa dot and my sonos one for months. The other day the alexa on my sonos one started not being able...

How Can I Set Up a Voice-control Command to Select a Line-in Device on My SONOS Connect Using Alexa or with an IFTTT Command

Line-in Voice-Control Command

Alexa not recognising Sonos Beam Room Name (TV)

I have a Sonos Beam with the room name TV. From any of my Sonos speakers (2*One and Beam) I can say Alexa, turn on TV, which works fine. I can say to the Sonos Beam "Alexa play music" and it switches...

No Music Plays After Alexa Command

If I ask Alexa to play music from a specific artist, the typical response is “shuffling songs by [artist name] from [my name’s] Spotify on Sonos.” Then no music plays. How do I troubleshoot this?


My Sonos would not stream amazon music as said sonos offline. So i then de authorised it on the alexa app in the hope of re authorizing it. I now cannot find how to recoonect sonos to my alexa app

New Skill Enables Managing Groups of Sonos Speakers with Alexa

I've created the Speaker Groups Alexa skill (https://skills-store.amazon.com/deeplink/dp/B07HGQGT6P?deviceType=app&share&refSuffix=ss_copy) that allows you to group your Sonos speakers together throug...


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