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Alexa on Sonos 1 not responding anymore

I have Alexa built in on a Sonos play 1, today when I ask Alexa, I get no response, music will play fine from my Sonos controller & on my other two play 1s & sound bar, only thing that won't work is a...

Disable Sonos One Alexa from playing a sound when I say "Alexa"

I just set up a Sonos One with Alexa and the sound is noticeably better than the Amazon Echo. On the Sonos One though, each and every time I call "Alexa" it plays some kind of acknowledgement tone....

Sonos skill for Alexa in Australia update?

Hi Sonos team, can you provide an estimate of when the Sonos skill will be available for Alexa users in Australia? Given the development process basically requires opening the Alexa “Code Editor” sel...

Alexa or microphone not working

I set up my speaker 6 days ago and the microphone or alexa has stopped responding. I have unplugged it but no change. The only buttons that seem to work are the volume buttons. All worked perfectly un...

Alexa Skills available for Sonos

The Sonos system doesn't seem to have access to Alexa Skills. If this is not true then where do I find/enable them. And are they the same as whats available in the Echo from Amazon? Thanks.

Mic Sensitivity and Wake Word

I think it is not just the mic sensitivity of the Sonos One, but also the accuracy of the wake word detection. Alexa has woken up to (from the TV) "They must think I'm the nanny" "With Brexit this...

Can Alexa on Sonos One play music from the library on shared storage?

I can get it to stream via internet services but dont see a way to tell Alexa to play from my music library.

Sonos Timer Responds But Doesn't Work

I set the sleep timer and Alexa responds saying she will stop the music in 5 minutes but the action is not completed. Reading other contributions this is a common issue and a very very basic highly de...

Apple Music On Sonos One

Can you play Apple Music on Sonos One? I have the Alexa app on my iPhone, linked my Apple Music account to Alexa, however she does not respond. I can use my Mac desktop app to play Apple Music okay, b...

Is Alexa-Sonos anything more than just a stupid skill?

Alexa is a big ecosystem. It isn't just music. It isn't even mostly music. So is it seriously the case that I can't use my Dot to hear my commands (shopping, weather, podcasts, news, grocery list, tra...

Sonos skill enable problem

When I try to enable the sonos skill for Amazon Alexa, it keeps stalling once I have logged into the sonos account and press okay to allow Alexa to control the sonos system. I have updated the sonos a...

Alexa Voice volume

I can increase/decrease the music volume by voice commands but Alexa voice volume remains the same. How can I raise or lower Alexa's voice level.

Sonos One accessing skills

I recently purchased Sonos One. I added about 30 skills and around 8 says “sorry I’m having trouble accessing skill”. Examples are zen sounds, Native American sounds, 5 minute cardio workout. I calle...

Calm Radio issue with Alexa

The Calm Radio app in Sonos works fine. However when I try to start a channel via Alexa I get the message "sorry we are having problems connecting to your calm radio skill right now". Anyone else havi...

Sonos Skill not available in India.

Sonos Skill not available in India. I have Amazon Music subscription from India. I wan to use that. Can someone help.

Volume Level/Control via Alexa (Echo, Dot, Sonos One)

Since i've owned Sonos products my biggest bugbear has been that there is no indication of the volume level on the app, meaning when I turn up my car volume it goes from e.g. 0 to 90. Now it's not a m...

Solution to Alexa unable to found your location on Sonos One

If you encounter this issue of Alexa on your Sonos device, here is probably the issue and solution. Per example, if you ask Alexa the weather and it said in WESTLAKE instead of your location from your...

Power disconnect now no Alexa

Plug became disconnected. When plugged back in, light is on, watched it take update(red light), no Alexa. How to return Alexa?

Alexa voice volume linked to Sonos volume? Need independent control

It seems the volume of the Alexa voice is linked directly to the volume of the Sonos One unit. That means if I'm playing quiet music in the background, and I activate Alexa, I can't really hear her vo...

Request for a slider to control sensitivity of Sonos One/Alexa microphone

I understand that the Sonos One's microphone sensitivity was improved awhile back, but I didn't own one at that point so I can't comment. With the current sensitivity level, it's still noticeably less...

Sonos CONNECT Line-In Over Echo speaker?

Will an Amazon Echo connected to my Sonos network play line-in audio from a Sonos CONNECT? I am considering purchasing an Echo Dot. I currently own a Sonos CONNECT and PLAY:1. I mostly listen to my t...

Can Play:1 play Flash News Briefing from my Alexa Dot?

I just bought a play:1 for my kitchen. My Alexa Dot is 10 ft away. My sonos will play Spotify and music but when I ask Alexa to play my Flash News Briefing it only plays it on the Dot and not the Sono...

Minimum Distance Between Echo and Sonos?

Is there any official guidance around the minimum distance there should be between a Sonos device and an Echo? Assuming the channels do not overlap (say 1 and 11 for example) is there still a chance f...

Does the new Alexa "Announce" feature work with the Sonos One?

I understand what you are saying but I feel you are missing a few points: - Your first comment referenced the demise of Sonos if they didn't address specific minor complaints from customers not the a...

Playing music

I just went thru the entire set up process for my new Sonos 1 and every song as ask Alexa to play she says she can't find. Nothing says you need to do anything further to play music. I have a Pandora...


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