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Sonos voice services on Sonos One...trouble setting up

Just setup my Sonos 1, in its own room separate from my Play 5 and sub. Plays music fine. No Problem. Sonos skill in Alexa already setup, Alexa sees Sonos One. I can control S One through Echo Dot....

Sonos 1 Alexa alarms

I have completed the alexa setup but i dont seem to be able to set an alarm or timer. In the alexa app i can see it received and understood the request but alexa then replies sorry i am having trouble...

Playing Local Music Library on Sonos through Alexa

Will alexa skill be able to play from my music library?

Amazon Dot and Play 5 line in going quiet when replying from Alexa

I have an Amazon Dot connected to my play5 using the line in option. Until today Alexa speech volume and the music volume were fine. I have now updated my speakers, but now I can hardly hear Alexa s...

Alexa group command

Can you command Alexa to play music in a group if they have been group on the Sonos app?

Alexa keeps on saying Sonos One is offline

Just went through all the settings on Sonos app as well as Alexa app named my new Sonos One OFFICE in the Sonos app and group it with all my 7 other Sonos. I can play music on all Sonos through the So...

"I can change the playback mode only when music is playing" Sonos One problem

My Sonos One is driving me crazy. I can use it with Alexa to play music in other rooms. But when I ask it to stop the music, or change the volume, or play a different song, Alexa says: "I can change t...

Sonos and Alexa Integration - more commands!

Hi, Great to finally get Alexa integration, but so far all the commands it supports seem to be rather clunky, and occasionally don't work. I have realised since having it the only command I really wa...

Flash briefing playing for on all grouped speakers and won’t stop from Alexa unless I stop it on the first Sonos One

I have a Sonos One connected to several other Sonos devices. When I ask for a Flash Briefing from Alexa, it plays on all of the Sonos devices that were last grouped together and not only on the device...

Sonos One + Sonos Play:1 + Alexa

Should I be able to command the Play:1 with my voice? I have Alexa set up on the Sonos One working fine, but the Play: 1 does not respond. I have voice services set up on the Sonos One, but there d...

Alexa only playing one song through Sonos then STOPS

I ask alexa to play an artist in in the living room. The first songs plays... and then nothing..... It seems like SONOS is not playing the alexa Que?

Disable Sonos One Alexa from playing a sound when I say "Alexa"

I just set up a Sonos One with Alexa and the sound is noticeably better than the Amazon Echo. On the Sonos One though, each and every time I call "Alexa" it plays some kind of acknowledgement tone....

Grouping Sonos with an echo powered speaker

Grouping Sonos with an echo powered speaker?

Sonos/Alexa Music Library missing

I have purchased the new Play 1 with built in Alex. I can stream music from the radio, but it will not allow me to access selected music from Amazon Prime /Music. Is there an issue or do I need to use...

Basic confusion for Echo users migrating to Sonos One

Hello all, I have fully bought into the Alexa controlled smart home... I have two WeMo smart plugs, four Echo devices, five Hue lights, and six Sonos speakers. I was very excited to upgrade the Echo...

Sonos One...stop alexa wake sound?

Hi, I can’t seem to find the setting anywhere so does anyone know where the setting is to stop the wake sound when calling Alexa on the sonos one? Many thanks, Dan

Grouping Sonos Play 1 with an echo dot powered speaker?

Have read other threads about this with interest. I have a new pair of Play 1's in lounge (great!) and have linked them to Alexa/echo dot in kitchen, which I also connect to a decent Vita amp/speaker...

Price Drop for Play 1?

With the release of the Sonos One, will the Play 1 drop significantly in price? The One is essentially the Play 1 with the Echo built-in.

Requesting music in one room from alexa stops music in other rooms.

When i ask alexa to play music in one room in my house she stops music playing in other rooms with sonos ones. Music is played via spotify. Its driving me mad. Any suggestions anyone?

Sonos in one room, Echo in others

Hey everyone, Firstly, I have scoured threads relating to Alexa and Sonos, but haven’t seen anybody ask or answer this question. I currently own one Play:1 and have been waiting for the announcement...

Sonos, spotify and slexa

When i ask alex to play a certain track on a sonos speaker it will only play a sample.can anyone tell me why this is happening . Ps i do have a premium spotify account.

Alexa Just Stopped Working

First it was a bear to get this working. Last night, 5-dec-2017, we were streaming and the stream suddenly stopped and the sonos device no longer woke up when speaking "Alex ...... "

Different behavior controlling Playbar after Spotify update using Alexa

Hey guys, here is my experience until now with a Playbar and an Echo Dot after the Spotify Update. I can now successfully launch playlists, songs and artists from Alexa but I see a different behavior...

Sonos One Mic Sensitivity and Lack of Pairing

Just picked up the Sonos One (My 6th Sonos Speaker)... and I am super disappointed about the mic sensitivity. I placed the new Sonos One is the same exact place where my Echo was.... and I have to re...

Play 5 with Alexa?

Any timeline on if the Play 5 is coming with Alexa built in? I just got the One and I'm pretty hooked.


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