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New sonos recommendations

Hi, I am looking to set a up sonos in a 30 sq meter rectangular room. I am looking at two option, 1) stereo pair of play 3 and a sub. 2) stereo pair of play 5 and sub I like my music loud a of good q...

Bridge OR Boost?

So, decided to move a ZP80 (Connect) that is now connected to my router and is used only to feed my 5 Sonos components (need pushing signal into an amp/receiver anymore - just plugged into router) to...

Undecided on next purchase

Need some advice people. I currently have 2x play 1's paired in my kitchen which I'm happy with. I also have a play 3 in my living room which doesn't seen as loud at the same level as my pair play 1s,...

HELP > Setting up my home system

I just moved and want to set up my apartment with Sonos. This is what I currently have: - Record Player (no pre-amp) - Flatscreen TV - two Play:1 speakers I am in the market to buy more sonos product...

Looking to Expand...Suggestions?

I'm looking to expand my Sonos system. Currently I have the Playbar and Sub set up in my living room. If I want to go for surround sound, would you recommend two Play 1's or two Play 3's? Also, some g...

Help me configure six rooms...

Hi there. I have maxed out my A/V Marantz receiver in terms of zones, and would like to add more. People tell me Sonos is the way to go. I tried going to a store to ask them, but clearly went to the w...

Compose a new stereo image

Hello, I need your help. I live in a small flat, two rooms, with neighbours, 65 m2. The living room is opened in the corridor and in the kitchen, 30 m2. I have a sonos play 5 now . Before I had big b...

Where can I buy sonos sub in Hongkong?

Dear Sonos, where can i buy a sonos SUB in hongkong? 

Using wi-f- extender/booster

Hi, I am looking to get a wi-fi extender/booster to give better wi-fi coverage in my kitchen and more importantly, garden. Are there any issues with using a wi-fi extender in a household that has So...

New home construction and Sonos

Hello everyone! We are in the process of having a new home built and my wife and I are looking at whole house audio solutions.  We were planning on having speakers wired into the ceiling in our...

New PC arriving. Any advice?

I don't anticipate any problems but I have a new pc arriving soon and wondered if there is anything I need to be aware of. I assume I just download the Sonos controller for Windows and that's it? No n...

Sonos India

hi i am confused between bose sounddock 10 and sonos 5. i have heard the sondock 10 at bose show room and it sounded almost great. i have not heard sonos 5 but have seen awesome reviews of the same...

NAS drive - which Synology to buy

NAS drive - having recently bought a Sonos system (great!) I want to add a NAS drive - have researched and decided to go for Synology as they sound awesome, but not sure if I can get away with the mos...

What's the best Sonos outdoor speaker system

Hi all. I'm new. Be gentle. I'm trying to design a speaker system for a detached patio and pool area. That area wouldn't be physically connected to my indoor system. I would like it to drive a...

Bose lifestyle base unit

I have a play 1 and looking to get another, is there any way that I can hook up just the sub woofer unit only from Bose lifestyle system? What extra would I need? Thanks

Whats the difference between a bridge & a boost ?

Thanks guys

Why does SONOS not respond to the reviews on their own website

I am debating going with SONOS but I am very disappointed that they don't respond to reviews on their own site. Not to mention in order to comment, they make you go through Facebook. Very poor busines...

What Hi-Fi? Sonos: everything you need to know

Great write up from What Hi-Fi on sonos and other multi-room systems. http://www.whathifi.com/news/sonos-everything-you-need-to-know

Bridge or Wifi??

I just added a bridge to my existing Sonos system which was using my wireless network. How do I know if my players are using the bridge or wifi?

Sonos house on web page

Hello, First let me tell you I love my Sonos system!  I have Sub, Play bar, 2 x play 5 and  play 3 and play 1.  Works great and I will be getting more soon. I friend of my is intereste...

Router Suggestions

I need to get a new router and want to make sure that I purchase one that will be compatible with my SONOS. &nbsp

Sonos in Ceiling speaker system

Hello All, Newbie here and helping a friend design his home audio system. The house has 18 ceiling speakers all together. All rooms have built in volume controls and believe the speakers to be 4 ohms...

I have a sonos bridge and speakers. Do I need to buy a connect amp in order to stream records on Vinyl Play to various sonos speakers?

buying from eBay

Hi, I've noticed several uk sellers are selling the sub quite a bit cheaper than the rrp. If I buy one brand new through eBay, will I still be covered by the sonos warranty? Thanks


Bought the Playbar and went to YouTube and played some bass tests. Amazing bass coming out of the playbar without a sub. My room was vibrating. I am in a 10x12 room so I really don't think I need a su...


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