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General New Purchase/Integration Questions

Have a couple questions/comments before I make any purchases, so thanks in advance for the help. I currently have a Denon AVR-X1000 receiver with a Definitive Technology ProCinema 600 system connect...

2x Play3 + Sub, or 2x Play5

Buying our first wireless home audio system, playing music in the 13x20 living room. Wondering whether you experienced users would recommend we get 2x Play3+Sub or 2x Play5. Our family music tastes a...

Playbar + Play:5

I want to use songs primarily for playing audio via my computers, but I also want to use it with my TV for home theater. Could I use: 1 sonos playbar to hook up to TV via optic cable 1 sonos play: 5...

One Play:3 or two Play:1?

Greetings, With the current Play:1 deal of two for one, it's not that much more expensive to buy two Play:1s for almost the same price as one Play:3. Considering that - is there any good reason to ge...

New Home System

I am building a new home and having speakers installed during construction in three separate zones. I am trying to figure out which component(s) I will need to power this system. I would like to run...

Playbar for music?

Hi all, I am thinking about getting a few sonos speakers in the future and I've been trying to decide which ones to get. To start off, I would like to set up a good system in my living room for both...

How is organisation these days?

Hi all, Thinking about getting into Sonos now that lossless audio exists and hard drives are cheap, but I'm a bit concerned by some of the things i've read about the controller regarding organisation...

What to get

we currently have a Denon music system with surround system and thinking of getting Sonos, any advice gratefully received.

Play 1 Set, Play 3, or new Play 5

I am getting Sonos for my living room and kitchen area, which is shaped like a square U, with wall in the middle coming down from the top of the U. The only wall I have to put Play 1's near each othe...

Augmenting In House Speaker System with SONOS for Whole Home Audio and Home Theatre Audio

I'm interested in augmenting my in house speaker system with SONOS products. Currently I have the upper level of my home wired with in ceiling speakers all home run to a media panel in my basement. T...

Bridge or boost??

I have just purchased a play bar and 2 play 1's. The play bar is directly under the tv not connected to the router and the 2 play 1's are behind the sofa not connected to the router. Can't seem to fin...

Starting from scratch for DH.

My DH has been fascinated with home theatre and whole home sound but has never taken the plunge. I am contemplating Sonos for Christmas gift. I think he would enjoy home theatre system with speakers...

The best configuration for me ?

Hello everybody. I have an Ipad Air 2 and a Plasma TV. I would like to : - have a home cinema system in my living room so I can see a movie - listen to my music in my kitchen from my Ipad or Laptop...

New To Sonos

Hi All, First of all I am brand new to wireless speakers and streaming so I am going to need all the help I can get. So, heres the deal, we are soon to immigrate to New Zealand, so buying Sonos i...


'if i purchase the sound bar, sound being played on it from the youtube app on the smart tv , will this be heard on a play 3 in the kitchen and also a play 1 in the bedroom'.

Attaching a TV and record player to Sonos

Hello, I'm about to buy my speakers but wanted to get an opinion of what exactly I need. I have a TV and record player that both output to speakers via a headphone jack but also have phono sockets i...

Connect or Connect:Amp?

We currently have a Play5 and a Play1 in our upstairs living room. I'm looking to upgrade our downstairs system as a Christmas present for my husband. We have a Yamaha receiver and 4 Bose bookshelf sp...

Newbie questions

I own two Play 1s in bedrooms that i've been happy with. I also own two Apple TV's (3rd gen) and an Airport Extreme and an Airport Express (as wifi extender). I'd like to be able to Airplay from my...

Need to know what to get to connect to or replace a Bose Lifestyle system

I have a Bose Lifestyle system with wired 5.1 surround sound speakers and also 2 pair of wired outdoor speakers. I'd like to change to wireless surround sound speakers, but also keep my wired outdoor...

? In new Play 5s

I have two Play 3s with a sub in my living room. Am thinking about buying two of the new Play 5s to pair with the sub tonight. Will I obtain a big improvement in sound quality? I like my current set u...

where to start -which sonos/how many

Hi all, My husband and I are totally new to the Sonos world and don't really have a clue which speakers we need for our house. We ideally want to have sound in the lounge (3m x 5m) and our open kitc...

playbar + sub or playbar + 2x play1

Hi. What should I start of with. I want to have great sound when watching tv or play music but can't decide between surround or playbar with sub What would you choose?

setup for living room space - balancing music listening and home theater

Hi all, I am looking to upgrade my home sound system - a mix between music listening and watching movies (more for music listening, but hoping to find a setup that suits both needs for my living room...

Newbie needs advice

Hi. Thinking of getting a Sonos system now the house is finished. I have a vinyl and CD collection, a turntable with pre-amp but no CD player. In the future I will want a CD player so what would be be...

Does the ConnectAmp replace a receiver?

We are building a new home and the builder's A/V contact guy is not proving skilled or helpful in explaining possible configs. It's an open floor plan with wiring above the mantel for the TV and we a...


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