in ceiling speaker recommendation

  • 11 September 2021
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Hello Everyone,

Our new house is wired for speakers and the holes are already cut, any recommendations for wired speakers?

Important elements:

  • two zones, one for TV and music, one just for music
  • each zone has 4 speaker holes
  • Holes are ~ 9.5”
  • no power at the speaker locations, only speaker wires 




2 replies

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These Polk Audio RC80i speakers are pretty popular and affordable:

NOTE: If you want to use the Sonos Architectural by Sonance in-ceiling speakers, your holes are cut too large. They use 8 1/4” diameter holes.

Also, in-ceiling speakers are usually not recommended for the front channels in a home theater setup. You should consider using only two of the in-ceiling speakers as rear surrounds for the TV zone and power them with a Sonos Amp. Then get a Sonos sound bar like a Sonos Arc or Beam for the front channels and add a Sonos Sub to complete the system.

Is there a room above the speakers? If so, do you need to limit sound feeding through the floor above? Enclosed speakers will reduce (note that I said “reduce”, not “eliminate”) transmission through the floor. Stuffing insulation around the speakers will help too.