recommendations for a new addition to tv-speakers


I'm looking for a speaker or other solution, that can give me that center speaker effect for my current setup. You know.. to get Nice clear voices in the Sound. 

My setup right now is: Sonos Amp with 2 third party speakers and a third party subwoofer.  is this possible or is this a lost battle?



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You cannot add a dedicated center channel speaker to your Sonos Amp setup. The Amp can only create a phantom center channel using the left front and right front speakers. If you want a solution for “nice clear voices”, I would recommend adding a Sonos soundbar like a Beam or Arc. You could then use your Amp and third-party speakers as rear surrounds. Although you would be unable to use your third-party subwoofer in this setup.

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My ears aren’t great and I find the voices in the Arc and Beam, even with speech enhancement on a bit weak.

There is no real way to improve the center channel’s volume although it has been suggested.

Okey thank you guy’s.. :-(

i had brifly connected a Sonos Playbar with my AMP-setup, and if it was not for the echo it made, the Sound was great..


but i just have to return the playbar Then :-(

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The echo would go when you set up the system as a surround system.

The echo would go when you set up the system as a surround system.

Yes, i was just trying to avoid that, because i Then would have to loose the subwoofer if i chose that option. :-/