Sonos Surround Set-up

  • 13 September 2021
  • 2 replies

I own a Beam, 2 Sonos one and a Sub, I love watching movies and listen to music. What's your best setup for the speakers? I've found myself lowering the volume of the sub and having the volume of the one's all the way up. I'd love to read the setup of your choice. 

2 replies

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I own the same set up - just that one of the surrounds is a One SL, but that does not matter. I did not change anything after Trueplay. System is set to "Full” for music playback.

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Same here, ran TruePlay and set music mode to Full and I’m very happy with the setup.

I use the same setup on my Beam and Arc in different rooms.


We usually have voice enhancement on in TV mode and really wish Sonos would allow us to raise the volume level of the center channel.