Bricking my old Sonos gear

  • 15 September 2021
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I just purchased a Sonos Roam - probably my 9th piece of Sonos equipment. I tried to hook it up to my system and basically it says that I cant connect this thing unless I throw out all my old SONOS gear. Are you guys short on money or something? This just seem pretty pathetic for a real company to brick all their old equipment. My father has Bose speakers from the 70 that work great.... I just cant believe you would do this to your customers. Is there any way to just listen to this thing with my blue tooth or do I need to register and have the app? What about my friends... Do they need to register and have the app too? If I want to listen to this at my friends house and he has existing Sonos can I use it without him having to brick his old Sonos gear? So many questions abut your goal here??

2 replies

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Not true.
It says the old computers in your older kit are maxed out and cannot support new features. So new gear can only run on the newer S2 environment. You can still run your old S1 system. There is no bricking of the old. 

The odd thing is that the OP’s profile lists Sonos Five --- which will only run S2 -- alongside Play:5/gen1 -- which will only run S1.


@NickelPlateRoad Assuming you have legacy components running S1 and don’t want to replace them, your option is to set up a new S2 system comprising just the Roam. Use the S2 app and tell it create a new system. If it gets confused then turn off your existing S1 kit temporarily.

This will get the Roam up and running. You can use it as a Bluetooth speaker, or with the S2 app (or voice control) when it’s on the network.