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Sonos Controller for Ubuntu

Please release a version of the Sonos controller software that is compatible with Ubuntu / Debian based Linux distributions. I can't believe it's not possible to control my Sonos system from my Ubuntu...


Losing our two CR100s will be the most devastating thing to happen to our household. My ONE YEAR OLD can play his favourite music by just pushing the button over and over again. My 7 year old will no...

Recalibrate Trueplay

Looking for the procedure to re-run the Trueplay calibration.

Volume limit feature

Add the ability to set a PIN protected volume limit per zone.

Google Home

Google Home and Google Assistant with Sonos

Constant Updates REALLY ANNOYING

Who else is getting sick and tired of constant requirement to reconfig and update Sonos Controller SW. Im a LONG TIME Sonos use, love the simplicity, but the bugginess/constant need to upgrade every...

Use lowest speaker volume on grouping speakers

Hi Sonos, Usability suggestion. A problem I'm having while grouping speakers, is that on grouping speakers, some have a way higher volume setting than other, making the sounds explode in my room -...

Reconnect all players when starting

Every time I go to use my Sonos whether through the app or the sonos controller i have to unplug speakers and reboot then reconnect. Is anyone else having the same problem and if so is there a fix

Shuffle and Repeat not working

My shuffle and repeat songs icons are greyed out and I cannot use these functions. I am using a MacBook Pro. I've never had this problem before. Any ideas on how to fix this? I like to shuffle my...

Easier access to large music library

Since Sonos killed my CR100s I am using Phonos on my Windows phone much more. It is much easier to use, because right at the start there is an "alphabet selector" - you choose a letter of the alphabe...

Third party control apps? (iPhone preferably).

Hi all, just curious, my wife won't use the Sonos kit on the house. She says the Sonos controller app is too hard to understand. What aspect she finds to hard, I am unable to say as she won't even lau...

Must have PASSWORD PROTECTION to our business Sonos setup

Yes we have guest WiFi, but employees are on internal WiFi to access fileservers and resources. And no one has Admin access to install the Sonos app BUT Spotify has now added a Sonos feature and Spoti...

Password to avoid guests changing music

Hi Let's say i'm having a party, and my Sonos is playing the music. Many of my guests are friends that earlier has gotten access to my WiFi. During the party, these guests could download Sonos Control...

Sonos speaker isn't appearing on Spotify connect

Up until a few days ago, I had no problem playing music directly from Spotify to my speaker. The room now doesn't appear on Spotify connect, how can I fix this?


Such a shame my life line is going. I have 2 working CR 100’s. They have recently been the ONLY way to upgrade SONOS during upgrade issues. Now I’ve received an email saying I’ve to disconnect t...

Unable to connect to music service

Hello - I just got a Sonos Playbar and Sub a few months ago. At start, everything was great. I updated it a few weeks ago and ever since I lose connection only when playing music. This happens about 2...

Allow multi-select in Queue Edit.

Deleting a large number of entries from the queue is a real pain. Push the red minus icon, push delete. Repeat. Repeat. Argh! Using a multi-select interface like the standard iOS mail app where yo...

Adding to a playlist while away from home

often i am away from home and hear music that i know is on my sonos and i think "i will listen to that when i get home" ... but have now way of recording that fact ... so just seeing what other people...


I was doing a little research on Sonos and Amazon Echo integration. Most of the articles talk about how Sonos will support Alexa in 2017. That the integration will be impressive and the two services w...

how do i play music from my computer through the sonos speaker?

using an hp desktop with the sonos play:3. i want to stream music from itunes on the desktop through the sonos speaker.

Can't tell albums from singles, or what release dates are

Look at the screenshots. This is the iOS app. No way to distinguish release dates, can't sort by them, can't tell an album from a single from an EP. It's all guess work. Some of us still like listen...

Sonos Controller for Mac

Hi, Could I ask if the Sonos Controller for Mac will be updated to incorporate Touch Bar support and possibly widgets? The reason why I ask this is that the app looks old when compared to modern app...

playing different music on separate sonos units at the same time

i have 2 play 5 units and some play 1 units. I used to be able to play different music in different rooms at the same time but can no longer do that. If I put music on in one room and someone else wan...

TV remote - changing group volume

I have a semi open-plan living area with Soundbar, Sub and 2 x Play1 speakers (set to surround) in the living section, then 1 x Play1 in the kitchen area which also contributes to the overall surround...

Android phones intermittently disconnect

Hi My s6 constantly loses connection to all my sonos speakers. It is still connected to the wifi, I can browse the internet just fine. My partners LG G4 can still connect to the speakers. However h...


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