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Sleep timer on IOS controller

Sleep timer counts down but doesn’t switch off Tune In radio on Play 1 any longer. This has only stopped working in the last couple of weeks. Set sleep timer for 1 hr, wake up with radio still playing...

Recently Added Music List

I would like a method to keep track of recently added music. I used to do this with my CD's. Instead of immediately filing new CD's with my existing CD's, I would leave them in a pile next to the CD p...


Losing our two CR100s will be the most devastating thing to happen to our household. My ONE YEAR OLD can play his favourite music by just pushing the button over and over again. My 7 year old will no...

Alarm and version 9.2

The alarm feature doesn't seem to work as well after the latest update (version 9.2) (at least not on the Android app interface). I can still set the alarm, and it goes off at the right time, but i no...

Spotify not in 'search music library'

I have Spotify set up to play through my Sonos system and it works flawlessly on the iOS app. I do have issue with the app on my Mac though. While it recognizes Spotify is added as a music source, w...

Problem with songs skipping to next song before done

I am using my iPad to access the Sonos app. I am trying to listen to an album and the songs keep skipping to the next song before they are done??

Chrome Extension for SoundCloud : Add To Sonos Queue

Just got a ChromeBit for the home office, so I can browse to Facebook and other sites blocked by my work laptop, and not have to deal with its VPN, which doesn't let me cast to my home network. Found...

Error 1002

I've been a Sonos user for 4 years, yet still the same issues recur. Once again I have the unable to add music folder \\Computer Name\Music with error 1002.. This was working great just a few days, n...

Mac Notification feature

Song titles pop up in notifications when I'm playing the TuneIn radio stations I like. They stick around for the duration of the song only. They're bound to be savable some how so the radio stations...

Virtual Rooms

This is a software update suggestion to Sonos. I'd like to be able to set what I would call "virtual rooms". For example, in a virtual room I name "Downstairs", I assign all the speakers on that flo...

Sleep timer improvement

I find the lack of timer increments a problem. Increments of 15 minutes up to 1 hour and then a jump to two hours isn’t great. Options for 75mins, 90mins, 105mins would be great (or just allow me to...

Cannot reconnect sonos one to hotspot services

I have a sonos one that connects to my iPhone hotspot. It works fine at the start, but if I take the phone away/turn off the hotspot, when I turn my phone's hotspot back on, it won't connect to my pho...

Multiple Wifi networks (connected to same LAN)

I have a new set up at home where I have two WIFI networks running. Let's call one PARENTS and one KIDS. I have the KIDS on a schedule so it shuts down at 9PM and comes back on at 6AM. It is no differ...

Volume decreases by itself

Hi. When raising volume above about 75% it lowers itself down to roughly 75% again. It does this in Sonos App and in Spotify connect. Extremely annoying What to do?

chromebook and sonos

acer chromebook 14 cb3-431 according to google this chromebook runs google apps . when i install the sonos app it will not connect to the internet even if sonos is running on my phone i would real...

can you rearrange the order of favourites

the sonos pc app stores your favourites alphabetically - how can you change the order to your own choice?

Frequency of Sonos updates

How often annually does Sonos update the applications? It seems that every time I turn on Sonos app (PC or Android), it is always wanting to do an update. This has become more and more frequent. Yes,...

Genius playback using music stored on NAS

Recently purchased some sonos speakers, awesome sound. Only thing I miss when using sonos is the functionality of genius playlists that I used to use through itunes. I've got a McMassive music librar...

"Now playing" not shown in iphone (Sonos beam)

When i play music from the Sonos app (like spotify), When i shut down the window and then wake it up again "Now playing" is not showing. I can only change volume to go into the Sonos app and from ther...

Password to avoid guests changing music

Hi Let's say i'm having a party, and my Sonos is playing the music. Many of my guests are friends that earlier has gotten access to my WiFi. During the party, these guests could download Sonos Control...

True tune for Android

When will true tune be available for android products?

Speaker password feature needed ASAP!

Sonos please task one of your engineers with adding a password option to the Sonos system just like Apple has done with their Homepods! Airplay2 is a game changer when it comes to an open system like...

Password protection for zones/ rooms

Hi! I have play 1s and a play 5 setup over 4 rooms. My 3 yr old keeps fiddling with my phone and starts playing music in one room or the other at odd hours. Is it possible to password protect each r...

HomeKit Support

Will there be any chance, that Sonos will support Apple HomeKit in the future?

Is there a basic user manual for the controller app? (sorry)

I have searched around with no luck. I am looking for a basic controller app user manual or tutorial - NOT the limited sub-topic-specific videos. I would like to just take the time to go through all...


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