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Sonos/what is going on?

Seems to me that it takes too much effort to keep Sonos products working properly.

Why the account setup?

I have had a sonos setup for years. Today I get a message on my controller telling me to “finish setting up my sonos account” to CONTINUE using my system. Help me understand why I paid thousands for t...

Muting all Sonos devices

I am unable to mute both my Playbase and my Play:1 with my remote. This was working fine for a while. Now, just the Playbase mutes when I use the remote. Both devices are tuned to my TV, but my Play:1...

Android 8.6 Battery Drain and Windows 8.6 Issues

After the last update, the Sonos app on my Pixel 2 (Android 8.1.0) has been the single biggest battery drain, causing a noticeable reduction in my battery life at the end of the day. It says most of t...

Create Administrative Rights

Sonos...please create an administrative function that will enable a password protection capability to lock devices and restrict volume levels. I have 35 devices and wish to enable a volume level cont...

Hey Siri not working

I have upgraded my Sonos and the speakers appear on my HomeKit ( on my iPad only. Not on my phone for some reason). I thought this would b enough to trigger a response when saying : hey Siri. But noth...

After Controller Update, Cannot Load Pandora Stations

This morning, my controller performed an automatic update, and after that, I cannot load any Pandora radio station. I've gone to my Android tablet & used the Sonos app -- I can't even SEE Pandora. H...

Sonos One & AirPlay2

I have a few older Sonos Products on my Network, alongside 1 Sonos One (3 x Play:1, and 1 x Play:3). The Sonos One is grouped into a downstairs 'Group' (1 x Play:1, 1 x Play:3 & 1 x Sonos One), the re...

"Finish setting up your Sonos account to keep using your Sonos system"

Dear Sonos, please clarify: Is this a threat to disable my 4-figure Sonos setup unless I submit to your updated terms and set an account?

Trying to leave SONOS beta

Hi, I'm trying to leave the SONOS beta as can't install the app on iOS devices. I'm receiving the attached error when accessing the Beta page on the website. Please advice how I can leave the beta....

My system now useless after update!

So.. after being FORCED to update the app my system is now completely unusable. EVERY TIME I start the app it tells me I need to update. An update which, by the way, HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY EQUIP...

Siri says "I can't play that in the kitchen"

I picked up a Sonos One today after learning of the Airplay 2 support. Everything is working great with older speakers. I'm trying to use Siri on my phone to launch music. It is setup in the Kitche...

Cant start Sonos after update

Have updated sonos controller on iphone and iPad. Every time i start the controller it still says that i have to update and it takes me to AppStore where i can see sonos dont need to be updated. There...

How do I shuffle stations in sonos favorites?

How do I shuffle stations in sonos favorites? I have favorites from many sources (My music library, Spotify, Pandora)

Sonos controls on iphone locked screen.

The sonos controls (volume, skip, play) on iphone locked screen disappeared after the last update. I used this function alot when it existed. Is it possible to fix this?

Music from iphone cutting out

Songs being played from my iphone are cutting out and not being played in full. Its skips to the next song, plays part then skips again.

Continuous update ------ I am tired of it

I just want to let know Sonos that I am fed up with all the perpetual updates and password requirement (it is only a music system for christ sick not my online bank....). I am sure that commercial peo...


Losing our two CR100s will be the most devastating thing to happen to our household. My ONE YEAR OLD can play his favourite music by just pushing the button over and over again. My 7 year old will no...

Add search results to a playlist

I would like the ability to add all of my search results to a playlist, or even a way to replace the queue with them. Using android software version. Looks like i can only add one song at a time.

Hej sonos

Se så for f..... og få den opdatering til airplay 2 ud ... den er jo færdig , så se dog og kom igang

Music library no longer showing track numbers; tracks showing alphabetically

Hi I have FLACs stored on a Vortexbox and use Bliss for music management. Recently (not sure exactly when, but within last few weeks) the track numbers that normally display on the LH side when view...

Sonos - Silly Product Update Mistake by your Developers!

I have a Sonos 3 on my ground floor and a Sonos 1 on my 2 floor. Without the lock screen access from my iPhone it just make both agonizing, arduous, tedious, excruciating (add more as appropriate) t...

sonos 9 bug - unresponsive

since upgrading to sonos 9 the app becomes unresponsive on the iphone if you switch to another app and back again , or even just press the home button , the music continues to play without a problem...

Forced Updates

Sonos forced updates. I do not want updates. I bought the equipment, It is mine to use. I should not be forced to update the software, especially with such poor reviews of of the current software....

Apple Watch no longer acts as media controller for Sonos App on iPhone 7+ ...

Ok, After the frustrating multiple attempts at update to system, my Apple Watch no longer controls the media on my iPhone Sonos App. This was great because I could control volume and skip to next ite...


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