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Extending the 65k library limit

Not sure if this has been suggested before but couldn't find anything so apologize in advance if so: Has anyone done this as a workaround for the 65k track library limit? I have close to 500k tracks...

Low Volume Control Very Poor

The lack of sensitivity of the low level volume control makes adjusting the volume at low level very difficult/impossible. We like to have music playing softly in the background at times. It is di...

Feature request - Android support on ChromeOS / Chromebook

Reading through the forum several users have reported Sonos Controller App for Android to work before on ChromeOS / Chromebooks, however, it does not any more. I would like to request official suppor...

Android app & DLNA server - add whole playlist/album/artist to queue

I would like to be able to use the Sonos Android app to select music to play. I have my music on a DLNA server (MediaMonkey) and I am able to browse the library in my Sonos app. However, I'm only able...

Stream from iPad DJ Apps to Sonos. iDJ2 & Traktor. INSTANT PARTY

This seems like a no brainer to me. DJ Apps on the iPad are great, but sound output is limited, you have to be cabled. I Believe if this was a reality i would have already bought 2 more play 5 to r...

Plans to support Cortana?

Given that Google Assistant is coming, I was wondering if supporting Cortana on the One is on the books?

Feature Request: alarm clock Groups

Hi, is it possible to change the rule for grouping of speakers within alarm settings. Could Sonos create a group when alarm starts but group is not there?

Alarms - Grouped Rooms

New feature request. Would be nice addition to the alarms function if instead of just being able to have grouped rooms included in the alarm, being able to select which rooms to group for the alarm....

Sonos Sucks .. App is awful .. so frustrating

Quit taking our money.. fix it ... what’s the deal?

Sonos Controller for Ubuntu

Please release a version of the Sonos controller software that is compatible with Ubuntu / Debian based Linux distributions. I can't believe it's not possible to control my Sonos system from my Ubuntu...

chromebook and sonos

acer chromebook 14 cb3-431 according to google this chromebook runs google apps . when i install the sonos app it will not connect to the internet even if sonos is running on my phone i would real...

Android Sonos controller cant show any files on the device

Hello Everybody, I recently purchased a DAP running android 6.0.1, in which I have put a micro sd card (formatted as external storage) to expand its memory. All files are in the "Music" folder on...

connecting new laptop to excisting sonos system

My old laptop died today and I was using sonos through that. I have downloaded the app on another laptop which was fine but it cant find the speakers, however I have connected my mobile successfully a...

Sonos Favorites NEEDS the Line-In as a selection!! It's easier for family!

Please add where we can use the Line-In selections as a Sonos Favorites! It's easier for family to select a Favorite than to know what Line-In means. Thanks!!!!!

Allow more than one speaker per room group

Apparently this is a popular request so I’m adding my voice. I have multiple speakers in one room (Play 5 and a stereo pair of One). I want to assign them all to the same room (permanent group). This...

Airplay on a Mac

I am an Apple ignoramus. My wife wants to use iTunes on her Mac to send to our Sonos system using Airplay. However the Sonos support page just talks about iPad/iPhone w.r.t. Airplay and when I look on...

Feature request: shortcut to quickly group all speakers

I often have to switch between putting music on one speaker and on all of my speakers. It's a bit cumbersome, it would be great to be able to group all speakers via a Siri shortcut on iOS or a quick a...

Google Home

Google Home and Google Assistant with Sonos

Why do I need to sign in

Why do I need to sign into a Sonos account to add a speaker? Sonos speakers disappear regularly then I would just go in an add them again. And now, this PITA has been made worse by making me sign in...

Cannot reconnect sonos one to hotspot services

I have a sonos one that connects to my iPhone hotspot. It works fine at the start, but if I take the phone away/turn off the hotspot, when I turn my phone's hotspot back on, it won't connect to my pho...

Problem grouping speakers - AirPlay 2

Hi! I have two Sonos One. I’ve added them to the Home App in the same room but still can’t choose room, have to choose each speaker separately when playing. Help someone!

Theft protection / Activation lock

Hey there, does Sonos have any kind of (non-physical) theft protection? Since I registered all my speakers with my Sonos account, this could be possible. Are there any plans for this? I'm thinking o...

Wi-Fi emissions

Can you make your Sonos have no Wi-Fi signal at all? My step had has been reading that Wi-FI and EMF are bad for you. so I’m not allowed to buy anything that as a Wi-Fi Signal. Any suggestion?

Time to Dump Sonos?

I have 3 Android controllers running Android Vers 5, 6, and 8. Since the last update they freeze constantly - all of the devices have now displayed "Sonos has crashed 20 times in the past week. Unins...

App Freeze caused by bad WiFi on router

Just struggled through a problem with the Sonos App for ios and android. It was intermittently freezing up for the customer. Usually you could cause the error by pressing the phones home key to put So...


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