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Losing our two CR100s will be the most devastating thing to happen to our household. My ONE YEAR OLD can play his favourite music by just pushing the button over and over again. My 7 year old will no...

Recommend a CR200 replacement please

I have 2 x CR200s and find them wonderfully easy to use, and so convenient as they just sit in their cradles. I have of course had a replacement unit due to touchscreen failure, and now the second o...

Feedback on new app

I would like to issue my feedback: Oh my gosh the new app, sonos website + forum are very complex! I could easily list a number of fundamental user interface rules that are broken, and many interfac...

Forced Updates

Sonos forced updates. I do not want updates. I bought the equipment, It is mine to use. I should not be forced to update the software, especially with such poor reviews of of the current software....

Is Wyred 4 Sound's Sonos Connect upgrade worth it?

I"m a budding audiophile, but also really like the convenience of my Sonos Connect. Has anyone tried the Wyred 4 Sound upgrade to their Sonos Connect, and if so, can they tell me their experience or...

Coupon code "CR100-xxxxx" cannot be applied to your order.

"The gift card code or gift card PIN you entered is invalid. Please double check the number and try again." So first you bribe me to kill off euthanize and landfill my beloved CR100, and then it turn...

How does the new "Detect New Session" feature work in the iOS app?

I can't find any documentation on the "Detect New Session" feature. How does it work?

Mac volume buttons to control Sonos volume (via desktop controller app)

I would like to control the volume of my Sonos (controller) by pushing the standard volume buttons of my Mac. Similar to what you do with the Android volume button (or the iOS volume buttons, I ass...

Mac Keyboard Volume Buttons?

Can anyone help, I am using a Play:3 with the Sonos Mac Controller, the Next/ Previous buttons on my keyboard work fine, but the volume control does not register at all. I am about to wall mount the...

Control Sonos Volume from OS X Menu Bar

We received a request for a new feature that would allow you to control the Sonos volume via the menu bar in OS X. Let us know your thoughts on this and add a +1 if you'd like to see this feature on...

How to control volume in Spotify for MAC?

Hello, today I bought Sonos Play:1. It's really perfect but I have a question. Using Spotify Premium and I want to control volume up / volume down via Apple Keyboard. And another question: is there a...

Volume limit feature

Add the ability to set a PIN protected volume limit per zone.

Sonos Controller PC update to V8.4 - No no access to Itunes Library

I added music to Itunes Library on my PC. Then the Sonos Controller on my PC (Windows 10) would not allow me to update my Music Library, showing the message "that the path is no longer available, or...

How do I sort Pandora alphabetically?

I just ran the most recent update of the controller on Mac (version 8.2, build 39247040). I notice that Pandora created a new subfolder of "My Stations" and inside of that, my stations are sorted by...

How do I control volume on mobile app

I understand how to control the volume from my computer (MacBook Air) using the Sonos Control App. But how do I control the volume in different rooms by using the mobile App. When rooms are grouped...

Connect cannot queue music from my iPhone or iPad

I have two Connect devices. One works perfectly and can access all my music on my iPhone or iPad. The one I just purchased cannot access any of my music. I get an error "an error occurred while add...

A bit more music info in the app?

Don't get me wrong, I love my sonos system and the app. However ... the app is a bit minimal. A couple of options i'd like are 1) A band has 10 albums on your system.. Which was their first one?...

Lower minumum volume level

The lowest volume is too high. I'd like to make use of the sleep-function of the play 3. Works flawlessly, but the lowest volume is still too high. Please set the lowest volume to be less loud, so i c...

Control4 and Sonos Connect

I currently own an EA3 controller from C4 and the Sonos Connect, as well as the playbar and play 1 for two separate zones. The C4 does my 5.1 living room, and a zone in the patio, and one in the mast...

SuonO - Sonos controller app for AppleTV

Looks interesting. Wonder if it properly supports stereo pairs? Also, can it use Siri to search Music? http://www.thegarageinnovation.com/suono/index.html

Restrict access to certain zones

There should be a way to restrict access to certain zones or allow control of certain zones from a specific controller. This is very important when you have children or have guests staying to stop ina...

App keeps loosing iTunes library.

Each time my Mac desktop updates the Sonos controller does not read my music. The path to the library is still visible but the controller does not read the songs. The way I get by is to delete the pat...

Android Controllers and Setup, past the CR100 brick

As many of us are being thrown off of our CR100's, and forced onto an external third party device, please use this thread to say what device you will use or have tried, and advise what settings and co...

Request for a hardware remote control with physical buttons to control Sonos Speakers

Hi, I am posting this in the forum because I have the large hope that somebody from Sonos will read this and perhaps forward it to the development department or to a manager who has some influence in...

Android controller not displaying local Music Library

After update to 8.4. my android controllers are not displaying the Music Library (local smb share on an ArchLinux NAS). Songs off the NAS play fine if I start them from a Sonos playlist that contains...


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