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Wishlist for Sonos Controller Improvements

So on the old ask forum wishlist items would get lost. Thought I would post a topic where people could vote their biggest wish for controller software improvements.

Now Playing Trueplay - Your Impressions

Trueplay is now available for the world to try and we’d love to hear what you think about the tuning. Have you noticed a change in your home? What are your impressions? Personally, I first set up T...

Lost my iTunes

I have an iMac using the highest allowable OS of 10.7.5 because of hardware constraints. Sonos automatic update has removed my ability to connect to iTunes and/or update my library. I'm not going to b...

Amazon Echo controller

I know it's a pipe dream but if you took the new Amazon Echo and used it to control Sonos, that would be unbelievable awesome.

Limit on number of tracks in library too restrictive

For some time I've had a problem with missing tracks on my Sonos. More recently it's been complaining it can't update the library and asking me to delete playlists. Really, I don't think that will hel...


Would be really nice if Sonos could add an intercom feature to your product, such that you could use your mobile device as a mic and be able to intercom into any area with a Sonos component. this woul...

View TV in music mode instead of durround

We love to watch and listen concerts on TV. Sonos automaticly switches to surround sound when receiving a tv signal. We therefore like to have the option to change to music mode when the Sonos recei...

Failure to add music library

I get the same error every time (running desktop client on mac osx)...any help is appreciated: '//AlexMBP/Music' is no longer available. The device where the music files are stored may not be powere...

"Clear Queue" button in app shouldn't stop current song?

Hi there. Quick question / UI concern I have in the iOS app - which I otherwise really enjoy. I would like there to be a way to clear the queue without stopping the currently playing song....

Replacement battery for CR100?

My CR100 now only lasts a few minutes from fully charged. Are there replacement batteries available for it and are they any good? If so, is it easy to replace the battery?

Sonos Favorites NEEDS the Line-In as a selection!! It's easier for family!

Please add where we can use the Line-In selections as a Sonos Favorites! It's easier for family to select a Favorite than to know what Line-In means. Thanks!!!!!

Compilation Tracks not searchable by Artist

Hi Why can't I find a track by an artist that is in a compilation album using the search? Specific example I have the Paloma Faith track I 'Can't Rely on You' with the artist shown as a contributing...

Controller for Roku

I have a Roku Streaming stick and I think it would be great to be able to control your music from your TV!!!

Exclude folders

I think I understand that it is possible to add individual shared folders rather than only a single folder and all of is sub folders. I share the top level iTunes folder because it contains iTunes' li...

Advanced Room Settings missing in iOS App (and no update available)

I am running V 6.2.2 Sonos Controller on iOS. My speakers are all on V6.3. The advanced room setting (for EQ, etc) are no longer present in the Sonos app. As I have read elsewhere on these foru...

End of queue not working

My wife and I are adding songs to our current play list from our library and sonos adds the songs in at random spots. Some times next, so times he n the middle of the list and on occasion at the end....

I demand a Chrome extension. I demand it now.

I want the finest Chrome extension for Sonos known to man. I want it here, and I want it now.

Feature Request: Play Line-In for alarm

I have a Connect tied to a Bose Wave Radio in my bedroom. I run my TV sound though the system via SONOS Line In. I'd like to set an alarm so that the SONOS automatically switches to the Line-In i...

Severe battery drain with Sonos app in iOS

I am seeing very significant battery drain on iOS when using Sonos app. This morning I just used the app for about an hour to play music, and the battery usage report shows that Sonos has consumed 47%...

Is there way to play podcasts at 1.5x or 2x speed?

I am able to play back podcasts from either my computer or from the device itself using sonos software. But I would like to be able to play them at x1.5 or x2.0 speed so that I can get through them...

Tablets, devices for remotes

In my new house, I want to put an inexpensive device in each room just for a remote for Sonos. I'm in the Apple ecosystem, but even on eBay, iPod touches aren't very cheap. Has anyone seen a good An...

Feature Request - cross-fade options

I would like to have options to configure how the cross-fade works. Ideally, there would be two settings for this. How many seconds from the end of the song to start the cross-fade and the length of t...

App Update Available - but cant update!

Everytime I start my desktop PC (Win 10) Sonos app I get the message " Please update to the latest Sonos Controller app". I click update and it fails saying "Desktop controller has failed, please clos...

Unable to connect to Sonos player/Music stops

I am having issues with my Sonos system that seems to have started after the latest update?  It does not matter what device I use to control the system...PC based, tablet based, phone based, w...

Music Library menu disappears from Android Controller Sometimes

Hi, I have a PLAY:1 and it's connected to my music library on my NAS. I have the Sonos app installed on my phone and on my tablet so that I can control the PLAY:1 from either one. I have a situatio...


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