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Now Playing Trueplay - Your Impressions

Trueplay is now available for the world to try and we’d love to hear what you think about the tuning. Have you noticed a change in your home? What are your impressions? Personally, I first set up T...

Wishlist for Sonos Controller Improvements

So on the old ask forum wishlist items would get lost. Thought I would post a topic where people could vote their biggest wish for controller software improvements.

Can't add folder to my music library

Hello, My Sonos music library worked fine for years. But then a few months ago, I couldn't access it anymore. I tried removing and re-adding, but I have never been able to add the library since. I'...

Suggestions for the next release

Please consider the following suggestions for the next release: 1.) Add a Search function within the "Queue" to enable us to search for a track, artist, or album without having to scroll up and do...

Sonos Alarm plays chime instead of Pandora

I have three alarms setup in Sonos. The first is at 7:00 a.m., then another at 11:00 a.m. and the last at 3:00 p.m. They are all configured identically except for the time to go off. Instead of the...

Alexa integration and Apple Music

I received the privacy statement email teasing Alexa integration and I am really excited for that functionality to become available. However, I have a question around how streaming services like Apple...

Windows Vista

Hi there. I have an old version of Windows Vista to control my Sonos at home (besides my iPhone and iPad). But now I can't use it any longer. Is it possible to "DOWN/BACK-date" the PC-controller, s...

Windows Desktop Search All

Why can't I search all sources from the Windows Desktop at the same time? Having to select each possible source really makes the search function painful to use.

why does my sonos app use so much bandwidth

I notice that my Sonos app on my android phone is burning large amounts of bandwidth throughout the night, even though there is no device playing. For example last night MyDataApps reported that the S...

Support for SMB v2 or v3

With all the recent reports and issues with the WannaCry ransomware I wanted to restrict use of SMB v1 on my home network. My NAS blocks this to the outside world but I wanted to secure things interna...

do you have issues with Microsoft and thats why there's no windows app

Image handling suggestion

1. On the iPad controller it is quite difficult to view the full size image (cover art) associated with an album. This is particularly frustrating with classical music discs when quite a lot of useful...

Is Wyred 4 Sound's Sonos Connect upgrade worth it?

I"m a budding audiophile, but also really like the convenience of my Sonos Connect. Has anyone tried the Wyred 4 Sound upgrade to their Sonos Connect, and if so, can they tell me their experience or...

Logitech Harmony Companion for Sonos Connect?

I'm wondering if the Logitech Harmony Companion can be mapped with buttons for individual Sonos Connect areas. This is the more basic Logitech controller, without a screen, at about $150. It include...

How to connect your phone

We have sonos connected to the speakers in our house, but I'm trying to connect my phone to it too so I can control the music that plays on my phone. I've set up the bridge it says anyway, but then it...

Add multiple tracks on iOS Controller

Hi! On the Desktop version of Sonos Controller it's easy to add multiple tracks to a queue. Either I use the tick box for the tracks I want to add or I hold down SHIFT and select either by mouse or...

"Share This Track"

Hello... I used to be able to "Share This Track" from the Sonos App to Facebook via activities. I can no longer use this feature in the Sonos App. Is there a way to get it back?

this app has been blocked by your system administrator

I get the folwling message when running the sonos application on a windows network, please advise?

Mac volume buttons to control Sonos volume (via desktop controller app)

I would like to control the volume of my Sonos (controller) by pushing the standard volume buttons of my Mac. Similar to what you do with the Android volume button (or the iOS volume buttons, I ass...

When will Sonos support Airplay?

Hi Sonos, Please somebody tell us, if and when airplay support will be added. It is definitely possible to do as some people have already written open source code to do it. But it is a hassle to use a...

hi, I am unable to connect to Tunein. I can play music from my Itunes on Sonos though

Recently Added Music List

I would like a method to keep track of recently added music. I used to do this with my CD's. Instead of immediately filing new CD's with my existing CD's, I would leave them in a pile next to the CD p...

Sonos Play 1 + Amazon Echo Dot?!?!

Hey everybody, i have the Sonos Play 1 twice at the moment and im thinking about buying a Amazon Echo Dot. Am i yet able to connect the devices via WIFI? Thanks.

SONOS are you reading this? Please put the controller queue function back how it was!

I've downloaded version 6.4 of the app. What a mistake. To anyone who is about to do it, DON'T DO IT IF YOU LIKE YOUR QUEUE. Sonos please put it back how it was. This new app is so awful I am cons...

Playbar tv volume and music volume.

My TV volume on my playbar seems to be higher up than my music playing on the playbar. So if I have been listing to the TV and then I start play music the volume is very very very loud. Is there a w...


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