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Now Playing Trueplay - Your Impressions

Trueplay is now available for the world to try and we’d love to hear what you think about the tuning. Have you noticed a change in your home? What are your impressions? Personally, I first set up Tru...

Hate this new app 8.0

Just trying this new app on both android tablet and iPad. Still boring but now more difficult to use. Not intuitive or user friendly. I didn't like the app before now I hate it more. SONOS you need to...

At this point maybe a statement from Sonos might be useful.......

This isn't one of those table thumping demands asking Sonos to stand to attention and fix what I don't like. I know these forums don't work like that. However it's been nearly 2 weeks since Sonos'...

Functionality of desktop controller

I am contemplating buying into a wifi sound system, but I find it hard to find information about the functionality of the software to control music playing. I prefer to work on a PC, not a tablet or p...

Plans to support Cortana?

Given that Google Assistant is coming, I was wondering if supporting Cortana on the One is on the books?

Sonos was unable to add the music folder. Reason: Unable to add the shared folder "\\COMPUTER\Music" to your music library (1002).

I have installed the Sonos Controller app on my Windows 7 computer, but when I attempt to add my Music folder I get the following error: Sonos was unable to add the music folder Reason: Unable to add...

Severe battery drain with Sonos app in iOS

I am seeing very significant battery drain on iOS when using Sonos app. This morning I just used the app for about an hour to play music, and the battery usage report shows that Sonos has consumed 47%...

Sonos iOS update is shockingly bad - first impressions

The whole My Sonos feature is confusing. The playlists are confusing, and huge graphics which means hardly any playlists can be shown. Was SO hoping the Mac app would get an update, but no such luck....

New app update horrible, giving a leg up to the competitors

I can only speak for myself, but the SONOS app before 8.0 was near perfect. It was ultra fast, selecting room and what music to play was super intuitive. Everything important was on the same page scre...

New App Upgrade - HORRID

The new interface is nearly impossible to use... it doesn't even make sense how it works in relation to the previous interface which was better than good enough. As someone that has thousands of doll...

Snooze Button or Remote Programmable Button

any one else like to have a snooze button for the Sonos Alarm, ever tried to shut it off when you are not fully awake, have to find a smart device, unlock it, find the app, wait for it to open, find t...

Shuffle always on

Hi, One thing that is annoying is that there is no way to permanently turn ON the shuffle feature. In other words, no matter which playlist I select, I want it to be in SHUFFLE mode. At the moment...

New ios app sucks

I upgraded to app v8 it started by not connecting to my 2 play 3s and 1 play 1, had too set it all up as a new system never had this happen when i have updated app. Also dont like the layout one bit,...

Automatically link an Alexa to a specific Sonos Speaker - Feature request

The title pretty much says it all. I have multiple rooms with sonos Play:1's in them and also with Alexa dots so I'm not about to replace everything. What I would like to do however is to be able to...

Echoing the massive negative feedback on the new Android UI

+100 re: cumbersome sized icons; buried functionality; disappearing menu bar; white-on-white et al. Previous version(s) embodied the SONOS brilliance for both form and intuitive usability. This new...

Please go back to the last app, the update sucks SO bad!

Is there any way to revert back to the last app before the recent update? This latest update is just plain stupid.

New App controller for Android

This new app is a real turn off, not intuitive at all, the colour white against white is awful. Doesn’t flow at all. Sonos, you need to fix this fast

Problem - stuck in an infinite update loop

I went to use the Sonos app this evening and was prompted to check for updates. I was directed to the app store which didn't identify that I wasn't using the latest version, so my only option was to '...


Dear Sonos. Please fix the new UI. I know you hear this a lot and it seems that there are more than a few people that aren’t happy. So here are the specific issues I would suggest you look into. 1....

Controller App on my computer and iPhone won't connect to existing Sonos system since update

My husband updated the sonos controller app this morning and since then I've been unable to connect to the sonos system. I deleted the app and installed the update and it won't find my Sonos system n...

Request: Distinguish between explicit and clean versions

When browsing (Spotify) albums & songs, it is common to see the same album/song listed twice. This is most often because one version is explicit and the other is clean. Unfortunately there is not us...

New app is a big step backwards

The new app is far less intuitive, clunky, extremely difficult to navigate and use. Sonos missed the mark on this. I believe in the KISS principle. I also subscribe to “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix...

Can we be allowed to roll back to old app layout -- the new one is awful

We made a large committment to Sonos in part because my wife could actually figure out how to use it. Now, maybe 6-8 times a day, my wife screams at me across the house that she can't get where she w...

Error when adding Google Play service

When adding Google Play to my sonos, I choose "I already have an account" and click next. An error appears that said I have an invalid link code. It never asks me for id / password. Any thoughts?

Connect lg Smart tv

Cam you help me ti connect play3 with my lg Smart tv wifii connection? Tks


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