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9.0 Version App Keeps Freezing

Since updating my controllers to 9.0, the app keeps freezing up on my iOS devices. I have to close the app and stop it from running in the background before starting it up again. It will briefly work...

New interface is terrible

They have ruined the PC interface.

Controllers Showing Tracks in wrong order and not displaying track number

If this has been addressed then I cannot find it. I noticed whilst playing Diamond Dogs by David Bowie that the tracks were displayed and played in the incorrect track order. I then went into the app...

Feature Request: Export and Import Sonos Playlists

Like many users, we use Sonos in two different houses. We have two NAS's of music that I'm planning on keeping synchronized with RSYNC. What doesn't sync or cant get exported are Sonos Playlists....

Settings Rooms

I have lost "settings rooms" on all my controllers (iMac + iPad) + Sonos app on Huawei.

Continue playing when receiving phonecall

We use Sonos at work. When I receive a call that goes through my iPhone and MacBook, all the speakers on our system turn down (or pause.... not exactly sure which.) How do I set Sonos to NOT pause/t...

Google Home

Google Home and Google Assistant with Sonos

Start Radio - strange restart of current song.

Hi, I think the way the radio function works right now, could need some optimization. If I listen to music (Google Music) and I like a song I often klick the info-icon and choose "Start Radio" but as...

Desktop setup

I just talked to support about how we can not set up a Sonos using a desktop application anymore. Why was this decision made? It seriously handicaps our ability to deploy systems to our customers....

Wrong android app account

Hi all, I'm trying to log into the android controller app but for some reason it's hooked onto my sons account name and I cant seem to log him out, or delete his account name so I can enter my account...

Windows Controller is Black/White, Ugh

New 9.2 Update on PC's - Windows is Black & White, no more deep Blue and no more subtle SonosGlyphics. As also noted in another Topic, the Windows based Controller no longer has the Add Player Option...

Music from iphone cutting out

Songs being played from my iphone are cutting out and not being played in full. Its skips to the next song, plays part then skips again.

Desktop app scroll bar

The scroll bar for the list of albums/artists/tracks etc (right-hand panel) is missing when app is not maximised

Roon Labs Music Server/Player now works with SONOS speakers

In case anyone is interested in this, Roon now works feeding Sonos speakers as of Ver 1.3, released today. (Not seeing 1.3 there yet at download page, but will likely be there tomorrow). I suspect...

Transfer Sonos playlist

Can anyone out there tell me how to transfer my Sonos playlist to my Napster playlist? I’m going crazy trying to do it but I am unsuccessful. Please help!!

Playing without adding to the library?

There was a song I felt like hearing - I could either double click it and play it through the speakers attached to the PC or I could open the Sonos application, go through the menus, then add it to a...

How can I get winamp to work with sonos?

The speakers are great, but I am not a fan of this software. Anyway to get sonos to work with winamp?

Thumbs Up/Down

Thumbs up/down for a song doesn't give the orange thumb to indicate that it's been thumbed before.

Feature request: iOS share sheet support

Please update the Sonos Controller on iOS to accept “Share Song” from Apple Music to send tracks, albums, or playlists directly to the controller without the need to switch to AirPlay2.

Room names

How do I change room names?

Last.FM - No scrobble or double scrobble

I'm using my Sonos since last Thursday, and it all work very great. However, I've got a small problem including my Last.FM music service. I added my Last.FM account on thursday, and it started "double...

The Controller should not be flickering when woken

Playing Sonos from the iPad controller, putting the iPad aside for a while, then picking and waking it up again, the Sonos Controller almost every time either restarts completely (black screen with So...

Identify queue

It seems there is not a way to identify which playlist was selected to play. The queue info/options gives every other type of info about what's playing. If you return to your Sonos controller and see...

iPhone Problems

I'll resurrect this as this is the exact issue I'm having. Only on an iPhone X running all the latest iOS. My wife's iPhone 7 Plus, again, fully updated, works fine. My iPad Pro, works fine. iPhon...

Please restore ability to turn Autoplay on/off from Mac App

I own a fairly elaborate Sonos setup and your removal of the ability to turn autoplay on/off from the Mac app has really impacted the usability of my system. It may not have been used by a ton of user...


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