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Wishlist for Sonos Controller Improvements

So on the old ask forum wishlist items would get lost. Thought I would post a topic where people could vote their biggest wish for controller software improvements.

Now Playing Trueplay - Your Impressions

Trueplay is now available for the world to try and we’d love to hear what you think about the tuning. Have you noticed a change in your home? What are your impressions? Personally, I first set up T...

Alexa Integration? Likely not.

Just walked through Target and noticed a neat little idea they implemented with a brand priduct called Fabrique. $50 wireless speakers designed to integrate strictly with Alexa. They CLEARLY side st...

Why do I need to press the button on a speaker to make a stereo pair?

I've been creating sets of stereo speakers quite a bit lately with 2 Play:5's. I don't really understand why I need to physically push a button (get out of my chair ) when creating the pairing. Whe...

How do I change the e mail address on my sonos account

Add an e mail address to sonos account

new track starts before previous one ends

When playing music from the playlist om my mobile device new tracks start before the current (previous) one ends. What settings do i need to change?

Patiently waiting for Alexa Integration

Anyone else? I am using Yonomi to connect to SONOS, but it is quite buggy... especially if I have my zones grouped, etc. I am PATIENTLY waiting for full integration from SONOS...... hoping it is soon!

Unable to play cloud queue access is denied

Hello, For the last days I've had an issue which happens several times a day. I control my sonos system from a windows 8.1 computer with the sonos and spotify applications. During playback, someti...

SONOS Application

I feel that the Mac/Windows application need a design overhaul as it feels a bit outdated when compared to iOS. Regards.

Administrative Rights

Have kids and lots of sonos? If you do then I'm sure you have faced a scenario where you wish you had control over the max-min volume and content of single or grouped sonos. Does anyone know if this...

Pairing multiple Connect:Amp

Hi y'all... I have eight ceiling-mounted speakers in different rooms, two in each room. I want to add them to Sonos. If I use multiple Connect:Amps, can I pair the Connect:Amps? Thanks!

7.3 Android, Apple Music now fails

Hi, I downloaded my 7.3 update on my Android device ( Samsung S6 Edge ). All has been fine, all has been working until the update. The update ran, updated the speakers, then asked to re-authenticate A...

Adding to queue

Can we please have the option to choose what tapping a song in the list does. It used to be that when I tap the song I would get an option menu to added to the end of the Q, play now and now it just...

Amazon Fire TV with new "Sideclick for TV volume control

I normally use the Harmony Elite to run my entertainment center. My wife prefers the amazon Fire TV remote for voice control. There is a new a new "Sideclick" available from Amazon that snaps on to th...

Snooze Button or Remote Programmable Button

any one else like to have a snooze button for the Sonos Alarm, ever tried to shut it off when you are not fully awake, have to find a smart device, unlock it, find the app, wait for it to open, find t...

How to sort the order of my Sonos Favorites?

How to sort the order of my Sonos Favorites?

How to delete a (duplicate) Sonos account

I find I have two Sonos profile accounts (two e-mail addresses) and want to delete one of them. I cannot find the "Delete account" function in the "My Account" area on Sonos. Where is it? /Wilm

Feature Request: Chronological Album List by date albums are added to my Music Library (newest to oldest).

I LOVE Sonos but Sonos is still missing one very important feature...a list of most recent additions to my music library. Better yet, a complete chronological list (newest to oldest) albums in my musi...

Google Home

I have been wondering if Sonos will be compatible with Google Home as a voice activated controller. Some people talk about it, saying that it works with Amazon Echo, Tap, and Dot, but those run throug...

Amazon Alexa My Speaker App

I just saw this app to enable that claims you can control your Sonos system with Alexa using an application which will only run on Windows 10. They say it is not connected to Sonos. Has anyone tried t...

Volume Control Issues

2 Issues here: - 1st issue is that our volume keeps increasing on its own. I can sit at the computer with the SONOS program open, and watch the bar jump up to max volume on its own. I try to slide i...

windows 10 update

I have started having connection problems on my computer. It stop responding and is slow. It works well form I-pad or IPhone.

Stop Advertising in the sonos app!

Sonos, please stop at once this new advertising from within the sonos app. I did not buy your products so that I could receive marketing from within them. I do not want to open the sonos app and be gr...

Support for SMB v2 or v3

With all the recent reports and issues with the WannaCry ransomware I wanted to restrict use of SMB v1 on my home network. My NAS blocks this to the outside world but I wanted to secure things interna...

Best way to use sonos with linux?

I've installed linux mint 18.1 and moving away from windows but I'm having trouble finding a sonos app for linux. What is the best way to make this work?


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