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Wishlist for Sonos Controller Improvements

So on the old ask forum wishlist items would get lost. Thought I would post a topic where people could vote their biggest wish for controller software improvements.

Now Playing Trueplay - Your Impressions

Trueplay is now available for the world to try and we’d love to hear what you think about the tuning. Have you noticed a change in your home? What are your impressions? Personally, I first set up T...

Patiently waiting for Alexa Integration

Anyone else? I am using Yonomi to connect to SONOS, but it is quite buggy... especially if I have my zones grouped, etc. I am PATIENTLY waiting for full integration from SONOS...... hoping it is soon!

Parental Controls

Is there a button that controls whether Explicit songs are played or not? When it is off and you're listening to an album or playlist, the explicit songs are skipped. That way you can still listen to...

Control Sonos Volume from OS X Menu Bar

We received a request for a new feature that would allow you to control the Sonos volume via the menu bar in OS X. Let us know your thoughts on this and add a +1 if you'd like to see this feature on...

Song jumps randomly to next track before song finished since iOS 10.3.1 update

Never had this issue until iOS update 10.3.1 on iPad Air . But still plays perfect from my iPhone 7 on iOS 10.2.1. Controller software is 7.2

Windows controller crashes after wake

For over a year now, on different machines (of different configuration - the commonality here is Windows), the Sonos client crashes after the OS wakes from sleep. Does anyone else see this?

Android apps now on Chromebooks

On certain Chromebook devices, Android apps are now natively supported in the stable channel of Chrome OS, albeit Google are still labelling this Play Store support as beta: https://9to5google.com/20...

Sonos Favorites have disappeared and unable to add

A week or so ago my Sonos Favorites disappeared and I am unable to add anything. Can anyone suggest what I can do to troubleshoot this? I have the Android app and a Play:1.

Add Album Shuffle

I honestly cannot believe this doesn't exist. I understand that comments about the feasibility of adding features to software without any knowledge of the codebase are typically misguided, but come on...

Cannot add my music library; get the "The computer refused to let Sonos connect to it" message.

After attempting to add my music library, I get the "The computer <my computer name> refused to let Sonos connect to it" message.  I have both configured my firewall, and disabled the fir...

How to switch albums view from tiled view to list view in new phone app?

Where is the setting to view albums as a list instead of a tiled layout? I can't find it. I have a few artists with many, many albums and, when browsing through albums of these artists, having to sc...

Feature Request - cross-fade options

I would like to have options to configure how the cross-fade works. Ideally, there would be two settings for this. How many seconds from the end of the song to start the cross-fade and the length of t...

Set up

T v has no optical output can I connect through sky box ?

Create an App for the Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch

A customer would like to have an App for the Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch. Including full control for the volume, skipping tracks etc. What do you think about it?

Gear 3 Frontier App

Samsung Gear 3

Unable to add music library to Sonos Controller

I used to be able to access my music (all in iTunes) with my Sonos controller; however, it has abruptly stopped working.  When I try to add the folder to my Music Library, I get the error message...

iphone volume buttons not working?

The iPhone volume buttons used to work with the ios app but now don't seem to be working? Anyone else having this issue?

Sonos Controller Draining Battery on iOS

The sonos app is almost always the app that uses the most battery on my iPhone. I barely use it to put the music on sometimes, but even in the background it drains battery. Today it was 32% of my batt...

Anyone using Nuimo for their Sonos system? Please help.

I am looking for separate piece of hardware to control my Sonos system. I keep seeing ads for Nuimo. What can you actually do with this device? Is it just play/stop or can you actually select vari...

Can Software Updates be Mandatory?

I've noticed over the past few software updates that unless updates are done (eventually), functionality starts to disappear. For example, until I accept a software update, my ability to update my mu...

True Play functionality

Hi Team, I see that True Play is only valid on an IOS device. Are there any plans to make it available on Android ?

Panasonic TX LT-42E30B No volume control

Had to reset BT Youview controller with Playbar all else works but volume control on remote. OK though iPhone In Sonos. Any ideas please.

Default Zone

Just a suggestion. Is it possible for Sonos to detect where a Controller is in relation to the nearest zone? If so, is it then possible to default to that zone? I have numerous zones in my house....

Skip a Track using Sonos Android App and Calm Radio

I have a paid subscription to Calm Radio and love listening to this station using my Sonos 1 system. Is there any way to skip to the next track while listening? The skip button is grayed out.


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