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Now Playing Trueplay - Your Impressions

Trueplay is now available for the world to try and we’d love to hear what you think about the tuning. Have you noticed a change in your home? What are your impressions? Personally, I first set up Tru...

How to change Rooms in version 8.2

Looking for steps to control different rooms in your Sonos app? Here's an easy demonstration of how to change which room you're controlling. The red text of the room name pulls up a quick groupin...

"Check your network connection" error message

I've downloaded the most recent version of the Sonos Mac Controller from the Sonos.com site. The Mac App will only display Favorites and songs loaded into the queue from my iPhone. Trying to select a...

Sonos 8 and 8.1 are TERRIBLE.

I’m someone who rarely uses forum boards, but I created an account just to comment on how bad the new Sonos controller app is in hopes that voices will be heard. It is not intuitive, forces the user t...

Sonos watch app

Yes it would be great if Sonos developed a Apple Watch app! WE invest in the sonos product and should have the best up to date compatibility with our devices! Come on sonos don't let us down!

New Android Controller software baffling

Sonos has redesigned its software (at least for Android). Am I the only one who thinks it's baffling, convoluted, confusing, and nearly unusable? version 8.2.2

New Sonos Amp - is simply terrible

The app is not responsive. I cannot turn hardware off in rooms. I cannot control anything. Why did you change this. It was working fine. Rooms don't stay grouped. Rooms cannot turn on an off. What the...

TruePlay on IPhone 8 not yet supported?

Exactly as the title suggests. IPhone running the latest IOS, sonos app updated this morning, still can't use trueplay.

latest controller update (8.2.2)

I am trying to update to the latest controller (as it want let me play anything until i do) on my iMac but keep getting error code 1100. this appears to be "end of tape" how do i fix this. If i uni...

New app

Sonos, please hire a proper information architect for your app development and test it on users to make sure it is intuitive, before releasing it. That is good practice and would save us all a lot of...

CR100 won't connect, but iPad, ZP80, ZP100 are connected and working a-ok!!

Everything used to work perfectly….Then it all stopped working…so, started by rebooting my router. I then hard-wired ZP80 and ZP100 via Ethernet to get them to connect.  SUCCESS! I can now contr...

Sonos account now required just to add a speaker?!

Why am I now being forced to create and link a Sonos account to the controller just to be able to add speakers to the system? There is absolutely no reason why this needs to happen. Poor form Sonos....

Android widgets lose connection

I have three widgets on my android phone, one for each room. The problem is that they don't stay connected, instead I get this message three times instead. Not connected to Sonos. Tap for more info....

Sonos can't connect to my mac for music library on iTunes

Sonos cannot connect to my mac. I have followed all the instructions and very frustrated as I have spent a lot of money on an Audio consultant and the hardware ... and am still playing music on my pho...

An unexpected error occured while importing playlists

I have about 24,000 tracks and 100 playlists on iTunes I ran diagnostics and got code 4436632. Please help me fix this issue. I've tried 5 times now to import my iTunes library. On a Window...

Forced Updates

Sonos forced updates. I do not want updates. I bought the equipment, It is mine to use. I should not be forced to update the software, especially with such poor reviews of of the current software....

Lower minumum volume level

The lowest volume is too high. I'd like to make use of the sleep-function of the play 3. Works flawlessly, but the lowest volume is still too high. Please set the lowest volume to be less loud, so i c...

App feedback 8.2

Are you aiming to create the world's most unfriendly UI? This update is shockingly bad. I can't begin to describe why because it is just rotten through and through, so where to begin? I know that's no...

New app is terrible.

Music playing fine then just stops. Disconnected router, speakers. Won’t work. Thanks for a great friggen update. U guys sucks

Sonos Sucks .. App is awful .. so frustrating

Quit taking our money.. fix it ... what’s the deal?

Why do I need to sign in

Why do I need to sign into a Sonos account to add a speaker? Sonos speakers disappear regularly then I would just go in an add them again. And now, this PITA has been made worse by making me sign in...

UPnP Server Dropping After 8.2.2 Software Updae

My UPnP server started dropping after updating to Controller App version 8.2.2 on a Windows 10 PC. The UPnP server stops playing after a few minutes and disappears from my list of music sources. I hav...

Fading in and out

When I start my system (nine speakers) they usually work find but then begin to fade out and then in. Is it my Internet connection or am I overloading the system?

Please go back to the last app, the update sucks SO bad!

Is there any way to revert back to the last app before the recent update? This latest update is just plain stupid.

Control Sonos Playbar/Playbase volume with more than one TV/Tivo/other remote

I would like to be able to use more than one TV or Tivo or other remote to control volume of Sonos. Kind of a pain if you're holding your tivo remote and navigating with it, but you have to get your t...


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