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In the new 2024 Sonos App :

Where are the alarms settings? 

Where is the service?

Where is the Android widget?

This is a real nightmare. I hope Sonos will fix all that asap because what they did releasing this not finished app is scandalous.

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May 8 and still no android update available for me here in Europe.  Thank goodness.

The new Web app is also a pile of rubbish. 

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is really damn changes 👎

too many steps to accsess. 

I just wanna reach at volume balance control of pairing speakes at first view.


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I have both a Play 5 and Port on my system, but I keep finding in the new app that the Line-in option has vanished from “Your Sources”. Has anyone found a way to get it back without force-quitting the app and restarting? Even that only works 1 in 3 times.

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If you want to prevent the app update from loading on your devices:

Turn off automatic updates




(Scroll a bit further to next section titled "Stop Automatic Updates for Specific Apps")

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dont upgrade!  the new sonos app does not work, its broken..

happy broken sonos day, nothing new in this modern world .


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Gosh….all the posts here and all the fb Sonos forums that just hate the new app. I after reading them will not update the app.

Will Sonos stand up and correct its mistake or turn around and walk away and do nothing? Curious on how it will be handled.

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Can I get the old app back?

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When you adjust the volume in the old app, the volume level will be displayed. Now, the new app has completely disappeared.

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After touting their app update which apparently is terrible for you believe you can get it You can't even contact support about anything they just continue sending you to the chat bot and will I answer the support telephone. Unacceptable for a company that charges hundreds of thousands of dollars for equipment they can't even have their web app interface were correctly just links you back to download the app that's the old version at high hopes the new version would fix all the horrendous issues with this piece of junk system but apparently it's just going to be worse and now you can't talk to somebody about it You can't leave this company is in business I can't believe they're still not even sell products to people and they're obviously use false advertising and lie about what their products can and can't do.

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I wish I had seen the comments made online before updating my iPhone Sonos app this morning. I largely play from my local library and I can no longer see anything in the queue. That's after having had to spend some considerable time finding my way around this supposedly improved user interface. This is an appalling advertisement for a company that I thought prided itself on the high standard of its products. Either let us downgrade or fix these problems quickly Sonos.

What is it about Sonos? They release apps when they are obviously not ready. I am not going to list all the issues. I don’t need to. Sonos knows them.

And, of course, the latest replacement to the Play 1 is not compatible with the older units. Typical.

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With the removal of so many functions to play local music and to use other music services, the new app feels like Sonos wanting to convert its Sonos system to only being speakers that stream Sonos Radio, where they can get ongoing ad revenue, rather than being an actual sound system.  Sad!  If that is the case then shouldn't they just give away the hardware instead of charging a premium.  I may as well go with some decent blue tooth speaker system since I can no longer use the system to play my own music.  No reason that they could not keep original functionality as well as adding new functionality unless they are just trying to force users into an ongoing revenue model.  I don't think Sonos understands its customer base at all.

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Another route to report your experiences


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What are you doing, Sonos?

After decades of happily running first generation ZonePlayers I caved in and forked out too much for inferior hardware just a week ago.

Installed the then good looking S2 app.

Got the upgrade and stuff is gone like the widget on Android. Dark mode gone too. Weird navigation.... So typical for a company that is run by marketeers!

Sigh. I was such a first hour fan untill they started to walk besides there shoes.

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I updated the app last night and oh my god how awful it is to operate via iPhone.

Nothing else has changed on my system, day before everything fine, now new app it lags, then gives error “unable to play track” click again and it plays, but it’s a huge delay.

its made a once great experience really painful and I don’t want to use it at all now.

sorry but that’s how it is.


will see if iPad is same but suspect so.


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Just installed the app on my Android tablet. It’s a little boring with its grey-scale colouring, but overall it does not seem too bad. I get the feeling that it is easier to move between rooms and move music between rooms, something I do quite a bit.

I find that I can edit the start page, and I am told that I can rearrange and remove things. I was able how to figure out to rearrange the items, but how do I remove a bar? (At the very least, I want to drop “Most recently listened to” which I have zero interest in.)

When moving around in the Music Library, I found the option “put on start page” in “Imported playlists”. That would fit me, but I selected that option, I got a new list at the bottom to do the same thing, but whatever, it never happened.

Slightly silly: I my list of Sonos Favourites the seven items are broken up into two lines, 4+3 - despite the tablet having space for all seven in one line.


Note: My references to the functions in the controller may be inexact, since I have translated them from Swedish.


And, yeah, it’s a little funny that they release the new controller without all functionality that is in the old controller. I keep the old controller on my phone for another while, and I also have a Windows controller.

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Hello everyone

Just upgraded phone to new S2 and noticed missing features from previous S2 version;


No alarm 

No add to or edit or clear queue (directly)

No sleep timer

No widgets (for mobile)

No search for just Artist

No Browse the Artist

No Track info 

No link to album info

Unable to add or create new playlist

Unable to create new speaker groups

Unable to add song to Sonos playlist

Unable to share song


Please can I revert back to old S2!?


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I understand that sometimes a company pins hope on a software upgrade driving new sales.  I understand that you thought that a new version of your app might do the same for you.  However, a couple of problems with that theory for Sonos:
1) A horrible new app will lead to horrible customer sentiment, word of mouth, PR, etc., etc.
2) You are a hardware company and if your software front-end is horrible then it does not matter how good your hardware is.  The bad software will reflect badly on the hardware.

With your new app, you took a mediocre app and made it horrendous.  It is a huge step backwards!  The new app makes competitors products look so much better now.  You are taking your existing customers who have been promoters of your products and are turning them into product detractors.  This cannot be anything but a hindrance to future growth.  I, for one, will think twice before ever even considering buying anything from Sonos again.

What a total backfire!

You need to rectify this situation immediately and allow your customers to revert back to using the old app as soon as possible.

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I did the update yesterday and now cannot access my music sources. 

Anybody able to do a “Trueplay Re-tune”  with the new app?..wish I kept the old one.

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I have been back and forth as to whether or not to keep my Sonos products (five devices), or switch to Apple Home Pods.  The updated app from Sonos has helped me decide to go all in for Apple.

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Wo ist die Schlummerfunktion im neuen App? Sonos bringt voller Stolz eine neue App - mit weniger Funktionen als vorher? Wären Funktionen nicht wichtiger als Design? Sorry Sonos, bin gerade richtig enttäuscht :-(


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Where is the snooze function in the new app? Sonos is proudly releasing a new app - with fewer functions than before? Wouldn't functions be more important than design? Sorry Sonos, I'm really disappointed right now :-(

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The new App appears not to have been thought through! Where is the timer and search for products not showing in the App. Awful. 

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this controller is frustrating.

I just updated the Sonos app and lost balance control on my Sonos Roam stereo pair.  Apparently  the balance control was not included with the update.  Has anyone else noticed this issue or am I just missing something?