New App: how do I add songs to a playlist currently playing

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I cannot seem to find a way to add songs to playlist in the new app. when I click on the ••• next to a song while another is playing, the only option now appears to be Replace Queue, and no ability to insert the song. what am I missing?

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How do i make a playlist in the new Sonos interface?

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Playlists that have taken years to compile have gone 😤🤬🤬🤬🤬

After updating sonos app it will not play playlists it only plays one.

I also cannot find the timer function.

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Well simple answer is you can’t with this wonderful update :)

Apparently, for our good friends at Sonos this is a nice to have feature. 

Erm.  That’s how I’ve always created a playlist… I don't want a predefined list always. 

In the new SONOS (7.5.2024) app on iPad I am not able to activate stored playlists. Bug or feature? I sincerely hope bug. Haven’t updated my iPhone so far…

Thanks for fixing that asap!

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This new (useless) Sonos app !!**!! I used to easily add songs playing to a specific Sonos playlist. It appears that this function is not available with this new app. Is this correct?  

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Doesn’t work for me either. I build my playlist on Tidal this way when using the Sonos app. MAJOR bummer. 

Since the new S2 update the app is not working right. Prior to the update everything ran flawless. Now only one speaker plays out of 6, and when I add the others it reverts back to one before I even play music. Amazon music does not play, and my playlist is gone. Anyone have a fix for this?

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This is so dumb its unbelivable, that was like the only and obvious way really benefit from bringing multiple songs and services together in sonos - massive fail 

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People asking this as though it's a key function of a music playing set up eh.. 🙄

There is no meeting at all I can imagine where someone said ‘Yeah, remove that, we won't mention it. Add it back in at some point.’…  and it got signed off.

Except, it seems at Sonos.

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They've really screwed the pooch with this abomination of an update. WTAF were they thinking? Did they Beta test this or just give it to an illiterate baboon which is the impression I get.

No add to playlist; no album art unless I change my NAS? *. I'm going elsewhere 


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I'm having a similar issue where I use Deezer and after browsing an artist I choose 'top tracks' ... There is no play button. I have to click each track ...listen ... Click the next track ... Listen ... Click the next track ... I can't just play the list. It's ridiculous 

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Wow, did they really forgot this in the new app. Is This not is a feature that everybody uses?

Useless app update!

Under the new app I can't access my Sonos albums list and Sonos playlist. Help!!!

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Wait so you CAN'T add songs to a playlist? At all? WTF 

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Seriously, Sonos? What were you guys thinking?

Why does the new Sonos app upgrade/version have no playlist functionality?


Unbelievable this.... someone can look for a new job soon...

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Oh boy, and I thought I was too stupid to find it. One of the top three functionalities of any digital player. 

Beyond stupid.

Sort this mess of an app out. What an absolute joke of an update. Someone needs to go after signing this one off. 

This update of the app is just useless!! It’s an absolute joke and nightmare. Why make these changes? And why propose it if it’s not your final version. Please bing back the old version. 

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This is so dumb its unbelivable, that was like the only and obvious way really benefit from bringing multiple songs and services together in sonos - massive fail 

MASSIVE fail, agreed. I am hoping that we’re all missing something simple, but I’m losing hope quickly. This benefit is something I would talk about regularly when talking about Sonos to those who did not have it. This is LAME. 

Glad it was not just me thinking I couldn’t find it. Seems a no-brainer to include in update - why would you remove it. The apps lost one of its key benefits. Wish I hadn’t updated it and stuck with the old one.

How to create a new playlist in the New SonoS-app