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How big is your music collection?

I demoed a Sonos system today and was shocked by how flakey it was. It kept giving errors like (unable to access the music library) and taking ages to load the artist list. And giving errors when ad...

Other sources of info & places to discuss Sonos?


For iPod users...

New Pioneer amp - not cheap - but you can hook your iPod up to it and control it from the amp's remote control which has a LCD display that shows track info.... so while you still can't control it fro...

Biwiring speakers

What HiFi has an interesting discussion about biwiring and biamping speakers. See: http://www.whathifi.com/newsMainTem...newssectionID=3 Has anyone tried biwiring and were there noticeable improveme...

PC World's Digital Duo - Video Reviews (2) of Sonos

Video reviews of Sonos by PC World's Digital Duo: http://www.pcworld.com/digitalduo/video/0,segid,104,00.asp http://www.pcworld.com/digitalduo/video/0,segid,105,00.asp

Trash Can Sinatras

No sure if anyone here is familiar with the band, but I have been following them for some time. If you are in to indie pop than give them a try. Their new album "Weightlifting" is great!

Creative Patent

It seems that creative has recieved a patent on it's user interface.. A quote I found is... "automatic hierarchical categorization of music by metadata." It appears that it is on a portable media...

Where to find album art for live shows?

I've got a quite a few live shows on CD and MP3 and would like to associate album art for these. There seems to be no shortage of places to go on the internet where you can get CD cover art (for CD c...

If you are into great female vocalists...

give these two great artists a try: Vienna Teng Corrinne May They both have superb voices and write very pretty songs with great arragnements and lyrics.

Purchasing FLAC singles/albums

Where are some places that I can purchase songs ripped in FLAC (with the proper meta tags and all)? After FLAC, I'm never going back!

Recommend program to rip to FLAC

I normally use WMP to rip my CDs, but notice it doesn't offer the option of ripping to FLAC. Is there a good, free program people would recommend that I can use to do this? Thanks

FLAC compression ratio

I'm working under the assumption that FLAC nets about 50% compression. Is this reasonable? Because the amount of music varies quite a lot from disc to disc, a more useful metric would be average di...

Most played CD on your Sonos.

I figured it would be great to start a chain of the most listened to CDs on your Sonos systems. Might just make you think about adding a CD to your collection… So I'll start not necessarily in order...

New Sonos Fan Site

Hey all, I just stumbled upon this new fan site from a Sonos customer. Check it out: www.worldofsonos.com. Great to see someone out there spreading the love about Sonos!! ZM

Pop Quiz.... Songs that typify sonos

Get those brain cells working, here's my list of songs that Sonos could use to capture the spirit of their products [indent]1. Set adrift on memory bliss 2. Other voices, other rooms 3. Dedicated fol...

Have you tried Bose 161 with Sonos ?

So I have two units linked up so far with Terrasic speakers, Bose outdoor speakers, and Bose AM-3's I have two rooms that I want to replace the whole units with new speakers for asthetic value and wil...


...I wonder what this is all about then? In a vain attempt to keep on-topic, I can heartily recommend the new Gorillaz album Demon Days, and Get Behind Me Satan from the White Stripes (if you can tol...

Loretta Lynn

After traveling for a day I come back and find a new forum. Thanks Graham! One of my recent surprise finds was Loretta Lynn’s Van Lear Rose (on Rhapsody). I would have never guessed Loretta Lynn b...

Sonos at WIRED NextFest

Hey, If you're in Chicago today through Sunday, June 26, stop by Navy Pier to see Sonos at http://www.nextfest.net/. Good information and presentations being given by Lindsay, Valerie, Thomas and guy-...

Welcome to my nightmare

I just had a blast with my kids and the neighbors kids listening to Alice Cooper's "Welcome To My Nightmare" with a red light on in the hot tub! Highly recommended for a laugh - try to make the sca...

Save NPR and PBS (Public Broadcasting)

Sign the petition telling Congress to save NPR and PBS: http://www.moveon.org/publicbroadcasting/ The House of Representatives is about to vote on whether to slash funding for NPR and PBS, starting...

First Song Pumped Through My SDMS

Since I assume we are all music lovers here, I thought I would start a new thread to post the first song/album played on my SDMS. I played Santana's Live at the Fillmore, 1968. I have listened to...


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