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Can I get everyone's opinion on alternative controllers for Sonos hardware?

I'm ready to explore other options as the new v5.0 'update' is a complete turd. Sonopad looked promising in the App Store, can I get everyone's opinion of which controller is the best? Sonos employe...


It’s a shame

Blast from the past!

Nostalgia from the BBC about how we listened to the music in the past makes for interesting reading. See the bit about how useful a pencil was as a tool in the signal chain! http://www.bbc.com/culture...

HBO GO sound quality issues using Fire stick

So I have had my sonos for over a year. I am using a play 5 gen 1 that has a stereo patch cable connecting it to the tv. I am an employee with a home integration company so it’s no where near my first...


I like to put my L&R play 1s up to my ears like headphones on max volume, max bass, and listen to EDM. It's my true happiness when alone

CR100 Voucher

Never Received CR100 Voucher/s. I submitted my CR100 serial/s and do you think I received the voucher/s.........NOPE!! Extremely disappointed. This is very poor, considering that I have my own AV Inst...

Recommended music - other than classical and pop

I am not sure there is a thread on what Sonos is truly about - the music, so this might be an interesting thread. I have left out classical because that deserves a thread of its own and modern pop bec...

Interesting article in WIRED about SONOS


Recommended Music: Rock, hard Rock or Metal

Looks like a lot of other genres have been touched on but haven't seen this group yet. I'm new to Sonos...had my Play 5 for a month then it lost its WiFi ability...they are sending me a new one. Love...

Cannot access Virgin Radio UK using Tune-in

I'm having trouble connecting to Virgin Radio UK through Tune-in. I live in France. Does anybody know if this is possible? I can connect to just about every other radio station in the UK just not Virg...

List of Favorite Reggae Stations-Requesting Recommendations

Can others recommend any of a list of their favorite reggae internet radio stations? Ideally, I was looking for ones that play more of the old school artists like: Yellowman, Steel Pulse, Eek a Mou...

Apple Buyout Targets Could Include Sonos, JPMorgan Says

Ya never know. It would suck big time, though. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/apple-buyout-targets-could-netflix-141628746.html

Can't get Soundbar to play through digital optical

Soundbar connection problems

IKEA will start selling its Sonos-powered smart speakers in August

How do you Symfonisk? https://www.engadget.com/amp/2019/01/18/ikea-sonos-smart-speakers-release-date/

Sonos goes bankrupt! What then?

I'm looking at the possibility of setting up a Sonos surround system upstairs and downstairs as well as Play:5's for music in different areas of the house. This is a lot of money. My concern these d...

non support of older sonos speakers

was reading about your new IPO and in the article it said you would no longer be supporting some of your older speakers in the near future, what speakers do they anticipate no longer supporting?

Google Kills the Chromecast Audio

Wow. May have to stock up while they’re still available for $15. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2019/01/google-kills-the-chromecast-audio/

Mycroft integration

Currently the Sonos can be integrated with Alexa. There are plans for including Google Home an I even seen plans for integration with Siri. Are there any plans to integrate with Mycroft (https://mycr...

Apple Music

I’ve just bought the Sonos One. How do I get Alexa to play my playlists from Apple Music? I can physically select music to play off Apple Music but when asking Alexa she won’t play, something about Am...

Setting up new speakers with a second network

I am trying to set up new speakers at my second home using the same app I use for my main home. Can someone provide me with assistance? I am teying to connect a beam and two 2 play 1. I want to use...

Sonos and Google Home

Love the Sonos gear and ease of use. It just works, and that's all anyone could ask for - almost. :-D Here is a feature request - I'm asking for Google Home and Sonos be integrated to work together...

Connect beam to Samsung sub

Can I connect my beam to a Samsung sub.

How can I get of your email mailing list? When I click on the unsubscribe link it takes me to a login screen which is no use to me.

How can I get of your email mailing list? When I click on the unsubscribe link it takes me to a login screen which is no use to me. Just get me off your system please

Sonos Stock

I'm not sure how many customers you have so this may not be feasible, but would you consider offering one share of Sonos stock to existing Sonos customers?

Sonos Apparel

Is the new? I like! https://www.sonos.com/en-us/shop/accessories/apparel Only thing I'd say is... more options, more colors. I think "Listen Better" will be added to my Christmas list. Maybe a h...


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