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Sonos IPO?

May be in the works. http://variety.com/2018/digital/news/sonos-ipo-plans-1202745164/

Recommended music - other than classical and pop

I am not sure there is a thread on what Sonos is truly about - the music, so this might be an interesting thread. I have left out classical because that deserves a thread of its own and modern pop bec...

Sonos Company Ethicacy, Morality and Integrity Core Values?

In the aftermath of the CR100 debacle it may be helpful to discuss the direction and methods taken by Sonos management to achieve their end goal of retiring the CR100 by force and the impact on and pe...

Sonos Invites Media to June 6 Hardware Event

New Playbar? http://variety.com/2018/digital/news/sonos-june-6-event-1202796800/

June 6, 2018 - Sonos has a big Conference planned.

So mark this date down, sonos plans an announcement on June 6th 2018. It might answer a lot of the rumors and blogs that recently came up. https://www.engadget.com/2018/05/03/sonos-home-theater-even...

Spotify songs not found

Often when searching Spotify songs in the Sonos app, they are not found, even though I know they are there. Good example is Tiesto - Secrets (Future House Edit). This song cannot be found when searchi...

Why should I be forced to update controller software

Am I the only one getting fed up with the Sonos policy of forcing updates whoever they feel like it. I am an intermittent user and have a couple of old iPads that I use as controllers. Now it appea...

UK Price Rises

I was very disappointed to be informed of the Sonos price rises in the UK. Although the dollar rate is blamed it doesn't account for why the products are much cheaper in some countries? £100 rise on t...

Homepod - let's get this started...

Searched and nothing on Apple Homepod yet so I'll start this inevitable discussion. I see the Homepod announcement as an opportunity for Sonos rather than an end. Now that they know what the Apple...

Sonos’s Really Interesting Patent App: Play Music Based on Biometrics Like Sweat

The application (submitted in September 2016) describes how a user would consent to having data collected on biomedical measures such as pulse, perspiration, movement and temperature. The biometric in...

Sonos Gets Ready for an IPO ?

Connected-speaker maker Sonos is gearing up for a public offering, if its latest job postings are any indication. In recent weeks, the company began the search for applicants with public company exper...

Greta van Fleet how did I miss this?

I’m an old rock and roll dude , ex musician and music lover. I listen to every genre, but my roots are in hard drive rock from the 70s. For all you younguns that never got the thrill of a new Zeppeli...

PianoDIsc with Sonos

I am trying to connect my PianoDisc player to my Sonos system. I believe I have all of the correct cables connected in the correct manner, but when I try to play through Sonos, my Sonos speakers play...

Audiobook Recommendations: What're You Reading Now?

Audible's now playing to Sonos through the Sonos app and using the Audible app playing right to your Sonos players. So that begs the question, what're you reading/listening to first? We have a whole...

Easy Equalizer for Sonos (app)

Hi all, I bought my Play:5 months ago and have been frustrated about how many menus we have to navigate to open the equalizer for a room. I am the kind of user the changes the equalization very often...

What does DTS omission say about Sonos as a company?

I've read the lame excuses about the "modern listener" and their habits. But although I could probably get past losing support for my existing DTS content, I'm wondering if I can get past taking a sla...

Homepod vs Sonos

Picked up a Homepod over the weekend. No comparison to my Sono's system...in fact it has made me fall in love with my Sonos all over again. Whoever said that the Homepod is a Play5 killer is on crac...

iHeart Media (iHeart Radio) files for bankruptcy

What I've seen in the new so far, it probably won't have a significant impact here, but still, worth watching: http://money.cnn.com/2018/03/15/media/iheartmedia-bankruptcy/index.html


As a Jazz fan, I frequently listen to records, because of the sometimes excellent liner notes, which were intelligently written by some great critics. TunesMap is trying to bring back that experience...

Are Sonos here for the long term

Now that Sonos have stop supporting the CR100 controller which of their products are they going to stop supporting next. I have used the CR100 for a few years and it works well, in fact better than th...

Mycroft integration

Currently the Sonos can be integrated with Alexa. There are plans for including Google Home an I even seen plans for integration with Siri. Are there any plans to integrate with Mycroft (https://mycr...

Alexa in Canada

I have been stomped for days pondering about why Amazon has not release Alexa yet in Canada. I really hope it is not because of new privacy legislations that has been brought up. I probably am on the...

What's the best Bluetooth Wireless Speaker?

Hello, I am in search of a high quality Bluetooth speaker without the high price tag. Trying to stay away from Bose, beats by dre, and Sony for this reason. Looking for something similar to iPop which...

Sonos V HomePod

As good a start as any - assuming that it is indeed from the Sonos ex CEO, a cut/paste of his tweet, to kick off proceedings: "Got my HomePod. First impressions... Good packaging, easy setup. Great so...

Écouté sonos avec mes sonos.

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