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Hey guys, I was on Facebook today and came across a pretty cool gizmo name Darlite. They have a Kickstarter page. In a nutshell, it's a little device that allows you to play any type of music .h...

Homepod - let's get this started...

Searched and nothing on Apple Homepod yet so I'll start this inevitable discussion. I see the Homepod announcement as an opportunity for Sonos rather than an end. Now that they know what the App...

Please Please PLEASE integrate within Apple Music / AirPlay 2

As recent posts have been touching upon, in regards to Apple's WWDC this year, I am worried about being left behind. With the current marketing and branding techniques, Sonos feels like a user friendl...

Why haven't SONOS been acquired by Apple?

I don't have any particular insight to offer hence my question. If you understand the dynamics at play, please post up. The people I polled replied with arguments ranging from SONOS are not inte...

U2: Joshua Tree Tour 2017 (30th Anniversary)

Who all has been or is going to this tour? I'm attending tonight and am totally stoked. I'm hoping to find a great bootleg copy of one of the shows from this tour. I'm not bringing my equipment sin...

Sonos goes bankrupt! What then?

I'm looking at the possibility of setting up a Sonos surround system upstairs and downstairs as well as Play:5's for music in different areas of the house. This is a lot of money. My concern these d...

Paving the way for an Amazon powered Sonos?

In light of Sonos' current effort in integrating the Amazon Echo/Alexa system as a control device, I wonder if this announcement might add some opportunity in the future to have it integrated inside t...

PianoDIsc with Sonos

I am trying to connect my PianoDisc player to my Sonos system. I believe I have all of the correct cables connected in the correct manner, but when I try to play through Sonos, my Sonos speakers play...

Amazon Echo

When will Sonos release the Amazon Echo app they have been talking about since August 2016???

Hey Siri, ...

- Hey Siri, can I have a HomePod today? - Hey Siri, can I get a HomePod subwoofer? - Hey Siri, can I get a HomePod 5.1 system? - Hey Siri, does HomePod sound as good as a SONOS PLAY:5? - Hey Siri,...

Sonos vs. Amazon Echo

Does anyone know how to make the sonos system operate with voice commands similar to the Amazon Echo?

New to Sonos

Okay, so I am a newbie. I bought this system - 2 Play 1's and a subwoofer for my main living room. My intention is/was to listen to new music and my own iTunes library in good fidelity. The immediate...

Thoughts after the WWDC Keynote? (AIrPlay 2.0, HomePod, etc.)

1. HomePod: I think after Apple's announcement today, Sonos might feel more pressure to push the Alexa integration for release. I hope Sonos figures this out soon. 2. AirPlay 2.0 AirPlay 2.0 is a...

Big hoopla about voice control

Hi everyone, I've been a Sonos user since 2008 and currently own: 2x Play:5 1x Play:3 1x PlayBar 1x BRIDGE I've also owned connects etc., which I retired as I didn't need them any more. My ty...

Store kiosk

Just wondering which artists are part of the store display demo units?

Smart Homes, Digital Assistants, and Future Proofing with Sonos - Is it Possible? (WWDC 2017 Ponderings)

After seeing the new Siri Home Speaker launch today, one of my chief concerns with my Sonos setup is about future proofing. My curiosity started with my other research in the Sonos forums; I found...

Recommended music - other than classical and pop

I am not sure there is a thread on what Sonos is truly about - the music, so this might be an interesting thread. I have left out classical because that deserves a thread of its own and modern pop bec...

When will their be support for Apple HomeKit ?

I've just watched the Apple WWDC and I'm wondering why I should stay with Sonos, now that apple have brought announced its own spa Ian awaness speaker. I think in light of this announcement it would...

Has everyone read this? Play1 on sale

Play1 on sale. https://www.yahoo.com/tech/don-t-miss-rare-discount-most-popular-sonos-144811263.html Kris

Interview with Sonos' Patrick Spence - The Verge

Here's an interesting article with some information on the Echo (and further) integration(s). OK, so, it won't let me post the link. Look for "The Verge" and "Patrick Spence". The article title...

Love2Shop Vouchers

What shop sells Sonos and accepts Love2Shop vouchers?

Sonos, a wonder of New and Interesting things

I bought sonos many years ago and grew my system by adding more items to find that I was being left behind by other systems. The list of things that I can't do just grew and grew too. Till now I've an...

Recent sonos email survey

Anybody else done the survey? I thought it was really thorough, one of the best thought-out ones I have every done. Lots of insightful questions into what sonos users would like to see happen in the...

Start a conversation, ask a question or share your idea

Start a conversation, ask a question or share your idea

The awe and pain of Apple Music integration

At first it was amazing, now not so much.


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