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$25 Off Echo Dot - How I Found Missing Email

Hi All. I noticed many of us were missing the email for the $25 off the Echo Dot, but some people did report getting and using it. The heading of the mail should be "Start Using Sonos + Amazon Alexa...

Sonos wireless headphones (or earbuds)

This is a question for the Sonos owners and designers. Excellent concept, the products are splendid, but why are there no options for Sonos wireless headphones? There must be millions of customers w...

Portable Alexa Speaker - UE Blast

Just read this article about the new UE speaker, I've listened to a couple of the UE speakers in shops and thought they sounded pretty good, and having a portable Alexa enabled portable speaker that s...

When will there be support for Apple HomeKit ?

I've just watched the Apple WWDC and I'm wondering why I should stay with Sonos, now that apple have brought announced its own spa Ian awaness speaker. I think in light of this announcement it would...

Echo Plus vs Sonos One

Echo Plus seems like it dose so much more and is $50.00 cheaper,am I missing something?

Recommended music - other than classical and pop

I am not sure there is a thread on what Sonos is truly about - the music, so this might be an interesting thread. I have left out classical because that deserves a thread of its own and modern pop bec...

Google Home Max vs Sonos 5

Google has announced their Home Max speaker. That thing looks like a direct copy of the PLAY:5. No one knows how it compares sound-wise. We'll see when it launches next year. My worry is: Google...


As a Jazz fan, I frequently listen to records, because of the sometimes excellent liner notes, which were intelligently written by some great critics. TunesMap is trying to bring back that experience...

how to become a sonos dealer.

Hi, im from chicago. I have many customers asking me about sonos. how I can become a sonos dealer and start selling this product to mu customers ?

Alexa in Canada

I have been stomped for days pondering about why Amazon has not release Alexa yet in Canada. I really hope it is not because of new privacy legislations that has been brought up. I probably am on the...

Introducing Sonos Voice?

I believe that Sonos will be introducing their own voice assistant accompanying gadget that will permit them to work with the other assistants like Alexa, Google, Cortana, Siri et. al. Saw this in t...

Amazon Echo 2

There are rumours of an Amazon Echo 2 being released soon, It'll be a very interesting time with all of these new 'Smart Speakers' being launched. The Apple Homepod, the new Sonos speaker with built-...

Has Sonos become just another lousy tech company?

Lately I've noticed more problems with Sonos. Maybe this isn't all on them, but if the problem comes from equipment that I bought from them then they own it, whether they like it or not. We've had ou...

What time is the announcement today?

I have seen many news articles that mention that the Sonos announcement is today but none of them mention a time. Is this something we can watch like Apple or Google events?

15 year anniversary, 15% discount

Sonos are celebrating their 15th anniversary with a 15% discount on all new products. The promotion begins today and ends on 15th September. The email I received this morning suggests the offer is val...

Yarra 3DX 3D Audio Soundbar

Interesting product, but as with all of these types of soundbar I'd really want to listen to it before making a decision. http://www.yarra3dx.com/

Integrated portable speaker

Seeing that Sonos isn't making and does not look likely to make such a product in the near future, the answer to this may be useful for many of us as an adjunct to our Sonos systems, to take music out...

bought soundbar in action 15% period

what to do, to get the 15% action

Anyone else experiencing delivery issues?

ordered a playbase from sonos last week. got an email on the 7th to say it had shipped. No sign of it by the 11th, checked with the courier (DHL) who said they hadn't received it from the supplier yet...


Hi everyone, I've been using Sonos since 2008 looking forward to playing with the new tech

15 year aniversary - 15% discount

Within the period and terms and condition for "the 15 year anniversary - 15% of discount", I bought the Sonos Play-Base and applied it to the discount cash back site. A day later I also bought the Son...

Portable speaker

Is there a portable speaker on the market that works with Sonos. For example, I would like to be able to use my Bose SoundLink Mini on my deck and have it connected to my Sonos system on an as needed...

Sonos is bankrupt!

ok, not really. But no company has eternal life. Sonos doesn't have it neither. So, let's use our imagination and imagine that Sonos goes bankrupt (doesn't matter if it is likely or not). Q: What...

Free Sonos Play 1 with Vodafone Home broadband

I noticed that Vodafone are currently offering free gifts when you sign up to their home broadband. https://www.vodafone.co.uk/broadband/index.htm As I rarely use my Virgin Tivo box anymore due to t...

Privacy statement concern

Am I the only one that finds the new privacy statement disturbing? I cannot recall ever being told when I bought my seven products over a period of time that Sonos had the right to threaten disabling...


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