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UK Price Rises

I was very disappointed to be informed of the Sonos price rises in the UK. Although the dollar rate is blamed it doesn't account for why the products are much cheaper in some countries? £100 rise on t...

The awe and pain of Apple Music integration

At first it was amazing, now not so much.

Setup Sonos with Amazon Echo

I created a video on how to setup voice control using Amazon Echo/Alexa with Logitech Harmony and I just want to share it. I am still waiting for Sonos to release the new firmware to allow direct int...

Interview with Sonos' Patrick Spence - The Verge

Here's an interesting article with some information on the Echo (and further) integration(s). OK, so, it won't let me post the link. Look for "The Verge" and "Patrick Spence". The article title...

Sonos goes bankrupt! What then?

I'm looking at the possibility of setting up a Sonos surround system upstairs and downstairs as well as Play:5's for music in different areas of the house. This is a lot of money. My concern these d...

Recommended music - other than classical and pop

I am not sure there is a thread on what Sonos is truly about - the music, so this might be an interesting thread. I have left out classical because that deserves a thread of its own and modern pop bec...

Favorite Weekend Mashup or Playlist

Well everyone, it's Friday again! What's playing? For those of us in the US with a long weekend or anyone else taking one anyway, do you wind down the week or spin up the weekend? Maybe a little bi...

Is Echo Getting Synced Playback?

Interesting image floating around the Internet...

Amazon Echo and voice recognition

Dear Sonos developers - I read in today's New York Times that Sonos is working on possible Amazon Echo voice recognition integration. As a loyal Sonos user, wanted to request that this feature not sim...

Sprint buys 33% of Tidal

https://www.engadget.com/2017/01/23/sprint-buys-stake-in-tidal/ So, perhaps Tidal will survive after all. Hard to imagine it's a great investment, but Sprint must think otherwise.

New Sonos speaker with built-in Alexa mics?

http://www.whathifi.com/news/sonos-plans-new-speaker-amazons-alexa-voice-control-tech Dunno, i read the Variety article and did not come to the same conclusion. Maybe i missed something. Looks...

Amazon Echo

Over One Year

Sonos CEO steps down

John MacFarlane, CEO and co-founder of smart speaker company Sonos is stepping down after 15 years of leading the company. The Sonos blog has his full statement Statement. What does this mean fo...

New Connect owner getting confused

I have just bought a Sonos Connect (not the Connect Amp) with the intention of outputting it to a Sony Soundbar I wasn't using. I assumed that the sound bar would be classified as 'powered' speakers b...

Major change at Sonos - CEO Steps down

There's a big change happening at Sonos! https://www.engadget.com/2017/01/10/onos-ceo-john-macfarlane-steps-down/

Review of Calm Radio

I am returning to Spotify. Calm radio performance is not as claimed for me. My TV has better sound quality. Also, Calm radio customer service person who introduced himself in an email as President, bl...

Amazon Music Unlimited

When will Amazon Music Unlimited be available on Sonos? Not Prime Music which is already available.

Laptop connect using hdmi and Aux cable

Hello, I have a setup with a playbar connected to the tv. I want to connect my laptop to the tv to stream movies using an hdmi cable. I tried but there is no sound from my playbar. My problem is...

Sonos fears from an integrator

I am an integrator and have been in business for 11 years. I am trying to spec a system for a customer who currently has a 3.1 system with a Zone 2 on a Denon receiver. I am recommending upgrading to...

Sonos sighting

Sonos sighting on TV

Recommended "film music" / soundtracks (excluding pop)

We have Kumar's topic on recommended music other than classical and pop. Let's start another one on recommended "film music". As with the other thread I am particularly looking for recommendations tha...

500 Million Streaming Subscribers by 2019?

Could be. No wonder Sonos is emphasizing streaming. http://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2016/06/23/streaming-500-million-onerpm/

Spotify Connect, serious competition

Spotify today announced Spotify Connect, which will be a series of hardware from well-known hardware to seamlessly integrate spotify onto devices where the control is from the regular Spotify applicat...

KEF LS50 Wireless

Interesting. The standard version of these were being rhapsodized over by the "audiophile" press a year or two ago. Now they're available as a pricier alternative to the Play:5. http://referencehom...

Sonos, Synology and iTunes playlists

Please bear with me here for a bit. I have the majority of my music in ALAC form on a Synology NAS and I'm successfully accessing it through a Sonos Connect that is attached to an audiophile speaker...


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