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Music for the holiday season

I haven't seen such a thread here and it seems to be a good time to start one. I doubt there is much value in suggesting the pop carols and tunes by all the usual suspects; I reckon that albums that...

Sonos vs Denon lawsuit advances

https://www.cnet.com/news/sonos-gets-partial-win-over-denon-in-copyright-infringement-case/ Sonos wins right to include its patents which Denon wanted excluded.

Multiple user

Getting my first Sonos One next week as a Christmas gift, I have Apple Music which I share with my daughter my question is: can I have her as a multiple user for the Sonos One and if so does she need...

Sonos Error mp3 cannot be found

mp3 cannot be found - any suggestions on how to fix? I submitted multiple diagnostics, I was told to call, as Sonos tech cant make outbound call, been on hold nearly an hour so far. To say I am very...

Santa Barbara threatened by fires

Hope you are safe, Sonos employees!

Lighting for Disco Ball Party Light

Can someone recommend a Disco Ball light under $20? We want to make a little party recently and have no idea, So which is better to choose?

Alexa in Canada

I have been stomped for days pondering about why Amazon has not release Alexa yet in Canada. I really hope it is not because of new privacy legislations that has been brought up. I probably am on the...

xm radio

to listen to xm radio on sonos playbar does the xm radio have to be plugged into the playbar?

My sonos

When you save or add music to my sonos and its individual tracks, how do you get them all to shuffle play?

Recommended Music: Rock, hard Rock or Metal

Looks like a lot of other genres have been touched on but haven't seen this group yet. I'm new to Sonos...had my Play 5 for a month then it lost its WiFi ability...they are sending me a new one. Love...

Recommended music - other than classical and pop

I am not sure there is a thread on what Sonos is truly about - the music, so this might be an interesting thread. I have left out classical because that deserves a thread of its own and modern pop bec...

Where are buzz, ratty, magic...and others of their ilk?

I don't see these unpaid forum stalwarts anymore and I miss their posts. In my early days here, and even later, I learnt a lot from their posts on various issues related to both Sonos and home audio i...

Help setting up sorround system in my living room

Hi originally installed two ones in my living room but I want to move them to other rooms and just leave two play ones. The living room has set up a play base and a sub. But when I select the room I...

Recommended music: Blues

While Jazz continues to rule my listening hours, I recently chanced upon Different Shades of Blue by Joe Bonamassa. I liked that so much as a change from Jazz, that I looked up more of his work. Which...

Dos Sonos give a special discount to customers for their birthday?

soon it is going to be my birthday and I was wondering if I can get a special discount so that I can buy the Sonos Play 5

Eero Device Index

eero device index Think of eero’s device index as a catalog of top WiFi connected devices for the home. Each report, we’ll update the top 40 devices attached to eero networks to track the popularity...

Free Sonos Play 1 with Vodafone Home broadband

I noticed that Vodafone are currently offering free gifts when you sign up to their home broadband. https://www.vodafone.co.uk/broadband/index.htm As I rarely use my Virgin Tivo box anymore due to t...

Introducing Sonos Voice?

I believe that Sonos will be introducing their own voice assistant accompanying gadget that will permit them to work with the other assistants like Alexa, Google, Cortana, Siri et. al. Saw this in t...

15% Anniversary sale

Has anyone received their rebate?

Homepod - let's get this started...

Searched and nothing on Apple Homepod yet so I'll start this inevitable discussion. I see the Homepod announcement as an opportunity for Sonos rather than an end. Now that they know what the Apple...

Best sounding recordings

Hello everybody! I just got myself my second play 5 and I'm really loving the sound besides the music. I was wondering if any of you can recommend albums or songs on any style of music that really sta...

Start a conversation, ask a question or share your idea

Start a conversation, ask a question or share your idea

Hey Siri, ...

- Hey Siri, can I have a HomePod today? - Hey Siri, can I get a HomePod subwoofer? - Hey Siri, can I get a HomePod 5.1 system? - Hey Siri, does HomePod sound as good as a SONOS PLAY:5? - Hey Siri, do...

music and politics

I want to hear about sound, not politics


I just got some idiotic email from the CEO of Sonos. Do you really expect me to shed a tear for these crybaby millionaires? What is the purpose of the email? Do everyone a favor and keep your politica...


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