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Changing the name of a speaker

I just moved a speaker to another room. How do I change its name so I don't have multiple speakers with the same name?

Sonos Amp

I tried to register for be notified for the New SONOS Amp, however it keeps coming up with an error. Is there a rough arrival availability date?

Connect with IMAC APPLE

Hello, I am very happy with my installation SONOS ( 2X PLAY 1+ 2X PLAY 5 GEN 1) They work together but from time to time. I want to use one speaker ( PLAY 5) as an external speaker for my IMAC with...

Decisions: Sonos Connect:Amp or new Sonos Amp?

For black Friday, I recently just purchased a Sonos & Sonance outdoor speaker bundle from Best Buy for a really good price that I couldn't pass up. My plan was to hook the speakers up for an outdoor...

anyone able to tell me employee pricing at Bestbuy?

So my wife has a cousin who works at the magnolia home theatre, and said he could get it for me, I just dont want to nag him about prices, until I have my wishlist together and I can just hand him cas...

Sonos and Legrand OnQ LyriQ whole house system

I have brought my Sonos system into a new home already fitted with a Legrand OnQ Cat5 LyriQ whole house sounds system. I have four areas served by this system including an outdoor, covered deck - the...

Feature Request: IR Blaster and Device Control for Connect

I like the idea of the Connect, so I can add Sonos functionality to my existing Surround Sound system... But it seems rather expensive for what you actually get from it. Why doesn't the connect featu...

Connect amp to two sets of speakers

https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=31034 I recently saw the sycamore underground sub/speaker set at monoprice and decided i want to go with two set of subs and speakers. From the description on...

How to output from Sonos Connect

I have Input from Sonos Connect to Line Out on Zone 2 of receiver. The sound on my TV is connected to the receiver so when I watch TV, the sound feeds to the wired speakers and Play 1 speakers. But...

How to remote power off Sonos Connect

I have a Sonos Connect to my receiver and a pair of Play 1 speakers. When I power off my receiver, is there a way to also have my Sonos Connect and speakers to power off?

Which Sonos Component to use?

want to connect a philips "digital sign" (monitor) to our sonos speaker. Need a "stereo receiver" - would this be a connect?

Sound and Vision Sonos AMP review

There still aren't alot of reviews out but this is probably the best I have seen. Like the others they say it is high treble. I backed my treble down a bit. https://www.soundandvision.com/content/son...

Sonos Connect Amp newbie

Hi guys, I'm hoping I could get some help/advice. We're building a home and had built in speakers as an upgrade. We were told to get a sonos amp that could support 6 speakers, but now after doing som...

Have a Sonos 3 and 5 but no bridge

I had a Sonos 3 and 5 in my old home that I have not used for years. I am looking to start using it again but cannot locate the Sonos Bridge. Do I need a Bridge or is the Boost the one I need? I re...

Subwoofer Connected but not working

After working fine for a couple of months, my sub stopped working. I have reconfigured it to the router and the white light is on showing that it is connected to my Beam. Not sure what to do here, i...

SUGGESTION: Automatic mute or pause when recieving an incoming call...?

Hi Guys, I like turning up the volume when i'm home alone, listening to a favorite album or just getting excited over some new music. But I also recieve a lot of phonecalls during the day, which usua...

Compressed v uncompressed with turntable

Hi When using turntable to stream across wifi I have to use uncompressed on line in settings, compressed drops out But was wondering does this have an affect on the line out source of the connect I....

Sonos Beam, Sub

Bought a Beam, Sub and Two sonos Ones today. The Beam is loud and crystal clear. I was worried it was going to be not powerful enough. The sound with the Sub and Beam alone is incredible. The clari...

Multi Room upgrade

I have used Sonos for a while but had just moved into a house that is set up as follows: There are 5 pairs of in ceiling speakers in: Bedroom, Kitchen, Dining Room, Family Room, garage All are ran t...

Confirm best way to connect aux devices to Sonos

I've seen a bunch of threads on using Connect or Play 5 to connect up a single audio device. My Sonos replaced my entire home theater system so I don't have a good way to connect my CD player and tur...

New Sonos Amp audio setup. Advice needed on getting digital signal.

Hi all. I am configuring my new Sonos Amp, its connected to a 2.1 speakers setup in my living room, and an older (2011) Samsung TV. It plays all the regular Sonus sources just fine, but I cannot g...

Netgear Orbi compatibility

I recently purchased Sonos and Netgear Orbi. I had a sonos play:1 hooked up wirelessly via my airport extreme for a few days and it worked flawlessly. Once I received my Orbi, I hooked up my connect a...

Pro-Ject Turntable Volume Limited

I've seen this topic addressed before, but none of the solutions seem to work for me. I have a ProJect Essential turnable set on PHONO OUT, connected to a Connect (ANALOG AUDIO IN) with cables. Volu...

Does anyone have experience with the new "works with Sonos" certified Receivers?

I am considering being a VSX-933 from Pioneer and hooking it up to my Sonos Connect and grouping it in one (large) room with two play:1's - my current AV-Receiver (Yamaha RX-V473) is 7 years old and i...


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