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New Sonos Amp wired rears and wireless fronts?

The Sonos Amp will be available in february for me. I am now contemplating the setup for my tv-living room. I would like to hook the Amp to the TV. I have a discreet setup with no cables/wires showing...

ZP5 won’t pair

I have an old ZP5, out of warranty that won’t connect any more. I have tried all the suggestions on the forum but assume it’s a hardware problem. Is there a repair service for out of warranty units?

Using Sonos Play 1 in conjunction with my Wired Speakers

Can I connect my SP1 with my Sony Bravia TV and sound bar?

Using an optic splitter

I would like to listen to my TV from my SONOS Playbase but I also have a Bang and Olufsen Beosystem with speakers that I can connect to the optical OUT of my TV. Can I use a Splitter to choose my TV...

Delay when using connect to receiver

Is there any way to delay the music to my play 5s or play 1s? I have my Sonos connect connected to a high-end receiver. I also have play ones and play fives in the same Sonos net. Trouble is I really...

Multiple Wired Sonos Products plus Boost

Hi all........Can anyone help me out here please. I have multiple Sonos speakers around the house, some are wired at the router and all others are connected via wifi. I just added a Boost, and connect...

Several questions about ADDING Play:1 to existing Sonos room

Adding Play:1s to existing rooms. 4 rooms. Bought 8 Play:1s - 2 for each room. Room 1 - with HDTV, Playbar and Sub - added Play:1s fine. All components connected as SunRoom Room 2 - With...

Streaming from iMAC

I am producing music in iMAC and Logic and wish to stream the output to my Sonos system. I have tried the Audiobridge software but the delay makes it useless for me. Now I am wondering if a Sonos Conn...

Nintendo Switch - no audio with Sonos Beam

Hi all - running across a strange issue. I have a Sonos Beam connected to my TV. I have several other devices connected that all output audio without issue (cable box, PS4, etc). However, when I dock...

Will a Connect let me do this?

Hi, so I'm looking for a way to wirelessly send audio, in this case CD, tuner and phono, from my old Kenwood receiver to wireless speaker(s) in my kitchen. I want to be able to play the same music out...

Line-in source on new Sonos Amp

if I connect a new source into the new Sonos Amp line-in, will I be able to stream/play that source on any airplay2 speaker? (i.e. will it show up on my iPhone as an airplay 2 source?)

Sonos connect (ZP90??) versions

Hi all. I'm looking for some info on the sonos connect.. I'm already a Sonos wireless speaker user and am thinking of purchasing a used connect for use on my Hifi system in conjunction with Hifi Deeze...

New Amp and TV SetUp

Love the new Amp but am trying g to hook out up too my TV and cable. The Sonos Beam was easy to connect to my other TV. This seems more difficult to connect to my cancel and TV. Any help would be a...

New Sonos Amp Intermittent Dropouts

Are there any known issues with the new Amp product and network stability? I have the new Sonos amp and I’m having problems with the music dropping in and out. This only happens when Playing music th...

Essentials III

How do I connect pro-jet essentials III to Play:5 wirelessly?

New Sonos Amp or Sonos Connect for Outdoor TV and 2 Speaker setup

Hello All, I'm trying to configure an outdoor TV and 2 speaker setup for my deck/pool area. Is it possible to connect the new Sonos amp through a u-verse cable box and be able to switch from music/...

sony soundbar ht-st5000

hi I just bought a sony soundbar ht st 5000 and want to connect my sonos connect and speakers with it. How do I do this?

Standard optical cables not seating

We are a Sonos dealer and install many Sonos products on a weekly basis. Lately the optical cables that come with the Playbars have issues seating into the optical socket to the point that it just fa...

Wonderful Sonos App does not have "Add Amp"

Ok.....I have the beam connected.....so I decided to buy the Sonos new Amp...…...and surprisingly enough, the handy dandy amp does not include easy instruction to add the amp. Any good suggestions?

Speakers cut out with turntable/TV

I recently bought a turntable and am using Line In to a new generation Play:5. Other speakers in my apartment (Master Bedroom, Master Bath, plus others) cut out regularly. I've changed the channel t...

Multiple inputs for 2018 AMP

Hi, How should one manage multiple components with just 1 HDMI in on the 2018 AMP. I've got 3 sources (HTPC, Xbox, Switch) The way I see it, there are 2 options: 1) Get an HDMI switcher with at least...

Sonos Connect volume not working

I have a Sonos Connect connected to a Macintosh receiver. We did a renovation and it was disconnected for about 4 months. Recently reconnected but now the controller (or the Connect) doesn't control t...

How to use the same speakers used by a 3rd party receiver with a Connect:Amp?

I have an existing living room setup in which I have a Denon receiver with a 5.1 speaker setup system. The speakers are B&W. I use this system only for movies, no real music. I have a connect:amp i...

Availability of Sonos ONE

Hi, Any idea when Sonos ONE would be available in Dubai - United Arab Emirates?

Channel balance when using turntable

I am using an Audio Technica AT LP120 connected to a Sonos Connect and am having trouble with old vinyl. Sound level is fine but the channels are not balanced. On a lot of old Beatles LPs, for example...


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