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Should I get Play 3 or two Play 1’s if I’m deaf in 1 ear.

I’m getting a Beam soon, but I’m thinking of getting rear speakers. I’m deaf (5% hearing) in my left ear and I’m not sure to get a Play 3 or two Play 1’s to get a decent sound.Anyone else who is deaf...

synched music in different rooms

Hi. I have two sonos one in two different rooms. If i group them to different rooms they will not play in sync, but if i set them to the same room they are in sync. Why is that? They are both connect...

Panasonic TV internal speaker mute

Hi all, So the new Playbar arrived and yes it does live up to the reputation, however I'm having a real problem disabling the TV's internal speakers it's a Panasonic TX-L55WT50 and I simply can't fin...

Sonos Play 5 - outdoor use?

I’m considering to install 2 Play 5 speakers on my penthouse outdoor area. It a 30 sqm covered area, and 35 sqm open area. The speakers will be protected from rain, but we experience hot and humid s...

Can you turn Sonos One off or does it constantly stay on?

I have just got the Sonos One but I cannot find the command to turn the device off? I have attempted multiple different commands with Alexa but nothing works? Can anyone help me with the correct co...

network connection speed insufficient to maintain playback buffer

We just moved to a new house, and I can't find a configuration to stream music to Sonos from my NAS. Old farmhouse, thick wall, etc, the usual problems. Currently, almost the only electric gadgets con...

Ants in my Sonos PLAY:1

I know it sounds utterly ridiculous, but there are ants living in my Sonos PLAY:1. As there's no easy way of opening it up, I can't try to kill them all, but they are constantly crawling out, and also...

New LG TV's and 5.1 pass through

I know this is a recurrent topic, but I actually believe it would be very helpful if Sonos address this issue in a concise webpage with continuous updates. Right now the whole forum is full of questio...

Play:1 stereo pair with Sonos One

Will it be possible to pair a ‘One’ with a Play:1 to create a stereo pair?

Trueplay on individual players?

A few months ago I purchased the Sonos Beam and 1x Sonos One. I was always planning on purchasing a second Sonos One in the future to use them both as surrounds. Since I purchesed the Beam and the fir...

Difference between Play 3 Generation 1 and Generation 2?

How can I tell the difference between the Play 3 generation 1 and generation 2?

Airtime Fairness?

We disabled airtime fairness to set up the Sonos One's I am using as surround sound speakers in my living room. Can I turn that back on without repercussions?

Play5's as surrounds?

Apologies if I am overlooking the answer to this query somewhere, but for the life of me I can't seem to see anywhere that specifically addresses this. To the point, any mention I have seen about doi...

Play movie sound

Hello, I'm try to pipe the sound from a movie being played through my a Amazon Fire TV to a Sonos One speaker. Is this possible? Thanks!!

Sonos keeps cutting out despite Boost

At my wits end. My play 1s constantly cut out and skip tracks. Often it looks like it’s playing but there is no sound. Driving me around the bend. Diagnostic number 1834713746. I also have a Sonos Boo...

Controller apps cannot find SONOS

hi every time i go to use my Sonos the apps cannot find it until I unplug bridge and plug back in then it disappears again after a while and I have to do it again. i have submitted diagnostics 1767200...

Sonos Play:1 speaker is completely dead. Is it possible to get it repaired?

I have 8 Sonos speakers in 5 different rooms in my house, and they have always worked flawlessly. Yesterday I noticed that one of the set of two stereo Play:1 speakers in our bathroom is completely d...

Play 5 stopped working / showing up on app

My Play 5 just unexpectedly stopped showing up in my app/controller. The rest of my sonos speakers are fine. The light is white, but when i press it, it flashes orange. I've unplugged a few times. T...

Playbase suddenly won't connect to wifi

I've had my Sonos Playbase for almost a year and have never had any issues with it. However, recently, it has stopped connecting to my wifi. My wireless router is an Asus RT-AC3200 and I have not cha...

Song Skipping

I purchased a Sonos 5 to replace a dead Bose sound dock. First, I really like the sound quality of this product. Regretfully, I encountered a playback/song skipping issue that Sonos doesn't seem to...

AirPlay delay

I've noticed that when casting to my Sonos One via Airplay 2 from my MacBook Pro, I don't have any noticeable delay when playing YouTube or Plex from Chrome, but I do have a delay using other apps suc...

Liberate the rear channels for normal music please!

Please change code for playback default so that rear channel L/R speakers play music when not playing back TV surround sound. It stinks that they just sit there doing nothing when listening to music i...

Beam vs Playbar/Playbase - My Opinion

Hello There are a lot of threads asking the question_”Beam vs Playbar/Playbase which should I get?” We all know that the Beam offers more features (i.e. HDMI_ARC, Alexa and AirPlay2). The biggy is s...

Flickering connect light Play 1

One of my many Play 1 speakers has a faint and flickering white light. I have reconnected on the office bench and it sets up ok and light now on correctly. What is going on?

Flickering connect light Play 1 again

One of my many Play 1 speakers has a faint and flickering white light. I have reconnected on the office bench and it sets up ok and light now on correctly. What is going on? Where do I get real hel...


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