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Sub maintenance

My Sub has a cloth cover that does a decent job of keeping out dust but not bass; but inevitably after three years, there is some dust accumulation on the driver cones and rubber surrounds. Are these...

Play 1's not working for surround when paired with playbar - TV

My Play 1's are not working for surround when paired with the playbar. This only occurs when watching TV, when listening to music they sound great - stereo works fine. Does anyone have any advice?...

turntable with Play 5 , connect to other rooms ?

Hi all, If I get a play 5 speaker to playback my turntable in one room, will I also be able to play back via my soundbar and play 1 speakers in another room. Thanks for any input

Play 3: Replacement rubber feet

I am about to move back to college to finish off my final year of schooling and I have noticed that I am missing some rubber feet for the bottom and sides of my Play 3. I've tried looking around to se...


Where is the best location to mount speakers in stereo in the bedroom? Should I place them on the same wall as the headboard and point them down? Or should I place them on the opposite wall and angl...

Siri Voice Control

Please allow Siri to control Sonos for iPhone/iPad devices.

Line in problem - sound cutting out intermittently

I've seen this question a few times, but cannot find a solution and would like my system checked out. I have a Connect, SUB, and three PLAY:5's. The system is set up to have 3 groups, and I run th...

Really need a good speaker stand for the Play1

I got my 2 Play1's and they're awesome .   I read some of the threads on what stand to get and it seemed that the Omnimount Gemini 1 was one way to go ... Well , I got them ...and...

SONOS ALEXA Integration?

Been waiting to hear news about when this will happen and am starting to think it never will. I have Sonos and Alexa in every room. I did this with the assurance that Sonos and Alexa are going to work...

Outdoor Weatherproof Speakers

I want to make two irrefutable statements of fact: 1) Sonos is the best wireless speaker system in the world with a very intuitive app that makes wireless audio amazingly simple. 2) Sonos management...

"network connection speed insufficient to maintain playback buffer"

I've been having the same problems with music playlists stop playing and "network connection speed insufficient" messages coming up shortly after every track it try's to play and skips to the next!!!!...

Only works with Ethernet

I am frustrated with SONOS. If the router changes or if a new network is used it is virtually impossible to have SONOS working smoothly. I own a pair of Play 1s, but the system only works if one of t...


Is it possible to check from which shop a sonos play:1 originate from the numbers of the speaker?

Amazon Alexa Update Brings Assistant's Skills To Home Theater TV, AV Receivers and more to come... hoping Sonos is next

Amazon Alexa Update Brings Assistant's Skills To Home Theater TV, AV Receivers https://developer.amazon.com/blogs/alexa/post/78f44d51-5bdf-4a4c-8eaa-57d1282c8212/introducing-entertainment-capabilit...

Wireless speaker (with battery)

I'm looking for a wireless speaker without power cable and with integrated battery, mainly for outdoor usage. In the past (August 2014) I have asked this question through Sonos technical support and...

Songs skipping

When I play songs from my iPhone playlist if often skips to the next song halfway through for no reason. It also cuts out frequently. Here is my diagnostic 7694632. Please help

Blown Bass on Play 5?

I have a Play 5 that, I think, has blown the bass. In the low range of songs played loudly (not full volume), I get bad vibrations. Is there troubleshooting I can do? Anyone else experience?

Need help! Added a Connect:Amp to my existing Sonos system and it doesn't play

Just added a Connect:Amp to my existing Sonos system - 2 Play1's; Play bar; Sub. System is used to provide sound for my TV and to play music from the internet. I added the Connect Amp to play sound...

second Sonos app for controlling Play 1

Hi, Have set up my Play 1 through my PC Wondering if it is possible for a second app to be downloaded onto my partner's Mobile/Tablet so that she can use the Play 1 in my absence through her tab...

Surrounds don't work with playbase

Hi I have replaced my playbar with a playbase also have a sub and two play 1's worked perfectly with the playbar but surrounds won't work with the playbase have turned up the surround but still doesn'...

link Sonos Play 1 to my hifi systems' internet radio

Hi Everybody Have just bought and set up the Play 1, which is picking up Internet radio wirelessly through my PC's router. Happy with that., but wondering if/how I can link this(wirelessly) in w...

Songs play:1 intermittent sound issue

Hi, my play:1 intermittently loses sound quality. By this I mean that I can use it for hours and it sounds fine then for no reason it sounds as if all the treble is gone and it's very basey. Then may...

Blown bass on Play:1

We have a Play:1 at work and the other day the bass on the speaker blew. Seems odd that the volume control on such a compact system could blow the speaker. Is there any way to get it fixed or get cred...

Hardwiring speakers?

Has anyone tried to hardwire their mounted speakers so the cord is behind the wall? Is that kosher?

adding speakers for more immersive sound?

Hello, I currently have two stereo paired Play:3's on a screened in 3-season room (with roof). We only listen to music in the space. The sound is great but I'd like to improve it even more. I c...


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