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How do I rename a speaker?

Struggling to find how to rename a speaker eg from kitchen to lounge

Beware the Amazon Echo Dot scam before you buy!

I am now the unhappy owner of two Sonos Play 1s falling for the scam of a "partnership" with Amazon allowing users to send music from the Echo to a Sonos Play 1. Turns out the Sonos is WiFi and the...

Play 5 to TV with RCA to 3.5mm cable

Have read the instructions on how the RCA to 3.5mm cable can be used to connect to TV so went and bought one, but for some reason it is not working. No sound at all coming through. I have a Panasonic...

Stereo pair 1st gen with 2nd gen play5

Hi, Is it possible to make a stereo pair with a 1st gen and a 2nd gen play5 speaker, or is it only possible pair the same generations?

Playbar and two Play.1 surround sound not working while watching tv

Play 5 has rattle inside

I just purchased a Play 5 last week. I am completly impressed and am looking forward to buying more components! I seem to have a rattle sound when songs or voices with more bass are playing. It is qui...

Pair sub with 2 group?

Hi Is there a way to pair the sub with 2 group of speakers I have 5.1 surround with playbased and 2x play 1 and a sub I also have a pair of play 5 gen2 which I like to play music on it. The...

Play:5 Hardware Failure

Hey everyone, so I have several Sonos components, one of which, my Play:5, stopped working about a week ago. I've had the speaker for about 14 months. It has no power, led's don't light up, and it doe...

Sonos system on works in compressed mode

We installed your (6) Play:3 and used a bridge (ethernet) to connect it to a cable box rca. The problem that we are having is that unless the system is set to compressed, it crackles in and out. We ha...

Allow to group the volume control to the hardware buttons on the Sonos unit!

I have a Play1 on my counter in the master bath and now added and complimented with in ceiling speakers and grouped with a Connect Amp located in the closet. I want to group the volume control on the...

Connect and Play 1 delay in sound

I have a Sonos Connect that is connected to my surround speakers in my living room. In my office I have 1 Play 1 and in my kitchen I have 2 play 1 speakers set up for stereo. All is set up in a single...

Will Sonos work with google home?

I am thinking about purchasing the new Google home voice recognition product, I understand that Sonos will work with Amazons echo in the near future. Does Sonos have any information regarding google h...

Google Play Skipping songs.

Amazon music playing fine and Tunein app also. However as soon as I try streaming google play music through Sonos, the track immediatly skips to next until playlist is finished. Only started doing rec...

2.4 Ghz Band Saturated

I have recently noticed that the WiFi in my house has been slow. I managed to isolate the problem to equipment that use the 2.4 GHz (802.11n) bandwidth. Using an RF Explorer, I realized that the 2.4 G...

Room Grouping designations part of an alarm...?

I'd like to see room groups part of the alarm setting process so my morning alarm plays my favorite radio station in the assigned rooms. In the evening I'll change room assignment and if I forget to s...

play 1 wired up, net created, wondering about other wired devices now

i connected my play1 to my router - i have an xbox wired as well. i want to make sure xbox gets full wired benefit. will the sonosnet now fight for priority? and i have 3 other wireless speakers.

Where to buy

Hi. I wish to add a Play1 to my Play3. Any advice please on the best deals or vouchers out there ? Many thanks T26

Full stereo option when watching TV audio ... please?

Ya know how we have the option for full stereo or ambient when listening to music in a full 5.1 sonos stet-up?  Can we get that with TV output as well, please?  There is still plenty of...

Play: 1 cutting out using TuneIn radio

I listen to Radio 1 constantly and it is cutting out for one or two seconds every minute or so and it's driving me insane. Seems like it doesn't happen when playing Google Play or others. I've trie...

Play1 Speaker volume randomly turns up

Hi there. New to Sonos here. I am trying out a Play1 for the first time and enjoy it for the most part. But I am having an issue with the volume randomly turning up to a very loud state. There is no...

Sonos keeps cutting out but my Wifi seems to working finr

All afternoon my Sonos has been skipping half way through tracks and then just stopping. Seems to happen if I stream from my phone or from Spotify. My diagnostic number is 7314948.

New Sonos 3?

Hi Folks, Is there any announcements or indications on whether/when there'll be a new 3?

Red flashing play/pause button on Play3

I have a continuous flashing red play/pause button on my play3, it remains blinking red even after factory reset. What could be the problem? Playback works fine...

Sonos skipping songs on Spotify all the time

I have Sonos Play 5 that is wired and Play 1 that uses Wifi. Spotify is skipping songs. Sometimes every song skips, and sometimes one, two songs play fine until next song skips after 30s - 2 minutes....

Sonos 5 cant connect

Had my Sonos 5 for a couple of years. Never had a problem before and its currently connected to 3 other control devices in the house as it always has been. Not changed a thing just bought a new laptop...


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