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Airplay 2: Existing Sonos One speakers not showing up

I have upgraded my Sonos to the latest version which includes Airplay 2. In the settings page of the Sonos app it tells me I do not have any compatible Airplay speakers. I have 3 Sonos One speakers...

Sonos Device BTU specifications

Sonos, Please post the BTU and typical in-use power consumption specifications for your product !

Get a Sonos One and $50 Amazon gift card for just $199

Sweet Prime Day deal https://www.androidcentral.com/get-sonos-one-and-50-amazon-gift-card-just-199

Airplay 2 support for PLAY:1, PLAY:3, PLAYBAR - BEWARE

Be warned about all this talk of old speaker compatibility. It is very misleading. I was advised prior to Airplay 2 release about the functionality we were likely to get. It is very limited. Based on...

Compact stand for Play:1 or Sonos One?

I'd like to add another room, using either a pair of Play:1 or Sonos:One. The room itself is a bit weird (it's a workshop) with wide, low, shelving, a little too low for optimal listening and I'd like...

Airplay 2 and play count bug

My iTunes music listening scheme relies on play count being updated and Sonos didn’t support that so I wasn’t a Sonos user. But we got a Playbase as a sound bar for our TV and liked it a lot and enjoy...

Sonos Play 5 Aux Line-in

I have purchased a Play 5 on, as I wanted to just plug in my iPhone and play through the auxiliary input (I liked the sound quality and will build on the system later). The salesperson in the store to...

Recommendations For Outdoor Speakers For Connect Amp

Hi I'm adding outdoor speakers to my sonos system. Have the connect Amp and have been researching outdoor speakers to buy for my house. Does anyone recommend any particular speakers? I see Polk is...

Play 5:2 shows solid orange

Hi, This morning the music I played on my Play 5:2 stopped. Speaker showed solid orange. Impossible to re-pair. So I reset it. It shows blinking green, speaker shows (with MAC) during the pairing pr...

Mix Sonos One and Play:1 for surround speakers

I currently use a PlayBar and SUB for my home cinema. I have a spare Play:1 so was considering getting a One and using it alongside the Play:1 for surround speakers along with the PlayBar and SUB. I...

speaker request: smaller than PLAY:1 speaker

Customer requesting new speaker size, smaller than play:1 

Sonos as Airplay 2 Speakers and iOS + HomeKit Control

Overall I am pleased with the implementation of Airplay 2 on Sonos. Yet, it could (potentially?) become better. Therefore I have two questions regarding Sonos as Airplay 2 Speakers on the Home app / i...

2 Play:ones will not work wirelessly

Last night we had a power outage for approximately 1 1/2 hours. Today I tried to play music on my speakers from the app on my phone and I keep getting the searching for Sonos on your wifi. I have tr...

SONOS, will you be making a white PLAYBAR and SUB?

Hello SONOS, I am the victim of falling in love with your products and despaired at the same time that only some are manufactured in white. Please, oh please, start making and selling white editions...

Sonos ONE wall mount

Hey there, Looking for a bit of info regarding the new Sonos ONE with Alexa. I currently have my Sonos PLAY 1's mounted on brackets in the corners of my living room for surround sound. Will the Sonos...

Pandora and TuneIn gone missing after Airplay update

Just completed the update on Mac and devices. Pandora and TuneIn have gone missing from My Sonos. And when I check "Add Music Services," neither service is listed. What's going on?

How to link Tuneblade with Sonos Play 1

Hi, I just got a Play 1 and after few days of research, I understood that the basic function of having ANY sound of my computer, played to the Play 1, is not an option (yet?). However, I also found t...


When will SONOS introduce outdoor speakers?

Discontinuing service and software updates for older Sonos speakers?

I just read this about your recent SEC filing: https://www.theverge.com/2018/7/11/17559380/sonos-airplay-2-support-software-update-download “We expect that in the near to intermediate term, this back...

Turntable line-in to Connect dropping out

Have a similar problem that has been reported - turntable through line-in to Connect is suffering constant drops out. I've tried all the suggested fixes (change the line-in setting to AirPlay device;...

SoundBar Update

Will Sonos be updating original soundbar to support air play 2 and HDMI input?

Beam Delivery Date

My order says "delivers by July 17". Does this mean it will be shipping in the next few days and I could expect it on or before July 17, or are they shipping it next week and I would receive it 4-5 da...

Power off and On

I was wondering if it is ok to turn the power on and off the Sonos One? We have them hooked up outside on our Patio through our porch light with two power plugs and don't want to leave the light on...


Have had a Play:3 for 3+ years. The first year or so was great. Then a software update came, and after that it has been nothing but problems. Basically, music just stops playing for no reason, will sk...

Beam Plus One (or One+One) in Loft

No Sonos yet, but soon. I have a large rectangular (not square) loft room. in one corner, there is a TV. in the other corner is the kitchen. all one open room. I just pre-ordered a Sonos Beam and...


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