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Grouped rooms - Issue

Hello! I have 3 rooms grouped together. In one of the rooms (Play:1, The toilet), I loose power to my Sonos every time I turn off the lights. I was hoping it would start playing again once lights...

Speakers connected to Connect Amp keep cutting out and stuttering

The speakers connected to my Connect Amp keep cutting out and stuttering after about 6 months of use. Speakers are not blown and I have troubleshot all local network issues (Connect Amp is connected t...

Play 5 lost connection

We are ending up with solid white light no green flashing light it fashes white then goes to solid white .tried all app stuff to reconnect unplugged power ect its beenfine than for around a month a...

sonos speaker with radio for bikes

Hi, The bike couriers (food delivery) community is in need of a sonos speaker, with radio or not , for bikes. The e-bikes are becoming very popular but all it is missing is a good speaker. Please s...

Play 5 plus Sub

Reading another post prompts me to ask this. I already have a Playbar and sub so If I was to get a pair of Play 5s and link to my Connect unit, if I thought it necessary, is it possible to link the su...

Feature Request - Use Long press on Play/Pause button to Group Sonos Speakers

I love the Group feature of Sonos but having to use a PC/Tablet/Phone to set up a group or add/remove devices from a Group is a bit overkill. Would it be possible to add the Group feature to the play...

Playing Sonos system in a business

I have sonos set up in my restaurant and need to be able to play business subscription music so that we comply with the fees and royalties of playing recorded music. What can I subscribe to that will...

Play 5 pair or Play 1 pair + Sub

What's a better set up?

Sonos vs Bluesound

I tried the blue sound pulse 2 at my local dealership which also carries Sonos and heos. In a what hifi review they mention slight coarseness at higher volumes. To my ears the speaker simply distorted...

how to connect to Bose SR1 soundbar

Hi all, I would like connect my Bose SR1 soundbar with Sonos. Will I need Sonos Connect or the Sonos Connect:Amp? Currently, I cannot get any sound out of my Bose soundbar, which is connected to...

Play1 Speaker volume randomly turns up

Hi there. New to Sonos here. I am trying out a Play1 for the first time and enjoy it for the most part. But I am having an issue with the volume randomly turning up to a very loud state. There is no...

Using one SUB togehter with two Play5 and Soundbar

I've got two Play5 as a stereo setup in my living room. Now I like to extend my system with a SUB and the new Soundbar. Unfortunately Play5 is not supported to setup a 5.1 system but this is another t...

Line in Audio Delay workaround

I came up with a workable solution to mixing a straight signal and a Sonos signal...

Repeated reconnects

I have a Sonos 3 that I can't keep online because it sits in an area, that doesn't always have power. Each time it's plugged in, my Sonos system asks me if I want to reconnect it, which is a bit of a...

Play5 ant problem

Hello, I have had two play5s for the past few years with no issues. However, recently I have noticed that both units in seperate rooms seem to be attracting ants?! The ants seem to be living in the sp...

sonos connect

i have 1sonos connect ., 2play 3s, 1sub and 1 playbar . how to make 5.1 surround with Mac Thanks

My custom playlists in Spotify grayed out (won't play) in sonos

Recently the playlists I created in Spotify wont play through my Sonos system. The lists work fine on my PC's and sevices when using the Spotify app. While the playlist title appears in the playlist o...

Record Player in-line to connect not playing sound

I connected my new connect and play 1 speakers throughout my house and can stream music on all the speakers individually just fine. However, when I connect my Audio Technica lp60usb to the connect (wh...

Control all grouped sonos using TV remote control (via Playbar)

I already own a Playbar and recently purchased a Play 1. One thing I find invaluable is being able to control the Playbar using the TV remote, even if playing music. It is very intuitive and easy to u...


I need Sonos or Sonos-compatible wireless headphones. Any suggestions?

Direct Ethernet Connection via Sonos Play 1

So I'm well aware that you can connect a Sonos Play:1 directly to a Mac via ethernet to play music off that laptop directly to the speaker. No Router or Wifi involved... Well thats what other posts se...

Successful 12 volt trigger with adequate delay

I was not too sure where to post this. 12 volt trigger threads seemed old so I started a new one. Context: ZP90 hooked to a Rotel power amp. I want Rotel to go on standby when no music is played. I...

constantly have to index music

I have a play 5 and bridge. Everytime I want to use system my music folder disappears and I have to re index. This just started a few months ago.

I move around the world. Does the SONOS equipment use 110 or 220 power or is it dual voltage? Dual voltage would be best!

I am currently considering making a major investment in SONOS equipment. I work for the State Department and move around the world. DOes the SONOS equipment use 110 or 220 power or is it dual voltag...

Can I add two Play 5's with my Sonos sound bar and sonos sub woofer

I just read a comment saying that it couldn't be done, but I wasn't sure. I've got a sound bar and sonos sub hooked up to my TV and had planned on adding two Play 5's and giving my living room the ul...


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