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Sell it ALL !! Sonos is a NIGHTMARE!!!!!!

Sonos stinks. I am listing all my speakers and everything 'Sonos' on Craigslist. You cannot get through to customer service, minimum 1 hr hold. MINIMUM. System often won't play. System drops whilst p...

best way to connect Play 5 to TV

Currently connecting my play 5 to my TV via Line-in cable to audio out. The sound is good, but feels a little flat (less bass, lower volume) than when I play through spotify with WiFi. Is there...

Anyone having trouble getting a refund from Sonos?

Hi, I live in the UK, I bought 2 x Sonos One's in March, didn't like them so returned them. As of today, it's been over a month since Sonos received the speakers I returned, and I'm still waiting to...

SONOS - Outdoor Speakers?

Is SONOS considering creating any outdoor waterproof speakers in the near future? It seems crazy not to have them so you can use the SONOS system indoors as well as outside!

Planning a patio - Sonos setup

Hi I am starting construction on a patio in the next few weeks, just want some setup recommendations as I managed to sneak my Sonos expansion into the budget The space is going to be close to 800 s...

De bas van mijn play 5 valt telkens weg

Na jaren van gelukkig gebruik heb ik nu een probleem. De bas van mijn play 5 valt telkens weg. Als ik m even wat harder zet pakt hij de bas eventjes op en daarna valt hij weer uit. Heb m met trueplay...

Play5 No light! No sound! No Happiness!

One of my Play5's quit working while playing and the light is out. I rebooted the system, unplugged and re-plugged. I even swapped locations and chords with my other Play5 that is still working. No...

My sonos play 5 doesnt finish playing full songs

When i play songs from my iphone the songs wont play the full way through and instead skip to the next song. Any ideas?

Lightning strike

One of my Play5 units stop working after a lightning strike on the house. Is there any kind of internal circuit breaker that could be fixed or is this thing likely just toast?

Trouble with app (same issue on iPad and Android phone)

On opening my app today (on both my Android phone and my iPad), all the items in "My Sonos" are grayed out and it says "This content is no longer available. Tap Edit to remove it from My Sonos." This...

HomePod vs Play 5

I’ve given up waiting for Audible support as after a few years it seems increasingly unlikely it will ever arrive. This isn’t a rant about that, there’s plenty of existing threads on the topic. So sad...

Issues with controller and Music

I have had a few issues. First when I start playing music I will generally have them all in one group. I will start to play music and for 1 or 2 sec music will start to play on all speakers then stop...

Play 5 microphone

Does the microphone in the Play 5 collect voice data? Is it capable of this? If so, can it be disabled?

Turning off crossfade.

Can someone please tell me how to turn off crossfade? I've looked everywhere in settings and can't find it. I even tried looking it up but I was able to open the links that were posted on another foru...

Connect a 1st gen play 5 to 3rd party speaker

Have a 1st generation play 5 we have been using as our "outdoor" speaker. We have built outside bar and want to know if its possible to use the play 5 and connect a 3rd party speaker to the Play 5? If...

Sonos One Microphone Light

Hi, Does anyone know if you can turn the Sonos One microphone light off? I'd like to do this without disabling the microphone. I have this in the bedroom and would rather there wasn't a light showing...

BT Whole Home Blocking Access to Wired / Sonosnet Players

No question here, just a warning. After restarting my BT Whole Home wifi mesh system, I found that two players (one on Ethernet, one on Sonosnet) were missing from my iOS Sonos controller app but cou...

Will Sonos make a wireless re-chargeable portable speaker?

Will Sonos make a wireless re-chargeable portable speaker? It would be nice to pick up a play:1 size speaker off of a rechargeable base and take it everywhere with you around the house or yard. Retu...

Can I use our Sonos speakers as an internal PA system?

We have four Sonos base units at work for streaming music, however I would like to use the speakers as a PA system for a work's quiz - ideally with no expense. I have a microphone that I can plug into...

Sonos v. Heos Comparison

I am trying to find straight comparison's between the various Sonos and Heos speakers. Ignoring the apps, lawsuits, and preference of appearance and instead focusing strictly on sound quality, does a...

Need Outdoor Speakers

I know there has been a lot of request's for outdoor Sonos systems. I enjoy your product throughout my house and do not feel like getting below quality third party outdoor speakers and a connect or am...

Can't set up Sonos One in Dining Room, Play:1 in Library

I own a Play:1 speaker, and just bought a Sonos One speaker to my system (same wireless network). I decided to replace the Play:1 with the Sonos One in my Dining Room. I'm only using them to play musi...

Colour of power cable.

Hey folks, just wondering if the power cable with the play 1 white is black or white?

Do I need to worry about blown speakers?

Have been the happy owner of a Play:5 and two Play:3's. I've always been careful to watch the volume levels on them (more for preservation of my hearing), but my girlfriend tends to run them pretty l...

Strange Tone/Noise playing randomly on the Sonos speaker systems, weekend of May 12-13. 2018

We've had two clients report over this weekend that their Sonos systems are playing back a strange tone/noise randomly? Anyone else out there hearing this strange noise? The date of the occurrence was...


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