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Sonos Wireless Speakers Cutting Out diagnostic number 2135193668

I have two sonos one wireless speakers and the playback is constantly interrupted. It can barely get through one song before cutting out. It has been doing this for a whole year please fix this. Diagn...

Klipsch Reference R-10SWi

Hi all. I have sonos amps and wired speakers throughout my home but would like more bass in my great room. Can this Klipsch Reference R-10SWi be added to the newer sonos amp wirelessly? I have 4 wir...

Play:1 iOS7 Not Showing "This iPhone/iPad" as Source

I recently purchased a Play:1 for my kitchen. I am able to connect to and select Pandora and other sources with (2) different iPhone 5s's and a iPad Mini all running iOS 7.0.4, however the actual iPh...

One speaker from stereo pair stops working

Hi, I have a pair of Play:1's in my kitchen, configured as a stereo pair. Several times now (maybe, on average, once every 2 weeks), the right speaker stops working. Once it stops, it never comes b...

Connection Sonos sur Télé

Bonjour, J'ai fait l'acquisition d'une télévision Panasonic qui intègre une barre de son que je trouve pas terrible en terme de rendu. J'aurai envie d'acheter 2 enceintes Sonos Play 1 pour amplifier....

Sonos Portable Speaker Solution

I know this has been mentioned before, but thought I'd chime in as another user who would appreciate a Sonos portable speaker solution. I'll quickly summarize my use case, some workaround/aftermarket...

New Sonos One Generation 2 just purchased at Best Buy but they are still on preorder?

So I just purchased two One's at best buy (White and Black). The black one said gen 2 which led to some confusion when I asked if I could also get a gen 2 for the white. I can't find any information...

Sonos Play:5 Stopped Working

My question is: Can a Play:5 be fixed? My synopsis is below. I am very disappointed with the quality of Sonos products that was registered in 2016 when I opened. I spent a little more that $500 for a...

Today's Players have 32 times as much memory as the first Players!

I did a little analysis of the Sonos device range and the graph makes it clear that the newer devices, that support Alexa and AirPlay, need a lot more memory/storage (32x more in fact) than the early...

Sonos One and sonos bridge

Hi! In documentation on sonos I read that to use One over WIFI I need Sonos bridge. And in some revues on Sonos Controller App people wrote that in actual version thay can't connect One to the existin...

Sonos keeps cutting out

Your confirmation number is: 1648661356. Keeps cutting out. I’ve changed channels and uncompressed/ compressed etc. Reset and moved boost.... getting annoying as a lot of equipment.... regards

Sonos Speakers keep cutting out

I work for an IT Support company one of our customers has a SONOS ZP Speaker System. Very intermittently does the system tend to cut in and out and eventually cut out all together. The system is on a...

Sonos Play 5_2nd Gen Defective WiFi Cards?

I've read several posts about the Play 5_2nd Gen suddenly having problems due to a defective WiFi card. Although it appears that Sonos has been replacing the defective units (when notified) it still g...

Sonos 20% off code - anyone get one?

Desperate to get one over here. Please share with me if you received one :-) :-)

Qualcomm new AI, smart speaker processor

Will Sonos use this new hardware or do you guys make your own? QCS400 SoC series. And if so, which product will you implement it in? You probably won't answer that Cuz that would spoil future announc...

One plus 5t connection issues

Solved an issue in which would make it impossible to connect to my play 5 whenever I would leave the wifi network. In which I would then have to fresh install Sonos app to re connect. Resolution - i...

outdoor speaker

c'mon sonos - please let us know when the outdoor speaker will be available. it would be an industry leader and i am holding off, as well as many others, until it's release. thanks guys and keep up...

Reduce idle consumption energy level (currently around 5W)

Sonos devices on average consume about 5 watts each if idle. Having 5 sonos devices around this means 25 watts on average idle consumption. Over a year this is about (25x24hx365) 219 kwh. In Germany...

My sonos keeps droppin gout

My speakers have recently started cutting out the sound or stopping.


When will SONOS introduce outdoor speakers?

Audio cutting out

Whenever I play ps4 and play a first person shooter game, and fire a automatic gun, the audio cuts out when I shoot and the audio comes back 1 second later when I stop shooting. And that same thing ha...

Play one . Sounds busted

There is a rattling in my play one that just came from out of no where. How do I get it repaired? Or do I just buy a new one?and what do I do with this busted one

Surrounds Dropped

Is there a problem with the Sonos Network. My surround speakers have dropped off my system which I cannot reconnect and the left surround in my bedroom has dropped off and also refuses to be added. An...

Play:5 orientation

I'm planning to pair 2 Play:5s for stereo playback. The document "Selecting a location for your Sonos speakers" includes this about vertical vs. horizontal orientation: "While positioning the speaker...

Share hardware button volume control in group

Hello, I grouped together a Play:5 and a pair of Play:1. As I understand a group can share different features of the hardware, like line in or pause button and a pair of speakers can share the hardwa...


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