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"network connection speed insufficient to maintain playback buffer"

I've been having the same problems with music playlists stop playing and "network connection speed insufficient" messages coming up shortly after every track it try's to play and skips to the next!!!!...

Bought the Play 5 Gen2 & the Naim Mu So QB, one of them went back..... ( not the Play5! )

Good evening all, Firstly I'm new on here ( hello all ) so hope this is posted in the right section! I am not new to HiFi equipment or wireless speakers ( I have had a rather bad habit for the l...

Currys Voucher

Great. I just excitedly received an email from Currys to use in store only, 15% off any Sonos product. That's a Sonos Sub for £549-15%=£466.65! However, there is a catch. There are no Sonos Subs avail...

No power to Sonos Play5

Hi. I'm new to this community so hope I am doing this correctly. I recently unplugged my Sonos Play 5 but have found when I plug it back in to the mains now there is no power going to the unit, no li...

Volume Presets ??

Is it possible to save volume presets/profiles ? I've had a good look around and can't seem to see anything of the sort. Just wondering if I'm missing something. Would be good to be able to save pr...

can multiple sonos subs be ran in a single room?

I have a sonos amp that I would like to add two subs too. Is this possible? If not, can I have one of the subs set up under a different room, paired with another sonos device but just run them simulta...

Playbar Cutting Out

It's part of a playbar, play 3s surround sound. It is connected only to the TV via wifi. What is the cause?

Trueplay Bass Distortion on Play:1

I recently set up Trueplay on a couple of Play:1s that I own. When testing out the post-Trueplay calibration sound I discovered bass distortion once I dialed up the speaker to about half-way on the v...

full vs. ambient when listening to music?

If you have the full surround (playbar, sub, surrounds), which option do you typically chose when listening to music for the surrounds? Do you go full? Ambient? turn them off completely? Interested t...

New Plays 3 not making a sound.

I followed the app and installed a Play 3 in dining room and another in bedroom to my existing Sonos. They tunes fine making the tuning noises fine. But won't play any sound when I play music. The or...

Minimum Volume is too loud to enjoy background music.

The minimum volume on a Play 1 for instance (volume level 1) is too loud to let the music play as background. It's "no music" or "too loud music" on volume level 1 Nothing in between. Ideally I coul...

constantly have to index music

I have a play 5 and bridge. Everytime I want to use system my music folder disappears and I have to re index. This just started a few months ago.

Advice on Playbar placement - can it go above TV?

Hi guys I've bought a Playbar to go with our TV. The TV is currently on its stand which takes up most of the space on the TV cabinet, so no room for the Playbar. My two options are leaving the...

how to get album artwork appearing in controller from music from itunes

Hi, I have burned CDs onto my iTunes (which include album artwork) these albums artwork do not appear on my controller. The SONOS picks up the music from a NAS drive. Please advise. Many thanks Ste...

My music library music stops with error message "insufficient speed to buffer"

"network connection speed insufficient to maintain playback buffer" is the full error message My library is NOT in the default location of my computer, which I think may be the culprit. I run wind...

Play 3 Powersupply fault.

Hi, My Play 3 died the other day and I am just outside my warrenty period :-( I contacted sonos customer services who did not help me in the slightest. I have now looked at the power supply board and...

Spotify only plays on my playbar if i start it on my Play 1 and group them....

I have a playbar and a play 1 in different rooms running wifi off a sonos adaptor connected to my router. The playbar plays tune-in radio and Tv no problem (the TV is direct connected to the player)....

Sonos compatible earphone.

Would like to see a sonos compatible earphone for private listening. Think it would be a big hit.

Any plans for setting up Trueplay with a Mac Book Pro?

I have a number fo Sonos Speakers, a number of Mac Laptops and a number of Android Cellphones (Nexus 5X, Huawei P8mini and many others). I have no iOS devices for reasons that I do not want to exlore...

3.5mm Aux in unable to fit in PLay 5

Does anyone have the same problem or only me? I am unable to fit my 3.5mm aux in cable into Play5 Gen 2 completely. the sound is terrible.

3.5mm Aux in

Unable to fit 3.5mm cable in

Can my Play 5 gen 1 be used in stereo with Play 5 gen 2?

Want to know if I should find a Play 5 gen 1 for stereo or can I use a new gen 2

Sonos AMP and Roland 700NX keyboard

Can I use my Sonos AMP with two external speakers and use my Roland 700NX keyboard as the music source? I don't want to try until I get a good answer so I don't blow the AMP up. The Roland is very pow...

Play 1 - alternates between different ones

We had a play 1 which we thought was great for upstairs and decided to purchase an additional one for downstairs. We managed to get it to connect however everytime we open the app it alternates betwe...

Line in problem - sound cutting out intermittently

I've seen this question a few times, but cannot find a solution and would like my system checked out. I have a Connect, SUB, and three PLAY:5's. The system is set up to have 3 groups, and I run th...


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