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System skips songs during playback

My system keeps skipping to the next song before the end of the current song. It plays a song from a playlist or queue for about 30 seconds and then just skips. I have a Play 1 and Bridge. Please h...

Wireless speaker (with battery)

I'm looking for a wireless speaker without power cable and with integrated battery, mainly for outdoor usage. In the past (August 2014) I have asked this question through Sonos technical support and t...

Thanks for completely breaking £2000 worth of Sonos gear

Latest update has completely broken our setup and we are VERY ANGRY. The latest update has completely shafted our perfectly working setup around the flat. We have 2 play 5's in a stereo pair in the f...

How do I remove 2 Sonos devices from my account

I have 5 Sonos devices on my account. My ex took 2. How do I remove them from the account. I don't want to have them linked.

Sonos ONE wall mount

Hey there, Looking for a bit of info regarding the new Sonos ONE with Alexa. I currently have my Sonos PLAY 1's mounted on brackets in the corners of my living room for surround sound. Will the Sonos...

Play 1 and One Stereo Pair

Create a stereo pair between play 1 and one // I have a blue note play one and want to pair it with a sonos one. pretty please.

Play:1 and Sonos One Compatability

I have 3 Play:1's and I'd like to buy a Sonos One but won't unless they are made to be compatible. I think making them compatible will make current Sonos 1, 3, 5 users buy the Sonos One. Has it bee...

Pair Sonos One with Play:1

As per title, can you have a Sonos One and Play:1 paired for stereo sound, or do you need two Sonos One's?

Play:1 stereo pair with Sonos One

Will it be possible to pair a ‘One’ with a Play:1 to create a stereo pair?

Group rooms with alarm

It would be great to see alarms play on pre-grouped rooms, but not using the "Include in grouped rooms" setting as I am likely to change grouping throughout the day, and so when the alarm goes off it...

Missed opportunity: Portable Sonos One with Wifi/BlueTooth/Alexa &Power Doc for home use

Ultimate Ears just came out with their new MegaBlast its a Portable Wift/Bluetooth speaker with alexa and has a Power Doc accessory for use when inside. 16 hour battery life. The wifi lets the device...

New Sonos One

When is it available in canada ?

Is it worth it to add a Sonos SUB to a GEN 2 PLAY:5 stereo pair?

Does anyone see the value in adding a SONOS SUB to a stereo pair of GEN 2 PLAY: 5's? I've been told that the DSP / crossover functionality of adding the sub to this set would lighten the low end load...

SONOS ALEXA Integration?

Been waiting to hear news about when this will happen and am starting to think it never will. I have Sonos and Alexa in every room. I did this with the assurance that Sonos and Alexa are going to work...

Line in problem - sound cutting out intermittently

I've seen this question a few times, but cannot find a solution and would like my system checked out. I have a Connect, SUB, and three PLAY:5's. The system is set up to have 3 groups, and I run th...

Amazon echo voucher

Does anyone have a spare voucher they won't be using for 50% off Amazon echo? Many thanks Jon

I would like that sonos allow to pair a Sonos One and a Play 1 .

I believe that many owners of a Play 1 would like to buy a Sonos One, and pair the two. Am I the only one?

AT&T Uverse Compatibility Trouble

Setting up Sonos with the AT&T Uverse network after a move. Since doing so, TV will freeze, network will shut down, phones won't connect to wifi/internet. AT&T Techs have, essentially, reinstalled our...

System keeps skipping podcasts on my iphone7

I have tried changing wireless networks making sure both are on the same network. Changing channels reloading the app. Still happening help!!

All these great new speakers and functionality, but still on SMB3?

Such a shame; al these new developments, and I am still crossing my fingers being forced (only by sonos) to keep the SMB1 alive on my system? Am I the only one disappointed about this setting of prior...

Can I setup a PLAY:1 and a Sonos One as a stereo pair?

Can I setup a PLAY:1 and a Sonos One as a stereo pair?

Beware the Amazon Echo Dot scam before you buy!

I am now the unhappy owner of two Sonos Play 1s falling for the scam of a "partnership" with Amazon allowing users to send music from the Echo to a Sonos Play 1. Turns out the Sonos is WiFi and the E...

Trying to update Play 3 software version - Error 30

I have a client that found an old Play 3 speaker in the back of her closet. According to everything I see, the hardware should be the same and the software should update. But I have been unsuccessfu...

Sonos Play Five and Sony Bravia?

Is it possible to hook my sonos play 5 to my Sony Bravia television? Just wondering.

Play:5 and Epson projector

I know that questions about how to connect digital projectors with Sonos components have been asked over and over, and I understand that a Playbar or Playbase connected via an optical cable is the cen...


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