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Playback keeps stopping

After a recent software updates (why are there so many?), playback through my speakers keeps randomly stopping. I've been using my system for years with little issue. Nothing else (ISP, position/locat...

NO DTS on NEW PlayBase and thats not due to hardware limitations.

http://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2017/3/7/14828738/sonos-playbase-tv-speaker-soundbar-announced "But home theater enthusiasts might be disappointed with some of the technical details. For one,...

No sound from Play 5 (series 1)

Both Spotify and Sonos Apps recognise my Play 5 as an available device from my menus yet the device has no sound when i connect to it (it appears to be playing fine in the App). I have another Play 5...

No Bass or Depth on New Play 5

Full disclosure - I first bought a Klipsch The Three. Had problems setting it up and couldn't get timely support from Klipsch Tech Support (over a week with no response). Sounded great once it was run...

Play 5’s with Soundbar

So I have a PLAYBAR and love it. Went out and got a pair of Play 5’s to augment the PLAYBAR as front speakers (shame on me for listening to the sales rep instead of doing my own homework).....I under...

"network connection speed insufficient to maintain playback buffer"

I've been having the same problems with music playlists stop playing and "network connection speed insufficient" messages coming up shortly after every track it try's to play and skips to the next!!!!...

Sonos stops playing when streaming pandora or spotify

My Sonos stops while streaming music. Works fine playing music from ipad, or iPhone playing Spotify and playing through the line in (connected with audio cable and set to line in on Sonos controller)....

Why don't Sonos offer a repair service?

Sonos are no longer a young start up, that has not had time to think about repair. Sonos, like all electronic products, occasionally one goes wrong. Your products are expensive to buy, and you could...

SONOS Play:1 refuses to reconnect

I have several Play:1 units that have worked perfectly. We've recently moved house and I've got them all working again no problem but then one of them stopped working. When I looked at the app, th...

Songs play:1 intermittent sound issue

Hi, my play:1 intermittently loses sound quality. By this I mean that I can use it for hours and it sounds fine then for no reason it sounds as if all the treble is gone and it's very basey. Then may...

Cannot connect Sonos Play 1

I am trying to set up my PLAY:1 and can't complete the process. It can find my player and asks me to hold down the two buttons until I hear a chime, which I do, and then nothing happens. It doesn't mo...

True play and iphone x

Hi there, Sonos newbie hear, so please be gentle! Does anyone know when the Sonos app will be updated to allow application of True Play from an iPhone X? Many thanks for any help and Merry Christma...

Sonos Play : 5 + Sonos SUB will it live up to my expectation ?

So guys I am using a JBL Authentics L8 speakers as my wireless Speakers as it has AirPlay and Bluetooth and almost everything to stream music wirelessly! It has 120 Watts of sound output with two twee...

Sonos ones, weather in c or f

I have to sonos ones, let's call them A and B for simplicity, sonos A tells me the weather in Celsius and Sonos B tells me it on Fahrenheit. The settings for each player in the Amazon alexa app are fi...

2.1 home

In my office-room I have 2 play: 1 loudspeakers and 1 play: 5 available. Which configuration do you recommend and are possible?

My custom playlists in Spotify grayed out (won't play) in sonos

Recently the playlists I created in Spotify wont play through my Sonos system. The lists work fine on my PC's and sevices when using the Spotify app. While the playlist title appears in the playlist o...

Life time of Play5? only 2 years?

My Play 5 just stopped working (no power, no lights), and Technical support said the unit was dead and only offered an out of warranty replacement. I've only had the unit for 2 years and used it ligh...

Using surround speakers independently by creating a new group.

How can I create different groups with the surround speakers in my living room? It seems that because they are already in the "living room" group, I cannot create a new group with the play 1 speakers....

Playback speed is too fast

I just set-up my play 1 with a bridge and connected it to a nas as a music source. It appears that all my songs are playing faster than they should, and the pitch is higher. What could be causing th...

Sonos issue

I got two Sonos play 1 speaker. But the almost of my apps are not support at Sonos, Such as QQ music, Xiami, Ximalaya. So maybe I will switch back to my bose and return these two speakers.

Playbar Location: Flat vs Mounted in Recessed Wall?

See attached of the opening underneath the TV which was designed for another playbar - its opening is 5" in height. Therefore, currently the only placement option is laying flat. Will this work if pla...

TuneIn Voice command not working on AlexaPSonos One

I want to play Mi-Soul radio on TuneIn using the Alexa voice command on Sonos One. It’s saying it cannot play TuneIn and I don’t seem to be able to find the correct command or account linkage to make...

System skips songs during playback

My system keeps skipping to the next song before the end of the current song. It plays a song from a playlist or queue for about 30 seconds and then just skips. I have a Play 1 and Bridge. Please h...

Pairing a pair of Sonos Ones and a pair of Play 1’s

Can I pair a pair of Sonos ones and pair of Play 1’s on the same Sonos Connect.

Can Sonos help improve muddy sound caused by high ceilings and hard surfaces?

Our living room/dining room (about 20' x 40' has 18' ceiling open to the second floor. We currently have a Bose speaker system connected to a Yamaha receiver. The problem is that television audio is v...


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