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20% Cashback promotion

Just heard about this https://sonos-welcome.com/gb/en/pages/cashback/home Has anyone received a code for this ? How do I get one ?

Play:1 stereo pair with Sonos One

Will it be possible to pair a ‘One’ with a Play:1 to create a stereo pair?

Sub and surround speakers randomly cut out

I have a setup with Playbase, Sub and surround speakers. Playbase works fine but Sub and surround lose the sound often and randomly. Same problem with direct input from TV and wi-fi streaming, however...

Comparison of stereo pairs: Play 5 gen. 2 vs Play 1 (without sub)

I’m a little hesitant to share these observations, given that my previous contributions to this community consisted mainly of flip-flopping on the issue of a single Play 5 gen. 2 vs a stereo pair of P...

Play5 not detected

Hi, I have a Play1 & Play5 which have been working fine on my wireless network. However the 5 has now disappeared from the app. The speaker still works but only as a line in. I have connected it the r...

Flexson stands for Sonos One?

Has anyone bought the Flexson stands? They seem to be higher quality than Sanus from what I can tell. https://www.flexson.com/by-sonos-product/sonos-one/flexson-floor-stand-for-sonos-one-pair

Sonos issue

I got two Sonos play 1 speaker. But the almost of my apps are not support at Sonos, Such as QQ music, Xiami, Ximalaya. So maybe I will switch back to my bose and return these two speakers.

Minimum Volume is too loud to enjoy background music.

The minimum volume on a Play 1 for instance (volume level 1) is too loud to let the music play as background. It's "no music" or "too loud music" on volume level 1 Nothing in between. Ideally I could...

One Play 5 (+ 2 x Play 1). Two Line-Ins for Airport Express (for AirPlay ability) and turntable? Is this possible?

Hello I have one Play 5 and 2 Play 1. I currently use the line in on the Play 5 for my turntable, but would like to use the Apple Music / Podcast apps directly instead of the Sonos App and so would...

US Sonos in Europe

Hi does anybody know if a US Sonos (one) works in Europe (only by using an adapter plug)?

FLAC vs MP3. Bandwidth limitation?

I am having trouble playing music from my FLAC files. Let me explain a bit more. I am a big fan of Sonos, building up a decent system including 12 play:1 and a sound bar. I can play an MP3 file to a...

Sonos play 5 Gen 2 with google home mini

I have recently got google home mini(nice product by the way). I wanted to know is there any way that I can connect my play 5 gen 2 with it. I know there is no audio output port in mini and some of th...

Sonos Play 1 won't connect anymore

My PLAY 1 has been working semi-fine up until now. It needed a reset once in a while, but that got it going again. Now it's lost the connection and refuses to reconnect. I've tried factory resetting...

Play:1 - How to add as a Windows audio device to play computer audio and as a device connected to sonos network

How to add as a Windows audio device to play computer audio and as a device connected to Sonos network? Just purchased a Play1 device. I was told I could play my music with the connect device and it...

Can two play 1 units work together in one room?

I have a large room and I want to run two play 1 units together . Is this possible?

Why won't the white indicator light turn off on Play 1?

The white indicator light won't turn off on the play 1 in the master bedroom. I have tried different controllers and they are all set to off. Please help.

How do I play audio only from DVD player without turning tv on with playbar?

I'd like to play audio only from my dvd player without turning the tv on with the playbar? How do I do this?

Group rooms with alarm

It would be great to see alarms play on pre-grouped rooms, but not using the "Include in grouped rooms" setting as I am likely to change grouping throughout the day, and so when the alarm goes off it...

Improve Boost network

I have a Boost network (all components WP:0). A Bridge is hardwired, and there are 4 ZP80s. One ZP80, named "Roving", is outside, in an outbuilding. Sometimes, it gets poor signal and plays music i...

Sonos Breaks Network

Hi There Cisco network, goes to a mini switch in room. As soon as I plug in a Sonos Bridge or Play 3 speaker the mini switch crashes and nothing thats on it can see the network. I have swapped the m...

When Sonos introduces support for Google Assistant on Sonos One, will the existing hardware work with a software update or will new hardware be required?

As above: I am planning to use a Sonos One as a google assistant. If I buy a sonos one now, will it work with Google when the Assistant support is rolled out? Or is it better to wait and buy a unit wh...

Play 1 speakers volume fades in and out

Completely installed sound bar and 2 play 1 speakers (right and left) but the play 1 sound fades in and out during movie and music. Sounds like a fading radio station. Is there a download or any qui...

Seamless Switching

I use ceiling speakers with powered Sonos amps to powers audio and would like to add a Playbar to enhance the music and work with my TV. I wondered if there is a way to seamlessly switch my Playbar be...

Play:5 Hardware Failure

Hey everyone, so I have several Sonos components, one of which, my Play:5, stopped working about a week ago. I've had the speaker for about 14 months. It has no power, led's don't light up, and it doe...

No Bluetooth workaround for Sonos One?

So yes, the lack of Bluetooth is a glaring issue that I think we all would like to see resolved at some point. Really limits things in a big way, but I kind of wonder if it's possible to do a work ar...


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