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Will Sonos work with google home?

I am thinking about purchasing the new Google home voice recognition product, I understand that Sonos will work with Amazons echo in the near future. Does Sonos have any information regarding google h...

How do I set up my Oled55e6* Magic remote with my Sonos playbar

My LG magic remote for my Oled55e6* TV is not recognised by my Sonos playbar for sound control. Can this be done as I have to use my sky remote for sound control at present which is a bit of a pain 😞

Play 1 speakers cut in and out intermittently during music playback

When playing music (library, pandora, any of them) the music cuts out of the (2) Play 1 speakers for a few seconds at random time - and then comes back on after approx. 5 seconds. Playbar and subwoof...

Add Support for NTLMv2

After much testing trying to get my new Play:5 to connect to my network music library share on my Windows Server 2012 R2 server, it appears that Sonos does not support NTLMv2. It would appear from an...

New LG TV's and 5.1 pass through

I know this is a recurrent topic, but I actually believe it would be very helpful if Sonos address this issue in a concise webpage with continuous updates. Right now the whole forum is full of questio...

Line in problem - sound cutting out intermittently

I've seen this question a few times, but cannot find a solution and would like my system checked out. I have a Connect, SUB, and three PLAY:5's. The system is set up to have 3 groups, and I run th...

Play:1 stereo 100% wired

Hi everyone, I'm new to Sonos world, I just bought a Play:1 and I'm really happy with it, I control it wired from Windows PC. Just a quick question, if I add a second Play:1 to get stereo, could...

Prevent access to Sonos for public sonos set up

I have read quite a few posts such as https://en.community.sonos.com/controllers-software-228995/password-to-avoid-guests-changing-music-36704 I have a dual band router and guest mode enabled. As...

NO DTS on NEW PlayBase and thats not due to hardware limitations.

http://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2017/3/7/14828738/sonos-playbase-tv-speaker-soundbar-announced "But home theater enthusiasts might be disappointed with some of the technical details. For one...

Play 3 Powersupply fault.

Hi, My Play 3 died the other day and I am just outside my warrenty period :-( I contacted sonos customer services who did not help me in the slightest. I have now looked at the power supply board and...

Play 5 huge letdown

Anyone else purchased a gen 2 play 5 and been shocked at the poor sound? I have had it a few weeks and can't believe all the rubbish spouted in the press. Despite being used in a few locations and hav...

Only works with Ethernet

I am frustrated with SONOS. If the router changes or if a new network is used it is virtually impossible to have SONOS working smoothly. I own a pair of Play 1s, but the system only works if one of t...

Blown bass on Play:1

We have a Play:1 at work and the other day the bass on the speaker blew. Seems odd that the volume control on such a compact system could blow the speaker. Is there any way to get it fixed or get cred...

Optimal use of speakers

Hey all, It recently occurred to me that I may not be using my existing sonos play 1s and play 3s optimally. I originally had a 5.1 system setup in the family room/kitchen zone (playbar, sub, 2 pl...

New Sonos Speaker

My idea for a new Sonos speaker is basically a speaker that is the same form as an outdoor floodlight. You can install it in any floodlight socket and have a speaker. Ideally, it would also have LED...

Problems Connecting play 5

Good afthernoon every one I've got a problem with one of my sonos play 5's. Afther three months of use, one of the play 5 just stopped and I could not see my room anymore. I disconnected the o...

Stereo pair 1st gen with 2nd gen play5

Hi, Is it possible to make a stereo pair with a 1st gen and a 2nd gen play5 speaker, or is it only possible pair the same generations?

2.4 Ghz Band Saturated

I have recently noticed that the WiFi in my house has been slow. I managed to isolate the problem to equipment that use the 2.4 GHz (802.11n) bandwidth. Using an RF Explorer, I realized that the 2.4 G...

Play 5 gone from system

Play 5 will not connect no matter what I do had system 2 years never a glitch added play 5 in February and worked awsome all of a sudden I arrived home tonight and it would not connect ?? Tried everyt...

What to chose in my new dining room - Play:5 or two Play:1's

Hi There - I need Your input: which kind/setup of speaker(s) can you recommend in my dining room (23 m2) ? I'm thinking of two possible ways: 1) to hang-up two pcs of play:1's in two of the upper corn...

SONOS ALEXA Integration?

Been waiting to hear news about when this will happen and am starting to think it never will. I have Sonos and Alexa in every room. I did this with the assurance that Sonos and Alexa are going to work...

How to use 5.1 with Nintendo Switch

I just got the Nintendo Switch today, but there's no optical out on the system. If I just use the optical out on my tv instead of through the system like I do for the xbone, will that output 5.1 surro...

Life time of Play5? only 2 years?

My Play 5 just stopped working (no power, no lights), and Technical support said the unit was dead and only offered an out of warranty replacement. I've only had the unit for 2 years and used it ligh...

New Play 5, VPN

What features are different in the new Play 5 compared to the previous Play 5? Is the dark (grey/black) the same color? Same inner handle (upper back)? Can the new Play 5 be paired as surrounds? Curre...

Is Play 1 due to be discontinued?

Is the Play 1 due to be discontinued? I have several Play 1s already and was thinking of adding another but the price here in the UK has just increased (to somewhere between £190 to £200) and I don't...


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