If you're experiencing audio delay issues, read this

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That sounds really frustrating, Prodan, thanks for sharing. It looks like that case you mentioned is open with one of our most senior technicians, so you're in good hands. Let me know if I can help with anything else, and hopefully we can get all your questions answered soon. Talk to you soon!

Keith is there any progress on this case AT ALL? I too am living with the delay and am about ready to get rid of my entire Sonos collection for something else as the audio delay is absolutely terrible. The company is obviously VERY aware of the issue but there have been a whole lot of “We are working on it” responses with zero results.
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My set up is an LG55C8 with a Sonos sound beam and two play 1's connected to the TV via ARC and HDMI all okay on Freesat TV and when my MAG322 is connected for my iptv and also fine on the TV's in built iptv with my paid for subscription service
But my issue is once I have connected my brand new 4K Firestick TV I then get lip sync issues with the firestick on live broadcasts of iptv
The Firestick has been tested on my other TV and works with no noticeable lip sync issues but as soon as its loaded onto the C8 I get the issue. I have tried switching the sound to pcm and stereo but the lip sync issue does not go away.
I have the same iptv provider on the Firestick and on the Mag and the inbuilt iptv app on the C8
I have tried everything but can only work out that it is some issue with the TV sound set up and not the actual Firestick or Sonos.
Just a quick update This morning I unplugged everything and just ran the Firestick through HDMI 1 with the TV sound only and the lip sync was even worse.
The Firestick has been tested independently and is working perfectly so I can only assume that there is a compatibility issue between the C8 and the Firestick 4K settings
I don’t have an LG but my Sony 950g was having these same issues. I switched my sound to pcm on my tv and it has seemed to fix this issue so far.
This problem has been going on long enough ive read post 2 years old new tvs have come and gone firmware updates and yet this problem still exists 1 second delay.
I saved hard purchase my new tv ( Samsung) sonos beam 2 sonos 1 over £3000 and yet the dreaded lip sync problem still exists ive tried allsorts to no avail. running my hdmi lead from my beam in to the optical connector straight in to sky q box
This works for sky viewing but if i want to use the apps on my tv no good if i want to watch a station on my tv no good
I may aswell of set fire to £ 3000
Would i recomend sonos yes but not for surround sound connected to what seems to be all up to date TVs
Very very disappointed
Hello, I have a Sony 65xf9005 with a Beam and two Play 1s connected using the HDMI-arc input. Delay is terrible when using the inbuilt Prime app but noticeable with everything else. Just wondering if anyone else has the same setup and has managed to find a settings combination which works? Thanks in advance.
I just set up LG C9 65” with the playbar and the audio synch was pretty bad (audio slower than video). I found a setting that seemed to help. On the LG optical out menu I changed it from “auto” to “pass through” and it seemed to be a big help. I also set my xfinity box to Dolby 5.1 and my Apple TV to Dolby 5.1. I am still testing it out a bit during the playbar return period. But it seems like pass through may have worked for now.

if not I will try the hdmi switch next although I would rather not deal with that if it can be avoided.

Would be interested to know if the audio pass through setting works for others.
I have a Sonos beam connected to a Sony KD-65XG7003 via HDMI (ARC) port.
I have really noticeable audio lag when using streaming services eg Netflix. Anyone else having similar and can advise on how to eliminate it?
For those of you who have the LG B6 or C6 and have been having the delay issue, there is new firmware available on the Korean LG site. They usually release first in Korea and it takes months if not longer for it to make it to North America. I've installed on my C6 and am seeing very positive results. Both PCM and DD 5.1 look in sync on multiple sources (Tivo, Apple TV, Xbox).

From the release notes, it specifically mentions an audio fix:: "Improved watch / play game's game subtitles and video / audio time mismatch (05.30.70)"

If you use Chrome and navigate to the Korea LG support site it will offer to translate which makes things easier to find. The firmware itself is not specific to Korea and works fine on a North American model.

Link: https://www.lgservice.co.kr/download/selectSearchView.do#none

For C6 filename is webOS3.0_M16_F16_75UH6850_93XX_96XX_05.30.70.zip
For B6 filename is webOS3.0_K2L_UH79_87_05.30.75.zip
Same problem here. Sonos Beam connected to a HiSense tv via the HDMI (ARC) port. I'm watching now and have the video is about a half second faster than the audio. I thought maybe it was due to not having it hooked up to a higher-end television, but after seeing all of the different brands listed here I'm assuming that's not the case.

I love the features of the Sonos, but when the sync gets this bad I find myself wishing I'd chosen another product.
Sonos can only play the audio as quickly as it is given the data. If your TV is delaying the audio for some reason, there isn’t much Sonos can do to control that.