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After months of frustration(and hearing my wife complain about spending $5,000 for a tv and Sonos system that couldn't sync audio/video correctly), I tried the solution on my LG OLED65C7 that was suggested by MattiasI74: "I have had same issue, but think it was solved on my LG OLED65C8PLA activating setting "AV-sync" and "bypass"". VOILA! Problem solved, happy wife, happy life. Give it a try....go to All Settings-Sound-A/V Sync Adjust-turn on Bypass. Good luck!
I experienced this problem myself this weekend while watching Netflix from my PS4. I bought my Beam last week but haven't had that much time to play with. I have a bit older LG65LB730V with webos version 1.4.0-2529.
However I managed to solve the issue by doing two changes to the audio setting (translated from swedish).
1. All settings -> Sound -> Sound out -> First select "External speakers", obviously. But ALSO: "Digital audio out" set to "Auto"
----- My setting was set to PCM, causing the TV to transcode the audio to PCM
2. All settings -> Sound -> Adjust A/V sync -> On and set to "Bypass"
---- My setting was set to "Off".

My PS4 has "digital audio out" set to "Dolby digital".

Good luck!

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