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In the new 2024 Sonos App :

Where are the alarms settings? 

Where is the service?

Where is the Android widget?

This is a real nightmare. I hope Sonos will fix all that asap because what they did releasing this not finished app is scandalous.

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OSX 14.4.1. Lost all access to my Music library. Error 913 when I try to add it. Removed the app and any data I could find in Library, and reinstalled the previous app from Time Machine. Still not luck getting connected to my Music library. For those who were able to get the previous app back - how did you get access to your music again? I’ve checked that sharing is enabled wherever I could find it in the system settings, but no luck.

You need to go here:

Please see OSX. That means Apple desktop. Also iPhone, where the new app is also useless - constantly dropping speakers. Thanks for trying. Anyone else here using OSX who was able to get their system working? I’m currently playing though Apple Music, but that means I lose my playlist order if I switch what is playing. 

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Still stunned how incredibly bad the new app is - and how you could dare to even release such a pile of s*** - having to learn that saving Radio Paradise service tunes as Sonos Favorites is impossible, it just don’t work. 🤬


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I have the new Sonos app ( and am trying to disable WiFI on my ethernet connected speakers to see if I’d have better reliability without SonosNet.

I was able to disable WiFi on the latest generation of Amps, however I’m unable to disable WiFi on my:

  • Beam
  • Connect:Amp
  • Playbar
  • Port

Any tips on how to resolve this?

Can I downgrade to the old App? This new one is terrible.

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I had a forced upgrade to the latest SONOS app and cannot find the controls for treble and bass. Does anyone know where they are?

In addition to all the downgrades, I would have expected the possibility for more flexible settings and group such as adding front SL or ERA 100 to a bar for a better spatialisation. 
Also, I feel the app aims to replace my Spotify App but with less functionalities and features… after 2 searches I went back to Spotify directly.

i recommend to further focus on the sound system and related functionalities than trying to embed light version of streaming platforms 

the new app has rendered my system almost unusable.


  1. the new app won’t save which room I want the music service to play on
  2. the new app will NOT let me turn off the music and I have to physically touch the play/pause icon on the Sonos device
  3. the controls within each music service have are jumbled and confusing and many of my saved items cannot be located
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Sonos, I paid a ton of money to put speakers in every room. It’s been great. I didn’t pay all that money to get messed with. I didn’t pay all that money to be a beta tester.

This was fun and all, but time to swallow your pride and give us the option to use the older version. I’m on an iPhone, so I can’t go download it like you can on Android.

When I blindly pressed the update button, I said to myself: “Surely Sonos wouldn’t lead me astray, surely this update is great.” Boy, was I wrong, and boy did you permanently lose my trust. Was it worth it?

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Much time has passed since this incident occurred, and users' expectations and trust in your company tend to deteriorate day by day.
The problem that users are currently facing can be solved by simply providing the S2 app in parallel with the new app for the time being, just as you did with the S1 app.
We hope that SONOS will be sincere in its response to users.
(If there is a fatal problem that prevents you from continuing to provide the S2 app, we would like an explanation as to why.)

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It feels like its time to be pragmatic on this issue and look to the future.

This is not a decision that I am taking lightly.

The reality is that Sonos have won, they are not going to bring back the old app because they don’t care about me.

So from my perspective I will approach the future by:

  • Suffering in silence while the New App gets fixed
  • Enjoying my Sonos products as long as they continue to work and meet my needs
  • Not spending another £ on Sonos for the upgrades I was considering i.e replacing my Play:!s, Play:3 and possibly the Play:5 - they all work just fine and I can live with them even if I do like the Era 100s and Era 300s
  • Not spending anything with Sonos, if something breaks I’ll look on eBay and I’m pretty sure following this farce I’ll find what I need
  • Finally, when my system stops working I’ll use all of the money I have saved by not getting the latest Sonos speakers to replace my entire system with something else because right now every Sonos competitor is preparing to fight to fill the void that is emerging

Over the next 3-5 years I expect to see Sonos fall behind because their loyal customers will all have a similar plan to mine so the repeat revenue will dry up and they will be totally dependent on new customers. And of course the reviews that this fiasco is generating will make it harder for Sonos to win those new customers.

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It is clear that Sonos management does not care about its reputation or about its users. There are alternative platforms out there, but most have been sued by Sonos. I want nothing more to do with this company. The hardware is great. But the company stinks. Bad combination. And I just upgraded to the Era line. This is a textbook case of how to destroy a company. Incomprehensible. I have my own software company. I heard a comment years ago, I think from one of the original Linus programmers. He said, “The best way to destroy a company is to do a complete rewrite of the core product.” Of course, Microsoft can do that because they have unlimited funds, and they do not generally beta test on users and one of the greatest strengths of Windows is backwards compatibility. Not so much Sonos. I am not interested in the direction in which they are moving.

I’m not either !

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Oooh anybody got any recommends for a third party app to connect to the system ??? Maybe time for a competitor to step up and add support, they might just gain a whole lot of goodwill from new customers ???

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it’s this simple :

  • I don’t want a cloud based system
  • I don’t want my local speakers going out to the external WAN on each operation
  • I want to be able to use a different WiFi channel for the sonos system (via boost)
  • I don’t want a subscription service
  • I want to play my music with my speakers
  • I want a simple controller not a changing system
  • I want what I purchased not what I am being forced into

I am at EXACTLY the same point with Jenny. The product is a speaker. Not an app. 

Die App ist nach dem Update eine totale Katastrophe.

Benutzeroberfläche ist nicht wirklich hilfreich, Wecker Funktion ist nicht mehr vorhanden,

Verbindung zum Musik Server ist gekappt und nicht vorhanden,

TuneIn App lässt keine Standort Auswahl zu. Meine  Auswahlmöglichkeit wird also zensiert.

Ich möchte auf meinem IPhone die alte App zurückbekommen 


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The app is a total disaster after the update.

User interface is not really helpful, alarm clock function is no longer available,

The connection to the music server is cut off and does not exist,

TuneIn app does not allow location selection. So my choice is censored.

I would like to get the old app back on my iPhone

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I have tried everything to connect to two different systems with my IOS app with no success. Support is useless. Please advise how I can restore my systems as soon as possible.

Wann gibt es ein neues Update, weil die neue App is totaler Schrott. Werde andauernd aufgefordert mich als systemeigentümer zu identifizieren und danach soll ich mich wieder abmelden und neu anmelden. Was soll der verdammte scheiß ich kauf doch nicht ein system für merer 1000 €euro um es dann nach 2 jahren ein die tonnne zu schmeißen, um mir dann eine böse oder Teufel Anlage zu zulegen. 


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When will there be a new update because the new app is total crap. I'm constantly being asked to identify myself as the system owner and then I have to log out and log in again. What the damn s***? I don't buy a system for just 1000 euros and then throw it away after 2 years and then buy a bad or devil system.

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A few weeks ago after much, much tinkering I got my SONOS system (five speakers around the house) finally working perfectly - removed the Boost as it was clashing with my mesh system, local music library all synced, all green on the matrix (a first!). And for days on end no buffering, no jumping tracks, just all working beautifully. As it should.


Now? Well you can guess the rest….. Gutted….

Since the app upgrade it appears that the setting for distance from rear speakers has been removed.

The speaker balance slider moves but no difference whatsoever . Any suggestions please 

Way change a mediocre app but some time it run with a orribile app  that doesn't work? I will back  my money 

Please resolve 


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My message to CEO Patrick following last SONOS ‘ugrade’: Thank you so much. The Latest upgrade takes away the primary reason I have used SONOS for the last 15 years.


Hi, Patrick

I don't stream music EVER

I have ripped all my cds into my music library, comprising 37,000+ songs. 

I used to enjoy using SONOS to select my ENTIRE music library and request RANDOM / SHUFFLED playback. This allowed me to see a random list of  all the songs in my library, and skip or scroll down to songs from my library I wanted to hear.

The randomisation of MY music It allowed me to 'sweat' my asset (my cds), listen to neglected album tracks, inspire the next song choice, rekindle my interest in songs  I owned but had forgotten about.

Unless  I am missing something,  your latest product upgrade has taken away the option for me to play my entire music library randomly and thereby TOTALLY ruined my SONOS experience. 

Well done you.



I do not use many features on the Sonos, It's a speaker system, so just need to be able to listen to music.

The new app lacks a few basic elements, that should be fixed within the next app update, or at least let us install the previous version of the S2 app as well.

Missing features/ Bugs

  • My Music Library on NAS completely disappeared. Had to add it again, but unable to do so on a mobile-app. Had to use the desktop-controller
  • After re-indexing my music library, it is impossible to search the library. It's not included in the general search at all. Only services are included in the search.
  • The Music Library is dropped on the home-screen at the bottom (behind the current player). It should be part of “My Services”
  • When playing an album from my Music Library, I can only add it to “Sonos Favorites”, or “Replace Queue”. Where is the option at the album to the queue. Now I have to repeat the action over and over again after an entire album has been played. Which is dreadful, as the search is not working. Scrolling through the list of Albums or Artists is tedious when the list is long.
  • From the folder-view on the Music Library, it is impossible to play the complete album, you can only add a song individually
  • The Albums on the Music Library no longer display the album cover. All albums have the same boring general pictogram. People who go through music are mostly visually oriented. I do not always know the name of the album, but recognize it's cover. Why leave this out of the app, this is plain silly, and should return asap. On the desktop app it is still available though, but why should I walk upstairs to play an album on my living-room downstairs. I think the issue lies with the web-app.

So summarize, Bring back album covers, bring back search Music Library, bring back add to Queue for entire album.

The look and feel overall I do not feel bad about, although the chosen color is not good. Let us decide if we want dark or day colors. System-setting.

I will probably add more issues when the time passes, and maybe follow the route to re-install the old S2 app on my Android devices, and disable auto-update. Pleas offer the old app in the stores in parallel while you fix the issues.

What an absolute pile of sh@te!

Who thought this upgrade/DOWNGRADE was a good idea in the boardroom??

Can we have the old one back please?🙏 

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Still stunned how incredibly bad the new app is - and how you could dare to even release such a pile of s*** - having to learn that saving Radio Paradise service tunes as Sonos Favorites is impossible, it just don’t work. 🤬


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A bit ironic that the language police are in the house, but still no word about the issues.

Oooh anybody got any recommends for a third party app to connect to the system ??? Maybe time for a competitor to step up and add support, they might just gain a whole lot of goodwill from new customers ???

SonoPhone is working well for me. 

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Sonos could sort this out quickly by letting us to revert back to the old “gold” S2 App. Forcing an upgrade to the new app is adding insult to injury. Having upgraded on my iPhone a couple of days ago I have been surviving by using the old gold app on my iPad. At least that let me set the sleep timer - an essential function for me. Now I can’t access the old app on my iPad as I’m being forced to upgrade. And now today my access to my music library has vanished off the new app - so I cannot use my Sonos system at all. GIVE US BACK THE APP THAT WORKED!