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Still stunned how incredibly bad the new app is - and how you could dare to even release such a pile of s*** - having to learn that saving Radio Paradise service tunes as Sonos Favorites is impossible, it just don’t work. 🤬


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A bit ironic that the language police are in the house, but still no word about the issues.

Of course they are ! Only thing that appears to work with Sonos.

Maybe they can police the language of their staff and update his language to ‘SORRY’ instead of that ‘word salad *’ he spewed here.


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How did they not address queue management? Honestly I could care less about alarms but the queue? And Playlists?


These, plus the lack of contrition or respect for users are making me hate them. Two weeks ago I loved this brand and my speakers more than anything.


Now I’m more engaged and present in hating on them and trying to find a work around because they won’t offer a roll back.


99% of most people’s problems could be fixed by putting S2 back on the App Store. 

Maybe we can email competitors CEOs and ask them to add a sonos functionality to their apps ? The goodwill obtained would be loyally rewarded. There must be someone out their who can come up with an app that does what we want

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How long do you guess it will take for the new app to be "good enough" to switch from version 16.1?  By "good enough," I mean as stable and fast as the old app, with core functionalities like playlist management, queue management, group volume, volume numbers, muting rooms, and searching for songs across services.  I’m sure I’m forgetting a few things because I don't have much experience with the new app and am currently running the old version on my devices.

I'm making plans for how to deal in the interim period, and those plans depend on whether it will be six weeks or six months.  My setup isn't complicated, just ten devices in six rooms.  I only use Spotify, Tidal, Apple, Amazon and Pandora and have just a handful of Sonos playlists/favorites.

Based on what I've read on the forum, it seems it can't be less than three months and could be as long as six.   I would be pleased if people told me why I was wrong and was being too pessimistic.

Thanks for your input!

🤣 pessimistic more like overly optimistic 3-6 months more like 3-6 years for all that to work reliably and as fast as the old app. And that is providing you have a decent internet connection. Internet down = no = no usability

Slow internet connection will mean slow changing of songs , slow changing volume, slow everything.  Oh and watching Netflix etc or any other video streamer that eats bandwidth and a sonos speaker which is sending to and from the internet all the time. Good luck in changing the volume in any reasonable time frame.

But at least you will be able to turn the radio on when you’re not home , too bad you won’t hear it as you’re out!

With big thanks to my fellow Sonos users, I was able to prevent the new Sonos app from being installed via the store on my systems. Thank you very much! Now I have disabled automatic updates. Still, the ‘former version’ of the app tries to force an update via System Messages: Update Available. 

I don't think I need to go into the new app's features and options specifically, or the lack of it. Other users have already written plenty about that. Stop forcing an update in app or in app update. And if Sonos is so tough, offer equal functionality in the new app, which doesn't appear to be the case. Again, the forum is full of examples. Sonos stops this in app push!

Hey there! 
So, in the old Sonos app, you had the ability to auto-stop playing (I can’t for the life of me remember the proper name given to it) after a certain period of time… eg 15 minutes.

Now, Sonos’ new, snazzy update to the app has rolled out… however, I cannot find this auto-stop feature anywhere on it. Please help! 


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I am one of the countless Sonos customers perplexed by the enormous mis-step by the company with this recent app’ update, and I have just discovered another possible reason for this’ advertising.

I use the TuneIn (tune in) outside party service to stream radio on my Sonos system. Since the app’ update last week (May 9, 2024), for the first time ever I am hearing (approx.) 10 second adverts when I first select to listen to a radio station via TuneIn within Sonos. These are the same type of adverts I have to endure as a non-premium Spotify user. 


The usability is a pain in the ass! In the German iOS version there is still no alarm clock! Please provide a fallback to the old version!!!

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OK I pulled the plug. Based on the lack of functionality in the new app, the unwillingness of Sonos to allow reverting to the old app, the pseudo-promises of fixes in the weeks and months ahead, and the determination of Sonos to m0ove to the cloud … I have ordered a replacement for my large Sonos empire from a competitor. I hate to spend the money but going for weeks or months without access to my music, is not acceptable. I have been with Sonos for some 15 years and just upgraded to all Era 300s and 100s. Very sad and expensive. I cannot in good conscience sell them, so they will go into the trash container. I will get a little satisfaction from that at least. I am sorry Sonos that it has come to this. I got many happy years of use from your hardware. So long and thanks for all the fish.

My God, can Sonos please please please hire User Experience experts to design their app and desktop experience? The new app is 50X worse than the last version, eliminating alphabetical jumps through your library was a huge mistake, amongst others. Ridiculous for a leading company to have such a low level of user design, it’s truly embarrassing. C’mon, it’s not 2001. I know you are primarily an engineering outfit but this is ridiculous. Call me, I’ll effing do it for free.

I can not access my library, Sonos is not helpful to say the least.  I use Sonos connect.  I doubt they would give me a credit to the new product, Portal.  I hate it when companies take away functionality and then offer a solution for a cost.  

What other products are available that stream and play local files?



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My message to CEO Patrick following last SONOS ‘ugrade’: Thank you so much. The Latest upgrade takes away the primary reason I have used SONOS for the last 15 years.


Hi, Patrick

I don't stream music EVER

I have ripped all my cds into my music library, comprising 37,000+ songs. 

I used to enjoy using SONOS to select my ENTIRE music library and request RANDOM / SHUFFLED playback. This allowed me to see a random list of  all the songs in my library, and skip or scroll down to songs from my library I wanted to hear.

The randomisation of MY music It allowed me to 'sweat' my asset (my cds), listen to neglected album tracks, inspire the next song choice, rekindle my interest in songs  I owned but had forgotten about.

Unless  I am missing something,  your latest product upgrade has taken away the option for me to play my entire music library randomly and thereby TOTALLY ruined my SONOS experience. 

Well done you.


My story exactly.  For this scenario the new software renders everything unuseable.  I rolled back the android app to previous version but had to turn of updates to the whole android device to stop getting reinfected by the new app.  

I have upgraded to the new software, and I can no longer randomly play my songs from my music library. I can select a genre and it will show me the option ‘all’ and allow me to randomly play all the music of that genre, but I cannot do that for my entire song list in my music library. This is something the old software allowed, not sure why it’s not here. Any work around?

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I have been an avid Sonos user for years. The company I work for is a major supporter. Today I updated to the latest update. I have found it almost unusable, and could NOT be more disappointed. Sonos needs to work through this user experience in order to keep satisfied customers.
I will recommend, company wide, NOT to update.


I completely agree. I've paid premium money for a premium product, but this is unbelievably bad. 

The new app is unusable. My first experience is "we can't find your system". Why is that my problem? It's right here.

Once over that, nothing works, nothing is obvious.

This was not ready for release, clearly.

I'll be looking to move elsewhere.

Seem, the apps cannot charge all information on phone and Tablet (Samsung) 

Sonos Connect 

NAS 800 G

The new update got me in serious trouble 


What is the solution ?

Going back to old apps ?


Try tro call them 100 min wait and french is close ….

What the hell is that update 

They should remove the update ASAP 

Do not update !!


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This new app is absolutely horrendous!  How could Sonos fail this horribly?!  The UI is terrible, so difficult to access grouping, volume levels (used to work even when phone screen is off, now nothing responds at ALL), grouping, adding speakers... NONE of this works anymore!  My whole system is an UNUSABLE MESS now because of this! 

I've had a complete, whole house Sonos speaker system almost since inception... 2013, or so.  Speakers and S1 app have worked so well, even if clunky at times (cannot save groupings, does not integrate with more recent automations and products like Google Home, etc), but, worked and sounded good 95% of the time. 

I was upset when I couldn't use the new S2 app with my older speakers, but oh well.  But now, with the NEW, all in wonder app!... 😒

Upgrade your ver1 speakers to S2 they said (took HOURS AND HOURS!). The new Sonos app works with the older speakers, they said. It has a great usability and UI, they said.  This is a complete and utter disaster and I can't use my system now! I just want my S1 setup back!! 😫

I'm stuck... Would a downgrade/setup on S1 even work??  How and when with this disaster be addressed??? I was such a supporter of Sonos for over 10 years... This is just... 🤦🏼‍♂️

This new update screams someone new high up wanted to put their mark on the company.  Would love to know what was so wrong with the previous Sonos App.

Nice legacy

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For those interested the 10 plus year old play five in the S1 generation still works to play music libraries. The less than 2-year-old S2 Sonos products are completely useless after this update for anyone that plays their own music instead of feeding the streaming giant.


I would suggest selling all of your S2 products for whatever you could rip somebody off for and use that money to buy much more useful S1 products in the used marketplace.



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It feels like its time to be pragmatic on this issue and look to the future.

This is not a decision that I am taking lightly.

The reality is that Sonos have won, they are not going to bring back the old app because they don’t care about me.

So from my perspective I will approach the future by:

  • Suffering in silence while the New App gets fixed
  • Enjoying my Sonos products as long as they continue to work and meet my needs
  • Not spending another £ on Sonos for the upgrades I was considering i.e replacing my Play:!s, Play:3 and possibly the Play:5 - they all work just fine and I can live with them even if I do like the Era 100s and Era 300s
  • Not spending anything with Sonos, if something breaks I’ll look on eBay and I’m pretty sure following this farce I’ll find what I need
  • Finally, when my system stops working I’ll use all of the money I have saved by not getting the latest Sonos speakers to replace my entire system with something else because right now every Sonos competitor is preparing to fight to fill the void that is emerging

Over the next 3-5 years I expect to see Sonos fall behind because their loyal customers will all have a similar plan to mine so the repeat revenue will dry up and they will be totally dependent on new customers. And of course the reviews that this fiasco is generating will make it harder for Sonos to win those new customers.

I certainly hope that you are correct and Sonos begins a rapid descent into Yugo/Betamax territory. Intentionally destroying Sonos systems just to force customers to music streaming services should be against some sort of business practices. But as with most things corporations can do whatever they want when it comes to screwing over customers.


But from this day on I am actively rooting against Sonos and hoping they fail completely as a company. Because that's what they deserve.

I had a forced upgrade to the latest SONOS app and cannot find the controls for treble and bass. Does anyone know where they are?

You have to click settings speaker you want and then scroll to equaliser, so much simpler than pressing the volume button🤦🏼‍♂️

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OK I pulled the plug. Based on the lack of functionality in the new app, the unwillingness of Sonos to allow reverting to the old app, the pseudo-promises of fixes in the weeks and months ahead, and the determination of Sonos to m0ove to the cloud … I have ordered a replacement for my large Sonos empire from a competitor. I hate to spend the money but going for weeks or months without access to my music, is not acceptable. I have been with Sonos for some 15 years and just upgraded to all Era 300s and 100s. Very sad and expensive. I cannot in good conscience sell them, so they will go into the trash container. I will get a little satisfaction from that at least. I am sorry Sonos that it has come to this. I got many happy years of use from your hardware. So long and thanks for all the fish.

You are putting them in the bin? Like, get them at recycled at least. If not, have a word with yourself and at least do the right thing and try and sell them, or at least give them to someone who might want them. 

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The queue and playlist issues are widely discussed elsewhere.

However even starting and stopping play does not work properly. My app needs to be asked several times to stop playing, and will repeatedly fail to adjust volume.

This App is rubbish and I feel we are owed an apology for a rushed, incomplete and poorly thought out released. Sonia have put their own agenda ahead of user experience yet again.

At this point, I am not buying anymore Sonos products.

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Total crap!!! The earlier version was so much more user friendly.

Question: did you bring in the youngest tech interns on this project??? Amazingly bad 

I used to see my battery level in the app. Now, I’ve updated the app. I can’t see any battery level.


Thanks in advance.



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I was on the point of buying more Sonos equipment and moving to using it as my main listening facility following a move to a new house.


Now, I’m not going to do that and I am sorely disappointed. I have been so proud of having Sonos over the years and recommended it heartily to friends and family. But I have now lost all faith in them and can no longer justify the ridiculously high prices if this is the level of technology they are offering.



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New APP - Just venting

Oh dear, Oh dear. Thank you SONOS for screwing up my life yet again. Updated my iPad to the latest Sonos App a couple of days ago - my android phone updated to the same without me even asking it- what a load of pants, completely done my head in. Keeps defaulting to a room group I don’t want to play music in, have to re-group rooms every time, it’s not showing the queue, you can’t clear the queue, you can’t add music, the alphabetic search list has gone, etc, etc…and now cap it all, my mac did a sonos auto system upgrade last night and even my old treasured SONOS S2 app has screwed up, the link to my iTunes library has disappeared and all my saved playlists ….so I have no music through SONOS at all !!!!!!!! At least I can talk to the SONOS voice control or Alexa through my speakers - oh wait no I can’t - that doesn’t work either.

Check on eBay everyone some shelves and plant stands going up for sale..

Sonos Arc,


two ERA100s,


two play bars,

4 play1s, 

two mini subs,

two play one SLs, 

two Play3s,

a Move,

a Boost

a Port

and several speaker stands and wall brackets all seemingly now defunct -

would suit someone with a very large brain, deep pockets and loads of patience - I’ve run out of all these I’m afraid.

Thank god for my Bose Mini link and iTunes. At least I can play some soothing music through them and contemplate the future while SONOS drag their feet to fix all of this shambles while counting the hard earned money I’ve spent with them.

REALLY, REALLY Peed off with you this time SONOS.